Lessons which should be learned from geetha

  1. Focus On Your Goal Do Your Work And Focus Not On The Result

You have a specific objective as a top priority. To work to the highest situation in your consideration. Will we take the case of CEO? Your fantasy is to accomplish the desired situation inside five years. Thus, you should get ready for the job. Going to group the board classes, watching out for the ongoing tech patterns what not. Yet, you moan away time in dreaming about the advantages and compensations of a CEO. Do you feel accomplishment of the objective is simple? NO, it is troublesome.

Bhagavad Gita

This is the fundamental explanation, Bhagavad Gita centers around the significance of performing your responsibility as opposed to on the objective. At the point when you center around the prizes, you become inclined to stresses in the event of disappointment. You additionally get discouraged if the outcome isn’t positive. So it is consistently prudent to focus on the objective. You can get more awards subsequent to achieving the objective.

  1. Human Life Is Full Of Battles: Never Shirk In dread – Fight To The Last, Stand Your Ground

The Supreme Power has made an even person in a different manner – or will we say, Everyone is a MASTERPIECE. At the point when each activity you do turns negative against your objective, don’t evade in dread. Try not to anticipate results. Continuously comprehend, it is fears and desires that cause limitations and impediments. An important exercise from Bhagavad Gita that can shape your future.


lessons of bhagvad gita

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  1. Probably the best exercise From Bhagavad Gita: Identity, Recognize and Accept Equality in Life

Presently, this statement is a troublesome one to follow. However, unquestionably, life will direct any individual towards accomplishing the information. In the wake of confronting numerous difficulties throughout everyday life, you will in general observe all living and non-living creatures as equivalent. Leave it alone any condition – the sentiment of affliction and euphoria will mean the equivalent. You understand, the bodies are extraordinary yet the SOUL is one. Furthermore, that is the ULTIMATE TRUTH.

  1. Wants Will Come To Your Mind And Go
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As a person, you are inclined to getting wants. However, you should neither stifle a longing nor permit it to assume responsibility for your life and psyche. The exercises in Bhagavad Gita encourages you to watch and have fun. Keep in mind, yet doing abhorrent activities only for satisfying longings is unsafe. Getting trapped in the chains of want will consistently end in mischief, stress and the outcome – resurrection.

bhagvad gita

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  1. A Mind Full Of Thoughts About Money Cannot Concentrate Nor Meditate

You can discover notices of contemplation in different pieces of Bhagavad Gita. Reflection is the best type of non-actual action to accomplish “Internal Peace” and “Sadhana.” The statement says that a human brain dead set on just achieving cash can’t zero in on contemplation nor enjoy the “Internal identity.” So, the concerned individual’s psyche will consistently be unsteady, and contemplation is far off.


bhagvad gita

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  1. Whatever Has Happened Is Only For The Good Future. The Activities That Are Happening At Present Are Also For A Good Cause. The Happenings In The Future, They Are Also For A Good Future

Expectation, you comprehend the above sentences. It underlines on the duration of performing your responsibility, regardless of the outcome – triumph or disappointment. In this way, there is no compelling reason to mope. The most exceedingly terrible, you can do is to accused others for a disappointment or look for vengeance. Kindly note, each action in this world occurs which is as it should be. To cause you to comprehend the significance of human life. Keep in mind, there are likewise numerous other living creatures, for example, plants and creatures. However, none can change their destiny, yet you as a human. Along these lines, feel pleased to be one and quit moving to the tunes of little disappointments.

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life exercises from bhagvad gita

You can relax, once in wonder and there will be an awful stage, where everybody will put you on the terminating range. However, that is the pattern of life. It is stupid to focus on the past. Recall you can plan a GREAT FUTURE on the off chance that you focus on the PRESENT.

  1. Change is Permanent. This is Universal Law. You can either turn into a tycoon or Pauper in a second.

Hard to accept this Lesson from the Bhagavad Gita? Explanation by means of a clarification. Simply envision, a tycoon has more than his of cash in the offers market. Assume, the financial exchange went for a plunge? What will be his destiny – A poor person? Allow us to state, a helpless man won a lottery worth large number of dollars. Alright, here is the genuine one. An understudy who is poor, by utilizing information wins a prize worth 1,000,000 of every a test rivalry.


bhagvad gita

To put it plainly, lastingness is never in a human life. Indeed, even our Mother Earth is in steady turn. SHE never stops. After the night comes the day. Sweet downpour comes simply after Summer. All religions consider “pride” an indication of adolescence. At the point when you acknowledge change as a piece of life, you can deal with all the predicament in a quiet way.

  1. Dread Factor is a Disability

The accomplishment will be nil in the event that you have the dread factor in the brain. Dread, as such, implies questions in your capacity. It won’t just cause you to fail to remember the objective out of dread however will make you useless. However, if there should arise an occurrence of bold spirits, anything is possible. Dread of things to come and dignity are the two impediments to arrive at your objective.

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bhagvad gita

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  1. You Are Born Empty-Handed, And You Will Leave This Mother Earth Empty-Handed

Is it true that you are on the way to acquire abundance? You will be taking none of the abundance nor other material belongings to your grave. You are conceived without a midsection in this world, and your body goes a similar route to the next world. Ahem! You can’t take even your cell phone nor an image of Ranbir Kapoor.

  1. Desire, Anger too Greed – Ways to Self-annihilation

The three referenced are consistently unsafe to the whole humankind. Extraordinary needing for sex will transform a human into a sex lunatic or nymphomaniac. Outrage – individuals will think you are ruling them and you lose fellowships/connections. Voracity – you are consistently fretful. The body becomes host to issues, for example, hypertension and envy.


  1. A Man Makes His Life Based On His Beliefs

Your considerations characterize your life. In the event that you think to be cheerful even in the midst of disappointment, you will be upbeat. In the event that you let vengeance assume control over the brain even in the midst of achievement, you harbor negative impressions. These are nevertheless two models. Strange notion, retribution, outrage, affronts are some negative impressions. They keep us from turning into a person.

The Bhagavad Gita is a tremendous book, yet it is fundamental to learn it under the direction of a MASTER. In this materialistic world, you are inclined to negative emotions. It could be either a direct result of your activities or others’. In any case, when you become the Master of your own psyche, you will never again feel the misery of agony or distress.

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