Transadenting the Mind Vedic reading series episode no- 11 Part -2 -Jyestha Nakshatra

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Arjay Lewis (aka R.J. Lewis) is a multi-award-winning author, entertainer, and magician. He has experienced every level of show business from street-performing to Broadway. Arjay’s novels have won over twenty-six awards. The Muse: A Novel of Unrelenting Terror, won 14 awards in the Horror category in book competitions. His urban fantasy novel, The Wizards Of Central Park West won 6 Awards including the coveted Eric Hoffer Award. He also is the author of the In The Mind series, which consists of nine novels with more to come. Arjay’s published stories have appeared in H.P. Lovecraft Magazine Of Horror, Weird Tales, and Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine. He also has been published in the anthology The Lacy Curtain Between Life & Death. He has collaborated on several films including: Down In Flames: The True Story Of Tony ‘Volcano’ Valenci, which has won seven Film Festival awards. His screenplay for Dummy (co-written with Pamela Wess) was the winning screenplay for the 2017 Garden State Film Festival. He is married to the author of romantic mysteries, Debra Snow. In at this podcast we are talking about different ways to look at on an event. Why the expansion of mind is important for experiencing the truth. Transadenting fright to be become creative. This podcast is split as two because of the length of the discussion which we had. Let’s begin Our Vedic reading series episode no- 11 Part -2 Transadenting the Mind.

