Kali Yantra: A Tantric Tool for Liberation and Empowerment with Ben

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Kali Yantra: A Tantric Tool for Liberation and Empowerment with Ben

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i’m a tantric by birth in a family which

is passing tantric wisdom from

generations to generations from past

years of legacy and got lucky to

travel across

india and got chances to study under

various gurus from different backgrounds

and disciplines you could connect with


in irons yoga.in here i am helping you

to design

a divine lifestyle which is based on

vedic astrology tandra and other yogic

system of


you can go through is uh actually from

karl j

jung that is how it’s pronounced right i

called you that is psycho psychiatrist



he has written a book men and his


uh so that is the book which is


mostly study about the anthra and the

mysticism behind all those stuff

and if we look at on the other religions

there is is

um the sacred geometry or the

uh symbolical representation of the

godliness is not just

on the forms of yandra there is um

uh metatron’s cube is the

seed of life flower of life and the tree

of life

it’s it’s from bible then kapala you

know kabbalah is from jewish


and the entire system of tarot is being

made out of this kabbalah

understanding of the mythological


so how what is this actually means why

people are

trying to understand the uh

resonance frequency in in this

particular passion and why

they are trying to write it on the board


whatever the way they feel like why the

civilization is

doing in such a passion this is this is


which people have to be actually really

has to be get curious about

why such a certain figures is being made

out of in

both east and west together which has a

certain kind of understanding which

which is which which looks like similar

in religious understanding from the east

and west

and the mysticism all together

so there is something something which is


uh far beyond uh let’s start from the

bible itself then bible is saying the

uh the god was the sound

first the the first stanza it was sound

sound was the beginning and from the

sound everything has been created and

some stories are coming up and

sort of stuffs like that then how to

come to that

sound or how to come to the uh

that resonance and why we have to come

to that resonance

uh so basically people call

this as enlightenment and wha what is

this enlightenment

is all about it’s nothing

it’s nothing but like what is that what

happens when you get enlightened

when somebody or uh one person

uh getting enlightened what happens is

like his

senses start to uh exceed

um you know it’s an extensions

of the senses that is that is how i

would like to call the enlightenment

is nothing but the extension of the self


peoples can actually understand and feel

much more deep

the way of understanding that is why

people start taking lsds and graya grass


whatever it is to get the sense of that

once people’s got into that they can

actually resonance that into everyday

life that is called

yoga vidya so uh so however

so when when we are looking at into the

upanishad the opening is the sacred

text which is being uh said

it is very uh very

purest form that is one of the ancient

texts which is being written

written as an understanding to

give the mythological understanding to

transfer from one generation to another


so what is that upanishads are saying we

have to

start to understand from that there

so it says like he who knows this

don’t need to seek he who don’t know

don’t know what to seek he who think

he know this actually don’t know what is


so this is this this is this is like

you know a kind of uh

understanding kind of understanding


cannot be understand understood through

words or mind or whatever so to reach

this particular the this thing only can


experienced this cannot be

worse shape this cannot be transferred


words so whatever words or written

symbols so

whatever the passion it cannot be

transferred so

to understand this uh we how to take

our senses we have to basically teach

our senses

what to see and we how to uh

teach our intellect how to

analyze analysis what we are seeing

so basically the andras are the

pictorial representation which

helps us to understand uh

the the universe around us in

much deeper way where senses

can be touched very easily

so that is the reason why uh the yandras

are being made and

from that indra if the one of the

textbook which is talks about which

teaches the

tantra is called a saudi allegri it has

a hundred

verses some says it’s hundreds some says


some says it’s so how whatever it is

it’s somewhere like verses are there

most of the versions of the south

allegheny in that

each stanza stands for one one

yantra so there are total indras all


in the uh textbook of uh sandra arabia

so that is the one of the uh hindu

understanding of the what whether we can

call it as hindu or whatever

it is again doubtful but since that is

the one of the

understanding of the brahman or the

absolute in a picture

uh pictorial uh pictorial representation

which we could see

in the saudi so

what is that an andra a yantra will be

condensed circle squares

and triangles

uh these are the basic things which is

in in the

uh in

a tantric representation of the

understanding of the brahman is being

made in

this way that is circle

there are basically three combination

circles squares and triangle triangles

could be

upward pointing or downward pointing so

what is this circle represent

circle represents infinite space and the


the expansion of the consciousness and


uh which is related to pancha buddhas or

one of the

five buddhas which is akash earth fire

water and why you that is oxygen so

and all these things are been related to

pancha buddha and

let’s see how it is being related circle

represents infinite space

and expansion that that is nothing but

the representation of the arakas

square or it’s a space or rigidity that

earth earth is a rigid

thing so the square is being related to

earth and

upward pointing a triangle

that is fire and downward pointing

triangle that is water this is this is

something which we could see

the text of sacred geometry also

in sacred geometry also they are also

teaching the same way

so this is this is one of the curious

element which uh

people’s has to be get interested into

this this is what something which i

actually wish for because the totally


time zone and totally different

places which is east and west is being


in a certain understanding and came into

a certain conclusion which looks


which looks similar uh why it is


this is something which i think this is

something has to be

i mean people’s has to be really curious

about the thing

what is what is why it is being

happening that way

then there is a fifth thing that is

dot every hendra

uh there is a dot is being uh pointed in

the middle of the andra

and this uh dot which is a

a representation of the value or the

prana prana what we call in tandem so

this is where we uh

focus the mantra and give the

mandrake initiation and focus

our energy a tantric will focus energy

in certain way and put this dot

on the middle of the andra and what

happens at that time

it is it is no no more a diagram till

then it will be a diagram

when the point is being made with a


sound on that particular

part it will be become energized with


goddess that is the uh that is the

that is the thing though when it is


opened with the goddess or when it is

being attached with the goddess the

yantra start to vibrate actually it is

it is

called as prana pradishtha in sanskrit

it is called as prana pradhista

prana pradhista is nothing but giving


prana prana is the life and pradishtha

means it’s a putting the life in that

particular area so prana pradhista means

uh giving life in that particular

piece of the work and that is

become the home for the goddess and

people can actually start

sorry can we okay that was that was

