Astrology of east and west Episode No-1(Reading My chart Western)

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Today we are having a special guest her name is Shelagh, She is into “Investigating Spiritual Pathways And Timing Your Personal Development”. Her spiritual name is Amadai She is a Psychic and an astrologer.

Today’s podcast is a special one because in at this podcast she is reading my chart based on astrological understandings of the east. According to the discussions which we had We are sure that we are going to do something in at the direction of clubbing Vedic and western astrology together.

However, lets begin our podcast Series Episode No-1 Astrology of east and west. You could connect with her using this link which is given here.

Below is a non verbal transcript for the same.


here uh we are having uh sheila she’s

all the way from france um she

all the time i’m creating the horoscope

for the people

on my podcast but today she is gonna

read my podcast for all of us

um yeah sheila

can you just explain i mean

just a few words about you who you are

and things like that

and we can just straight up to go to my

my horoscope okay

so well i’m not in france i’m in england

okay so that’s one thing and the other


is uh that i’ve been an astrologer

for more than

years i’m trying to think must be

oh it’s it’s nearly years

so i started learning astrology when i

was in my late s

about your age now a bit younger

um i do a very different kind of


i don’t do vedic astrology i do i work

in with the placidus system

um and i think it’s fascinating to talk


a vedic astrologer because i wonder if

there will be very similar stories that

we come up with

even though we have a completely

different chart to look at

i wish that i had the technical ability

to show

your chart on here but i don’t have that

but i’ll have to learn how to do that

at some point um so

i’ll talk about you and say what i see

for you um i think it’s very interesting

to meet you at this time and talk about

what’s going on in your life

because strangely there’s a similar


going to be going on with me for next

year and

will be having similar experiences which

is strange

synchronicity we call it so

in this chart i see that you have

jupiter in the sixth house

and because you have what’s called your

mid heaven

in sagittarius and that’s the sign

that’s associated with jupiter

it means that you’re very much a person

who likes to learn

likes to expand your ideas um

and uh you will learn a lot more from

talking to people

from different cultures different


um all of that you really really enjoy

and because jupiter is very well placed

in the chart that i have it means that

actually you’re going to be quite lucky

with work

and it links in in a strange way with

your relationship with your mother

because i feel like your mother

has been in your life a very important


in terms of encouraging you to be

open-minded and expand your self

and i see her as quite um there’s a kind

of a dramatic

uh openness about her and the

relationship with your father

is i feel looking at this has been a


strong influence on you spiritually

because i feel like your father

uh communicates and your communication

with him

is a very kind of gentle open

um open-minded and very very

uh compassionate and kind

kind of relationship and it’s formed

your personality

in a very good way um

i think it’s very interesting to look at

your relationships with women

as well because i feel like you’re a

real free

spirit and it’s very interesting to me

because i have

uranus the planet uranus what we call


degrees away from my venus and you


your venus and uranus connected in a in

what’s called a trine

so both of us are very we i know a lot

of men

you know a lot of women and

they always are my friends and i like


and i’m a kind of free spirit and so are

you and

but particularly for you you’ve got

uranus in the th house

which means that you

it is the house of friendships and

groups so

uh women that you meet are very very

influential in your life and you like

that you enjoy that and

um also because venus is in aries in

your charts

it does mean that you you get a kind of

power out of it

and you you don’t want somebody

um i’m trying to put this in a subtle


you don’t want somebody confining you

or or saying well why are you speaking

to all these women i mean it’s just not

it’s not for you you like you really


speaking to women and i was looking at

your website

actually after i discovered this the

other day

and i noticed that you had a few

podcasts or

films of other women from all over the

world so i thought i started laughing i

just thought oh there we are

he’s doing this again um so that’s going

to be you for the whole of your life

um but at the same time as this very

kind of adventurous

side to you you also have a very

solitary side

because in the chart that i did you have

saturn in the th house and that means

that you need time alone it’s very

important to you

and if you don’t have that alone time

you feel a little bit

overloaded and you you need to kind of


if you know what i mean you need to just

clear your mind

