If You See A Buddha On The Road Kill Him (Vedic Reading Series Episode No. 7 with Dr David Lewis – Dhanishtha Nakshatra)

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Today’s particular podcast we are having  Dr David Lewis as our guest.

He is a French-born English neuropsychologist,  founder and director at the independent research consultancy Mindlab International 

He is also  an author and lecturer. One of his best books is The Brain Sell

Today’s podcast we are discussing about his Nakshatra and his views on today’s market driven economy. 

So welcome to the Vedic reading series episode no – 7

If you see a Budha on Road kill him.

Below is a non verbal transcript of the podcast


hi doctor yes good morning

good afternoon good afternoon and good

morning for you

this morning late or afternoon it’s

afternoon are you glad it’s uh

what is it half past two in the


huh .

um can you

can you tell about yourself like the

people who are watching this

maybe may not be knowing you of course

i did i shall i start from the beginning

is a good place you should have started


well i was bored in that’s during

the second world war

so i was bored into chaos and it looks

like i should be partying for the world

in chaos as well

because the world is very chaotic at the


uh particularly in england where things

are really getting out of control

so i was born in france in a little

little village called la capelle which


quite close to bulowsky which is on the

north coast of france of what we call

the pad kalei

which is quite close to england i

understand although i have no

confirmation of this because

people my parents didn’t talk about such


i understand my mother worked during the

war for an organization

called the special operations executive

uh this was really a spying organization

well a

sabotage organization and a spy


which dropped agents into occupied

europe because of course germany had

invaded europe in

 and france had been overrun by the


and so i did not like my mother could

speak fluent english of course although

she was also fluent in french

but we didn’t obviously speak english

during the war because the germans were

there they wouldn’t be very happy with


um so anyhow so i didn’t speak english

until i was about seven years old i only

spoke french

so some people say i can’t speak english

now but i’m better at speaking english

than i’m speaking french

my mother’s family i just explained had

very close con connections with india uh

they were

in india during the days of the raj i

guess you’d say

my grandfather was a veterinary surgeon

who was a specialist in elephant


i don’t think there’s much call for that

these days uh and he also founded the

royal veterinary school or college in


which of course in those days was part

of india uh so i have

a great affinity for respect for indians

you have some

wonderful scientists and some ex

extraordinary clever mathematicians

i think it’s very good and of course a a

great deal of wisdom

uh i think the west is is far behind on

the wisdom which

people in india and other asian

countries have tried to have

about the world about what the meaning

of the world and as you say you’re

studying astrology

which of course although i know very

little about it the very ancient belief


knowledge system and so i i grew up and

i started

when i was about to study medicine

but after a while i decided i didn’t

like medicine i didn’t like to be coming

at the idea of becoming a doctor

and so i became a journalist instead

and for about uh

years i suppose something like that i

was said all over the world covering


and the kind of and i sent to very

very dangerous places in the world

because there were you know middle east

for example when they were

conflict belfast in ireland in north in

ireland the north

parts of ireland where there was a

religious war going on between the

catholics and the protestants

and i decided that i was

fed up or

it disinterested you rather it being a


big one sorry uh being of why i wanted

to become

somebody who could help so i went back

to university and i read

psychology and i became a clinical

psychologist i also studied

what is called psychopathology which is

the study of mental illness

like schizophrenia uh media for example

obsessive compulsive neurosis various

psychiatric illnesses apart from

psychological illnesses and i’ve been


this area looking at anxiety and stress

and ways in which people can be helped

to overcome it

for the past years or so

uh i i i i’ve written a large number of


i also rather a weekly uh

fourth idea i work on a a

non-profit making website on youtube

uh called uh mind changes

uh and we try and help people change

their minds because if you change your


you change your whole life you know

that’s what you if you could understand


and so my colleague is a hypnotherapist

a clinical hypnotherapist and i talk

about brain function because one of my

specialities at the university

was studying brain function how the

brain works in relation to anxiety and

and information processing with all

these other kind of cognitive parameters

so i hope let me know if i if i have if

you want more information

i i mean i saw some of the books you

have written

about the mind um how the hitler is

being born

and sort of stuffs like that yes

so would you i mean i have an


like what we see is what we are

like what i can see is what i am

yes exactly it’s your perception of the

world is how you

it’s how your genes work it’s how you

were brought up what your education was

what your background was you know

because the brain learns

