The Tantric Intimacy – Vedic Reading Series Episode No.12 With Lucia (Shravana Nakshatra)

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Lucia Gabriela helps individuals and couples to master their life, relationships and intimacy with themselves and others. Her passion is to create a safe and sacred space for women and men to deeply explore many aspects of themselves, purge emotional and/or sexual traumas that are holding them back from manifesting what they desire, heal their inner child, embrace their shadows, connect with their higher self, reconnect with their own body’s wisdom, align with their true essence, live their higher potential, and master their sexual life in all realms. They can then create their life with awareness, maturity, self responsibility, radical self-love, and full commitment to explore their sexual and spiritual evolution. Lucia Gabriela specializes and works with individuals whose journey is to free themselves from emotional and sexual traumas, and helps them to reclaim their creative power, body, voice, sensuality and sexuality plus to welcome pleasure into their lives, creations and relationships.

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Below is a written transcript of the podcast:

so hi everybody

today we have a guest her name is lucia


and she is a life coach

she um helps people to figure out their

purpose through mastering their body


and things like that and she has some

kind of certain techniques

which helps you to go deeper into your

own self and figuring out

i mean making sense out of your life and

things like that and

today she is gonna share her uh journey

of the particular path of tandra and at

the end

we are gonna check out her uh

tandric chat how the energy is being

uh distributed in her uh birth

secret or whatsoever um

so yeah lucia uh would you uh

you could start actually like what you


how do you get into this thing and what

is that you are looking forward

and how do you feel the uh

people should be a world and your work

is how helping your work is to

evolve them into some particular


uh or their life and things like that

and can you just elaborate this

thank you yeah so first of all thank you

for having me

in your uh podcast

and uh also really excited and very


about um the process of the the

you know the vedic charts i’m really

interested about that

i am um i’m a relationship and intimacy


uh what i do in in that area is helping

individuals who

have gone through a toxic relationship

uh in the past to have experienced

emotional sexual trauma to

uh shake up and reclaim who they truly

are and

attract the amazing partners that they

desire in their life to create conscious


at the same time i am a tantrum


and that allows me to create sacred

speech for individuals

uh you know free of judgement free of

shame free of guilt and fear

to create a space for individuals to

walk in a path of alchemy and


and rediscover who they are as

individuals and as powerful

beings energetic beings and with that

being said to learn to be the master of

the energy

masters of that sensuality method of the

sexual energy

and masters of the creations um

as you know tantra the tantra path has a

lot to offer to individuals when it

comes to

to alchemy and i’m really excited about

that and at the same time i’m also a


um emotional somatic therapist where i

help individuals to

release the emotional

blockages that they have in their body

that are stuck in the body

and it keeps them trapped and when the

body feels

trapped uh all these different dynamic


getting in place in sabotage us

so having a liberated body open body

open allow us to have an open heart and

open mind because it’s all gonna start

in congruency with

with um with who we are as individuals

in a multi-dimensional realm so that’s

what i

do when it comes to my work and

i’m really excited about today

um to learn your gif of you know sharing

and reading my chart

can help me to gain more clarity with uh

how it is that i can serve better to

um you know to the world like what else

can i do

that it can benefit not just myself but


community but a lot of people that are

watching us

and also a lot of people that um need

our work right now

um that is so needed on these times that

we feel like

the start time i feel uh chaos feels

like confusion so what else can we do

together to bring more ease and peace

and clarity to the individuals

uh through the work and the you know the

tools that we have

so uh how many years do you uh you are


this particular kind of training

like for instance how many years how how

long you’ve been under

tundra well i have studied central since

i was years old

um after healing cancer in a holistic

natural way

and i i started like my journey of


tantra kamasutra back home in ecuador

and it was

all aspect of energetic dynamics um

the alchemical part of self um and

it’s interesting that you know you can


you know um element of any practice

and um what did i find important is the

integration part of it so

the car core integration of my tantra

work or the tantra journey

has been for the past i would say

years uh that i’ve been like

integrating more of the

the knowledge the wisdom traffic of more

energy and

tapping more into awakening more into my

senseless self

my sexual energy um and then

i’m being more um more into

this journey of healing from within and

persian uh so my my true

you know sensual and sexual entity come

to the surface

um but it’s like as i would say like

tantra is not just about the aspect of


but also the alchemy that happened

within me uh it has been incredible for

the past years i will say with the


um so i have you know i have

joined like and study and learn

um and and got you know great

information and more wisdom from


uh mentors and people that are in this

journey on this path

um and what i find i find fascinating

is to to create a space

for you know authentic practice

um and helping the individual to even

help myself

to be in that kind of space that kind of

um surrounding um the void

of energy and allow that

to open up what that actually tantra

means to you

what it actually feels like the aspect

of connection

so i would say yes like for the past


has been like the more core integration

time of my life when it comes to this


so you have a descend a space where


can actually experience the

deep sense of what exactly tandra means

yeah is that what you’re saying

well you’re breaking up a little bit


so you’re clear like what i was

asking is that you have descend a space

where people can experience what is


tundra means and they can actually

explore themselves to be uh become a

better being

stuffs like that

yes it’s all about who are we

in our core like what are we connected

uh allowing ourselves to to

allowing ourselves to connect with the


and of who we are the authenticity and

the power of who we are

and the moment that we do that we

connect them with swords we connect them

with the universe with the cosmos we

connect them with

our you know whatever you believe on god

goddesses we connect with mother earth

so the moment that we’re connected with

uh everything beyond


we where we um what we love

recognizing who we are and

what are we here for and uh

and whether we are not also

so you have a design the space um

how can you elaborate what is that space


offering like is there is there there

are diagrams

like there are tantric diagrams for


kali andra sri andra like there are

