The shamanic wisdom Vedic reading series episode no-2 – Anuradha Nakshatra

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In this podcast I am having a guest his name is Franko he lives in Brazil and he is a shaman who helps people to seek there true purposes with the help of tarot cards and shamanic wisdom. 

He also wrote two books in this space one is mother earth oracle and another one is power animals.

Here we are exchanging the idea of tarot cards with Vedic astrology He will be reading my tarot cards and an exchange I will be reading his Vedic chart. 

And we talk about use of herbs in right way for spiritual evolution like iowaska

We also talk about Tantra, Yantra, Advaitha Vedantha and Mantras.

Welcome to podcast series episode no -02

“The shamanic wisdom”

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The mother earth oracle

Tarot of the south american animals

Below is a non verbal transcript of the podcast



this is aaron from i am a


engineer who mostly work with php not


other backend technologies database and

an open source contributor i am a


by birth in a family which is passing

tandric wisdom from generations to


from past years of

legacy you could connect with me in here i am helping you to

design a divine lifestyle

which is based on astrology and other

yogic system of understanding

in this podcast i have request his name

is frango

he lives in brazil and he is a shaman

who helps people to seek their true


with the help of tarot cards and


visitors he also has wrote two books

in this space one is mother earth oracle

and another one is power animal you

could buy his books from

amazon or you could buy it from my


the links have been given in my website

here we are exchanging the idea of tarot

cards with the vedic

astrology he will be reading my tarot

cards and an exchange

i’ll be reading this with each other and

we talked about the use of hubs in right

way for spiritual evolution

like iosta we also talked about

tandra indra mantra and

vedanta so welcome to

podcast series episode number zero to


shamanic system stay tuned for

more exciting episodes

yeah franco can you hear me

yes i can hear you yes


can you tell about yourself

yes yes sure sure

well i i studied

i studied psychology and i studied

brazilian language

all the

classic writers

so i have this

past with


writers and also

psychology huh so after a while

i was

around years i started to

enter a deeply spiritual part

and i went to several


also here in brazil

know about many techniques

and philosophical principles of

shamanism huh

around years traveling to india

and knowing many traditions

there so i am starting a bit of

shamanism and a bit of india

spirituality yeah

i in my books i

do a bit of both approach

in deeply way they are talk about the


some procedures

some aspects

can be different different

ways but in reality they are talk about

the same



the actually in india there are

different paths we can figure out

which help us to reach the

absolute that’s what i refer like

the center point where the

shiva shakti you names and it’s become

single so there are different parts in

india like


like so many different things you are

aware about

those things and which part you

actually took in india



tell me when when we can start

yeah yeah yes uh so

yeah my my journey was before uh

in shamanism and other spiritual groups

in brazil

and then i went to india and

and travel around india and i knew a few


what i can tell is about

advice and kashmir chavisma

and yes and

yeah always connect with uh also

shamanism and uh because they are

talking the same

the same principle uh the same

non-duality so

the procedures and techniques and

some aspects are different but


my books talk about

the first book is about power animals


so it’s a shamanic book about

we connect with our spiritual animals

huh and the animals

they are like masters guides huh so we

connect and there is a kind of


spiritual teaching

in many cases uh a fusion

with this animal huh so

the animal gives you qualities

and aspects of himself to you

so that is kind of mixed with this

spirit of animals huh

yeah well and they give lots of lessons



wisdom and also instinct to

we do we get better in life we solve

some problems and uh

helps they help a lot of our personality

they they complement

sometimes they


they are kind of mirror they

give what we already have