every moment every second it learns in

the womb

when the baby is still developing in a

womb it’s it’s acquiring a whole range


knowledge about the world some some of

the knowledge is

uh coming from the mother’s chemicals in

the book

so if for example the mother is the


then the baby can develop fetus

alcoholism it can

be severely damaged by the presence of


uh so right for the almost from the

moment of

of uh gestation as the fetus is growing

it’s learning

and you learn every second ever not just

waking sex but you’ll also learn in your


as your grade rehearses events in your


in a form of dreams uh and so dreams can

be very interesting

to try to understand the subconscious

mind how the brain is working

below the level of conscious awareness

so uh yes i i’m particularly interested

in measuring electrical activity in the


i think a lot of your compatriots are

interested in this field as well

uh there’s been a developing field

particularly in america

uh called neurofeedback where you


put sensors on the head uh

and that enables you to breathe the

electrical activity in the brain

which is a manifestation of how the

brain is working

and i at one stage in my research i

tried to teach people how to get into a

meditative state

uh in order to reduce their levels of


and to do this i used a device called

the eeg

which is the electrocephalogram which

measures electrolysis electrocephalogram


writing electricity in the brain

that’s how the word is put together and

i connected this to a toy train set

so when people learned to meditate

and relax and develop particular paths

of electrochemical in their brain

the trade would move around the track

and if they got anxious

or lost their concentration then the

train would stop

so it was very funny actually because i

found particularly with med

med tend to be quite uh


competitive and so they would try too

hard to to meditate and if you try very

hard to meditate you’re not going to


it’s not going to be possible so the

train would stop and they would get very


but then if they relaxed and trusted

their brain in a sense if you could say


trust in their bodies so woman is more

easier to meditate women can meditate

more each year

is that what i don’t know i’ve not done

any research that i feel i think

i think it depends you have women who

are very competitive

particularly these days you have a very

you know women in business women in

politics women all sorts of areas

can be very very competitive as well i

think it’s more of your

the way you see the world do you see the

world as a competition in which you have

to win at all costs

or do you see the world as a place where

you can be reflective

and you actually will gain more by

letting go

and relaxing and actually fighting all

the time

that’s why i view it my research

so you so i mean have you figured some

kind of

patterns which has been forming when uh

yogis are meditating

sort of stuff like that i have to work

with yogis yes uh not in india but in


and they are very able to go into an

amazing state of out

what we’re looking what i’m what i

personally am looking for

uh is a what we call the alpha state in

the brain

and this technically is a state where

the electrical patterns

are between and cycles per second

or or

at hertz and this seems to be


with a very high level of relaxed


so the brain is not over over working

the weight is under working you’re not

asleep but you’re in this kind of state


a relaxed alertness and very attentive

now i bet i worked for a little while

with a very remarkable young man

uh he’s a young young englishman

called matthew ahmet and uh

i think that was i think his surname was

a name he adopted i don’t think it was

his birth name

uh maybe he adopted it because at the

age of

uh speaking no chinese he flew out to


and managed to get himself accepted by a

sherlin monastery

i think it was hours from the nearest

town it was very remote

and he spent years learning the skins

skills of kung fu and

meditation and buddhism of course and

uh said he came back to england he set

up his own sherlin temple in london

and we made a program together for the

for the americans

uh and he did a remarkable thing in our


i wired him up and so i could see what

was happening in his brain

and he was able to produce these alpha

waves these waves through the

and cycles per second instantly

like that like magic the whole brain


taken over by this and what he then did

i found it very hard to believe except i

saw it biodiesel we filmed it for


he took a spear there with a very sharp


and he went out to the university car

park where

i’m based and i had my car there which

at the time was a toyota land cruiser

you know which is a very big heavy car i

think it weighs about two tons

and he put the spear point against his


no protection of any kind and he put the

other end of the spear against the

bumper of the car the front end of the


and he then pushed the car something


feet i think just with his throat

now that’s that’s impossible but i saw

it happen

so you know i think he does all the

amazing things he gets into a bath

absolutely boiling water which would

boil a pig or boil a cow would boil an

animal you could eat it

but he’s untouched by it i do not know

how he does it

uh actually if any of your viewers are

interested in looking at

a fair film of this i posted one of my

mind changes website on the youtube


so you could go and have a look at that

you could see him in my laboratory

developing these huge alpha waves yeah

i saw some of your videos in your

youtube all right

okay good

