Vedic Reading Series Episode No. 11, Part 1 – Transcending The Mind (Jyestha Nakshatra)

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Arjay Lewis (aka R.J. Lewis) is a multi-award-winning author, entertainer, and magician. He has experienced every level of show business from street-performing to Broadway. Arjay’s novels have won over twenty-six awards. ‘The Muse: A Novel of Unrelenting Terror’, won 14 awards in the Horror category in book competitions. His urban fantasy novel, ‘The Wizards Of Central Park West’ won 6 Awards, including the coveted Eric Hoffer Award. He also is the author of the ‘In The Mind’ series, which consists of nine novels with more to come. Arjay’s published stories have appeared in H.P. Lovecraft Magazine Of Horror, Weird Tales, and Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine. He also has been published in the anthology, ‘The Lacy Curtain Between Life & Death’. He has collaborated on several films including: ‘Down In Flames: The True Story Of Tony ‘Volcano’ Valenci’, which has won seven Film Festival awards. His screenplay for ‘Dummy’ (co-written with Pamela Wess) was the winning screenplay for the 2017 Garden State Film Festival. He is married to the author of romantic mysteries, Debra Snow. In at this podcast we are talking about different ways to perceive an event, why the expansion of mind is important in experiencing the Truth and transcending fright to be become creative. This podcast is split into two due to the length of the discussion we had.

So let’s begin our Vedic Reading Series Episode No. 11, Part 1: Transcending The Mind

Below Is A Written Transcript Of The Podcast:

