Two diffrent minds Vedic reading series episode no-3

In this podcast I am reading the chart of Daniela she lives in California. I met this wonderful woman in Thiruvannamalai where we were dancing and singing and praying for the blessings of Arunachala shiva.

She travels the world with a Hula hoop and empower local community by sharing her wisdom and performing art. And getting melted as dance.

In this podcast we are talking about how the cultural exchange is possible and what is that lacking in the Indian mind and what is that lacking in western mind and how we could fill the gaps

And ofcourse her chart

She also has agreed to help me to record the Soundarya Lahari the classical textbook of tantra which is being written by Shree Shankaracharya as an honor to divine feminine sitting as a mount Himalaya for every Tantric aspirant who want to be become a living god or goddess.

The tantra Vidya Or the knowledge of divine feminine seems like a very confusing term altogether Neo tantricks are marketed the tantra as a tool of sexual liberation alone and missing to touch other aspects of tantra.

Where as in india tantricks are seen as a group of black magicians who worship Kali and lives in graveyards and do all kinds of kink under the name of spirituality.

And most of the techniques are caught under dogma of orthodox hinduttva.

Under this circumstance audio documentation of a text book something like Soundarya Lahari is very important for both west and east And I am really appreciating Danielas openness towards this direction.

We will be soon start to release the episodes of the same as audio format stay tuned for the same.

Let me pray for the blessings of all great loving and kind peoples of Ramana Arunachala and here we are beginning our Vedic chart reading series episode no-3