so tell me i i’ve told you about myself

i mean i’m happy to explain anything

else you want to do

but what about your what about your your


what about your your how your podcast or

i think that’s the word is it

yeah yeah podcast i’m not very up to

date with all these new technologies i’m


i’m of the older generations you may

gather uh

so who watches it who i mean i’m sure

you’ve got

thousands tens of thousands of people

who are very interested in your work

um not exactly i mean um

i i was i born in a astrological family

then i

spent almost four to five years into one

gurukula and spent some time with yogis

and sort of stuff

then i started to then i then i started

to practice

astrology because in astrology

i could see like um you know

uh it’s kind of a map where you can come

come into center you can centralize


what i would like to say is like if we

see in our own self we can see the

the mind you know in vedanta they say it


which means that mind mano

means mind

this is not this for there is something

beneath this existing that is called

brahman or

absolute or some people call it as god

or whatever

some kind of something which

has no quality uh uh

it has no um shape or

no quality it has no gender it

has nothing but uh

it is everything like uh singularity

you know the point of singularity there

is no time but there is time

you know this is very hard to it’s

we can only imagine what it is it’s like

we can’t explain you know so

the astrology when i am looking at into


it it has some certain quality like

it is basically analyzing who you are

what you are

this is the point of a particular place

where your


moon is staying where your sun is

staying so these areas

you have some sort of energies if we

look at into that thing and we make

some certain sounds like it’s it’s

people’s called as mantra

yogis and yeah people’s called as mantra

if we make certain sound

what happens is like that particular

part get activated

and we can actually merge into this uh

absolute or brahman or code or

whatever it is called we can yeah it’s


you know it’s like taking lsd

you know it’s a sort of kind of thing

like that and that is the experience


very interesting so and i think you’re


i think breathing is a very important my

work breathing is

very important yes this is breathing


the breathing also important and the


which we hear because um and the thing

is like

what exactly what you are saying what

you see is what you are

like its perspective so um

reality is not the perspective reality

reality is not the reality is real you


so get into that that kind of

transcendental state um


we can use the astrology as a guideline

and basically we can also

um predict what is happening what

happened in your life

because these energies see the thing is


what you are experiencing in your life


actually not experienced by you it’s

experienced by mind

only mind can suffer only mind can be

become happy

only mind can be become whatever

whatever on you can’t be

like even even if you don’t have a hand

also you can still be happy

why it is because the people who are


about what is happened is because their

mind is actually making them to

something so this this particular uh

piece of uh understanding or the

particular piece called astrology it’s

it’s a

it’s actually help people to come into

the center that is what i see that is

how i see this as

so what i done is like i started to


different people’s all across like

porn stars drug abusers uh child rapist

whatever different different personality

i started to write

and i started to document this thing so

so far i have interviewed eight of the


those who walks into adult industry

those who use

drugs those who walks into uh

sexual industry so a lot of things um

uh i wrote so like that i have dropped

one email to you

and uh you accepted it and i’m so glad

that uh

i was very interested in it i you know

are you can you tell me

because i don’t understand a lot of


you know unknown to me but if you could

can you tell me what

i mean i couldn’t tell you the data the

hour of my birth because i don’t know

i i imagined i was at that time for


the battle of bedway had taken place in

the pacific the americas the japanese uh

but up off that i don’t know what


i imagine we were probably being bombed

uh but you know things were very chaotic

so what i say is like there is one or

two hours is not a problem

and i prepare to chart the six months


your birth and six months after your

birth and

your natural chat i combine all these

three and two to three hours difference

is there

it is not gonna make a big difference

but it will make a difference

uh for sure but it is not gonna make a a

big difference because the

uh planets are not moving that far in

two or three hours you know

so that is why i prepared your chat with

that well it was it was fascinating i

was very as i say

very interested very intrigued by it i

mean did you find any

major parameters

term which actually means that

a group of stars all right

um so basically

when you get birth ascendant will be

in in a particular direction of where

the star is

so that where the group of stars are

existing that group of stars are being

taken as your nakshatra

so this nat chatra is very important

concept in

vedic science i mean i would like to say

it as vedic science

uh and this has been

spoken about in you know nakshatra

this is a it’s a classification of


and assigning them a mythological


which is actually from atharva veda

there is something called the nakshatra


existing in aadhar veda

and basically

