Tarot Reading Series Episode No. 2 – The Lion’s Wisdom

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Uma Shankari was born and raised in India. She left India in 1997 to pursue her higher education in the US. She has an MS in Electrical Engineering. She chose a career in IT and had worked in the corporate world until 2014. After 16 solid years in the industry, when she thought her life was set in IT, she had a spiritual awakening that would change her future forever in ways that she could not fathom. While contemplating career alternatives, she was led consciously to leave the corporate world without regret and without a plan of action. In her heart, she knew she needed time off to be with her spiritual journey and contemplate what was next for her which she did. Her awakening was supported by the books written by Paul Selig,who wrote the “I am the Word” series. She credits her spiritual awakening to the books written by Paul, which are words of wisdom.

In at this particular podcast of her we are picking up some tarot cards for her  And she is talking about her Upcoming projects her visions, ideas and her way of thinking and her art works Welcome to tarot reading series episode no – 2 The lions wisdom

Below is a written transcript of the podcast:

can you hear me

can you hear me i’m audible do you hear


i’m good okay hold on can you hear me

well can you hear me

i can’t hear you well your your voice is

very like

low now can you hear me

better not really

good but it’s better

hello now fine

i can’t hear you

yeah can you hear me better now yeah

it’s fine yeah

okay sounds good it sounds you you sound

awesome yeah okay good good good good

okay perfect

um go ahead and uh by the way

remind me i have to show you some

paintings towards the end

which you would love it is exciting work

okay it is all spiritual related

okay so you’ve been uh you’ve been in a

marshes ashram

you know what i have wanted to i’ve been

there multiple i’ve been to

believe it or not you know when you live

in a place

you don’t see the place around and only

like five or six years ago i first


malay and i have um i

i was born and raised in chennai okay

i never visited you know so going at

that time the ashram was supposed i

couldn’t go

but i planned to one day i plan to but i

i’m moving to india

actually okay i’m moving back to india


so you can try it actually basically

i’m looking kerala

listen i have a past life in kerala like

no other place in india other than tamil

nadu attracts me as much as kerala does

i’m actually going to be uh going to a

a place uh not far from column

it’s about kilometers from column on

the tamilnadu side

in the agati or malay you know like

fantastic yeah

there is this thing is there no

no i have to talk to you after this

we’re gonna talk because i want to

connect with you after i come there

because i have so much we can share so

i’m excited i was actually really

disappointed that i couldn’t do the

vedic chart

but i’m gonna dig in my mom used to have

everything and like

my dad is kind of like not as um

like he was before so he’s not able to

remember where he put the jathekam


so i can’t find the time but i really

want to do a vedic chart with you at

some point

yeah that’s absolutely yeah that will be

fantastic okay yeah

can you um let’s before uh trying to do


uh tarot or whatever can you just talk

about yourself because the people who


one uh watch this may not be sure

um i had i have been a clairvoyant

since i uh i was eight

okay uh to make a long story short

my spiritual evolution hit

the peak about

and i had a huge awakening that led me


quit my job in the corporate world

i had worked as an i.t manager in

jpmorgan chase

and one day i just it for six months i

was getting the push to leave the job

and i kept postponing it

and one day the opportunity just laid on

like it just presented itself it became

very clear to me that i had to leave the

corporate world

and i left and i never turned back

during which time

i also landed a book called i am the

word series by

a gentleman named paul selig it caused

my awakening to catapult to a very high


after i quit my job i traveled to india

for a couple of months to be with family


took a sabbatical for a year just

traveling and

you know just doing my spiritual work


my during the process i

channeled a book called the lions wisdom

which is actually on amazon

and last month it won the bronze medal

from the non-fiction uh new age series

from readers favorite

and i have read i’ve written about six


the sixth book uh is what i’m

i’ve only published one but the next one

i’m looking to publish it next year

because the sixth book is very exciting

basically i have been getting codes

from a galactic uh

command from the galactic command and it

translated into art

and i’m not an artist i’ve never known

how to use

a brush or a pen for art

and overnight i started drawing

massive patterns and i have some of that

artwork with me to share as well for the


um and it took a lot of time to figure

out how to print

um so i do healing work with the artwork

the artwork is a multi-dimensional being

it has a vibration and when you hold it

it will give you

vibrations to release your karma

good and bad not just the bad karma it

releases good and bad

and it takes you to a lighter body state

when i say light body meaning light as a

luminous body

light as a weightless body because the

karma we keep

keeps us tethered and heavy