and be solitary and some people with

this sign

in their chart um uh

suffer a little bit from depression but

i don’t know

if that’s the case with you i just know

that you

find too much activity too many people

for too long

too much you just have to sometimes shut

your door

and stay alone and that’s going to be a

very significant part of your life

again um over the next two years

two and a half years so i had a look in

what we call an ephemeris which is where

all the planets are at the moment

and there were two things that i noticed

that are very significant for you so the

first thing is

that there was uh an eclipsed

new moon in sagittarius two days ago

and in the chart that i did it touches


that eclipse new moon touches what we

call the mid heaven in your chart

which means your career your outer


your connection with the outside world


it also happened to touch my mid heaven

in my chart

but yours is something like i can’t

remember now it’s it’s approximately

five degrees of sagittarius

and mine is a bit further on into

sagittarius but it affected both of us

so i’d be interested to find out what

happened to you

two nights ago because i couldn’t sleep

and i felt really kind of um

i felt quite jumbled up i felt quite

emotional and

um overwhelmed

and yes at the same time very excited


i started to be involved with a new tv


about six weeks ago and

there’s a lot of work coming in which

i’m not being paid for because

this tv station is actually promoting

world peace

and a new world order so it’s about

debate and it’s about

new politics new economics all that kind

of thing

and i was feeling shaky because i’m not

getting any younger

and it’s a big um challenge for me

and the man who runs the tv station had

asked me

to translate not from danish he’s a

danish man

he’d written in english but he didn’t

like his english in writing

so he asked me to change the grammatical

syntax and everything so that it would

be easier for people all over the world

to read

so i was up at two o’clock in the

morning typing

retyping what he’d written so it was a


night for me emotionally and for work

and it was like oh my goodness this is

amazing that i’m going to be involved in

this thing

i’m talking to you i’ve been talking to

lots of other people on zoom

so it was like oh my god i really

believe that this is so important

but the enormity of it really affected


so i wouldn’t be surprised if you felt

very similar to me

about two days ago because that new moon

in sagittarius is very very powerful for

both of us

the other thing that’s going to happen

for both of us strangely

coincidentally is that

in the new year it’s going to start a

little bit sooner with you

maybe about a month earlier

so saturn moves into your th house

so it also moves into mine but it moves

into my th house

in about the end of january and for you

it’s from the th the th of january

and that means you’ve already got saturn

in your th house we call it natalie

so that’s the bit of you that likes to

be solitary

and you know shut out the world

so you’re going to have more of that but

i don’t see it

as being a negative thing i see it as

you will be communicating and doing the

things that you always do but you’ll

also maybe

be thinking about writing and really

kind of centering yourself

and spending time alone in order to be

more productive

and you’re going to have two and a half

years of that and also coincidentally

i’ve been thinking about doing more

writing and i can feel it

already starting in my head all my ideas

and the things i want to write about

and only yesterday i had somebody who

wanted a horoscope done

and he’s been writing about very similar

things to what i’ve been

want to write about but i want to do it

from a slightly different angle

so it kind of confirmed in my mind oh


writing is the thing so when saturn

moves into your th house

that’s you’re going to notice the effect

of that around the th of january

and then it will go for two and a half

years and it’s really then that you’re

kind of preparing

and sorting yourself out ready for a

sort of beginning

in the outside world definitely to do

with work and

and how you’re going to progress so

quite often what people do when they

have a saturn transit like this

is that they not only do they tidy up

their mind but they tidy up their


they get rid of all their rubbish all

the things they don’t want

um and and it’s actually preferable and

more pleasant to stay in clearing out a

cupboard than

speaking to a human being it’s just a

time for

finishing off a cycle in your life ready

to start a new

cycle um and i also

i remember saying to you when i first

spoke to you you know your website has

got so much in

it it’s so busy and i just wonder if you

might spend a bit of time

tidying that up as well because there’s

so much in it that it’s hard to know

where to go

first of all you know i’m thinking wow

this is so huge

i i can’t take it all in so maybe you’ll

think about doing that as

it occurred to me um

as you’re much younger than me i can

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remember the first time that i went