hi so uh

can you talk about you like what you do

and some people’s why what made you to

get interested to talk to me

and why you are into the podcast well

first of all i want to thank you for

having me on your podcast it’s

it’s uh very very fun and uh i think

uh your goals and your uh

your work to uh promote

awareness and self-awareness in people

and their higher spiritual

uh meanings in their life i think is a

very very worthy

very very worthy cause um first of all

my name is r.j lewis uh i am a


i’ve been a professional magician for

years i made my living in that i’ve

actually done broadway shows and

uh performed at casinos and cruise ships


over the last few years i have been

moving into i am now a published

writer of books uh that feature the


and usually in every book i write

there’s a sub

plot line of uh

psychic abilities or a spiritual level

to it um with some of it it’s very easy

because i i write horror

and horror of course besides scaring

your audience it usually involves

things i use a lot of legends in my work

my most recent book the vanishing


uh as the villain as it were

is the jersey devil now for those of you

outside of the united states or or

outside of even new jersey

you have you have no idea what that is

and it’s a

famed story of a creature with bat wings

that um

appeared in the in the new jersey

forests in this area called the pine

barrens which is

thousands of acres of undeveloped land

and uh there are stories of it for

running for hundreds of years about this

creature with bat wings and a horse’s


and teeth and uh

appearing now and then in fact there was

a big panic in

about this creature showing up

and um it it

inspired me to write uh the book

that i uh my most recent book

which is the vanishing um

and uh actually if you can hit the

screen save i’ll i’ll show uh

everybody what the cover looks like real

quick if you can allow that

yeah please okay

anyway it features a a former nypd


who goes in search of the

of this famed creature

and actually does find her does find the

creature she finds him

and in fact there’s more than one of

them so it’s uh

it’s a very it’s exciting it’s it’s got

horror elements it’s got

thriller elements but it’s a a fun read

that uh gives people a very entertaining


so the long story short

although it’s late to do that the reason

i’m here is that besides being

interested in the paranormal which i

have been my entire life

i’ve also been interested in spirit and

spiritual growth

i’ve long studied the works of

a well-known man here in the united

states dr wayne dyer

who teaches about self-actualization and

teaches about

the uh spiritual side

and this helped me a great deal in my


because in my earlier days i i

dealt with depression and and um

i would use negative self-talk what i

call self-talk

everybody has a different name for it

but where i would say

nasty things to myself and i would

insult myself after something

didn’t work right or went wrong and i’ve

learned over the years to

not do that and when i find myself doing


i talk myself out of it and

it has made my life much better because

uh we all deal with negativity

but you have to be able to get beyond

the negativity

if you want to accomplish what you wish

in life

and i mean i’ve now uh accomplished i’ve

written a total of

novels that are all published

and i’ve got i’m in the middle of the

th one right now

and i’m continuing to write and create

which as an artist

which is what i do i feel is a very

important thing

is the creation of art and that can only

be done

if you have your mind in the right place

so that’s my story in a very big


um now i i i

you did a reading for me and you’ve

invited me on to your podcast which i’m

thrilled about

um i’d like you to share what your

insights are with

me so hopefully i can actually uh become

a better artist

so basically um

you know i’m trying to see people

through my reading and basically like

we all have colors we have nationality

we have different names and sort of

stuff we identify ourselves with

something else you know

so what i would like to call it is like

relative thinking

we are thinking about us with related to

something else

which we are not and i

found something called the subjective

thinking which is

that is very very necessary for human


because if they can actualize themselves

i mean they can

feel themselves embodied they don’t feel

like killing others

they don’t even feel like disturbing

other you know

i have to admit i i haven’t felt like

killing anyone in a very long time

so generally we all kill other we do

when we do so if we look at on this


spot which is called error that is like

a small

little sand piece in this entire nebula

we could actually see that we are

actually killing each other for no


and so this is because of relative

thinking we identify ourselves with

something else something else which we

are actually not

that is untrue also so i saw that

astrology or the um

spiritual understanding of the


and talking about the different self

foreign for instance i am from india you

are from u.s and

the cultural difference which we brought

up and the community and

identification and stuffs like that so

we could actually

if we can actually see through what i


rather than that of just seeing if we

could actually see through what is that

big end

you know so yes

the thing i found very because you you

sent me this this really wonderful

uh multi-page uh uh astrological natal

chart and

and all these things that are just

they’re beautiful they’re they’re works

of art in themselves

but uh i noticed that it was

you know i i was i was aware

that there have been different ways of

interpreting astrology in different


in egypt and all these things this was

my first experience

with uh the the astrological concepts

from india

which and i found them absolutely

fascinating and how they all

interact uh with them and it’s

it’s very interesting comparing things

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from uh

a standard astrological chart because i

have my astrology

chart done with um the virgin americans


uh many years ago so to see some of the

positions of that

versus the uh your chart was very very

interesting to me

and to see the correlations and the


so there is a little bit difference and

the chart which you have done previously

is western one or the indian one

was it a a western one western one or uh

western astrology one or the

western astrology yes west yeah so the

there is a little difference between

the western astrology and indian

astrology because

indian astrology um

see if in the nebula globe is like

little tilted

it has a little tilt here like you know

oh yeah

yeah in western astrology it is taking

in this way


so so it has a small tilt in