and when you let go of all the karma

that says

because good is also an ego karma right

oh i did this good

so when you release all of that you

become an empty vessel and light can

flow through you very easily so um

i am a healer basically i i

help with childhood trauma to

releasing karma to all kinds of things

so that’s where i am right now

so you uh apart from writing the books

you conduct workshops in

your so what is it again

you conduct what shops right um i have

not started yet

to be honest with you i’m a very shy

person i’m good on an interview i’m good


you know i’m not um very much about

a good night friend of the computer

screen no

no no no i actually am very comfortable

with people but i’m not

comfortable promoting my own work okay


meaning uh it’s it’s not in the sense of

oh i don’t know what to do with it it’s


it’s about like i don’t want to go and

flaunt my work

but i want people to kind of create

their own energetic you know um

like sort of like a connection with me

and if they feel it they should come to


that’s how i work therefore i haven’t


i think at some point i will start doing


but the marketing piece is something i’m

not very comfortable but that is where i

said i’m very shy about you know

i can talk about my work but i’m not

like going like hey you need to come and

do a healing session with me because i’m

so like look

i’m not that kind of person you know

no but i think the thing is like if you


if you’re good enough something and you

are not good in that something

what you could do is like you could get

somebody else

that is good enough that thing so that

you could

be focused on what you are good enough

you know so so

arun yeah i have a nephew

who’s older than you close to years


okay i don’t look like it

i understand all that i’m just sharing


yeah okay yeah if i didn’t know that i

wouldn’t have been an i.t manager

for like you know for like the last

eight years of my life


and by the way my nephew’s name is same

as yours

so glad thank you

um so so for instance uh

imagine that you are gonna conduct

workshops uh how

it is gonna be well the

um you know what i’m just gonna show you

a piece of my work i’m still working on


this is not a completed work um

this is still in the initial phases okay

okay so what i do is so if you look at

this this is a multi-dimensional

uh art okay so people get

it has vibrations once i finish it

you’ll feel the vibrations you can still

feel it

if you’re able to connect with it it’s a

multi-dimensional image

okay so what i do is i work with this

and um i don’t offer anything

so one of the things about my work is i

don’t say this is

oh are you feeling this or that i just

provide guidelines

and people well this is a portal

and as people keep looking at it i

turn and every time i turn they’re going

to get

an emotion or something that

they that the body reacts so the body is

the tool

to work with us your body knows

it will either have a strong reaction or

a vibration

or something and but when i uh let’s say

you have a

positive something in your body when i

rotate it

you might have a negative sensation and

when i rotate it you may have a message

and at some point i’ve found people

sitting inside the art

they see themselves sitting inside the

art so it’s a portal people

it’s not about people look at it like oh

my god i love red color that’s not what

it’s about

it has a beauty it attack it attracts

you but it is going to take you

inside yourself into a very deep state

so literally i walk through this image

so i

not everybody will resonate with this

image everybody will resonate with a


image and each image is for that

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particular person

and as you work with it and of course i

have my books as well right which also

teaches the basics of certain things but

the latest book awakening the buddha


has all the details of how to

what it is so basically it’s called so

this is a fully developed art

and i’m not an artist just an fyi yeah

and i never know what i’m going to draw

i sit

and the minute i sit i will get

whatever i get once in a blue moon

i will get a flash of the whole image

once in a blue moon

but mostly i sit i have no idea

the black is karma okay

actually it is also black is actually

rejected as a bad color but black is


very powerful the reason black so

when i started this work every single

way i was taught what to do i didn’t

have to sit and figure it out

so when i first got i was like okay now

you have to go and buy a black paper

okay now you have to go and buy a

golden pan now you have so when i’m

drawing i don’t know what’s the next

thing i’m going to do

okay i just put my pen on the paper and

it just moves

curly curly stuff curly curly stuff

is actually the toroidal force

um uh you know uh almost seven to eight

years back

i started to get the vision of the

little stuff

that is how i started uh doing the um

painting you know the lines it comes in

my dreams and

it comes in my awoken states and

things like i’m just sharing you then i


making that kind of pattern all across

like i used to stay in

one ashram in that

particular room and the outside of that

particular room everywhere i just

made that liquid liquid liquidly clearly


is actually uh arun it’s a curly is

actually the toroidal force

the toroidal force if you look at it if

you look

at a flower the center of the flower

is toroidal especially like our