they develop us at the same time

also they complement us so they give

what we

don’t have and what we are a bit

in some aspects we are a bit weak they

make us more strong huh animals are more

stronger than human beings

sorry animals are more stronger than

that of humans in case

in case we we talk about the

spiritual animals huh they are spirits

who exist in the in

around the world and some subtle

dimensions they are spirits

so they are kind of spirits of the

a master who already died

or some masters

or angels or so they are

spirits so when they represent the

the spirit is pure is not

like the alive beings because all alive

beings they have uh

certain qualities and certain karmas huh

is pure so it gives you

the strength of the spirit huh

the animals the alive

animal with comparison human beings huh

depends now because human beings at this

moment of these

plants they are doing lots of uh

troubles with the plant we can say this

they are

dissociate from the nature and they are


a matrix who is a bit falsified who is


really true

human beings now want to like especially

in the last years

want only to make money and

or they are


having too much anger and too much fear

so there is not much

of thought about inner values

scientific centric values they

don’t worry much about like the


the uh they are environment who is part

of themselves

one woman being destroying nature they

are destroying

themselves huh so it’s


and when we turn it too much

it’s good to have comfort in life have a


have some money who comes to people and

to make also the life comfortable and

happy but the human beings are changing

the being

for the having something yeah so it’s

changing of the uh

he inner they change the inner for

they start to use


the answers to make money so

at this time of humanity in this time of


humanities where in general the human

beings are not doing well and also

too much individual is for example the

animals have a sense of

their society huh

so they work for the group now

there is too much individuals in our


and not too much compassion

not too much solidarity so

it’s a difficult time for the human

being yeah

we are asking ourselves like

the ways of the humanity now we have to

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change the way

to the world become better again

because it’s uh it’s a tight scale

it’s a time of uh who can uh if we don’t

direct our fire well it can or the fire

goes in

in a good direction or the fire

destroy ourselves huh so it’s

a hard time but this this we have to

now uh make more communities love more

people and

respect also the environment who is part

of us

the great mother

yeah mama is the mother

sorry the question i didn’t hear you

well what is that



spiritual practices such as kashmir



there are a set of practices which help

us to reach the center

of the existence which which we

like to call it as absolute or brahman

i think you are familiar with the same

brahman or the absolute so

these kind of things exist in shamanism

as a common some certain practices

which help a shaman to reach

this particular point can you explain

more about that

yes there are few many practices and

many techniques

they are more in contact with nature

so there are

many initiations ah in the shamanism if


go to a tribe they tribe for example

they have

their culture

like in the evening people dance around

the fire and sing and through

through that song

who is similar for example to

the india mantras they entering another

state of trance the state of trance they


connect with the whole there is a lot of

shakti there

power of the the song

power of the mantra the movement huh

and also they call they talk a lot that


uh they talk a lot with spirits huh

so with their ancestors huh so

sometimes we uh

we connect with the ancestors and come

the spirit and uh

take part of the body uh like

and do oracle

oracle talks huh

they uh

they talk through the spirits ah there

are somebody closer

and many other readers for example we

have the

medicine plants plants who are

open the consciousness so people

take the sacred tea

for example the ayahuasca and uh

entering uh another dimension of the


i’ll enter entering the uh

in the hole yeah entering the great

spirit and

also can also see

their karmas in an intense form

because it’s very intense the frequency


these uh sacred medicines

so the medicine is kind of a master also