Below is the non verbal transcript of the same

yeah let’s go for this all right yeah

yeah let’s go for this

now the okay let me pull up

um there we go

so my uh the characterization the the

symbol that they use

in my case is the uh rooster

yeah rooster is the bird okay basically

uh what does there is a panchapatri


uh in that there will be five words and

each bird will be

associated with each characteristics of

you okay

well uh reading it over which which i

also did before the podcast and getting

a chance to reread it

you know you analyze everything and come

to a conclusion

uh i can be thoughtful that way but i


tend to to uh sometimes make decisions

that aren’t the best choice

but i’m i’m seeing later and it says

however your way of talking reflects

your show off behavior

got me there uh i i’m a i was a natural

performer before i

became became one i was i’ve always been

a performer

and in essence i’m still uh

an entertainer it’s just now i’m using

the written word to entertain

instead of me showing up performing at

an event

but show off behavior that that sounds

like me

and that’s something i i have to uh be

careful of because i

i tend to like being the center of



um no no you are trying to say that you

you are telling me i have a show of

behavior or you are having

no it’s it’s me i have this show off

behavior that’s that’s so me

no no it’s uh i mean yeah it’s

good that you have that trouble for

yeah for being an entertainer yeah it’s

a good fit it’s a it’s a good thing

because uh and it’s an interesting thing


i started as an entertainer i

desperately wanted

attention all the time and now it’s i

i’m just you know when i’m working give

me attention when i’m not working

you know it’s fine i can be in the

background i no longer feel the need

so badly as i did when i was young so

it’s still there

but it’s it’s it’s age has

and and experience has made it less

less of a a thing i i need so desperate

which is always good i i also had this

particular issue

the show of problem

and that is what made me as an uh

that’s what made me to go to stage and

do some performance basically

so basically when right now at this part

of my life i’m in this point of my life

if i i got a lot of time to look back

and see

what is that made me to um

do a show of behavior and make it like

that way

what i saw is because uh

it is because i had a sibling i mean i

had a brother

and my natural tendency to get

attention from my parents

it’s like one thing wanting thing and

to get the attention i think i

have spent a lot of my life i mean i’m

still younger

uh whatever but yeah so

right now i am analyzing i have spent

more than to

years just to get this

attention you know um but on the other


i think it’s part of

the thing that makes us want to be an


and uh you are doing your art in many

different ways

first of all you’re doing your art in

the strong astrological readings

which is it’s part

math but it’s also part art and then

you’re doing your podcasts

which is also coming in front of people

and speaking

off the top of your head they say that

public speaking is one of the biggest

fears many people have

i have never had that fear i you know

can you all get up and say if you’re why

sure i’m happy to do it and since you

have that same gift

this is what’s causing you to do your

podcasts and things and as an artist we

always want to create

we never stop in um

jewish myths in jewish mythology

they when when uh

god creates man the idea

is it is said in in the torah it says

let us make man in our image

to which they said well you know god’s

using the universal yi

but in jewish mythicism the idea is this

he’s talking to the animals and he’s

saying to them

let us make man in our image

one part animal and one part divine

and is the divine part of us that always

wants to create

i often think it’s the animal side of us

that wants to destroy

but the divine spark and

for many of us it leads us to becoming


of writers and and performers and

uh recording people and

it’s that divine spark it’s that little

bit of god

in all of us that makes us

want to create uh and and

the the draw to be the center of


can be part of what gets us there

but as we as we do it more

we then do it more for the creation than

for the attention

yeah because as we do it more uh when we

get the more attention we actually need


look at on how do we live no



we have to really look at one i mean

yeah entertaining everybody is happy and

i am also happy okay

what will i eat for the next bread

i’ve had those weeks i back in my early

days yeah i had those weeks

but uh you know it’s it’s easy to get


you know some people get attention by

doing evil

bad destructive things but you and i

have chosen to seek to do

life affirming and good things

that that i i feel i’d like to think

that my

novels will make people happy for a


um and i your work obviously is

uplifting so you can you can you can get

attention quickly by being a bad guy but

uh it’s a choice that we want to get

attention by doing things that are

that are that will grow that will that

will make

things better and i i think that that’s

an important thing there is still a

