Vedic Reading series Episode No-10 The mentalist -Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra

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Magician Shardul (Illusionist & Mentalist) is an MBA professional, worked in MNC for 5 years and then quit his job to pursue his passion in the field of Magic. Now he is an International artist. Mostly performs for fortune 500 companies. He is frequently asked in TedX, IIM & IIT to talk about his art.

In at this podcast we are speaking about his chart also he is performing a Mentalism trick for Us. Welcome to podcast series episode No-10 The mentalist.

Below is a non verbal transcript of the same.

so hi so welcome to

uh my podcast series so basically

uh i was inviting people from different

parts of the world

and trying to read their chat and

putting across

the internet and see how the people are

um responding to that particular stuff

and sort of stuff i’m trying to see

basically i’m trying to

understand the human mind and how it’s

respond to the so-called events which is


across us so

that is what it is basically based on

and i went through

uh your profile i mean your

website when i was googling mentalist


sort of stuff and uh suddenly i got

caught up in

your website then i thought of sending

you an invitation

and and the first thing i wanna tell you

is like

you are the first indian which i am

actually hosting

this thing oh and the first indian yeah

apart from so basically

you invited all the foreigners

no it’s uh i i feel like uh there is a


in indian crowd they

are not putting i mean they are not

selling themselves very properly they

are not

putting their website out they are not

putting their bio out

sort of the things there is a gap is

existing and

yeah that that is that is uh that is the

wonderful thing which i

saw in those days working with the

other peoples across the globe when i am

because when i am googling the mentalist


magicians or or you know

psychotherapist and psychologist

those kind of people there is not

much people are coming and they are not

selling also themselves um

and you know what i mean

yeah uh so what what is your thought

about that

how do you feel about that um

so sailing means yeah i mean

if i’m promoting myself my tricks and

maybe my videos or something

to reach out more people maybe people


copy that that thing and maybe they will

also become

and they will also start their business

in this field so maybe we are too much

concentrated on the client

i mean maybe general people will not be

able to afford our show or maybe

to hire us only event management

companies or maybe corporate people

those who are you know into event

management they can only

hire us so maybe we are just promoting

ourselves to the targeted audience

that’s the reason you might feel that we

are not selling ourselves

there are different styles of you know

that there are different personalities

they are their

ways of uh promoting art are so


so i don’t think maybe

do you think what about me i mean i just

wanted to ask you this person question

like what did you feel about me

when you see my profile do you think

that i’m selling properly or not

i mean i just wanted to feedback from

you what did you feel as a

first impression what was that uh you

yeah blindly uh in my experience in web

and working with global crowds

what i could feel is like you are not

selling yourself

properly through your website

um i came across another

website which i’ll send you after the uh


you could go through that this guy also

asked an

indian and he done a wonderful job

by putting himself out in a very proper


uh you know through

his website and through his videos uh

he is putting himself very properly out

and regarding the magicians uh

you could you know david blind and all


uh um so these peoples are uh

putting lot of tricks outside already um

and most of the people’s knows a lot of

tricks also

right now you know so don’t you feel


uh making videos um

we will give you to

will make you to try something new and

sell yourself in a very proper way don’t


feel like in that way

that’s what i’m saying if i’m promoting

myself to the general audience maybe i’m

if i’m putting on the facebook or maybe

on my instagram page

there is a very less possibility that

a particular person who is going to hire

me will

see my performance see whatever i’m from

whatever we are promoting we are

promoting towards

to the event management companies and

the hr

maybe event management uh or maybe

artist management who are

hiring us so we are promoting them for

them only

so if we if you see though if you see my

video and

will you be okay to hire me further to


the same performance maybe not maybe if


you might feel that okay i’m watching

this performance on video on my mobile

why should i hire

why should i pay him in this much amount

so this might be the reason

um but uh

there is something called you know um

how an

hr uh agent could reach you like uh

for instance i am i’m running a company


i’m looking for a an internet artist

or a mentalist who can do some

particular show or who can actually

entertain people

in a very different perspective so what

will i do

mostly i mean if i’m sourced well i’ll

do a googling

first thing i’ll do is a googling who

are all the mentalists out there

