Astrology Of East And West Episode No. 2: Reading The Vedic Chart Of Amadai (Hasta Nakshatra)

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This is the second part of our special podcast series episode no 2: The astrology of East and West.

Un the previous podcast, astrologer Shelagh Western read my chart western style.

The link to that podcast is here:

Now, in this podcast, I am reading her chart in the Vedic way. 

We will soon be doing another podcast in which we will be reading the chart of someone in Vedic style as well as western style. So stay tuned for that. That could be a useful comparative study for many folks out there. 

For now, welcome to podcast series episode No. 2: Astrology Of East And West: Reading the chart of Shelagh.

Below is a written transcript of the podcast:

this is arun from
i’m a software engineer who mostly work
node.js php and other backend
and i’m an open source contributor as
i’m a tantric by birth in a family which
is passing tantric wisdom from
generations to generations from past
years of legacy and got lucky to
travel across
india and got chances to study under
various gurus from
different backgrounds and disciplines
you could connect with me in irons
here i am helping you to design a divine
lifestyle which is based on
vedic astrology tandra and other
yogic system of understanding
hi all this is the second part of our
special podcast series episode number
the astrology of istanbul on the
previous podcast
sheila western astrologer was reading my
in a western way link to that particular
is being given on the description and at
this podcast
i am reading her chat on vedic pay we
will be
soon doing another podcast in which we
will be reading the chat of someone
in vedic bay as well as western way so
stay tuned for that
that could be a comparative study for
many folks
out there however welcome to podcast
series episode number two
astrology of east and west
yeah thank you to uh
become the guest for my podcast um and
here we are gonna
talk about your chat what what what i’m
seeing on your chat and
i know that you might be excited to know
um what is that happening in your chat
and as we have already discussed
the things which you have pointed out in
chat in western bay
it’s like it was like uh
really good for me and it was like given
me a really
um better things about the
life which i’m going through and i’m i
i came to kerala this week because
my grandma got died as you have said
oh i’m sorry yeah so
i came to kerala from tamil nadu um
yeah um so i would like to show you
uh your chat which is in
oh can i just say something yeah
i remember i said to you and i did your
chart people are going to die
so i say i’m sorry
but also no you don’t have to be sorry
about that it is like
yeah it’s the you said me like what you
yeah you know so yes no but you know the
same thing with you
is nothing i mean it’s it has nothing to
do with you
it’s like yeah but she’s in a
in a better place that’s how i say it
yeah okay
no you’re going to tell me about my yeah
i’m just gonna share my screen here
it’s yeah
so can you see this
so basically this is hasta nachadra
so uh when we are seeing the
astrological chart uh in western way
there is tall houses
and when there was ascendant in
a particular house in that particular
there will be a group of stars
and there are of them
uh so ascendant is pointing to a
particular star
and that is one of them is hasta
ah that is your star sign which is i
think which is not in
western astrology uh however
this particular group of stars will
a kind of uh
nature to you so the hasta nachatra
or it is looks like a hasta hasta is the
name which is actually uh means
hans uh so the hasta nachatra
is a is like
it is gonna give more power
to uh your hands i mean uh if you see
uh um in your body the hands will be
blessed in your body like it can uh
it can heal people uh
it can uh i mean the hands will uh
will be having a divine entity on your
uh uh that is what the hashtag which
um and there is a yoga
uh a spiritual practice which is
exclusively for this particular
that is called nakshatra yoga this is
a kundalini yoga which is a tantric kind
of practice which is
which enables you to evoke the
life force on you so that is the
nakshatra yoga that video is available
in this particular
link which you can see in my website
and you could actually follow that that
could actually give you
more intensively and
and there is pancha pachi there are five
associated with this particular nachatra
and the birds is being decided based on
shuklapacha and krishna
so sukhla pacha which means that uh it’s
it’s a zero to full moon uh the when the
moon rotates
around the uh area
uh from zero to full moon is called as
and the full moon to zero moon it is
called as krishna basha
so uh based on this
you were a bird is a crow
so uh what does it’s how does it
manifest in
your life is like this because
cross are the uh birds which which
like to uh travel in a group
yeah so you believe
uh uh in a group activity rather than
going uh along to something you believe
uh a group can do a wondrous and
you would like to move forward as a
and this is the three which is called
ambadam ambadam is the tree which
uh like um us we
human beings human beings are not a
special animal
which is actually uh uh
not belongs to nature like we have a
the similar way uh the trees
and the uh things like that also about
so this particular tree resonates the
frequency which
you are into like uh how does it
manifest in your life is
like this if you go near to this
particular tree
you could actually connect with this
tree very easily
and you could easily talk to this
particular tree
uh this is a tropical plant i don’t know
whether this is
available in your country but however
you could actually connect with this
particular tree
and uh this tree resonate the same
of the husband which you are having
and this is how the group of stars looks
like on the
sky this is how the chakra this is alpha
beta gamma lambda
and epsilon corvi uh so this is how the
uh nachotra looks like in
actual sky
and you fall into devagana devagana
means there are three ganas
