The art of story writing and the autobiography of an orgasm. -Ardra Nakshatra

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Betsy B. Murphy writes about sensuality and her path to enlightenment through the body. Her solo show “The O Diary” is Betsy’s provocative, funny, eccentric pilgrimage to make peace with her body. The show is based on her popular book, Autobiography of An Orgasm. Betsy teaches Qoya and Writing retreats around the world.

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Qoya is a movement system based on the idea that through movement, we remember our essence is wise, wild and free. In at this podcast we are speaking about her journey which made her write about her book, an autobiography of an orgasm and her life events art of story writing Kamasutra and temples systems in India. And her upcoming book.

So lets begin our new episode Vedic reading series episode no – 9 (The art of story writing and the autobiography of an orgasm)

Below is a non verbal transcript of the podcast


so hi thank you to join the

uh podcast um

for the invitation yeah i have gone


some of your work uh like you your books

and your films

sort of stuff uh can you speak about

that like

what you do and how do you see all those

why you did all those and

sort of stuff yeah oh

well i am i would say i’m a

a human first i am a mother of four

adult children and a grandmother of two


girls and i’m also a

writer and storyteller which i started

when i was very young i was always

writing poems when i was a little girl

and making taking my dad’s camera and


my friends dress up as like cavemen and

then adding the soundtrack and

and i uh ended up going into documentary


and the films kind of always found me

but my first three films were about the


and they it’s i was making stories about

other people

but there seemed to be a theme in each

film that was speaking to my life like

it was answering a question in my own


two of the films were about um

overcoming uh not overcoming but

but um accomplishing accomplish

making having an accomplishment in spite


in this case racism which is not my

problem as a white

woman but uh i was close to the films

because my dad was best friends of this

this basketball coach that coached the

first all black team

so i my work has been uh a lot of

anti-racism work

um but

the other thing that happened with my

films years ago is that

i was told uh films with you know black

stories don’t sell and it didn’t occur

to me when i was making it i thought

this is an important story it’s been


and so i made it and so my films got

good reviews but not much attention

uh in some way that was a a gift because

i would have imagined myself uh you know

living in

hollywood now being a successful


and instead i i started doing this

healing work around my body

of in my mid-s having these memories


of that were suppressed of

experiencing abuse when i was younger

against my body

not feeling safe in my body and so

quietly i started doing this work

around healing my body to see if it was

possible for me to

feel anything after feeling nothing at

all and kind of

smiling and faking it through life and

that became

um a book called autobiography of an


and um similar to the very popular book

autobiography of

a yogi so it was really my spiritual

journey to

not just reclaim my orgasm to see if it

was possible but

uh to reclaim feeling good in my body


i expected to quietly release that book

and and what happened was

people from all over the world wrote to

me and said thank you very much

uh something like that happened to me

too and i never spoke up

um i thought i was the only woman in the

world faking orgasms and all of a sudden

both men and women were writing to me

and so the problem wasn’t

i realized the problem wasn’t me it was


in a uh culture and a world that

um wasn’t having these conversations and

you know why don’t we feel safe in our

bodies and

um why don’t we feel comfortable

speaking up and telling the truth about


even if it’s an uncomfortable you know


and that turned into me also helping


especially women write their stories

and now i do the one thing that i’m

always going for the thing that like

scares me because it scared me to speak

up and tell the truth about my you know

central path

and it also um scares me to get on stage

and speak out loud so now i do

a solo shows telling my stories you know

on stage

which actually reaches more people


not everybody reads books these days so

that’s where i am right now um you can

tell me the rest of my life in the

what’s gonna happen so the

thing is like uh when i read the book i