through a saturn

transit of my th house because it only

happens every years

and there were people that passed away

very important people in my life that

that died at that time

so i’m not going to make a very negative

kind of

prediction to you but i wouldn’t be


that over the next two and a half years

you might be

attending funerals and thinking about

very deeply about

important people in your life that’s all

i want to say

um i’d be interested to see how that

pans out for you

um certainly for me

uh at my age um i’ve had several friends


in the last year and they haven’t dived

died in the pandemic they just died

because they were getting old

but i’m wondering how this saturn

transit is going to work for me

and does that mean that other friends

are going to pass away

i don’t know um so

it’s a time saturn in the th house is

often a time where you consider

the really deep issues of life it’s not

a light-hearted time

you know it’s a time where you realize

on a spiritual level that we walk alone

you know we’re born alone even if we’re

a twin

we arrive separately and we die

on our own these are very deep things to

think about

um so what else do i want to say

uh in your chart you have saturn

in the th house natalie as i just


and uranus in the th house and


they’re in what we call mutual reception

i don’t know if you understand that i

don’t know if vedic astrologers even

think that way

but saturn i’m just going to look at it

because i can’t remember exactly how it

goes but it’s something like

saturn is in aquarius which is the sign

of uranus

and uranus is in capricorn which is the

sign of saturn so they swap over

and it means they’re in mutual reception

so i found that interesting because

i think that um your destiny

is to start groups of people

who want to think about spiritual things

and i i know already that you’re doing

something to do with education which

fits in with your jupiter and

sagittarius and i do

see you’ve been really successful with

that but i don’t think it’s the only

thing that you’re going to be doing i

think you

you’ll be very good at bringing people

together in groups

maybe meditating talking about spiritual

ideas stuff like that

it’s definitely part of your destiny

but it also means because your saturn is

placed in the th house in aquarius

that you will also need periods of time


you learn so much from other people that

you have to go away

and just kind of think it all through

because your whole life you’re going to


rethinking your ideas and thinking oh my


the thing i was thinking about that


had that view and i need to shift my

idea just a little bit

you know you’re going to have a very

interesting life in terms of

learning and learning and learning and

more learning

and i did actually have a look

to see when you will have completed your

learning or where you’ll think

well yeah wow if i look back

and actually you’re going to be in your

early s

so the whole of your life up to the age


is going to be a massive spiritual


and you you will look back and i’ll be

long gone by the time you’re

i’m sure but i hope you remember that i

told you this and you’ll say she was


i thought i was learning so much but now

i look back and

i didn’t know anything like the stuff i

know now

so i can see you smiling because that

sounds like

a nice idea to you knowing what you’re


um so what else do i want to say oh the

other thing i wanted to say about you

is that because you’ve got this

interesting uranus venus connection

especially with women that actually you

believe in universal love you

you actually don’t really understand how

somebody could be

kind of old-fashioned and traditional

and say

well you know you only love me how could

you love that other person as well

and i don’t mean in a sexual sense i

just mean that you just

understand universal love it’s obvious

to you

just the way it is and but not everybody

thinks that way

i understand it because i’m very similar

but you know

um i know that um i was talking to some

school friends this morning on zoom so

i’ve known them since i was

and they think i’m a bit

too much sometimes you know i have to

learn how to keep my mouth closed

and listen to them because they have

their very traditional ways of looking

at things and they think

you know i don’t tell them half the

things i do

because it’s too much it’s too exciting

but you’re going to have a very exciting

time that’s your destiny

but you know other people don’t want to

live that kind of life

and sometimes it’s difficult when you’re

unusual in that way or unconventional

because people that are very tied to

their set ideas

um can be quite um

what’s the word envious and unkind

you know but you can’t help it you’re

very free thinking

very open open to all kinds of ideas

and that’s what your life is going to be


um also money um i did have a look at

that and now you’re going to be

getting frustrated with me

because i’m trying to work out when

that’s going to expand

and i think yes that’s right i had a

look at jupiter the transit of jupiter

and i think that the next two and a half


are going to be your time for

