Vedic reading series episode no – 8 (Role of tantra for empowering Women part-2) -Chithra Nakshatra

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This is the continuation of our first podcast Role of tantra for empowering women. If you didnt saw that please listen to that first before continuing with this.

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In at this podcast we are talking about the chart of claudia.

Welcome to Vedic reading series episode no – 8 Role of tantra for empowering women part-2

Below is a non verbal transcript of the podcast

sequences of coachings yeah

yeah okay uh

so we will go for your chat actually

yeah we got you did you go received the

chat which i have sent you

you’re making out what i’m speaking yeah

i didn’t understand you’re sorry

okay i have sent you a chat right

yes yes you got the chat with you

yeah i i had a look and i understand a

little bit of it

but not all all right

yeah so with the babylonian astrology

which is

a circle right yes

and there it’s square

it’s just square yeah exactly that is

the difference and

in babylonian astrology the uh

degrees of the houses will differ

i mean some houses will be degrees

some houses will be degree

some houses will be yeah they’re not


it depends from the system

yeah yeah yeah but

in vedic astrology there is only

degree so this is tall houses

which is actually degree each

all right you saw the peak right like


rahu ascendant mars moon yeah


and degree each now

when i see your chart

before we are coming to your chat we

will go to your nat chatra so basically

babylonian astrology

is is uh mostly um you know

there is not a concept called nakshatra

the group of stars as a stars comes

together is a group

so it will be like it will be like a

group of stars which you can see in sky

so this is called the natchitra so

and based on that it is like fixed on

the sky

you know it’s you know in a particular

direction it has been fixed if we look

at on

look at on those from the planet earth

we could see that it has been fixed on

the sky

uh so that is how we see that


so you can see

ascendant right in the chat which i have

shared you

yes when ascendant

was in that particular house what was

the group of stars

in uh that particular time is your


for instance uh it is

ascendant is in leo in your chat

yes it is

so when ascendant was there

yeah i just must get something to drink



and you see that because of the

ascendant no no no what i’m saying

ascendant uh this is the particular area

where the

group of stars is fixed so that is why

the ascendant is fixed on the fifth

house so that is where you were

nakshatra is so

your nachatra or the group of stars is

known as chitra nashidra

okay uh so each nashitra

is been associated with one bird


one animal and one tree

and there are other aspects as well like

psychological aspect how your mind is

being formed

out of the chitra how the how the you

how your mind

is looks like uh from this particular

chakra if you see

so that is from the ascendant actually

this is the entry to

tundra like when we um

try to merge into uh

you know the absolute uh we could

actually see how our

energies is being placed in our body

using this

uh particular chart and um

this is like we can actually reorder our

own system using

uh mantras indras yandras has a very

big importance in tundra

you know the yantras right

not exactly okay they are diagrams

that they are in the diagram yeah

diagrams you see now the muladhara

like diagrams triangle dots

all right yes

yeah so this is like how to use all


things in our daily life in order to um

uh get more faster spiritual growth

so that is where the tundra actually

comes into

i mean the astrology plays a role in the


um so when we while we are coming to

your uh uh nakshatra

first thing we will come to your

nachatra what and all we can see

is i’ll tell you uh

so your bird is a crow

so for the chitra nachatra the bird

is a crow which means that


you your bed you

will possess some certain qualities of

the crow

like it will go

into uh the importance of the uh

crow is like this the uh the general

purpose of the crow is like this they

will go to wherever

it want and it will get whatever it


this is how the crow works and it’s a

kind of

animal which is a kind of bird which is

related to


you know common mythology


so your tree is wood apple

all right whatever yes so did you saw


particular tree wood apple

you mean on the chart no did you saw

that particular tree anywhere



so this is a tree which what is this

means is like uh this particular tree is

something which you can easily

communicate to

so the trees also possess one kind of

certain kind

of you know understanding and

where you also possess a certain kind of

understanding so

what happens is like you could easily

communicate with

this particular tree uh and you can take

the um

the most out of this particular tree


you know uh we are not

a being which is actually disconnected

uh from other existence because this is


so when we are seeing it as uh in a

tantric viewpoint

what we see is a mother and it is

feminine and

we are all related to uh

