Erotic Mysticism and Beloved kundalini godess. Vishakha Nakshatra.

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In this podcast we are having a guest his name is Jacques Marais 

He is from the UK he is a sexoological body worker In this podcast we are talking about different types of orgasm and the kundalini serpent.

The yoga difference between orgasm and ejacucation breath works that could increase the length of orgasm 

However The discussion has went on more than what we  have initially thought  so that reading of his chart is splitted into another episode stay tuned for that 

lets begin this special episode

Erotic Mysticism and Beloved kundalini godess.

Also you can connect with him through his website

Below is a non verbal transcript of the podcast


this is arun from irons yoga dot iron

i am a software engineer who mostly work


node.js php and other backend


and i’m an open source contributor as


i’m a tantric by birth in a family which

is passing tantric wisdom from

generations to generations from past

 years of legacy and got lucky to

travel across

india and got chances to study under

various gurus from different backgrounds

and disciplines you could connect with


in irons here i am helping you

to design

a divine lifestyle which is based on

vedic astrology tandra and other yogic

system of


in this podcast we are having a guest

his name is jacquaz marais

he is from the uk he is a sexological

body worker

in this podcast we are talking about

different types of orgasm and the

kundalini serpent

his journey towards the sexological

body working the yoga the differences


orgasm and ejaculation breathe works

that could

increase the length of orgasm however

the discussion has went

on more than that we have initially

thought so that

reading of his chart is splitted into

another episode

stay tuned for that let’s begin this

special episode

erotic mysticism and beloved kundalini


also you could connect with him through

his website

so yeah i thank you to come to the

uh podcast so

i would be really interested to know

who you are what is your background what

all are your work

and what was your journey

how do you reach this particular point


time and how do you feel about what you

have done

so far and

like that can you talk about these


okay it’s quite a long journey um

i know our theme is on sexual energy

and tantra today so i could probably

talk about everything from a scientific

perspective or from a tantra perspective

but i actually like to bring in both as

i’ll use some tantric terms and tantric

ways of thinking about things but also

some science

and so on so i’ll start with my story

is i was born in south africa and about

years ago i

moved to the uk so i studied

actuarial science i was i worked in the

city for

many years and you can really say i was

one of these

people who was working long hours very


always in the city lots of finance


and you know the type that all always

you know with a

tie on and a lot of stress

not enough time and so on and it was

was about five years ago that i was also

very interested in the bdsm

scene so i don’t know if you know much

about bdsm

yeah so it’s it’s not just um

sexuality but usually in related with

it’s an acronym for um bondage dominance

submission um sadism masochism so

you introduce pain in a sexual context

and so on a lot

a lot of what they do in bdsm is sort

it’s similar

to what some western tantra people do

but then in other cases it’s really


in my mind they’re trying to achieve the

same thing just in a different way

um and i got

interested in sort of doing exercises to


my sexual experience because i found

bdsm was a very internal experience i

know a lot a lot of people don’t view it

this way

i see it as a sacred experience

very spiritual it’s something that you

go inside and you’re actually looking at

what you are experiencing as a person in

you know and then what that means for

your life outwards

so in out um

so i started reading on the internet so

to what exercises can i do and i read


these things called pc muscle exercises

which you can also do for me

and at the time i was working abroad and

i had a lot of time

to myself and so i started doing these


where you actually tighten the muscles

together with certain breathing

in your pelvic floor

this probably for about three months of

doing this

say for at least half an hour every day

didn’t do anything

and i just thought well this is sort of

silly i thought

maybe it will improve my sex life maybe


um and it didn’t actually do anything

until at some point when i realized like

wow with the exercises i can actually


pull up my testicle and i think if it

wasn’t for that moment i would probably

would have stopped

um so i got excited well things are

happening but actually sexually they


actually do anything but it was only

after about another three months

months of doing this every day and i’d

say every day because i think it has to

be done every day

but things really started changing

um i started noticing that

a sort of tingling sensation at the

at the bottom not just my genital but

further inside

and then i started realizing that this

tingling sensation feels a lot like what

we would call an orgasm but a very light

you know very sort of

tingling something they and so on

that’s all this is very interesting what

is this and i spent a lot of time

sitting but you know what if i do this

what if i pull that muscle

and buckle that muscle and i was

actually sitting

focusing on the different muscles in my

pelvic region

i didn’t know what i was doing um what i

realized later

is that actually i wasn’t actually

tightening the pc muscles i was actually


other muscles and so on so from a

tantrum perspective

they would call this your root chakra

and i was actually spending a lot of

time focusing on my root chakra

and um we would call it generating

sexual energy

so this is actually what you do when you

have sex

it’s actually um your body starts

generating sexual

energy in that very same region and then

when the energy reaches a certain point

this sort of flows over into orgasm

and this conversion from our normal

energy into sexual energy is something


i didn’t know what was going on i didn’t

know anything about tantra

i was just trying something i read on

the internet

so you can imagine me going oh well that

feels nice and so on and then at some

point i realized

that if i sort of shift my hips as well

and focus on the back of my spine

that tingling would pull out the back of

my spine

so you can really say my story is almost

like discovering tantra like a child i

didn’t know anything i was just

discovering a name

it’s sort of the tingling would sort of

be almost like pins and needles but


sharper and sometimes bigger and then it

was literally one day

i was sitting on the train also you know

tightening the muscles doing the


and this energy just like shot up my

spine and so on and i got this like

big pelvic orgasm on the train

and i was just oh wow oh my god i could

just like

through breathing and muscle exercise i

could make myself orgasm

and it’s different to like what i would

call a penis orgasm if you

if you think um i think if you have

male genitals you have an orgasm it’s

sort of your penis gets a bit hot

just before you orgasm and that’s the

sexual energy inside the penis

but if that heat can be pulled inside

you actually orgasm

at a deeper level inside more towards

your anus

maybe around the prostate as well and


i just found bizarre so i started

playing more

and got really interested in anal play

i tried different toys with a prostate

and especially

um with anal sex and

found that the prostate is probably

closer to that area where you feel the

warmth inside and the orgasms i managed


get much bigger orgasms through anal

play in the prostate than i could

otherwise and actually found it easier

while doing that play to pull that