consolidation tidying up

really setting your ideas and working

out what you can do what you can’t do

and two and a half years you’ve come out

of that period and that’s when the money

starts to come in

in a big way so that’s nice

and probably if i speak to you again

i’ll be able to see

a lot more but i thought well that’s

enough for now

and i’m interested you’re smiling so it

must be working you must be thinking

that’s strange she

she’s right about me but isn’t it

interesting because

in i looked at what you sent me

about me and i didn’t really understand

all those boxes

and crosses and the things that you’ve


but i did see that i had a lot of


energy and in my

placidean horoscope the one that i’ve


i’ve got a pisces ascendant and i’ve got

neptune conjunct the moon which is very


but there’s a lot of aries in my chart

and yet i do feel very piscean

so i think that vedic the vedic angle of

looking at astrology

and my angle they’re not right or wrong

they just have a it’s almost like you’re

slicing a cake

or something but you’re not slicing it

this way you’re slicing it across

so you see one layer and i see another

but we’re talking about the same person

i don’t know if you’ve

thought of it that way yeah so but

um what you have said in the key is like

it’s actually exactly like um

one thing uh mother mother is actually

connected to me like

my teacher like my spiritual teacher

uh she’s um she’s the mother

she made me to i mean she

opened up my mind she is the she was the

student of

nadra guru and i got lucky to spend the

long years with her she’s like are you


hold on are you saying that this is your


no no she’s my teacher all right

who’s been like a mother um amma

i mean it’s it’s like uh you know

spiritual teacher spiritual guru ah

but it is interesting because you know i

have a granddaughter

who is a quarter indian

you know her dad’s family come from


and i think they call their grandmother


so i suppose that’s also grandma plus

a very special grandma is it a spiritual


no this is that like gurukul is there

it’s a it’s a system

of schooling in india it is an indian

way of schooling gurukul

like rather than that of

a pedagogical style of education system

it’s a it’s mostly the education system

is pedagogical

like there will be a content people’s

will go through the content and

grab so many information into their head

and but it won’t be producing wisdom you

know it’s just

information which we have grabbed from

so many sources

and that that no not even information it

is just data

okay data which we are collecting from

outside and we are keeping it inside

and uh producing information does it

when it bounce back the information

which we have produced

from the data when it is bounced back

is it uh giving a sweetness to my life

or not if it is giving a sweetness to my


it’s actually means it’s wise decision

you know it’s wise it’s wisdom

if it is uh bouncing back in it a wrong


which means that i am actually messing

up my life you know

so this is the pedagogical style of

education like so much of information so

rather than that

of uh that is relate as i

understood there is two kind of thinking

one is relative thinking and

there is absolute thinking also so

relative thinking

we think we relate ourselves with the

uh things which around us absolute

thinking with

we we make we give sense to the things

which is surrounding us

respect i so this is

absolute thinking and the other one is

relative thinking so the gurukul kind of

system of education system is like

it’s is more giving importance to

absolute thinking

who you are what you are how to take it

out uh

so my amma i mean the

uh my second mother my biological mother

is actually helped me to

go through a lot of troubles in my life

like financial situations and things

like that where

i go i gone out from the corporate job

and looking for something else that time

and all my mother has helped

me and this mother she has actually

opened up my

mind and made me to think more

freely like rather than that of

making ideas based on other people’s

understanding about the world rather

than that of

we can actually i mean i am a being i

have a being

everybody will be having that beingness

so what happened um


uh the power has gone it

yeah so i was speaking about my mother


so yeah my spiritual teacher she is a

um a mother i consider her as my mother

um so she that’s very much important

in my life and my mother also and

i believe in i believe this

universe is a mother and that is the

reason i worship

kali you know so

the uh that is why my favorite date is


so mother is so much important in my


but harley is quite um a scary mother

as well

a bit scary but you know but

that is the i mean kali like

you know her kids to be like um

beera like um she don’t like

uh uh a shy female

a shy male you know he

don’t get into fight he don’t

the run for uh she don’t like

the men who is not a go-getter

yeah because i know she has many arms

and she’s holding food and she’s holding

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and she’s holding all these things and