the nakshatras are from the vedas

and also people say i mean the rishis


astrology is the eye of veda so


veda is a bunch of sciences like

how to make medicines how to make house

how to do yaga how to do it now all

those things are there in vedas in

all the for vedas it has been uh written

so but why we are performing all these

things why we need to get money why we

need to get

a house why we need to go through all


whatever whatever is in life why we are

going through

there is a reason so this is like

why we are going through is to

understand and merge and experience the

absolute or brahman

it’s very subjective level it’s not like

objective level like it is not depends

on society

it’s not depends on your morality

because vedas don’t define what is your

moral code is

whether you are a killer you have to be

a very good killer if you are

if you are a psychiatrist you have to be

a very good psychiatrist it’s not like

it’s not like semantic religions like

this is there is commandments like

these are all the things you have to do

and these are the things you should not


no whereas it is not like that if

whatever you are you have to be good in


what you do that is that is your uh this

thing and

why you are doing is to experience

brahman and

brahman um is not been

given to one certain one set of people


those who are morally good and those who

are morally granted

they will experience brahman no it’s not

like that

brahman is for everyone whether you are

a killer whether you are

a terrorist or whether you are a doctor

whether you are

a student or whether you are a woman is

respective of

whatever it is but once you experience

the brahman you will definitely change


you you will see everybody

is embedded on you rather than that of


you are separating yourself from the


uh you will see that you’ve been

embodied into

the entire existence you you are the

part of the existence so the character

will automatically change nobody has to


a person like that who has experienced

the brahman

what is morality but whatever he does he

can’t do anything

immortal like he can’t put anybody into


it is like very subjective level the

person will analyze what is happening

so uh so however uh the

astrology or the vedic astrology is like


blueprint uh which goes deep into

uh our uh subjective level

so uh let’s uh start with your nachatra

i see so so what what did you deduce

from why

all the effects you gathered

it’s uh basically it has been classified

uh um

so basically what it does is like when

you get a birth

in a particular coordinate there will be

uh planets will be positioned across you

planets and naturals are positioned

across you

so this is basically a snapshot of um

the planetary positions and nachitra

okay uh and this snapshot

uh like if moon is in first house moon

is in second house moons in third house

what it is actually trying to tell you

it is been

observed and written as a books

like starts from veda in nakshatra

sotham is the first coming it’s another


is almost four thousand years back it’s

first written

then after that peoples came and studied


rishis what we call seers

rishi means the sanskrit word means

seer he who see the truth so we call

them as rishis

so they have written their own you know

research you know

people to do research in university new

university same way

they done research on their own way and

they done


but the thing is like they don’t do

research they do search

you know what does it mean like

research is something has been written

and we are trying to

prove or disprove whatever it is so but

the search is

again subjective level is trying to

experience whatever is being written

okay it’s not so low

did you come to any conclusions about my

way my life is going

yeah i came um

so yeah that is what we are trying to

see now we are

going to your nakshatra we can go to

your nakshatra right

you have any questions before

i i i i i don’t don’t know what it means

i know what you told me but i don’t know

the meaning of what you told me

so nakshatra means it’s a group of stars

that’s it

yeah that

has influenced my course of life by

direction through life

yeah it is influencing it it will give a

direction directions

in life and also it will

reveal some certain qualities of you

so that is what nachotra is about and

it is positioned on the sky and the


is being understood by when

when you get birth where was the

ascendant was that is what you were not


so it is like you are in the middle

there is a degree circle around you

so uh wherever the um


i mean objects like the astral objects


sun moon mars venus and nashatras and

all those things

wherever in that particular from if you

look at on the sky

from that particular position that is

how the sky will looks like

right right and what that

does yeah uh

what does that tell you about why why


no i’ll i’ll share you screen

i’ll share in my screen

yeah so you’re basically in my um oh

yes you are in my

uh website

hello yeah


ah you can see

yeah we will go through this



so your nakshatra name is dhanishtha

okay there are

of of nakshatras are there one of

them is danish

okay so that is where you were nakshatra

that is what your nakshatra is that is

called the dhanishtana

and there is panchapakshi

there are five birds are existing that

those fibers are

in india uh i mean the vedas saying

it is mystical animals mythical animals

okay i’m just sorry i’m just reading

what you said i think that’s very true

so you were not

you were not there are five animals

uh five birds this is called the


uh system in the uh panchapakshi system

