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Do you need a divine helping hand, which cares for your spiritual and successful life? Yes, Then you are in right place Tantra can help you to achieve the highest and true potential of you.

I would be honored to help guide you towards your highest sensual and erotic and financial potential. With the help of divine feminine

Whether you’re single, dating, or in a committed relationship of any style business, I can help.

As a Tantric who carries 2000 Years of wisdom which is passed from generations to generations

 I can confidently support you in your efforts to optimize your performance in the following areas:

Self love training.
Sacred set and setting design(Temple construction or your home Also known as vasthu)
Romantic skill development(Kamasutra)
Erotic fitness(Tantrik yoga)
Magical manifestation(Vashya)
Healthy communication strategies
Illuminating the shadow
Emotional blockage removal
Recovery from trauma
Getting the correct deity for worship(Sadhana)
Correct Rudraksh for your life style
Your past present and future

Options for Working Together: 

  1. Private Online Sessions via Secure Encrypted Video Chat, Audio Call, or Text
    1. $60 for a consultation (An example is attached below) (Average Donation)

2)Asthavargam calculation with crowley tarot -120 usd (Average Donation)

An example of which i have done regarding corona epidemic is given below talking how corona epidemic is going to affect for another five years.

All Sessions via or Whats App

Please pick a date and time which suits you.

All the income from astrological reading will be used for improving the education system through the web portal called

See this page for more details

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