Tarot reading series Episode no -1 Beyond orgasm.

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This is a very special podcast with Betsy The author of Autobiography of an orgasm. In at this particular episode we are speaking about different types of orgasm What is enlightenment and what is it not. Different Tantric techniques to achieve enlightenment Tantric sexuality and being orgasmic. Welcome to tarot reading series Episode no -1 Beyond orgasm.

Below Is the non verbal transcript for the same

yeah so

yeah what what happened in varanasi what

what brought you there

well i was actually uh on the way to

sakeem which is a

village near the border of um tibet what

used to be

tibet um i was working on a film um with


about a um

a llama uh bon po lama which is what

buddhism came out of

and we had an extra day before we needed

to be there so we

uh went to varanasi and i wasn’t

you know we weren’t seeking anything but

but we ended up going down to the ganges


and my first um it was overwhelming

because at first

you know we were just only seeing the

um little kids begging um for money

for food and um

and it was uh only

the second day we were i was really able

to like see the beauty

of varanasi and the people and

and it wasn’t looking beyond the begging

but it was seeing the

the history and um

uh and just you know being present in

this really incredible

energy uh also the person i was

traveling with which was a man that i

was dating at the time

two other people uh one i was dating and

he had gone to see

a um a fortune teller why i was out

looking at places to film for

our film and he’s like you’ve got to

come back and you know

um this fortune teller has a uh you know

a fortune for you and so go back and um

and this man we had to who didn’t speak

english and somebody was translating

but he kept asking me said do you know

goldie hahn you know goldie han who’s an

american actress

and he’s like you know showed me a

picture of him with goldie hawn and

assume because i’m from america i knew

her too um

but he actually told us you know that

with me with

my friend that was there who was my

boyfriend at the time that we

had you know in a past life been


and uh and my father

or you know broke us apart and

we were we were meant to be there on

that day to be joined and be

and to get married and that um so he


to today you are meant to get married

and i’m thinking i

hardly know this man you know we’ve only

been dating six months but it was

uh so we didn’t get married that day but


uh but it was interesting because these

are all things that i’m writing about

in my book right now chasing temples

because even though i didn’t know it at

the time i was

i was chasing um

kind of all of the parts of me that had

been lost along the way in my life when

i hadn’t spoke up for myself or hadn’t

shared my you know truth in the moment


um i can’t wait to return to india so

i’m looking forward to this

this uh the reading today


so today however i am sitting in

tiruvannamalai uh so basically

uh you know this is a

uh there is one maharishi his name was

ramana ramana

so what he does is like

um he went into the forest

thinking who am i so this was the one of

the important

question which is being arised on him

so he thought into different

layer of analysis the interception which


beyond the thought no who am i what am i

whether i am the body whether i am body

like that he thought of who am i

and he sat here from the age of till

he died

yeah he says that is the only spiritual


you need and he given that to people

to chant who am i who am i



however this place is believed as the

place where the shiva consciousness is

too much

uh after you know what is mean by shiva

consciousness like

shiva consciousness yeah so here this

place is

basically um too much into shiva

consciousness and

um that is

that is the place today i am last time

when we spoke i was

in bangalore uh

so that was very little bit cold weather

here today it is hot weather

because i changed the place you know so

so however let’s uh begin our reading

okay so if you want to know about ramana


i can send you i can drop your mail you

can go through that

and on top of that i’m in a cafe that is

uh that is found by some of the

followers of

adida uh he is also he’s from us

okay so yeah so basically these are my


can you see yeah i see

i think you can’t see

beautiful attack

all good yeah yeah so

this is uh my paintings

so basically this is crowley tarot

you know alistair probably right pardon

probably sorry what

alien crowley



i didn’t understand crowley crowley


colleague yes crowley cowley


yes yes totally yeah so basically

what i understood uh his understanding

is like tantric understanding what we

could see in

india so

i studied his dirk

and trying the readings out of that

so let’s see how it’s gonna happen okay

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so i just wanna i just want you to