energy up

and then in the bdsm scene doing

different things i would

um start getting big prostate orgasms


doing this and this is with no

ejaculation whatsoever

i ended up not liking um ejaculation

that much

because it was sort of once you

ejaculate then you sort of feel tired

so so i played a lot around

with this until i could you pull the

energy up to this point

we would say just behind your heart and

from there

if the energy just blows out to the rest

of your body and this i learned later is

what they call the full body orgasm

and you can actually initiate that by

focusing on certain areas of your spine

and i found certain areas of the spine

you focus on that

it’s got a much more powerful response

than other parts

later on and i’m talking about only two

years later i learned these are what

they call chakra points and then people

would tell me how chakra points don’t

exist i’d tell them no no

when she learned to focus on them they

do i didn’t even know what they meant

i didn’t even know what the significance

was or anything

it was just again i was learning i i

have a question like

um how do you distinguish between the

attraction and orgasm

like as a man when

we ejaculate uh there will be a certain


so what is the difference between that

and an

orgasm ejaculation is the physical


where the muscles contract in order to

ejaculate sperm out your urethra out

your penis

so it’s a physical process the orgasm

is a sensation it’s the nerves you can

orgasm in any part of your body

it’s just that when when we’re born

and the way we are brought up we’re just

taught that our

orgasm your orgasm is run by your

autonomous nervous system

it’s like it’s not under your mind your

mind’s control

but you can teach it to be under your

mind’s control it just

almost like breathing so if you forget

about it your

body breathes but you can focus and you

can change it

but your orgasm is a bit it so it’s a

sensation it’s the nerves going

buzzing so that that to me is the main

difference between ejaculation

so at some point i had this

really big experience um

and it was after a lot of sexual play

and it was it’s almost like this

heat started at the bottom of my spine

and this heat came up

and it just hit the top of my head here

and i had this sort of

almost like explosions with bright


and i just thought wow this is an

amazing type of orgasm one i’ve never


and it was probably for like an hour

after that i couldn’t move i was just


totally numb and just thinking wow

that’s an amazing thing

and it was really strange this event

changed me forever i didn’t know what it


um i later learned this is what they

call a kundalini awakening

um i learned so much after this and i

was actually seeking for answers after

this so long but at that point

straight after that event my ejaculation

and orgasm split

so i could then i would say

have sex or even masturbate and i would


with no orgasm or i would

orgasm in different parts along before

i’m ejaculating or even after and so on

and there’s lots of different types of

orgasms in different parts of the body

they feel different different

intensities some last for

ages and at this point everything

everything opened up in my body um

it’s almost like if you can focus on one

part of the body and then it takes a

while to move the energy

to another part and you have to breathe

and focus

and do muscle exercises and it used to


used to be a long time before i can

actually move it used to take me about


to move the energy just up to the to up

one chakra point to the

next part of my spine once the awakening

came it was just

within seconds i could just focus here

focus there if i could say

everything and so on this had a profound

effect on my life

in the fact it was not just about

orgasms anymore it wasn’t about sex

anymore it was

everything changed i felt my whole

consciousness started expanding

i became hypersensitive to everything

around me

i started feeling not just my own

energy and my body moved but other


i could i start to sing auras i don’t

know if anyone’s ever experienced that

but that

really freaked me out i started losing

sleep like any i couldn’t there was

about months where

i only slept a few hours a week


this my emotions became

i would i’d have these massive emotional

outpours of just like

feeding in love with people and then two

days later

massively depressed and it was

this real i

maybe in the world of tantra you’ve

heard of kundalini awakenings

at the time this was happening i had

again no

idea what was going on with me i just

thought like wow

this is amazing but then there’s also

like a dark side to it

so i don’t know the thing is like i

studied the speaker

so i started to learn

about the tandra from my parents itself

because it’s

not like the sexual application of the


it is about how to deal with the samsara

in india

we differentiate the life into two


aspects like one is spiritual aspect

another one is

samsara aspect so

whoever want to deal with these samsara


they how to deal with the uh

tandric energy which is like

astrology vedic astrology uh

and yandra mantra tundra which all comes


a sound likely this is hundred

verses which is being written by sri


then kamasutra uh then

the science of vastu comes under this


so there are totally four things we have


learn i mean at least we have to go to

somebody who knows all these four

to understand to deal with the um

the samsara the everyday activity

so uh also after

uh coming out from my home i joined my

engineering this time i went to

ashram’s gurukulas and started to travel


different temples and started to talk

with yogis

and teachers into different disciplines

and all together stuffs like that so

one thing i understood when we go

deep mysterious thing the

life around us will be become like

a erotic life

so if we see inside that

the mysticism how much mystic you have


uh the life around you will be become


that is true that is experience actually

and guru also says the same

in one of his book i saw the true mystic

is the one who can see god in woman’s


that is such a beautiful description

this has been

raja guru uh in one of his uh uh

forward for uh sound well he

done structural analystic for the

soundtrack and he has written a forward


in one of its cover it’s saying like

this way

and like the true yogi is the one who

can see

the uh i mean the golden woman’s body i


if it’s a woman she should be able to

see the goat in the men’s body

so that is when the uh god will

start to i mean god is erotica basically

you know um this is whether

uh uh the larger community

asset to this or not i really don’t know

whether the uh samsaric people or the

society socially will accept it or not

but when we speak about subjective


level this is something which is which i

have experienced

like god is erotica

like i rumi

one of his poetry that all the beautiful

things in this world is created for the

eyes which it can see

you see that is so beautiful

to be honest um it was only

through tantra and learning a lot about

india that i actually found

anyone or any books that could relate

to what was happening to me so but what

you’re describing

in that god is erotica and that

everything becomes erotic

that there were these moments probably


three four months after my awakening


everything became orgasmic everything i


everything was like an orgasm i started

orgasming the whole time and it reached

these sort of

times when i had like these outer body


and there were times when it was like it

felt like

i could feel the connection between


everything and it’s almost like

everything is love

there’s like love is what connects


and this feeling of just being at one


everything and to be able to swim in

that love

it’s to me so i don’t know anything


india or anything but what you’re saying

really resonates

because that’s exactly how it feels it’s