it’s like

no well there you are look there’s that

wonderful thing

no you can’t have it because you’ve not

been good

that’s how i think of marley um

yeah it’s interesting because you’ve got

this amazing jupiter

and moon conjunct so i i’m not surprised

that you talking that way because i

think you’re also

a very um emotionally

um generous person

um because of the influences that you’ve


that you’re describing you know

it’s a really nice placement of jupiter

that you have

in your chart so congratulations on that



and my father he allowed me to

go in the way which i like to go

that is that is very much important like

he didn’t put me into any kind of

conditioning in my

whatever i done so that also very much


for me and that is also what you have

describing is in that way it is very


then uh about the relationship

the women are like yeah i have a lot of

women in my life

like they are friends uh girlfriend so

you know i enjoy the company of women

because uh

more than that of the men who helps me

in my life is

actually women um

i don’t know maybe because of the mother

kali is coming in that way

you know in that particular moment i see


goddess in them you know um

that is how i see them like they are

helping me

i mean yeah but i don’t know

whether it will make a problem in my

life or whatever but

i have uh i mean i

i i have a lot of relationship with the

i mean not sexually i have emotional

relationship or

yeah so many things with uh women

actually like more than that

yeah and i my best friends also women


not men so in that way that is also

the other thing that i didn’t say uh

was because in western astrology

if you have uranus and venus combined

like i have too

then um you get involved with technology


tv and things like that and so

you know i have when i was in your age

i worked in a place where there were a

lot of tv

personalities coming to the place where

i worked

and then that went away and then

i went through the phase where i was an

astrologer on tv

and i didn’t make any effort at all

i just met a woman who gave me a

telephone number

and i thought oh maybe i’ll do some work

and i rang the number and five weeks

later i was on television it was

easy it just fell into it and now i’m

talking to this man in denmark

who’s starting this big tv company


to bring about you know change in the


and i can see you having those kind of


as well but it’s not uh all the time

because it’s uranus uranus is suddenly

it arrives

suddenly it goes away but it’s okay it’s

exciting you meet interesting people

um so in fact today

i heard from the man in denmark he sent

me a message on skype

and he said oh thank you for doing this

work for him and then he said would i do

an interview with him

and then i was going to talk to him when

we next speak

about you and what you’re doing and all

that kind of thing

so uh i think you’re you’re going to be

effort effortlessly lucky

with technology and tv and things like


it’s just going to come into your life

and it’s going to be amazing

does it mean to say you’ll be famous you


it’s because you’re not you don’t want

to be famous

that’s not the point yes

it’s like the basically why i started is

like um

the astrology reading of the podcast

which i am doing is because this is like

a reference library of people’s life

you know people’s are getting caught up

in their own mind

they are thinking only one dimension in

which they can go to

but they think they have the sender but

that is not the truth

i mean there are a lot of people which


same like us and they are

not getting caught up in their own head


i mean there is freedom is possible i

mean freedom don’t come from the

government is changing or politicians

are changing or politics is changing or

you are getting so much money

that turned all doesn’t make freedom

freedom comes from

the sense of freedom is from inside you


and also i think i agree and i think

it’s also

the ability to be able to think

for yourself so you’re not

following like a sheep you know you’re


um i i don’t know about that idea

you know it there are always going to be

people that have different ideas

so we don’t have to be making everybody


our idea because we have a separate


but you know it’s important for people

like you and me

to have independent thought and

and not be caught up in what other


are expecting shall we say

yeah that is one thing um

so the once we are following our own

ideas the important thing is like uh

just to make sure that your idea is not

harming the other

directly precisely like for instance the

terrorists they are following their own

idea but they are killing people

stupidity you know you don’t have to do


and you believe that raping is very good

for you

so you go out and rape all the women

that’s not

that is not the freedom you know

well you know about years ago

plato you know he was a greek


he said there is no freedom without


six words well worth thinking about in

the year

if a man two and a half thousand years