a teacher

some some visions the bad scene appears

as a teacher and

give teachings huh so it’s a very


uh these medicines and there are many

initiations in the tribe

for example when they ch cha chi the

children became teenagers they

uh the teenager became

adults so

there are many initiations well

sometimes people

go to isolated places and meditate

for a long time in that place

like people do fastings and

there is a lot of enemies


people who are in just people who are in

the forest

have the contacts like spirit of the

trees spirit of the lay

spirit of the uh

of the sea some uh

all it’s alive like for example


the mountains they have a name

a proper name at this moment

also give teachings so all is alive

tell me so have you

read a state like that and

if you have reached that state what was


experience about that and how it goes

yeah yeah yeah i had many

rituals for example with sacred medicine

and well it’s a very strong experience

very very strong and intense sometimes

can bring you to heaven where you feel

all the holy and the spirits hold your

master the spirits who surround you

or can be a sensation

really of death

so it’s very intense

for both sides to

you can have ups and downs huh yeah

it’s a and when is uh not that pleasant

it’s uh when it’s hard the situation

really hard

because it’s too intense it’s a cleaning


so but it’s a very strong cleaning

who can remains for a long time yeah

and just be in

in a forest like

in a tribe in the in the

mid south in the middle of our forest

uh your perception naturally

change because you are out of

civilization huh

so you enter in another language

the language of the birth the language

of the trees the language of

all the nature around yes

because we many times we go down because


we live in big cities and

uh just in that place

the energy in the nature is pure and

brings you

to another state


yeah all is alive there huh after a

while you spend

after no not need even much time like

after some days

your perception not really change

because you are

in contact with something who

the human being doesn’t

interfere so it’s something alive is

part of the

spirit of the earth huh

yes so

you have wrote two books one is in power

animals and

the second one what was that the second

one the name is

mother earth oracle it’s uh oracle

about landscapes

forces of the earth and some forces of


cosmosa so

it’s the first book about

aoraku who is fully

about landscapes huh

yeah and i talk about the forces of the

the nature the

because they are alive they it’s a

spirit who talks to

for example i have and landscapes who

everybody knows like

rainbow uh

the sun the moon the star

the mountain the

yeah the many many things the rain

the the lake the valley

the river some very very simple

landscapes are like

but they have uh archetype for us


uh we are part of this uh

the cons we are part of the construction

of the planet so

these uh landscapes they have a meaning

for us

they have uh archetype huh

it’s uh it’s an archetype because the

spirit of the land is alive

and they talk to us

so in comparison the animals animals can

be more

they have more uh strong energy like

is more direct the landscape is more

something that you

that you uh have some emerge on there

so you enter in the landscape but it’s

powerful too uh

it’s different uh is a different spirit

yeah the

landscape you enter inside the landscape

so you can meditate in images

or really go to that place in nature to

feel uh the power of that place huh

yeah it’s about power power places huh

power plays

uh so one thing i want to know

like each time we do a reading

the card which comes out will uh

different like uh once first i

i’m doing a reading then second time

somebody else is doing

the reading the card if you get

so you mean the difference between the


yeah each time i’ll get a different

different card each time

i’m doing a different reading each time

i’ll get different parts


yes yes uh well i think each leader has

a different

way of reading

yes there is the i think there are

several aspects there is the meaning of

the card


there is the that person

who is uh in front of you

that is uh your channeling

at the moment huh yeah and so

it’s it’s very there are few aspects huh

there are what you are seeing about that

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so it’s a bit complex but is not only