uh then the problem which the google is

solving is like they are connecting um

you know the buyers with the seller

through a search engine so this is the

uh problem which

um google is solving and that is how

the uh that problem google has solved in

a very

efficient way that is the reason why

they are

generating much revenue so for instance

in your case

you could you could utilize this

facility or this this uh

sort of uh fundamental behavior of

human being in a particular way

don’t don’t you think that a

very very uh proper

crowd could reach you uh through


what do you think yeah there are

possibilities i mean there are various

possibilities where

crowd is crowd can come to me for the

inquiries or maybe for the shows

so do you have any suggestions for that

how should i do

in the future like to reach out more


so one thing is like

so generally how good you could

appear to the crowd which she’s asking

for you to come on the stage

that is the thing which you can do like


there are mentalist forums are for

mentalist and sort of stuffs up there

internet forums do you i mean in india

this is a very

big gap there are not uh particularly

developed threading also is not there


you know uh um for instance

reddit it’s a social uh threading

website actually it’s not like facebook

uh in india most of the people’s only

knows how the facebook is working

but the the what i feel is like what i

saw is that

the uh thinking crowd those who

uh take savings are less in facebook

uh so these kind of things you can focus


like um

reddit uh then

forum softwares and you can create

forums you can discuss on particular


and blog writing content content is very

important thing

so that also you could and if you um

even if you can’t uh write a very big

this thing you can just speak that there

is transcripts are available

so the software will actually uh

translate it into a word by word format

and it

you can just copy paste that into your

website so you can

create a lot of content you know which

which is search engine friendly so such

means can optimize sort of stuff

and if you want we could go through all

those things after

uh after the podcast i could

give you some more examples i can just

forward you some more mails

you can just go through a sort of stuff

so how was your journey as a mentalist

how did you started it is not

so usual

so initially i mean after completing my

graduation i started working in a

company mnc


time when i was a kid i also used to go

with him

and also used to perform you know you

know one or two tricks

so from childhood i was fascinated about

this magic

and this kind of stage shows

so after working for five years

somewhere i used to feel that i should


work more than nine to six job i should

leave my job and pursue my passion that

is magic

so i started i quit my job and started

working in

the field of magic but somewhere i feel

that there are a lot of magicians

who are charging uh who are performing

for birthday

and you know small parties so i wanted


stand unique and you know give

my audience i wanted to change my

audience so my audience would be

basically corporate people

so i developed the skills i learned more

about mentalism i learned about

illusions how to how does it work and

everything i worked it

so i gave two years for that and then

after working hard then i started my own

shows i designed my shows and so now i’m

getting a good response for that

because this is maybe i don’t know about

you but

where wherever i go and i ask people did

you see any mentalism trick or maybe

such kind of thing so

i get the responses no so basically

it is very new to india so i’m still


working on that i’m also again you know

researching what i can give

best to the audience so this is

a small journey the journey is too

far actually i mean need to complete it

but due to this lockdown i mean there

are some limitations but still i’m

doing it virtually virtually also i’m

getting some

inquiries also performing for corporate


private parties so yeah

let’s see after logged on what it how it


so how many stages did you perform this

so far

how was the response from people uh

how many i think of

plus how was the response of the


when different places different response


i mean overall all the positive response

i get but sometimes it is like

wow factor sometimes it is okay i mean

sometimes people can’t digest such kind

of things

maybe sometimes i i am people shout like

anything wow and they cheer like


they like it but sometimes people are


watching like



let’s go

so yeah that’s what i said like

different places different

response because sometimes people are

more excited like

they cheer like anything but sometimes

people are like

neutral they don’t understand what is

happening they just

respond or maybe sometimes they don’t

respond so overall response is positive

but the level of positivity is sometimes

very high sometimes neutral sometimes

average kind of things so once everyone

doesn’t think the same thing

so what is

your favorite trick and what is that

which people want to see from you

i mean what is the trick which is being

liked by most of the crowd and

what is the trick which

you like more

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i have prediction trick which i