sunflower if you look at it

it’s a toroidal everything in life is a

toroidal force

it is also a fibonacci series if you

look at the fibonacci series and the

toroidal force

you will understand why you’re being

given that particular

you know image and there is uh there is

i would love to see your image at some


but it is all related it is very related


sacred geometry so this is all so for me

i’m one of those people

if you give me a scale and ask me to

measure and draw i’m not one of those


okay okay i i can’t do it so when i

started drawing all this i said you know


let me go and look at a yantra and see

if i can draw i couldn’t

because i i can’t do rigidity if you put

me in a box and say

you have to measure this and this is how


i i can’t do it so these are all


um so basically what they are they’re


metatones what a metatone is

a metatone is when you are in your light


which is you’re able to allow the sound

and light to go through your body which

is a state of enlightenment

when you have completely released all

your karma

okay there is a tone that resonates that

is a universal

tone it aligns with the universe

and you and the universe become one and

the resonance is all you are

so this artwork

is a meta tone and it takes you to

a place of you becoming one with the


it is actually because we are so

dumbed down we can’t hear the

sound resonance that is naturally

present in the universe

so because we’re not a so it’s a very

healing tone

ohm is a healing tone okay

either the the the sound of om is ever

present in the universe

but you and i can’t connect to it right

so because we can’t connect to it

it has been given in the art form so

that it grabs your attention

okay when it grabs your attention you’re

like what is that

you know the beauty of the images is

only to grab your attention

and i always tell people don’t get

attached to the beauty of the image

go deeper into it sit with it

see how it resonates with you see how it

works with you you know

so it is about taking our body from a

from a heavy body from a karmic body

to something called a meta body that

vibrates with the tones

which is the metatone

so i feel like yantras are

actually um serving that purpose

yeah everything is is

in its place yeah so but

the thing is like i started like this

that i’m validating your work actually

that this is how i um started to get the


and then i went into uh drawing

yandras and things like that you can see

that over my what’s in my website


okay okay i actually i looked into your

website i got

carried away with the plants and

everything you had and i was like so

drooling over it and i

forgot to look at your yantras

because i’m so like the next thing for

me is to grow food

you know i’m like so curious about all

the things that grow in south india

and you had all these pictures like oh

my god he has everything that i’m

looking for

i’ll go back and check it

so basically the plants if you go



vedic astrology podcast if you have a

listen to all this podcast you can

understand the

how the astrology is combining all these

subjectivist technologies you know

in a way of understanding where people


each one can understand in a different

way yes absolutely absolutely

you know i uh understood my work there

is a

book called indiram sorry okay


okay indiram was written by

a siddha whose name is


uh what’s that my own

okay my own channeled that book

okay if you read eindhram

okay you understand sacred geometry to

the fullest

okay and he doesn’t speak about god he

speaks about

the um

the uh vastu shastra but not directly

into vastu shastra he

sort of goes into sound and light and

how it evolves into patterns and

which came first and which came you know

it’s it’s a very beautiful book it fell

on my lap because i was researching my

own artwork

because it came to me all of a sudden

right all of a sudden think about it

you know just like you you’ve never done

art all of a sudden you start drawing

with like beautiful patterns and colors


how do you explain it you know and one

of my friends she looked at him like um

i’m very jealous and i said why she’s


you know people have gone for like four

or five years of art school and they

can’t do what you’re doing

and intuitively i know what colors

intuitively i know what to

go and buy i’ll go into the store and

i’ll say exactly what i want and they’ll

say oh

yeah we know what it is you know what i

mean so i

i totally get it and your work is

amazing by the way

i was really like pleased with looking

at your work

yeah thank you i’m glad

so yeah we will go for uh the chat i


the tarot reading of you absolutely

and before you go i want to show you one

more yeah like i’m in love with this

because some of them i’ll just draw

because i don’t know what comes out


yeah wow

okay and this is multi-dimensional right

so it can be yeah yeah yeah yeah

and all my artwork literally the

prototyping takes me no more than an


the the work that takes is like putting

the dots

that takes me like hours to sit and put

the dots but the prototyping is done


half an hour to an hour it’s done


okay go ahead let’s start let’s begin

um what was the one more thing i want to

know about the

uh what was your book is about what it


speak about so the lion’s wisdom it lays

people who are not you know uh aware of


it sort of gives a basic understanding

uh it’s sort of like a dialogue between

a lion and man

on the evolution of consciousness okay