beyond orgasm it’s not orgasm is like a

celebration of our bodies

but when you start feeling into

everything around you

it’s it’s more than that it’s it’s

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almost like

god and the universe and consciousness

is is love is what binds

the consciousness and the universe

everything together and i remember

reading about shiva shakti in

the concept of shiva being the

consciousness and

shakti being the earth and she’s at the

bottom and he’s at the top and it’s the

joining of these two

that i really love that idea is that

god is consciousness when they combine

used to be drama and that

combination of the two is what makes the


this is my rudimentary understanding

to know about that this is what i

understood by traveling in india the

in india there is a concept called

it is half woman and half men like you

know yin and yan

like negative and positive so

uh goddess the shakti is being the

pregardi what we call it is the um

subject goddess is the subject whereas


shiva is the object and when

they who unite together uh

the remainder is

complete and it is zero

you know there is i mean

it is zero also it is one also it is


middle when so that space in that

particular space

uh we feel like

um we will become creative like

when a woman and a man comes together

what happens is like

it it open up a new

way of life to earth

it open up a new life in the same way

there is shiva and shakti in our body

when we unite it through a meditation

or a deep breathing what happens

we started to resonance the

uh uh power of creativity through

uh our body and our body become creative

and we will

become creative so this is the


this is the core of the wisdom all the

philosophers or

whatever the mystics or whoever is


that is when the uh dance become the

dancer and the dancers become the dance

so there is no separation there is no

duality non-duality will happen

so so this is gonna and i’ll probably

speak to

more westerners out there because i

think in the western world when they

hear anything about

hinduism or tantra they take it with a

pinch of salt they think that’s just

another religion

and all of that and so on but from my

for me this was a direct experience

a direct experience where i started

going into my body feeling things and

that the result was so intense

changed my life completely and it was

only in

um indian learnings

and maybe a little bit from the taoist

that actually made sense of what i could

do there’s no

westernized religion or any structure

that can help people like me or even

like there are no ashrams in europe

there are no

gurus you can talk to that can help you

with this stuff

you really when you have these

spontaneous awakenings there’s

it’s difficult it’s really difficult

there’s nothing like that out there so

i’m kind of envious of people living in


but it’s also i think i would also

wish to speak to people like me or the

old me

like what needs to happen in your life

for you to get closer to god

and i think orgasm is a really

it’s it’s a solid path

because that is a direct experience that

it not just

changed my it changed my body it changed

it changed the way i think

it changed it changed the way i feel

about the world

it gave me experiences like nothing else

you could imagine

um and all of this through orgasm

um i think orgasm is one of the last

things available to the western world


they don’t do yoga they don’t meditate

but it’s the one of the last things


to people in the western world to


open open themselves up to the energy


i have met other people who’ve had these

awakenings and they said the same thing

as there’s

in the western world there’s no help for

people like

you know when you go through these


um i’d

i actually went through a lot of time

then actually

as you say my scientific cap

i tried different types of orgasms and i

tried to sort of

categorize different orgasms in myself

and see like what if i do this

what works what doesn’t work and maybe

understand myself better

at the same time my life was falling

apart i’ve lost

pretty much most of my friends today i

realized it’s just that

they were friends but it’s in a very

sort of egotistical way it was all just

like uh

we just meet up and then just have a

certain pattern that we always follow

and it actually just didn’t interest me


um also i lost my job

i couldn’t i couldn’t work in the way i

was mostly because i became too

sensitive to people and you can’t sit

there at work

and explain to people well my shiva and

shakti are

connecting more

please bear with me no no no no i can

understand that what is happening man

just says

so so i quit work and

i i looked for some um advice

and um i went to different parts

um to heal myself um

i also found some people that work in


and don’t know what they’re talking

about and that actually caused

i would say more harm than good and i

became very skeptical about talking

about it because a lot of people want to

talk about sexual energy and

it’s a dangerous thing um

if you stop messing with sexual energy

and you don’t know what you’re doing

and i speak from experience you can

cause more damage to yourself you need


um i also felt a lot of

people who give advice they give advice

because they want you to be a client of


or they give advice in terms of what

they know

so if they don’t know what you’re going

through or they’ll give advice they know

exactly what you’re going through but

they’re trying to push you in a certain

direction in a certain way of thinking

um and this is when i thought like this

is not

working for me and i

i mean my psychiatrist that i was seeing


was really interested in kundalini and

she helps people with

awakenings but she had a buddhist

background and she was

actually saying always talking about


and i just felt the buddhist

the buddhist way of thinking it’s

excluded the

sexuality side of things and i think my

awakening was very sexual

and it’s not that it excluded it but it

just doesn’t view it as something that

is that you need on the pathway towards


so i decided to leave that and i decided

to just

go with my own way and that is the

journey that’s still happening

um i thought well maybe i can teach

other people

what i’m doing because i feel like

all my time spent focusing on my own

body is now i can actually teach people

how to awaken to their energy how to

actually move energy in their bodies

but i was also scared to just study

something tantra because in the west

tantra can mean anything i don’t think

there are people who are like as you say

escort services they say they’ll give

you a tantra massage

it’s not it’s actually just an erotic

massage with the word tantra on

and then there are people who know a lot

who no one will listen to just because

it sounds

too detailed too religious for most

westerners to actually so

what do i do that’s something in between

and this is where i found um sexological


which i found it’s not the whole story

but because the focus is on

the neuroscience like what is happening

in our nervous system

during sexual pleasure and um orgasm etc

um what is the difference between

a sexological body worker and

an escort service

okay so in sexological bodywork the aim

is an educational purpose

so you can go to a sex worker or an


they give you pleasure so which is great

a lot of people we

we say we want intimacy or we want


and they provide that sexological body


will not only we can provide

pleasure as well but that’s not the goal

the goal is

an intention of what do you want to

change about your sexuality

what do you want to learn and to learn

how your

your sexuality works so most of the time

there’s exercises to be done most of

sexological body work you

it’s like yoga you go and do it on

yourself we’ll show you how to do it

but the real thing is when you are

focusing on your body