Below is a non verbal transcript of the podcast


this is arun from irons yoga dot iron

i am a software engineer who mostly work


node.js php and other backend


and i’m an open source contributor as


i’m a tantric by birth in a family which

is passing tantric wisdom from

generations to generations from past

 years of legacy and got lucky to

travel across

india and got chances to study under

various gurus from different backgrounds

and disciplines you could connect with


in irons here i am helping you

to design

a divine lifestyle which is based on

vedic astrology tandra and other yogic

system of


in this podcast i am reading the chat of


she lives in california i met this

wonderful woman in tiruvannamalai

where we were dancing and singing and

praying for the blessings of

arunachala shiva she travels the world

with the hula hoop and above a local

community by

sharing her wisdom and performing art

and slowly getting melted as

dance in this podcast

we are talking about how the cultural


is possible and what is that lacking in

indian mind

and what is that lacking in western mind


how we could fill the gaps and of course

her chat as well

she also has agreed to help me to record

the sound trilogy

the classical textbook of tantra which


being written by shri shankaracharya as


honor to divine feminine sitting as a

mound himalaya for

every tantric aspirant who want to be

become a living god or goddesses

the tantra vidya or the knowledge of the

divine feminine seems like a

very confusing term altogether neo

tantrics are marked

the tundra as a tool of sexual

liberation alone

and missing to touch other aspects of


whereas in india tandrums are seen as a

group of black magician

who worships kali and lives in graveyard

and do all the kinds of king under the

name of spirituality

and and most of the techniques are


under the dogma of orthodox hindutva

under this circumstance audio


of a textbook something like sandra


is very important for both west and east

and i am really appreciating daniela’s

openness towards this direction

we will be soon start to release the


of the same as audio format stay tuned

for the same

let me pray for the blessings of all


loving and kind peoples of ramana


and here we are beginning our vedic chat

reading series

episode number three

so yeah daniela this is


and um

i saw you in tiruvannamalai and

you shared a terrible story of you like

you spend some um you took a flight

from your country and went to china

china then you spend a lot of time over


then you came to india and and

that is what is that which uh

attracted you so much in india where

you have to spend a lot of energy and

time and you know you basically have to


your own self into something which you


which what for you what is what was that

yes it was nice to meet you and to rue

and the first time i came to india was

many years ago

and it was it was for a purpose and

this winter um i went to

california to be with my year old

grandfather and that was my purpose of


there and he told me

you know you don’t need to be here with

me this whole time so

given that that opening of opportunity

and freedom i

tuned into myself and said well where do

i need to be

if i came to california to be with my

grandfather and he doesn’t need me here

and india spoke clearly to me and said

you know you’re not done

here so i looked and

um i found a really

like a a very good route of least a


that that did go from los angeles

uh with a layover in china layover in


and then landed in um at the southern


of india so i landed with the intention

of listening with an open heart

and allowing the fluidity of divinity to


through me and guide me in

a a journey through india

i had a one-way ticket and i had an open


so that’s why i went

yeah i i did not know i’d be going to

drew when i

landed in um in january

so i’m grateful

so it was very amazing for you did you

felt uh okay let me ask you like

what did you felton do like did you

did you happy with the experience you

got in

and did you got what you were

expected to i mean there is no


in life as together as we all know

we can’t describe anything because if we

expect something in life it is

generally isn’t not a true and


life because we can’t respect anything

in life

so but but anyway uh

did you did you got what you

were actually want to float

through you or did it float through you

what was it yeah so

i had read a book uh a book was gifted

to me in december

that had a picture of

arunachala in it and

the day that i read the page with the

picture of the mountain on it

one of my friends from america that was

in tiru

posted online a picture of the mountain

like this as i was reading the page in

the book

so as i read that book i felt like

that page was extra impactful

uh because of the synchronicity of my

friend that had

posted a picture that that day she’s a

photographer so

um when i landed in india i didn’t know

that i’d go to tiru

uh my my thought was

was um honestly that i would go and i

told my family that i was going to take

a train on the

west coast from um

from kerala up to goa i never i didn’t

go to goa

i ended up going to kerala and then

thiru roo

the the opportunity it presented itself

and it expanded me when i thought about


so so i said yes um and i went to tiru

and i

arrived the evening before

amma’s program so i attended amma’s

program and

hugged amma and contributed to that

to that energy and and met um

a lot of really incredible people and

volunteered serving chai

to thousands of people which was like

that was like my arrival in tear was

just to show up in service

and serve thousands and thousands of

cups of chai tea

over hours and hours and hours uh which

was extremely

potent experience uh so i mean within

the first

hours of being in thiru i was

satisfied i mean

i i wasn’t going looking for anything

but um it immediately provided

this really potent uh experience

and then um i mean i could talk for

hours about the different things that

transpired being in tyro but uh

that that first day yeah going directly


that program into town

and then i i hiked the mountain right

away like

i went the i took a drop dust dropped

myself and somebody that i just met

off um right in front of ramana ashram

and we hiked up to the top of the

mountain and

my shoes broke i threw them away like i

don’t need these you know that kind of

it was just like an immediate arrival

and yeah i uh

i didn’t know how long i’d stay because

again my itinerary for india in general

was all a one-way ticket i was all very


and i felt very strongly once i got

there to stay

through the full moon so i did stay

through the full moon and

um you know walked with the community


the mountain so i’m grateful for doing

that um

because i did stay longer i i did i was

able to meet you so that was really nice




so what was the

uh you know

uh you are working on something to um

do with cultural exchange