this is my favorite trick but

that trick is possible on stage only

here it is not possible but the

simple uh the basic idea of that i can

do that

i’m not i’m not asking you to um


do something i’m i’m just wondering

generally speaking what is the favorite

trick for you

you feel like yeah this is a trick one

yeah that is master prediction

the trick is uh for example if i ask

five people five different people random

people i ask them their personal

question so maybe what is your favorite

who is your favorite celebrity or maybe

what is your favorite destination a

random people

to whom i didn’t meet any time in the


and random i asked will i will ask any

random questions any random questions

you can also ask the same question

the same questions um

i will predict before asking them so

that is the trick

that is called master of protection so

that is my one of the favorite tricks

okay what is what is the trick which

people like to see from you

yeah that is yeah that is my favorite

trick and also people so what to do

because obviously if

if your personal question which any

secret question or maybe what is your

who is your who was your first crush

you only you are the only person who

knows that right yeah but if i’m telling

you that

obviously you will go crazy yeah exactly

yeah so that is uh liked my audience as

well and also

obviously if audience is enjoying i’ll

also feel the same

i mean i will be also excited okay so

that is why i’m one of the

so yeah i i want to see one of your


over here would you mind performing one

okay so it’s about mind-reading

um i don’t know how how you will respond

to it i i’m just asking you for

you know your cooperation you also don’t

be like


i’m trying on you but i just need your

cooperation so whatever i

ask you questions so just okay yeah so i

have this

book with me uh one thing you want me to

be uh honest

uh about that

yeah yeah you need to be honest okay


yeah so if you don’t uh cooperate me

maybe i mean i might be wrong okay all

right awesome yeah

okay so i have this book with me have

you read this book

yeah you read this

okay cool so what i will do

i will do i will just go through like


okay you say stop any way you want okay

stop stop here yeah

okay so i’m missing let’s do one more


stop yeah yeah

are you sure so here is the first page


number do you see page number

huh but the page number and the

first word you need to remember the page


and the first word okay on this page


can you see this yes yes

the page number and the first word of

this page

okay yeah okay

it’s with you yeah okay

so first we’ll go through the page


will try to reveal what is the page

number i will try to read your mind


first of all um i’ll just you you need

to cooperate with me okay

so you be honest and whatever i ask you

just give the same vibes to me

so i will be able to do that uh

the first question is uh a random

question i will ask you

um it is the page number is below or

above .