ago said that

there must be some truth in it

and and in the modern world we’re


all this ancient wisdom things that

people were talking about

thousands of years ago and that’s what i


we need to think about for the world is

not i want my freedom

but i want to be able to

freely think and discuss

my freely thought thoughts if you

understand me

and then be able to liaise

join um debate

with other people to to reach a


that’s the responsible way of being free

you know so i’m a great fan of plato

i’d i’d be his girlfriend if i lived two

and a half thousand years ago

i get married to plato

if i could find him i suppose i i’d find


in athens somewhere uh

with a scroll in his hand and i’d say

i’ve come back from the future

if there was a television you could have

gone to there figure out the plateau

but the thing is like pillow surfers

won’t make

so much of money you know what others

are doing

and that is not the problem

and yesterday i was talking because i’m

also a therapist a psychotherapist

and i was speaking to a doctor um

yesterday he’s a sikh and he comes from

india but he’s works

as a doctor in england and

he’s had some problems and he was

talking to me about this

on a professional level and we were


talking about what’s happening in india


and we had a really interesting think

about that

because um how can i

i can’t talk about confidential things

but what i can say is

that i know there are indian women

now who are especially in the middle


i’d be interesting to hear what you say

about this because this is what’s


to indian women in england

they are getting very very um

i call it the disney princess

thought you know um so they say to their


you’re not telling me what to do i’m

telling you

what to do you will give me this money

i am your wife i expect this money

and i want to buy these designer


go on these holidays do have this kind

of car

and it is totally totally

not what they’re supposed to be doing

and they’re forgetting so then all of a

sudden they’ll say

oh well i’m going to drive my mercedes

to the seat temple

because you know i’m feeling really

really unhappy

and therefore i need to ask for help

and so they’re bouncing between their

mercedes and their designer handbag

and the sikh temple and back again and

it’s not just sikh women it’s hindu

women as well

and it’s a real model for them

and it’s something to do with what’s

happening in india

i think that women are saying

you don’t treat me like that anymore you


i’m equal to you but it’s become this

kind of

horrible imbalance and it’s

it hasn’t they haven’t reached an


do you understand what i’m saying about

this do you do you see that in india


like uh you know in

india there is a culture like

um woman is not

given that sort of freedom which is like

that in uh whatever the europe is being


to the women ah so that must be

so what happens is when indian women

come to live here

they have this idea that this is how

english women live

and therefore i am living like this

i’m in england now you can’t tell me

what to do

i want this i want that and it’s

just it’s a little bit crazy because in

reality most english women

are living a fairly ordinary life you

know they’re not

buying designer things and well they

don’t have the money

so i just think it’s an interesting

thing that’s happening in the world

because the wealth is moving further


now and the economy in india is picking


from what i hear and i think there’s

going to be a movement

in india that moves more towards

material things and that isn’t going to

be the best

way to go but it’s like

it’s inevitable it’s going to happen

do you understand what i mean it’s quite


thing is like i have um i have spoken to


interesting peoples in um my life

one thing is like when somebody called

betsy i cover her podcast in uh

my thing she has produced two movies and

she’s from

uh u.s actually and she has wrote two

books one is the

uh one book is called the uh an

autobiography of an orgasm

and beyond oh so two books she has wrote

and and it’s all about her journey

to figure out a man who can

actually fill her okay so she has wrote

about that

and she has wrote that book okay fine

that is one thing

um um so she is saying

that um uh the women i mean the

um women from the um

europe uh i mean the uh liberal


will be actually looking for a men who


fill themselves okay that is one thing


another thing there is um movies has

came up in india which

which which plots kamasutra okay uh

that movie is banned in india and i have

spoken to one guy

who does the um who works with the adult


um he uh does uh

things like that and the largest

consumers of his production is from

india oh how interesting

see the data i’m not talking about the

people what they are saying

i’m talking about the data okay yes

people people’s lives okay people say

like but the data won’t numbers won’t

lie it’s number

you know so there is kind of

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suppression in india which uh