you know where tables are

from different background and you are

trying to

bring out the differences and

trying to join them together and see

what would be the outcome of this

particular project i would like to say

the project of cultural exchange

uh what would be the uh

particular outcome of the project

and did you felt that there something

could be

improved from india or the peoples over

the india

and or uh peoples from the western

uh west people they can improve

something or

something can be done like that what is

your view on this

and how do you

what would be your idea about this and

how do you see this

okay uh well you know if you say that

there’s this cultural exchange and that

is very much

um how i travel um as an american i

i do have the ability to like go on

vacation right and go someplace and

stay at a nice hotel and like do the

like this

concept of going on a vacation um but

that’s not how

i resonate instead it’s this idea that

if i’m going to a foreign country like i

don’t want to be an american on vacation

i would like

to show up um as an american that is

uh open to learning about the culture

that i’m

experiencing so i do my best to

immerse in local environment immerse in


local housing local activities and show

up in service

so that is something

that is um a lot of

interest as far as a project would be

concerned would be

figuring out ways that like how can

people who are showing up from foreign


um help prov you know provide um

energy and uh

you know time and energy and

ideas to the local community like how

can we work together

to create something impactful um in this

in the time that what we have together

that is

uh just natural you know

there are seven billion people on the

planet so when we come together

um traveling naturally in this

synchronistic moment of um

time you know it’s i don’t want to be

considered like a tourist or a foreigner

instead it’s like how can we come


and uh amplify the

just human connection that comes from

being at the same place at the same time

and how can we generate a common purpose

so that’s something i think about a lot

as far as like

how can i show up with with resources

um that i have from my culture to share

with the culture that i’m in and

uh you know can that be done ahead of

time or does it have to be in the moment

um and up to now it’s really just been

in the moment to allow for that

that divine fluidity

and i do see a benefit that if we

had some pre-conversation

and intention setting using this like

digital platform

to prepare for people to come together

and like create guidance

it would it would help focus the

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the potential so

i mean that would definitely be

something you know i look forward to

once the borders open again

so basically what kind of

resource which you have

that you are thinking which is

lacking uh in other culture

for instance uh the culture you could


in uh a place like tiruvannamalai uh in

that place you are coming

and you are thinking or

maybe you are having some resources

and where do you see those resources to

fit in or

what kind of resources which you are

having at this particular point of time

can you see well you know the

you know the most immediate thing is um


you know we all have our unique

perspectives from

the the area of the world that we were

raised in

and so and you know i

i think it’s potent to be able to sit in


and and talk about different ideas and

share people’s different perspectives

because i learn so much when i travel

from the communities that i’m from from

the cultures that i’m experiencing

it’s provided me such a

depth of understanding of the world and


when i travel i do my best to to offer

that back

and to share knowledge that

that i have in a in a unique perspective


as a movement artist i

know the potency of

empowerment that comes through

activating our body

and activating our mindset um and so

i i often try well i travel with with

hula hoops

and it’s kind of um

you know confusing for some people that

are like what are those right but that

gives me the opportunity to say oh these


and and then share that knowledge and

share that perspective

of what some people look at as like a


toy and i’ve

experienced it as an adult

transformational tool

so to many of the countries that i’ve

traveled to i’ve shown up with

either completed hula hoops or raw

tubing and then

taught the local communities how to make

their own hula hoops

so it’s more important for me to leave

them with the knowledge of how to make


than necessarily give them like these

things that i made in america

so like being in india and being in

thiru specifically i found

this bit of a challenge where i wanted

to find the local materials

so that i could empower the local

community not only to know

how to maneuver a hoop a circle and

and and use it for meditation and for

focus and for activation and play and

all of these things for individual and


experiences but i started a

search for um this irrigation tubing

and i went to a lot of different little

shops looking for

the right type of tubing and

i brought connector pieces from america

in case i couldn’t find those

and gifted them to some people that were

you know locals so

yeah sharing sharing ideas

sharing materials um sharing goods

uh investing in

yeah investing in people you know like

people that are impactful to me like i

want to

you know support what they’re doing

right so like that’s why i’m here with

you like

i saw your flyer and then i met you

independent of the flyer and it was one

of those moments where like you handed

me this flyer and i was like wait a

second i

took a picture of this on my phone

of course we’re supposed to meet right

those synchronicities

if we’re if we’re watching if we’re

noticing and observing

they’re so bright and clear

so yeah i’m grateful again

so when you go back when you went

back from uh thiru

did you what what

what is that you took back from india to


well from thiru

i was invited to

rishikesh and i i initially said no no

no i’m

i’m going to goa and then um

somebody on the street that literally i

was not talking to i had no

interaction with like nothing stops

and looks at me and says hey i’ll see

you in rishikesh

and i looked to my friend who had just

been inviting me

and i just laughed like only in india

does this

type of moment like unfold right so um

in general this whole

this specific trip was very

very fluid and i just listened because i


my vessel was so open i allowed for

everything that needed to come in and

come through

the space to do so and because of that

it just affirmed to me the

uh the playfulness you know the

like the leela and like the maya of um

of life i i really am

i returned back to the us with a much

greater understanding of

the divinity that is within every person

on the planet for sure and

just the the whole i mean i literally