one is a human nature another one is
asura and another one is deva so
devagana is the people who believe
in helping people and uplifting them
so it’s like godly nature so you
are belongs to this godly nature and
you believe you can
uplift people and you you will get
a kind of condemnment from
uh uplifting uh people
you know
and the the rajoguna the guna which you
are having uh in your nation
is rajo guna rajo guna which means that
uh you uh like uh
reject food and uh you will be like
more registered like you like masalas in
your food
and you like spicy food and things like
that and
you like to spice up things uh
in general that is how the rajoguna will
manifest in your
real life and the acne
acne is your buddha there is five
buddhas according to the
uh indian system of astrology belief
there are five buddha
so from that acne is your buddha
how does it manifest in your life is
like this
you have the immense capability to
burn things like
whatever happening inside on you uh
whatever is good
caught up inside on you you can easily
if you look at on inside you can burn it
in a relationship or whatever is
happening around you
you will act like a fire your um
like whether it is good or bad you don’t
care you can actually burn it out
like and you can free yourself
from the things which you got into
so that is one of the best quality you
and you uh when you see uh there is
uh two halves existing in human soul
one is uh shiva and another half is
so from that to half shiva
is the major half on your body
so what does it how does it manifest
this like
you believe you
destroy things or you can get angry like
god shiva very easily you can get angry
you can destroy things uh so this is
something which you have to be aware of
so there is the uh according to the uh
uh ayurvedic nature of your own
it’s like vata nature is your
dominant nature in ayurvedic quality
so what does it means that you could be
uh there is a probability of
you are getting uh sensitive to
uh called uh uh you know
so if you come in contact with the cold
and things like that there is a
probability that
you get infected with the diseases
so your goal is sabithar
he is the god uh which
which is actually uh protecting that
particular area of the sky where the
hasta nachatra is existing and
this particular consciousness is the
god of inspiration uh which means that
you enjoy uplifting people
uh that is again a very good quality and
the sabithar
uh is the code that offers this
uh quality to you and if you uh
if you chant the mantra of the
code what happens is like uh in tandra
this sounds has a very important
importance so once you chant this
particular sound in certain frequency
uh you can actually connect with this
consciousness which is into that
particular area
of the uh of the
existence and you can actually ask
help from this particular consciousness
oh thank you um so this is a kriya
actually we have seen the yoga for the
so uh the minutes yoga there is uh
minutes kriya
kriya is actually kundalini awakening
uh things so uh this kriya is
exclusively for hasan etc and if you
that you could actually accelerate your
life force
um so this is the uh sexual position
which is actually uh related to your
particular natural
there is tall animal uni uh which is
being related to
which is been distributed across etc
and this is something uh which which uh
this particular position uh that helps
you to create
an intimacy with your partner this is
from the
kama supra um
so this is all about your nachatra
then we will go to your chart now
so we have seen your nakshatra
so this is how your chat will looks like
it’s actually
uh different from how the i mean the
each house over here is like degree
okay so this is how the uh eastern
astrology looks like
and your ascendant is aquarius
um so uh i think uh
what is your ascendant in uh uh western
prices yeah so there is
that is the difference between the i
mean the degree difference will be
uh with the western astrology and indian
so uh let’s see the
rahu is which means that the house of
the self
so the first house so we consider that
where is the ascendant
that is our first house uh in which
there is ascendant is staying along with
the rahu
um so what does it means that
uh it is quite natural
to uh come with obsessive uh
uh you know um occult practices and
things like that in your life
because the in self self there is
staying along with ascendant and the
dhana bhava there is sun
mercury mars and jupiter is staying
which means that sun sun stays for the
father marx is war and jupiter is wisdom
so what how does it manifest in your
chart is
because it’s like this way the money or
the wealth which you
will be creating or you could have you
created in your life
is uh comes from the your father and uh
you might be fought for the uh uh
you know the wealth problems like you
could have um
filed any case in your wealth kind of
situations because mars is also staying
on the dhana baba
along with jupiter and the wisdom also
helps you to create wealth
and uh venus is staying on third house
so what does
it manifest how does it manifest this
like this way uh like
you might be liking uh uh
the things which comes to like um
the pleasure aspect of your life you
will be liking it’s it’s like
you will appreciate beauty you will
appreciate love
you will appreciate freedom you will
appreciate uh whatever the venus the
because the planet venus
is like it has a very uh bad name
in uh christianity like uh um um
they say it’s satan like it’s like
whatever the best things uh which human
beings is
uh getting out of the life people
sometimes refers
it to a satanic tendency like it’s in
islam also it’s in christianity also i
not all the christians believes in that
way the like
the tantric uh christian
genosis i think genos is something
like that one kind of christianity is
there right can i just ask you a
you know you said about my ascendant in
yeah do you have degrees like we have in
western astrology do you say
it’s in a degree
yes yeah so what degree
is my ascendant i’m just interested
about that one
right so can i just ask you
because it may not work it will be like