beautiful and can we just pause there i

would love to

uh see if i have been hearing you

correctly and just do a little bit of a

a recap uh to echo what you said uh and


so i can before we get too far but i

think that is a great

point where the i know you have much

more to say but but bear with me so if i

if i um i’m hearing you correctly we’re


circles squares and triangles are the

the elements that are the geometric

shapes that yantras

are and underdogs

right okay so circle square

triangle and dot and then circle


expansion uh in one if it was one word

it was

you would be expansion of consciousness

right consciousness expansion

uh yes and then and then square is

rigidity and

try upward triangle is fire downward

triangle is water

and the um and the dot

is the the prana the point where you

you focus energy um sound vibration in

the whole thing it


consecration i think the english word is


where we put the energy uh chanting

some certain sound so what happens it it

it start to vibrate

i mean the giving life

so basically the understanding the life

for the

atman or the soul which is not the

not only presented in human beings it’s

also presented in all kind of existence

and also we can give the life as well so

uh some certain yogic process

it’s basically sexuality kundalini is

nothing but it’s a sexual

energy we can uh see it’s like a root of

the tree

and the sahasrara is the

topmost chakra so

it’s like when we take the sexuality in

certain way and

push it through our sushumna ida and

pinkla is there that is too nades it’s

like a snake

coiled serpent around the sushupna and

when we

start to take the prana through

sushupna and take it higher higher


it will be like sahasrara is nothing but

uh that is how we can only imagine that

it’s like a thousand petal lotus

the lotus is being came out like

one another one another never-ending

daughters it’s it’s

that kind of feel will be uh people will


that kind of um ecstasy

uh towards that and uh it’s like

i have i took lsd and pathed in and sort

of stuff but

this is uh something like it’s much

higher than this

all these things you know uh

it goes beyond all these kind of



so yeah that is why people are calling

it as enlightenment

um that is what the dot is representing

and from there this power

this um awoken

the power of sexuality could be

transferred to the middle

of this particular diagram through

chanting certain sounds and

this will be become that particular

chakra or the particular diagram will be

life full and the goddess and i mean

people’s belief

uh it’s a goddess uh that is the easiest

way to

uh represent this kind of an energy

because it’s a creative force

the woman is the uh pragrati uh

that the woman is the um existence

i mean it’s feminine uh so that is why

it has been represented as

goddess and it is black in color also

why it is means

the dark energy is more if we take the

um our entire universe in uh

in a single point what we could see is

like the dark

energy is more than that of the white

energy why it is very less

so this that is why it is a goddess

some creative force and it is it is so

much over there

that is why people are understand

understood it in a way

that you know it it symbolized in a way

that it is a goddess

can we pause there for a second um yeah

that you know i’ve i have um

i’ve been studying the different poetry

devoted to the revelations revelatory

experiences and you know close encounter

type contact experiences with with the

uh with goddess kali

so many descriptions of the darkness of

the goddess are embedded in the thousand

and eight names

and and all to the points that arun is

making about

the vastness the expansiveness and the

the relative mass of darkness in the


versus that of light it’s it’s it’s

and you great you gave a great very

scientific very

very accurate kind of scale model to

think about that and it makes me

also realize like that

that the blackness of kali it’s not

coincidental or just

sort of poetic it’s like you made me

realize right now what you said that uh

that this um this the seduction of kali

is like a black hole but it is like the

most benevolent

journey you could want to go on and it’s


there’s so much more magnetism from

from the vast and just looking at the

night sky it’s like yeah if

if the darkness is what holds all of


then yeah if you wanted to create a

mythology around worshiping a

divine mother creatrix of this

whole you know dance then then then you

would equate it to

the darkness being god you know the

darkness being that

the womb the cosmic womb and so it’s

beautiful to reclaim

the divinity of darkness and and

and have a narrative that isn’t like oh

it’s all about just worshiping the sun

which is great it’s all about

the light which is this very kind of


kind of thing um

you know as you know now there’s so much

race racism and

racial politics around you know like


malcolm x um you know reading

being schooled on how black and white

are used as a form of like psychological


by by by oppressors you know so anyway

just it could go on about

the beauty of darkness the names

there is

infinite reference to the beauty of the

goddess as

the all-encompassing dark womb of love


the way to change the narrative and flip

the script on darkness that is really

important in the world right now and so

back to you arun thank you and i

apologize for that

and no the thing is like i am i’m mostly

misfit in the community which i actually

lived in because

you know uh being open to sex in

a place like india is certainly taboo

it not just bring the social

unconsciousness in your own home

also it’s not just bring

it’s bring a lot of troubles in society

you know

but the truth is always truth the thing

is like the way you see

once it’s once you got awoken and once


see the things in a certain particular


then you can’t help because you are not

not more seeing the world in the way

which others are seeing

and visualizing because

that is how it is then it is definitely

bring a social

uh friction and whatever the

if i see um

there is a sexually frustrated

uh community is being developing

you know they have a certain kind of ego

which is unconsciously developed on

themselves which won’t allow them to

have the life in the fullest form

and it is also create a kind of friction

on themselves which won’t allow

which will always push them to put their

head into

other people’s life and even

the thing is like you say it is

a persona it’s a kind of whale which


wear they say this is in decision but

if we see in the space almost

percentage of the content is consumed by

those who

called us morally correct people

you know they they are the majority they


one thing and they act in some certain

other way so they are the major people

and they they they are the consumers of


the data saying the other way you know

so this is something which we have to

set only look at on and

look at and do and something which

people has to be

get educated into and some certain

policy makers as to

how take a look on the statics i mean

the decision has to be made out of the


this is the data this is the truth yeah

then the society has to be changed

sorry there you go that’s it

people lie but people lie but numbers

don’t lie

yeah numbers don’t lie this is the data

people just suddenly have to admit it


yeah well you know and to that point uh

i have i have it’s been instructed to me

that uh

one of the symbolic representations or

qualities that’s represented

with one of i believe one of the points

of the one of the

one of the sort of geometric points on

the kaliyantra is actually

um attributed to bliss and

and as a translation i don’t know if you

if you want to get it maybe i should

just we should

if you want to give like uh describe the

kaliyantra for those who have never seen


and certainly you can search that online


call yantra if you’re if you’re

listening to this

you could pause it and just do a search

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and you’ll it’ll it’ll pop up but