yogurt bird is vulture uh i mean the

you know you can see the worrying

about culture prey for other birds or

dark corpses i don’t

so basically what does this bird

says it is

like um you know


this bird has an immense capability

of uh passing through

death you know

uh so and this like

death also so what does it means like

death is a very curious element for you

actually you you try to study a lot


the death and uh if you look back

uh the starting point on uh

the analysis which you

done on your life is based on that

this is very curious element for you

because uh

you know there is something is behind

the death and

what is happening behind that you

strongly believe

gosh so this is what this is what this

bird is telling

and yeah so in vedas

uh i mean in astrology what we see is


uh we human beings are not

the uh very particular uh

animal or whatever like we are just a

part of

you know the nature

we don’t have any um

level up over the animals or

birds or whatever we are actually part

of the nature

so so i i this peacock is related to me

as well is it

uh no peacock

so your paksha is krishna so there is

there is two paksha if you look at on

the sky

there is a full moon to no no

no moon and no moon to full moon there

is two circles which

moon will take

so seromon and the full moon

so what does it mean krishna paksha is



full moon to no moon krishna

uh and sukhla bacha is uh

no moon to full moon i say

so you were paksha based on the time you

got birth

is krishna bacha so vulture is your

bird right

so this is what it is saying then this

is the

um you know moringa uh what is that

indian gum tree this is your tree

this is white yeah okay

interesting so what does it means is

that uh every

uh elements on the

earth has a certain kind of frequency

which it produced and that will resonate

very easily with your own personality

so what is this is means

the moringa or the indian gum tree

produce a certain kind of vibration

which goes along with the vibration

of your soul

okay so what does it means is like

this tree is a particular tree which you


communicate easily you can go near to

this particular tree and you can talk to

this particular tree

and this tree can easily communicate

with you i mean

this is mostly metaphysical level you


what i’m talking in a metaphysical level

and this is this is a tree which you


go and talk and you can relate easily


that is the moringa tree so this is how

yoga nakshatra looks like


this is where the moon was

when you got birth

so this is your ghana asura ghana so


um according to vedas uh

human beings is being divided into

three ganas one is asuragana another one

is devagana

and another one is so i’ll tell you what

it is

asura gana is means

the peoples who has demonic tendency


and devagana which means that

people who has a godly nature

and um manushya gana which

it means that peoples who has human

nature so uh

it it necessarily doesn’t mean that

you are violent or whatever it is

what it it it says it’s like um

you have a nature like this

like um asuragana

you demonic nature you understand

the demonic nature right oh yeah i think


but how does it manifest itself in the

real world

um so basically

asuragana is the people uh

who mostly um

how do i relate you know mostly

um try to

control people and i’m not saying it is

your character okay

this is the character this these


will be there on your soul that is what

i am saying

is not saying when we come into

conclusion you will understand what this

actually means

uh so asuragana is actually means that

people who has demonic tendencies those


work with the black cat occult occult


datas and those who

use you know

chemicals which to keep to

accelerate themselves into uh

different experiences and

this is asuragana and


godly nature people who always like the

pleasant food

people who always like the good

good smells of people so always

looking for better things what we

what we are saying godly things we are

saying to some certain things like

beautiful paintings and sort of stuffs

like that

uh so i would like to say

it’s like angels you know

angels so these qualities are the godly

nature people

and astragana is the uh you know the


in christian mythology we would like to

lucifer but it is

again it’s not like in vedas we are not

saying it is

bad or wrong or whatever it is like a


uh or the hidden quality in our own self

if we analyze deep into our self

this is something which is hidden on us

so this is asuragana and the human


human nature is like people who be

behave like humans you know

those humans us the qualities of both


asuras and goats also and they

feel like helping people will

make them to you know

feel a sense of

belongings and a sense of understanding

sort of stuff this is uh called the

human nature so there are

three ganas one is asuragana uh devagana

and the human gana from this three from

these three

universes asuragana so this kind of


is deep inside you this is what the

natchatra is

giving um

so there is a guna okay


nature so if we see

into our mind they will be having a

balance in their mind

their mind will be a balanced thing

they won’t go that side or this side

it’s a balanced mind that is scottish


and reject nature they they these


are uh tend to um

tend to uh

um rule the people like uh

the animal which i could see with the


is the lion okay lion is the animal

that i can say it is a digestive animal

and masalas which are related to rajasik



satick food is like you know curd

kid you kid you know the milk products

oh yes well i thought i have a vehicle