you take the card and there is a meaning

so you are telling to that person

you are telling to different people

yeah um

so at this moment what could be

my animal now in

your animal yes just come in

well at the moment i got here

two cards for you okay


so i i in my decks i work with

cards in the normal position

and inverted cards so

inverted cards is what you are

you are work to balance more some


okay and the normal position is when is

something good and it get it gets more


so for you came one normal card in

normal position

any one inverted card

i i start for the inverted card to


it well

the inverted card was the frog

inverted frog so inverted frog

means that you you need a bit of

you don’t need to stress much

you need to be more quiet places

probably you are not in the place that


feel well and then you

you need more really energy of



earth and water earth to brown

and water to calm

yourself so you need it’s a time

where you need to purificate some

karmas and especially

in the routine you are it’s

a little bit difficult huh so

need to find

your sacred place and stay

there so you need to purificate

more you pro invented the frogging you


when you are not purificating off

or living under a

under stress and the pressure okay

yeah yeah this was the uh

shadow one and the

good card very good card is the two

to you bird is a bird who exists here in


and this bird is very creative

uh he’s very powerful

it’s a this part

has in general

three colors or

or more so

the three colors is white

because brings you peace

it’s red because gives you energy and is


because remove negative energies huh

uh and this bird he’s very

powerful he acts on the kundalini power


acts on the kundalini power so

in the meditation in the kundalini

you have the power to purify the order


also in your artistic

it’s very

uh it can make this bird very intense


uh your talents your

what you produce through the creativity

to artistic things to

through do what you like

you can also be more

happy and also

he can also cut

protect you cut negative energies

doesn’t make them arrive on you

so it’s very uh gives you some center

some power but what i tell you is good

for you to travel a bit because of the


you need also

another environment you feel more

happy you can

so what can you tell me something about

my health

what i see here it’s all is okay

now uh


you when you uh all is okay about health

now when you

when you move when you see your

life running when you see progress

all is okay with you are you you are a

person who is

uh who like projects

who like to do things and to

you are a quick person

you like to do here and there a few

things and you like to

socialize so it’s more emotional things

huh so be in an environment where you


like more your health will be fine doing


that you feel happy your health will be


but i don’t see problems on the body ah

now only something who can come through

emotional things

these are the readings from power

animals so what would be the reading

from the

uh yes

tell me one question

um so

am i going to get the girlfriend this


how long i have to wait for a better

girlfriend one of the best lovers

hello hello hello i am singh here

yeah uh the next year we will open more

now it’s starting to open huh and

this depends a lot because my readings

are more

i talk more about inside

and after what you have to work also to

open that way

is not a simple prediction

ah you’ll find in two three months your

finest christmas but

probably next year will be much more

open for you huh

so two things you have to do is uh

find this inner power uh your uh

uh who can be kind of power of

jupiter this


power really of the great man

huh and the

the card was here was the lightning

so is the power of god who comes

who comes through you huh the ray the


is very also electric

so is the power of the kundalini

and is the power of the uh

shiny is the power of the presence

it’s the power of the voice so

as to your turn you are ending a psycho


entering another cycle so uh

is a time where is your great man is

awakening yeah there is a time where you

you you turn you was now in the turn of


from year ago

so now is the time of the great man

and also another part here for

who helps you to find this uh

woman is the breeze

so you should be very soft


with woman so it’s a car

to be very gentle to

also to go to places you like to flow


and to don’t control much

situations that the situation will guide


and then it’s very it’s possible you’ll

find a woman

but this more open

since next year now it can happen

something but is it starting


so um what he or she has to do

whether they can contact you or how it’s


or whether they can purchase the books


yes exactly it’s just contact me i

am giving courses and the courses i

do i like to do

not giving a

traditional knowledge yeah this card

means this that card means that

it’s not in this way people depends of

the person

also i give

ichi it’s teaching to different people

is different uh so the important is

people have uh a relationship

some of a friendship with the card

so the teaching that the card gives to


people is more uh

spiritual more emotional

than only intellect this card means

these that card

something that the people uh

feel about the card the people receive

from the card huh

so it’s more it’s more i

put it on knowledge because uh

if we is not only mental uh this god

means that that

is not only intellectual it’s more i


learning yeah so

yeah who is more

it’s more about archetype archetypes is

more about

inner power

in images than about



remember the meaning of the cards so


uh people can contact me yes i’m doing

more uh private courses i like

and small groups

i don’t like much to teaching big group

because then that can be

dispersed much i can be very

i like more uh these intimate courses

and this intimate

contact with

the students of people yeah yeah it’s

more uh

yeah so how

they can purchase a book of you for

instance if somebody

uh from

let’s say from us

so how can they do that

you me you mean the books yeah somebody

from usa

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want to buy a book how can they do that