indian men’s um like the women

don’t have a freedom to come out and


what they are actually can because of

that and the cultural bias or whatever

which has been suppressing this kind of

peoples and it

which which is actually making a kind of

prevent proverb to people you know

that is i was going to read you


i’m just looking down because i’m trying

to find something that i read

uh because i think it describes what

indian women in england

are doing uh i’ll see if i can find it

um because so you know this guy that i

was talking to

he’s a doctor and all his friends that

are doctors

in the uk but they’re all indian they’re

all getting divorced

every single one because they’re women

are just crazy they’ve just moved here

and and they just have this huge


like um wonderful meals

parties amazing clothes

and these poor men are saying i might

earn a lot of money and i’m a doctor but

i just can’t do this for you

and the women are saying but we’re in


this is what you have to do you have to

be a good husband you have to provide

for me and

this is what i expect it’s a very

interesting cultural phenomenon you know

not not so funny you know

it’s it’s it’s painful um

but it seems a long way away from

spirituality i’m just trying to find

some phrases to describe it

just hold on a minute no spirituality

actually one

we can only touch our inner core only

when the

i when we are complete actually you know

yes absolutely when we are figuring

finding the peace within then only we

can actually go beyond you know

otherwise yeah

spiritual people

yes not actually let me read you


okay um

hold on i’m just looking at some quotes

because this is the kind of thing i’m

talking about um

just give me a moment

work life without heels

so that’s a buzz phrase it means

i’m a woman and i have a job

but i don’t need high heels work life

without heels

now for a woman like me that’s

what on earth are you talking about

but it’s like i’m a working woman and i

don’t have to wear high heels

um what else is there

i might come up with another one in a

minute um

i’m it’s it’s a it’s a description

of somebody uh you know

that that would be a western

idea of how all woman needs to be it’s


it’s not what a western woman is but

it’s what a perception

is okay so it’s like i’m

i’m untamed i’m self-proclaimed

i’m a warrior to me this is meaningless

totally meaningless it has no depth

at all but it’s something that’s

i think it i might have to blame america

for this

because there are so many books that are

coming out now

about how women can empower themselves

and you know be punchy and driven

and heels and

and actually that’s not how it is

because i have been that woman you know

and it’s really really hard it’s hard


it requires a lot of discipline

uh it requires a lot of sacrifice

it’s very very hard because you’re


and yet you’re not a man and

it isn’t glamorous at all

but do you see what i mean there’s this

whole idea that you come here and

oh my god i can be this woman and

and and this idea doesn’t

actually take in account of the fact

that if you want

to be a professional woman in any

country in the world

you have to be educated and you have to

know a lot of things and study a lot of


and then if you’re lucky you’ll

get to where you want to be you know but

it doesn’t just happen because you write


on social media or because your husband

earns a lot of money

you know it has to come from within for

your own personal journey

you know and i it’s extra hard for

women extra hard because they’re usually

the ones that end up looking after the


even in the modern world you know

so i think there’s still a lot of

confusion in the world about the place

of women

and when i was young we had people like

germaine grier i don’t know if you’ve

heard of her but she’s

a professor at oxford university

and she’s an amazing speaker she

she wrote a book called the female


and it was a bestseller and she’s never

been married

and she’s very kind of liberal and free


and very wise and she says marriage is

is the worst slavery really

um if you really think about it

but um the world hasn’t changed because

of her

unfortunately and women are still very


to men in most of the world including


and so it isn’t a case of just coming to

live here

marrying a rich man and just not having

to wear heels

if only it was that easy you know

and maybe women like me have have had a

chance to see

what the world of men is like

whoops oh you’ve disappeared hang on

are you still there yes suddenly you



yes so i think to be a man

in the world a professional man is

really really hard

it’s really hard you know it’s

it’s not okay for them it’s hard

so that’s my little rant okay

so coming to the writing part which you

are speaking about in my chat

uh actually i thought of making i mean i

have started a book which uh in which i