yantras up there i mean the diagrams

with standard symbols which we use

um does it has that kind of diagrams

then also there is a music which will

actually help us to experience some


kind of dimensions like some kind of


ragas which which will actually take

people’s into

some other kind of dimensions then kind

of smells

are there which has been used in tampa


and there are some kind of uh curves

i mean medicines which is being used

that will help

people to accelerate their own

allowing them to see what what is that


inside of them when things are going

around them

like that medicines have been used in

tantric text

which i have studied in

i mean the tantric principles which has

been actually

said in india so these kind of things i

have studied

so uh can you elaborate your space does

it has

this kind of things and how do you uh

descend descended

uh a lot of elemental you know

what it seems like very complex itself

in the in

the tantra books um and i would say that


i would say that i am not a tantra

master dento teacher i’m a tantra


where i i use tender practices to help

people to get into the heart to get into

the power

of the energy to

to help them to be more of the um

to learn to tap into the energetic uh

being that they are

to become aware of of like what it is

that is limited

so if i go like as a tantrum after

attempt to teach you that some people


if i go too complex we will lose people

my intention of facilitating tantra is

the simplicity

that it can exist within it um

and we’re living in a in a time

that complexity is not a great friend

it’s actually

uh it helps us it can sabotage us so for


when it comes to teaching anything that

is tantric practices

we go with the basics of it with the

principle the basic principles of it

you know um um whatever definition or

title it is it

would keep it very simple to the aspect

of the awareness of awareness or

observation self observation of


uh observation of energy observation of


emotional feelings observation of like a

multi-dimensional part of ourselves

you know tapping into uh connecting with

our heart connecting with uh the

different parts of

our own power uh do you know the

breathing breathing techniques

the um the the movement techniques the

uh even the aspect of music and sound so

all those are very simple uh basic and


practices that i like to keep them as a

focus in the practice

to start them in the journey of it and

if you do individuals desire to go a lot

more deeper into

more of the wisdom and complexity of

tantra they can reach out to

uh you know masters and teachers that


have that level of of knowledge and


and they know how to teach that stuff i

feel like

in this western wall uh especially you


where i live um it’s very important to

keep it simple

and to keep it available and and

and and and give the opportunity to help

give people a taste the taste of

what tantra could you know it is

for them not what it is for me what it

is for you what it is for a trimester

what it is for anybody or even attention


but like what is that like tantra

actually represent

and means within self and

how can i make that of an embodiment um

in my life how can we how can i

especially in the western world like how

can i make it simple where i can

practice it every day of my life

so that’s i hope that that answered your


um because the level of complexity of


this the studies of tantra as you know

they’re big and we can and we can lose


on that so i like to keep it simple

so what is that can you uh explain that


the level of simplicity which you are

keeping like what kind of practice

you will offer to a client then

how does it feels like what what what

are you offering

for instance for

so let’s say like the simplicity of it

will be the breadth work

right like one of the aspects of

learning people to

do the breadth work that is just the

basic of it

that doing the breadth work and then

also to become more aware

of the consciousness of an embodiment

of sensuality in their body like a

weaken the senses

you know what it is that able to awaken

the taste

the smell the touch uh the

the sight and the hearing you know the

the listening aspect of it and

and i feel like uh awakening

of the sense of touch like conscious

touch because intentional practices

there’s a lot of aspect element of touch

like element of connections and one of

the things that

when we connect with ourselves in our

body and we will connect with others

you know touch is like really important

so we do ask because

um like how can we connect with uh

ourselves through touch um very very

basic and simple

at the awareness of like when i’m


um somebody i am like touching

somebody’s soul

and not just i’m touching the physical

body when i’m touching somebody’s soul

uh also the aspect of like connecting

through the eyes to connecting through

the eye gazing connecting through um

through the breath

to each you know when we do experiences

of the breath work and

and we connect them through the energy

um i feel like

a lot of the what i bring into the table

is all about connection

connection within self and connection

with others and connection with earth

um another aspect of like tantra

principles and central practices

that i share is like you know the aspect

of sound

uh working with the sounds of each

chakra working with the sound not just

with the chakras that we know the seven


but also recognizing and becoming uh


of the of the sounds that different

chakras of a body have like for example

the scent of a hand the sounds of a feet

uh the sound of like all different parts

of ourselves a different organs

so it’s connecting with that level of of

awareness of the sound and the power of


so we have breadth we have uh sound we

have intention

uh a bigger one is working with

intention as you know rituals

and tantric practices and even other

uh practices uh ritual is very important


it create that faker space for the

practice to be

in place um reaches with ourselves

rituals of

of self-connection self love self


um and then retweets with other


of like a different connection even with


you know when we’re talking about

connecting with partners rituals of

connecting uh with other partners um

and not just on the physical level but

more of

the spiritual and more of the

energetic level and a lot of people

especially here

in the western world that a lot of


look for tantras more about they decide

to connect more

with uh themselves at a spiritual

um experience more of that physic

physical emotional

mental and spiritual connection they

would like to have that but that’s where

they reach out to the tantric practices

when it comes to like intimacy they

decide to connect more at the spiritual


because tantra allow you know the

practices of tantra allowed to

to be able to be in that level of

spiritual practice and at the same time

incorporate um sensuality

sexuality you know intimacy not just

with cell but with others

and that’s just like a very small part

of like what tantra is

itself yeah uh

you know some certain um if we see the


aspect of the tangra it’s like um the

uh the deep really deep massive

orgasms will actually help us

to uh destroy the sense of

body consciousness which will transcend

the mind into

uh something more uh viable like

god consciousness or whatsoever people

say it is like

so but the tantric practices can


bring into really um a

deep level of orgasm deep