so milk product is the swathic

food i mean the if you become the food

you can understand what

what it is like i mean so

people’s house to eat that food or not

that is not what i am saying i am saying

this food is a swathic food which means


swathi peoples will be like this

particular food

okay uh and tamasic

quality thomasic quality means that

um people um

who is like

food which is been gone

you know yesterday’s food day before

yesterday’s food

so like that the tamasip nature will be

so you were gonna from these are the

three gonads which

human beings possess these three your

uh uh most uh topmost to guna

is tamo gonna which means that

what it does is like most of the people

sits is cause

a problem of overthinking so

they mostly think uh what is

what is uh which is not real

and that that causes them to

lose their energy on the thought process

so that is what the three gunas means


you were gonna on this three is tamasi


and punjab there are five

elements uh you know water earth either

uh wind acne i mean a fire

so there are five elements is been

related to human beings

so from this uh your element

is the earth either i mean the akkas or

the sky

so what does it means like

you have very imaginative

think from your young young time itself

you you will see on sky

and your mind will look at on the sky


you try to see the sky this is the

one of the pancha buddha

for you sky is your buddha



so there is two sides in mind

uh there is sybig nature

also shakthik nature so what does it


uh shyvik nature means uh masculine


and shakti nature means a feminine


so uber nakshatra is the nachatra which

has the shakthik nature

which means that it is it

it has the feminine side

more than that of the masculine side

for instance um feminine side in the



you know creativity and

cooking sort of things that is the

shakti nature means so the nathatra

will be having two nature one is shybic

nature and another one is shakti nature

so pitta nature um

so what does this pitta nature means um

vada pitta and kappa in ayurveda if we


these are the three things which causes

the health issue one is vada another one

is pitta

another one is kapha so from these three

pitta nature is more on you and if you

balance this with the food

the food which will uh

balance the pizza nature most of your

health issues will disappear

so the pitta nature the uh

what the food is like the food which

which is easy to digest

so if you uh eat that kind of food

it it can reduce the health issues

which you are having

okay well i’m sorry what kind of

food.curry it’s not fairy food

sorry i i’m sorry i don’t say

i’ve i’ve got to eat fiery food you’ll


i mean i hate curry

my grandfather my grandfather loved the

hottest curry in the world

and they would bring him the hottest

curry uh and he would say add more

chillies it’s not hot enough

but i i my partner loves curries

but i i just make me ill

so what does it mean this um


food which is easy to digest like you

know corn

corn corn all right yes

yes i understand it lot of stuff with a

lot of

chili in it yeah chili less food

kubernetes is lovely i i i take

kubernetes as a supplement because it’s

very good for

getting rid of inflammation

everybody should eat cuban huh

kubernetes that’s what you call it

that’s that’s the basis of curry

well basis of indian food i don’t know i


oh well i don’t i’m sorry girl what what


solar gods of energy and light

so this link is being given in the uh a


document which i have shared with you

right can i download these these

thoughts that have started the required


i have a send you oh you’ve sent me the

link already

yeah i think that they said i’ll send

you first day

i mean i could read your i could read

the the url here

forward slash category forward slash

astrology forward slash

etc but

this this document i have sent you in

another yeah

that pdf document i have sent you now it

is there

in the pdf right thank you very much

so the the when we are coming to gods

uh as we know uh the indian

or the asian religions believe in


gods so

what does it actually means the multiple


are the uh not gods are such

it’s is a is you know

have you heard about pure land buddhism

pure land buddhism

yes yes so if people stand the

mantra of the ahmedabad and they believe

that they will get

rebirth into the plane of the ahmedabad

buddha where he is

into so that is what the pure land

buddhism speech

in the same way there are lot of buddhas

are existing

buddhas are nothing but it’s a it’s a

it’s a consciousness you know

it’s an expanded consciousness which is

been located in uh

it’s a metaphysical uh body

which is existing in in this particular

universe which we are into so ashtavasu

is a is a a particular metaphysical body

which is something similar to

you know they protect they protect what

the mythological figure which is being


to this particular vessels are that they

they they are protecting uh that

particular area

of the sky so

you are related to ashtavaso so which

means that

if you chant um the

mantra of the vasus

what it happens is like it will actually

help you to

accelerate your own energy self

and it will help you to live

your particular life in a more intensive


so so that is not god’s actually

the because the nowadays peoples are

making the

term god as as a cliche

you know people say that hindus are

believing in

thousands of gods no it’s not it’s it’s

wrong actually

hindus don’t believe in thousands of


it’s all the um one one energy sports

it’s not a god

uh actually hindus don’t believe in god

itself you know

it’s um it’s it’s not talking about god

