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In at this podcast we are having a guest her name is Claudia she is from Germany. We are having a full podcast episode about her life and her career,

but the podcast episode went ahead more than that we have initially expected Because of that reason this podcast is cut into two. In the first part we are talking about her career and the role of tantra for empowering women

And the second part we are talking about her chart.

So lets begin our first part of this particular podcast series “Role of tantra for empowering women”.

You could reach her at

Below is a non verbal transcript of the podcast

all right yeah

i’m quite excited oh i don’t know

can you hear me yes

everything fine yeah so the

first thing um i want to know

about like can you speak about yourself

like uh what all are the treatment you


um how do you came into tandra

and what is that exciting new to stick

with tantra and how long you’ve been in


and what are the problems

you are facing while practicing the


all right


so to introduce myself

and my profession yeah

yeah um i’m claudia camp from germany

um i’m self-employed since

nearly five years but

i think my way started quite

many years ago

i’ve grew up in a family with a


who always

told me about spirit spirituality

um and so

it happened that i found

something like

like a school where you get the wisdom


um and i had yes i heard heard about


that it is an ancient indian

way to look at at life

but i didn’t know exactly what it is and

maybe it’s um important to know

that there is a old ancient tantra

and that there is a neo tantra

um it has been created from

osho and and then the yeah european

seekers and so they

they created out of the tantra

the tantric massage

i have i have had contact

with one of the older tantra

lines the kashmir tantra

and i think the diff the yeah what is to

say about that

is that um they look at life

from a special view

that means that

everything is created everything could


everything is allowed to be

and also the sexuality it’s it’s a part


yes of our human life

it’s where we um have the chance to

incarnate here on this earth

yeah and

that is not so not so common in

in the christian belief yeah as you know


um and i think it it was

yeah it was just very exciting for the


to realize that there are other beliefs

who allow

the sexuality and and don’t look at it

as oh you must be

shame yourself or something like that


um and

in this old kashmiri and

tantra there was a kashmiri and massage


they already knew that

the body is

is very important or is as well as

important as

other parts of our life

um yeah and they knew that there are

special points like the chinese

for example uh where the energy flows

through or

at all that the energy must flow through

the whole body

that you are in balance with yourself

and with your

surrounding and

because of this kashmiri and massage

i suppose that they created the neo

tantra massage

yeah it has been

one berliner

i just i just must remember the name

yeah i will find it soon um

and one american who’s called joseph


who created um

a training which is nowadays called

sexological bodywork

he created

and explored with any sprinkle different

touches in the intimate area

and also in the whole body

and andro or his

real name is andreas rote

where also one of the pioneers who had

they had got

cut contact and that is why they created

that together

yeah and now and nowadays um

or my experience is really that

it is good to know the

more hidden spiritual aspect

from tantra if you if you

offer tantric massages

because the thinking

of that everything is allowed and

everything is um

it’s part of yeah our life

is very important to have the standing

when you offer -week massage

this is one part of my my work

the other path as i already told is

sexological bodywork

um sexological bodywork

is more about the way

to teach people to feel themselves

embodied in in the in their bodies

and as in tantra it’s it’s quite near


in the um

the breeze the breasts is very important

um to let the energy flow or to

maybe um to calm it down or to excite it

and you can use that in your sexuality