the existence so budape is your tree and

what does it means is like you could

go near to this particular tree and you

can experience

uh the soul of this particular tree

so that that is what the wood apple

stands for

coming down and you were gonna is

asuragana so there are basically three

ganas one is

uh uh asuraguna devagana and

so what does it means is like asuragana

is is a ghana

which which you possess demonic


yes demonic yeah

demonic acid

yeah asura is demonic energy

deva is a godly energy


is human energy so from this three you


uh asura call it i mean demonic energy


and that means

uh for instance um

demonic energy this is like

you know negative and positive

godly people there is nothing wrong with

the positive and negative because

if the negative is there there will be

positive there is no differences

actually like

positivities are also as same as what is

negative actually

so people who wear white dress and they

go to

church and they like oh i am that and

this i’ll do only this much and

i i go to church every sunday and i

recreate the whatever it is coming and

that is what i am this is like

godly people there is nothing wrong in

that i am not saying there is something


but the opposite peoples are like

demonic people they

i mean this is the easiest way to we can

distinguish between this demonic and

godly people

but doesn’t mean that godly peoples are

much more better than

demonic people all right

both are same that is why we worship

both the

thing if we dig into uh indian

philosophy there is no differences

between the

god and the demon

there is no concept of god and there is

no concept of

lucifer also like both are same

gold both are same gold and the lucifer

is both are same

all right so now we have

an asura quality which means that you

possess demonic quality much more you

understood what does it mean

yeah a little bit you you mean it’s it’s


like two sides um

yeah yin and yang dark and

the opposite


and bright dark and bright yeah

yeah exactly same the thing which you uh

the position also like

you just said now the same thing like

that this is like

so uh demonic quality

you possess more means you possess

more of a dark uh

quality the energies which are

i experience more dark quality

you possess yeah you experience

uh more that quality yeah okay

yes so what yeah time times in my life i

had got a lot of

people who are against me


yeah or who who wanted

want yet who want to stops me

from doing what you’re doing yes from

doing what i’m doing yes

this was it was a little bit like the

fight to

yeah to do that

yeah you can actually that is what the


and you possess tamo guna

better i mean it doesn’t mean that okay

the demonic quality which people will

get into confusion is that

whether they are wrong or what but

that is that is not the correct answer

like there is nothing like

right or wrong you know uh everything is

correct only that is why everything is

happening in that particular way

so in terms of nature that is the

tamo guna is something which you possess


it is one of the three kuna that is

tamasic nature is

something which you process more uh

what does it mean thomasic nature is


is a kind of uh overthinking which which

happens inside you

it’s a kind of what thinking over

thinking if

for instance overthinking

overthinking you understood you mean a


thinking no like

uh you will be keep thinking for

instance something has happened oh

this is happened so it is because of

this it is because of that it is because

of this it’s

it’s like energy is keep repeating on

the same issue that that is something

which won’t allow you to move forward

and the energies are based on you mean

to connect

um situations or things that happening

um overthinking

is like for instance um you know uh

one nail which is on wall has fallen


yeah yes for instance it’s fallen down

so this is an

instance it’s happened uh

now you started to think about that

particular situation

no matter what so if i didn’t done this

the nail would not be fallen down

if i would this the wall will be like

there only

if i wouldn’t be done that is this this

i think i know what

i mean yeah it’s like again and again

and again keep

repeating so what happens is like all

the energies which you have will

go into this particular direction that

is that will keep you

engaged into this overthinking uh


you know so that that is something which

won’t allow you to

move further so it’s good

huh it’s bad it’s bad

yeah because it will actually eat up all

the energy

all right um i i

understand what you mean yeah so

the life happens when things are keep

happening right

new new things comes up new new things

opens up

so what happens the thomasic nature is

is uh basically uh hide

us from uh what is happening in front of


like it won’t allow us to move forward

in life it will

get us ticked into the uh

whatever has been already happened


so that is something called tamasic


then there is one buddha which is

dominant on you is like fire

that is called acne uh you know

i’ve already heard the word acne yeah

acne is something like

it will burn things

so you have the quality of burning thing