but maybe if you want to do like a

describe it and then give us the anatomy

you know and uh

and eventually i mean i think it’d be

great for now

if you just do the two-dimensional

anatomy describing

what you see in front of you with the

different um

the different levels but you can see and

i’ve seen

three-dimensional yantra sculptures i’ve

been in puja’s with them as part of an


and uh and and to where the the the

yantra the three-dimensional

yantra was part of a akali puja

um sequence of readings of um

it could have been i think no there’s

well there’s been there’s many different

i mean i have i have different sort of

kali puja

manuals and i think there’s probably

different you know very different

permutations of it but um but i so i

would say

you know you could look at this yantra

and you say oh that’s interesting it is


circles uh you know triangles and a dot

and what

not um in these different patterns and

kind of you can see the lotus

petal type type thing going on and

whatnot but uh

but if you it took me a long time to

wonder until i found it just searching i

was like oh my god that’s

that’s actually a blueprint for

something that’s

meant to be be held in a


uh form which means that the

what is it the five or the between three

and five

i’ve seen of the the sort of stacked

triangles that it really is like a

pyramid of triangles

vertically and the dot and the center be

i mean yeah it’s interesting so if you

you could you could search right now for

d kaliyantra and then really be really

get excited but i guess however you want

to do it

we could just we could do the d version

now anatomy of the yantra from you know


the face down view or from the

this is talking about the construction

of the temple the geometrical

geometrical aspect and sort of stuff so

this is how the temples has to be

consecrated spaces

has to be built so once these kind of

structures is being built peoples can

actually go inside and it will be become

like a transformative experience

just sitting there

so that is how the temples has been

built actually that is

so this is very heavy architecture this

is the thing which i am

i just really really got curious of


this is like at least three to four

thousand years old

if i’m if we are honest about this this

is like at least three to four thousand

year old and this is like very precise

geometrical pattern if you study this in

very deep sense

it’s like a very precise geometrical

pattern and the and the

structures being built on that time like

uh aurora caves if we come to india

there are some structures which has been

built in uh

kashi and agenda caves and sort of stuff

it’s like this is

i mean uh very modern technology also

will take

years to the to construct something like


so so this is something which people

certainly i mean the new technology

technical peoples or scientists or

policy makers or whatever

has to be really has to be curious of


because the pattern is being developed


east and west it is it is it uh if we

study the

metatron’s cube and the seed of life you

know there are some

and uh you know this thing um what it is


uh kapala kapala those kind of things

all those comes in a certain pattern

yeah i mean music if

i’d say for anybody who’s skeptical

about the power of sacred geometry

understand that what music is doing is


sound forms sound waves and patterns

that are

either you know harmful or healing or

helpful or uplifting or

emotionally like if you if you

any what’s your favorite song and how

does it make you feel well that’s all

sacred geometry too you know and that’s

also three-dimensional because it’s

sound waves that are vibrating it’s not

just uh

you know yeah i just wanted to

to put that out there that’s like where

everybody’s here trying to when

the i guess the ultimate thing is to

build a structure that you can be

enveloped by by walking into

and then that is a sacred geometrical

object in and of itself and we lost a


in the modern world living in very

spiritually incorrect

geometrical you know dwellings that

don’t have

domes and arches and uh

and and actually like yeah

astrologically or feng shui or whatever

it is like

a spiritually intelligent design of of

the buildings that you inhabit

leads to chronic illness it leads to

lack of creativity

sexual frustration i mean you could just

tally it up so

yeah so that’s and in fact i i did in

some of my research i found

somewhere somebody saying and this could

be no longer true but

it seemed interesting at the time was

that that

there are actual like engineering plans

for a for kali yantra temple

but to the to the knowledge of the

author of this

piece whatever yes it is

that is called the thunder there is a


which is called the tandar samsung how

this is being has to be built and how it

has to be

structured has to be erected this there

is a particular uh

thing is there that is tanda so

basically astrology

the um i mean astral in astrology

everything comes together

and the sexual posture also

but you know sorry

you know okay i’m gonna i’ll wait i’ll

save this i gotta

i’ll ask you something i mean this is

this is getting this is getting really

lively but i’ll i wanna i’m gonna pause

and let you continue and then just

know that i’ve gotta i’ve got a question

for you that’s

related to this to this temple building

projects so yeah what we were

saying for it what was that

do you want to continue or should or you

should i ask a question now

yeah you can ask me the question okay

sorry yeah i apologize

i apologize i’m very excited about this

topic and and

everything you say it brings up a lot of


of excitement for me so i’m curious


in india which is has a national


of of hinduism right that would be

correct to say

um it’s not a secular

i mean maybe it’s maybe it tries to be

but ultimately like the national

religion is considered hindu just by the

numbers right like that’s still

is that still accurate to say about

india like if you were

no no basically hinduism is not a

religion this is the

one of the fundamental

problem which people are trying to make

people are trying to make

hinduism as a religion this is

fundamentally wrong concept

because in hinduism it is

it is not a single

uh way of understanding it is not like

the jesus christ i am the way truth and

life you just follow me no it’s not a

single god

this one god is saying sex is the way to

liberation one god

one god is saying not having sex is the

way of liberation

another god is saying there is no god at

all another god is saying there is a


so it’s like conflict altogether so the

liberation happens when you are getting


you know it liberation won’t happen when

you are rigid

and strong because you can be very

strong and you can

believe something very strongly so that

that is not the way to liberation

that is the way to terrorism you can

build a religion based on terrorism on

that kind of understanding

so this is the confusing people is

basically they will

start to seek what is truth

at least you know right no i’m very

i’m yeah i’m glad you said that because

i have


yeah that that’s that’s what that’s

that’s my understanding

um and that the projection even the word


itself is just basically something that

was made up

by by the christian colonizers who

wanted to

basically they wanted to they wanted a

a christ-like messiah which became

krishna and they wanted a

a bible-like text and that became

the bhagavad-gita but that really isn’t

representative it’s a it’s a misnomer to

say that hinduism is a religion and it’s


a misnomer to say that uh that hinduism

is actually an indigenous um

native concept is is it true that even

the even the concept of hinduism was


by outsiders who wanted to simplify the

complexity of tantrism

is that is that is that how you might

describe it

so the basically um we have to study the

religious aspect from the east and west