or yet to feel your body

really if there are any

stops in your body the energy can’t flow

but you can get it flowing

when you know how

yeah and that is how i work with

with people who maybe only want to

explore and to

extend their their way of having

sex by their own or with their partners

or maybe also with people who

who have got problems who want to change


and there it is very important to teach


embodiment through press

through movement of their body

yeah so

you know previously

i was talking with the one

person he is from uk he is talking

about the uh thousand

dollar spot which we see in

tawast tandra are you aware about that


thousand dollar sport which um like

muladhara is near to moladhara

so while we are

having uh i mean

while we are having orgasm if we press

on that particular spot

the ejaculation will stop

so only the orgasm will happen

are you aware about that yes

um i’ve already heard about that and

sometimes i’m

i’m using it not so often but it’s it’s

quite interesting that you mentioned

that um

um yeah most of the people in

in western europe don’t know about

um how they can play with their


yeah and how how different

they can use it not only in a in an

orgasm but maybe also in

more than one orgasm especially men

don’t know that

that that is possible

yeah or that they can have an orgasm


uh yuck ejaculation

yeah sometimes it’s quite difficult to

get into the english because the german

word is very similar but

it’s another pronunciation


ejaculation now it’s here

so uh my question is that

um if we keep

using that thousand dollar sport

i also saw that some people are

generating a certain kind of

sexual problem because of pressing that


spot how do you reflect on this

it’s a new question for me let me think

well i i i can imagine that

if somebody is not good embodied

it might confuse

the body in a way that the body

don’t know how to reply for stopping

the ejaculation in a moment yeah

maybe it it also stops not only the the


but also a little bit of the excitement

or yeah they

they um tighten up their body

and hold their energy in a in a sort of

a way

and that might uh yeah

might might produce uh problems

over over months or so on yeah because

everything we do

or how we how we use our body

the body knows about that and it fix it

in a way in the muscles and in the


and the body

then produce it

always again and again again yeah

so it’s good to to change and don’t

maybe don’t make it too

often so

uh that is that is normally the way the


learns um sexuality or

yeah everything else like driving a bike

riding a bike yeah it learns about

to do it again and to do it again yeah

redo redo

again and again yeah yeah yeah

uh so apart from that you have mentioned

some certain sacred spot where

uh people can play on so this is one of


sacred spot which i know

apart from that what all are the other

sacred spots

are existing in the human body

for instance if we go to

the kamaka temple which is in india

there a certain kind of ritual is

being performed according to

indian i mean uh ancient

tantric ritual it’s like it’s not neo


uh which is commercialized and driven by

um corporate uh the neo tundra mostly is

driven by

profit oriented thing rather than that

of focusing on

spiritual growth of the being this is

what i saw

like a guy who came out from a

tantric background i i

got birth into a tantric family like

where they

see uh astrology

as their primary occupation and

the goddess is the um

primary uh form of energy

it’s not it’s not masculine we see

the divinity as a goddess and

it’s mostly uh related to goddess


things so when we see

the yoni puja which is being happening

wait just a moment

my top ear rings okay

so the tantra bits according to india i

mean ancient

hindu scriptures this is basically

four things one is uh astrology next one

is tandra samuchim

and another one is kamasutra then fourth

one is

saudi alegri this is the four scriptures

consist of

there is together known as tandra tandra

is nothing but a

technique where we use our own body i


the body is the only thing which it is

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easily accessible for everybody