uh that is degree so the positions of

the planets will be differ from the

western one to indian one for instance

if in the in

western astrology um a planet is in

taurus then the

planet will be in aries in indian

version of the

same so however this is

basically giving a clue which can be

looked at on

in whatever is inside on us you know

is that a soul is that a um is that

something called atman

is that like buddhist says is that

nirvana or something

which is beyond that is what we are all

interested in what are we doing here you


yes of course the big question so

why are we here what are we doing here

is there any some ways

that are fighting each other do we have

some other ways to live

you know so however this is the reason

this is the difference between the

western one and uh

indian one i had

a podcast with one of the doctor he is

he murdered one chart of

world religious um periodic table of

world religion

uh he’s from france and he could

actually go through i mean

we are discussing that into much deeper

that was a very uh very good


uh discussion which we had in that

particular chat why i am into this some

of your guests have been fascinating and

i noticed

i noticed that you use you have you have

mentalist on and you have all these

different people who’ve done these

different things

and it’s uh it’s fascinating like you

said you you like to get out

beyond cultures beyond uh uh just

one point of view and and talk to these

different people which is very rare

nowadays usually

uh with most podcasts it’s uh they’ve

got one point of view and they want to

beat you over the head with it

so let’s go to your so i i find it uh

i find it very interesting

i find it very interesting that you uh

want to go

in a way where you uh you go beyond your

comfort zone

uh and i imagine that that uh some of

this uh point of view to some of your

guests goes beyond their comfort zone

because really when you get a really

good spiritual message

you are usually taken out of your

comfort zone you are usually

well wait a minute uh you know you’re

not sure how to react

yeah and that’s the things i found with

the with when with wayne dyer’s

teachings was they’d make me go

wait a minute uh i don’t know if i’m

comfortable with that

but as i i’ve continued being on the

path i’ve

i opened my mind to different


and at which point uh i saw oh okay well

this does make sense

so sometimes at first we we resist

but uh if we are if we keep an open mind

we can continue

to grow and see things in new ways yeah

that is the see if we look at on the


uh for instance in indian

way of doing the things is like it’s

it’s a rapper

for different different spiritual um

open source code and the different

different rapport for different


experiments which is here in india but

i would i would like to say it as a


understanding okay united understanding

we have to understand all this

but the thing is like uh most of the


it is becoming a dogma no

they they done they came out from one

jail and they got into another jail

you know

and actually that’s very true yeah

it’s very true because you know um

religions are created by people who get

a spiritual insight

and then they’re turned into religions

and turned into dogma

and instead of it being the insight that

you want the people

to have it becomes a series of practices

that the person feels obligated to do

but you don’t get the

you don’t get the spiritual lesson from

following the dogma and so i no that’s

that’s very true

very true indeed so that is the thing

which is

happening in india people get caught


dogma um

yeah that happens and uh basically it

happens i think it happens with every

religion in every country

i think you know christianity is a

especially uh catholicism i mean it’s a

series of things

of obligations that you’re supposed to

do i personally am jewish

so there’s certain things you know

praying three times a day and there’s

these certain prayers and it’s done at

these certain times and i mean it’s

it becomes these things you do

and uh but but the higher spiritual

awareness that

that it is seeking to teach you is often

missed by a lot of the people who

practice and i mean they can be they can


showing up and doing everything they’re

supposed to but if their minds aren’t

open to the higher spiritual practice

that is behind it

um in in my religion there’s the

writings of the talmud

and the uh and and which

open you up beyond just the the basic

uh holy scriptures but but gives you


to the spiritual meanings beyond what a

first reading would give you and that’s

one of the things that

that have always interested me in uh in

studying uh

talmud and and the different uh stories

that are uh that the religion uh uses as

teaching moments

the i like the kabbalah kabbalah is from

jewish no

yes kabbalah is from jewish and that’s a

little beyond me at this point but

but it there it’s the the exercises in

it are

rather uh amazing so you’ve had a chance

to study kabbalah

you you said you studied kabbalah a bit

kebab yeah yeah yeah

because i do tarot reading also which is

actually from eliester crowley

so this this in that i can see the

relationship between the kabbalah you


because the mysticism is common

mysticism the the nectar behind the

fruit i mean the

sweetness of the fruit is common which i

found very interesting because

god is something which we could actually

experience rather than that of you know

worshipping and hoping to be get into

hell or heaven or whatsoever

we can actually experience um but i

went after that point also even if we

are experiencing god also

so what hmm

carolyn yeah carolyn may miss

uh carolyn miss does a a wonderful uh i

listen to it as an audio book

she had a wonderful book out that shows


the um the tree of life in judaism which


a spiritual path matches

the chakras of the body and also matches

the catholic ceremonies that one

goes through in life and she showed how

they comparison they’re

all basically conceptually the same

they just have slightly different

teachings like in the tree of life some

of the

instead of it being the one thing that

the chakra is it’s it’s two things

where if you if you examine it it splits

that you can see how it’s both sides of

that one

thing and uh i found it absolutely

again very very uh mind expanding

uh and and really again spiritual truths

are spiritual truths they

they go through all the religions

it’s just finding them that sometimes

that i would say is difficult for most

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yeah because the spirit

i mean yeah aleister crowley also has

been like

people in the church has called in that

time he is a satanist

right but when i’m studying his


i could feel that he is not a satanist

actually because he is

is someone who has actually experienced

