Shukla Paksha and Krishna Paksha Crow

Your Personality according to your Panchpakshi
You will have a strong desire to get material pleasures in life and give birth to other desires after fulfilling one. You will always try to fulfill your desires. Hence, it is advisable to limit your desire, otherwise, you will not feel happy besides having all the material resources in life. But one thing good about yourself that you do not look back in life and with time move ahead. Your behavior can also be the reason for conflicts in your married life. one of the reasons behind this will be your attraction towards the people of the opposite sex as well as you will also be popular among them. However, popularity always appeals to you a lot and you always remain a center of attraction. Your supportive attitude is also one of your positive qualities. You maintain your calm and composure even in the difficult situations of life. Due to these innate qualities, you will avoid laziness and move ahead in life and achieve success in your career.

Panchpakshi and your health
Your birth bird will not only give predictions regarding your behavior but also about your health and physical attributes. Your birth bird says that you are very fond of food and also over-sleep. It is advisable for you to be cautious about your health and your eating habits. It is because you may suffer from diseases related to nose or private parts as your birth bird influence these parts of your body.

Your lucky direction from Panchpakshi
Among all directions the north-west is the lucky direction for you. Your work done in this direction will be favorable for you. It will also beneficial for you to place important papers in this direction. If you are also involved in some problems related to legal matters or court cases then place your all paper works in this direction as it will be favorable for you.

Your lucky color from Panchpakshi
Red is your lucky color. Therefore, wear clothes of this color as much as you can, specifically when you are going out for some important work or in any important occasion.

Your auspicious deity from Panchpakshi
Sun is your idol. If you worship lord Sun with dedication and purity, positive energy will flow within you and your confidence will also boost. Due to some obstacles in life if you are over-stressed then it will get reduce and get motivated to move ahead in life.

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