it’s kind of a cute book to read

if it’s you’re new to this world um

and then all my six books you know they

have a very different topic

my sixth book that i’m talking about the

uh buddha consciousness

is literally going to the light state

step by step on how to go into the light


awakening the buddha consciousness a

modern day guide to achieving nirvana

okay that’s the latest book and i’m

working on releasing it

and all my books i have written in


all of them okay okay all of them it

takes me between

what’s interesting is all my work

doesn’t take a long time

uh time and time gets collapsed time and

space gets collapsed

when i write when i draw it gets

collapsed um

every time i sit for writing i can

finish a chapter within like an hour and

a half to two hours i’m done

and it’s gone you know so um

you know for me i have witnessed

time space collapsing through my work

and when you have

passion in your heart you know um

basically what i i think i have had a my

recent awakening has been the kundalini

and it happened

last november ish and it was a very

interesting process because people do

say when you have the kundalini


you start doing something that you have

never done before

you know it just breaks your uh

your normality

you know so uh what happened is i’m also

a chef

i am a plant-based chef uh and i

only eat i don’t touch animals um

uh i and doesn’t mean that i do uh think

people who eat

animals are bad or anything i just chose


for personal reasons um i’m a chef and

i’m a plant-based chef

so when my book was launched last year

i cooked for people all by myself in

a tiny kitchen

okay so when i was cooking i went into a

space of

you know when you’re doing something not

for money not for material gain but

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just in it and you’re just

swimming in passion and you’re taking

this and creating something you’re

taking this

you’re not following your recipe you’re

just taking something you’re just

creating and creating and creating

you come to the state of bliss you know

and i think it was one of my breaking

points in my life

and i’ve always cooked but i’ve never

had time to cook

you know and i’m i’m one person so i

don’t really like sit and

create like multi-course meals i just

cook something very fast and eat but

cooking for that party last year

i for three days i was in a meditative


i made one after the other and just you


so i think we need to do what we are

passionate about

without expecting anything in order to

elevate consciousness because

you know i’m not going to blame people

um i mean to some extent we are

we are responsible and accountable but


we have been taken away from what is


and thrust into this rut of needing to

make money all the time

to support ourselves right so we need to

take ours

it is our responsibility to take


out of that rut and give time

every day or every week even if it is

minutes for the thing

that we’re most passionate about and

that is so important

so yeah let’s uh go through uh your


so these are my cards this is my



that is beautiful did you make it

yourself yeah

oh are you serious you painted that

i mean this painting this morning

that is beautiful that is amazing

so this is something

this is i mean i never this

came through me you know it was a kind


state when i was doing this uh

i was one ashram and it’s like

you know it’s a multi-dimensional orgasm

i agree i know what you’re talking about

but it’s not about you know people will


understand what that kind of orgasm is

if they understand the regular sexual

orgasm the orgasm without sex is amazing

as well

that’s so funny this is in all dimension

like it’s a spiritual it was

philosophical it was intellectual uh

uh it was physical um

all dimensional orgasm that’s what it


yeah that that time it uh it got birth

that’s actually i don’t you’re amazing

by the way how old are you

okay yeah oh my god you’re amazing kid

you’re amazing

so let’s go through the absolutely

i just want to want you to close your

eyes for minutes


yeah can i open

yeah okay

so basically this deck is

um crowley tarot and i

put it uh with the cover of this image


yeah can you say something like uh i


cut the cards into two equal parts

now one is on my left and another one is

on my right

uh can you say left or right

right please


spread this card in my desk actually

have spreaded the card in my desk and i


going to choose two cards for you okay

i’m going to pick two cards for me

see here uh two cards came on one is

adjustment we could see and another one

is princess

right now you

came into a stage where it can

you tasted a state where

it can actually uh complete you

you know uh but the thing is like

something is making you to uh

uh make an adjustment on

your own experience so this

is the time you have to be aware of that

external forces that is uh trying to


an adjustment on your own subjective

experience a kind of interest section

which you have to do

a kind of interception which you how to

do that is what happening

to you now you understood

like an introspection is that what you

said yeah

okay um

so basically uh you came into

you got taste of the

uh a particular state of awareness

which which uh which

which is like

immortal immortal state you go to do

and your state your state of being or


life forces are making you to

telling you to make an adjustment on

this particular

state this is something you have to be