above cool

so just um

i will start uh counting you just or you

say count

you say like


you want me to count yeah

okay second time you are a little bit

paused at the time of i think uh

it is in the uh six series okay

so we’ll try to guess that series so

what you have to do

you say

from okay from you start counting


okay uh

again do it same thing


is that sixty first number sixty yes

okay uh let’s uh try to figure out the

word which you are thinking of

so the first one do you remember that

one yeah

okay so just uh think of the

characteristics of that particular word

for example

it is a for example the what is charcoal

just think of he’s a magician he’s a


just think of that characteristic of

that particular word maybe it might be


um animal or maybe anything or anything

so just think of that characteristics

are you thinking of that

you look so little bit confused i mean

that is confusing what i guess okay

uh just think of first first word of


first letter of that word okay

just imagine that you are drawing that

word on your

computer screen laptop screen

you want me to okay last word no no just

just imagine that you are drawing that

word you are drawing that later

okay the last letter do the same thing

is it but yeah

so this is how it goes and uh

this is called mentalism i mean minority


you want to show any one more trico

actually there are limitations to show


and if you yeah that’s the reason that’s

the reason i mean

there are limitations through

performance to virtual show and

if you ask me on the stage i can perform

for two hours no problem

okay okay i understood and

so i will open your chat

did you run something like this be


what chat reading something like

no no no i i didn’t do it you never done

it never never


just opening your chat so what how do

you feel about this kind of things

which things the chat

things so

to be very frank with you i don’t

believe in this chart and everything

as i said to you on the phone but

as you said you are doing it for the

many people

so i thought why not to experience from

a expert

so i thought let’s give it a chance

maybe i i might be i might um

i may convince or maybe i may not so

it’s about you maybe how do you

do it so i just wanted to experience it

because i didn’t do it

in the past so you will be

you know that right so i would like to

know from you how

how do you do it and everything

i’m just passing it for a moment i

didn’t open


can you repeat that question again

so uh you are doing it full time or it’s

your hobby or

how how you are pursuing it

so basically uh basically uh the chat


is like you know we ha we are a group of


like all my family members and relatives

are into

the chat reading thing um

chat reading yandras and mantras and

stuffs like that

and then when i grew up in college and


my classmates and all was asking me

like can you do a reading for me

then i thought yeah why not then slowly


went deep into this then i studied

in one curricula called narayan gurukul

where it is like

guru shisha parambara like um this

ancient system of

indian schooling indian uh system of


so i got into more uh interest into

how all these energies are working and

sort of stuff

so that’s it now i’m and during the


and particularly no other things to do

so i thought of connecting people and

sharing the knowledge

and keeping it into a internet archive

and also i want to license this into

a creative common license so that it can

be accessible for anybody

and whoever want to learn they can

learn it and sort of stuff so

one ancient knowledge need to be uh

preserved that’s it

there is nothing much and

also yeah people should donate for the

job which i do

so if it it

it can help me to move forward i’ll take

this into

a full time thing then

um that could

that help me also to move forward into

this particular direction

and understand more much deeper


of the thing so very important thing is


whoever is doing this need to be um

get a very

uh different mindset that is the

uh one important thing the sadness has

to be done

to get into a transcendental state of


so from there you can see the world in


uh entirely different viewpoint uh

then you can actually understand how

world is working

and based on that you can help people on


samsara or whatever using this

so and there is a definite

guidance is there how to do that what to


all those things so however

like let’s go to um your chat

in your chat your natchatra

is a group of stars okay

sorry can you please be louder

so you are nakshatra is purva bhadrapada

um uh is simply means that is a group of


um where what is a group of stars if you

look at on the sky

there are different groups of star in


area of the sky will be presented so

when you are getting

a birth in a particular direction there

will be a group of star

that is where your ascendant is so

that that particular star

is that is your uh

star and this this is nothing but it’s a

this is a

mythological uh portion of this uh

uh particular uh uh

mythological understanding of that

particular area so what it does is like

uh you as a person will get some


from that energy

so let’s go through your uh nakshatra


quickly um what does it

means um

so each nachatra

each nachatra has one one yoga poster

associated with it

so this is called uh nakshatra yoga um

so uh this particular yoga you could do

in relation with your nakshatra uh

so that will actually uh help you to

accelerate your uh you you know you were

understanding and uh to be become more


this is something which help you to be



so each etc will be having one

yoga posture um



to moon and uh

shukla bachcha means to krishna means


to moon so that is how the paksha


so your faksha is um

so there is uh um one bird

associated with this particular patcha

which is

uh called uh

peacock so what does

it mean to you uh like

you the bird

peacock you know it it it

like to show its beauty to the

world around it you know so the similar


you you feel good when you

showcase your own uh

inside to the uh world around you

so this is one of the important


you are having based on this

nat chakra and the bird

and temple uh tembu is the tree

tree uh which is associated with the uh

not i’ll just share the screen

can you see

yeah suds yeah this is the temple i

i have shared you the link also you

could go through that particular link

and understand

more better about this so temboo is the


tree uh which is related to uh your own

particular energy

so what it does means um this particular

tree has a

certain kind of vibration which which

helps you to get

connected with this particular tree very


so you can go near to this particular

tree and feel

uh the

energy of this particular tree um

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so you can see in different parts of