something which is beyond

the mind till today

that could be become very much

controversial in that

particular point of time could be i

don’t know on the

but crowley’s teaching i felt it is like


it goes beyond what he has experienced

at something which is beyond

you know that yes yeah and that i could


you know but i don’t know churches call


satanist whatsoever but i don’t feel

like because in

hinduism if we see in indian religion

there is no two okay i mean there is no

god there is no

evil also because in uh when we come to

semitic religion

it has come commandments like you should

be doing this you should not do that

okay like jesus and like abraham

navi and all because of uh because of

his teaching those people just got

confused and they are killing

now they came to europe also they are

killing everybody you know i can see in


because they are the they feel like they

are the only way

other peoples are untrue but yes but but

that’s the big thing

that’s the big thing again and again

it’s like well

my religion is right and yours is wrong

it’s just

uh every time you run into that there

there’s going to be a problem

yeah but the truth yeah

the truths run through all of them the

the greater

truths run through all the world’s


and it’s a matter of uh finding the path

that fits you as opposed to

well i was raised this way so it’s

always about finding

the path and then getting what you can

out of it that bring meaning into your


and and that’s you know that’s what

we’re all trying to do we’re trying to

bring meaning into our lives

whether we’re out uh fighting for social

justice or whatever

our our thing is we’re always trying to


something that will bring meaning to our


and make us feel fulfilled but the

biggest problem is

it’s not something out there

it’s always something in here yeah and

that’s what

most people don’t get they’re always

looking for something outside of


and once i have that it’s like when i

i started my career as a street

performer um

they call it a busker in in europe but

that’s basically a guy who does a show

and then passes the hat and and says if

you enjoyed the show

give me what you can and i did quite


for a broadway show and you know in my

mind i always say once i start making

this amount of money

then i’ll be happy well then i would see

a broadway show and said i was making

much more than i had ever before

but it and then i realized oh that isn’t

it that isn’t what’s gonna just make me

happy but a lot of people think that

they think well if i can just earn this

much and then they start earning that

much money

and they find that it they still have

all the same problems

and that’s the thing we do to ourselves

if i can just do this then i’ll be happy

if i can just oh when i retire i’ll be

happy when i

uh i live a very happy life my wife and

i are very happy

and is that me

i have no idea where that’s coming from

there we go sorry about that the

technology is taking over

yeah technology is helping also like we

can talk now it’s because of technology

yes i mean i i think it’s astounding

that here i am in new jersey in america

talking to you in india it’s just it’s

astounding to me

that this technology even exists i i

think it’s just amazing

and in some ways the technology brings

us together and in other ways it

separates us

you know i see adults with their kids

and their kids are clued to that phone

i’m not looking away from my phone

and you just you go oh uh you know

i kind of am glad i can take my phone

and put it down and just

not care occasionally i forget where i

left it

but i i read a great thing this week

and i i’m gonna just throw in a quick

joke and it said uh when you reach a

certain age

you think about the hereafter when you

go into a room and go

what am i here after and i do that a lot

i walk into a room and go what did i

come in here for

uh what so that’s a that’s a new idea of

the hereafter as it were

so doctor the thing is like um

um when you write huh okay

are you really transcendent your subject


how does it work i’m what they call

and this is a writing term a pantser

it’s it’s a made-up word pantser means

that you right by the seat of your pants

you just

make it up as you go uh that’s opposed

to a person who

plots out the story who writes a plot

and they’re called a plotter and then

there’s a hybrid where you plot half of

it and they’re called a plot circle so i

i don’t know where

i don’t know who came up with these

terms but stephen king

is a is a panzer stephen king the famed

american writer

he uh sits down and just starts writing

and he believes that stories already

he just has to uncover them and i

that’s what i believe i believe that the

story already exists

fully formed and my job

is to uncover the parts of it

the book i’m working on right now which

is the tenth book in a

series i’ve written uh called uh fire in

the mind and

uh i’m now in the tenth book which is

infection in the mind interestingly

during a pandemic which i found very

surprising considering i

planned it out three years ago but uh

in my current book uh a character showed


and then suddenly that character had

intercon connections

with other characters that i wasn’t

aware of that i was going to write

and then uh another

bad guy showed up

a scene completely happened where the

hero got abducted that i didn’t see

coming at all

and the thing is if you believe like i

do that the story is already there and i

just uncover it

you just go with it because when you’re

writing a rough draft

if something doesn’t work out you can

always rewrite it

and so i just

when i start a book i try to hit a

certain words every day i try to write

between and words every day

when i’m on a project and uh

i just see where it takes me and part of

the part of the fun

is going along for the ride you know i

want to i want to know how the

i want to finish writing the book

because i really want to know how it


you know um

basically the astrology vedic astrology


comes into vedas the fourth one which is

and in that that there is something

called nakshatra

okay so veda is basically considered

as the black art okay the black

i mean the occult uh science in the um

vedic tradition okay veda

this is and also this is tandra comes

into this

tantric tradition you know um

it’s i mean for the western mind it’s


i mean what i don’t know exactly what is

happening in west

so what i can understand from the

internet is like west

is taking tantra as just sexuality

but the uh what i can i mean it’s not

just sexuality i don’t know who marketed


in that way

let’s see what side will sell the best

i don’t know probably because yeah

everything is marketed

yeah it’s it’s like

the one thing that uh you know the one

thing that that

will will get people interested is you