i didn’t read your book uh when i saw

your book in

internet it’s like autobiography of an

orgasm yeah

um the same feeling like when the yogis

get into meditation

it’s also orgasm it

happens in another dimension um

body also we can experience the same

uh and this is something which caught my


and uh i thought of writing to you

uh how do you speak about that and when

i started

this podcast also almost two to three

months back i started my podcasting

uh things about the sex uh orgasm

and how the women feel about their body

and sort of stuff and

it is it’s a kind of still a taboo uh

i mean in u.s also it’s a taboo

you can imagine how you ever been in


yeah yeah

several times and yeah definitely won’t


on stage talking about it there

so you can imagine this is like very

you know i mean the

kama sutra the book is been written in

india and the film which is being made

out of that book is being

banned in india yeah well it’s

interesting because

my first trip to india i went to


and you know there are temples there

with all of the positions and kamasutra

and so

so it’s interesting that it’s taboo

there yet

uh you know your history is um

it’s there in the history and so uh

why we are still uh having these really

uncomfortable conversations around

our body and for me the essences

is uh feeling good in our body and

feeling safe in our body

and uh so i think it’s important that we

have these conversations now my mother


and it still makes her really

uncomfortable that i talk about this

but her friends love having me over


they’ve you know they’re the same age

and they’ve

uh they’ve stayed quiet all their life


we can uh uh we need to be having these

conversations about

if we don’t feel good and safe in our

bodies why

and and then bringing the conversation


i wish i could find like different words

for orgasm and sex because

it brings up whatever somebody wants to

bring up

um and can make people really

uncomfortable when it should be as

um people that read on my book or see my


say that uh the way i tell the story

it’s like that i’m telling you know

talking about like just washing my

clothes or something that it’s just such


you know normal part of life and so how

can we

show up and have these you know


um and we’re just part of the truth of

our bodies

and um how our body naturally expresses


is through orgasm

so it’s i usually use the

word love making to replace the word sex

actually and i wish

experiencing god is can be replaced with


word orgasm but the thing is like

the term god is something like a cliche

nowadays like

people are believing like there is

somebody sitting on top on our head and

he is

uh playing all the plays in our life and

sort of stuff and some other people

think something

other thing but the orgasm

i didn’t figured any other words which i

could replace but the

word sex i can replace with the love

making actually you know


so yeah however i found it is uh

orgasm is like we have shiva shakti

uh concept it’s like half men and half

woman that is what the true state of

being being

natural like then when the shiva and

shakti comes together

we can experience a natural state of

orgasm without touching our body contact

i have done a podcast about that with

somebody from uk she’s talking about

orgasm and how the orgasm has

healed her cancer

she was talking about gem gem iris and

she is talking about how the

orgasm and the full body orgasm has

healed her

cancer and sort of stuff in our other


and yeah that is something interesting

that you could

you could also here too

yeah it’s there in my podcast list and

yeah we can and what is that the book is

all about what is the story of the book

can you just the book the autobiography

of an orgasm

yeah uh so it’s um uh

the book is not about what happened to

me the book is about

um me doing research and

trying to see you know at the time i was


to see if it was even possible for me to

have an orgasm because

after having these memories of

of of not feeling safe in my body when i

was younger and i literally had to go


into when was the last time i felt good

in my body i’d been married i’d had four

children i was divorced and i was trying

to think when was the last time i felt

good in my body

and i just kept going back going back

and it came back to a memory of when i

was six

and and and something happened to me but

you know

before that happened i felt good in my


and because i didn’t speak up uh there

you know

uh you know there was a disconnect there

and then years

of experiencing uh

sexual assault uh a rape when i was .

