Vedic reading series Episode no-4 Orgasm Forever

In this podcast we have a fascinating guest whose name is jem.

She is from uk here she is sharing her mind blowing story of how she got diagnosed with stage four cancer while she was in thailand and used the power of orgasm to overcome the same.  

Also she is helping others in the school of pleasure.

She used to enrich her tantric knowledge from the age of 24 followed with a break up with her boyfriend

At this stage where she got diagnosed with stage four cancer she decided to use her knowledge of tantra and full body orgasm to fight against  her unlucky situation.

This became her focus for a while, and through this process she embraced and worked with the healing power of orgasm.

I wrote to her asking whether she is interested in becoming one of the guests for my podcast.

She has agreed for the same.

Yeah here we are in this particular podcast we are digging deep into the power of full body orgasm,Orgasm without ejacuation for men and women,Usage of sound in tantric practices,Near death experience, Usage of herbs in tantric practices. And her chart  

She is multi-talented and creative. She is passionate about helping people to connect with themselves through the body, fine-tuning into the subtleties of our life force, using sexual energy to fuel all areas of life.

She is teaching about how different stages of orgasm a man or a woman can experience. And from the peak orgasm instead of falling down can stay there for a while and transcend this peak orgasm into pleasure forever.

you could connect with her over here

After having an hour and half long discussion with jem i have sent this voice record to one of my friends. She is a medical doctor and she has told me that probably the story of jem might be true because the studies are showing that the couples who are sexually satisfied are having less health issues all together. However

Let us begin with our vedic reading series episode no- 4 Orgasam forever

Below is a non verbal transcript of the podcast


this is arun from irons yoga dot iron

i am a software engineer who mostly work


node.js php and other backend


and i’m an open source contributor as


i’m a tantric by birth in a family which

is passing tantric wisdom from

generations to generations from past

years of legacy and got lucky to

travel across

india and got chances to study under

various gurus from different backgrounds

and disciplines you could connect with


in irons here i am helping you

to design

a divine lifestyle which is based on

vedic astrology tandra and other yogic

system of


in this podcast we have a fascinating


whose name is jem she is from uk

here she is sharing a mind-blowing story


how she got diagnosed with stage


while she was in thailand and used the

power of orgasm to

overcome the same also she is helping

others in the school of pressure she

used to enrich her

tantric knowledge from the age of

followed with the breakup with her


at this stage where she got diagnosed

with the stage for cancer

she decided to use her knowledge of


and full body orgasm to fight

against her unlucky situation and heal

herself this became her focus for a


and through this process she embarrassed

and worked with the healing power of


i wrote to her asking whether she is

interested in becoming one of the curse

for my podcast

she has agreed for the same yeah here we

are in this particular podcast

we are digging deep into the power of

full body orgasm

orgasm without ejaculation for men and


usage of sound in tantric practices near


experiences usage of herbs in tantra


and her chart she is multi-talented and


she is passionate about helping people

to connect with themselves through the


fine-tuning into the subtleties of our

life forces

using sexual energy to fuel all areas of


she is teaching about how different

stages of orgasm

a man or woman can experience

and from the peak orgasm instead of

falling down

can stay there for a while and

transferring this peak orgasm

into pleasure forever her contact

details are given on the link over the


where you could connect with her after

having an

hour and a half long discussion with jim

i have sent this voice record to one of

my friend

she is a medical doctor and she has told

me that probably the story of

gem might be true because the studies

are showing that the couples

who are sexually satisfied are having

less health issues

altogether however let us begin

with our vedic reading series episode

number four

orgasm forever

so hi welcome to the

uh aren’t yoga that i am

so i would be really

interested to know uh a little bit about


or what you are how you do and

what and all you are gone across i

actually saw a video of you

on internet where you are speaking about

how the full body orgasm has helped you

to overcome your skin

cancer and things like that

and can you briefly talk about that but

what was it

and how does it work for you

oh thank you eran yes i can

so my name’s jem airs and i’m uh i call

myself a sex coach

because that’s probably the best way

that people understand it

but i’ve been working now with tantra

for almost years

and i trained as a sexological


two years ago but what happened after

i’d been working with tantra

for quite a while is that i had


a tumor in my brain and i had to have

brain surgery

and it was a secondary tumor so that

meant that there was cancer elsewhere

and there was cancer discovered in my

armpit in my lymph node

and in my lungs as well and it was a

severe skin cancer it’s called melanoma

and i was told that all they could offer


was palliative care treatment to

hopefully sustain my life but not


cure me but to make me as comfortable as


and even that had only a chance

of actually working

and so i was sent home out of the

hospital after a very long time

trying to figure out what was wrong with

me to sit on my sofa and to just wait

for a doctor’s letter

or a phone call and i just really had

this empowered and embodied feeling

of i can’t just be here waiting for

other people to make decisions about me

and actually tantra taught me this more

kind of

agency and autonomy around my body

but i just i knew that if all they could

offer me was end of life treatment

that ah there was definitely something

that i could do

in the spaces in between talking to


and i’d probably heard somewhere about

miracle healings

and using life force and sexual energy

and and i thought well right now i’m not

sure what else

i can do but i know i have some tantric


and i’d experienced full body orgasm

previously and i knew that cancer

was a cell which had just mutated

and also alongside with the research of


emoto who looks at water molecules and

how they change

as opposed in in different situations in

positive or negative

vibrations with positive and negative


or music and how under a microscope

the molecules change either into

beautiful molecules

those who’ve been in positive

environments of laughter and

singing and chant and then the molecules

that have been

kept in environments where there was

shouting or swearing or negative words

they mutate and i thought if my body and


about water and my cells my poor

cancerous mutated cells

are over water then i want to make

sure that the water in my body

is as positive as possible and the only

way i knew how to fill my entire body

and every cell of my body with joy was

through full body orgasm

and that’s the rota root i chose i did a

lot of other things i changed my diet i

changed my lifestyle

i took cannabis oil there was a full

spectrum of things

as well as the treatment that i had been

offered by the doctors

but they believed that the best that

would occur

is that six months after treatment

my tumors would be stable but actually

what happened was three months after


my tumors had massively shrunk by over


and six months after treatment i was

completely cancer free

and the doctor said to me whatever

you’re doing just keep doing it

because before that they’d you know


anything that i said i had been doing

and so from that i realized that i had

something of

value to teach and to offer

so now through my work it’s about how we

can really fully embrace

pleasure in all aspects of our life

not just in our sex in our sexual

connection with ourselves and our


but also looking at how that can ripple


how we can if we live life with this

sexual energy contained within us

vibrant and flowing then actually

we are generally nicer people

i’m definitely a nicer person um and

also that we can make better decisions

in our life or maybe we take greater

risks which lead us to better


and we attract better people and we can

make more money

and this is life force energy so when

we’re not using it to create life

to make babies then actually we can use

it to birth other things

businesses projects um you know new


so really just seeing how what area of

our life

we can enhance through working with

sexual energy

and i call this orgasmic embodiment so

when we really

embody orgasmic energy

instead of releasing it out

when did you found or what was

the time you got diagnosed with the

cancer i got diagnosed with the cancer

in october .