and this is what we is the real purpose

of sexual logical body work

is just like yoga embodiment the more

our brain is connected to our body the

more we’re in touch

with our emotions our happiness

our desires because if we’re not in

touch with our desires

then we don’t know what we want and then

how do we know

what’s going to make us happy so and

especially in the western world

so many people are not embodied and

sexological bodywork just

views this as in sexuality is a great

way in a very powerful way

to increase embodiment and a lot of the

exercises are not sexual at

all they’re actually just focusing on

your body and to see what comes up

so the big the big difference is the

educational purpose

between um seeking pleasure

and it’s i wouldn’t call it a form of

therapy because

it’s a person themselves sets the


rather than actually saying this is what

we’re going to do

and you make of that what you want

so it’s very personalized um what i also

liked about it is that

inclu it includes touch so most

therapies like psychotherapists are not

allowed to

touch you but for sexological bodywork

we are

and i feel touch and connection and

especially moving energy between people

especially in tantra is very important

for um to learn and to

get connection and to heal when you

actually go to a healer that can touch


i think is very powerful um

this has all been um did i say it

destroyed by the coronavirus with

lockdown we’re not allowed to still not

allowed to fall groups or

touch people in a professional way um

so that’s not happening at the moment

and it’s

very sad as the last few months have

been quite bad

um but i actually feel there’s there’s a


this happened i’m just not sure why yet

this is like this time

you will get more time to sit in home

across the globe everybody get

more time to sit in home and observe

what is happening inside them

and you know yeah actually like

uh the question the

what am i who am i we can actually

uh ask ourselves and you know there is

no much

rattles and sort of stuff there is no


position there is not much

running before that and this and those

so it’s very perfect time for asking

ourselves who am i what am i what am i


sort of stuff you know yeah

and to actually sit and ask those

questions rather than just being busy

the whole time and you work

demanding all your time to think you can

actually sit at home and

ask these bigger questions what am i

doing with my life where am i going and

i think a lot of people are asking these

and then even widening that is so if

we’re going to go back to work well

maybe we don’t need to work so hard


if we focus more on connecting with

people and being happy

then this is this is the way we want to

go why should we always

just go rush back into this world that

everyone else wants us to be in

if if we can survive lockdown then

surely maybe this is the way

we can be looking forward

it’s probably not going to happen but i

think the question

and the seed of the question is across

the whole globe

everyone is starting to realize

and ask these questions the seed has

been planted

yeah and that is a nice thing that’s

been happened actually


if somebody


tell you that you

are not different from the whatever the

escort service is being uh

offering how do you respond to

that particular comment i would tell

i would ask them what do you want from

this session

what do you want to learn and i don’t

think any escort would ever ask that

i think someone who is looking to get a

[ __ ]

or someone who is looking for intimacy

and then the person asks them what do

you want to learn and i’m not going to

do anything until you tell me what you

want to learn

i think it’s quite quickly they start

realizing oh

it’s not about me just having pleasure

like oh my body is having pleasure and

i’ll enjoy that and then i’ll go home


you know now i actually have to think

what do i want to learn and i also ask

them what do you want to

change about your sex life

what do you want to change actually

an escort would say well you’re here for

a certain reason but then they’re not

going to ask you because it’s they’re


doing the job of what you ask but i’m

actually going to ask you

what do you want to change about


and then give you exercises to go home

and actually change them

so if somebody ask you

to give whatever the escort service

is offering to do

how how do you respond to this

if they say um can i give them a massage

with a happy ending

um i would ask them what would you

learn if i do that and let’s say they


i would learn to feel more pleasure i

would say okay we can do that but while

i’m doing this

also when we do this i wear gloves

i also agree what we’re going to do up


and so i will help them but during this

time i will ask them to

focus on certain pleasure i’ll also ask


what do you want me to do during this

time that would make it even feel better

so what am i doing i’m actually

connecting them to their desires and to

their pleasures so they’re asking a

question of themselves

what do i want

what do i want to learn but ask them


um during this does this

what do i need to do to make it feel

even better

how would what could we do in order to

for you to change something about your

sex life so that

you don’t need to come to me again you

don’t need to go because you can

actually find pleasure

um within yourself

we’d also talk about masturbation a lot

of people

i find almost everyone have a certain

pattern of masturbation

so the way your nervous system works it

follows a certain

it likes the same story so

if you think if you always think the

same thoughts you end up with the same

conclusions your body is the same

if you give it the same input it gives

the same output so they form like a

pathway towards the orgasm so they

masturbate and they do the same thing

and then they orgasm at the end then

when they have a partner they actually

might struggle to orgasm

because their body is not given the same


or they even struggle to get an erection

because they

the body is used to a certain pattern

and they only get that

from masturbation so how do you change


well you have to do it step by step and

maybe that is what they want maybe the

only way they can get pleasure is by

going to see an escort over and over

seeing an escort again and again again

is not going to solve the problem

the real problem is that you formed a

pattern in your life

that we need that we could address if

you would like to change that

so i also also believe

that actually when you’re touching


especially certain chakra points and you

enter someone’s aura

invited you can actually change this

when you can actually feel the person’s


and that’s where i feel touch is really


um i feel like this was a talent i

developed since the awakening it made me

very sensitive to the outside world

like i couldn’t go to restaurants

anymore i couldn’t

even walking outside seemed extremely

stressful because i would like pick up

other people’s

they sort of level where they’re at

especially in the city it gets

incredibly stressful but this is a


it’s something you can use to actually

help other people to know

to sort of feel the person’s body and to

see oh okay well that chakra points


a bit more effort um

and this part not so much

and then let’s dig deeper into that and

and see how you feel about it

so i do feel touch is very important

when doing healing you need the

psychological aspect as well so you need

to talk

but touch on the physical this is why

it’s called body work

i don’t think sexualogical bodywork is

the only thing i’ll ever do

and some bits at the moment i believe in

it quite strongly

it’s also it’s also quite it’s lgbt


so we help anyone of all sexualities

um i myself am bisexual so i feel very

strongly about it that it’s

inclusive as well

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um would you like to move on to