uh but one thing was happening i was i


you know in intimate relationships so i

was making love and i was faking it

and because i thought my body was

damaged i thought that i was the problem

and i also lived in this world that told

me i was the problem

you know take prozac you’re depressed


um nobody nobody ever asked me

you know if um there had been any abuse

in my life

and so i quietly did this research

um you know with just trusting wherever

i was guided from

working with a jade egg um which you

insert into your vagina

um to working with you know uh

your so-called sex experts to um

taking classes on you know i wanted to

have you know an orgasm and one teacher

said well what kind you want to have you

know there are

there are different kinds and i was

like i just want one

so a lot of it was just research into

like what did i

want and so it was finally um you know

even dance classes

uh i i took and it was finally it was

the answer was with me i was looking for

outside for all these experts to tell me

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you know how my body worked and what

worked for me

was just spending time every day

understanding my body not being afraid

of my body

and even you know if it was if it wasn’t


for me to have one um i thought maybe

it’s possible for me

to feel good in my body again and it was

and then of course

you know what my body just needed to

feel was safe and then

it’s been absolutely no problem what i

will say is

when you are i look forward to listening

to the podcast with jen but

when we have an orgasm with a partner in

a trusted relationship

that brings every cell of our body back

into balance

so it you know it balances the health of

your body having an

orgasm but once again this is with a

trusted partner

and you know not including all these


or fantasies it’s just like getting back

to the connection

to self into your body and a trusted

partner can be yourself

so you don’t need to be in a

relationship um i’m i’m i’m surprised

how healthy i am now i had sore throats

from the age of six

onward and um in the last you know my

book was released in i have not

been sick since

and um but once again so you know

beyond lovemaking um

and feeling good in your body orgasm is

you know a medicine as this

woman has experienced so but the answer

was um

the uh sex expert that i was looking for

my body was me

you know so um that’s what the book is

about and it’s um

it’s uh it’s a it’s uh surprisingly when

the reviews came out about it

people were saying you know reviewers

were saying oh

it’s really funny and at first i was

like well it’s about my sensual path you

know i took that as you know

not good but then i realized i was able

to tell the story in a way that

pulled people in to stay with it versus

uh this is a word

a story about abuse and i don’t want to

read it

and who wants to think about a

middle-aged woman having sex

and uh and uh and i was

able to tell the story in a you know um

just a curious way of of someone going

on an adventure searching for some

something just like the wizard of oz but


yeah so that’s what it’s about yeah

um so we will start with the you are


so the thing is like um

you have aries lagna i mean the


which is in s according to vedic thing

that you could

see the uh chat now that um

um you know the

the chart which is a gray one that you

could see

yeah uh in that there is first house it

is there is the ascendant

so what does it means to you like it

means that

there will be troubles in early marriage

which means that you could have got

married very early

uh comparatively and there could be a


with that early marriage may occur

and there could be a difficulty

in finding uh a home if you look at on

your house there will be

a lot of trouble just being offered like

you are searching for a home and it’s

not shooting

another home another home another home

so can you go

home i’ve lived without a home for seven


i’ve lived without a home for seven

years right now

without a home it is a difficulty

okay um

so that is what the uh aries uh

says and what it is also says is like


characteristics of like you

are you are a kind of very

angry person you will get angry very


if something happens around you will you


feel like oh i’m like that then you will

start fighting and sort of stuff

it will happen very easily so

uh that is what it is saying it is first


then you were

okay i’ll show you my screen

can you see

can you see yes yeah

um so this is the nakshatra

ardra is your nakshatra so what does it


uh you know what is actually

i know i would love for you to um review

it i listen on the other podcast

yeah um it’s like uh nakshatra is a

group of stars

you know if you look at on the sky um

there will be

i’m keep repeating this in every podcast

like there will be a degree around

you and

it is actually divided into house and

if you look at on the sky

uh the ascendant will be in a particular

direction you know that

um um rectangles which is a small small

a big rectangle and it has been divided

into twelve equal rectangles

uh that you could see is in a gray area

and uh if you look at on the ascendant

uh the ascendant will be in a particular

direction and what