level of sexuality i mean the really

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massive orgasm is not like

a common sense which we have uh yes

bedroom or whatsoever

it’s like really deep orgasm it can take

into people

and if the partner

also can come and do that kind of uh

level of understanding

it will actually create a deep

intimacy like it’s not it’s not kind of

uh you know love affairs it’s a kind of

wisdom affair you know uh the both

swords can come into the same

level of understanding so do you

uh take uh these kind of practices

into actual practice which help people

to a really deep orgasm

and which helps them to get embodied


their self and yes

if they are couples would you help them


get more closer and will it help them to

develop more intimacy

does do you do you do something like

that or

is is there any result has came out from

the experiments you have done

how is it when it comes to uh the aspect


awakening more into the sexual power and

to the sexuality and the

you know are you know the amazing orgasm

the tantric orgasm that we talk about

that is the most

of energy experience you know the

embodiment of

that god goddess infinity

you know in our body like when we can

experience that explosion of expansion

and infinity

through the tantric practice through the

aspect through the

uh sexuality yes

it is something that it is something

that i

share and i share the

you know i wouldn’t say like teach but i

said like something that i can

facilitate for people to

get to that uh level the one thing is

that i

i would say that i focus on

providing the tools and providing the

space for individuals

to uh purge what is holding them back

from actual experience of the divinity

the orgasmic divinity within themselves

that their explosion in partnership with

somebody else

because one of the thing is that i

always find that yes

you know a lot of people come to us


in the western world they come to

experience a tantra because they hear


organic orgasmic sex or tantric sex

they hear about all these powerful

experiences that we can have

with ourselves in self-pleasure or with

a partner

through through the aspect of sexual


but one of the things that you know

people don’t understand is that

there’s a lot of step and a lot of a lot

that have to

be purged and and a lot of tools that

need to be provided for the individual

to be able to truly surrender into that


to fully uh give themselves permission


feel the divinity within themselves and

the orgasmic expansion of energy

to really let go of the mind because in

the path of tantra we learn to

be let go of the mind let go of the

belief the god of the stories let go

and allow ourselves to be fully an

embodiment of our divinity and

like what our body is the temple and

when we’re able to get there

we’re able to experience why you

mentioned like the whole deep

level of like the secret uh

you know the powerful tantric experience

and sex

where it’s like wow it’s like it blows

everyone’s mind

is like whoa amazing even you know even

that it doesn’t have to happen through

sex it can just happen through an


sex or energetic expansion

so people to do the work that they need

to do

to be able to get to that level to get

that to the

level of presence to that level of you

know of

um presence and being here in the body

of embodiment

so that’s that’s what i would say like i

go with the simplest and the basic

aspect of dendra

for people to be able to get to that

level of um

of you know i would say advanced

practice because

it’s not for everyone as you know the

moment that we

desire to go into this advanced practice


of this orgasmic expansion of our

divinity of

ourselves as our body that when our body

feels connected with

the wholeness of the universe and the

emptiness of it when uh when our hearts

feel connected with the wholeness of the

emptiness when we are

when we are we are everything at the

same time we are nothing

when we get to that the level of


and and construction

you know a lot of things have to happen

together and not everybody is ready to

get there

a lot of people feel that i feel like a

lot a lot of people

want to experience this or guests make

experience of the standard executive


orgasmic experience but they’re not

ready to let go of what

what is holding the back they’re not

ready to

to surrender they’re not ready to change

the story

you know they’re not ready they’re still

holding onto baggage emotional baggage

emotional trauma

and as you know once we open the portal

of sexual alchemy uh orgasmic

tantric expansion a lot of that whatever

we’re holding on she’s going to come to

the surface for us to

to transform and heal that’s what for me

the tent

uh pad of tantra that is a pad of the


it’s a pad of alchemy path of

transformation part of

a persian what is not us so the moment

that we

in our journey of of this

of you know mastering this orgasmic


expansion through stocks it’s gonna open

up a

pandora box and if we’re not ready to

work with the pandora box

and and transform and alchemize the

ghost that comes out of it or the

monsters that come

out of it we go more into

trauma and we go more into the darkness

as you know like

tantra can you know if it’s not practice

it well

uh with consciousness and awareness we

can go into the dark

areas of evolution in the tender path

so yeah so like i mentioned

um i’m about to provide in what they

need to get there

that make sense yes uh is there any

uh case studies from your

to years of uh experience into


particular field like did you saw

something which

would be that question um do you have

any kind of

case studies like does it change

somebody’s life

or does it benefit somebody or uh

uh is there a story which is happened

which you

saw in your uh to years of tantric

journey which

you would like to share like this person

has transformed into this way or this

couple has developed this kind of

intimacy after some certain practices

something like that is there any story

which you can refer to

oh stories about like um

how tantra helped people like couples

um is there anybody i mean a person

you are client a person or a couple

uh you give training to couples also


yes yes um well i have

i have beautiful stories with couples

when um

they had been disconnected uh from


and through tantric practices and

like just a simple basic of like

connecting even with just the heart

through eye gazing connecting through

the energy

um they have been able to um

understand themselves a lot better

deeper level also

um and to see to see the

the simplicity and the complexity of

each other because when we see the

divinity within ourselves and we see the

divinity of our partners

um you know it it has allowed them to

to have a deeper level of connection

that they didn’t have before

you know um also when it comes to like

gender practices

just by the simplicity of of

facilitating just let’s say divine touch

conscious touch

uh you know you know the awareness and

awakening of our senses

um with it with a partner um

when we’re doing that with a partner and

we start learning to awaken our senses

where we we we’re waking and we’re

waking in

our touch and we’re weakening um these

parts of ourselves that we have

forgotten in our body

um allow us to when we are in in


presence or in intimacy or even sexual


allows them to um

to have that intimacy in a

different way and it’s such a more

remarkable incredible