orgasms i could talk about some

exercises that i teach

yeah yeah okay

or if you have any other questions just

stop me and so so this is something i

learned from doing it myself

and actually later on i didn’t know what

i was doing like i was saying earlier on

and then later on i actually looked at

the science and the neuroscience behind


and it started making a lot of sense and

it also makes a lot

a lot of sense from a chakra perspective

from a tantra perspective

i’m looking at different chakra points


you’ve got certain muscles if you

take male genitals and then

you go downwards under underneath the

testicles there’s an area called the


so and then if you’ve got a vagina and a


if that is sort of the same area the

perennium is actually

really thin a small part between the


and the and the vagina uh vaginal


but it doesn’t matter what your sex

there are certain muscles

called the bulbospongiosus muscles so

they lie

if you take your anus and then move

do you want to do this exercise with me

right now

okay so if you sit on your chair and sit

on if your chair is hard it’s probably

better so sit on your anus

okay so that your anus is as flat as

possible on the

on the chair okay can you feel it

okay now tilt just a little bit forward

so so that the area about an inch about


inch in front of your anus on the

testicle side of your eyes that

you’re sitting on on that area okay

so in taoism they call this the million

dollar spot and it’s actually a little


at the real base of your penis and

around that spot are these bulbous

spongiosis muscles

these muscles pump when you ejaculate

they pump for a man it’s under just a

little bit under a second you can


press that point when you ejaculate or

you could press that point now

um and you can feel a pump when you


um for people with vaginas it also pumps


this and the muscles that look a little

bit different they actually go around

the vagina

and they also contract and so on there

are bits

the contractions are a little bit slower

for people with vaginas but it’s the

same muscles doesn’t matter what our sex

the same muscles so our nervous system

is used to

that if these muscles contract we orgasm

so what happened to me is that this


got removed but for most people these

two are together

so we’re going to use that

so what you’re going to do is while

you’re sitting on them you’re going to

try and

push down try and push all your hip


but try and you can maybe even put two

fingers and put

put that on there and then try and push


okay it might feel very weak

it’s it’s a very it’s not such a big

muscle it’s actually when it goes it


pumps but it’s not such a big muscle

it’s not like your anus muscle is

actually quite

big in relation so your anus you pull

tight and you can really feel them

so these muscles are also the ones that


they tighten slightly when you get

stimulated they

they tighten slightly and they help pump

blood into your penis

it’s the same muscles for people with

vaginas they help pump

blood into what they call the seminal

vesicles and

the whole vaginal opening sort of swells

up and you get

engorged so a woman will get sort of

a woman should not have sex until she’s

engorged because that can be really

uncomfortable and you can do damage

and this usually takes longer for a

person with a vagina than a person with

a penis

or people with penises they get engaged

in an erection

like that for people with women

it’s all about yen energy and it’s


and you need to take your time before

they get ex excited

it’s not a rule but it’s a tendency some

people are different

so what we’re going to do is we’re going


so once you’ve found those muscles that

you tighten on

we’re going to breathe into them

so you find a lot of breathing exercises

you find in tantra

are actually they tighten the muscles on


in-breath and then they release on the

outbreak and that’s

really really good for relaxing so you

might some yogic breathing is usually

you do the belly breathing you do yoga

right yeah

of course you do yoga um

so you do belly breathing so it means

you push your belly out

on the in-breath and then on the out

breath you’re going to tighten the

muscle okay

so imagine imagine what it’s like when

you orgasm

or not you orgasm imagine somebody

else’s orgasm

what do they do

they always tighten the muscle on the

out breath


exactly sometimes they also hold it

someone who’s orgasming big they go


yeah so we’re taking we’re taking those

habits that our body have

and we’re going to replicate them and

then what what’s what else are we

missing so we’re doing breathing

and we’re doing the muscle exercises

what else are we missing

sound and this is they do this a lot in

tantra is

we actually make this sound when we


it’s not just an expression that we’re

we’re actually making the sound so that

our bodies resonates

so all our chakra points have like


frequencies that they resonate at so

you’ll often find

men orgasm they go and different

people’s frequencies are a little bit

different and this comes very natural

you need to find the sound you make when

you orgasm

some people mine’s quite high actually

some people go

so the the thing is like you know this

is called

mooladhara yes

this is called moladara uh this has been


from one book called uh devi sagastranam

in india we believe this is where the

goddess is residing exactly

so once it’s been awoken that is called

kundalini awakening and

somebody who has awoken this power

is actually a yogi because um

he don’t need sex in order to

being in a state of mind and whereas

he didn’t neglect sex also

yogis are examining that huh

could you explain and elaborate by

donating sex

you know for instance

uh people think celibacy you know

where people won’t have sex so usually

believe that whoever is dealing with the

yogic system or the uh

things which is believable to be related

to do with god those peoples are usually

sex free things like that but what

is happening once the kundalini

awakening is happened

you don’t need a touch or an

external entity like as a man you may

needed a woman to

feel um in a calm state of mind

you know because whenever the busy

things are

happening sex is actually a relax

relaxation also it’s a release

a lot of things is getting released from

the body

uh so somebody who

knows what is happening who is able to

channelize this particular energy


through the uh ada pingala there is two

nadis up there it looks like snake it

will come like the pingala and the ita

yeah yeah it’s like the snake

so that’s how to channelize this

properly through eda and fingla we call

it as in yogic system of understanding

we call it as ida

and pingala this is like two things and

this is in media

that is called sushupna

so yeah i’ve read about this yeah yeah

once it has been

it’s nothing to read actually this is to

experience you know

it is to experience when we experience

it is like very beautiful

and whoever is experiencing it’s for

first time

their and their understanding will

change because perception

will never been as same as before

this is what i think happened to me and

it is the only thing

that explained what happened to me

and it’s still it’s a sort of state of

heaven and hell

yeah like inside it feels like heaven

and then outside



what happens is like once this energy is

started to

channelize properly through their

ida and pink law what happens is like

they neglect all other things because

you can’t see your father because he’s


another being just like you there is no

relationship between you and your father

there is no relationship between you and