i was in thailand traveling so i had to

have brain surgery in thailand

and by uh

oh sorry it feels like a very long time


i’ve been cancer-free now for four years

so it was i think it was april may

i was given the all clear

and so after you got diagnosed with the

cancer and you knew that

tantra could heal you so what was the

technique can you describe the first


which you tried on yourself

well the first thing was breathing when

i was in hospital

i it took a long time to recover from

the brain

surgery everything was too i was

overdosed i believe on steroids to keep

me safe during

during surgery but for the three days


i couldn’t lift my head and i had to

learn how to walk again

and everything was too loud and too fast

when they were wheeling me in the bed it

was too fast for me i couldn’t look at

screens or read books or check my phone

and everything the sun was too bright so

any of the information i was taking in

through my head

was just too intense so all i could do

was really be in the present moment

i couldn’t distract myself with messages


friends or looking at a tv or reading a

book i was really just having to sit

and be with my own experience which was

quite scary being thousands of miles

away from home

on my own but it was really just

noticing what is going on in my body

as waves of fear come and go and come

and go and how i can navigate my way

through that

using breath and self-resourcing so

holding myself being with myself

and just really being the observer of my


instead of being in the center the eye

of the storm of the emotions

how i could step back and be more of an

observer of observer of my experience

and then my lungs collapsed so my

breathing was down by percent

and so my breathing was very difficult

very labored so something i’d found very


suddenly that’s all i could focus my

energy on

because i couldn’t see or hear or you


focus too much on what was externally

going on all i could do was sit and


because it was such a chore for me and i

like to think of my time recovering in


was more of a bit of a meditation

retreat really

because i was so isolated away from


and not able to take messages or be


and i was so exhausted in recovery all i

could do

was focus on my labored breathing

so that was a really quite an amazing

experience for me because that meant

that by the time i came back to the uk

and i was surrounded by friends and

family and all of their fear

and all of their negative ideas and

messages around what cancer meant

i’d already spent months by this point

six weeks by this point

breathing and sitting and being with


and really figuring out what it meant

for me so i was able to be really really

solid in my core and in my center

around cancer and you know how

i was going to live through the


something else that occurred whilst i

was in thailand when my lungs collapsed

was i had a water build up on my lungs

and they scanned me and saw that there

was too much water and that they needed

to drain me

and they gave they said they were going

to drain my lungs hours later

and i lay in bed visualizing

the mist coming evaporating off of my


as i was breathing and hours later

when they took me in to drain my lungs

the liquid had gone and there wasn’t

enough for them to drain

and exactly the same thing happened

about a month later when i was in the uk

the water had come back they gave me

hours before they were going to remove


i breathed i visualized i saw the

evaporating from my chest

and then by the time they came around to

drain it it had gone there was nothing


to drain so meditation

breathing visualization these are all

key components to

healing so why are you relating the

breathing with the term tantra

but what is breath is the key breath is

the key to tantra it’s the key to


breath gives us the space that we need

to be able to make

good decisions or to be able to feel

when we fill our belly we’re literally


space in our bodies so that we’re less


our energy is less contracted and when

we’re this expansive

we just we’re bigger in the world so we

can make better choices and more

informed decisions

so breath for me really is the key

breathe i say to my clients if you

breathe more you will

feel more because it allows

all of our um all of our nerve endings

to really just switch online

if we’re breathing deeper and more

into our bellies what that’s doing is

that’s kicking into the parasympathetic

nervous system so that’s the place of

rest and relaxation

if we’re shallow breathing what occurs


that we’re actually just we’re not

breathing very deeply enough

system where it’s their bellies that are

moving or their whole body

this is an indicator of safety and trust

within their bodies before they’ve

learnt or been conditioned to contract

or to be in some fear

so actually we’re engaging the

sympathetic nervous system

by that place of fight or flight if

we’re only breathing into our chest

so if we breathe deeper and fuller and

more into our bellies

then we’re already at that place of rest

and relaxation

when i’m coaching clients whether that’s

individuals or couples

and they want to have a better sex life

for example

i talk to them a lot about their

breathing because if they’re not

in a place of rest and comfort and


how can they ever expect to achieve


because for me rest and relaxation and

comfort is

step one step one in the direction of

being orgasmic so that for me is why

breathing is really important

so for for instance we all breathe as a

human being we

all breathe here we breathe and when we


we breathe when we talk we breathe uh

so what is that exact difference

between what is the line between this is

tantric breath

this is uh normal breathe how do you

differentiate and so normal breathing is

chest breathing

and it’s generally breathing through the

nose it’s really difficult for my

clients to achieve

conscious breath work throughout a whole

session or throughout a whole meditation

generally we close our mouths we don’t

want to make sound because we don’t want

to be heard

this is a big thing there’s shame out in

the world about being heard

about her breathing or heavy breathing

or making

noises which might sound a bit like

arouse or excitement or a bit sexy

so it’s all about mouth breathing and

breathing into the belly

to because that’s the place of rest and


and only when we switch into the

parasympathetic nervous system

can we then feel more

so somebody for instance a

client came to you and

he wanted to learn tantra so what

how do you proceed that client then what

and all you will

do with the client i’d get them


step one i’d get them breathing

conscious breathing

so holding their hand on their bellies

feeling the breath in their bellies

and making sound on the out breath and

all of this is in videos on on

my website on a free stuff page so all

of this

is you know a free resource for people

but then also i’d get them to tune into

what sensations are going on in their


because what we want to feel into is the

really subtle

subtle sensations because the outside


is very over stimulating and we’ve

become intensity junkies

with wanting and needing hard and fast


and we’re exactly the same in our sex


so a lot of my work with clients is just

by getting them to slow down

and instead of doing and switching into

that doing

fight or flight mode is to slow down and

feel more

and be more instead of needing to


so it’s all about dropping the goal

breathing and feeling what’s there

because we’ve got we’ve got amazing

sensations in our bodies

but we don’t give ourselves the space

and time or the tools to be able to feel


we’re all focusing on needing that

out of multi-orgasmic experience

without really feeling what is going on

in the lower end

of the pleasure spectrum so when we

focus on

expanding our lower end of the pleasure


that’s when things get really

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interesting that’s when we can let go of