india there people’s worship the tree

this is the reason why

they does that and uh uber ghana is

manushya ghana

like there is uh asuragana

there are three ganas for every human

beings are there

so your ghana is manushikana what does

it means

to you like you can be

um you feel good when you help people

so this is one of the important

characteristics of the


which is not presented in other ganas

so you were gonna is satyaguna

so satyaguna what does how does it

manifest on you this

particular satyaguna satyaguna manifest

on you

if you look at on your life you will

stand for whatever

is feels good in

that particular moment because

you were you are unable to see what is

good in at that particular time

so you stand for what is better in that

particular time

and you were uh

you were punjabi the akash so what does

it means

uh this will give you an ambitious mind

you you can get ambitions in your mind

it’s because the buddha which is related

to uh

your nakshatra is akash so that is the

something which is actually

giving you a um


um deep

high-end mind it will produce a deep

high-end mind on you

and the lord which is related to

lord in the sense that particular energy

which is related to your nakshatra is


so you are more ma um

uh masculine side rather than that of

feminine side so peoples will be having

two halves one is

a masculine side and another one is

feminine side

so in this uh respective uh

you are having the masculine side which

is more than that of the

feminine side that is being presented on


means that you um you get

problems on your body like pain pain is

one of the body problem which will come

on you

your your body is very sensitive to

you know cold weather

it will actually create the

pain on your body


um yeah this is basically mostly

about uh um


etc so

you have also you have a lion uni which

means that

your sexual type you are mostly uh

like to control on a bud that kind of

person you are

so this is about your nakshatra

um now we will go through your

chat so this is basically your chat this

is how your chart

looks like

so ascendant is the tanu bhava which is


uh staying on first house um then dhana


ketu and jupiter

so jupiter is staying on the bindu bhava

which means that

you are a vice person by birth you can

understand the things

then putra bhava there is venus you will


blessed with a


uh sun and mars is uh staying

on your chatroo on your enemy line what

does it mean

sunnah mars is staying on your saturn

which means that um


sometimes your father your father is

alive right

yeah so sometimes you

may feel like your father is your enemy

and the mercury is staying on the

seventh house

uh it feels uh what it does is like

mercury is a var you know

so uh it is on the seventh house which

means that

you fight with the girls

who is staying and the dharma bhava

there is saturn staying which means that

dharma bhava which saturn is saying you

are a hard working person

and in karma bhava there is moon is


so do you have your mother has

your mother is alive right no

your mother has some kind of business or

something like that

has came to you like from your mother’s


yeah so if you look

uh look after that that could be give


a much uh better uh

opportunities that can create

more opportunities in your life i mean

i’m not saying you to

leave whatever you are passionate about

what i am saying is that

this could be like an additional income


your your future

it will come to you okay

do you have any questions regarding this

this is basically an overview of your


from here we can go deep

yeah as you said uh i will be placed

with the sun

so s-u-n or s-o-n


so means i will have uh boy

yeah okay

so it’s only on me or it’s on my wife as


like um maybe in in her nakshatra or

maybe in her chart

there might be a possibility of uh

daughter as well

so and in my chart you can see sun

so how do you uh so how

who’s whose chart is correct maybe what

will be the

last uh final uh output

you will be having both son and daughter

now basically what happens if you look

at on the particular chart of your


so there is something which i observed

is like

whatever is saying like regarding to

their kids and stuff like that it’s

usually comes accordingly


okay do you want to know anything much

more deeper

about you

so it’s done or still again any

details are there


if you want like more this is more this

is generally

speaking what it is is a general

overview of what what is that chart

is more about and there is much more

deeper we can go

like uh so many other things also

involved into that from here

but yeah but uh for an average

i mean so how much percentage do you

agree with the

finding of this with your life

i gotten only three four four five


like uh

as you said i will be blessed with some

so i can’t uh

tell you like uh it’s right or not wrong

or maybe

as you said my mother’s business

maybe you said like i will be more

successful in that business so

i can’t tell you right now that it’s

the how much i am uh convinced with this

obviously it’s future things so maybe

if you can tell me the past things like

anything like whatever



uh one thing is like breakaspadi is

your first um

you know first half of your life so if

you look

back on your life you

there is there is a possibility that you

were very studious kid

which means that you are like um


very deeply uh

studying very hard till the age of or

something like that

okay from there things could have


um the after that the saturn comes into


so what does it signifies

is like there is a lot of

hard work and uh tragedies and struggles

and stuffs like that

comes into your life after the age of

. like

for instance saturn comes after the age

of so uh

if there is um if

the death and the problems and all

happened in your life between the age of


um or sort of like

life-changing things which has been



okay so uh can you tell me

uh like as you said like uh

at the age of you told me like

something was

tragedy or something so can you tell me

maybe in next

years like what will be the tragedy

or maybe what will be the

good thing or maybe bad thing will

happen in this chat

any future possibilities from your side

for which i can i should be prepared for

that kind of things

or maybe in in my business

or maybe maybe in my married life

or maybe anything any any possibilities

if you can tell me


um so

marriage or uh might be there will be

there could be like

you know a kind of separation

could been happened uh in your

life recently like


possibly at the age of you might be

had a

laugh affair it could be stayed for


three four hours three four years

okay um so

yeah that was the time better time for

you to

get marriage which has been over but it

doesn’t mean that you can’t get married

or whatever

it’s like then now the things will fall


place at after the age of .