went from the southern tip all the way

to like into the into the himalayas and


um the moment that my intuition said

your grandfather needs you like now like

you need to

to go to him now um i booked a flight

back to the us and

um i arrived to him like two days before

the borders closed

so you know it was just one of these


where by listening

and being open to

energy to move through and guide me

it provided the most uh potent

experience and it

it it felt very different than the first

time i went to india where i went

like to learn something this time i just


to be present and to be guided and i and

i came

home with with much more

quality understanding that will be with

me forever


so if somebody want to uh go to india

um from the from the culture which

you grew up and somebody want to go to

a culture which which like india like

you could see

other culture in kerala you could see

some other culture in russia

you could see some other culture

so somebody who is coming to india what

would you say

for them yeah i mean

you know the first time i came to india

i i went to a yoga teacher training

and go on and that was it and then i

left you know i came in

and then i learned some things and then

i left and so to the americans that

are coming to india for a purpose like

that and they’re coming to do a training


they’re coming for us like one thing and

then they leave it’s like whoa whoa

take the time like to be present with

the full country

you know like going this time i

had such an expanded understanding that

wait a second the the languages that are


in in this region

are not understood by this region

because the language you know i didn’t

understand the depth of

culture within india and by being with

locals in thiru that

spoke mult the the amount of languages

that were being spoken in a conversation

you know just um were astonishing

and to to understand

how much culture there was in

each specific region and how many

regions there were

was something that didn’t fully sink in

until i truly

went through the country

um from bottom to top and i mean

in the united states we have all these

you know we have different states and

each state

is definitely different but it’s not

unique to the degree of speaking its own

language on top of the national language

on top you know

it’s just uh the diversity in india is


so much stronger than the diversity

in america so i would encourage

americans that are going to india

to go to more than just one

location so that they can understand

more of what makes india india you know

it’s this

it’s like i want to use my hands and

start like

reform dancing it’s it’s just there’s

sometimes words don’t give it

the the full expression but yeah

this is this integration of human

experience that is so beautiful

would you like to come back to india

they’ll be back

um so if you’re coming again to india

this is the third time for instance if

you’re coming again to india this is the

third time

so this is you are no more averaging

again you know

so you know what is that happening what

is going on

and would you rather be prepared or

would you allow yourself to flow in

whatever the life is up

question i think you know so yes when i

return to india

the next time it will be my third return


it would be i think uh

a bit foolish for me to say i i know

it’s going to happen this time because

i’m prepared

the thing that india is teaching me is


you know um how

i’m learning how little we know

right there’s just this

it’s it’s like the maya was so strong

um being in india the second time is you

know this is all

an illusion like to go

to india my third time um will be its


unique experience and i

i just like all the little muscles in

my face and like my cheeks and like all

my smile muscles become activated when i

think about

my third um entry into india

because i just i like literally

want to like spontaneously giggle for


just thinking about what she could


be sharing you know like the

the potency um

of india is so undescribable

but right now if i were to give an

educated guess you know the thing that


in the first ex like going to india the

first time was really

to study yoga and so in between the

first and second time

of going i was practicing yoga like

very regularly and so i kind of had this

thought that i’d go the second time and

yoga would be a potent part of the

experience and

no it led into so many other things that

were expanded

um in other aspects of of yoga

of just of

oh look at that we can talk longer

that’s nice see

there’s all these surprises you never

really know what’s going to happen

all i can all i can say is that um right

now i’m

i feel like yeah i’m learning more and


about other specific things that i would

i would say oh i’m going to learn more

about that when i go back to india but

who knows what’s going to happen i just

know that i’m going to go

um with the intention

of of

connection connection and and openness

because i i know the pope the power

of showing up with uh an open heart

yeah who knows what’s going to happen

the third time

but i do want to come back in service

and give back and

um articulate ways to contribute to

the global experience

so ways that i can do that

i don’t know yet this is this is part of

the conversation

right what is

okay uh well one of the very important

question which i am also very curious of

this uh the spiritual aspect of

india is the uh

western countries are taking it in

its own depth or how do they feel like

in india we’ve been taught like uh

from very young age we are not the body

we are not the mind

or we are not consciousness we are

beyond much beyond that this is how

experience which we get from our home

from very young age and this is what we

um used to grow up with and

we we don’t have an idea there is summer


sitting on the sky he’s taking

attendance iron is doing this much of

sin iron is doing this much of

a good deed and basically

he uh leave and we

want to die


in moksha i mean the reincarnation

so uh in a western mind

how does it goes and what what what do

you feel about that

yeah it’s interesting um

a lot of what you just shared is

what was shared with me the first time i

went to india

and it was not something that was shared

as a young

school child and so

you know it resonates so strongly it’s

like we’re

you know clearly not the body if

we’re absurd you know we’re making

observations about

it it’s just it’s so logical to

to really um think about it yet in

the western culture like you said it’s

it’s not

the it’s not the normal

uh mainstream thought process it’s not


shared you know to to young kids

um so there is a very different

you know cultural understanding and

because of that it feels extra important

um for me to want to show up in foreign

countries so that i can understand that

you know this this little

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expression of what was shared with me