in western religion or the semitic


i we can say it is semantic religion

this semantic religion there is only the

concept of

my way or no way this is the that is

what the prophecy is all about

if you don’t follow me you are fallen to


if you follow me you are too you are

welcome to heaven this is the

uh dogma they try to prophesize all the

semantic religion when they came to

india they can’t understand what is

happening in

india because you know

the thing is like one guy is saying

there is no god and

people say uh he is also hindu another

guy says

you can marry as much as you want people

say he is also good

and some sadhus are smoking weed and

taking breaks and

lying naked on road people says ah that

is also good

you know and what not if the king they

are having a lot of pleasure

lot of money and controls and people

says that also code and the shiva shiva

is vairagya full of vaidaria

he is he don’t want any kind of

materialistic pleasure

he is he is he don’t like the

anuraga i mean the love and the romance

you don’t like

like that in god it’s a complete white

idea he also got

and krishna he is full of anitaka he’s

having a lot of

lovers he’s serving and people are

worshipping him

that also so people can’t understand

what is happening here

you know so they said yeah this is


so basically this is not the uh this is

not the way like here there is no god

if you see in india indians never

believed in god rather than that they

seek the god

they they try to figure out the way to


god so whereas the west what happened is


they said there is a goat you have to

follow him that’s it

and there is no openness so what and so

this is the

the this is the this is the problem

which is being

faced by both east and west so the

western called this is hinduism and they

um they tried to make it as a religion

i mean it is whereas it is not a

religion it’s a

it’s a way of seeking the truth and

experiencing the god

that is a dogma it’s it’s dogma

resistant spiritual uh technology maybe


i think you know i’m just thinking of

different verbs that’s throughout there


it actually is is very resistant to to


dogmatized or or or even i guess you

could say

for there to be a con sort of

it’s interesting so canonicalization

right we know that you and me

from from tech you know code

language writing right to the canonical

well canonical link

for a web seo project or there’s

there’s uh the the word canonical comes


the process where the different versions


the story of christ were condensed into

a a

single approved state-approved version

and that became the canonical

uh text of the bible if i if i’m not

butchering this

this is all just from you know on top of

my my mind but this is great

i mean what we’re getting into in this


you know it’s um i want to get yeah i

want to to to to get back to

um the anatomy of the

other kali yantra but all of this is


what we’re talking about the the

semantics and the

the difference i mean i i always feel

like it’s similar to saying closed

source and open source technology it’s

like the

yeah exactly hinduism is an open source

that’s perfect so so that’s okay so

that’s great that kind of

that kind of puts into focus what what

we’re talking about here the

um oh so actually so that

like one the random question i want to

ask you was

oh it was about is it is it this is it

the national

religion so that was that was a poor

choice of words

by me um the the intention of that

question is more

is more to the point is that uh

you know if there’s if there are these


well we know that a lot of temples were

burned and destroyed in

various waves of colonization and

warfare so there’s like

a national wound

in the pride of of of

what you would call hindu um for lack of

a better word

for this moment how about um

it’s a sanadan dharma it’s hindu’s word

given by

some western religion semantics

okay so you’re giving a more accurate

word about how to

identify this

the code base the repository so it’s

like if we’re talking about tech and

open source it’s like

everybody’s got a different fork of it

but the the the github

of of of tantrism or the github of the


teachings that really it really is like

all those texts there are like

like repositories you know but um but

yeah so i’m sorry so

i guess i’m just gonna skip the the

prefacing and say

part of me has a vision that

indian prisoners like

criminals who have been convicted and


in prison why why

or maybe is there is there a a

a a a a sector of the priest or


classes that would go into an

indian prison and say hey everybody

you know we’re going to offer to pay you

um you know your your daily prison labor

wage or whatever however it works and

we’re going to actually buy some

property and

build a walk-in kali yantra temple

all built by not slaves but by

um convicts who who who want to

get some good behavior credits and and

maybe earn some money or at least get


i mean there’s a lot of public works and

a lot of different

projects that have been done and some

people might i guess there’s different

ways to to look at the ethics of of

who profits from that but imagine

building a non-profit

i mean let’s say if all the rapists in

indian prisons

were given an option to build a

refugee for victims of sexual abuse and


refugee camp was actually a beautiful

you know elegant um

garden farm temple structure that was


even even if it wasn’t one giant massive

temple complex that would take

you know hundreds of years and and

possibly alien technology

whatever if you believe that you know

that to to to build but like

you know a i’ll make a calyantra


fort to live on the street under and

grow food on

you know what i mean like it could be

any scale but but that’s just that’s

just a thought experiment as a side note

but i’m curious

my question is for you what kind of

what kind of like spiritual redemptive

public works

opportunities are there for

criminals and prisoners in india or do

they just

sit there and rot i’m curious because

you know you could

see all kinds of different depictions

and i’m watching that

locked up abroad program which i hope i

never end up on that thing

go ahead what do you say about oh man

there is

actually there is no um

see the missionary setup is not there in


cultural development on

the sanadan dharma you know

so if we see the christian missionaries

and the

muhammadin religions what we could see

is like

there is some kind of temple priest

i mean the father or the

guy or the sister will go to the

particular cell and priest

preach about the christ and his

stories but that kind of setup is not


i mean because there is no authority to

i mean

it is an open source you know

like you wouldn’t go there into the

prison and say all right everybody you

need to build the national kali monument

because you’re forced to because that’s

the religion

right you wouldn’t say it like that but

let’s say what if

what if um what if a private contractor

or a private

what if someone would say hey i wanna i

know like i said there’s

there’s ways that this can be done very

wrong but i would say imagine that like

well let’s say you were a prisoner let’s

say you were a prisoner inside of an

indian prison

and you were already for example akali

worshiper or seeker of the goddess or

you know interested in tantra or

whatever or maybe you got into tantra

from the wrong path so to speak and it

got you in trouble and now you want to


a personally reformed

tantrika magician and you’re like i want

to repent for my

you know for my misdeeds of of karma and

i want to serve

serve nature serve the goddess and so

you know could they

like if let’s say right now is if we had

a million dollars and we said

we should you know uh

after you know uh considering everything

going on with kovid what

what if we you know or accepting or or

adapting to that reality you know


or or you could say this thought

experiment is like