amazing uh ways of connection

and intimacy that they didn’t have

before just by sharing the simple

principles of a tantric practical


that is nothing too complex um

and just with the simplicity of it they

they’re able to

enhance their sexuality as well and then

when you

share with them and you help them to

facilitate more of the weakening of the

sexual energy more awakening of the

central energy more awakening of the

of that the powerful you know um the


self like awakening of the intentions of

of restoring whatever they need to

restore in their relationship

i would say that when they bring

when they bring these practices at home

and and they do

it uh their sex life improve

when you know when that’s that’s

something that is missing in their life

if not if sex is not the the issue

uh in their the aspect of communication

um you know um

sometimes many times the aspect of

purging the emotion that they have been

holding back

like anger resentment which are big ones

anger resentment uh frustration toward

the partners

uh through practice uh tantric practices


the simple basic one like bread i

eyesight you know like eye gaze and eye

gaze and bread and sound just

just by doing these practices like the


the job jam um just by just

in you know introducing them to that


and learn to be so fully present in that

practice and master that

when they take it home it’s just bring

them a different level of

of communication and connection at a

deeper level

and then when you add the practices of

conscious touch

sacred touch and bringing more aspect of

rituals more aspect of

a ritual with fire and with water and


different elements into the space one of

the things i love to work with couples

is creating a temple

creating the temple their temple of


as you know in tantra practices there’s


practices and um the talk that that

you know even by adoration in

to the experience so bringing that

very basic simple element into which is

not just

simple um it’s important but it’s so


to help clients uh individuals and


to create a temple of adoration for the


for the experience for their sexuality

for their love for their intimacy

you know and and that’s what you know


are the things that i bring into um

to my practice basic and simple

and profound and present and um

i love adoration so that’s one of my


i get excited when i talk about it

right what’s that

um so

so if somebody is listening to this

particular podcast

how do you tell them to uh

design the sacred space where they would

like to

experience the uh sacred

love making how do you tell them to

design that

particular space which which which is

not the complexity which does not

carries the complexity

of the tandra which is actually is that

is something which is very simple

like they can get into they can

translate and

each other for instance a couple they

would like to

experience them each other much more uh

intimate way how do you

tell them to uh descend that particular

space what kind of sounds

colors uh what kind of smells

and what kind of things would you

recommend them to use on that particular


so one of the um one of the first things

i invite is to

tap into your tantric cells you know

working with that

archetype of the white search of

in the realm of tantra that we all have

within ourselves

you know um so what i guide them into

into the journey where they actually

can feel the tantric master within


and that tantric master and guides them

to choose the colors that if

they are the salt colors um the essence

and the smells and the elements the file

elements that

are in their core because one of the

things that i

have found in my journey especially

working with um

with couples itself is that every person

had their own language

uh you know i would say like the golden


everybody has their own um

their own symbols everybody have their

own code and

what is powerful is to for them to share


with the you know into the experience

instead of me telling them okay red is

good because red is power

or yellow is dead and yellow means that

and this means that

it is i allow myself to create a space


the individual self tapping to the

tantric master show within

and that is the that’s there in a guru

that will come out and say okay this is

like this is how we had this child

interact this is how we create this


this is how we uh we you know we connect

with each other

you know i can see i can share the

simple aspect of connection so they can

tap into

the inner guru um but i was it’s very

simple i just

guide them through that journey and they

it’s just amazing to see like what it

what they together they create what they

can they give themselves permission

to tap into their inner inner uh whiter

self the inner guru i would say

and uh what they created is just amazing

so the asking within self like okay what

is the color that i would like to bring

into the experience what is the essence

would i like to bring rose acid would i

like to bring frankincense would i like

to bring

a lemongrass like what is that the

smells that i feel like is in my core

and my

my soul right now to create this amazing

centric um

ritual experience which is all about

sacredness and

about connection about intimacy uh like

what are the

the i would say like the material what

is the material that i would like to

feel i would like to feel a little more

rough i would like to feel a little more


uh like what it is that it is within me

that i decided to experience in this

temple and my partner what it is within

him that he would like to experience and

bring into this temple

and then together we co-create because

one of the things about

that i’m aware um

not just in tantra but it’s like in my

whole level of work

is that when we come in partnership

is about we come together to co-create

we come together to add

we come together to um to create


that is gonna enhance and it’s gonna

take us into a journey of alchemy

transformation and evolution

awakening of our consciousness and our

soul not just for ourselves but for the

whole humanity

so in the practice itself for me

is about when i am with a partner as


as a powerful being like what is it that

we are going to create

and and and we come from that space so

yeah i hope that i answered your

question i didn’t go

into a different tangent

yeah um do you want to share anything

else before we

are going into uh your chat

i’m good thank you i’m excited to hear

about you


yeah let’s go to your chat actually

i’ll just share the screen right now


so have you heard about the vedic chart

reading before

yes i have one but it was a very basic

not even basic

it was uh a friend just uh re

read me the the vedic um

and i think it was just like he just

told me like three minutes of the

conversation of this is what it is

and this is what happened this is what

and i was like oh cool it was like a


like tiny little synthesis of it

so the vedic chart is like we have just

spoken about the massive orgasm which

tantric sexual

or tandric love making can bring out

the massive uh amount of the orgasmic

expansion which the uh tantric

uh love making can bring out uh this is


uh this is a kind of blueprint

that could actually uh help you to

get into that kind of uh uh

expandable conscious

uh orgasmic experiences

like these practices can take you to

into uh um

that kind of level which is comes from


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atharva veda and the sound delivery and