what could be the group of stars in that

particular direction

is is being taken as your natchatra so

there are of them

which is around this degree of the


you know in western astrology it is a

circle uh

but here it is a rectangle the

difference is

not much because it’s also actually a

circle but um for easier understanding

it is been

shown as a rectangle

so that is what it is and there are s

of nachatras are there

and one of this nachatra is called

aardra and aadhra

is your natchitra


so you have a sukla pacha

shukla pacha means there are five birds

which has been associated with

each nachatra and you got birth in


uh which means that zero to full moon

and full moon to seromon uh it’s a

circle when the

moon is revolving around the

you know earth uh the

moon will come and it will start to


around the earth and when we are

observing it from the earth it will

be like there is zero moon and there

will be full moon

so the zero to full moon there will be a

circle and full moon to ceremony there

will be a circle

and zero moon to full moon it is known

as shukla pacha and full moon to

uh seromon it is known as krishna basha

so you got birth into shukla pacha when

the zero moon to a full moon

that journey so in that particular area

or the particular

this thing is being taken care by the


animal all is is not like

a real animal okay it’s a mystical


uh like um see if we look at on


also we are also mystical beings


you know the real nature of us is like

almost always stoned you know

so because of the conditioning which we

are having in

this thing so we don’t get into this

natural state of trance what what is

going on in our mind is like

uh almost always like family problem

financial trouble

and all those stuff so we will get very


time to experience our own true being

that is very truly mystical

so all is the

mystical animal which is being uh

taken care by sukla pacha

so what does it means like you will

get attracted to

occult kind of energies

um so how you uh

you you use any kind of occult

understanding in your healing process or

sort of stuff

i uh i’ve definitely

oh my next book is called chasing


and it’s about me traveling

both the inner and outer worlds um

searching for

meaning so i would um i would

include experiences with occult and that


um so this the

are you comfortable talking about your

next book

yeah yeah so it is uh

about the temples in south asia or asia

or in are you going to travel

or what is that well it’s about

um well it’s

it’s funny because i loved your quote

about enlightenment is foolish buddhists

who dance sing and meditate

it’s as i was doing all this research

around my body

i realized how much i was looking for

the answers and

other people in other places

in other temples and you know going to


and you know meeting an astrologer there


varanasi and working with the witch

doctor in

uh in zimbabwe

and uh and peru and going all these

other places and

and searching for enlightenment and um

in in some dark places

um and

realizing that i was living in this

world that told me

you know um our world makes

you know billion off of self-help

right now

of telling people they need help they

need to be enlightened and

when you know in the end it was uh the

enlightenment was

just you know being with myself and

realizing my body is my temple i don’t

need to go to some

temple in um in india

or uh and crack coconuts or

all these temples that i i got something

out of everything but

um i mean enlightenment isn’t an


uh um

uh is expensive you know

it’s an expensive world and when maybe

our enlightenment is just to sit with



yeah because

you know the thing is like values

only human beings can only understand


with the association with the price

you know the difference there is some

certain value but people will associate


with the price so that is the most of

the problem

i completely agree because uh and i also

what i

found was for me what was missing from

all these con conversations was the


of the woman the voice of the mother

both uh uh the voice of the grandmother


the voice of the earth mother earth uh

so uh that was missing for me in a lot


places that i’d gone to um

you know even in the temples and

churches it was uh india is different

but in

our temples and our our churches it’s

you know all men

of uh and statues of men and portraits

of men and uh even mother mary starts to

disappear from the bible the minute she

gives birth to jesus and

and um so

yeah this this this chasing

um enlightenment led me back to

where’s the voice of of the mother and

all this

and it did take me to some dark places

which is good because dark places are

is the place of creation

yeah exactly because the tantra

the astrology which i practice is

tantric astrology

and this is basically a part of tantra


tandra is basically a woman-centered

worshipping method here we see

the mother kali as the creation and

all these things is around her only

uh so that is what the basically tandra

is all about and

it’s it’s it’s basically woman-centered

and we see

the universe as the prakrti as the

feminine and that is the idea behind the

temples of uh female temples in india


if you see um you know

in shiva temples they place linga

and whereas the uh