very aware of

i mean that is something you are getting

aware of now

i’m already getting aware of it right

yeah okay

that is where you are now

do you have any questions no i’m just

gonna listen

if i have i will definitely let you know

so this is what the state you are into

so yeah the questions

okay i can ask a question i i thought

you’re gonna go further okay

um yes i’m aware

and my next step is

like just being close to mother earth i

live on the ninth floor right now

in a square foot apartment where i


really get out and just put my feet on

the ground

and be close to mother earth okay so i’m

venturing on a project

okay and this is all about growing food

being close to nature and it is the best

place on the earth and i know it i

already connected with a person

and this place everything i hear about

is just amazing

and what i am doing is i’m taking a huge

leap in faith

and i am looking to relocate to india

and i have lived in the us for years

and it’s going to be a huge adjustment

for me and i didn’t never thought that i

would go back to india because i’m so

comfortable in chicago

you know not in the cold weather but i’m

comfortable in chicago

it is my home so to relocate to india it

didn’t cross my mind i thought i will

come and live there at some point

but it’s coming like like now

and i’m excited about it i am like so

excited about it

can the tarot cards shed something

on this particular project

there is there are three cards okay

one is cross okay start

and the soro what is the second one

third one second no sorrow no the second


yeah so this is very important card

okay the star

so let’s see what’s this saying

the light or the


can you hear me yeah i’m listening yeah

the subject which which

which could be taken from the sky

to the mother earth

will happen through you

you know see this particular card

you can channelize that energy

uh heavily from the chemily bodies

through your body

to the yeah that is a that is a good

decision i mean

the cards are saying it’s um

uh it’s a good move and

heartbreaking experiences

maybe it will follow so what that

heartbreaking in the sense sorrow or


or yeah what is the sadness because i’m

leaving chicago because i’m already

starting to feel that

is the heartbreak because i’m leaving my


and moving to another place what is this

heartbreak about

yes because of the change

that change you know the card came out

with the change

and the hang of me because uh

if you look at on the

present situation which is being

uh life is forcing on you this

is this is

your egoistic self is working against


particular situation which life wants

you to

change into but uh it’s a change if you

accept it all hardly you could actually


yeah um well actually i have so

i’m still not clear because i’m ready

i’ve already booked my

like i’m booking my ticket today

everything is rolling

so i’m still the only thing i have felt

is i feel a sadness because

i love my home this is my humble space

you know what i mean this for me it’s

like a mother’s womb

you know when i come into my home i feel

a sense of peace

that i don’t feel anywhere else other

than that what i was trying to

understand you said it there’s going to

be a heartbreak

and i was trying to understand is it a

family related heartbreak

is it me leaving chicago is it leaving


like what is the heartbreak about us

what i was curious but

if it’s the cards are not saying that

i’m okay with that i’m not pushing for

an answer

but i’m just asking a question based on

your your

uh yeah i can pick another card for you

if you want

okay okay

the heartbreak is mostly um

related to work

okay what kind of work

because right now i’ll explain to you a

little bit more

and you could answer this intuitively i

i don’t even need you to pick another


i think you are connected with me i

don’t so

if we get an answer it’s okay if we

don’t i’m

not attached to it so the work is right


i am an artist okay

i’ve literally taken a hiatus from

everything else

okay i have really stepped away from

anything that is a job because in my


i know i can’t do a job

anymore it doesn’t serve me it doesn’t

serve my higher soul

or my higher self so there is no work i

am doing

you know what i mean so that is why i’m

kind of like

interested or curious about what that


but if the i have a sense i have a

feeling that leaving chicago is going to

be heartbreaking for me

because this has been my home my family

for the last plus years

you know leaving this is not going to be

easy for me

so that is the only thing i’m sensing if

you think it’s anything else

tell me and if it’s not then it’s okay

um if you uh dig deep into the cards up

subjecting there is some kind

of um

you know um the

can you see this cuts yeah

i do it’s something yeah it’s something

it’s uh

it’s all nice

what is what does it says what what’s

that card about

what’s the name of the card interference

yeah is there interference from family

uh it’s a

it’s not resonating well like the um

like the decision you took and the

on and the social impact

that affected on

the decision which you made and

and the output that has produced

is not resonated so that was

that was a kind of


understanding which is being happened

inside deep inside on you this is

that is the thing which which which

looks for a release

that that that thing is actually that

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is actually um putting you in trouble