you know what what does it mean yeah

what does it mean

yeah sometimes it’s good that things


yeah and sometimes he’s dangerous

it’s not like that um how we could say

like you know the word

it’s fire acne is fire okay yes

when the fire burn fire will burn

everything all right i see what you mean

but the fire is huh

it is choice uh it’s

not destroying also sometimes essential

but it’s not destroying also sometimes

essential it’s not essential


so this fiery quality and the fire won’t

be get destroyed whatever it destroys

whatever it burns the fire won’t be get


all right it can burn but it won’t be

get burned

so this is a good quality you have one

of the buddha

which you have is a fire fire

okay and

when we see there are two aspects in our


like there is masculine aspect and there

is feminine aspect

so when we see in your

chart the feminine aspect is more

so you have a creativity the shakti

aspect so this

this shakti aspect is like it’s

it’s um if we dig deep into the

uh erotic energy so basically

um shakti accelerate the

erotical energy all right

so this is something you have feminine

nature more

and might be good for a woman yeah it’s

good for women

i i mean i prefer woman with uh

i mean she has a creativity

i don’t like masculine woman

i mean it see if hello

you’re saying something yeah i’m here

what is that i’m fine

you sent me something no no no no i

didn’t say anything



so vishwa karma is a celestial

architecture in that particular area

so this is the god which which which

uh protect that particular area his name

is vishwa karma

so what happens is like if you uh chant

his mantra

you could easily connect with this

particular god

so his name is vishwa karma he uh he is

a celestial architecture his job is to

construct and protect

the entire universe this

this is a job


there is a kundalini yoga which is being

associated with your nachatra

so this is this is a kind of yoga which

i accelerate

kundalini energy like it will actually

uh um

you know take out the kundalini energy

and it

channels through you properly kriya and

yoga is

two different things okay yoga is a

physical exercise and the kriya is

actually happening through union

it’s directly awokening kundalini energy


kriya is something which which will

evoke your

kundalini energy and it will

translate everything through your body

all right

then your yoni yoni is

you know there are tall sexual types

according to uh astrology the peoples

will be there are total kind of peoples

will be there

those who uh based on their uh

power you know their sexual type

you know so


that is associated with the tall animals

from that

your sexual type is um

tiger uni tiger yoni

yeah all right so what does it mean

uh one of the uh positions

which helps you to unite with

your partner is being

on top and one leg is on his one hand

and one is what one leg

is in his one arm

one lock is in his one arm yeah one leg

what is lock lick lick

our one leg is in his one arm

all right

so uh the biagra trigarioni so that that

is actually you could see in the

document which i have shared with you

in which one in the in the first one

both are same

bottom both are same there is uh

if you want i’ll can send you right away

i have got another chart i have got a


i’ll send you this in that there is a


which leads you to net chatra in that

you could

figure out what is your uni i’ll i’ll

just send i have just dropped you all


thank you very much yeah



i’ve heard it

i think i will look it up uh yeah

when we finished yes exactly

uh so coming back to your natchito chart

okay uh i mean the chart which we were

speaking about previously that

tall houses and planet replacement

uh i could see ascendant is on fifth


so leo you uh

leo means is a lion so

the thing is like you you like to

rule any kind of situation which is

happening around you

that is true yes it’s and it’s really


in the in the astrology in in the

western natural

astrology i’m on a half

degree of virgin

and here i’m a leo

so it’s the sign before or the side

yeah there is a there is a difference

like um

what happens is like um in western


actually there is a tilt in uh um

how the earth is looks like like there

is a tilt

earth is like this now

if we look at on the planet the earth


a small tilt but uh

the western astrology they took earth

like this

they didn’t consider this tilt


what happens is like there is a

degree difference from the

western astrology to indian astrology

so uh so there is a one house



leo yeah so in western astrology

ascendant will be on virgo and whereas

in indian astrology the ascendant will

be in leo

but in the in the western astrology in


chart uh it’s only a half

degree virgin so it’s really really

close to the leo before

so it’s just like a mixture and yeah

when you when you say i’m leo

yeah and you say i want to rule every

situation and

yes sometimes that right that’s right

no it’s this is i’m not saying that the

uh this astrology is uh particularly

better than that of the

western astrology no it’s like western

astrology more about mind

more about mind mind mind

ah mind i see what you mean ah