the goal and we can just be with our

bodies in curiosity

and let the body lead it’s a body-led


instead of the mind so

what is uh the first step is the


uh next step next there is how many

steps are there total

two to what sorry uh

for a client who comes to learn tantra

is there a pedagogical approach do you

have like

there are five to six steps uh the first

step is breathing

second step is this third step is this

first step it’s not really that


tantra is quite a massive umbrella so

learning tantra i

first my first step would be to figure

out what

exactly is their intention because

learning tantra

could be all sorts of different aspects

and elements

but what most people come to me is they

want to

experience more pleasure in their bodies

when people come to me and they want to

learn tantra

what we figure out that they actually

really want is to

experience greater capacity for pleasure

in their bodies

so again breathing that would be the

first step

tuning into what’s going on as i’ve

already said that’s the second step so

feeling into the

subtle sensations

and then maybe allowing any organic

movement that the body

feels to release so when we start

feeling in our body we might actually


we might notice some contraction or some

pain or some discomfort

so maybe we need to stretch maybe we

need to reassure a part of our body

which maybe feels a bit anxious so we

might touch ourselves we might massage

ourselves we might hug ourselves

or we might need to get up and stretch

and to dance and to move or if we feel


there might be some little shudders

or ripples or some organic movement that

needs to be expressed

so breath sound and movement with

feeling of subtle sensations

that for me is the key to tantra

and to feeling more in your body

so for how many days a person

needed to learn the course which you are


like whatever you are offering how many

days usually it will take

again it really depends on what the

person wants to learn if they just want

to learn breath sound and movement

they can learn that off of my website

for free there are videos of that

and people but people usually it’s a


it’s not a tick box experience we don’t

go oh yes i’ve done that i’ve learned

tantra thank you very much and i’m going

to get on with my life

it’s a practice it’s like yoga you know

something we do every day or on a

regular basis

and i highly encourage people to start

at the beginning

by really put themselves in quite an

immersive or intensive experience

so that we can retrain our brain and our


with these new ways of being and feeling

and breathing and moving

which have been conditioned out of us

actually we’re just relearning

things i think we’ve always known or

have just naturally come

into this world but it’s been kind of

reprogrammed out of us

to be maybe more socially acceptable

maybe smaller

maybe quieter maybe

more able to fit into a certain box

whereas actually we’re all individuals

and our sexual expression

is individual as well so really just


what is good for us and what works for


so a lot of my work isn’t actually ever

telling my clients what they need to do

but giving space for my clients to

figure out themselves

what they need to do to be in their most

pleasure and to feel more in their


and i just give some suggestions and

some tools and some permission for that

to occur

so coming back to your case

you got diagnosed with the cancer

and understood

the atmosphere could

change the molecules which is being


on your body and you

understood the tantric breathing

how to do that and how it could be used


somebody who is in hospital bird

how can they go for a full body orgasms


you know i mean

how did you done that and what was the

next step you done

you took the breathe and you understood

it can clear your lungs

breath sound movement and feel

so everything i’ve said it’s really


incredibly simple people always want to

hear that i did something magical

i promise you that’s all i did give my

give my body enough breath

allow myself to express through sound

and give some organic movement

and then allow myself to just feel

what’s going on

and when you feel and give your body

space to feel that

low level of arousal and you add more

breath so it can grow and to expand

that sensation can ripple through the

whole body because it’s not a genital

focused experience

we’re not pleasure in our genitals it’s

but when we allow

the experience to build out through the

rest of the body

and not just focusing on the genitals or

the goal of trying to achieve an

orgasm then pleasure can spread


pleasure can spread your heart to your

fingertips to your nose

you know you can have nose gasms and

orgasms it’s just

really breathing sounding

and feeling more

there’s no magical technique that really

is it it just takes a bit of time i’m

not talking about the techniques i’m

talking about the

processes which you are going through i

mean basically

what is the technique is like we figure

out something is useful for me

then uh we will say hey look

uh hey look my friend this is something

which is work for me

this may be work for you also maybe


so what was that you have gone through

you know what was that

that i did yes

okay so breathing do you do you know how

to breathe

so we’re breathing through our mouth and

we’re letting the breath into the belly

and we’re breathing through a straw

mouth as if the lips are pursed

sucking into a straw and then we’re

releasing with breath

and we just do that for a while and we

feel that really is all that we do

and through the process of feeling

sensations in the body

and tracking the pleasure in our body

our body might want to move

it might want to wriggle it might want

to stretch or it might want to shake and

you give it permission to do that

that’s what you do and when you feel it

you breathe into it even more

so same thing so whenever the

doctor is felt like you are your cancer

cells are getting reduced

and what was your expression with that


how did you reacted to that not

surprised at all

i was telling them that the cancer had


before they knew okay

they could i think they thought i was

that my um my doctor in the hospital

called me a bit of a mystery case

but now my doctor who i still so i still

have scans

once a year just to double check and she

calls me her

her lucky charm because on her first

clinic day i was her patient

and of course the outlook looked really


but i was convincing her that i was

going to be fine

and then of course a few months later i

was cancer-free and it was a complete

mystery to her

so now she thinks of me as her lucky


so this was in the same hospital in


no this was back in the uk so this is


hospital yeah so you

got diagnosed in thailand and

you checked yourself in the uk

no i had a a brain tumor was discovered

in thailand

so that’s where i had brain surgery and

that’s when they told me that it was a


but they didn’t know which cancer so

they were just going to patch me up

ready to fly me back to the uk straight

into a british hospital

so that i could get diagnosed there and

the recovery took a very long time

like i said my lungs had collapsed i

needed to learn how to walk i couldn’t

lift my

head i couldn’t wash myself

and i couldn’t see or hear well enough

and then after i finally got back to the

uk i was taken straight into a british

hospital and that’s where after two more


they finally discovered that it was a

melanoma and then i was sent home

to a third hospital to have

talks with an oncologist about further


so getting back into your

orgasmic experiences did you done it by

yourself or you

did you needed a partner for instance in


there are uh things which we could

translate i mean we could spread

our um pleasure or the orgasm experience

all across our body there are some

tantric practices

where men can do a

orgasm without ejaculation

so it’s like he can i mean mostly the


when the men get an ejaculation he is

actually getting collapsed

in most of the cases and it is like a

relax like

woman may not be uh reached in that

particular stage

there so she may not be satisfied with

her own desire with this particular man

but the ejaculation happens the men

basically get collapsed and his energy

will and basically he go for the sleep