growing up

is different than what was shared with

other people in other parts of the world

so i feel like there’s this internal

responsibility to expand beyond

the shell in which uh i was born

because obviously i was born in the

location that i was born to the family i

was born

in for a purpose as part of my karma i


that there’s also like in me this

desire and drive to experience

earth yeah and not just

oh i i came from this you know

region surrounded by the beautiful

um freshwater lakes you know

this is i should just stay in this one

spot forever

and like i was born in

in michigan in the united states uh

with the ability

to make the decision to explore and

experience the entire earth and through

that exploration unfold

my understanding to observe that yes i

am not the body

like i that’s very clear

so um seeing that

like children in other countries are

offered these opportunities

understanding and these opportunities

um for moksha and for

uh for liberation and

and all of this is just uh

i mean i find it beautiful and it’s the

fact that

they’re born into that experience

you know we’re just at different places

in our

in our individual journeys right and so

we all have a purpose for being born

where we were born and

you know uh i do see the ability to

to create bridges you know from cultures

to cultures and

and that helps contribute to the global


because if we go back you know years

something like what we’re doing right

now um

you know it’s sunshine daylight here and

it’s evening

where you are because we’re talking

across time and space you know location


time independent um it just feels very

quantum that we’re able to just like we

want to have a conversation okay no

problem like let’s

have a conversation it doesn’t matter

where in the world we are

so creating these bridges these

energetic bridges and allowing

cultures to immediately experience

another culture and not have to like

wait until another lifetime where we’re

on another continent or something like


is potent so uh and not every american


the the interest to go to a foreign


or experience something in a different


just as i’m sure you know there are

people in india that are like

i don’t want to talk to a tourist you

know but i don’t want to be a tourist

you know that’s the thing we’re trying

to create this

this bridge of how can we um

be humans interacting with humans

sharing at a like a core level

and really

really connecting beyond the physical


because like you said there’s there’s

there’s this there are these layers

yeah so

it just comes down to

it comes down to this

so basically one of my understanding is

like i could see you

on the computer screen and when we speak

when we speak um you know i can feel you

and this feeling is comes from my senses

you know we get a kind of connection

and we get a kind of understanding and a

kind of openness towards

each other how it comes it comes out

from these senses which we have

the senses will understand uh

okay this is um this is daniela okay

uh she’s like this and my eyes will give

an impression on you oh

she is looks good she is white and yeah


she’s she has a long hair and sort of


and even she has big glasses on her eyes

and her face


you know so this will uh basically

gives uh an uh an understanding

so what i think is like what is my

understanding is like

we should teach these senses what to see

you know what i mean so then we can

go beyond the senses so this is one of

the important aspect

which meditations and other things are


but winning over the senses doesn’t make

any sense

in any sense at all you know it’s an

irony also

yeah uh i mean i agree with you

completely that

you know by by looking um

and using the digital platforms to have

video calls

uh we are able to create like instant

connection with people where we can

we can truly feel each other and

the you know the

the global atmosphere this year of not

being able to

be in physical proximity to

family and friends and community like we

normally would

it has really promoted this

quantum jump into the evolution of


of energetics and what i mean by that is

although we are a lot of us are

physically isolated right now

we are becoming exponentially

energetically connected

because of all of the platforms and


for digital interaction

and what i know i’ve experienced is that

it doesn’t matter

if we’re on a different continent we

have the ability to be fully present

energetically together whenever

we want to be right and that goes

for like having a mutual

meeting where we’re here at the same

time meeting at the same location so we

can physically

see each other but also

you know when we do sit in meditation

and we have

our senses um strengthened and we’re

we’re in practice to notice

i think it’s it’s it’s at this time

that we notice oh

i just had a thought of um my brother i

should call him

and then i call and and he says oh i was

just thinking of you

right or or we start noticing we start

noticing these energetic pulses

when when when you see somebody

in your in your in your mind and you and

you think about somebody

um they can actually feel you

because there’s that um that energetic

layer and

so yeah i mean i agree with you

completely that you can see me on the

screen right now but you could

you could feel my essence as if we were

sitting in conversation and

um you know at a at a shop in tear or


like i think that’s what i’m hearing you


and i mean i know i i have these

meetings every week where i’m showing up

with global community and

and we’re talking about um heart rate


um we measure heart rate variability