female temple they will place yoni so

if you go to there is a northeast there

is a temple

which is which name is kamaka temple

inside that temple they place

uh yoni and menses was a festival there

so the the basically the problem which

is facing nowadays is like

people’s are thinking that celebrating


is a taboo it’s because the christian

missionaries came and described a lot

hell and they tried to impose a lot of

teaching in

india actually but almost to

years back

there everybody used to celebrate menses

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didn’t find any you know

i can’t see how why it can’t be


yes uh yeah and that still happens and

and the

most sacred ceremonies uh uh

and rituals that i’ve i’ve done around

the world i’ve been told

if you’re if you’re having your period

you cannot

participate and um which

uh you know that’s another thing that’s

still uh

and it’s looked at as woman being at a

time uh it’s explained as oh well a

woman is dirty during that time

when really in her

it’s not all the temples i told you the

kamaka temple

it’s it’s a festival when a woman is


the goddess is having uh menses it is it

is a festival in kamaka temple

but the whereas when we come to south uh

there is a temple

there is a temple shabrimala temple


uh it was become a big issue or recent

time like women need to enter into the

temple but the

thing is like the deity is um

you know uh brahmacari which means that

uh he is an eternal brahmachary he don’t

like the contact of the woman

so they’re naturally woman is prohibited

to ender

it’s not like all the temple like some

temple there are men is not allowed

if if we go to kanyakumari there is a

goddess temple there inside that there

is many is not allowed

so um i mean

it’s different it’s not about


women or men

different ideology

yeah whatever that is what it is and


so so you were a

tree so the natura has been associated


one particular tree you know

um if we look deep

inside on us we when we

come in contact with our true soul

and if we are able to experience the


we can easily relate with

some plants so


the the tree which which

in which you could communicate with this

kashmiri tree

so i’ll send you the link where you can

read more about that this is the

kashmiri tree

if you go near to that this according to

the natchatra your soul will be

in a resonance with this particular tree

so you can easily relate with

this particular tree and experience a

deep nature and deep connection with

this particular tree like

you know we experience some kind of uh


concern with some certain human beings

and we experience some kind of

reflection with some certain people and

it will not be there in some other

people in same way

people get connected with some certain

points of

nature like it is not uh same for all

the person

you will get interested in some part of

the nature but

other peoples may not get interested

into that particular

part of the nature it’s your own being


this particular tree is the tree which


can easily connect with you

um this is how the natatra looks like

so there are three gona

the most common problem with this thomas

tamo gonna people

is like they tend to overthink

apart from seeing the room as it is

they tend to overthink if you work on

do you if you feel like thinking a lot

on a particular

issue try meditating

or try breathing exercise what what it

will does is like

if we overthink basically our brain is

heating up all our energy you know

brain is the biggest consumer of all the

energy which our body is

producing so what happens is like if

a brain is heating up all the energy

there will be no energies left

so you can’t reflect yourself on other


much better way if you get consumed with


energy and water

water is the buddha there are five


from that the water is your buddha

so what does it means you have a watery


you can if

it will does like if you

fall in a communication

you can flow like water

you know it’s like you

you ha you have an art of you know

an art of


talking that’s a good thing

and the shakti shakti is the

i mean the durga is the goddess of you i

mean the inner quality of you

so what does it mean is like you have

immense power of creativity

so immense power of creativity is

nothing but

creation is actually comes out from the

orgasm you know

so this that is your birth right to

experience orgasm

you have so what does it means is like


if you uh don’t keep your body parts

uh very um comfortable it will

there could be blood can be caught in

some joints and

sort of stuff and it may give you pain


it can take out by a good massage or

sort of stuff

you know um that will happen

that you have to be careful and the


of your shiva

so your mantra is om nama shivaya

so if you chant this particular mantra

you can easily

experience your own true self

you can easily get connected with the


so basically the god concept is

not like you know

it’s a consciousness it’s a metaphysical

body which is being located in that

particular area

of the natural like adra is located in

that particular area if we

observe that particular region of the


the consciousness which is being found

over that particular direction

is the shiva consciousness

