7 coding websites that could help you to get a job

HackerRank: It boasts of about 2 million developers solving code challenges comprising four sections of Practice, Compete, Job and Leader board.
In Practice, you’ll solve various problems as per the problem level assigned, language proficiency and specialized skill. Also, there are tutorials associated with coding interviews.
In Compete, you’ll check in for contests or can create your own.
In Job section, you’ll search for various job openings in your preferred area.
In Leaderboard, you’ll search to some hardcore programmers on this website on the idea of varied contests.
Major Companies that hire from HackerRank: Over 1k companies like CapitalOne, Twitter, Adobe Systems, Dropbox, TransferWise, The Washington Post, Two Sigma, Freshdesk, Thumbtack, Booking.com, WePay, VMware, Red Hat.

Skillenza: one of the fastest upcoming competitive programming website which may be a complete package for the programmers who are seeking employment . The interface is sort of friendly, and you’ll easily connect together with your social signing. Also, Skillenza organized hackathons like Rajasthan 3.0 which act as a platform for companies to rent programmers. you’ll visit my answer to stay a tab on major hackathons competitions in India.
In activities section, you’ll find a plethora of coding competitions from which companies hire directly.
In communities section, you’ll join or create various groups during which members can discuss on various topics. Also, you’ll follow the works of varied people those that have already worked on the platform. Everyone needs a mentor, don’t they?
Major Companies that hire from Skillenza’s competitions are: Amazon, BOSCH, Swiggy, Careem, Amazon Web Services Cloud(AWS), Capillary.

TopCoder: it’s one among the most important competitive programming online platforms during which users compete against one another by completing projects put up by TopCoder or by the businesses itself. once you open the web site , they provide you options like app, website, chatbot, design, software development and to check also as fix bugs.
Naturally, this website isn’t for beginners but once you’ve got developed an edge on programming, it’ll be easier for you to adapt to the environment.
Companies which hire from Topcoder are: Google, Yahoo, Nvidia, Brooks Automation, Microsoft, Paypal, Verizon, Citigroup, J.P. Morgan, Cryptic Studios.

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Code Chef: A DirectI initiated non-profit coding platform which was started in 2009. In 2010, DirectI along side Codechef started the ‘Go For Gold’ contest to strengthen the Indian Teams who participate in world finals of ACM-ICPC. The interface is user-friendly and consists of options like Practice, Compete and Discuss.
The Practice section consists of problems categorized as per their difficulty level.
The Compete section consists of varied challenges during which users can participate as per their rating.
On Discussion board, users usually post the issues which they encounter during practice or competition.

Code Wars: This educational company started programming with a replacement concept of ‘kata’(a programming exercise to develop skills by practicing and repeating) within the year 2012.
Code Wars isn’t the place for you if you’re a beginner because teaching is a smaller amount suited to code wars. For learners, it’d be one among the simplest places for you if you’ve got experience of coding beforehand. the web site is filled with programmers from US, China, and India so a diversified community of users.
Some of the clients of Code wars are Apple, Andela, TrueCar.

Leet Code: one among the simplest online resource providing websites for programmers who want to crack the technical interviews. Arguably, it’s the most important pool of interview questions for the preparation of Google, Facebook, and Amazon. Also, you’ll face mock interviews with various companies(for premium members). the house page has sections like Explore, Problems, Mock, Contest, Articles and Discuss.
It prepares for interviews of a number of the main companies within the world and its users are placed in companies like Facebook, Leap Motion, Uber, Apple, Google, Intel, Amazon, Bank of America, Pinterest, CISCO.

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CodeinGame: the rationale for its inclusion in my list is that the uniqueness it brings to the table. In every problem, the logic attached is tied to the sport which appears to the left of your screen.
It consists of sections like Practice, Compete, Contribute and Learn.
Clients: Adobe, Amadeus IT Group, Booking.com, eBay, Nasdaq, Nintendo, Warner Bros.
Others Online Competitive Coding Platform: TCSCodevita, Microsoft Imagine Cup, Facebook Hacker Cup, Google CodeJam

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