question how do we defend what is good

or bad

our bodies are we can actually

yeah but it is relative

yeah what what uh one person considers

good other people

consider yes so it’s it’s subjective

but uh i i would like to think that we

we do things that uh bring people

you know no it’s subjective also and it

is relative also because

uh sometimes if we see the freedom


where the when there was britain was

here in india

those time uh britain has felt

indians are terrorists because we are

fighting for the freedom now we got the

freedom and

now they are freedom fighters for us

they are no more terrorist so it is

relative so

you know yeah

well but it’s interesting that the


of uh britain leaving india was due to

the non-violent teachings of mahatma


so uh he brought an energy

to it that changed the dynamic in a way

where it could not be sustained

any longer the way it was you know for

all the

there were people who who again and


tried to throw the british out through

warring and and fighting and um

but it was mahatma gandhi that caused it

to actually happen

through bringing peace to it so it’s

it’s an interesting

but yeah the uh i mean i understand

people fighting for the freedom

here in the united states we fought for

our freedom from britain in the uh

s um because

it is the natural desire of human beings

to be free

so coming back to your chart

yes so

this is vettii this is a plant which is

uh present in uh this

subcontinent i mean in the indian


uh this particular plant what it does is


it could actually resonate your own


which means that you can come near to

this particular plant

and you can start communicating with

this particular plant you know

oh wow and it’s the um

oh and and it shows the different ones

oh my

it’s related oh and it’s related to the

other so all the other plants have a

different meaning

in the uh chart wonderful very good

yeah i mean each nakshatra will be there

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are different nachitra

this nachatras will be related to one

one plant

so this is basically your plan you know

wow uh this plant you could actually

communicate with

um so this is how the

group of stars will looks like if you

look at on the sky

you can see the screen now yes i can

yeah if you look at on the sky this is

how the uh

in in galaxy this is how it will looks


look at on the screen

and here we go uh asura gana

so what does it mean okay asura means

like demonic quality so

demonic quality we can’t say that in

abrahamic sense of understanding

demonic quality which which one

which is not being said in the way which


uh abrahamic understanding it is

being said in the way that

humans will be having three different

gana one is

uh human uh um deva

deva means divine which

means demonic and demonic doesn’t mean


destructive okay

but it is uh a suggestion of some

negative characteristics or what could

be considered negative characteristics

um but again negative characteristics


like it means if there is light then

only there is dark

if there is dark then only there is

light if there is only light there will

be no dark

right so the uh the personality

here is uh uh picking fights over petty


which i i have to admit that is

something that

i can tend to do if i allow myself

and uh uh temperament may be

self-centered and not care about anyone


yes i can get in especially when i’m i’m

very involved in a project

i suddenly become less aware

and less uh helpful than i should be um

and but it’s it’s good to be reminded of


because any of that can be changed

yeah this is like um

this is more masculine characteristics

if we see the feminine characteristic is

more creative

yeah female is more creative but this is

more like masculine characteristics

which somebody who would like to control

okay and yeah

who would like to uh go into

i mean um who would like to drink

alcohol who would like to

smoke and stuffs like that you know but

yeah you will get pleasure with these

kind of things that is what the

demonic nature actually means but it

doesn’t mean that

it is bad thing okay

no no it’s it’s just a part of uh your

overall person that you need to be aware


yeah that is that is that makes you

yes so if we are working against what

we are actually actually we are


ourselves no very true

yeah so swati

quality this is swati quality

uh which is also associated with the

asura gana so this this quality will

actually help you to stay um

into the wisdom so uh for

uh it is actually for purity knowledge

and harmony

so you are a writer and you write about

dark things like violence and

stuff like that so what is that made to

you to

go there the swathi quality which has

been associated with the

demon equality

there is a very um

common western question religious

question that people bring up which is

why do bad things happen to good people

and my answer has always been it’s


god is a novelist and

you have to have you have to have a

story you have to do bad things

to characters that you really like

in order for them to grow

uh as characters so

conceptually that that’s what life is

about as well

um bad things happen to good people what

we could

consider bad things happening to good