and you understand the shiva right it’s

a very famous

uh so if you chant the mantra

uh om nama shivaya what happens is like


being will get awoken into um

uh the shiva consciousness okay you can


connect to shiva so this is all about

your nachatra


can you go back to the rudra the lord

of roaring yeah that is shiva

that’s shiva okay yeah okay it’s


um this is basically it’s all about


so we will go to your uh planetary

position you have any questions about

your nachatra

no i don’t thank you yeah very


so um there are houses he’s been

present in

uber nachotra okay so there is first

house is the tanu

tanu is the ascendant uh that is where


self is being placed at so what does it


you will get aggressive about

your earnings so you you tend to

sacrifice a lot to

um get

your reigning done

then sahaja bhava you were

there is moon is staying and what does

it mean

so there is rashi and dashi chat and

bhavam chat is exactly same there is two


we analyze that is one is rashi and

another one is bhavam chat

so when we analyze these two chart uh

your saga

baba is moon which means that i can it

is like you are a very good mother

you can be a moon in

moon in you so moon is the planet which

has been associated with

mother motherly nature so

you are you can be a good mother

so bendu there is

mars and who is staying so

mars is also associated with war and

rahu is associated with uh dark energies

so the which means that

um you have a very um

fighting nature not just

kind of behavior sometime so this is

this can be

actually undone you know



so dendra bhava there is mercury and

venus is staying

so the key how to under this mars

and the rahu the clue is staying on the

dendra house that is mercury and venus

is staying together

which means that


know the worldly tendencies um that is

being uh more on you i’m not saying to

uh control it uh what i am saying is to


observe it you the more you aware of


the fourth house will get accelerated


the mars and rahu will get accelerated


and in dharma house there is sun saturn

and kedu is staying so

hard work and your father

this too is come he is alive your father

no yes uh ask me again

uh your father my father um

my father died when i was .

so there is something is related to your


which is related to some hard work kind

of thing

and that is that has to be

i mean if you believe in soul or sort of


so what it is this is like you how to

get something done for your father

that is that is a big part of this next


so that has to be done


it has to be taken and karma bhava there


uh can you talk about if you don’t mind

about my father yeah

wow um so my father

hmm he died suddenly when i was

so years ago

my father uh grew up in a family that


uh their wealth during the great


in the u.s and he had to quit school and

go to work to support his

mother his father was very abusive

so my father raised himself and raised

him his siblings

and when he met my

mother and married uh he was

worked in grocery stores as a young boy

to pay for his family support his mother

and he made the choice to put his

grocery stores

in neighborhoods in our community

that were predominantly uh

uh oh gosh they were predominantly

uh not as wealthy communities and

predominantly black communities and so


dad was a white man who was

always very accepted by black

communities and

and it’s interesting because right now

in the u.s we are experiencing

a lot of protests yeah and

you know i’m i’m you know we need

equality we need a justice i can’t

believe we’re still having this


years later or years later and

part of

my you know two of my films were um

dealing with this that i made my father

uh was also then appointed

public safety director of where we lived

so he was in charge of the police and

fire department

he was the first uh he appointed the

first black

police chief so he was a very much

a um bringing communities together

and he was a white man that the black


knew was a friend and approved of um

during as a time when he was public

safety director there was a police

action shooting

where a young boy um

in police custody died from a gunshot so

it mirrors what’s happening today

and um and what happened because my

father was

in charge of the police department uh


black community was angry uh

uh but local the local black community

knew my dad

you know was uh an ally and

uh you know uh

would do the right thing and uh

protesters from out of

town came in and shut down my dad’s


um we went bankrupt

and he died four months later

yeah so part of my work now

is um and obviously i

stand for equality for all

and i’m telling this story in a very

sensitive time of uh

a protest going on and um

so being very careful as a white woman

um i’m not telling the experience of a


person i’m telling it from the point of

view of a

a white woman who has experienced

privilege but also

came from a background of allyship


and i’m trying to tell the story from a

place of um how we can

value our bodies and

and and realize that if we’re not

um standing for the other person we’re

not standing for a part of ourselves

because we’re all

you know connected so can we really live

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um but my dad you know died um