close your eyes for five minutes so i

can just

yeah you can open your eyes

can you say left or right

say left or right left or right oh just

one or the other

yeah um



see i got two cards

okay okay

can you see um back it up a little bit

okay i see that one what’s the word at

the bottom i can’t see the word

the love yeah that’s interesting

okay and the egg of course

and what is that echo cups

okay so what

what does this subjecting to me is this


right now there is um

a kind of understanding which is

happening on you

like the sexual

energies which you have you can transfer

it into um

the fountain i mean

the enlightenment the awakening

into what into the awakening

awakening right so what does this is

echo of cups you know this means the

the found and the eternity

so the the this thing you could transfer

it into eternity

so this understanding

is coming to you i mean now

this kind of i mean this thought

is basically uh

is appearing inside on you

that is where you are right now i mean

that is

you understood that it is possible to

transfer the

the sexuality uh

into uh enlightenment

exactly uh so

that is something very good actually

i wrote a whole book on it


cards also subjecting the same


i want to read your book can you send me

one copy

yeah can you do uh you can read on ebook

yeah you can send me an e-book yeah i’ll

send it to you

so do you have any questions

like um i would love uh this

uh actually i would love

your definition of

tantra and i would love your definition

of enlightenment

so tundra basically technique okay

um i

had i have done um a podcast about that

but it is not

been published but however i’ll i’ll

tell you the

you know

when the beginning if you start with the


when the beginning um the bible says

it was sound

you understood bible start with it was


there was sound yeah bible study the


first thing start with in the bible it

was sound

the same thing i mean it is sound

the what is that that is sound

it is not like um but

when the understanding evolved

it is like people started to assume

there is a god and sort of stuffs like

that but

whatever the reason whatever it is let

it be that said only so

this sound we can reach this sound

okay this sound could be reached

through mantras

yoga meditation

organizing the place which we are


okay so this

technique to reach

that particular sound through

some technique is tundra

becoming that sound okay

so you should understand this also very


if you if you know

that the sport the home

you don’t have to seek okay if you don’t


you don’t know what to seek

if you think that you know that you know


then you actually don’t know


that into a t-shirt

you need to make that into a t-shirt a

shirt to wear

that’s the name of your book on



so yeah it is actually very simple

okay but it is a little bit complicated

why it is seems like complicated

because of conditioning ego that thing

this thing those things so many layers

of understanding and all these stuffs

are there

because of all those things we may not

be able to understand that properly but

it is very simple yeah

yeah no i think in uh and especially

tantra when it was

you know first came over in the western

world uh

i think it was probably authentic then

and then uh

western society turned it into it was

all about sex and being able to

uh be a great partner and have extended

massive orgasms and so tantra

the um the meaning of

tantra changed here and uh

not only that that culture bouncing back

to india

you know there are people who want to


the spiritual products to people

so looking around west is the place

which peoples will pay

more to this kind of thing

so what is in indian peoples are now


best is invest it is all

tundra is all about sex so let us change

our tundra

here and sell what west like

you know this is a kind of effect

you understood yeah yeah a falsified

product is

bouncing back and selling of a falsified

product to

nest generation

and then what about enlightenment what’s

your uh

what is your uh

to you what does enlightenment mean


being into that that sound no

see that is called yoga vidya okay

you understand that particular sound

that particular sport

it is definitely orgasmic you know the

orgasm is the way to understand that

you should understand if it’s not see

people can penetrate okay

men can penetrate a woman but very few

can penetrate that spot

you know so

that is orgasmic and

that that orgasm is nothing but it is


but it is not necessarily

need to be um

physical orgasm because physical orgasm

is not enlightenment

it is near to it is a taste of


but there is a difference between

physical orgasm because that is the

easiest way

we can convey the words no because

this is something which is beyond words

and intellectual orgasm also there you

know another layer of orgasm

intellectual orgasm

this is that that is this world is that

this is this this

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so that there is some kind of orgasm