yeah at the moment at the moment i only


on amazon the portuguese version

so they can buy from


would you like to go through your chat


yes so we are not going to

the details of this uh we will just go







you are like a person who is a deep

and a lot of love compassion and

care you have this is something you get

by birth yes yes

and this is a group of chatra

ah which is found inside the sky which

is found in sky

uh at the particular time when you get

birth the moon was there

for instance you are getting birth the

moon will revolve around the error

and at particular point uh

the moon will be in particular position

in particular part of sky

at that time what was the natural what

was the group of nathatra

in that area is known as uh

you were natural there are of them

are there

so from that you were naturalized

so the rashida is being divided into


first parts so

from that

third part

moon will start from zero and come back

to that particular position

so we are assuming that it will happen

in every days

or days the days will differ

according to the

uh the moon’s position

so every days it will cover half part

of the earth another days it will

cover the another part of the area so


days is known as krishna and another

one is uh there are five birds which has

been associated with

the purchase of your nut chatra so

uh your bird is rooster according to




speak in uh like uh yeah it’s exactly

like motherhood

each twenty-seven natural is being

associated with

different trees uh five different


and uh twelve

which is like a healer you have you have

a healer

you can heal people

maybe your presence will heal them even

speak will heal them your

attacks can heal them like that


sometimes what happens is like

you will overthink so this is over

thinking is a problem which will

actually drain all your energy

so which one allows you to open up


so you have the capability to burn

things the immense capability to

burn things it’s actually residing

inside you

and when we speak about these


pitta nature so food has to be

controlled according to that

so the link i’ll share with you how


i mean the documents which i have

written for you

that is known as kundalini in that uh

the recent link

equal parts and there

a great friend so you have

a god name

so he is a great friend for you like if


worship this particular god it will


so you are basically a great friend


which is in my website that

you could see and you can practice and

if you have

any question you could ask

and while making laugh

there is a particular position is being

given to you

uh this is something which will help you


go more deeply uh to

your lover so in which you will

sit uh back to back and


you will actually help her to

get the high ecstasy

by placing hair on top of you

and bouncing that that is being

given in the year


energy is saturn so you have to

wear a particular reflection

for the effect of the saturn to reduce

this particular effect of the





yeah that is

so what happens is like if you feel

difficulty with the saturn

like so many problems are arising uh


they better prepare the certain chart

and if there are no uh difficulties

from the saturn then it is better to

wear the ketu

that will accelerate your particular

energy of the ketu and help


which is

the higher end of the existence so


the existence has to help us to reach

that particular

level uh you know so that is why

we all live for we all seek these


we can see that


in similar way there are some uh uh

medicines herbs and some form of dance

and things like that are

existing in the shamanic system where

they help us to

reach the


order of the existence in similar way

we can also accelerate the energies

of the planets to reach that particular

state of existence which is being found

from human



so yeah this is all about the thing

you have anything else to ask me

about what you see uh

something about professional love

this year or next year or

is this years now

huh now this is the uh

so right now the venus is ruling you so

this is like

this is the time for you to get more

exposure into relationship with more


and things like that so venus is

venus is the planet uh in christianity

they equate the venus with the snake

because venus is the planet which will

bring you

a lot of pleasure and a lot of

materialistic comfort artistical


drugs woman and all those things these

are basically

blessings in our life yes yes

so in semitic religion see the

sin and sadha things like that but

in our esoteric religions those

religions which are more about the


rather than that of the

social existence like some

chinese some can bring some uh

some religions from like shamanic

peoples and some tribes

and things like that they are uh

directly associated with the

uh soul of the uh life so in these

religions we can’t see this as a sin

basically these are not seen only i mean

these are not seen these are the

best things which uh humans assay

as a as an individual people can

uh you know experience

so right now your planet is venus and

you should be open for the uh the

materialistic comfort

and the things which the venus

can bring to your life

those religions has already done a lot

of harm to

society already and they are

conditioning people

and things like that they

so there is nothing like that is not

existing how

okay okay okay nice nice thank you thank


so right now you plan this venus so this

can open up a lot of time

anything else you want to clear

no no no no it was it was very good yes

yes i think

it was fully what i

uh yeah it was a fully

reading thank you thank you yeah thank


thank you for spending time with us i’ll


i’ll i’ll put this podcast across on my


okay and thank you spend time with us


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