it’s it’s all about brahman

and it is only one single entity that


is um is has no characteristics

it has no shape no nothing

it’s like a point of singularity it’s a

singularity i

i would like to say it as a singularity

we can only experience that we can

um i mean we can get merged into that

when we are alive

so there is no concept of god also in


uh peoples are saying

uh hindus believe in thousand quotes and

they are no what they are not realizing

is that hindus don’t have the

concept of god i understand

i understand

well this is all been this is


so there is a kriya so

kriya means

there are two kind of thing one is yoga

and another one is kriya

kriya is something helps you to


your own self to get

more into so the kriya is more related


tantric practices like accelerating


and awokening kundalini kind of things

that is what the kriya is more related

to and yoga

is mostly about the body like um

making hindu getting into good shape and

sort of stuff that is what the

yoga is mostly about and kriya is

actually it’s helping us to experience


absolute or the brahman that is what the

kriya is all about

um so there is a kriya for danish i have

made a video for that how to do that

and this kriya has been you know yogi


yes so they have a

practices which is similar to this


then there is a yoni which is simka

so what does it mean there are tol vioni

told bioni which means that uh this tall


is being divided into of the of

the nakshatra

and uh it is actually a

kama sutra position which peoples can

practice into bird

that will give them more more

lovemaking is more pleasurable and


so what does it means that


you have a lion uni and what does it

means that

you will be interested to rule in a

bird actually when you making love uh

you would like to rule the

but i don’t think that’s me at all

i’m afraid don’t i i’ve never i never

get angry i never get aggressive or


i don’t think i’m lazy either i work a


so yeah this is what

all about your uh nakshatra

tanishta i see well this is all


i could read all this can you send me

the link to this yeah yeah

i’ll send you i’ll send you okay i’d

like to study it myself it’s very

interesting i’m very fascinated by what

you have

told me um like

have i given you enough information you


is there are there any more questions

you’d like to ask me

like you do you would you

do you see any psychological aspect of

whatever we have discussed here

can you say i think what i think is very

interesting it starts to give me a lot

of food for thought

uh but i’d like to go away and study

this in my own time and

you know i don’t like i’m making up my

mind about anything very quickly

i like to reflect on things and think

about them

i think what the reading of it is for me

so would you like to i mean

can you like to help me like i mean can

we talk

maybe in later time like whether there

is a psychology glass but

which you could see over here or

something let me

know as i say yes let’s by all means do

that let’s either have a zoom conference

or exchange emails

and i will happily uh talk to you about

psychology but

i need to understand what

better what you think carefully

explained to me which i found very


uh before i can decide what what what

sense i make of it

within my own framework of knowledge

yeah that that will be something

interesting you know

so uh oh thank you that’s the uh

okay i got the https there no i’ll send

you this uh

i already send you just send you right


yeah i’ve got all your emails on my

system i’ll just click on the link

i’ll just send you right away i’d like


carry through it



that is very true it’s about people who

claim to be

buddhas or gurus who are not they’re

just fraudsters or they’re just

self-deluded and you want to be very

careful you know

i think that’s a good saying isn’t it

yeah it is a very good actually it’s

very character

if people people does it all the time no

they kill the jesus

they put him into cruise day

people visit all the time i think it’s


having to think about it

i’m based in bangalore right now i’m in


all right right yes i i don’t know it i

have been to india myself but only to

bombay at


i don’t think so i mean that’s many

years ago i’m quite ancient now

god this is so interesting you’ve done a

huge amount of work on this i’m very

grateful to you

i should look forward to reading it with

immense interest no the thing is like

you know the nowadays the peoples are


giving much importance to this


astrological work because it is it is


some people cities using it as a dogma

like um

yeah some people are getting caught into

this framework like

it is like um it has no um

real life application and and mostly

you know you understand the samsara

rather than that of working on

mind like um what i would say i will be


already like what we see is what we are

you know so how to program what we see

that is what this entire aspect of the

you know the astrology so the basically

peoples are like a mirror

on the time goes on when they caught up

with their life what happens is like

there will be complete dust on the


you know people have to clean it up here

and there in order to make it


so shall we speak again in a few weeks


yeah or we could we can uh

we haven’t spoken about your uh chart

that we just spoken about your netra

right well but i i i have another i have

another meeting coming on about

minutes time so i have to sit this


but listen thank you very much we’ve

been speaking for an hour

which is great and uh

i’m very interested in what you have to

say i’ll read what you sent me