you know so there is a tantric technique


we could have sex without attraction as

a man

so how did you

done the orgasm like did you done it by


or did you use any medicines or helps

along with that because in tundra there

are some certain practices

where herbs also involved in that

like in shamanism their shaman is like

you know it’s also getting into trance

they use ayahuasca as the uh

is the t the secret t for their own

uh getting into their own transcendental

state of

understanding and same way in india also


tantric use helps

to get into a transcendental state of

understanding so how did you done this

did you use any

uh hubs along with that or you done it

by your own yourself only or did you

took a help of a partner he can help you

to reach

that uh that level of

orgasm that that that

that much of pleasureful orgasm

somebody helped you to take the or what

was that

how did you done this so i i call it

erotic trance states

and again i can just do that by

breathing i can breathe myself into an

altered state i don’t need

drugs or anything else like that just

through the sexual energy raising in my


i can get into an altered state and then

through breathing i can move that

through my body

i was using cannabis oil as well


as cancer treatment for myself

and that helped i think i used that as a

plant medicine

so i was constantly being able to tune

in being called to tune into myself

and to see what was going on in my body

and ask for what my body

needed as well so i think that’s helpful

but mostly it was a solo practice i did

have friends and partners who helped as

well but

you know i really believe that if um

if i can’t get into these states on my

own in a solo experience

then a partner helping isn’t going to be

able to achieve that either

because the first thing we need to learn

is how to be in pleasure with our own


because our partners aren’t magicians or

psychics you know they don’t know what’s

going on inside our bodies

so we need to learn that first we need

to open our body up for its capacity for


because if we’re shut down but we’re

depending on someone else

then actually that other person is

always going to fall

short because we need to open ourselves

up more to experience and learn about


and then we can share that with a


so yes i did have some help from friends

but mostly it was my

own experience a solo journey

i think also because i changed my diet

as well i

cut out sugar and i became vegan and i

cut out gluten

energetically i was really clean i felt

like a clear channel

for this energy to run through because i

wasn’t having

processed foods or dairy or gluten and

things that would just contract in my

body basically and creating energetic

blocks through my system

and messing with my nervous system and

my immune system as well

so my body was just really open and


to energy as medicine

so did you um so doing the

trying to get into the orgasm uh

did you needed is that a sexuality or


are just focusing on the result or

did you uh enjoying the entire journey


something you needed to turn you were on

i mean

to get into what was your turn on

sexuality when you are

focusing my breath i’ll keep everything

you ask me erin

it’s always going to be my breath i know

this might be a boring answer for you to

hear next time you ask me a question

see if you can answer it yourself so

when i work with my clients

i don’t you know if if our only way of

being turned on

is by things that are outside of our


like fantasies or pornography or our

partner or sex toys

then actually what we could really do

with focusing on

is the sensations inside of our body and


turn on is an internal inside job

so again by breathing more it gave my

body the space to feel more

and i could just feel more sensation

breathe into those sensation and that

was the start of pleasure

breathing comfort relaxation

all of these things are the start to

pleasure and you just have to

feel it breathe into it and let it

expand without trying to push it


some let it grow of its own accord

sorry let it grow of its own accord

you know it’s it’s like starting a fire

if you suddenly start a fire and a tiny

little fire

and then you start piling loads of

massive heavy logs on top what’s gonna


you’re gonna put the fire out so when

you get this tiny spark you start

tending it

okay you breathe on it you give it some


you give it tiny little bits of wood

chip to begin with so that it can start

feeding itself so that it’s more


you don’t just suddenly go there’s a

spark there and bundle everything on top

of it

so it really is just working with your

body as

softly and as quietly and as subtly as


because that’s what we’re working with

is really subtle energy here

that we’re not used to working with

we’re used to

yeah the hard and the fast and the over

stimulating approach to our bodies

now bodies are constantly being over

stimulated our nervous systems are

constantly in fight or flight

and then when we start to connect with a

lover suddenly we have to go from this

fight or flight

into relaxation and what actually

happens is often because we’re not used


kind of training our relaxation muscle

so to speak what often happens is we

just disconnect or we numb out

or we fall asleep because where bodies

are just so exhausted

by the fight or flight go go go mode

that we’re not used to being

soft and subtle and being with our

bodies in that curious way

instead of that goal achieving way

so you basically focus on see for


you got one orgasm you want a sequence

of orgasm so

you you stop there and you start again

to achieve the next one and you just

focus on yeah i got a

orgasm or like that what was your feel

about that

how does it go so i think so basically

it’s not only men that can separate

their orgasm

from ejaculation okay it’s women as well

so i would call that a peak orgasm for

men who

have orgasms which include ejaculation

that’s a peak orgasm and for women it

may not include ejaculation for the


but it’s that point of where our arousal

builds to

climax and then we have that peak

climatic experience before we drop

off and we lose our energy but actually

what my practice is and what i teach

is that we try and find and tune into

the pleasure

all the way along that spectrum before

we get to that point of no return

before we tip ourselves over into the


we just stay in the low end of the

pleasure scale and then pleasure doesn’t

have to ever

have to end instead of getting the on

the trajectory of sex that

climbs upwards and peaks we kind of find

a plateau state

where the pleasure can come and go and

come and go in waves and can

continue for days and days and days and

weeks it’s

infinite and you choose when the

pleasure ends

you know and you can control that more


less breath you know you really and you

can live life

in this almost kind of i call it living

life on the edge of orgasm

where your body is constantly expanded

and you’re fueled by that orgasmic life


but you’re not at the edge where you

need to drive

to that goal of orgasm

so just staying in the lower end of the

pleasure spectrum

so rather than focusing on the result

just um transcendent uh

the uh um

the pleasure is that what you mean

i talk about the pleasure scale where

if you like is a peak orgasm so that for

men that’s the orgasm which is attached

to ejaculation

and it’s usually about the point of

eight is the point of no return

so often you could get to eight and

eight nine ten happen very quickly the

point of no return

or then we orgasm and climax whereas

actually if we drop

right back to the lower end of the scale

what does it feel like

when we’re at pleasure at one or two or


and for most of us we possibly can’t

feel that because it’s too subtle and

we’re too focused on getting up to eight


ten that we don’t really pay any

attention to how it is to feel

two three or even four and so my work is

all about how can you

be in that place of pleasure which

is maybe a four on the scale maybe a

five or maybe a six

but nowhere near the point of no return

so that we’re not striving or driving to

achieve anything

so using the tools of breath sound and

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and feeling how can we stay in that