post-covet or pre-code or whatever but

the idea of like

not necessarily being a missionary to go

and like um

program people with dogma but if i if i

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wanted to say

you know hey i think if you’re a rapist

i think you should spend the rest of

your life building goddess temples that


refugee camps that protect women and

children from other rapists including


and that would be something right like

that’s something where i would i would i

would rather

pay a pay a rapist to build a goddess


that was that was a rape free zone um

then then have that rapist just sitting

there getting worse and worse and

rotting and being even more

horrifically possessed and also being

raped and raping

in prison and to come out and to be a

better rapist

and that’s that goes for anywhere in the

world probably but certainly in the us

you know that’s that’s that’s no no joke

so you know

like i’m not gonna go into a u.s prison

and go

get a in a fist fight with the christian

chaplain and like punch him out and then

take their their podium and start

preaching about kali temples

but but but i but people teach yoga in

prisons now so like there’s another

mind right it’s like oh

there she is

there’s the goddess sticking her tongue

out but you’ll never know why you know

you’ll never

they won’t hand you out a a

yantra you know coloring book

uh in american prisons you know what i

mean but uh but anyway

i’m digressing but i think i think this

is uh this is

it’s fun yeah this is something which uh

actually so basically what we could do

is like

the immediate thing we can do is like we

can descend the

kali and ra and send to the

rapist across the globe this is

something which we could do you know

yeah yeah there you go i start there

and send to the rapist

oh my god i think i know the rest of my

life i’m going to be a renunciate i’m

just going to have a robe and a

and a box of printed cauliyanch’s and


go hand them out and just not say a word

with but with

crayons you know so they can color it in

there you go

out that’s it that’s that’s how i’m

gonna my goal in years i’m gonna devote

to that

i mean why not you know

this is an interesting idea basically we

could i mean we could start to do that

yeah it would be or like a birthday cake

have you seen have you seen uh decorated

cakes like you can make

you can make food and decorate it you

can even print

on food now with edible ink imagine that

but yeah well here here here i go i go

off into these uh

these crazy tangents about mass


calling for shipping and that’s really


not a slippery slope i want to i want to

hurt myself

on or anybody else on but uh but yeah

but but

i think that that that is a great we’re


we’re like piecing together some fun

projects but

uh but but yeah so back to what what is

so if you’re listening you’re like

when when is ben gonna shut up and let

arun tell us

what a call yantra looks like

and now is the time that you’re waiting


i’m shutting up and you can tell us what

it looks like

so basically the kali indra there is


downward tangles

which means that it is like um female


this is um you know there is a mudra

also associated with the same that is

worship there is one mudra also

associated with

this particular uh triangle that is

funny mudra when we worship the

kalindra that is the mudra we have to

start to do so what happens is like it’s

a kind of understanding the femininity

uh in masculine uh way so

people can start to understand the

feminine then uh

in five uh downward

triangles which is one small one another

big one around that and another big one

and another big one and under going like


five triangles and two circles um

around the uh triangle uh and there is

eight lotus petals uh around the

um circles so this is how the

kalindra you look like and there is

other decorations are also is being made

you can

put the mantras for symbols so sort of

things you could actually see in


things but this is the basic of the kali

and five downward

uh triangles and the two circles around

it and

eight a lot of lotus petals

um but

what we say like um

how do i say squares there is a square

structure which looks like a cross all

the interest has been made because

uh that is not the part of the intra

actually it is to give the

structural fitness or whatever it’s a

platform basically it’s a platform or


yeah it’s a platform

so if so if we were thinking about it

from a construction

you know contracting perspective it’d be

like that so what and and

yes i think anybody listening including

me is is clear

on what you described uh as as

now what i know now is is the the unique

kaliyantra separate from the foundation

of the

in the back which is it kind of looks

like uh

um yeah it’s a square

with with these little t’s they’re like

yeah there’s t-shirt there’s

four actually it looks like it looks

like um

yeah little there’s like t-shaped

mushrooms you could say there’s a yeah

it’s a square with a mushroom growing

out of

each each side the top the right the


the left there’s like a squared off

t-shape looking

i would i would now i’m saying i i love

the idea of

describing it so hey if you’re blind and

you’re listening

imagine squares a square with four

mushrooms coming out or you can close

your eyes and imagine it

if you’re not just looking at it right

now but uh but wow that’s cool and great

to know so

and then there’s the dot in the center

of the

four five triangles the smallest and in

the middle of the smallest triangle

on the top of the stack right

so that’s it so you have so now if we

if we can do if you want to walk us

through like a

d verbal tour because you you you

described all of the

all the elements so let’s say let’s say

if we

were looking at a a three-dimensional

kaliyantra temple the size of an

egyptian pyramid

and we were you know so like let’s say


the platform of the of that square with

the little t’s coming off

if if the top of that platform was at

the as it was at our foreheads and we

were looking up

we would see do you want to kind of walk


the visual of each of those um

each of those objects

nested within each other how they stack

up vertically

so that you can imagine if you were if

you were looking straight ahead you’d be

seeing that footing

that base foundation and then as you pan

up towards the sky

you see each one of these levels um

leading up ultimately to the top so

could you could you walk

us through that

uh i didn’t get the idea

like um we are looking on um it will be

like a pyramid

you know uh stacked up on

five pyramids are stacked up on smaller


one bigger one and the smaller one and

another smaller one like that five

pyramids will be stacked up on uh and


first pyramid will be half cut and the

another pyramid will be half cut

and which is being put on the top of the

first filament then another pyramid will

be half

cut that will be put on the top of the


there is figuring out uh there is uh

to get the um geometry done there are

some certain mathematics this being

has to be worked out that is being

actually prescribed in the books which

is called uh tundra

how to uh calculate this um geometrical

understanding and there is two circles

will be there out of the

uh which touches the three corners of


pyramid there is two circles and some

says it is four but it is actually two

uh then it is been surrounded by eight

lotus petals

okay so now okay so here you basically

what what you just did right now is you

walked us down from the top

so how about i’m gonna walk us up from

the bottom

um so that people can see this as almost

like a visual meditation so if you’re

looking if you’re

you would say if you’re looking at a


of a d kali yantra right now

you can you know really follow along

very easily

if you were if you’ve never seen this

before or you’re blind

or you’re looking at the two-dimensional

i think this will be