including the podcast some podcast


uh but i am speaking two to three

podcast which i feel like

important and the transcript of that

into a

collection of book a small book of uh

a tantric book which will

actually people to understand different

point of view

uh and i have written that i mean

a transcript i have collected and

editing that

like punctuation and stuffs like that

which is in a transcript

i mean the podcast transcript so that

also true

and whatever you have came up with the


uh the yeah i’m i’m agreeing to that

or whatever you are reading

yeah i think there’s gonna be more

writing for you uh in the next couple of


definitely and uh i’m already

well you know i said to you i’m moving

into a similar

phase i can feel it already

i mean it doesn’t start until february

or the end of january for me

but i can feel it i can feel it coming

i just want to close my doors

and maybe not answer the phone so much

and just

get on with it you know can you feel it

already that’s what you want to do

i mean i’m right now i’m isolated like


my if my life if i think back i most of

the time i like to

live alone you know because the

i am not able to relate with the peoples

which i’m living with

it’s not that easy quite easy that

kind of peoples i can get into is very

rarely happen

some very few peoples i meet in my life

which i can actually talk to

even i can actually talk to there is

very few people that’s why i came into

internet you know

at least hoping to figure out somebody

who can i i can actually talk to you


uh you know you know what i see you as

because you’ve got

saturn in the th house in your chart

it’s what i call a lonely warrior

so these people always walk alone

now that’s the difference between you

and me i’m not

always like that i’m just going into

a cycle of being like that but you

are permanently like it

because i said to you you know you need

to shut out the world

but actually yeah you’re a lonely


um i don’t know if you want me to say

any more about that

but i have a friend for example

she has saturn in the th house like


but she also has jupiter in the fifth

house which is absolutely the opposite

so what she does is she she’ll telephone


and she’ll be so funny and such good

company that i’ll be laughing the whole

time i’m speaking to her half an hour

something like that

and then i might ring her three weeks


and she won’t answer the phone because

she’s just moved into the solitary

i’m not engaging with other people mode

and then i just leave her a message and

say ah you’ve moved into your lonely

worry a bit

then she comes out and she’s she if she

goes to a party

everybody says oh my god she’s like the

center of the party

then she goes back now you’re not like


you’re just more now i’m separate

and actually i think

for you it’s like there’s a dance going

on around you

human beings they’re all dancing around

and you’re observing it from a distance

and kind of going

okay i’m not really in that

and it’s because you’re a lonely warrior

you’re alone

that’s your place in the whole scheme of


yeah this is that what you have said is

pretty accurate

actually yes sorry

what you have said is pretty awkward um

so i feel uh we should see your chat


yeah then we have to compare uh

um a one single chart

into we have to make one single person’s

both chat like vedic chat also and you

can build

um a western

version of the same then we can actually

read and see

similarities and differences i mean it’s

a collaborative study

which i would like to yeah that’s really


and because it is it’s quietly developed


two continent in two different era this


understanding of the human self and how

it’s developed yes

because also i was thinking um

it’s really strange actually because

it was i was thinking earlier when

you were talking i thought ah

i could write something with you that

would be a really interesting thing to


that we do the same chart

well not the same chart the same person

two different charts what do we both see

it’s interesting i thought it was very

interesting when you said about me with


hands and i was thinking about

now i’m getting older and

um what what what shall i do as i get


and it did cross my mind that maybe i

should start doing that

my hands are quite warm even now

you know just to put my hands on people

more often

with their permission obviously

not just placing them wherever i feel

so have you got any more time or do you

want to stop today

yeah um we will stopping today

and uh uh next thing we will be doing


chat we have not just let me know when

you have some time

maybe at the weekend or something okay

couple of days ago

after some couple of days like one or

two days yeah exactly

okay yeah god bless it’s nice to see you

again yeah

thank you bye

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