that is the thing that is the pain point

okay so does it mean i’ll be stopping

all the work i’m doing right now

like the artwork i don’t see myself

stopping myself doing that

no no i’m not saying about that i’m

that that is secondary the

when you when you are trying to

make a move from the place you are into

to the another place the thing which is

making you to struggle

is this pain point

and what is that pain point i didn’t get

the pain point what it is

you told me but i’m trying to understand


i’m trying to really really pay

attention and i’m like wait wait what is

he saying

i can’t understand it um

that’s why i’m asking your questions to

under you know to understand so

you know for me is called it a pain

point because right now

going there covet is a pain point if not

for covid i would have been there

this week okay i’m trying to sort out

because i know i don’t have cobit i know

for sure

intuitively i know that but if i go

there and they take some test on me

and they declare then i have to be

quarantined for two weeks and i’m like

like this is like what’s going on in my

mind right now

you know a healthy human being shouldn’t

be quarantined and nobody should be

quarantined for that you know matter we

know how

herbal medicines work so my struggle

right now

is getting all this sorted out so that i

can leave on the th

and that has been you know getting an

answer question answered so

where should i go should i go to chennai

and then go to

you know this place or should i go to

the column and travandrum and then go to

this place so

all these confusion finally they came to

decisions like

i’m gonna go to chennai and then figure

it out from there because that’s where

my family is from uh so those are the

struggles that i am

seeing but i also feel like if i have to

be there

and if i have to be quarantined but i i

don’t think i’ll be quarantined for


because i’m taking all the precautionary

measure per the error

indian guidelines but if i do then i’m

willing to

do that for the sake of the project

because every time

minute i sit here it’s going to be

pushed that much away

uh does it make sense does that coincide

with what you’re thinking or

does it make sense what i’m sharing or

is it something else

because i’m trying to understand what

that see something

cut the lovers the card the next card

which i

picked up yeah so there is

there is another heart which you

listen to sometimes

do you feel happy to share with that

heart whether is it a love related thing

you’re thinking

no no may laugh in the sense is

not the uh men woman love

maybe you give some importance for

another heart you sometimes listen to

you know you have

i have a sister me and my sister are

going on this adventure together okay

my sister is phenomenal

but she has a family and she has to work

with the family in order for this move

to happen

okay um and she has a husband and two


you know one is in college one is in

high school

so mostly the struggle is over there

more than here because for me i would


make the move today you know because we

all have to come together and i know i’m

gonna do this project with my sister and

her family

i am positive about it but just to go

get through all these familial things

and it’s not all bad it’s all valid but

i think we can

break through this and i think my sister

is struggling with it

you know and money is a major issue

in the move with covet everybody is

stranded at home

you know like all this so there’s like

two things

one is my passion and i absolutely know

i’m gonna make this happen other is my


that i’m trying to bring her along and

she’s there

she’s right with me but her struggle has


how do i move the whole family there you

know and she has a valid concern and

that is where the heartbreak is

that’s where the heart struggle is


so you how to the cards are saying you

have to figure out the synergy with that

then the move will be easier

okay should i go there first or should i

send them first over there

is there you know and there’s no that’s


that you have to sort out by yourself

got it got it okay all right i mean


i mean i was trying to feel like what is