with a

with a biofeedback device

and we’re using meditation

in in concert with this biofeedback


this is what it looks like kind of clips

onto the ear

and it goes to the computer uh or goes

to a phone

but every day each of us meditates with


um just five minutes and silence and

five minutes

what is that it’s a bio feedback device

so it’s a heart rate variable monitor

but the thing that is created such

curiosity with it

um for me is that you know they talk


scientifically that our heart has an

electromagnetic field

and when we are in the physical presence

of another heart and our electromagnetic


are overlapping we amplify

the um the other person’s uh

wellness you know because we’re we’re

with uh we’re with another human heart


there’s that energetic is is lifted up

you know

uh we rise together as we come together

so right now because we’re not able to

physically be in proximity

with other people just as a preventative


initiative the thing that’s become very


clear and of curiosity

personally is is right now

your heart is within that

six foot diameter of my heart it just

happens that yours

is in a digital screen and vice versa so

for you

i’m within six feet of your

of your being except i’m digital

so now the question is like does

our heart signatures

still raise the energetic coherence

within each of our bodies

to create wellness by interacting


it’s a little bit of a tangent from your

question but

the idea that we that we don’t have to

physically be next to each other to

energetically connect with each other

is uh feels so real

and i don’t know if that comes through

because of the time i’ve spent in india

or if it’s just a

a human understanding that is felt

the more we connect

digitally connect at a distance

and so because of that i think that um

the perceived separation that we’re

experiencing right now

is gonna really amplify the evolution

of human understanding that energetic

uh connection is really strong and

really real

and that we’re not just this physical

body it goes beyond

very much beyond that and you don’t have

to travel to india to find out

but you could if you connect on

yeah an indian man like yourself


yeah we will go to your chat

so what was we spoken is like i will

read you a chat

and things like that and but we never

went to the chat it’s almost one hour

so let’s go for the chat okay

yeah yeah you sent me the chart on

your email now open the same in

google doc i hover shared you the

google doc

okay can you open that

google google doc that is a doc i hear

yes i see it

i found it it’s open

found it

so basically based on the

calculations of the astrology

you are nachotra is

okay this is this is what what is the

nashita means

is a group of stars for instance

you imagine yourself you are staying in

the middle of a degree

circle and this degree

can be divided into equal parts

and each parts there will be a group of


so one of them is

that is that’s your star you are

okay and this circle again can be

divided into

twelve equal parts and that is houses

it starts from aries towards germany

like that it goes on

so that is houses and


the chart the full chat you can see

uh for balcony that with the graphics i


uh is ganapati’s

image on the middle of that particular


is the god who is known

weakness is something like whatever is

stopping you from doing something that

is called

now it’s a sunscreen translation of that

word is whatever is stopping you to

doing something is called

vietnam so the god who prevent the

uh vikkna is known as maknesha and you

could see

the nationals printed on the middle of

that and

that particular time uh in that


rashi what all other planets are


that is being printed on this

particular diagram which has been shared

with you so this is

known as jataka or kundali

uh so now let’s come to your


uh and there is something called paksha

paksha also has been marked paksha is

like uh

from to that is

the moon will take at days to rotate

around the

i mean uh to days to rotate

around the earth

almost a month so when it reaches


that is called from zero to i mean no



you have

rooster as your bird

so that is your bird

okay so one thing

is like uh um based on the

rooster as your bird you uh when you

look at on your

childhood uh

and ascendant is on staying on the

seventh house which means that uh if you

look at on your childhood you might be a


uh you know uh serious person


so this seriousness

is because uh you were in a position and

that will eventually disappear

the way you see the importance you give


i mean the importance you give to the

things which you believe

which is very serious

in nature because this is something kind


an imprint in your subconscious mind you


so basically when you grow up these

things will disappear and you can

understand that yeah i’m not a serious

person this

happens to you because your position of

it has nothing to do with you it’s just

to do with your body and mind

i mean you are beyond that still


and you were um

is a is a kind of red

it’s a kind of tree which gives a red

flower you know that is

uh your three which means that

you can easily uh connect with this

particular tree

uh and if you go near to that you can

talk to that particularly tree

something which is beyond residing on

you can

easily communicate with this particular


and you can see this period of this

tree can actually understand you more


and you can be with that tree much more


uh the condition because there is

the we are not different from the god we

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ourself is god and whatever is we see is