you know like most of the people’s are

not aware of there is a soul there is a

mind there is

something something inside inside but

the easiest

thing which is available to work with

this body

so whatever is can be done

in samsara is known as tundra so

my question is like when we come to

these sacred

spots which is related to sexuality

uh the thing i saw in india

which was in kamaka temple that is

um their kind of ritual is being

performed that is known as

yoni puja where the

woman will touch the

devotee deity uh sorry uh the

worshipper the woman who comes to

that particular temple and she will sit


some mantras will be chanted and the

ritual is been performed where the guy

who offers the prayer is usually woman

does that it’s not

men usually don’t do that so she touches

some certain part of the body of that

particular woman

and awoke her into um different

kind of understanding all together so uh

what all are the sacred spots you see

you so you work with and what are the


you so what was your experience with

that i

i i want to know about the experience so

the peoples are mostly people’s talk

about theory

i mean that has nothing to do with the

reality uh

you know so how do you

what and all you saw how was it

um it’s not so much my

um my knowledge i know a little bit

about that

um um i’ve

yes i’ve learned some points um in the

kashmiri entendres



but but i yeah i’ve forgotten them in a


but what i what i remember

that they are all

on on on spots or parts

where the bone ends

and the muscles are fixed

you know what you can imagine what i

mean um

for example when you have the pelvic

in front um

yeah down to the

i just um i just i’m just looking for


english word



i i must go the other way around

um when you have got the belly joint

sorry joint

no no no no not joints i i mean a

special bone but

yeah when you when you when you look at

the belly here

up up the belly are the ribs

and on the ribs are many

very tiny muscles and when you go

down all the way um

you you pass the hips

and then you go uh down more and

in the middle is it’s got a bone i i

just don’t know the name

and everywhere there is

yeah are muscles who are who are fixed

on that bone

and for example that are some of the

points yeah

or maybe one in in the middle um at the

at the naval is that right is that the

right word

in the middle where where you are

connected with your mother

mother yes

and and around that are also some points

yeah and

yeah i think the belly is very important

for your for all of your feelings

and um yeah they are

that they are they are hidden there yeah


everything every every point where

feelings are hidden um

has can hold a lot of tension in that

and in the belly of course feelings and

when you lose that

tension you sometimes you also lose

feelings that people start crying for

example yeah

or that there is first of all pain

physical pain and yeah and also

emotional pain

that’s why they start crying here

and you can support that with your


so when you can say when you work with


you saw that while releasing the tension

people start crying and sort of stuff

yes sometimes mostly when i do bodywork

sexological bodywork

yeah but also sometimes in a tantric


they start trying because every time

when you

touch a body

you also touch the soul

and that is the connection yes

apart from crying what are the other

emotions which people

usually release sometimes

sometimes maybe fear comes up or

anger comes up

or maybe


or what i wanted to say about the


yeah yeah

sometimes it’s just like um

that there are feelings coming up

and are recognized

and people start

yeah feeling them and knowing that they

are there

and then they start


sorting them

they they get a new structure and then

they knew what they

have to change in life or something like


yeah they they are more clear

what’s going on in their life yeah and

and they get answers


know what i mean yeah so

usually the things which appear in our

mind like

not a result of the if we analyze the


not a result of the processed

information like usually mind is

something which

which generate processor information

which we got

from our experiences so uh

apart from that there is something

called intuition like it is like

just appearance inside our mind like it

it has nothing to do with the experience

or whatever it’s

it’s just appearing you mean something

like that

yeah it’s just an inner knowledge

yeah just i think just getting

revealed yeah sorry yeah i kind of knew

you first no no it’s okay

um for me

the body is is really really

um wise

it’s it’s like that we that the body

helps us

to get clear how

we feel or think about

moments in our life yeah or what happens

situations that happen and

it’s not only our brain who gives

the answers what to do

much much more it’s um something like


the inner voice who really tells at

us what is right for us

and that is the body wisdom and it helps

us and if we

don’t hear it

it’s like that we that we don’t hear one

part of us or one voice of us

maybe there are different voices in us

and um it yeah it supports us to

to get clear

what the answer is even if there are

different voices and different

points of view

while giving tantric massage

i also saw that

there are there we will reach

a point because body responds with the

sexuality rather than that of the mind i


rather than that of the soul

body is also sexual oriented

uh for instance if that kind of things


sexual violations and sexual abuses

or all those things can uh

taken part while giving a tantric


um no

never happened as

intended massage it is really

clear in germany

that people are passive

and that we are the active ones who


of course it can happen that

enhance touches by instance

um somewhere without that they

want that

but but normally they are passive

but of course it it can happen that um

women ask for a tantric massage because

they had an abuse

so sexual

taromas also can be get cleared

while in a tantric massages that you


can you say that again i said

for instance um


somebody got abused by sexuality

previously so this is like a blockage

because the conditioning of the society

is always

teaching people that you’ve done some


big sin nothing so a lot of things and

they hear a lot of conditioning from


they get a lot of

pressure from relationships and sort of


so uh do you feel like

tantric massage or tantric sadhana can

empower this kind of taramas

which has been happened in their life

yes i really think it can empower

um i think i supported quite a few women

to feel


but i also like to like to say

that if a woman has had

an abuse

that the person who gives a tantric


must be really really carefully

it is anyway the principle in tantric


massage that nothing happens what the


don’t like to happen

but the theme is that if a woman had a

abuse or yeah

a rape or something like that and

it has a she has a trauma

and a trauma is always

an event

who is too much too quick

it’s just overwhelming for her

and um

yeah the question is what is

all right and what is too much so where


the border and most of the woman

don’t feel the border to say stop

that’s enough and then it yeah it

it could be one movement and it’s too


for them yeah

and because they had this overwhelming

experience experience yeah

they um

they don’t mostly they don’t feel

themselves they are

they disassociate dissociate

out of their body yeah you know what i


and they they are not so aware of that


and so they ju the situation passed and


don’t say don’t say no

so for instance i

also saw a lot of massage centers

which is um in

spiritual places like rishikesh

himalaya rishikesh

and places in tamil nadu tiruvannamalai

all those places some places

actually a manipulated rape

is actually happening it’s not like

um it’s not exactly what what the

tantra is offering and

even woman uh if a woman

she is getting part of a manipulated

rape um she was

not able to say no so what is

that lacking in woman which

you can see that is something which is


empowering empowering the woman what is


what what you feel about it

why can’t she say no to a manipulated


it’s like if she say no it will it will

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yeah well if she is manipulated