it yeah that’s the only struggle i have

right now yeah

and this is a fresh struggle because

like i just spoke to my sister yesterday

so i’m giving it some time for her to

manage that energy and percolate and

come by herself

rather than me pushing all the time so

i’m just taking a step back

you want to say something i don’t know

that’s okay

you feel like you want to say something

like i don’t know how she’s going to

react to that it’s okay you can say it

no it’s okay it’s fine i mean we are


okay all right yeah you want to ask


anything else ah no i’m good i

actually would love to meet you when i’m


yeah you’re welcome and i am going to be

in you know where dhankasi is yeah it’s

in tamil nadu

no i know that it’s in tamil nadu

then kasi is uh about uh

minutes or less from kolam on the

other side of the mountain

and that’s where i’m going okay and

where are you from in kerala

how far is

i’m not mostly i don’t mostly i won’t be

in kerala

i mostly okay okay so that’s where


staying right now so what brings you to


um i came here one of my friend is

asked for doing vastu for the

new ashram they are building so

we need to talk we need to talk

so like it’s amazing so i came here

and i’m he has given me a space

so i’m here now okay in back in

bangalore i

i used to work with iit companies


i’m an iit too oh my god this is so


okay i i write programs

yeah would you uh we should talk i have

a bunch of projects

for you we should talk afterwards i

don’t want to you know catch up on all

that on the

podcast but we should talk there is some

projects i run that you may be

interested in

yeah yeah let’s talk after this

and uh thank you so much is there

anything else you would like to know

or anything i could share for the

benefit of the podcast i want to share

something to the

people who are listening to this uh

you know yes my website i don’t know if


do publish information about the people

you do podcast with

yeah information about them i’ll send

you my information and just post it


and i’m looking for someone to help me

upload my

images or not on the website if you do

website work

please let me know i’m looking for

someone to help me to upload

the images okay so uh if anybody wants

to do a reading

or they can also find my book on amazon


you know i am going to create um

some health and well-being classes when

i’m in india

so you know there’s so much but if they

want a reading from me

they can look at uh my artwork which

i’ll be uploading sooner again contact

me via email

or the contact page from my website and

i’ll send you my website

okay that’s good yeah sounds good

all right so if people want to uh

contact to connect with you they can

um go to your website that

right now what is that there’s a contact



all right yeah yeah i will send you that

so that people can look into it it’s


yeah yeah you you got it yeah yeah i’ll

do that you can just put it yeah yeah

put it and like people can reach out to

me for any healing work that they need

yeah yeah yeah okay yeah yeah

sounds good uh thank you for uh being a

guest of my

uh podcast of course yeah

of course i hope to

hope to see you in personal

in india when you are in india i am

going to reach out to you because you

and i could do some

work i i have a huge project that i’m

working on right now yeah

and i’m not sharing it because it’s

still in the you know inception

uh so yeah there’s a lot of ideas i have

and i it may end up as an ashram as well

yeah it may end up as an ashram i’m not

sure but it’s uh

the place is actually you know that

whole stretch is actually called agastyr


agastir was a he was agather was a

siddha yeah i know auguste

malay the jedi jedi yes

yeah we just talked about it

so there is also a siddha whose presence

is there in the mountain

and his energy can be felt people who go

there and sit in this particular spot

have huge awakening moments and that is

the place i’m going to

to create this project so i will reach

out to you and

we should definitely talk in the future

okay yeah

sounds good thank you yeah me too bye

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