people because

it’s all part i mean no again

again it will be relative no the good

one but

which is happening to a particular

person may or may not be good

or bad yeah it’s it’s a matter of

because things happened in my life that

at the time i considered were bad

but later on i’m looking back i went oh

it’s a very good thing that happened

when that did

that’s why you were here that is

well plus i grew so much as a person and

i became a better person in my

uh and my life became better after these


but at the time they were very rough for

me so

i think that this is part of uh this

this part of it

uh the swathaguna is uh

you know you you can only chief a

a contentment by by going through the


uh so having this as something that

you’re striving for and becoming

is uh it’s a wonderful part of this

entire reading

your buddha there are banja buddha the


buddhas which will uh make you to

um that will actually make your body

according to indian mythology the one of

the buddha

which has been associated with your body

is panchapuda

why you so what does it means is like

you may tend to do things very quickly

you want to get it done very quickly

that is how you

want to see things

okay very very interesting

so my element is is air the breath

yeah very good wow

so what it does is like it will make you


do things very quickly

very one very cool

shakti this feminine force of creation

so shakthi basically um

this is the goddess okay shakti is the

goddess the

sender of tundra every tantric

understanding the woman is the existence

if we see the

tantric side um

the existence is feminine

it’s not masculine so it is a goddess

it’s not a god

even though it is goddess because it

keeps creating

still it is not neither god or nor woman

i mean it’s neither men or nor woman but


it is like um shakti is the creation

because it keeps creating

okay the similar passion uh it will

bless you

uh because of that you will become


well and also it goes to the uh again

the western concept of the muse

in this case and the muse is usually

seen as a woman

who inspires people to create

what is that news and so in a sense it’s

it’s called the musc and it is uh

it comes from a grecian myth of the

four muses and one muse is art and one

uses beauty and one uses this

and and the idea has been made uh in

more western societies has been made


uh the muse is this uh

it’s a concept that inspires you and it


it tends to be considered uh feminine it

tends to be considered a woman

um and there are actually people you

know who said well this this woman

has been my muse but but conceptually i

like the idea and this seems to be that

same concept

this is the eastern view of the same

concept of the feminine force of


because you know when you start a book

and you don’t know where you’re going to


that force of creativity is very very


feeling that that it’s actually out

there and leading you

is very important and that’s what i

think this this

signifies in me is is this part of the


of the of the reading yeah

so the vata nature which means that

you have uh

you are um

um you you your body reflect to uh

cold actually so vata is a quality which

will make pain on body according to


so vada is the uh nature which will make


pain on our body if it is it

come into exposure with the uh hot


or cold weather okay so

this is the quality that could make pain

on your body

well i don’t like cold

water i don’t i don’t like cold weather

so that that that seems to make perfect

sense to me


so your goal is indra okay

this is the god of creation okay

so i have creation i have creation twice

which is not terribly surprising

uh no yeah yeah

so i have the goddess of creation i’ve

got the god of creation both at the same

time so it’s very very interesting

so basically there is um

two parts on two halves on in our soul

one is

shiva and another half is shakti so

in your soul the female part is

more okay so that is the goddess

that is how people just understood the

feminine part or the creative side is

more on your body people’s call it as

uh shakti shakti is more more on you

the goddess is more on you so the

similar passion

uh that is more uh the shakthi

is more on you that

that will make you creative if i see i

have seen the

artist chart of artists

musicians and things like that the

common factor

in this particular charts are like in

those chart

uh the shakti is more

evident rather than that of

you know masculine

shakti is man that is the observation

which i have

made with the working with the artist

you know

in their chat the shakti is more and

coming to your god

god is in that particular area or the

when we look at on the sky that that

particular area there will be

stars now in that particular area there

will be

a consciousness will be there that is

the uh god that is how the vedic rishis

has identified and given a name to that

that is called as it is not exactly

abrahamic sense of god this is like

you know you might be more aware with

the greek mythologies

you know the gods yes an essence of your

of your person yes it’s a part of you

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part of you yeah exactly because the