happens in intellectual exercise

that’s also not enlightenment yeah

no i said yeah my second book so i wrote


autobiography of an orgasm and then my

second book um is called beyond o

beyond orgasm and it was just

because you know i was so focused on

orgasm orgasm and it was like

ah what’s uh what’s beyond that

you know what’s even beyond that what

what were like

what my search was for what many’s

woman’s searches for

is uh remembering their bodies um

i mean orgasm is just the body’s way to

naturally express itself

and um and what’s even beyond that

and yeah and that to me was connection


um divine connection to

source um connection to the sound

yeah see to understand orgasm people

starts to get

orgasm also that’s also important thing

you know

yeah to understand this is not orgasm

you have to go through orgasm first

say it again to understand

or just orgasm is not the enlightenment

you have to go through orgasm first

yes yeah you know that is why tandra

there is sexuality also there in tundra

so these kind of sexual technique which


which is being prescribed in tandric


will actually give hectic orgasm

but the enlightenment lies beyond that


thank you


and also in tandric test it has been a

medicine usage of herbs also prescribed

you know like

they smoke ganja sort of things

that also been said in books to

go beyond that somebody who is seeking

beyond actually has to go through all

this to

go beyond that

so taking lsd also not enlightenment it

will give you a kind of

this thing a test of that still it’s


yeah yes that was definitely in my

research and seeking um

i went beyond and beyond and beyond yeah

and still going there so can i

ask you another question to pull i i

love the cards that you pulled

can i ask you a question to

pull cards for yeah because this is a


that comes up over and over again and

i’m so curious

is there a uh is there

going to be a relationship a man a


in the rest of this lifetime for me

oh that’s so interesting

huh love well

because every every single

psychic astrologer reading i’ve had

there’s like

there’s no love and you know there’s no

partnership there’s no

um so that’s interesting that’s good

you know yeah i’m it’s not gonna happen

in this lifetime so

um okay i’ll take that that’s not gonna


it’s gonna happen yeah no i’m i’m i’m in

such a good place with myself

oh yeah that um

yeah i mean i’ve created this love story

for my own life

without a partner at this point so uh

but it’s a

a theme that i for this next book that

i’m doing chasing temples

is uh you know at first after my divorce

i was like

chasing another relationship like that

was what being in a relationship

you know with the masculine feminine you

know family

uh that had to look like that and um

all of these you know signs and messages

i was getting was like

nope it’s not going to happen it’s not

going to happen it’s not going to happen

and the good part of that is that i you

know come into this

incredible relationship with myself so

yeah that’s great yeah and not

not seeking a partner to and this is a

big thing with women that i

especially women but men too uh who’ve

read my books or i’ve worked with

is uh in the western culture we’re

always um if somebody is doesn’t

uh is not experiencing orgasm

and i’m not talking about spirituality

or tonto right now i’m

i’m talking about being able to feel

good in their body um

you know during sex

they’re always we’re looking for someone

else to give it to us we’re looking for

a man to give it to us we’re looking for

um or a teacher to teach us when

um in the end it’s you know us to claim

for ourselves i’m the expert on my body

i kept

being told oh go to this expert go to

this you know they’ll know they can take

you there

and it was like no i need to know my own

body i need to understand my own body

and that in the western culture they

make a lot of money off of

you know telling women and men that

somebody else is the expert on their


and we’re not

yeah i mean being orgasmic is good no

well you know i mean i i especially in a


where you know you know one in three


and and men too have experienced some

sort of

abuse against their body a lot of us

walked around for a long time

not feeling good in our bodies so being

orgasmic is good because that means we

feel good in our body

and from that place we’re going to

express ourself in

a um a much you know balanced healthier


versus walking around feeling like i’m a


i don’t feel safe you know we need

people to feel in their body you know

really in their cells of their body

versus um being closed down

so yeah being orgasmic is needed

see there is a tantric textbook okay

that is called the sound delivery

so this is actually talking about

i i i think i have told you about this

um it’s about the uh

relationship actually basically this

talks about

how the orgasm is working really when


shiva and shakti comes together what and


happens there is lot of things has to be

cancelled each other

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men and women to be become together i