struggles when i will get married

huh when i will get married

no see whether when you are gonna get

married or not is not the thing

the thing is like venus is the planet

which bring the

uh goodness in your life relationships

and sort of stuff

which has been uh from the age of to

there was

a venus so that time

there could be a possibility of getting

marriage and

getting a relationship and sort of

stuffs was there

possibly you could have missed it


of if even if there was a relationship

it could be broken down

by the up like four or five months ago

i mean five six months before

so maybe in after marriage there will

any possibilities of separation or maybe

if you can tell me about that so that

maybe i will be

i will not get married maybe

um that i how to see both the chart

both chart i have to see

no as you said like um maybe i have

broken down with the relationship

so that i mean you didn’t see my um

what you say lowers chart but still you

tell me that

i might have broken in last four or five


so i how how you can uh can you tell me


on that basis or maybe on that

details if you can tell me like i mean

that would be really helpful for me or

maybe when

the when the happiness will come in my


maybe maybe financially or maybe

yeah that’s what i said for you to get

in a stable

thing you have to wait uh um

for another four or five years to

after the age of you go to five years


so it will take up at the age of


yeah okay

it’s like it’s not like you yeah you

won’t get married up to the age of

it’s like

uh things will fall in

uh peace by the age of

it it means that you can marry before


and there was a super possibility for

getting married

uh four months ago four to five months


means i mean that was the time

where a relationship could lead into a


okay okay

you want to know anything else

that’s it like

can you see financial status of my

any financial possibilities if you can

tell me


after the age of whatever you have

learned will start to work on you

on what basis you are telling that

because jupiter is coming

after uh yeah

so jupiter is a planet yeah jupiter is

the planet you

got birth with so you are wise actually

you have a wisdom

so that will get super active after the

age of

so which means that uh jupiter is going

to bless you

so your understanding of the uh

wisdom the knowledge uh will so

will be super active and you can utilize

that time to

i mean your knowledge will be get uh

get validated

okay so this um as you are saying

mass mercury jupiter all these

grahas are focusing me on like

these these um only for the

what you say for the reference like

actually what happens like if you’re

saying saying that

jupiter is coming in your life at the

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age of so

what what will actually happen like that


will come on my head or like i mean

i’m just asking like no no no no it’s

not like that

so it’s been divided and further divided

it’s basically an

energy um it’s like a mythological


you know uh the sauce and the

birth chart also there the full birth

chart which i have showed you know uh

that in a gray color i have sent you the


uh that is like that is how you see

that is the snapshot of the sky when you

got birth

okay uh that is actual planets

then there is dashas are there that is

not an actual planet

what is it uh means it it it is um

um it’s a mythological

understanding of uh some transition

which is which in time

so that is basically the time axis uh

the snapshot

of that particular that one is the space


okay so any any post any

idea about my death when it will happen

on at the


no i

it’s like it’s very confusing uh

it’s fine now you can tell me the i will

be blessed with the sun

so you can tell me that thing so maybe

obviously if you have any

uh chart in the that like where and i

will get

married or maybe when i will be diet

so i mean that those are the most

important um factors in your life or

maybe those are the turning point of

your life right

uh not exactly there is no birth


there are a lot of people i don’t wanna

get married also no