an interesting um hopefully experience


to project yourself into this into this

realm where there is a

a d kaliyantra temple built

that’s the size you know the size of a

of a

average egyptian pyramid so we’re

talking very

very tall very wide uh structure

and so if you were standing at the base

right now if you and i were standing at

the base and let’s well let’s say

um that that you could you could climb

it all the way to the top

you know that you could climb it all the

way to the top so then in that case and

you basically like steps

so so if every if every level of the


was was scaled

to where you could step up from one

level to the next

um without a ladder basically or without

any other like just just

just the average human you know

stair step um you could go from the

outer edge to the center the outer edge

is the lowest point

you know being the lowest point and the

center uh middle being the highest point


you’re first stepping onto the platform

that is the square with the t’s on each


the next step would be on one on to one

of the eight

lotus petals your next step from there

would be on to

the larger uh circle

then your next step up from there would

be onto the slightly smaller circle

and from that point you would be

climbing the five

um telescoping

small telescoping from larger to smaller


so step one triangle one step two

triangle two

etc up to the fifth triangle and then

you would be

um well if yeah if you were if you were

uh if you wanted to i guess it’s

possible you could make that

um that dot in the center let’s say be a


so and then you could actually sit there

and meditate and pray at that fountain

and that would be the point that this

you know the point that the at the top

of it um so

um something something strikes me the

wrong way about standing on

on the ball either because it would be

maybe not safe or because uh

maybe you would get a kundalini blast or

or that it would be disrespectful or

something but uh

but in either in either case

that’s how does that does that work for

you to to kind of like literally now


we just walked people into the yantra

you know yeah that is that is a very

good imagination sitting there and


you know that is the important thing

visualizing that

and meditating and if you have a

nice partner you could actually make

love from

love there you know that also like you

can actually

go deep into your partner you know right

because making life is a meditative


exactly exactly so

so if you can’t yeah

oh yeah well that’s you were you were


i can’t tell you how pleased i am that

that this discussion arrived there

because i do feel it’s

like the the the the the dakini consort

that is appropriate to be in my lap in


eye gazing and enchanting mantras and

raising kundalini

i would like that those people i’m not

going to say it has to be one person i

would like those people

to participate in this

for now meditative visualization

of meeting dear beloved

goddess shakti meet me at the top of the

kaliyantra temple in in an auspicious

full moon night

where you know where um our

our beloved friends are dancing in

circles and making fires

and and basically celebrating our the

consummation of our love

and we’re going to use that uh that

passion to

to uh channel the power

to make more of these sacred spaces and

build them

you know wherever it’s appropriate and

not not imposing

on people who don’t want it but be able

to like um

to manifest the building of this you

know these prototypes eventually and


you know more um sanctuaries uh

orphanages uh refugee camps however you

want to

spend that million mythical dollars that

we have but uh

but that’s so precious

and i’m glad you said it and not me

because of course my filthy dirty mind

always wanted to like sneak up to the

top of the kaliyantra

temple and and make love

under the moonlight with uh with the a

sex magic

train priestess beloved goddess but if i

came up with it then it would be really

easy to dismiss but you’re the one

who said hey why not

you know um you know put the uh

the icing on the cake as as some people

might say and go up there

well and then you get into the lingam


and the rituals around that that’s

something that

can you do a a a an introduction

for us to what the lingam yoni

sacred sculpture altar objects

really indicate about cosmic union

and and whatnot like i’ve got my

projections about it and

but this would be a great time to talk

about like it’s not it’s not

you know it’s not um it’s it’s

appropriate to be sexually magical

you know right because the

uh see there is

there is a lot of taboo around that you


there is lingam temples are there also

there is a

yoni temple is also there this kamakai


uh which that is what i am saying there

is a kamaki temple there

yoni has been worshipped and there is

lingam he has been worshipped

it’s this is you know it’s it’s

some um

in the karma k temple there is uh

yoni puja is being performed

where people are being initiated and

certain sounds tantric rituals in

certain sounds is

actually awoking the uh different

layers of energy

in a woman’s body so that she is capable

to carry the cosmic being into a

complete human being because woman is

the one

she gives the birth you know the

universe that is the politics of the


whatever this is actually

so that is the that it is still in india

it’s just because nobody has destroyed

it and

uh the problem now it’s

it is there in india i don’t think uh

some other

countries could be i mean

yeah it could be certainly taboo in

other parts i think

you will be killed almost anywhere else

in the world to even have this

conversation almost

and if not you would be either

decapitated or imprisoned

or you know even yeah i mean it’s it’s


that’s why i’m so fascinated by this

because if there were

you know if there were

temples to female powers of sexuality

which there are you know throughout the

world there’s it’s not uh

it’s not like it only evolved in india

but india is the only place that seems

to have survived

um the the pandemic of of christian


going back now mainly the last few

hundred years but uh but obviously

even beyond but yeah so at the lingam


um that’s something that is

it’s not it’s not really graphically

explicitly it’s

a little bit more symbolic although it

doesn’t take much to read between the

lines you see what looks like

uh you know like um

a saucer like a a plate there’s there’s

the the receptive yoni and then the

lingam is more like a

a cylinder that’s not

not overtly uh anatomically

correct but but gives you the sort of

plus minus

kind of masculine feminine receptive

uh giving like that i think that there’s


in footage i’ve seen of one of the the

cultural temple complex

one of the surviving rituals that

happens there

is that they come and they bring like uh


products and they smear that they have

they have pour it from the top of this

giant shiva lingam and they smear it all

around it and it’s basically like a


you know um uh

kind of sympathetic magic kind of thing

um and it’s like

it makes a lot of sense because the


is uh you know penises ejaculate and

yoni’s kind of secrete and

uh and receive and that

i don’t know how you how you turn that

into evil you know i don’t know how that

happens that’s a whole nother story but

but it’s good to know that there’s still

places left on earth where

where that reverence for the the human

the beauty of all parts of the human

body and and the

the value of these things um you know

would you say

that uh like if you

if you were doing a kali puja right now

like if if you were if you were doing a


of the united states assuming that it

was pre-coveted or post covert or

whatever you were touring the u.s

and you wanted to teach um you know

two three-hour classes throughout the

united states you could go to yoga

studios you could go to university

lecture halls you know you could go to