mean that particular point no the

men and women comes together and they

become union

in that particular point there is lot of

understanding has to be

cancelled so this thing has been

spoken in the textbook called the


so this is there are verses are


in this particular textbook sanjira


uh yeah if you are interested we could


start that i also want to make an audio

um audio form of the soundtrack

so that people can understand what is

this tantra

you know yeah i

um yes because like i said i think

at the um the essence of it has not

crossed over the original essence of it

has not crossed over into

um western culture in

you know maybe the purest way that it’s

meant to

be we we are all you know it’s no it is

not like a purest way or whatever

it’s like um human experience they got

some kind of experience

that is why they have written it no it

is not like it

comes from sky they got some experience

and they

said these are the ways to get into that

experience so being orgasmic also is the

part of that

yeah yes

well thank you i was so impressed with

your um and i’ll

i’ll direct people to your website to

the cards you

pulled for of the world you for india

for the us for russia around

covid right now it was such an

interesting reading

and i feel like spot on and i think um

in times like this uh you know

something you know going to a reader

like you can be very helpful

when life isn’t making sense in our you

know head

um and uh we can go and kind of get

grounded and

ah okay so i’m seeing this bigger

picture and this is what’s happening

um i thought i thought your reading for

um covid and the world was

really spot on thank you

we’ll see we’ll see about love for me so

we’ll see we’ll see you’ll see in

partnership so

thank you so much uh

anything else any other question no

i um i feel uh no i

really enjoyed this and thank you so if

you have time

uh i mean we can start uh talking about

that textbook which i

told you like we can make it as

audio book yeah

can you um can you email me the info

yeah okay yeah

so thank you for joining me and you want

to say something to people

oh i know one thing i want to know about

you were

this thing no you have some yoga

joker what is that you’re offering

something online

some kind of wild dance or sort of stuff

you’re teaching with

oh yeah oh i do koya q-o-y-a

um and it’s a combination of dance and


uh and when i it was created by a woman

named rochelle chic

um maybe plus years ago but it was

really something that

um she you know lived in her lifetime as


dancer and yogini and i’m traveling the


uh uh like searching for ways to

uh be in your body and

what i love about uh koya is

there’s no way to do it wrong there are

no levels

and um so in yoga you’re not

as focused on doing poses that

perfect but you’re looking for the place

in the movement that

feels good because for so many women


we have lost connection to

feeling good in our body and doing the

movements that feel good especially in

the western world we learn to move

in a way that we think looks good for

somebody else you know that we

we’re moving for a husband or a partner

or at church we’re moving a whole

different way to you know

not take up space and so um koya

to me is it kind of liberates

all of um patterns and judgments

and shedding old

old stories about my body and i always


i always love after a quiet class it’s

just like i feel more like myself

and um but it’s not following if you’re

in a koi class there might be women

uh and they’re not following

i might be giving them a gentle you know

guide as to what we’re doing

but every woman in the room will be

moving differently

um because we are all showing up you


um i might have had a really good

morning this morning so i might be


you know really open and a friend might

have just lost

you know her cat and is sad and so she’s

moving with that sadness so it’s


a person to show up as they are and move

with that

authenticity of where they are at the

moment and

looking for the places in the movements

that feel good in their bodies

and then trying to find any way to make

it feel even better

so we just need a lot more especially

women walking around in the world

feeling really good in their bodies and

that’s what koia does

you can look it up at um


we do retreats all over the world

there’s a wonderful koia teacher based

in delhi

yeah that’s it thanks for asking

so yeah maybe we can have a

talk about that later yeah

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