place where our pleasure plateaus and


between four and five and six and then


and four and it drops off and it builds

and it drops off and it builds

so it just becomes a far more expanded


so do you have

like do basically people

have to play themselves a lot to

understand what is the scale of

the orgasm or orgasm eight

or orgasm seven they have to

play themselves uh with a lot

with the breath control and the sound

and something like that is that what you

you are trying to say

they can do but also they can do it

without touch at all

you don’t need to touch your body to be

in pleasure this is an interesting idea

that we have

that our pleasure is touch dependent

this is not true

our pleasure is breath dependent that

is true and what often happens is when

we climb the arousal scale and we get

nearer to that point of peak ejaculation

is that we contract our breath and we

get into our chest breathing

and we pull everything in together and

we tense our body

so that’s a peak orgasm born out of the

place of sympathetic nervous system

so that’s fight or flight and what i’m

teaching is the opposite of that

breathe deeper breathe fuller expand

your body

you know stretch slow down

okay let’s drop into a relaxed state of

arousal instead

and when i say seven or eight i don’t


they’re not orgasms for such but it’s an


experience so i think the word orgasm

leads people to believe

that it’s finite or it’s kind of a one

thing or there’s a beginning and an end

whereas an orgasmic experience

we don’t need to get anywhere near or


to have an orgasmic experience so it’s

just actually tuning into your body

whether that’s through breath whether

that’s through touch tuning into your

body and seeing what is there

on the subtle end of the spectrum

so yeah we will

come to your chat actually

then again we will go to your chat

do you want to share anything over here

where i missed something from you

oh no i’m excited to find out what the

chart says


so basically uh what it is like

a nakshatra so let’s say

what what is this all about the

astrology or the vedic astrology or the

tantric astrology what is this about is


we get birth in different places

all together like uh and the different

body shape

and different energy

spread across the body and things like


so tantra

or the understanding of the energies

in our body could help

us to um design

a life which we really want for instance

uh you can understand which

sound will go better with

when you are having a very deep orgasm

yeah there are there are a lot of sounds

are there you know

there are ragas which is la uh lower c

higher c uh you know

so uh cd of gabc

in the western i mean the sounds

in india it is so

these sounds you can actually

get into this sound by looking at on

your birth chart and

which sound will go better with

your deep orgasm what will take you to

that particular point you know opinion

so this is that is why it is uh

known as um tantric astrology

so basically once uh we have different

layers of mind you know um

conscious mind and subconscious mind so

something which is being

imprinted on in our subconscious mind


allow us to see the reality so what

happens whatever we

see is just a perception it may not be

the reality

the perception is not the real

it’s just the perception the real is

something else

so uh how to see the real there are some

yoga practices which we uh call it as

kundalini yoga you know um

yeah the shakti which is been residing

inside us that can be awoken

with the deep breathing and

deep mantras and yandras

and sexual postures uh things like that

so how to reach there so this is like a


and this will give you a deep uh

jump into it’s like a helper like uh

you know a map a road map yeah you do


you will get a deep orgasm you don’t do

this you will not get a deep fog

so this is something like that is what

a tantric astrology is about

so basically once

we have to forward the pleasure

aspect in order to transcend the


you know once the pleasure disappear we

will see the real

so but as a human beings we will be


cling to the uh pleasure aspect

we can’t come out from the pleasure

without going through pressure

completely because you don’t know what

is pressure then how will you come out

from the pleasure

you know so it’s a helping hand for you


get deeply into pleasure and what is

that lacking you can get

what you want that is that is what the


things will help you so basically

yeah this is like a road map i mean uh

basically you

have to do a lot of s experiment with

uber on self to understand

what could be better for you you know so


in the case of the uh tandric astrology

what it does is like

it will tell you you don’t have to do


you don’t have to do x y you said uh

to get into uh f

because f works better for you you don’t

have to try x y you said you are

wasting your time and energy into

something else

you know and that also a way of

learning actually because it will

actually increase the wisdom

of the person he or she will has

because experiments will lead to uh

wisdom because it’s

basically knowledge deriving so whatever

the wise people just done something like

this and kept it like

here so i would try to read the

chat for you i feel like maybe this

could give you a deep orgasm maybe

anyway brilliant


so your nakshatra is chitra nachatra

so the document which i have

shared with you has a link

to chitra nachatra that is leading to my

website there there you could see what


chitra nachatra basically uh

imagine there is a circle around you and

it has been divided into equal parts


each equal parts there will be some

group of stars so this group of stars

is named in ancient indian

uh understanding of the science and that

is known as

and it starts with the natchatra yoga

so there is a days of practice

which is basically a


nachita yoga that help you to

reach the kundalini you know basically

in our body there is a man and woman

so when they come together

it is an orgasmic experience again you


you don’t need a union you don’t need


help of the other to get an orgasm in

your own self

and it is totally attack question free

and it’s totally risk-free

so this is something you could reach so

in india we see it as shiva

and shakti

a feminine part and there is a masculine


so through breathing you could unite


you know so you will get an orgasmic

experience so

this far i experienced where i don’t

need a girlfriend to

get the orgasm which where i’ll get


a woman and what it does to me is like

it will make me more creative

yeah brilliant absolutely

i will see how to decorate houses and

it will give me more depth you know

um and when you are speaking about uh um

breathing can lead to self orgasm

without the help of touching or

tools or pornography or whatever

can lead to orgasm that is true that is

something which i have

experienced but this is

really fascinating that somebody has

came out from the cancer with the help


orgasm is something like new to me

so i was it was mind blowing to me

yeah orgasm can help you to come out

from the cancer

oh yeah how does it sounds like like

when you had a cancer patient you uh you

understood you are a cancer patient and

your mind is like

oh i’m a cancer patient so yeah

whether are you gonna focus on the

pleasure aspect of the life or

are you gonna think about i’m gonna die


so what is gonna happen exactly yeah

how does it feel um

so basically i got a very

near death experiences like

my mind will go very deeply like

it’s like my mind

if something is happening to me it will

go very deep into me

so the knowledge of the death or the

fright of the death is

got stuck on me and i got alienated from


society which i was living and i went

and sat alone for meditation and just

imagining that i’m gonna die so what is


like shiva meditating on death

sorry like shiva sitting in the

crematorium meditating on death yeah

it’s one of it’s one of the aspects of

tantra you know death

feeling the death and and it is

it it will give a kind of you know

depth to the life so

when you are getting the cancer um

um for instance what was the state

of your mind in that particular moment

are you gonna

focus on pleasure or