the beach to the mountains to the

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prisons whatever but like

you if you went on a journey of

delegation which is

you know you could call it a i know a

lot of um

a lot of swamis have done that you know

for various traditions that they carry


uh but you know a lot of what i have to

at least throw into this conversation is

stuff that i learned from the kalimonder

satsang podcast which is from the kali


in laguna beach run by

um oh a consortium of folks but the main

um the main priest there

he invites swamis on there who have come

from india

people who’ve been teaching in the west

but it’s like

i’m curious if you were to just imagine

yourself as being somebody

who had that dharma to come and bring

some of this to the west

and would you and you were gonna um

invite people to experience a a kali

puja to-go

kind of experience you know or like a

they get to show up and witness and be a

part of it

you would be um i imagine

leading chants and mantras teaching

mudras uh giving a sort of

lecture or discourse showing people the


like gifts to offer the the center


of the goddess um there’s also uh

you might have a shiva lingam

to teach with or to do energy

work with and you might have a d yantra


some depiction so i’m curious if you

were to

that’s just kind of what i what i have

experienced uh some just a you know very

very minor sampling of of

of the kind of experience uh but i’m

curious like what you would

if you were to design that

you know educational lecture slash puja

what what would some of that um some of

that what would you put in your

in your in your kit you know what i mean

and not that not that it’s going to be

advice that oh you should go do exactly

what he’s doing and therefore you’re

certified or something but

i’m just curious you know what if you

could unpack

and explain some of what would go into

you know a a ritual ceremony you know


class whatever she would construct to to

bring what we’ve been talking about into

that kind of a format

not exactly i never thought of that but

uh right now what i am thinking is like

the idea which you have been put forth

is like sending the

kali andhra prisoners it’s a very

fantastic idea actually

uh you know yeah

yeah but regarding the workshop program

which you

are trying to propose uh i think i

need to study much more about that

because uh

you know i’m

right what they call the pujari is that

what is called somebody who is like the

one who

who performs the leading those

those ceremonies the poojas which puja

that uh pujar is the one who carried out


puja who’s the facilitator right so

that’s not so you’re saying

you’re not you were not necessarily

um on the path of being a pujari

yourself that’s that’s not something

is different there is teachers gurus are

there now

and all performing whatever the gurus

has been taught

right so that’s for instance

a guru and his disciple who is

conducting the

uh washrooms are the

okay so is it so but yeah so the prajari

what what would you call

in an attendee like a sadika or uh what

do you call it a sanyasin or

what’s the what’s


is someone who got a glimpse of the uh

truth and keep working on that

we could say he is someone

working for success

working for what success success

okay right so then there’s so now and

because i went through those thousand

names again

many times now i mean i went through

that thing it’s two hours long i looped

it three times that was

not i’m not saying this to uh to be

competitive with anything or anyone but

except for myself but but i would say

that uh

listening to the sufiana recording of

the thousand and eight names it is

it is in its own form of a trance its

own form intoxication and uh

and i want i would like to spend a lot

more time in that um

in that realm of of of what she creates

with her voice but because i have been

listening to that i know i had brought

this up before but so

vera and vero am i

correct in remembering from that those

translations that

the female

the there’s a female word for the female

tantrica seeker and the hero

like the warrior hero seeker and then

there’s a male word or

maybe i’m conflating that but um but but

it’s like

vera or vero either if maybe i’m

confusing that but um

do those vocabulary words um

invoke something for you or my totally

well vera the there being a sanskrit

word that is

relative to a tantric sonic

like the secret path you if you were

like people say

oh you’re doing tantra huh you must be a

real hero

a real warrior you know like yeah they

call me a vera

you know what i mean like that’s there’s

something there is like a word that

comes up and it’s come up for me and my

in my studies and i think that’s kind of


macho man you know you want to be a

badass so you want to be a vera

or something right

i i don’t know about the beer he who

performed the tantra

is like tandri kachori basically

uh he who goes on the path of the

tandra and he who performed i mean he


put the uh wardrobes and sort of stuffs

like that he is a guru

a teacher he’s beyond all these

people like uh pujaris or

tantrikas or whatever he is beyond all


guru is nothing but a teacher that’s it

okay it’s it’s uh

that’s it it is uh then why

vairagi is the word which i heard

vairagi means

uh he he

he don’t like all this materialistic


that is called his only love is


okay okay so now i’m sorry so i’m i’m um

i i just i feel like uh

while we have these opportunities to to


um anything and everything that you do

to help course correct my

often really um foolhardy

for hearty approaches to this stuff but

at least at least i’m having fun

um and that’s what matters as long as

i’m being

ethical but uh but so i’m so vera


is the spiritual discipline of the hero

that’s from

kaulatantra.com veerabhava

in tantra tradition the term vera or

hero is used to describe

the model male typology it refers to the

composite ideal

of perfect masculine which is manly

heroic elevated and

noble with the aim so this is that’s

retreat.guru tantra workshop for men in

thailand so

you know that’s just uh

it’s coming yeah it’s it’s it’s uh it’s

coming up and i’m

you know i think i think it’s probably

best that uh

that we do some future

kind of like introductory vocabulary

um episode where some of the things that

you might encounter

general things to kind of build

a reference point and that can be for

good for both of our podcasts because

this is like

if you do anatomy of

the the chakra system you know the

sanskrit words the translation and

do some commentary on it then really

it’s like

it’d be nice to go yeah it’d be nice to

know that if you were

if you were hello people are getting


and not to say that we have the ultimate

or you have the ultimate truth but

where it’s the process of seeking it and

a process of saying

yeah well like if we were going to write

a computer programming language we’d

have to agree on

what words what what symbols we’re going

to represent different functions and

whatnot so

you know we’re we’re basically crafting

in in these in these podcasts you know

we are

creating a new tantric um

multimedia experience and

but the you know these are all just

words that the maps not the terrain

so we’re just trying to trying to create

a map that we can both um

we can both work from and understand and

so far it’s been

really i appreciate you so much because

you have helped me

um debunk and you’ve added so much new

new information you helped me debunk

some things that were even the whole

talk about

is hinduin is hinduism a religion where

did the word hindu come from that that’s

really important

i feel like every yogi everybody who’s

doing yoga should be able to

uh have these levels of understandings

that you’re that you’re providing here

just uh as a gift so um

because it is open source yeah exactly

yeah beautiful

and v how to use creative commons