vedic astrology which is like sacred


in indian uh system of the understanding


consciousness okay so

here uh you were natchatra is shavana

okay nachatra is a group of stars

which actually define your


um which uh uh the the moon was into a

particular direction when you are

getting birth

uh in that particular direction there

will be a group of stars

these group of stars will actually


the characteristics of your being

so we are trying to analyze the uh

characteristics of

uh the particular group of stars

that is uh actually connected to your


as such okay so this is shravana


so uh the shrabana is a sanskrit name

which is actually related to hearing


uh so what is this the prime primary

manifestation of

this particular natura into your life

is like a hearing ability

you will be able to hear something

much beyond that is uh

um what actually the body conscious can

bring into

so is there something is happening on

you like if there’s something is going


like you are able to hear something how

do you explain your hearing ability

i’m just processing like why you said

um and now what you’re treating

uh also the practice of

natural yoga um

repeat that question again like how do i

okay is the nachitra which is

actually related to your hearing ability

okay this nakshatra manifest in your

life is

on the way of hearing ability what you

are able to hear to

what you are able to uh make sense out

of like

which is related to your ear here okay

so here okay yeah how do you

explain your hearing abilities this uh

how do you understand yeah

um it’s interesting because um

i would say that when it comes to like

the physical like i said like just

the d uh physical realm

uh i have um

sometimes i think that they’re not

they’re not

like i wouldn’t say call them important

but then that they are not

um uh

you know they don’t have nothing to do

in my life i don’t

hear i don’t i can’t like i i don’t hear

them at all that’s interesting because i

just don’t

sometimes people can be talking or

something i just don’t hear what they

say and like

i can’t understand the language i can

understand like

um maybe what they’re saying but i just

don’t hear i’m just like

it’s just go like my world goes mute to

those people

and i have this tendency to

have short focus on my hearing the

things that uh

it makes my heart uh on fire you know

like that is like

interesting they’re passionate but then

that they’re like uh

not interested in um boring

or or even like um the heart like

maybe i go back to the aspect of

complexity um

not just with my hearing with like my

physical ear

but also i’m with um

maybe the way that i i hear life

in the sense of like if there’s

something that is too

complex or too difficult i can like

um i kind of like

you know mute that whole and i’m not


um that’s why like i would say that

yes like it just resonates um

that my ability to hear um

you know and complexity

yeah i just i’m mute like i do have

you know you know i mute and now mute


yes so i do have that i call it

selective hearing to be honest it’s

funny that you mentioned that because

with my partner and we always have my

partner even joke about it and she’s

like oh she has helped the selective

here and it’s like it’s not like

it’s just sometimes it’s just like just

like not interesting to me or my soul

it doesn’t fire me up so i just mute it


i’m honest with you that was like oh


so uh there is something called the

nakshatra yoga which is associated with

this particular nachagra so this is a

practice of kundalini yoga that will

actually help you to evoke the kundalini


um i mean we human beings has

extra capability which is beyond our


so the uh the life force how

activities in on your body which

actually help you to

um make more

things out of your life so in the

similar fashion there is

we call it as in a tantric concept we

call it as in

kundalini shakti which is like a coiled

serpent on your root of your backbone

that is being resides there uh so this


yoga this nakshatra yoga will actually

help you to

avocad that


particular uh shakti that that that

that video is there in this particular

link which i’ll share you

after the uh yeah you could actually go




you took a printout of the chart

yes i i have it yes i have the print out

i don’t understand anything of it

we will try to understand that now okay


so so this is like uh

uh you have got birth okay

means is um zero moon to a full moon

day that there is days approximately

days it will take

a moment to rotate around the earth so


see uh full moon to zero moon day is


and the krishna butcher to full moon day

it’s uh shukla bachcha

so you have uh that particular

area of your life is being uh

equated to the peacock okay peacock

is uh


so this part of your life is being

equated to the bird

called peacock okay so the peacock is


uh it’s like uh

the i mean the cune of the birds you


it’s a it’s like so beautiful

so it celebrate life you know it’s

basically it can

it has the capability to celebrate life


this is the your bird which which

which will actually celebrate the life

you know um so uh

there is a sort of uh conditioning which

was in your life

that uh you were your capability or

your tendency to experiment

something which is beyond your own

understanding is

actually helped you to come out from

whatever you

beware into so that is how it’s manifest

in your life

um can you share share what was it like

what was that fear which was holding you


and that helped you to come out from

that and

how do you feel now how do you see the

life now

um that interestingly you mentioned the


um it has been a bird that is like it’s


resonating with me lately a lot even i

have a shirt

that looked like a peacock like very

pretty and people told me that i look

amazing on that

and it’s like that aspect of freedom and

the colors are like beautiful and

liberating um and yeah the celebration

of it

um i do feel that um

that i have i have had the

i will say i

have this desire to celebrate life

since i was little but i do have these

other parts of me that

um has felt you know to have felt

so much suffering and so much pain from

the wall

as very sensitive person i am and and

and uh

and that has kind of like uh being the

i would say the the obstacle

for my for me to

be celebrating every day like sometimes

i go my ups and downs you know it’s like

uh when you think about like what have

been holding back or something like that

it’s just those obstacles that um

of being like a sensitive intuitive


that can feel people’s pain and people


and i don’t you know i don’t let that

affect me as much but i do can see that

um because it is in my

it is it’s in the field um

sometimes it can like demean or tune

down or dial

down the the fire of celebration that i

had in my soul

i have you know i just did um an event

um like i went into a process

i didn’t facilitate the event but i went

to process and in one of

the the commitment that i have for my


is to bring to create more joy in my


and that’s aspect of celebration indeed

so yes i am in this journey of creating

more joy and celebration to my

in my life every day even more

did that answer your question it’s not a

question i’m

that is how it’s manifest in your life i