what was that this is something i was

very very curious about

so to begin with it was shock real shock

you know i wasn’t even really sure what

was going on it felt like everything i’d

ever planned

in my life was now completely my my

the table in front of me was wiped clean


i had no plans and again an aspect of

tantra is

how do we stay really present in the

moment and that

you know there only is now and that

really taught me

cancer really taught me there really is

only now all of these ideas and thoughts

i had about tomorrow

well that’s not happening yet so it just

kind of cleared

the decks for me to design my own life

if you like or design what my day would

look like or my week would look like

i suppose after shock came the fear and

so using

breathing techniques and meditation

techniques to really stay in my body and

come back to what is happening to me

right now

and i noticed that the fear wasn’t

actually about the now

and the current moment the fear was

about the what if what’s going to happen

next tomorrow what’s going to happen

in a week what’s going to happen you

know what if this doesn’t work what if

that doesn’t work

you know am i going to die all of these

were questions about the future

and i just kept using the breath and

coming back to right now and going what

is what is truthful

in me right now i’m feeling okay i’m

safe i’m in i’m in bed my body’s not in


so i can celebrate that and have

gratitude for that

and completely staying with what is

present in the moment

and if you just stay present in what’s

going on then you can realize that you

have a lot

to be thankful for in this world so i

then moved into joy

being really thankful for everything

that was going on for me at that moment

and finding ways to keep myself in that

place of joy

whether that was dancing singing

chanting yoga

you know hula hooping or yeah orgasmic

breath work

sex so how can i feel myself with as

much joy as possible

and that’s when i turned to tantric

practices and orgasmic breath work

yeah that is something so here there is

nakshatra yoga i have attached a video

along with that

so thank you this will help you to

avoid the kundalini so basically what

the kundalini does is like

once it start to evoke it will start to

accelerate um you were on prana

and you will see the intensity

of the life which is totally changing

it’s a kind of occult yoga the kundalini

is not a

general yoga so people are practicing

the kundalini yoga

so intensively sometime but the

kundalini is not for the

householders or the uh whoever

so this is because this is a

yoga this will give you immediate result

like orgasm

orgasm then it will take you from no

trends or

nothing just forgot something it will it

will be like

it sounds like uh you know it’s um

taking ayahuasca without a shaman it

looks like that

so but this particular kind of

yoga for your natural suits you

very better so you can use

that particular yoga for

try it for almost days and it will

accelerate your own life force and it

will avoke your kundalini

and you can observe what is happening

around you

so one of the important thing which i

saw about the kundalini yoga i i would

like to share this story also because

people said

so many uh friends of me also asking me

about the kundalini yoga

so this story it is happened in


where i met a woman she

goes abnormal

sometime she’s normal always and she


abnormal sometimes so what happened in

her life

she went and murdered a yogi in himalaya

and this particular yogi has

taught her a technique to avoid the

kundalini energy but he didn’t

taught her how to control it

and she started to practice it and the

himalayan yogis

once you found somebody he will

disappear you may not be able to meet

him again

because they don’t use internet they

don’t use phone

they they some of them don’t even use

the dress also they are naked

you know so people call them as a gory

and she was not able to

figure him again and i

met this woman and she goes abnormal


no idea what she is talking about

and no nobody was able to help her till


because is not the problem

it’s not a psychological problem it’s a

spiritual problem

this is something goes from the

psychology to spiritual aspect of the

existence so the kundalini yoga which

suits you best is this

there is a kriya also associated with

the uh

yoga which i’ve been shared with you

there is a

video of the same is there you could go


and you can understand and if you have

any question you could write to me


then there are paksha

um hold on

so there are two kind of paksha krishna


and shukla pacha so based on krishna


and shukla pasha there are two birds

krishna pacha bird and shuklapacha bird


this bird is what happens is like you


actually related to this particular bird

very easily and you show the

nature of this particular bird

and your bird is crawl

so there might be

an experience in your own self

in which you dreamed about crow or crows

are making some kind of

mostly i can i can hear crows now

in my garden


so did you sow any dreams of crow

oh not that i can recall straight away

but i’ve got a sense that there’s


crow like in the background that’s gone

on for me

it might drop in over time

so your bird is a crow

that was nice yeah and the

kovalem is over trey okay

when you expand what is

uh the beel tree

stone apple buddha

you know budapest

so this is the three which resonate

you like when you get

orgasm if you learn

how to transcendent that into

expansion of spiritual self

you can actually understand you are not

just the body

body is something like a shell and it’s

collapsing you are expanding

so this particular tree

will give you a deep connection to you

the soul of this particular tree can

easily connect with you and you can

easily talk with it

and you can you know it’s like your


you can talk to that and you can

understand what is going on

you know it’s like

just resonate you so you can worship

this tree

in india people’s worship trees this is

the reason

yeah i don’t think we have a stone apple

tree in the uk

but i’m going to do my research about


see whether it will grow in uk

yeah so basically what the

rishis has done is like they went near

to trees and they

spoken to the trees you can speak to


you know i speak to trees

yeah this is not the sign of craziness

it’s a sign of

appreciating life yeah society thing is

a sign of craziness some people but

no a sign of appreciating your life

it’s a sign that you are appreciating

your life

if you can talk to tree if you can talk

to birds

you know

so this is wood apple is your tree which

you could uh

talk with

and your nature is asura nature

there are three kind of nature is there

men um human nature

deva nature and asura nature asura


is is something to do with

um you know demon

as well as the english word translation

is damon

so demonic nature you have

so taken like a demon yeah

exactly yeah so

it is it is something you have born with

you don’t have to strike the morality

against your demonic nature

if you do that it’s actually

conditioning you

you know it will not free you up so

you have demonic nature and experience

it and expand it you know

it will give you another dimension all

together you know that

that will open up you will do something

much more beautiful orgasm

brilliant thank you yeah

so you have a thomasic nature

thomasic nature means it’s a

you try to put down things pull down

things you

try to put down people you try to pull

down things

this is something you have to be aware

of you have to

work on i mean nature will not

let you to be free and go above

what you really want to you know so this

is something

which is dominant on you though that you

have to work on

this one guna you have

interesting because my work is all about

raising people up

maybe it is putting you down sometime


i mean maybe you could have overcome


if you look back in your journey you

might be a

domestic person it’s like if a quality


there on you it doesn’t mean that you

can’t change it

yeah in tantra

we say

go to the top of that in order to come

out from that

so there are uh

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are being speaking in uh tantric text