license or something like that no

right right okay there you go that’s it

some common slicing so

you know that is yeah that’s that’s the

direction that they were going in so

um i definitely would like to yeah

say at this point i’m i’m

again extra appreciative that uh that

the space is created for me to kind of

fall on my face a few times and dust off


get a clue by the end of it and

hopefully do less damage in the world in

the name of township

thanks to thanks to your tutelage uh and

hopefully you know people

who listen to this one thing this

this is uh there is worshipping method

is also there for the

um if we are not putting that it will

not be complete

actually how it is being done is like

after doing the pranayama

devotee or whoever the aspirant has to

evoke the uh

invoke the kali you know that is how

the puja has to be done and usually

the yantra is being made in copper

or the uh um gold

gold plate and putting the

rice and the ghee together the

they above the kali there is a certain

mantra is being said

is in this way cream cream cream

cream hum hum

cream cream cream cream hum

hum swaha so this has to be done

one lakh times wow

that’s that’s amazing yes i have i have


that cream cream is a sound cream cream

you know cream cream cream


any other thoughts you want to share

about the kaliyantra i think

we just opened up another another whole

um you know path of inquiry so i just

want to give you

give you plenty of time to uh say all

that you would desire to say about it

for this

very very fun and very wild

all over the place introduction to this

this uh

curiosity and

yeah nothing i mean this is something

which has to be think about seriously


sending the kalika yantra which has been

actually consecrated or whatever

to the um rapist

in the uh

jails that is that is a very good

thought that could be worked on actually

okay well

the small small small pieces of alika


which has been configurated with the

chant of the mantra i mean that is

powerful which has been done prana

prathista and tantrik

and sending across to

i mean whether they are going to throw

it out or whatever it doesn’t matter

just like a gift thank gift

well well on that note i’m actually

thinking you could make a

a sort of kit a set where all the pieces

are actually cut out um

blocks you know and then you can

assemble it and that could be

for children that could be for prisoners

that could be

for a drinking game if you wanted to i

mean whatever you could make a board

game like jenga or something

but uh but i i yeah i i i like to think

of ways to

to um it’s a

it’s a modest and humble and graceful

way to

invite people to explore the mysteries

without being too

in their face about it and it’s like hey

if they have if if you start having

interesting experiences then you know

tell us about it we don’t have to

tell anybody what what they’re supposed

to see or feel or

but uh but i think it’s it’s you know

it’s always an open ended

open source opportunity to explore


and you will never in this one lifetime

understand a fraction of what there is

already been understood by our ancestors

and we can only experience you know

a fine you know what seems like a finite

amount um

with with just our brain so letting this

letting this

project uh flow freely and

find its it’s um

yeah the let the devotees find

find the path um through very little


and through very subtle and very cryptic

initiations for now um

yeah send that out there okay well

great well we will let that be

a prayer a prayerful vision to behold do

you want to

um talk about some of

your offerings again so people who are

just hearing you for the first time know

what you have available as your

offerings to your website for people who


seekers of the the wisdom that you hold

yeah basically i help people

to get a reading of themselves and

tell the certain sounds and mantras and

yoga posters which suits

in their own nakshatra that some of the

podcast which you could listen in my

website and that has been available in


where i’m keeping um

tantric understanding of their own self


the astrological framework um

yeah if somebody is interested in do

that sort of things and

want to know more about tandra they

could uh

conduct uh i mean uh and if they want to

know about the sanskrit word so sanskrit

translation sort of stuff

yeah that this is the main service i

give the uh

tantric understanding of the self

through the astrological


yes it’s amazing i’m living by those

words and it’s reshaped you know i

i could say like

my endorsement of your service as a

vedic astrologer

is uh is is unspeakably

um deep and serious because

it’s it’s uh you know you you find out

you’re running in the wrong direction

you know that’s the feeling of finding

out that you’ve been running in the

wrong direction running for your life

towards your fate your ill fate

and uh having what you know what you

share with me

it made a major

pivot in my destiny

and i and i i feel the authenticity the

authenticity of it

it’s very validating so you know yeah if

you can be open to

being course corrected it’s like you may

want validation for everything but it’s

those things that you get

invalidated on that are the for me have

been the most

um pivotal and transformative for

liberation and for empowerment and i

thank you again arun for that and i know

that uh

you’re helping people

with that experience and it’s so uh

it’s deep and i know it only gets deeper

so um

so please do check out his website

arun’s yoga.in

and there’s a banner for that website on

my website on the side

of the sidebar so definitely please do

connect with him directly and we will be

yeah following up on this again soon

hopefully with a million dollars to uh

to send out yantras to prisoners we’ll

figure somehow

something out cool

yeah that is um yeah i thank you for the


okay so when that is something i’m

taking seriously actually this um

this sending the

yeah to prisoners

i think that’ll be great and i will i

will be i’ll be sourcing

whatever whatever means we need to to

start working on that

um it’s this is a

a really uh long

awaited conversation for me because it’s

it’s been very no it’s a lot of books

we could start from there and then i

feel like slowly we can build the temple


yes slowly build the temples baby

gotta do it yeah gotta gotta do it all

right well


yeah i just i could say thank you a

million times i feel so so grateful and

i hope uh

maybe um we send uh

just well wishes to everybody who

is we’re blessed to be speaking

in relatively safe remote low population


natural areas and not everybody has that

experience right now so i want to say


i hope that everybody is

is finding that that uh

connection to the healing powers of


wherever they are and hopefully they

find the right mantras for them that

help them dissolve negativity

and have as much control over as little


we have control over circumstances in

many cases right now

what very well very little we do have

control over

we can we can

sing and chant and speak mantras

and even if we’re in a cage

we can be holding asanas and mudras

and chanting even quietly so

lockdown cage prisoners caged refugees

caged rich people in silicon valley who

are engaged in their rich lofts you know

hey if you’re losing your mind um

hopefully you will uh find mantras that

work well for you

and whatever

whatever those mantras may be maybe

they’re not even sanskrit maybe they’re


english mantras but if they do the job

and then

more power to you we will do this again

soon and thank you again so much for

all of these good times have a great day

okay bye-bye

thank you for listening to my podcast

you could connect with me in irons


where you could see my contact details

including my phone number my whatsapp

and email id

stay tuned for more exciting episodes.

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