so this is a three which is related to

um your particular group of stars and

this tree is actually presented in india

i don’t know whether it is uh there in

the area of the u.s yeah i mean and the


but this tree what it does is like it

will actually resonate with the

frequency which you have

which means that uh you could actually

go near to this particular tree and get

connected to this particular tree

and you can experience yourself in much

more deeper way with this particular


i mean maybe if you bring this

particular tree

in i mean if you can make uh if you are


to make a love around this particular

tree it will be like

a more intimate relationship

so this is how the group of stars looks

like on the sky

so the your nature is deva it’s like

uh you have uh um

uh the nature of

hello yeah i’m here

you’re asking me something yeah here

i see you yeah okay fine uh so

this deva nature is something like which

will actually

like uh healing ability they were

like it’s it’s like godly nature so your

birth has

godly nature that helps you to uh


your own being and empower other being


and guna is rajo guna rajo guna

is something like

which which is like a

bit a spicy nature you will be having

um and your buddha is

why you which means that you you would


to get things done very quickly


i have no patience and like that’s one

of the things i have to i’m working on

feels impatient i have no patient uh

uh a a project to get too long

because yeah i actually have no patient

and like

every day we gotta get we gotta work

toward our goal or

what the project that we we’re doing

so uh shiva the masculine god of

destroyer i mean

shiva is the um you were good

uh uh so your

side so see if you in india there is a

concept called

arthana which means like uh half

a woman and half men that is how

it is like the god is half men and half

woman because it has

no um you know no uh

gender okay so in that case uh

your side is more masculine

rather than that of more feminine okay


it’s like you would like

you would like to take everything in


yes i i do i do um i do say like i’m a

control freak


remember i’m a dominant so when it comes

to like

my archetype of dominant and submissive

when it comes to tantra kink

i’m more of the dominant control i’m the

one i’m the one in charge

so i’m the leader in chart and control


um even at home we don’t have a

patriarchy at home we have a matriarchy

which means

i am here so

nothing is done said or bought

without my consent and permission so

yeah it’s pretty much there

my partners are amazing the powerful men

individual and they have great at

masculine energy

but when it comes to the aspect of

domination and control

um you know i’m very strong in that

realm so

you got it right there


um you have a kapha nature which means


your health illness will actually

any helpfulness health issues is

happening on you

it’s basically because of kapha and it

is like

watery things like you will be sin your


system will be sensitive to a cold

yes oh yes i live in new york for

years i don’t know how i did it

but i cannot handle a car i don’t i live

in florida now in the u.s

and i don’t i don’t put hd because i

don’t like

the event of the call just when i was

pregnant recently

i will have cold shower cold


water i would like to be cold because i

was burning

for the pregnant don’t i don’t like the


um and your god is vishnu i mean the

god in the sense the guardian angel for

this particular

uh natchita group is vishnu okay

so vishnu is the god

of protection so which means that you

even though you are in struggle you

would love to

protect others you know so this is one

of the

uh quality which it will manifest on you

and this is your guardian angel

according to indian mythology which will

understand uh that is how we are

actually understanding this particular

spot of energy like vishnu the

so you can easily connect with this

particular guardian angel

and this angel or this particular


can help you to overcome so many

problems in your

life you know yeah english intuition

because that

is uh the part of me that is i call it

you know

it will be the vishnu uh in in um

here uh but for me is that it’s like

my um i would say like my priestess

archetype like my printed archetype the

word that i protect

and i’m like that’s my main reason when

i talk about when i do

events like oh in my life i’m the one

that created

space and had it must be safe and sacred

you know free of judgment free of fear

guilt or any of that

and and be also safe physically safe and

that’s like a very strong

super strong part of me so you really

right on there

and this is the kriya there is a

breathing exercise

after the um your

particular yoga which is related to

yoga which i’ve been speaking about i’ll

share the video i mean

you can see those videos in this

particular link after that

yoga you could actually go for this

kriya this will actually help you to

embower yourself i mean empower your own

kundalini energy in much more

interesting way

okay and this is the

one of the best position which

will actually help you to

get into more uh intimate uh

laugh making you know yeah that’s a hard


how you ever it would be fine yeah it

would be fine if the man was doing the

upside down another woman but

um yeah i haven’t tried that one it has


i mean um i think that i have done

something similar like that but

nothing like that that i can’t do that

position because i have shoulders

i have injuries in my shoulders from a

car accident so

just putting a lot of pressure on my

elbows and my shoulders

it would just not be fun so that

position yourself i cannot do it but i

can share with my partner to see

something different

hey how can we do it where my shoulders

are now be killing me right


so this is like moon moon is your uh

um a birth planet which is like it will

actually bring

it’s a motherly quality you have a

better motherly quality

okay yes uh that is a very

good thing so these all these things are

about your natchada

now we will go to uh your chart actually

so in western astrology there is only


basically but when we look at into

um come on

yeah this is your chart


so this is how the chart will look like




so mars and ascendant

is on your tanu bhava which means that



mars is on your tanubaba so

the fighting is your uh

i mean fighting with the

fighting is your inborn quality

you will get angry very easily and you

will start fighting so it’s

repeat that again fighting fighting


you will make problems with people

um our fighting um

a me create and fight or me um

i would say that i used to be when i was


i used to fight um now that i have grown


like i choose my fight but uh yes i will

say that i

if i am not the person that is gonna

um i’m not the person that people can

take advantage of

by me not standing up so i wouldn’t call

it that a fight like if somebody come

and fight

i will fight back in the sense of like

you know i will protect

and uh you know i will fight back if


but i am not kind of person that i’m

just gonna let people

you know walk all over me i am not that

you know it’s like if

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i for example one of the things this is