your mother

there may be there will be no

relationship between you and your son

because all there is no you and there is

no your son

it’s just you there is no two entity no

there is no two entity will be there

it’s all you so why do you

need to have a relationship the

perception changes

so use the uh whatever happening this is


cases it’s happened suddenly without any

exercise or without

taking any medicines what happens is

like they start

to feel like they are

uh they are an alien

in their own house

till last it was their house from today

million in their own house

so that people will leave their houses

they go to remote places

and what this is this is high

and erotic joy which will open up in

mind it is nothing but god god you

started to experience

god the other especially people’s comes


semitic religions this is like very

difficult to understand also because uh

according to them god is somebody who is

sitting on top

but non-semitic religions like buddhism


parsi sikhism these peoples can


what is what is this is actually is


and once you capable to channelize

this particular expert explosion which

is happening

inside you in your daily work

you are the perfect yogi

so you can channelize this that is the


it sounds very idyllic but i don’t think


it’s that simple and that easy i think

there’s a path to walk

and there’s also a lot of healing to be


it’s not it’s not so easy no it’s not

the awakening is just the beginning yeah

the awakening is the

you enlightenment is so simple

enlightenment is so simple anybody can

get it

but the true essence

of the life can be only

skews out from it

when you are capable to live

in the society with the enlightened


this is very very difficult because

you have to deal with a bunch of people

those who are caught in a space and time

named as mother and father whereas there

is no relationship is

existing at all they but

the way i picture it is it’s like we


a soul that’s connected to this body

but we also have this monster that lives

on top of us called the ego

and the ego it relates us to things the

ego tells us

oh but you are a mother and oh you are

an accountant

or you don’t like dogs or you don’t like

this and it’s a monster it’s we grew up

with this whole lives this

monster has caused us a lot of pain in

the past and it’s

it’s like a whole spider web that’s

taken over

and i’d probably say like

using the energy there are times when

i’ve i’ve seen glimpses of what it’s

like not to have an ego

so and i didn’t know what was going on

and it’s

amazing and you get the sort of clarity

of thoughts and it’s

it’s very beautiful what you’re saying

but it made me think of that

where you sort of view other people as

well they’re just spirits stuck with

other monsters on top of them there’s no

reason why should i behave differently

to this

one and this one and that one it’s

actually we’re all just

one we’re all just one with all these

sort of stuck with all these monsters

living on top of our spirit

and then when you walk outside and you

see people

with these egos and i start thinking


well who am i to judge them because i

also have an ego and this ego also does

terrible things

and it’s makes my life difficult

but there’s those little glimpses


that you get like oh that’s what it’s


not having an ego and that’s

it’s a beautiful moment and i think that

is where

what they call enlightenment is when you

can have that the whole time

and let me just i think this is the way

i like to think about it

but enlightenment is the you know

enlightenment is the

is the is getting the test of the total

enlightenment is just getting the test

of the total

that is not self-realization

self-realization is

somewhat more than that of the


self-realization is when we start to

live with the glimpse which we already

had and we are applying that into our


that is called self-realization then

from there there are

samadhi is there samadhi is

uh people’s when they die people still

they die but

the death is not there it is just an


as the life as it is

life is an illusion and that’s also an


and you know when you go into the temple

you can see this shiva linga has been

placed inside the temple

and the drops of water will be

putting on the top of the shiva linga

with the

mantra so what is this

is saying is that when you reach the

state of samadhi

in that particular place you are neither

alive and you are not dead dead also

so that is forever that is called


some some that is called eternity

so now from there that is

cosmic you know you are gone

you know what’s the eighth level of yoga

i think yoga

but this is there is

actually there are four kind of yoga is

being said in

bhagavad-gita that is karma yoga nyana



yoga the word yoga means

is a union this is nothing but a union

so when you go to the state of total

when the kundalini awoken

and your consciousness exploded and you

got the taste of

union now you are applying this

understanding of the total in the work

you do

work you do so what happens

you can do this work in four ways

one is nana yoga yoga you can apply

this understanding in ghana ghana means

collecting knowledge you will be reading

books to books

that thing this thing and try to uh

analyze what is happening try to see

what is perception what

other perceptions are going inside the


yoga so what you see is like you

understood the total and you

start to see it into bhakti like for


you see jesus

suddenly you started to see jesus

everywhere wherever i touch that is

jesus this is jesus my mother is jesus

my father is jesus

i eat is the what i eat is jesus when i

go to toilet there is jesus

everywhere jesus this is bhakti like a

like an extreme synchronicity

yeah it could be jesus also it could be


it could be yeah understand anything

really yeah

yeah anything really it is not needed to


then raja yoga raja yoga

is the uh intuition

you basically gonna trust what is gonna


what is appearing inside your mind

inside you

not in your mind something will appear

in you

and suddenly mind will come

so for instance something like appearing

in on you so let me do this

so second thought

mind will start to analyze what will

happen if i do this

this is from the mind so the first thing

is intuition that is dragging backwards

go backwards like meditation you you

seek the original thought

this appearance there is nothing it has

nothing to do with mind

god intellect nothing it’s just


disappear okay okay appearance in a

sort of thoughtless state is that yeah

that is total state

and something will come and you will do


this is appearance it has nothing to do

with the thought

so that is raja yoga then karma yoga

you do job when you do

job you feel very good satisfied and

everything so this is uh karma yoga so

there are total four kind of yogas

are being said in bhagavad-gita yoga is

nothing but

union union with the absolutely yeah

that is the only meaning of yoga

thank you the writing was done


yeah so the kata yoga is like exorcist


we do ashtanga yoga all those things

exercises it’s basically to

evoke the kundalini

and there is other effects of the yoga i

mean the khada yoga which

involves our body uh that

exercise there is other effect also

there it will increa

improve your sexuality it will improve

the quality of your life

it will improve your health all those

this is side effect

i mean that is not the aim of the yoga

yeah it’s so strange i started doing

yoga just

i mean i never used to think anything of

that was i

used to think it was so silly and stupid

and all of that

but it was only after the awakening when