and and the indian astrology or the

tantric astrology

it’s more about the um

events like this is for instance it can


this will happen and you know happen to

you this is the this might be the reason

why it is going on and there will be

remedies like

mantras will be given yoga postures will

be given

and this it’s not about mind it’s about


you know the difference between what is

mind and what is self

i know what mind is and and the second

word i didn’t get quite

self self serve

self s e l of self

s e l y

mind and self yeah i know what you mean

so the indian astrology more about self

and it’s more about


you you know what is liberation so in

indian mythology there is nothing called

hell or heaven or nothing like that only

thing is like liberation

self-realization and getting liberated

yeah freedom huh the absolute freedom so

the astrology which is been written in


is basically speaking about how to

attain that

it is not about how to conduct a good

thing like

if you are bad you have to be perfectly



you should not be good if you are good

a little bit it is not allowed

and you are not bad enough


you know what i mean if you are good you

should be perfectly good

all right

so indian astrology is written in for


so this is the important difference is a

is a blueprint for

liberation it’s nothing to do with your


because what is inside on you

what you are experiencing is what you


inside second

you experience something okay

it is because what you are inside on you

what i’m in what you experience is what

you are ah all right

yeah so the

this thing is about

to make you perfectly you

self and that is how you get

liberation all right yeah i

i i just i think i guess it i get it

yeah so



better than uh self i don’t know english

word of the cheetah

man so

none of this is you okay you are

something beyond that

so once you understand the self you will

get to what is that beyond

so vedic astrology is something like a

blueprint for that

you know to get into what it is

so it’s not for you to do a good deed

it’s not for you to do a bad date or

nothing like that

you are okay with whatever the life you


might be little confusing like you know

you are a killer and

you are good as a killer you are good

it’s like you know there is

there is no morality yeah yeah

all right so um if i’m a killer i’m good

if i’m a good killer you should be

all right yeah that is the way for you

what i’m it’s like what i’m made for

i’m good in yeah

like that and there are some yoga


and there are some breathing techniques

and there are some sexual postures

and there are some all those things are

associated with this particular thing

that is uh basically uh

that is basically tundra is

it’s not about the outer body experience

it’s not about it’s it’s all the

byproduct of that

it’s not just about big orgasm

all these things you should have i mean

you should get a big orgasm you should

get an outer body experience

all this experience a person should get


the finest product is like

self-realization so that’s why

uh this astrology is being formed to

understand all these uh things


yeah you’re good i’m on the way

um so when yeah

ascendant on fifth house and mars is

staying on

sixth house

uh first second third second house is

what second house is mars

so you you make

money out of uh calculation

all right i mean i mean wisdom is your

dhana which means that your asset is

your knowledge


thank you

uh i think i try to do the best

yeah you you can give the best

which means that spirituality is your


there are two planets moon and venus

so moon means a woman and

venus means men

probably you might be having two kids

one is a

female and another one is male

you mean i have got two souls

in my breast a female and a male one


what what what do you mean

moon is a woman and venus is a male

that is putrababa that is on fifth house

which means that

you how many kids you have two

one is a female and another one is a

male no both are male

both are male and um

yeah we we lost one child

during pregnancy and this have had been


um a girl

so there is probability of two

kids in your uh jadaka i can see

that is in putra bhava and one

is like it has more feminine quality

probably it could be uh it could be

a female kid or it could be a

man who is capable of having the female

kind of uh understanding that’s right

that is right yes

and venus is um


one another guy uh venus is the planet

which has been

associated with the enjoyment

and drugs sex and all those kind of


so one person might be

like i will get exposure to this kind of


it’s really funny i’ve got of course

i’ve got the charts of my childs yes

of my sons and the first has got

five planets in

capricorn in the western astrology

and six planets in the

tenth house

the other one has got

i think venus and mars

at the at the

peak of the tenth house

the emcee

and we always say he knows how to live

and to enjoy life yeah

so it fits doesn’t it

yeah it fits i mean i told you know the

there is not i mean both astrologies are


the western aspect is like because in


we are more spiritual oriented

the peoples who comes out from the