not um my dad died feeling like

the community uh and people that he


and supported uh

didn’t stand for him

in your karma bhava there is jupiter


so karma is your job or duty so what

does it means

jupiter is the planet which is being

associated with

you know wisdom and knowledge

so your karma is related to knowledge

work and

sort of stuff

so that is the thing which the chat

i mean the planetary positions on you is

telling me

and when we come down

venus is the most

important planet in your


chat so what does it means is like


you have you have a natural

tendency for the worldly desire so you

don’t have to be afraid of that okay so

that is your natural tendency

so the only thing you what i am saying

is like

you have to experience it you have to

explore it and you have to experience it


after stage you will figure out it is


it doesn’t matter there is something

better is existing rather than that of


you know you will come into a conclusion

like that

and you it hasn’t i mean you don’t have

to be feel

guilty of whatever is happened or what

is going on

uh because of your interest towards the

pressure because that is the true nature

of you

you know um it is like most of the


out there has a tendency to

especially semitic religion has a

tendency to

qualify this is good this is bad this is

right this is wrong

like that but that is not the actual

human nature

that is against human nature human

nature is

whatever we are that is what we are so

true planet is venus so

that is your experience and that is

something which you are

you know indented to

you know you know what i mean

you yeah so it’s nothing to be guilty of

whatever it is


plus . yeah so

now it is going on

ketur mahadesha

so what does it mean

dharma bhava so this is yeah

the sun saturn and sunlight saturn along

with the ketu is staying on dharma house

which is on ninth house and

uh you are in ketur mahadesha which

which means that

this particular area will get activated

this time and

you have to give complete


your you have to give yourself into

dharma in order to get

liberation so as we have already so

the hard working hard work your father

and all that is staying on the dharma

house and

that is why you are feeling like writing

a book about that nowadays

kedu is staying in that particular house

along with

the dharma house

so that is what you are into right now


so you have any question uh

no this is all very interesting and

and uh that would i’ve never in any of

my charts

had the um the father come up

like that as part of my karma so it’s

just interesting because it’s something


just added in the last month to my book

um uh because it kept coming up for me


and i thought no this is a book about

the mother this book about the mother

and this piece about my father came in

um which helped me make sense of

everything else

so you have any questions i don’t

thank you very much it was very


and if you feel like uh donating

something you could do

i will i will i will thank you

i’ll i’ll unlock your link for the

if you make a account in my website i


put it like in a paid category

uh i’ll give it for free then you can

browse through

all this content which is being in that

particular link

and the venus is having a particular


which is um you know

six six-phase rudraksha you know what is

the rudraksha means

now russia is a kind of seed it’s uh

people’s belief in india is a

tear of shiva in yoga

it is very important like if you wear

that this will get in a

relation with your body energy and it

will accelerate your energy on your body

and you could

wear this particular rudrasha for

to get more much more deeper orgasm


my quest

yeah that’s a good sell uh well thank

you so much and i’ll share

this uh recording for anybody that wants

to listen

and um and also your information this

has been really

uh i’ve really enjoyed it

uh if somebody want to contact you how

they can do

if you know my website is

betsy b murphy b-e-t-s-y

b and then murphy m-u-r-p-h-y

dot com and you can contact me and i

read all of my own um

emails so if you’re writing something

personal um

only i will read it

okay so what are the services uh yeah


told me like you will give healing

services sort of stuff and

what are the services it has been

related to what kind of healing you


sorry i didn’t hear that last bit your

audio was

soft what kind of healing you give

what kind of healing yeah

what kind of healing do i give i’m


i’m wondering about that you have told

me like

you do healing as a service and you


healing to people they can oh well i

uh work in um

i mean everybody’s a healer i

uh but i’ve studied bodytalk and body

intuitive which is working with the

body’s innate wisdom

so i can do distance treatments on


um it’s not something that i offer