also good and but

everything has different different


even our body has a different frequency

so this frequency will help you to


get in touch with this particular tree


so your nature is human nature

so what is happens with the human nature

people there are three kind of nature

one is asura

and another one is human and another

one is uh so there is three nature

of the three qualities of the human

beings are out there

from there your nature is human


see we have to go beyond there is

something like we feel ourselves

more comfortable

something we believe

is true is being getting satisfied so

human nature is a person who believe

like my human nature like helping others

and making others comfortable

and making others to feel better is

actually uh making me to feel better

making you to feel better you know so

this kind of nature

this is your nature human nature

and this is based on your natchez

and rajo guna the joguna is the

guna which you have so what happens is


uh you this digestive people

usually hearts and

intensity towards life you know

they like to see uh the life with more

fire and these peoples will mostly like

to uh you know like

masalas like uh little flowers and food

some food is a little making some bit

more masala

you know i don’t know what you say in

masala you know it’s

right for a white in english

maybe like more spice yeah

yeah sort of stuff much better than

spices you know



uh spice is still like chili pepper

no it’s masala is like a combination of

so many

things you know it is actual translucent


also thought like the translation of the


is much better than that of spice


no it’s still beyond the meaning of the


you know what what i mean

so you might like this kind of food

and you have a watery quality you are a


you you can be become a goddess

a goddess of creativity

that is that is because your buddha one

of your tanja buddha is

water gel uh so you can actually

flow your creativity to others and you

can be

like you know you can flow uh

you can content yourself in somebody

else in

much deeper way and the creativity can

flow through you and yeah that is one of

the quality

uh this is based on pancha buddha like

so you can easily flow

yeah and you are the part of shakti you


uh the thing which you are wearing uh

there is a book called saudi lady this

is the

book of tantra that is being written by

sri sankaracharya

there are

slogans up there which speaks about the


feminine basically tantra is a way to

appreciate the divine feminine


but it has some other aspects also

and people are taking only the little

little parts of the tantra

and because it is useful for humanity so

that people can make money out of it

you know if if a product is good you can

sell it like that

tundra has different different parts

like kama sutra is the part of tundra

and the fong tree like chinese

uh i mean the japanese uh this thing

that in india it is known as vastu

uh that is tundra that is the part of

tundra and the sacred geometry

you know the sacred geometry tree of


and the those things are basically in

tundra that is in

india it is known as so

sri yandra is the one of the toughest in

that so

this is basically is a complete

set of signs which helps

us to experience the divine

feminine uh basically coming out from

the masculine

and going beyond that and experiencing


uh actual power of goddess or the shakti

that is that is the

uh that is the seek that is what the


is consist of

and so in that given goddesses

is shakti so that is why uh shakti

connected me together in peru in front


ramona maybe you know this is how she


she is so you know i don’t know she’s

like that


so there is a kriya is being given

kriya is a is some you know um

kundalini yoga so basically

uh kundalini power which residing on the

bottom of our uh

uh down to mula dara can be awoken

and this can be used to uh

make the life more you know or

call it quality life it can help us to

create more quality life

as the kundalini is getting awoken uh

the more and more dimensions will start

to open up

and you can experience life is more


and you know very

very profounded manner

so that is how the kundalini yoga helps

us to achieve that

so for your uh this thing it is

kriya for the poor of all bunny is given

and nakshatra yoga has been given uh

there is other video

you can see in that particular link of

the document which i have shared with


you can see that particular link and you


see how to do that



so these are the basic things of uh

about your natchada

and there is something called rat yoni

um this is uh rationi

is a sexual posture of you

which give you uh more uh uh

more intimacy uh based on this

uh that is rationing and

sexual posture also is being given in


particular link which i have shared with


um so you have any question about your

nachita any clarification you have

ah well i mean it feels like there’s

like a whole

depth of study there’s so many

different words on this document that

are new to me

so um just receiving what you’re saying

and the like the bigger essence i’m


however a lot of these like details in

the document i’m

open to learning more about as well

so this is basically about your natchito