i sort of

i looked at this video and i thought

okay i’ll just try a bit of yoga and i

had just

just simple stretches and i could feel

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the energy sort of

just stretch in my body and i thought

like oh wow

this can really because i i had like

energy getting stuck

in certain areas sometimes whereas

actually if you did yoga it could


stretch it out and let the energy

release i actually think this is why

people do the the you know western yoga

is all about moving the body

and stuff and that together with certain

breathing exercises and meditation

helped me immensely i actually think


that together with some form of sexual

release is probably the best

the best thing for anyone going through

any form of you know energy moving

through their body too much and problems

with that

i i think you have to meditate

and do yoga that is at least the

physical side of things

and but i came to it very naturally and

it’s only like now in retrospect and i

realized like how it’s it just sort of

came to me and i started doing it and

realized and i also realized if i do too


then that’s also bad because then like

there’s too much energy moving around

so there was the sort of balance to find


but i found the meditations probably

like an hour per day is a good balance

um and then i just sort of see where it


i had to figure this all out myself i i

didn’t have anyone guide me and the

guidance that was there

where i felt really poor i still think

it’s quite poor

just speaking to you now i’m learning a


there’s a reason you google me

but everything will happen for the

reason that is nothing is like

everything happens for a reason

i believe that

what what would you say i don’t know how

exposed you are to

like you live in india so you must know

what western culture is like because

there’s a lot of western culture


but what would you say um to

westerners watching this podcast

how i mean if i was a western i would


not believe it i would think no this is

silly just people saying silly things

and the only thing i could really tell

people is that

it’s an experience and then the

experience is so intense that you just

literally start changing your mind about

things i

literally have opposite opinions of what

i used to have before about almost


and then like how is that even possible

like i

was put it this way it’s not that i have

opposite opinions

it’s more like my opinions are wider

so as an example um i used to call

myself a capitalist

so i believe in the free market and

people have choices

i didn’t like communism because in my


the russians put a lot of stress on

south africa and it

it kept the apartheid system going for a

long time mostly because of pressure

from the communists

i didn’t like communism and i like


but now i actually view it and i still

see a lot of people arguing between

capitalism communism but

i now see it as both sides are actually


the ego trying to make sense of a way we

can live together

it’s trying to make rules because

people don’t care about each other so

they make rules of

when they do something they need to what

happens with the stuff they do

and capitalism communism and all these

different ways of doing things are

actually just

different ways the ego is trying to deal

with the suffering it causes

this is so i could say this is my

opinion now

but it’s not really my opinion it’s just

what i’m noticing i

i feel actually i don’t really have an

opinion about

it like if i see people arguing about

capitalism communism

and that has happened a lot that’s sort


i’ll call it like a dualistic way of

thinking people either think it’s black

or is white

like people will say i’m vegan or i’m a

meat eater the meat eaters eat meat

every day every meal all the time and

the vegans never never never never never

well there’s no one in between and i

think this is a very sort of egotistical

way of thinking about

things is one or the other and they

can’t think of anything in between

and i’ve actually found myself that i

don’t have an opinion

which is good for you maybe being vegan

is healthy but then there’s also

unhealthy things about it

eating meat all day is also unhealthy

but maybe there’s

i don’t know um i could talk about my

experiences about it and so on but

i feel like what i feel is like whatever

is making you to feel good

you could basically use it whether if

communism is making you to feel good you

can join the communist

army and if you feel like

um capitalism is making you to feel good

you can join the

capitalistic forces and but

if if you are having a filter

whether what i am doing to me

is actually gonna affect the

other if whether it is gonna disturb my

mother or not

you know if there is a filter is there

then the life will be become like a


otherwise it will be looks like and

do i care do i care

that is the main question because when

when life becomes erotic

as you were saying in the beginning when

life becomes erotic when you’re making


with everything and everyone you can’t


not care you you care you care about


you can’t it’s almost impossible for you

to do something

that would then want to hurt something

else because

you don’t hurt someone you’re having sex

with you don’t

hurt things that you’re making love to


it’s a it’s a confusing thought

for it’s a confusing thought to my

scientific brain


no basically having sex or

making love i don’t like to use the word

sex also making love

to the other is actually a way of

expressing what you are

that is the easiest way to you to

express what you are

to the other you know

yeah the word making love i agree is

making love yeah

it’s not necessarily making it and it’s

an expression of the love that’s already

there self-expression of the love

so the when the words are changing the

depth of the

experience also will change you know and

that is

certainly divine

okay so

that is my story and the

exercises only one exercise you taught


next one

sorry the exercises you taught me only

one right

yes i was doing the orgasmic breathing

so that would be the sort of first step

to it

the the next part is actually

when you do that breathing and you

tighten the muscles

you feel a certain heat this can take

quite a while sometimes minutes

and so on

it feels like it feels almost like

a golf ball size maybe a bit smaller and

it’s usually some way

it’s your root chakra yeah

so it’s not the base of the spine it’s

maybe a bit more forward

it’s not quite where your prostate is

it’s maybe a bit more towards the

perineum so there we were

sitting on earlier maybe like an inch


i find most people get it around there

some people have it’s a much wider area

but when you breathe into it and you

tighten those muscles you get the sort

of heat

sometimes it also feels like tingling

almost like

like pins and needles but like in your


now that if you then stop it then


it just goes away it just fades away and

so on sometimes even if you push

it’ll come and go come and go but if you

practice more

you can end up keeping it there for a

long time

but if you just keep it there it’s not

going to do anything so an orgasm

an orgasm is movement it’s moving energy

so an orgasm is like when yin and yang

come together if they just

they can grow big on both sides but if

they don’t come together you’re not

going to orgasm

so we need to move that we need to move

the energy

up the spine and this is this is like i

would probably say a whole

different way of doing it um

and i’ve also in certain yoga they teach

this they call it spinal breathing

so you keep you keep the muscle