not a fighting energy but like i said

for example

i went to it was in a restaurant and in

a chinese restaurant and one of the

waitresses yell at them to all the women

because the menu was that the dinner you

know started a

past three and they would get there


uh this woman was yelling at them and i

was like and i wasn’t even buying there

but i was like i stood that i stood up

for the older woman

and i was like you know i yell at the

woman back and i said you’re not gonna

treat these women like that you gotta

show respect

so i am like i wouldn’t consider that a

fight but i am like a person that

i would speak up and i will show you

know i will be strong

like you may think that i’m fighting but

i am not

because me fighting is different energy


i will attack you if i’m not fighting um

but if i’m speaking up or or

protecting somebody and you know i don’t

consider that a fight but it could be

considered a fight

that makes sense a kind of uh like stunt

bone kind of nature are you stuck one


stubbornness yeah

stubbornness is different um the seven

is when i don’t

um i don’t want to i just i’m just like

a horse like i just

if i see black i see black and i’m not

gonna be open to see white

that’s kind of stubbornness but when it

comes to like fighting is more of a

protection and you know not adding

yourself they could be taking advantage


standing up for your uh or for your

right and standing up for all the people

who may be weak

i’m very strong i don’t know if you can

tell that but i’m really like

strong um um i show up very strong uh

to people people some people call me

that i’m too intimidated sometimes like

i’m too intimidated

like you know i’m like oh okay


you know so you know i’m

nice at the same time like i’m very like

loving caring and grounded and um

nurturing uh but any occasions i will

sure are very strong

and second house there is moon and ketu

is staying that is dhana

so uh the dhana which means that your

income okay your money or your asset or


wealth wealth is like it’s this comes

from the

uh moon which means that the

caretaking capability of you will

actually bring

income to you like if you empower on


thing it will actually uh help you to

uh generate more money you know

so about work with the moon you’re

hoping to generate more money

that’s what i’m here


moon is the planet which is which stands


mother okay

so mother means um your ability to

caretake okay

yeah that that kind of resonates because

what i do for my work is like pretty

much have that nurturing mother energy

in the sense of like hole in space at

the same time like there’s the energy

there where

where you can’t take people like taking

care of people helping people

you know um helping them through

you know even somatic work that’s one of

the biggest things that’s one of my

biggest um

i would say that people can feel um

through touch like through my somatic

work they can feel

so much energetically and i would say

that’s a big part of my business like

that’s a big part of my income

so yeah it’s like you’re right on it

um so randra bhava there is rahu

so rendra is your enemy so rahu

is like it’s um uh if you

do you get any kind of dreams

dreams yeah dreams every day

every day and i drink them like people

ask me like oh my god your dreams are so

vivid and so live and so real

i’m like i can tell you what i dreamed

the last night so

vividly that it’s like colors or smells

and taste and

touch it’s like sometimes i feel like

i’m lucid dreaming

but um i’m just out of my body a lot

when i’m in another dimension but yes

when i’m in gym stage it’s like

very vivid dreams um

so can i just elaborate what you

actually said just color smells and

taste um when it comes to colors in my


yeah well it seems like am i actually

like um in life

like i’m like my dreams many times look

like i’m in real life

that i can feel i can feel the touch

like somebody’s touching me in the dream

i can feel it in my body i can feel the


uh like sometimes like if i feel my my

dream i’m like i feel scared or i’m like

nervous i’m crying

i can feel myself i can have that

physical sensation

um when it comes to taste like sometimes

i like i’m drinking these

um i’m drinking something i’m eating

this delicious food

and i can feel like i can taste the the

blueberries or the strawberries i can


the water i can taste i can feel it in

my body

in my actual physical body i can uh so

it’s kind of like

i can feel like a distant and then when

i’m like coming out of my dream

like i i go into the space where

um you know i know that i’m dreaming

and i’m watching myself dreaming and

sometimes i’m watching am i dreaming

within a dream

and sometimes i’m dreaming that i’m


and those are those are the more

profound ones because

i know that i’m watching myself dreaming

in my dream i’m doing something else and

i had to wake up from that dream to come

to this

you know to get up with this dream so i

can come back from

it i i tell you i have these more


experiences when it comes to dreaming

and sometimes i wake up like uh with so

much energy and sometimes i

wake up like surgery now because

something traumatic happening in the


and sometimes i wake up like crying


uh where i had to wake up my partner and

my partner’s like oh what happened

and i tell her the whole story and he’s

like oh my god that’s how you drink

like a whole book it’s like a whole


you know and one of the things i become

aware is that i

cannot watch anymore or read

anything that is too traumatic or too

uh psychological uh disturbance

uh because it will make my dreams i

would travel to that

realm of dimension of my dreams and it

would not be pretty

i i would be crying and scared and

uh when i wake up so that’s one of my

boundaries that i have when it comes to

what i interact with every day in my

life even when it comes to the news or

when it comes to movies

i would say like people like oh you

always watch romantic movies i’m like

yeah because

those are the movies that they don’t

they don’t make me dream weird stuff

so there is a kind of

um occult energy that is being staying

on enemy house on your particular chart

uh that may be disturbing you through

uh the vivid dreams which is like um

this is like it’s giving a hint to your


life and things like that you know so

basically it’s it’s actually connected


your subconscious thing

of this eighth house which actually

signifies life

so so through meditation you could


um uh eliminate that kind of things like

uh which i have spoken about the

nachatra yogana

so that kind of things can actually help

you to eliminate

this particular if it is disturbing you

a lot otherwise if you like it you can


enjoy it okay

um karma baba there is venus jupiter

and saturn is staying so venus and


uh venus is the uh planet of

pleasure happiness and uh


art sexuality all those things so

your karma bhava there is venus is


so this is like uh your art

your exposure your sexuality

all those things are you were part of

your job

and jupiter is also staying along with

that which means that

um uh you are doing it very wisely and

