Kali Yentra worshiping method

Circle : – Infinite space and expansion – Akash.

Squre :- Space or rigidity – Earth.

Upward Pointing triangle Masculine energy  – Fire.

Downword pointing triangle Feminine energy – Water.

Dot – vayu with mantra (No yantra has life if there is no dot)

When worn, Kali yantra is the surest remedy against chronic diseases like blood pressure, paralysis and nervous disorders. It has the occult power of protecting the wearer from evil forces such as Bhuta, Pisacha, Kala Purusha and Brahma Rakshyasas. Any person wearing Kali yantra is protected against planetary malevolence, as well as from accidents, misfortunes and dangers. 

  • After performing Pranayam, Rishi Nyas, Karanga Nyas etc., the devotee should invoke Kali Devi.
  • According to Swanan Tantra, Kali Tantra and Bhairon Tantra, Japa should be performed for one lakh mantras by taking rice and ghee together.
  • This yantra is also known as Sasaan Kali, Mahakali and Bhadra Kali yantra, to be performed under the guidance of one’s Guru.
  • The Kali Yantra is very powerful and should be written on bronze embossed on gold, silver or copper plates before offering prayers.
  • While performing the puja, the person should concentrate on the image of Kali. 

The mantra

Krim Krim Krim Hrim Hrim Hum Hum

Dakshine Kalike Krim Krim Krim Hrim Hrim

Hum Hum Svaha

One lakh time.

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