world is nothing but it’s

you only because what you see is what

what you are it’s like a reflection of

mirror no

you can see something and it’s not it is

nothing else it’s just you only

but you i mean you what you see it’s

just perception which is reflecting back

like you talk to your own self you

starting yourself yeah so what you talk

it’s what is happening it’s this is

the thing which you speak that is

that is what you are only i mean you

know are you getting

the idea which i am coming into you know

so no but i carry it yeah and so this is

the indra the god of creation which you

you’ve been in you can easily get in

contact with this particular god

i mean it’s not exactly god it’s a


like pure land buddhism you know your

land buddhists have heard about pure

land buddhism


a uh it’s more of a i think conceptually

it’s more of a force of creation that

you’re able to tap

into in this case yeah exactly yeah

and as a writer you know i’m literally

creating every day

so um i understand it completely because

the the things i can the the words i use

are created by pictures in my mind of

amazing things and then i try to

describe them in words so that

people can get the same sort of picture

in their head so

it’s it’s really the the idea that you

can take

images in your head and turn them into


things on a page that then another

person can see and it creates things in

their head

if that isn’t the most amazing act of

creation i can’t really

think of a of a a more amazing one

except maybe this technology


exactly yeah um so this is

uh one kriya okay

kriya which means that is a basic uh is


breathing exercise which is after the

yoga there is a yoga

process and after that you can use this

particular kriya the video will be

available in this particular link i’ll

i mean you can see the link on your

chart which i have shared with you

okay um on that thing

you can actually understand the kriya

uh the video will be there and that will

accelerate your

creativity or the uh um life force

and this is um this is the sexual

position you could actually

get in contact with your

other half

um yeah this is what we’re basically

mostly about your uh

yes wow so

we will go through it’s a very it’s a

very thorough

uh it’s a very thorough look overall

it’s just the basic quality now we will

go to more deeper understanding of

your particular chart which is like


so we are coming to the natal chart



second third house is

you have a saturn on your third house

which is on bhavam uh which is like

sahaja so you will be a natural hard


oh well that yeah i i

have always been and uh continue to be

uh i i’ve always been yes i had

the uh

always being ready for an event and

always except today when i was late oh

my goodness

but always being pretty always being

prepared i think is very very important

um for and and i uh


got very very lucky in my career because

i was doing the right thing at the right

time and seen by the right people and

and if you’re not prepared for that um

what they call lucky breaks uh cannot

manifest you have to be prepared before

the the when the student is ready the

master appears but also when the

when the student is ready the situation


um and it’s very very very very true in

my life it’s happened

more times than i can count where i was

just having to be in the right place the

right time doing the right thing

and an opportunity came to me and i was

at the level where i was ready to do

that opportunity and

it just uh it and and that i feel was

accomplished through a lot of

a lot of hard work and but i you know

when you when you love what you do you

don’t really ever work a day in your


i mean i love writing now i love

performing i still like performing

um i just did a show yesterday

so i still love performing and i still


writing so i’m i’m really enjoying my

life at this point

um so fourth house

moon is staying on your fourth house so

this is actually giving a clue that

your mother could be your uh she has

helped you in a lot of time you know

your mother

oh yes i was i was quite a difficult


i was i was a lot of work for my mother



dahu is one in putra

you have a child i have a daughter yes

um she could be mostly

like the magical or superstitious things

uh she also is a as a writer but she

also creates

websites so again she’s very much pulled

into the creative

aspect she like the

magic and things like that oh yeah oh


she thought it was the coolest thing

that her dad was a magician

magic in the not in the sense of the i

don’t know oh i

chill magic i’m not completely sure of

her spiritual path at this point

um she’s now so uh

you know she’s and i find it amazing

that i can have such an old child

but um uh i i don’t know

where her growth will take her because a

lot of my growth came in my s

so it’s uh it’s but

i certainly haven’t encouraged her and

brought her up to be

open-minded into to look beyond

what society tells her so

we’ll have to see

so the rahu is basically

associated with the uh occult kind of

understanding and that is staying on the

fifth house so which

could be like your dog

i mean your kids will be having

an uh larger understanding towards the

um the occult kind of understanding

so that is what it is showing uh

there is ketu

uh and on th house there is saying

sun mercury venus mars and jupiter

so what does it mean um

so your uh th house is for liberation

the house

which which will actually help you to

get liberate from

whatever that is holding you back

okay so in that house the all the planet

most of the planet are staying on this

th house

which is sun mercury venus mars and




so you will conclude all these things

okay so venus is like which is the

planet that is associated with the


and jupiter uh and mars is like


mars is associated with the war and

jupiter is with wisdom sun is with

knowledge so all those things is staying

on the th house

uh so yeah

you will be like um

more uh

you will get an eccentric uh liberation

okay yeah

certainly liberation uh would would

fit most of my uh situations uh

my spiritual growth and my career growth

and everything

all these different parts came in very


and eccentric ways so yeah

that that would make sense to me

so that is the th house

so this is the high energy calculation

uh so you were uh seven mukhi rudracha

is the rudraksha which

you know what it is uh no that’s a new

term for me

okay rudraksha is the seed which is been

presented in

india okay that is from the

trees okay um uh peoples in

india believe that it is the

uh tear of shiva okay

uh i’m i’m looking i’m looking at it

online right now uh

actually and uh yeah that’s a very


unusual seed it’s got uh

you know different sections and uh it

looks a bit like a crown

you said it was the crown the tiara

is did i did i understand that right

what is that

uh the seed looks a bit like a crown

that one might wear on one’s head

yeah yeah

could show you i could show you on

screen yourself

just loading

um speeding on screen

see this is how it looks like yeah

and it again it it’s an amazing

amazing seed look at it with different

sections and things like that

very very unusual i mean you know when

you think of a

of a simple seed like an apple or an

orange it’s it’s

yeah you know very plain and just like a

teardrop shape and very simple

that one is incredibly complex

so uh this rudrasha plants will be

having different faces

one mukhi rudraja two mukhi rudrasha

three face

which is actually associated with the

saturn the planet so this will if you

wear this what it will does

to you is like it will actually


the hard work on you you know

the saturn planet it will get

accelerated and it will

help you to um uh you know

work hard it will help you to or work


wow um so

this is like years old you are right


okay yeah so

i’m very aware of that some days i’m

more aware of it than others


so after the age of .

the planet venus has started so which

means that uh

venus is the uh planet with that is been

associated with

art creativity uh

assets drugs and sort of stuffs like


so basically these are all the uh good

pressures which we

get as a human to open up

it’s a different stage so this started

to happen to you

after the age of i mean would you

become a

good and a good artist after the age of


sorry my cat wants to become part of the


uh wow so yeah well i started uh

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i started performing when i was

and i i started learning uh magic tricks

when i was .

so uh very amazing it’s it’s really

uh really really right on again

and uh what happens is like um

then after that there is which means

that .

uh that yeah so your relationship will


happens before you will

if if you are getting marry and all that

will happen before

okay well i started um i actually

started writing

at around that time before i was .