the thing is in that moment she don’t

feel it’s really what she wants and what

she don’t wants

what she doesn’t want and yeah

and that is the problem if you are not


of what you really want

you you can’t say what you you what you

want yeah and then it happens

so how do i i i already had

some woman who who spoke about that

and that that they feel really bad after


that they realized later on

what really happens to them

and then the the problem is that the

the things happened um

are already

in their body imprinted

and that has become another sorry

let’s become another tarama you know

it’s become another disaster for her

yeah that’s a disaster because that’s an


they had made and um it um

and the body knows it for the rest of

her life

it’s just like in carved yeah in the


and in the nerves

it’s it’s yeah maybe you can just

call it an

adjust moment um

if there’s a name for for it in the

trauma therapy

um it’s a symptom which comes

after after trauma

yeah because they they couldn’t um

lose it or or work with it

and that’s because it is

it is then fixed in the cells

so you feel like

a woman to say

no to a manipulated

rape or if something is happening which

uh i mean how something can happen which

in which a woman which she don’t like

how that even possibly

just one word for the

thing before it’s a post-traumatic


i think in most cultures

women made really bad

experiences over generations

then the women

don’t have the allowed

the allowance from the um

from the culture to

explore their bodies themselves

mostly then the



are more hidden than the the male


that might also be a reason why women

have sometimes

more difficulties to get in contact with

their genitals and that

sexuality yeah then of course

it is how

their surrounding uh was when they grew

up yeah

if the mother maybe said um

to them um yeah masturbation is not

allowed or

you are too sick you you never get a man

or something like that yeah or maybe


experiences uh that they get

got touched from

yeah maybe a boy or a man

in in a way it it don’t must be sexual

but in a way they are overwhelmed

it was too much to near

um that could could cause

the situation that they are not

embodied and that they don’t have

good experiences to to really

feel what they like

yes sometimes in in germany i have got

um women who

start exploring them as a female

when they are around .