and maybe send you an email in a week or

so it’s time when i’ve had a chance to

read it

yeah you can go back again

good good so just take care of yourself


that’s i’m saying i hope all goes well

with you

yeah so that’s by going back to my

original language

but your english is very good indeed


thank you much better than my hindi


what exists so would it be difficult to

be better than that

but i think you have a wonderful a

wonderfully interesting

world to live in

i do i’m not sure that’s the kind thing

to say because you know there’s a

chinese curse

which says may you live in interesting


that’s the sense of curse so i think we

both live in interesting times at the


yeah and we have to speak about your

chart also but

the planetary positions i have we just

spoken about your natchito we didn’t

spoke about your

natal chat right well perhaps we could

do on the next occasion

yeah yeah we will do it in this

operation so uh you

you as concluding this uh would you like

to say something to

people who who is gonna yes

i say what would i say well

i don’t like pieces of advice i think

they’re all spurious

but i said what my work has shown is the

world is much more interesting and much

more complicated

and we are much more easily dead astray

by people with bad intention

you know uh i think two and a half

thousand years ago

uh sunyat said the man who wrote the art

of war

said there are five human weaknesses

which you can recognize

by the word flag and these five


are fear lust

anger greed

and envy

and if you if you are people who try

manipulators and students and subverters

will try and plug in on one of those

weaknesses they’ll try and make us

afraid they’ll try and make us satisfy

our sense of greed

or make us angry and if you look at

social media these days

you’ll see that so many people are

intent on making people afraid

people angry people greedy uh

i i i’m sorry the s the final s flags

it stands for sympathy or they’ll try

and arouse our sympathy for a particular


and you’ll be should be very wary when

anybody because what they will do

they will offer you what is called in

business world hurt and heal they’ll

first of all try to hurt you

and then they’ll offer you an apparent


so you for example you are very afraid

you are right to be afraid the word is


i’m saying this is what they said all i


be afraid be very afraid and i will show


how to overcome that fear vote for me

buy this product

do this be aware of these people they’re

out to manipulate your mind in

virtual sense you know

don’t don’t i’d start you wrote

albert einstein the world famous


he was a jew and when the nazis came to

pie in

germany they had a huge

genocidal anti-jewish program and

einstein had to flee and he fled to


and while he was in america german


published a paper a letter to one of

their newspapers one of the german


and said that relativity was all wrong

and it was a jewish plot

and i and people said to us i generally

said to i said what do you think of this

and he said it doesn’t matter if

people tell me that

it just takes one person to show me that

so you and i think

well one good word of warning is don’t

believe something because people tell

you that

you know tell believe it if they can

prove it that

so that would be my advice be aware

there are a lot of demons out there

trying to subvert you and take your

allegiance take your money

take your beliefs or for their own guide

not for your gain um so how do you see


uh reading of mind like is it

something giving a value to people or uh

did it given some value to you

anything which makes me think about how

i to approach the world and

what perceptions i have of the world and

how i think about the world

is very valuable because it challenges

your assumptions

you know and a lot of the things we make

we make because when i was studying


there was a very pompous

consultant and he always

believed that what he said was the truth

and what anybody else said if they

contradict him was not true

and on one occasion he was contradicted

by a young student

in a diagnosis he made

and he was very angry about this he said

young man

i have had years experience of

diagnosing this disease

and the young man said sir in my opinion

you had one year’s experience which you

have repeat

times so just because somebody has

got a

lot of what they term experience doesn’t

mean that they’re right

but i think anything which makes us

think about

even if we don’t believe it think about

it what is it telling you what is it

telling you about yourself

you know because we are what we we are

what we i’ve been experienced to and you

have through this past

hour or so have shown me a a different

world of way of looking at my bride

which i find very valuable and


um if somebody want to uh contact you

or what all other things people can

contact you and if somebody want to

contact you how they can

publish my email on your on your site by


it’s it’s very easy to uh if you can’t

write to me

david this is my full name david

at dr dr for doctor

david lewis l-e-w-i-s

david lewis dr david lewis dot co dot

so for that reason people can contact

you for raw

oh they just just drop me an email i’m

always happy to get emails from

interesting people like yourself yeah

thank you daughter yeah yes

uh goodbye how do you say goodbye in

your language um


yeah are we like that okay

okay well and you could say goodbye

english was your english is so good yeah

baby goodbye

thank you very much for the call yeah

lovely speaking with you

yeah thank you

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