i’ve actually been writing for uh about


uh but i’ve only been publishing for

about uh

uh three so but again it’s

it’s uh like anything else in life it’s

not a

uh well i started and i i’m immediately

an expert i had to learn

how to how to write and how to uh

put things in a way that made a good

book and a good story

so again dating and your marriage and

all those things has happened

yes so uh it will be like

after . yeah that’s what it all


um my my wife is uh my

my current wife is my second marriage

and that was actually in our s

but my first wife was in our s so it’s


it’s really uh yeah that’s that’s kind

of what happened in my life

very amazing very fun

um then


sun which will be like after

so your father father has

been got influenced after the age of

there’s something has happened yeah well

i was uh

my father was when i was born

so yeah that’s when he influenced my


and uh was after that and um

uh after for me is

when i started getting stories published


again a lot a lot of a lot of

the writing and things have been later

in life

then plus moon

um so probably you could be started to


about um magic and things like that

more intensively after the age of

okay yeah

i mean actual magic what i’m speaking

i’m not speaking about

oh actually i i have a concept for a

non-fiction book that is about spiritual

uh growth but uh so far that’s been on

the back burner

mm-hmm yeah this is what

all about your chart

now we are done with your chart

very nice wow

applause applause well done well


uh well it’s it’s just this is so

uh the way it’s established and set up

is so different from western

astrology but it’s seems to have so many

much more deeper uh considerations

it’s really very nice no basically

uh it is mostly associated with

magic what western mind can understand

this in the terms of magic

actually you know magic in

actual magic subjective experience level


i mean that is why crowley comes no

crowley speaks about

magics magics yeah

the same way this is like magics

maybe i i don’t know how do the western

mind will feel about

all this framework of this well it’s a

as opposed to the concept of magics as

uh more of the concepts of higher


and spirit is what i would i would refer

to it as

um because it’s it’s just uh the opening

of the mind in new ways which

i just i i find this fascinating i find

all this fascinating

how do you reflect on this framework

whatever you are going through

now um well i uh

reflecting on on every i i you know it’s


it’s a lot easier to reflect for me

because i’m on the

the far end of my life as opposed to the

near end of my life when i was in my s

and things

and everything was open in front of me

now i’m

i’m i’m looking back at things while

still progressing forward

and uh so i found it’s very interesting

to look

to look at these uh the reading and and

point out well you’re gonna do this

after you’re and it’s like well yeah

that’s what i did and you’re

going to after you’re and it’s like

well yeah that’s what i did

so i find it fascinating that it was so

and and i i don’t think when i was

younger i could have appreciated it i

don’t think i could have understood

if i was being told these things about

why i got to wait till i’m to do that

i gotta wait till i have to do that

and you know looking back i’m like well

yeah and it happened at just the right


so uh it’s it’s very reassuring on one

level because i’ve really

led my life uh as this chart shows i

this is how this is really kind of how i

lived my life and still

continue to live it uh and and

uh but coming from a place of uh joy and

and enjoying it

so which i think is the most important


is that you know i can look back and

uh everything that happened was meant to


and and you know for people who might be

listening to this and and are going

through life

situations you’re going to come through

the other side you’re going to you’re

going to come through

there’s there’s situations in life that

happen to all of us

so what i would recommend to people who

are experiencing things

uh that you know you’re going to come to

the other side and

find your creative find the thing that

that gives you joy

um so this has been a a tremendously

uh i i got a great deal out of this

i i hope i’ve i haven’t uh i hope i

haven’t been a bad guest

to you um

no i mean every guest is becoming a

friend and

i mean what you got out of that what i

can get out of this you know

i mean do you really got something out

of this

yes i it’s it’s very uh

i i for one thing

some of the negative qualities of or or

what one might consider the negative

qualities of some of these things are

definitely situations that

still exist within me and that i and

that i work on

and being aware of them you know we all


habits that we consider bad habits uh

and we can choose to do them or not

so it’s it’s good to be reminded

so that i i remember uh the things i

want to do and the things i want to

bring to the people in my life

i mean like i can be argumentative and


and but through life i’ve been more and

more wanting to let them go

and there’s and there’s my cat again

yes we we have a uh appearance by my cat

on this podcast

so two guests for the price of one very



so so erin i want to thank you for your

time i think this has been a really fun

session um yeah thank you for your time


sir like um to be becoming the part of

my podcast and

you do you have any questions to i mean

i mean something else you wanna share

with anybody i mean

so i want to reach out the what would

what would you say to the younger


to someone who’s starting in magic or

performing or writing or which

what would buy my advice be to any of

those or one of those

um do you feel the

magic understanding i mean the occult


can have um an impact

on the human being does it make any


i think that i think she’s pursuit of


and and uh pursuit of

uh what we what we

might call higher consciousness


but pursuit of uh what we would call

higher consciousness

and uh what some like would what you

refer to as the occult tradition

uh but i would refer to as uh

consciousness and growth as a human

being i think is our most important


becoming uh better for ourselves

you know as opposed to good and bad

because that’s one of the things you

brought up that’s very important

is is we in in the west we tend to be

well this is good and this is bad and

and those are your choices no the thing


now it is that thing has been

imported to india also by christian


by well for for there to be society we

have to be aware of things

that that society considers good and bad

but situations in our personal life that

one person might consider bad one person

considers good

but the point being that you need to

find things

uh spiritually that

make your life work that make your life


like the lotus blossom uh and that’s

that’s the thing because when you find

these things that make your life better

and i have been able to get many of that


studying spirits learning about higher

consciousness learning to meditate

all these things have helped me grow not

only as a human being

but in ways uh where my creativity

is uh freer and my uh

ability to accept situations is is


so that’s what i would recommend what i

would recommend is finding a practice a

spiritual practice

whatever it is that improves your life

and improves you

so that’s what i would advise and um i

think these

these podcasts you’re doing are

absolutely amazing i think it’s a

wonderful thing to do

and uh get the message out to people

that there are different ways to look at

things and different ways to think

yeah thank you

and thank you aaron namaste it’s been a

pleasure chatting with you

yeah bye

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