before that are you old

i also know a woman she is almost

still a virgin

what happened is like she got married

and the first day itself

she was not able to have the sex because

her vagina was not

opening and it’s ended up in a divorce

and still she is a virgin but

she has no sexual problem

but when i’m talking to her i am i’m

keeping a distance also because uh it’s

like if she feels like

what i’m talking about or what i’m

taking her into

is something like another manipulated

kind of rape or sort of stuff

she also keeping a distance from me like

but like that so many women actually


they are not aware of how to open this

uh you know how to work with the um

their sexuality basically how to get

empowered sexually empowered woman

how to do that you know it’s well

the first is to

have good experiences with their own


yeah and if there were none

of course it is much more difficult

and yeah it when it happened when a rape


it’s a long way for the woman to feel


in in having contact with a man or in

yes starting or having um

sexuality with them yeah and it just

takes time that they really

um feel their borders to say no

that they also allow themselves

to to have fun

or or to to tell

their partner what they like and what

they don’t like

or that they trust

to explore themselves

there are so many taboos on it

it’s it’s really


so i feel like

tantra is something which helps woman to

get empowered sexually not just woman

because when i

dig so deep into tantra

there it is a goddess oriented worship

method it’s not a

shiva oriented worship method it’s

shakti oriented worship method

so for a sadhaka as a spiritual sadaga


experience the um

level of the orgasm which a woman can


as a male sadhaka i have to

develop the femininity in my body my own

body to understand that


how to have that kind of samadhi

i would like to call that samadhi it’s

not orgasm also orgasm was

is peripheral we have to

go from there also to samadhi samadhi is

another level

where we merge with the absolute

uh i mean the um

the the brahman you know what people

call it as brahman

or something like that so that is

samadhi um

uh so i feel tantra

has a a lot of

techniques which actually can empower

women more sexually

but the thing is like

the men also not you said with the

woman she’s empowered

you know uh like it’s still a taboo like

in countries like india a woman is just

coming out from her

house and she started to drive vehicle

she’s getting employed in so many other


financially physically sexually

it’s slowly getting empowered but

the as we have already saw

kandra uh you talked talked about that

bubble that

which need to be good you know

tantra has tandra has an

immense immense power to break this

particular kind of

taboo but even though

the understanding of the maturity level

of the people will never

feel comfortable with the uh

things which for instance uh in shiva

temple there is

linga puja and in devi temple there is

yoni puja so peoples are still feeling

it’s a

taboo and in india where there was a

ritual where

peoples will come into poverty i mean


when women started to do menses uh

people will start to see her as a

goddess because she

came into poor poverty and she can give

birth to but

some peoples are seeing it is like

that is something against the society

which has to go out

they are opposing the yoni puja they are

opposing this uh

certain rituals where women when woman

comes puberty

we have to do some certain kind of


all those things so


how do you see what what is that lacking

in people’s mind to

come into this kind of understanding and

what is that what do you see


well the first is

that not only tantra have an immense

power to break through

the sexuality the power of sexuality

has got the immense

reservoir to break to break through

if we allow this power

to be used in our life

sexuality is is

also been described in the way



creative yeah it’s creation

we we if a man and a woman have got sex

they create the body of the child

which incarnate but this power also


everything in our world

that is one thing the second is

that tantra has got the idea

um to live sexuality

on different levels the first of it

is it’s possible to live it

on the on the body level on the material


a second is to live it on an emotional


that there are also emotions

which are lived or felt

during um having sex

and this and the third is that

the sexuality is possible to live

in a spiritual way and i think

that’s the point where you were talking

about samadhi

yeah um in

the tantra

there is a connection


i’m just looking for for the better

world a word

um a unification

synchronicity no um

when when women and men are yeah

having sex they are connected

they are one in a way and when when they

when they yeah maybe have an orgasm on


with the body and feel

what’s this orgasm


what this orgasm

is standing for emotional

and then if this

could awake

this spiritual level of of being

united going in samadhi

yeah i probably think you know about

the position of yapyun when

for example the shakti sits

on the lap of the shiva

united yeah yeah it’s a

common tantric practice actually yeah

that’s what is what it’s expression


i know i would like to say it’s a common


practice in neo tundra

oh really yeah not in the old chanter


this is the one thing which has been

taken out

like ah interesting tantra the

neo tundra is actually eliminating other

aspects of

tundra what it has been talking

is not just sexuality astrology is the

part of tundra

construction of the temple is the part

of tundra worshipping method

pujas all those things are the part of

the tundra

is a very big massive umbrella you know


this very uh i mean neo tundra

is is the easiest way to peoples to

practice and have fun in their life you



as they go dig deep and deep deep and


they will come into other

whoever wants to i mean

i’m i’m absolutely fine with you

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reminding me

to the other aspects of tantra

yeah in a way i’ve been speaking about


when i said there is a really

great background of knowledge

behind that

knowledge of um sexuality

sexuality is the easiest force which we

can work on it’s just

one part yeah it is that is the easiest

force we can work on and trans

uh transcendent our own uh body

conscious into

spiritual consciousness i mean the


transcendental state but to

transcendence this

it’s important to to have the the

knowledge around that

to to put it in a whole picture

and to be aware of all aspects behind


and been beneath that

no that’s what i think yeah that that is


you know yeah so i am not disagreeing

with you i mean i am also agreeing with


yeah everybody takes it in different

words yeah or different pictures

but what i see is like neo tundra



in i know what you are talking about um

that’s our our fight in germany

uh of it’s it’s right that the

erotic scene


have catched the word tantra