um so what is this

that is like we have to be become

any of this tattoos for instance

mind ego intellect and self and open

this is five

basic principle in uh

mind analysis so so you have to be

become mind

in order to understand your mind

uh you have to be become self in order


understand what is self you have to

become ego

in order to understand what is ego

so that is why there are principles

is being taught you how to become

those principle first in order to

understand you so

you will understand you can be become

this principle

but still it’s not you then what is you

you know so in tandra

appreciate if you could go on the

top of that to understand that thing

then you can

it will just you know

it will just settle down itself

you don’t know how to make one


you can put it in orgasmic experience


you can go on the top of the orgasm so

basically you have to get orgasm with

all these things that is what it is

you have to get orgasm with your mind

how to get orgasm with your

uh intellect you how to orgasm with


just basically getting clubbed with your


complete might means you are getting a

deep orgasm with the mind you know

yeah so damasic nature

uh has been um

maybe could be gone from you

that we could see in your chat more

deeply we

come from this is we are just analyzing

your nakshatra

yeah great thank you

so shakthi is predominant on you

there are two nature v spokane to get

the self orgasm

there are two nature one is shiva and

another one is shakti

so getting clubbing together will

give you the orgasm for any tantric


so in this

understanding your predominant

nature is shakti

and you will be become

creative and the feminine side

of you is more

so you will get turn on on different

part of your body

there are women those who has masculine

side is more

they won’t get so many uh

they can’t get the different pleasure by

touching different parts of their body

usually you would prefer men who want to

play around on your body he can touch


there there and make you you know

special and

love you the the deeply

asks what you wishes for because you


different turn on point on your body so

that is that is something which says you


the uh feminine aspect

is more on your body

is that gross

yeah that feels right

so vishwa karma vishwa karma

is your goal for this particular


so god is like a um it’s

not somebody according to the uh

christian ideology there is

it’s not somebody who’s sitting on top

of the

head and making this much sin you have

done this much

good deeds you have done there is no

god in this sense of

philosophy or the metaphysical

philosophy god is not someone who is

sitting like that

so what is basically like see cross

so god is basically like you know um

as a celestial bodies which you could

easily connect to

so this particular body is uh

you can get easily connection with

you know easily sorry you can usually

connect two

all right yeah you know pure land

buddhism have heard about pureland


and literally yeah so basically

what they is is this talks about the

amidah buddha

rebirth in his uh

metaphysical reality uh so that is what


um pure land buddhism teaches

so in your case this is this is this is

a kind of buddhahood

what would i like to say is like this

celestial objects are like

a kind of buddhahood where you could

easily get access to that

metaphysical reality of the dimension

so vishwa karma is through a god in this


aspect he is nothing but

an architect he

designed the uh building houses

do you have any experience with

architect or something

no i don’t think so

no but i have always wanted to design my

own home

actually so i’m not a builder someone

else i have to do the building

but i’ve always been fascinated by

alternative homes

so built building my own home

so that i’m designing it to suit me


so the vishwa karma if you uh

meditate on him almost days

he will open up his own uh dimensions to


so you can get access to this

particular god i mean god is the theme

which is a cliche which is being

introduced by

christianity there is no god

i mean that that it’s a that term is a


i mean when when we look at on the


and we talk about the god the god

is not a code

like you know know what i mean do you

have any questions about that

nice i get that yeah awesome

um so there is kriya

is followed with that

then there are tall yonis are there

in every natchatra so

your yoni is tiger uni

so excellent tell me about target

yeah so tiger yoni is being

associated with


sexuality where

you could make deep and intimate

connection with your partner very easily

so basically you are

a fiery person you burn out things

you could burn things and you can feel

things very

intensively so the tiger yoni

has been associated with the fire

uh the picture i’ll send you

how can you perform this particular

sexual position where i can just

describe you

in my own words in which your partner

is lying down on the ground

you are sitting on top of him

and where his inside on you

and you are placing your

legs one of your leg on his

arm and

seeking inside and looking inside in

that position

while penetrating

so this time you could actually

feel the deeper


yeah something like you could have tried

this position before

uh i have definitely been on top when

you say a leg on his arm

one leg two legs one leg only single


oh no i don’t think so

okay so uh this particular time you


just you could try this you could just


on top of him and taking him inside uh

and penetrating by your side from your


closed eyes and

observing what is going on in your


and basically uh there is mantra

for shakti this time as

your feminine side is more

you could meditate on durga herself

the goddess while penetrating

him strongly so

she will you can

because of this um penetration


and the orgasmic experience

uh you could forget what is that


around you and you can absolutely

uh become the goddess

and before that before that you have to

go through this

days of practicing the kundalini yoga

this will give you more height

yes and if you are willing you could

try this before days then

uh you could

have the days of meditation practice

then after days you could have the

uh sex with your partner

and if you would interest to share

how does it’s happened uh

that will be something really uh nice


could understand what is going on

how is it that that will be a very

interesting discussion if you happen we

could have it


so this is basically mostly about your


and now we are coming back to

your chart

so uh one more important question i

would be

like to ask you is like did you had

the uh um orgasm scale

oh yeah many times but it’s not my

chosen ideal

orgasm because that’s a peak orgasm

that’s where the

energy leaves my body so i’m depleted


so i’m far more interested in the low


orgasmic experiences because they just

last longer


but you know our mind will often drive

us to want to get to the

higher intense experiences so yeah i


you know fall off the wagon and end up

having a peak orgasm

but most of time i try to stay well away

first second

this is the first house there ketu

and mercury is staying on your

birth chart you could see that in

the document which i have shared with

you you could

see what is that all about um

ketu and mercury is staying on the

um first house um

which means that ketu is deeply

connected to

a spiritual aspect of life

this what this planet is does to you

is a kind of self-destructive planet

which is staying on the first house


so basically uh some of the

experiments which you have done in your


is maybe self-destructive

and it doesn’t mean that that is

something bad

it is something which will take you to

more spiritual yes

it looks like self-destructive but it

may not be

you know so this is what the kedu will

provide you

by being on the first house

in dhana bhava there is sun is staying

which means that um

once the sun is getting activated on

your that could bring

a fortune to you because sun is