the same thing goes in your chart also

there are

different planets are staying in your


and that is position

is your self position self position is

like the time

of the birth where your ascendant is


so that is like ascendant saturn

and jupiter is staying together

on the seventh house which means that in

the bahama house it is first house

so one of the important

thing which gives to your mind is that


will consider yourself as a hard working



there is nothing called as far as of my

own understanding there is nothing

called hard work or

soft work or whatever we are just doing

whatever we have to do

whether it is the problem start when we

start comparing

okay i am doing very hard work

so the saturn is staying on the first

house so because of

that you will feel like uh doing very

hard work

i mean you consider yourself as a hard

worker and you don’t want to give up


basically it doesn’t matter if you see

it in the very

top view it doesn’t matter you know

yeah and

in dhana bhava there is mars is staying

and in third bhava there is ketu

state third

this is very important this

is like ketu is very much

related to occult energy

so this deep understanding

or getting hypnotized or getting

a kind of trance is this is your


you know that is something you have born

with and yeah that is

that is something you can you don’t have

to be afraid of

that you are getting a kind of trance or

something like that because

life like to open that up to you

it want to give that to you

and in seventh house uh

one two three seventh house there is no



so which means that uh your relationship

status may not be that good

you know

i can’t see a planet over there i’m


i mean i’m single

we want we can edit something but yes

okay i mean it’s a podcast

okay anyway it eighth house there is

marxist staying

and the ninth house there is ketu

the spiritual aspect

is very strong and this is like

it’s a kind of opening for you

you could listen to that more deeply and


the more aspect of that

and yeah that could help you to

take more


you have any questions i mean

so you know you just briefly said

that like i i don’t have uh

i won’t have good relationships are you

saying like forever or like

up until now


i would like to take a pick a card for




but this is basically from the uh

you know crowley deck actually i use

you know eliasta curling yeah

so this is basically crowley tarot uh

this is what i use

and uh i feel like crowley is a

one of the best tantric coupon out there

and if he was in india i feel like he


he could be a good tantric guru

probably but he wasn’t burst and because

of the church can’t understand

what he was talking about uh

the churches killed him like all other

women also has been

other women also got killed in india

they are

diagnosed and yoginis you know

so in ideology

the semitic religions

can’t understand what is going on with

this kind of people because there is


it looks like taboo for most of the


so anyway i’ll pick a card for you yeah

did i showed you these cards in guru yes


and you escaped without giving me my


they don’t give us the same connection


i wasn’t able to access the same things

same things online

it feels like not every website is

accessible in every country


there are vpns i’d say i like

tech also

anyway so i have picked four cards for


there is something called cruise works

the hierophant and the pressure these

are the four cards in this game

there is a triangle

and you feel

pressure could be possible by connecting


trinity or something that is something

three things which is

like it’s like a triangle something is

surrounding you

so you want to connect this to

get something out of that

so that that is where you are right now

seeking a kind of a relationship

that means something

okay you want to ask me something

but uh maybe if you want we could

i’m a nice principal

what’s that you want to ask me something

um i mean

you know the it it is i am

it is curious for me being

single and being like

i’m at the end like edge of

almost like fertility range and

you know i’m curious if i’m meant to

like bring life into this

into this into this

onto this earth

and it’s interesting like to be thinking

about that even though i don’t have a


but it’s something that um

that i’m curious about


so basically the fifth house is

actually uh showing the putra

i mean the offsprings

but in that particular position there

are no planet

but it doesn’t mean that

see but why we look at on the chart is

basically to

figure out what is that missing how we

can fill it

you know so there are ways to


this is called the thunder i mean the


so we have to get

what we want you know

so this this took some

yeah anything else you want to ask

um i mean i guess it goes from like

podcast questions to like diving into

like the chart

deeper um so maybe

i would ask like could we do like a

uh oh hi doc my dog has come to say


uh you know another

time where we sit and like go


thank you for listening to my podcast

you could connect with me in irons yoga


iron where you could see

my contact details including my phone

number my whatsapp

and email id stay tuned for more

exciting episodes

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