saturn is the planet which also along

with that

and you have time you you are trying

so hard to play these

roads very wisely

and through very hard work that is that


that is staying on the karma

are you clear about that repeat that

again explain that again


yeah go ahead what you go first

tell me what no so when it comes to uh

the aspect of sensuality

and um the element where

venus represents sensuality and what

else uh it seems like

i am that i am

i am the doing it wisely is that what i

think i’m hearing

what is that consent in the role wisely

that i’m i’m like doing the role

the the role of you know sharing


in a wise way like that’s what i want to

understand a little bit

yeah that that that is yeah you are

trying to

uh share the sexuality in wisely

okay so yeah because i i’d resonate with

that i

that’s what i’m like i don’t know if you

understood that from from like

the beginning like i am about

sharing the power of conscious

you know conscious sexuality and

tantra and the power of conscious

alchemy and

orgasmic uh tantric orgasmic experience


in a way that it is uh that it is

profound and also a chemical

transformation for people and it’s not

just like one shot then

it’s like you know i’m very cautious

like i’m very

careful about sharing too much

that’s why the the simplicity for me is

very important

and and that’s why i think like if

that’s the wise part

of me um because i have i can tell you


i so many times when i see other people

sharing too much

of it like too much sexuality and too


um you know i i

i can see myself that is like well

i cannot do it that way you gotta be

another way to share it

you know i cannot i cannot share that

you know too raw it got to be another

way that it

can invite all many people and not scare

people because

that’s the problem with with um

sharing about sexuality because it has

been so oppressed for so many


that you know we can’t we can’t just

share it in a very

abruptly raw way it still had to be in a

very you know

feel like you have to it can be done in

a very

uh nurturing way and in a way that it

invite people instead of uh reject

people you know what i mean

so that’s why i resonate with the white


of sharing our sexuality

and sensuality

so what’s that

okay okay

on the th house there is lava which

means that

there is sun and mercury is staying on


th house so the gain

from your life will be like mercury and


which is like the light yeah you will

come to the light

yeah so that is the uh gain

of your life okay and that’s lava

and now

coming to

so satan is your high energy planet

which means that you are

very hard working in nature

very what hot high energy high energy


is saturn so which means that you are

very hard working person in nature

harvesting person hard working

do you oh hard working oh my god yes

tell me about that that’s not new in me

i’m a hard worker i have people that

they tell me that i’m a hustle that i

hustle too much

and i’m like yes i do i’m a very hard


yeah i just had a baby five weeks ago

and i was six weeks ago and i

even um i was working even in uh the day

of delivery

now the time of the living i was doing

you know because of my work i can work

online and i have to

do some run events and like tickets and

things like that

and the day after i delivered the baby

the day of the baby was born

uh i was actually doing the accounting

of the event that i would have done the

day before

so i’m a non-stop like

you know i take my time to rest on

everything but i am you know i’m a

really hard worker

so there is a seven face the dracha

which you could

wear for the uh to

accelerate your uh hard working nature

you know the seventh phase which is


if you visit in this particular link you

can actually see how it looks like

um okay so right now

uh jupiter is a ruling planet for you

which means that jupiter um

jupiter is staying

um jupiter is staying on karma baba

so this time uh

nowadays you will be um

you the work which you have done

uh approximately seven seven plus seven

fourteen fourteen

twenty four twenty four uh plus

till the age of at the age of

or or

in at this time there has um uh

i mean okay or

in this four years of time there was a

big uh uh you know um

diversion in your life has happened okay

and at this particular time and that

made you two more wiser

and um you are acting

on the wisdom which bought in at the

time of

uh in that to for this

time span

into life now

yes absolutely yeah oh yes

so this is all about your chart

do you have any questions about your


no i’m good

i’m just thinking about the dates that

the year that you told that

uh you know the portals open up to more

whites yourself around

and .

um yeah that’s when i i that’s for like

the interesting because that’s when a


a lot of things happen shifted in my

life and i even left um

i left my husband i left an abusive

relationship i moved to florida

i took you know i literally radically

shifted everything in my life

and yeah we got on a nail

anything else you want to share

no so good like it’s interesting

i love the peacock i love the

yeah that was a good one um

i resonated a lot with the the moon part

um and the venus

um aspect of like sharing

a wisely element of sensuality or

sexuality or even just

other aspects of self not just that i


um yeah i’m gonna look into the links

for the

uh some of the meditations i think like

the yoga

that i have in there right that’s what

you said yeah i’ll share you

all those details to you like um

i’ll share the username and password to

access for that thing

um so do you want to say something to


uh uh people who are watching this

particular podcast

something that i would like to say um i


i want to thank you for for sharing your

wisdom and

this and another thing is i would

definitely invite

individuals of that are watching and

listening to this podcast

to uh give themself permission to get to

know themselves a lot more

that there’s so much more about

themselves that

you know what we think that we know it’s

like so

little so so little of the you know

the amazing beings that we are

and um you know to

tap into practices meditation yoga


tantric practices or whatever the

practices that

they resonate with to

to awaken the support of themselves to

weaken the part that

um allow us to bring this wisely self

into the world this compassionate stuff

this love and self this

this orgasmic self that is all about

creation and

evolution um and expansion

and give ourselves permission to

give ourselves permission to be

expensive creative beings living in

abundance and joy

happiness and prosperity and that all of

that either is

there for us it’s not limited our mind

keep it limited to us because we

fall into all these illusions

uh believe in ideas and stories

but when we really get into our heart

and through our body into our soul

we know that we’re limitless and

everything that you desire in life is


but you have the power within you to

achieve it

yeah yeah


so we’ll catch up soon i’ll send you the


links for you okay

thank you yeah bye


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