very shining planet

so this planet will make you rich

you will get there

so in tandra what we believe is like um

spiritual liberation needed

uh financial liberation

yeah it’s like in bible

they teach you can’t hold the money and


together you know but

it is completely opposite you can’t

because you can you can’t seek god with


empty stomach yes indeed i’m a believer

in that for sure you can’t seek

experience when you are with

you will be working on filling your

stomach rather than that of seeking


so you need um a

financial stability that is why uh

the kundalini yoga is being prescribed

in tantra because it will make you more

aware more wise

or more intelligent what happens is like

it will slowly bring

it it can make what you want in your


with that

so sun is staying on the second house so

sun can make you rich

and venus is on staying on

third house so

saga bhava venus means venus is the

planet which is

responsible for the all the pleasures

which life can offer

like sex the butter

experiences the drugs

and sort of stuffs it’s all

the planet venus is offering so

basically this planet

venus is staying on the third house

it simply means that uh the sexuality

and the herbs and all those things are

part of your life even if you

um is there any um

maybe some experiences which

you uh feel

regretting even though

uh took you to

there you know because the planet venus

want to play on you because it’s not

your fault the planet want to do that to


that is how you descend so your life

need to get that

experiences and yes this will

liberate you

so in seventh house there is

rahu is staying tahu is the house

of relationship so

ira who the basically the rahu is

staying on the seventh house

is means that you might get multiple


um you can’t stick with the

a single men may not be

enough for you i mean

i mean uh maybe i’m sorry my english

language is not that

good to communicate what i’m feeling but

look i think you’re perfect

but yeah so the rahu is staying on the

seventh house which simply means that

um there will be multiple um


relationships will be in new

life you can’t

simply uh believe a single man

maybe there is thyroma experiences which

is happened in your life

with early early times in your life

stuffs like that made you to

get into this kind of mindset this is

because of the

tahoe is staying on the seventh house

and this is because the planet is

playing on you

i mean that is how you design there is i

mean that is how it is

you have something to say on this or how

do you

see that like that sounds pretty true

having different relationships multiple


and not settling for one partner yeah

yep and the needy the before when you

said about needing financial stability

as well

i’ve often been quite fortunate actually


but yep i think financial stability is


that i need um

so yes this is you’re resonating

you are you could be quite fortunate

because sun is staying on the dhana


sun is the planet of the yeah that’s

what i said you

yeah like once the sun is getting

activated over there

it will bring you good luck we will see

when the sun

activated on we will try to see in what

particular time period the sun was


and what was it done to you we could see

that is called the desa

and andhra

so in th house there is moon and

saturn is staying

so this is the outcome

moon is the planet which has to do with

your mother

and the saturn is the planet that has to

deal with

your hard work and this is staying on


uh th house which is responsible for


outcome of what you are

so what i could see is like um

there has to uh there is something new

how to

deal you how to settle with your mother

and there is something

hard work which is being involved

into that particular direction

so that is something which i could see

from your chart

and in viya bhava there is jupiter

is staying and this is something uh

which is very interesting because all

these planetary combinations will bring


wisdom and that is very

um i mean that is something which people

are seeking for and that is something

which people

want to get into you know the wisdom

will make you

more perfect

hmm nothing yeah

um let’s go to

and jupiter

so what happened is like . plus

which means that uh

um uh .

at the edge of now right now you are

year old

at the age of uh till the age of .

there was who was very much active in

your plan

in your which means that uh

where rahu is uh staying

on this seventh power uh

with the time of uh to

there is a kind of relationship

which went through in your life

that totally changed and it’s given you


romantic experiences altogether

and that is

if you okay would you like to share that

with me

yeah i my i’d had

a few partners or relationships before

then but my first real love

was when i was about until i was

and we actually

he’s part of the reason i started doing

this work

because we were physically

not very compatible even though i really

loved him

and i found him really attractive and my

heart was connected to him

our sex life wasn’t working and

eventually we split up

because of that and i had to go on a big

soul-searching mission and

eventually found tantra so yeah

so uh right now uh

the saturn is staying on you

i mean the saturn

is which you are right now into

uh which which actually means that

um after the age of

you could have gone through very uh

turning away i mean life has hit you

very hard

from the age of there because there

is this saturn

is staying on on your

chart which i could see and before

after okay

uh so this is where you um get

uh very hard experiences

with your life like the problem with the


and the sex life and relationships and

your diseases stuffs like that

came across and

now um don’t be


plus um

five is that is seven point five um


thirty seven point five till forty

uh so this is very

really tough time for you

because saturn is on stop

so to come out from this particular

situation you have to get an opening

with your

code who is the architect and there is a


which is which is related to your

code and that is


so this thing will get a connection with

your code

thank you


penis so .

uh .

plus uh


till the edge of it will be very

tough for you

and from then onwards uh

the venus will come into your um

under this along and uh with the sun

so this time you were after the your

financial stability and stuffs will be

get solved

so sun will get more activated in your

tana and that is something related to

your father

as well

so one clue which i could see is like it

has to

do something with your father

my financial insecurity

my heart just hardship

um your father is allowable

yeah he’s alive um

so your financial insecurity

and sort of stuff can be get solved with

the help of your father


oh if you i mean sun is staying on the

second house and that is a clue

of your father also and that is very

good planet which is positioned very

good in your chart

on the dhana bhava that is very

interesting aspect

thank you so

you have any questions no

that sounds good thank you

so do you want to share anything

to someone who is seeking

a more pleasureful

sexual life or

something which which is more

take your time slow down

don’t focus so much on your genitals

breathe more and let curiosity

lead the way so that we’re not so

based on the old habits of touch that

we’ve learnt

or the old beliefs that we have around

what sex needs to look like

or feel like that’s my advice

um so can you picture yourself

if somebody want to come to you or i’ve

got a website

yeah people can get in touch with me www

dot gem

airs dot co dot uk that’s j

e m a y r e s

dot code uk and i do online sessions as


awesome yeah

thank you around bye


thank you for listening to my podcast

you could connect with me in irons


where you could see my contact details

including my phone number my whatsapp

and email id

stay tuned for more exciting episodes

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