india is more spiritual oriented but

from the west the mind is more body

so yeah but i think it depends how you

read the the no

no the thing is like the body oriented

people’s will develops

things which is around the body all


spiritual oriented peoples will uh

develop things which is around the

spirituality that is how it happens

i see what you mean so the

western astrology more about uh

mind so it’s like how to deal with the

uh you know the body stuffs and things

like that but

in indian astrology it is it is much

more deep it has another layer also it’s

spiritual much more


very interesting so that is one

difference but

nothing is this both synergically

it it it goes well both will go together

there’s not much difference but yeah if


if you are good in i mean if we want to

dig deep into

what is like we can just talk about uh

different houses of the indian astrology

and western astrology maybe sometime

later we can

see how is this c is gonna work together

we can see i mean i don’t have much

exposure into

uh uh western astrology whereas i have

much exposure into vedic astrology or

tantric astrology

where you have much exposure into

western astrology and

we could probably we could see what what

could go

and how it’s working yeah so we are

going from there uh id

uh sixth house there is sun sun is

staying on sixth house which means that





sun is the planet which is associated

with the

father and that is in sixth house

sisters which means that that house is

associated with the

enemy so uh

any enemy yeah so how was the

relationship with your father how was it

there was no relationship

my my my parents

only had a few nights a few months

and my grandmother

don’t want that they marry

mary yeah

so i i don’t know my father i know his

family now

since a few years but i had no contact

to him

and i think he’s already dead

he already died so this is what it is


sisters is showing me

well it is like it is

so saturn is staying on

seventh house


one two three moon

saturn and moon

saturn and moon so what does it means


it’s related to your own relationship

like um


it will be like um you might be having

um different uh

you like different people like you you

can have a


relationship with both men and women

and there is some friction in your


because it’s on seventh house there is

saturn stay

and we can see when it has been happened

tell me

what does friction mean does it mean

a break or

like um






and it will happen like



plus it’s for .

after there might be a

bad um friction in your

relationship you mean after



no it’s it’s happened plus

which is like um

after my power

my power has gone yeah i see it



but we can go on yeah after

there was

yeah and the

high energy planet

mars is the highest energy planet in

your chart which means that

this particular uh planet

is the alma karaka planet which which

means that

what is the quality that is residing

inside you

is depends on the mars

so this is this this particular thing

you could actually it has been

associated with a particular rudrach

and if you wear that that can actually

accelerate this particular energy on you

so that is what the mass is mostly

associated with


so we have done almost everything

do you have any question no

not at the moment all good

i didn’t yeah i it was good um

yeah i didn’t understand everything


um yeah

for example i don’t know really what is

nakshatra or

all right it’s a group of stars which

you can see

on sky yeah

i think i will have a more intensive


on that yeah maybe we can

talk about i mean we can have another

forecast where we can talk about

the difference between the western

astrology and the

all right yeah that would be really nice

and i i yes i try to find something in

german about

the vedic astrology

because it’s really hard for me to to

get that in english

no because i can’t speak german actually


i didn’t expect that

so yes it was very really very



um so yeah we are almost done

so we are winding up do you want to say

something to people those who are

gonna listen to this thing

not not really at the moment i want to


thank you for for your work

your energy you put in

okay yeah it was it was really


in a way it was a nice chat


and if people want to uh uh

come to you for a tantric

massage or sort of stuff how can they

connect to you

can you pitch yourself for uh two words

um i’ve got a website it’s

the name is taro ling t a


epsilon oh my god

what’s it in english

it’s not why

one of the last three letters

in alphabet one moment

friction i

look it up

that’s it y it’s a y

so it’s t a y o l

i n g dot

d e yes and of course

they see a telephone number on the side

in the impression yes

and i’m looking forward


okay yeah thank you for being uh

a guest for this thing

uh yeah

yeah thank you very much yeah and maybe

we make another

talk yeah we could yeah

we could talk about the western

astrology and uh

yeah if you like yeah yeah yeah

thank you very much and have a nice day

yeah i’m gonna sleep i’m gonna sleep

it’s nine o’clock

uh all right now we have evening

six nearly six o’clock half past five


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