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something like that in or something
like that
okay so um
in western mythology we would be saying
okay the planets are in this position
and they are passing
through this place so when
with this chart would the planets be
my ascendant the planets in the heavens
or do you not do it that way
uh we we have that uh planetary trans
uh transaction we will come to there uh
before that we have something called
desa also so
right now we are into third house we are
discussing about your sahaja yoga their
venus is staying on the third house
um so being the sangha
which means that you will be having a
natural tendency of
appreciating beauty love freedom
and things like that that happens
because uh venus is staying on the third
and ketu is staying on the
relationship house the um
yuvadhi house what does it means is
uh like
there could be a relationship
unstability probably can occur in your
you know um
maybe something uh misunderstanding and
things like that because
uh ketu is a parabola it’s a planet of
uh not goodness so
uh staying on the seventh house and the
dandruff house
the moon and along with the saturn so
it’s this is really funny that sometimes
hard work if you do hard work sometimes
it will act
against you you know
yeah you you can do the smart work
if you do the hard work what happens is
like it
can act against you if you that it’s
saturn is staying on the eighth house
which means that saturn is
uh the planet of hard working uh
things so uh the planet which is staying
on the eighth
house which will actually give you
bad result and the moon also is staying
on the eighth house
uh so the probably the relationship with
mother could actually affect because of
you know there is a probability of that
always there
so now we are very important aspect of
the thing we are coming
uh like
sun jupiter venus and saturn these are
important like so the sun
is also strong in your chat jupiter
which is wisdom
and appreciation of beauty and hard work
these four planets are
so strong in your uh chart so like
sun is staying on the house of wealth
and along with jupiter
uh and venus is staying on the third
so uh this is quite a
good um the wealth
which comes from comes to your life
through the knowledge and
the connection with your father or the
uh somebody who is protecting somebody
who can protect you as your father so
this is how
happens in your life uh
the high energy planet is sun so
uh the rudraksha which you can wear is
a kamukhi rudraksha that stands for the
sun and that will accelerate the
energy of sun on you and
right now uh bhutan
so mercury is uh right now your planet
uh i mean the desa there is uh dashas
will be there
moon will be five years mars will be
seven years rahul will be years
and jupiter will be years saturn like
that is how the disaster will you will
go through
uh so five plus seven uh uh at the end
till the
age of five there was moon five plus
uh is like uh um uh
five twelve till the age of twelve uh
there was
mars then dahu so from
the chat the i can con i can see
something like this uh till the age of
mother was uh very important in your
then till the age of
uh you is generally natural in
people’s life then from the edge of tall
there will be rahu
is coming so what does this mean is like
you might be understood that you will be
having a gift and
the um the occult nature or the
something which is extraordinary which
started to reveal to you
from the age of or something like
you know that is where it will actually
happens because there are
pressure comes from that age
then plus uh is like
after the age of you got attracted to
uh books which talks about wisdom
that because jupiter comes from there
that the uh after the age of
the saturn the sun so like uh uh
the generally the most of the problems
happens in the
edge of uh i mean the
situations which is being divided or the
uh the hard work like the life is
not fair to you those things has
after the age of or
something like that you know that will
be lasting till the age of .
so if you want something i mean a long
time you were
fighting for is being got solved by the
age of .
or something like that has happened by
the age of in that time
then from there the buddha is
manifesting in your life
so right now the buddha is ruling in
your life
this is the time for you to uh come into
seeking conclusions and going more deep
on you
like how do you go through all those
so yeah so buddha starts
at the age of .
yeah um
okay can i go back over all the things
that you’ve said because
it is really fascinating i have to say