no no i’m asking about death okay

marriage it’s i mean maybe i’m in this

corona pandemica i don’t think so it

will happen

maybe i’m just asking about it i’m just

curious about my death like when it will

happen maybe before that i will be

i will be getting married or not or

maybe in this corner pandemic i will

be tired or maybe i’m just i’m just

curious about that

when it will happen so at the age of

as you said happiness will come

so maybe at least at the age of i

will be

alive so maybe after how many years i

will be alive

will i be able to see my son’s marriage

or not i’m like


you uh see the thing is like you follow

your passion

like um the mentalism is your passion


so these crimes are the these things

will actually uh the hard work you are

gonna put on that

will start over after the age of you

will start to see a very good return


now i’m asking about my life like how

many years i will be alive

that is my question

um you told me like years at the age


i will be successful maybe

as per your definition successful but

what would be like maybe if there is a

chance of maybe

maybe due to the score and i i expired

at the end of

after two years only or maybe what is my


span if you can tell me about that

i’m very curious actually i mean any

every time i used to feel that whenever

i get such kind of any astrologer or

something i will ask this question

because i’m very curious about that

maybe life is uncertain right any time

anything can happen

maybe i’m talking to you anything can

happen right now

so what do you think about it so

what do you think about that any any

can you see any indications on my chart




you will pass

plus plus you will pass

or plus you will pass

plus at the age of i will be

expired no you will pass

okay pass i know i’m asking about this

span like

at the age of five not exactly but

at the age of that’s what i’m

saying plus you will

pass okay

okay so that i need to i can plan

accordingly my life

so if you wanna plan like that you feel

like you are gonna die tomorrow

then plan that will be more easier

okay cool

never plan like another two year one

year or something like that

just plan for tomorrow

imagine that every day i am gonna tell

you that you are gonna die tomorrow

i’m gonna give you an exercise

right that is your strategy actually i

mean um you can achieve a lot of things

if you

live your life with that

uh background in your mind like yeah

tomorrow maybe

this is on this sunday i will be died so

maybe if you plan and if you work

accordingly you will be

more successful maybe your productivity


obviously increase

productivity the depth of the life the

feeling of the life the depth which life

can give will actually increase

the life you feel no it the depth will


gonna increase if you feel in that way

so imagine that you are gonna die

tomorrow i said you

that in every day

maybe i might feel that okay i’m dying

tomorrow so what why should i work

it’s up to you yeah i might think in an

other way

no no that and all that aren’t all again

mind game but it’s okay you find in that


okay so anything else anything else you

wanted to tell me

anything else you wanted to tell me any

suggestions any feedback

on my chart or maybe anything so the

thing is like

your website you can make it more better

and you can

sell yourself more better

that’s the one thing i would any

suggestions on that as you said

radiate and everything i i note it down

any else anything else you want i’ll

i’ll send you mail

yeah because i i i was very impressed

with the your website and

the way you put the calendar and the

appointment things

i can reschedule that thing so that was


professional and i was really impressed

with that because yesterday i was very

in emergency

i was a little bit occupied and suddenly

i i put an alarm on that like i wanted

to attend this

interview and certainly i thought

i got to know that i won’t be able to do


suddenly i was about to call you but i

just checked that email

and i could reschedule that so that was


impressive for me so

maybe that is learning for me that i can


yeah you can also

