A podcast episode of reading the chart of ben from tantrapunk.com

This is a podcast episode.

In this audio i am reading the chart of Ben from tantrapunk.com.

Ben is a Los Angeles, California based sex worker, feminist porn performer, certified permaculture designer, certified tantric counselor, author, film maker, and recording artist. Ben have found healing and empowerment through sacred loving arts, ecological gardening, shamanism, ecstatic trance dancing, martial arts, and open source technology.

Bens ongoing independent short film series, Sexorcism the Tantric Opera, was launched in early 2017. It tells story of recovery from childhood sexual trauma, adolescent sex trafficking, and the path of a wounded healer.

His first book, Psychedelic Goddess Worship: Erotic Memoirs from the Astral Battlefield, is planned for release in 2020. He loves to help Tantric seekers discover the infinite source of divine love from above, the eternal power and wisdom from the Earth below, and the bliss of conscious, healthy, diverse romantic relationships in between.

Ben provide private coaching and counseling sessions online and in-person. You could see this episode of podcast from Bens website https://tantrapunk.com/my-first-vedic…

Also you could connect to him from here : https://tantrapunk.com

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