but it is it is used if it’s good for

erotic massages yeah

but of course i know they have nothing

to do with that

in germany we’ve got um


entendre band i just don’t know the word

in english

tundra it’s a society

yeah of for tantra for tantra massage

and yeah we are aware of

real tantra and of course we know it and

we do the tantra massage

in the way of consciousness of spiritual

consciousness yeah

yeah see the in hindu tundra

i mean tundra got two ways

like we can see the tundra in taoism


and hinduism as a large you know but

the differences between the taboos and

buddhist tandra here in hindu

uh tundra the the sender is woman

without woman i mean the tantric

text of the hinduism is called the


which has been written by sri

shankaracharya it’s

started with the shiva shakta you come

like that it is starting which means


without a woman shiva can’t even move

shiva is stuck without a woman so it’s

centered in a

goddess worship and is centered around


i feel this is the only practice where

um sender is woman rather than that of

masculine and

and this woman is nothing but the uh um

you know the universe itself um

yeah so yeah um

yeah there is also

a tendency all over the world

not to honor the female power

more to suppress the female power

i think that’s that’s the main problem

it’s like um yeah

turning it turning turning it off or to

to manipulate

or or to to use the power

for your own

empowerment not to let it

uh flow free as it should be

i don’t see it as empowerment i feel it

like your own manipulation

you want your own gains

empowerment is nothing but if i have

some power i should be able to

take the peoples associated with me also

into some certain level

so that is how the empowerment should

work it’s not like empowerment i am

using somebody else for my own gains

yeah it’s not empowerment

all right i know what you mean yeah

maybe it’s because my english is not

good enough my english also not that


uh my primary language is also not


but yeah but the only way we could

communicate is through english actually

yeah but um yeah yeah you could also

say that they use the power of um

the female power for their own goals

and that is um

i just don’t know the word it’s not fine

yeah it’s not okay it’s manipulating


so when you started to practice the

tundra what are the problems

you faced over the journey how is

turned out what and all you saw how was


all it’s a it’s a place like germany


uh christianity is in a big power

and where christianity is teaching

all across the globe like is a sin uh

god i mean jesus christ without

doing any sin and

basically preaching that sexuality is a

sin and

where where um

people’s like you how

uh and it’s not just uh

they are preaching they abusing people

also the kids those who are growing up

actually feeling like sexuality is seen

and they are closing their body

and they are the ones who are getting

they are the ones who once they

comes out and they the predators can

easily capture them

because they don’t know what they’re

doing because they are not aware of

what is happening on them yeah

so how does uh waterline told you so


how do you felt and what was it

how was the journey how was the struggle

two points one is of course um

doing you you work doing your massage

the other one

is the point of house society

outside sees the tundra

um maybe i do this first

yeah we have got a tender massage of a

band in germany

like a society for tantra massages and

we have got


written down what what is important for

us how we see our work

and very important for us is that

we give the touch and not

the guests give the cut the touch

but we have got a new law in germany

which causes a lot of trouble not only

for us

also for other parts of sex workers

and that demands that

if you touch the intimate area you are a


but we see our work as an


for yourself

during the touch you you get you take


and i think you can use this this touch

on this experience for

for many experiences different


that can be somebody

um who has had had an

operation for example and in the

intimate area and everything

changed about that after that

it can be that there maybe is

a woman or man who is really shy

and and has very less experience

with partners or with their own


um that can also be

experiences with um

with an event very very narrow

experience of yourself that you have got

patterns of how you

live your sexuality which you like to


and yes maybe the tantric massage can be

the first opening to experience yourself

in another way

then in general

most of the people are not really

embodied in their bodies

and that causes that they are very

stressed that they talk a lot during the


or that they breathe very flat

and less um

so that means that they are not

in the moment relaxed really feeling


and tantric massage can help a lot

for them to yeah first to to start

feeling themselves really and then

to changing how the body

and then to change the body patterns how


how it um react

um yeah

now forgotten the first was this

the social the society reacting

and yeah and then

yeah i remember and the the other thing

is that is how we think about the


and of course um

if somebody comes the first time to have

a massage

there are a lot of pictures about

tantric massage

inside of them and they think

oh wow um having sex with somebody or

yeah something like that and then

we have got to explain

what we offer and that it don’t have

don’t is the same then having a then a

prostitute you

do does yeah

and that’s sometimes really

difficult and

yeah it costs a lot of power

and also to to to show them up

our borders but they are

more and more really a lot of people who


know what what the tantric massage

can give them and they really like it

so you also does astrology

you set me like you do normal

astrology in previous meal

yes uh what sort of astrology you does

the babylonian one can you

explain the western one i don’t know how

you call it

um the circle

say again

yeah it’s a circle yes a circle and

uh divisions so this is wisdom

yeah so you does that

sorry you does that

i know you have to you know how to do


yeah yeah i know how to do it and to


it okay okay that is something great

um yeah so this this thing you

do for clients where you can um

you know just for the private for

friends and so on

and if somebody asked me you never

charged for that

no i could but i didn’t

so the tantric massage is the one you

are offering

the tantric massage i am

you offer that is the service right

i offer it yeah


and also somatic sexual coachings

what does it mean somatic sexual


i know what is a sexological body work

uh yeah what is this it’s a mixture

between sexological body work and also

somatic experiencing

so i i use somatic experiencing

to um

help people to get through their trauma

or to work with their trauma

so is that so in the scale of

how do you score like how much you

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