you sell one side of it but that’s not

that’s not the whole of the teaching

that’s only one little part

yeah uh it’s like when i was younger

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when i

uh i was very lucky to study

transcendental meditation

which was uh started many years ago by


yeah yes and uh started many years ago


um i’m very i’m very thankful that i

learned it

because um it

again your your brain never stops and

most people just they don’t know

what to do with everything that comes

into their head and

uh studying transcendental meditation i

learned that

i control my mind i control you know my

feelings aren’t aren’t

out there they aren’t oh i felt that no

i i

i i had a thought and the thought

created the feeling

and i learned that i am the master of my


and i can control how i wanted

to do things and to to slow it down

and to get into a place of peace i can

do that

instead of you know the constant


which most people tend to to suffer from

especially here in the west they uh

they just can’t shut their brains down

so they use alcohol and they use drugs

and they use things

to to stop the the incessant

inner monologue and uh learning that

it’s just a part of me and i can control

it was very uh

very good for me

so yeah so the tundra

is like um

basically the sanskrit word is the trans

translation of that particular sanskrit

word is like

you know uh technique

it’s a technique if i if a guru or if a

master offered technique here’s a

tandrick basically

oh okay see this

new ideas no it’s all the ideas it’s


it’s an old idea but it’s new to me


so basically what happens is like

when the shiva and shakti unites inside

what happens see whenever men and woman

comes together

uh the orgasm happens you know

both of them will experience the orgasm

so it is

creativity basically something else will

come out

you know so we have a shiva and shakti


awokening the shakti on us through


meaning and

getting it clubbed in our own body and

producing something which is which was


or over here i mean something else new

will come out

you know so the tundra is basically that

technique and um

astrology is the part of tundra

so it’s a technique to get inside about

yourself yes basically there you go

yeah well i actually followed all that

there you go

i feel really smart now

so did you write about indian mythology


any insight on that not yet

but um i i

each each book has a path that it pulls

me on

that i have to uh i then learn about

i mean in the the um

the book i just wrote the vanishing the

lead character is romani which

which used to be referred to in western

societies as gypsies

but the romani actually have an amazing

culture they originally started in india

and then they moved to uh

europe and and they were always out

outside of the regular

uh people but so i i did research

about the romani culture and romani

language that i inserted into the novel

because um i had a uh

i had a character uh since the lead

character was

romani descent so uh

and those and so i got to examine that

so i i could see that uh

indian uh mythology may show up in one

of the future books it just

has not yet at this time okay

so maybe this could uh actually

astrology also known as the iu of veda

which means that you can see and their

veda through astrology

so this could be probably a good start

for you well let’s uh



so however uh let’s go for what it’ll


uh so in any case why don’t we take a

peek at the

chart and uh see what you can tell me

yeah we are going to that we are going

to there yeah

so let’s um

because i i have it open in front of me


you can see that right

yes i can i also have it open on my

desktop as well okay

so is like gesta

okay okay

it’s a group of stars okay

and all to the to the right side of the


of the chart as it were was that

uh the the names you have listed in the


are tending to the right side of the uh

of the chart

i assume that it’s uh is the church of

hours where

the stars show up and end up in

different houses

different boxes yes exactly so basically

uh the chart is been uh

see the middle you can see um ganesha


elephant code symbol on the middle of

this particular chart

yeah it’s a ganesha

according to indian mythology and

imagine that you are staying over here

in the middle okay then there will be a

degree circle around you

and we will be dividing it into equal


wow uh on each side

uh there will be a group of stars

planets or whatsoever you could see on

the sky

from your side if you are on the middle

of this

chart so this is tall direction okay

so basically it is not just four


more than four direction tall directions

we consider in

astrology okay so that tall direction is

houses what we call houses is nothing

but a direction

so when you get birth

ascendant was in a particular direction

and that house in that over there there

will be a group of stars

so this tall direction will be again

divided into

and in that particular area there will

be a group of stars

when there was a ascendant was there

that group of stars is your nakshatra

there we go so jaishta is your natchez

is nothing but a group of stars where

ascendant was

and that’s in the house that’s known as

bandhu is that correct

um the this uh the group with the sun

and mercury and oh all of that oh


so that is your nachatra so we can

actually see

to the nakshatra what it is actually

telling to you

okay this nachitra uh based

uh some characteristics


um yes i’m here i i’m just listening and

and and i’m looking to the page

okay um

so your paksha is shukla pacha there

will be two pakra one is shukla pacha

your bird will be rooster okay so the go


so rooster is the bird which will

actually transcend the uber

kind of energy uh so

what does it mean how does it translate

in your life

if you look at on your life you could be

oh there we go

had a slight freeze sorry



yes huh so basically the rooster


so what did you mean and i continued


yeah so i’ll just share the screen

so we were talking about the rooster and

and i had a chance to pull up at the

page you were looking at

and it says that uh i have a very

serious nature

which i analyze everything and come to a

conclusion is the main feature of my


i guess some of that is true

i also tend to be a bit on the impulsive

side and sometimes make decisions

that aren’t the best

um but i also do

as you were saying as we were discussing

religion and its different meanings

i tend to i do tend to analyze things a

great deal



so should i look further down um yeah

yeah yeah yeah

that’s my main that’s my main uh


yeah well that’s me all right


so uh this is your tree is

both tree okay stand the jack

so what does it means is like the

trees are not different we seem to have

a slightly

frozen screen

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