exercises going but then you

move your focus of your brain you move

it to the back of your sacrum

which is with the the second chakra so

as you feel that heat then you change

your focus to

your sacrum and you keep focusing

scientifically this is where the

pelvic nerves the pudendal nerve and the

pelvic nerves come out

they’re really close together so all the

nerves that feed your genitals and so on

come out

at these same places these are called

plexis so

the science is that the plexis are the

same place with your chakra points

makes sense um if you focus

there you can almost feel that tingling

at the bottom of your chakra

and of your sacrum so at the top of your


what and then you just focus there until

you start buzzing

and then you go up the next one and then

you go

sort of where your solar plexus is but

on your spine so just

above the small of your back and you

keep focusing there then that’s buzzing

and then you go

so it’s buzzing buzzing buzzing and then

you go to the back of the heart

and then the back of the neck and then

so so the place we always talk about the

third eye but it’s actually got in the

spine is the part

of the top of the spine here you can

often feel a tingle there

and that’s where the nerves actually go

and then

the spiritual as the top of the head so

you do

and then you focus on all ones um

until they’re all buzzing and they’re

all buzzing

and so on and when they’re all buzzing

this could take quite a while

and so on when they’re all buzzing


that’s then you imagine them all come up

to the top of the head and they drop

down the front

and when and this you could do all in

your head they come down the bottom

so usually for me once again i’ll just

continue where i was yeah

so usually for men they

it’s easier for them to because they’re


bottom and chakra based it’s easier for

them to pull it up the spine

and for women more difficult and then

for men it’s more difficult to pull it

down the front

and then for women easier again it’s not

a rule

but it’s usually a tendency and so on

then when the energy comes down the

front and hits your genitals

you can have massively big orgasm yeah

but you don’t have to go all the way up

to the top of the head you can make

little mini circles yes but you start at

the bottom

you bring it up to say the heart and

then down from the heart to there

and you keep moving it and moving it and

moving it

and so you go focus till it bows focus

to the buzzes

then move it to move and in the

beginning it takes ages

you focus you breathe and then the heat

disappears then you have to start again

and so on and the more you do it you

feel this buzzing buzzing buzzing

and then it’s buzzing and then some at

some point one day it took me six months

and you do it every day if you if you

miss a day

you probably you’ve missed three days

of exercise because it takes you back

have to do it every day and then when it

hits it comes down in the bottom you can

have a big genital orgasm

just by moving it and it feels strange

in the beginning because it’s sort of

it’s more spread out it’s not like it’s

not so

focused in the penis it’s more spread

out so

for women this would be related to a

clitoral orgasm

women can also get cervical orgasms

um also through the anus and also

um g-spot orgasms which is the urethral


but in the end an orgasm doesn’t

actually matter where you stimulate


that is just what you were taught from a

really young age that this is the

pleasure i received and

you could if you teach yourself orgasm


touching your hand or you don’t even

need stimulus if you can do it with

with your with your mind so a lot of


they have these terms of oh i had a

cervical orgasm or a prostate orgasm

that’s just the part that was stimulated

and usually

because we’re not used to moving the


we then orgasm in the same spot where we

got get the stimulus

but if you can actually my favorite spot

is focusing on the heart but more

towards the back of the spine

because when you focus there it sort of

the orgasm spreads over

your whole body it’s a great place to

orgasm while you have sex

um and focus on that because you’re


you’re automatically pulling the energy

up and you’re getting ready for a full

body orgasm

um yeah

i i found very few readings and books

that talk about orgasm in this way

they would they often tell you try this


or try this stimulation but those are

just the patterns

that we’ve taught ourselves already

those are the patterns

we’ve taught ourselves on how to have

orgasm from a very young age

um and that can be changed and you

change it with a focus

of your mind so you use the breathing as

the pathway

and use the sounds of the pathway you so

you’re telling your body we’re ready to

orgasm now

and then you keep doing it and keep

practicing and keep practicing

and unfortunately the body it takes a

long time to learn and the body

be developing these habits since you

were born

so to change them takes a lot of


and um i would say even passion

no the there is a passion is needed to

get more and more experience in life

you know

once the passion is lost you are you can

move forward

i mean it’s all done yeah and someone

can order you to do this

like a teacher smack their hands do this

every day


it’ll be really funny if somebody’s go

to school and

teacher is like

this thing

it’s like your teacher they can teach

you a new language and they

they can tell you you learn einstein

now you learn german but if you don’t

if you don’t have a passion for it

you’ll never speak that language

because you once you leave school you


you say well i hated my teacher i hated


so it needs to come from within

it’s i would say it’s it’s like a

relationship with orgasm

but for me i found when i could start


it’s all like all i wanted to do i just

felt so amazing oh my god wow

um and i’ve spoken to quite a few other

people that

about the same experience that they had

this inner passion for orgasm and it

changed their life tremendously

um and i actually think it says it’s not

you’re not just dealing with sexual

energy you’re dealing with

a pathway towards god

yes that is true yeah

there is no doubt about that because it

has been

that is what the ad philosophy is

all about if you dig deep into that

the tantric text basically the sound

which is which is from india the sound

allegedly is

all about the beauty of the goddess

this is high-end erotic erotical work

which is from sri sankaracharya

if you understand if you can understand

the sanskrit it’s high-end

erotic work because mysticism itself the

more depth you go in inside your mind

what you can see is just erotica

you will become more and more erotic

this is

actual experience you know i’m talking

from my actual experience

it’s not like i read from somewhere and

i understood

more and more you dig deep into the

mantras you listen to the mantras more


experiment yourself with the different

kind of sounds

i’m so curious about myself because

i know that i am gonna die

and why i am here

so i experiment with so many things in

my own body

you know so the more and more you become

the center

the actual thing what you can see is


it’s not and i think once the erotic

also will go and the remainder will be


erotic and love becomes the same thing


that’s so beautiful


uh you wanna go through your chart

something yeah um


thank you for listening to my podcast

you could connect with me in irons yoga


iron where you could see

my contact details including my phone


my whatsapp and email id

stay tuned for more exciting episodes

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