i can tell you how to do that i can send

you one

uh mail how to do that like it’s an

app which is called currently which

yeah it’s for free you can put it in

your website also and your website was


very good and everything was mentioned

there i mean

the worst lot of knowledge and lot of

things are there

so i whenever you told me that time i

was not able to go through all the


but i just gone through a little bit of


so i thought let’s have a quick call so

that you know we can discuss and

we can finalize that’s the reason i ask

you to have a call


so nice to meet you and nice to

have you i mean nice to have a


with you okay thank you and uh

thank you for calling for this kind of

this workshop i mean what you say

this kind of interview and writing it

down all the

details taking your efforts to make my

chart and everything


it’s fine no no i mean you are taking

efforts but maybe

somewhere maybe in future if i feel that

no i am whatever you told uh

five years back that is happening now

maybe i will come back to you and will

say yeah i don’t know

i five years ago you told me that thing

yeah that is happening i’m really happy

with the

whatever you told me uh five years ago


now i’m you know knowing that importance

whatever you told me

that night so i mean it might happen


um so thank you so much

in advance maybe for that

giving me that information like

how should i go ahead with this so

you want to tell something to people

those who wanna see

this podcast

regarding about you this is uh

this podcast peoples are gonna watch so

you wanna say something to them

yeah i mean it’s uh everyone’s

perceptions like

what they think and maybe initially i


not convinced with the things you told

me but

somewhere i feel that partially whatever

you told me

was partially right maybe maybe

partially it was not

what i was gone through so

maybe it depends on person to person

i am maybe right now i’m neutral like


the questions which i was uh

thinking of i didn’t get that

exact look like the thing which i was

thinking like

for example what will happen maybe what

when i will get mild because these are

the most important things which i

honestly feel that if i’m making a chat

or maybe someone is making a chat for me


i was curious about to know those things

maybe about my family or maybe

those are the things very which are very

close to my heart

so yeah it depends on person to person

maybe if you tell someone’s

chart that might be true

so it’s as you said it’s a it’s

your wisdom it’s your it’s from

years right or years

is happening so maybe

sometimes it will not be uh i i’m not

the right person maybe

maybe the way you are telling i’m not

um convinced or maybe

we i don’t know but i’m currently i’m


but for the people who are uh watching

this or maybe

want to experience this they must

experience it because

i make i’m talking to you from last one


maybe i wanted to experience that i feel

somewhere something is new in this

because i never gone through it

so people must try this i would

recommend that to

you know go through such kind of

the chart and everything if they feel

that is good then obviously

it’s their call yeah if people

want to contact you uh for a booking a


whatever what you say

how can they contact you

yeah they can directly visit my website

that is

and uh if obviously people will first

call and they will ask

availability and everything and charges


then they will ask like the videos which

you have performed for the clients the

profile and everything

then we can go ahead if they are okay

with the profile and everything

we can finalize the show but

mostly i’m performing for the corporate

but due to this pandemic i i’m hosting


private parties as well or maybe a

ticketed show as well so

anything is possible now virtually

so yeah stay tuned and keep visiting

uh to get updates about uh

uh magician’s shows and sort of stuff

you keep updating your website right

yeah yeah i do that yeah so yeah

yeah thank you for being the part of the


and yeah thank you so much for inviting


and nice day

bye bye

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