uh right now um it’s just a family and


but who knows i’m definitely

heading down a we’ll see what’s after

the this

speaking i love working with plant


um but i will say right now that where i

find the most healing

is with helping people to

uh find their voice as a writer

and because writing for me can be

you know people like detox their bodies

with you know

juices and cleanses and yoga and

uh writing for me is a way uh to

detox uh those old stories

old patterns and help you make sense of

your life we’re always looking for the

answers outside of ourselves and

everybody has a story

but sometimes we have to get the those


of stuck um bits of their story out

um before they can really find that that

beautiful story that they might want to

share with others so that’s definitely

my medicine

is i work with people on the writing

both i usually do retreats around the

world but right

now since we’re on um still during the


um i work online so

can you explain the method like if

somebody is interested to contact yeah

so i have a book called write on it’s um

a daily -minute writing prompt that i

would give

uh you know you can open the book and it

will say

um tell about what you wanted to be when

you were eight years old

and you would just write for minutes


uh not trying to tell the story of like

thinking it through but just allowing

intuition to guide you and sometimes the

story ends up being nothing

about being you know eight and

it you know because you’re just allowing

your intuition to guide you

a lot of times people say come to me and


i have a book but i don’t you know can

you write it

and i um or people tell me i should

write a book and i don’t know where to


and i’m really really good at helping

people find their story but helping

them write it i’m not going to write

somebody else’s

story and so i have online writing


uh and uh it’s really incredible

uh the stories that come through and


what people think their story is is not

the bigger story and we can usually find

it within

um one of those writing pumps so people

come to me they might join one of my you

know weekly writing circles

or um what i tell them is get the book

and just you know

do the writing prompts for you know


and see what comes up so

i think everybody has a story and

as important as writing them is uh

speaking it out loud and using our voice

especially women who we haven’t always

felt safe speaking up

and um and uh you know activating

that throat chakra which is also

connected to our

um our second chakra which is all about

uh creativity sex

orgasm so if you start using your voice

more you’re gonna have better orgasms

but when i say that you know it’s like i

say it funny but it’s also like

no no but like speaking your truth more

it’s true it’s

it’s it’s good for your health but it’s

it’s also like

can we really speak the stories that

maybe make our voice shake at first

but literally it is unlocking this


to you know ultimate health wellness and

orgasms in your body yeah so

no the thing is like when we chant

mantra no we sit in meditation

and a chant mantra in certain vibration

vibration vibration

so actually we are experiencing a

level of orgasm which is you know yeah

it’s been experiencing a kind of orgasm

you are right actually

i mean yeah it looks like funny but it’s

right actually you can experience the

orgasm through your voice yeah

the other thing i’ll say is uh you know

part of me was like oh i wish i hadn’t

started crying when you know

i started speaking of my dad to you but

i always tell people when they are

writing or reading their stories out

loud to pay attention to where it hurts

and then just slow down right there it

doesn’t um

you know uh sometimes those tears are uh

a release of energy um but if tears do

come up around your stories then

slow down and pay attention to that

story and um

so uh you know it’s

you know we always want to run from our

tears but it’s a gift there’s

it’s saying pay attention pay attention

so um

in that respect i’m i’m thank you for

that gift of

allowing me to express um and release

this tears

thank you so anything else you want to


no i hope to meet you someday you’re in

in thailand now

i’m in india oh you’re in india what


yeah uh so

yeah i’m mostly in india yeah i’ve

i i’m i’m definitely due to go come back

to india

uh obviously we can’t travel right now

but um i love india and

made a film there and um yeah i

want to come back and go to these

temples yeah you could write to me

and i can give you a direction which

because i traveled the most of the

places in india yeah

i mean so thank you so much i’ll

definitely share your information and

this was really uh

helpful and insightful so thank you yeah

yeah by

Ok by

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