um i’m just trying to find the first
um you’re talking about my hands
and i i started to think only quite
recently about my hands and
healing and that kind of thing i’m
wondering if i need to develop
that side of my personality or my gifts
whatever you want to call it
and i think um yeah i’ve always been
attracted to
traveling in groups things like that
um it was about halfway through the
reading that it really started to mean a
lot to me
and it was when you started to talk
about uh agni
agni my buddha was that right
uh because you said i have the immense
capacity to burn
stuff uh please fire fire
fire yes and that is so true
because um in my life
i’m usually very um calm
almost um what’s the word difficult to
in a relationship you know i keep my
feelings to myself
and i spend a lot of time internally
trying to work out how do i feel about
this what do i think about this
and then suddenly it will get too much
for me and i’ll suddenly just
say a lot of things very powerfully
and i think that i’ve realized over the
years that i have this ability to burn
other people
and they don’t know what to do they feel
completely destroyed by what i’ve said
and yet to me when i’m doing it it seems
well that’s obvious really how come you
didn’t realize
so i’ve had to learn as i’ve got older
to kind of
manage that but then i suppose the
of it is that you can’t really mess with
you can’t really confront me
and accuse me of something that i’m not
capable of you know that i will always
have an answer
and it will be a logical powerful answer
um and you also talked about me being
very sensitive to the cold and this is
so true because at the moment it’s very
very cold in england
it’s below freezing and that’s a hard
time for me because i have to take care
of myself
because if i get cold i start to feel
quite ill so you were right about that
um that you talked a lot about me
uplifting people
and i think that everything that i’ve
done in my life with work
has been about uplifting people from
even when i was at university i wanted
to help people in some way
um i i started off thinking i’d like to
be a social worker
but i never became a social worker i
became a teacher
and now i’m a therapist and when i do
i’m trying to uplift people so in all
those things
it’s it would be meaningless to me if i
worked in a shop if you
understand me i would have to do
something that would make people feel
um it’s i get a lot of um
my sense of self is based on that really
um and then you talked about my father
and that was quite interesting because
my father actually came from a family
that did have money
but he didn’t get any of it but the one
thing that my father did do with money
was when i was in trouble or you know
when i had very small children i got
and my father was the person who stepped
forward and said
i will give you some money it wasn’t a
lot of money
but he did help me and then when i got
back on my feet i gave him back the
and then later on he gave me some more
and my father was very
orientated towards an inheritance
and also instilling in me that i needed
to pass that inheritance to my children
and so as a result and it was
you were talking about all these
different ages so it was
after the time i was
before i was um
a lot of you could say you said life
wasn’t fair at that time
and it wasn’t i went through some really
big trials and tribulations
but the inheritance thing came in
because i
suddenly discovered to my surprise that
i had this big house
and i didn’t need it anymore so i sold
and i gave half the money to my children
and so as a result
my children each have their own house
and the eldest one the eldest boy he
have had his own house anyway but
certainly for my daughter
and my youngest son that was a great
help to them
and it was because of my father that i
did it
because he instilled in me that idea of
it’s very important to have your own
house and to have that um
security it wasn’t really about money it
was about security
so it’s very true what you said about my
um and also the fact that you said i’ve
realized that wisdom
creates wealth uh because i started to
realize that and again you
pinpointed that with ages you said after

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i realized that and that’s very true it
when i was but i suddenly started to
put all the pieces together and think oh
i’m quite spiritual oh i’m quite
interested in all these alternative
spiritual pathways and
the psychic side intuition all that kind
of thing
it was then that i started to really
really get interested and study it
and through that wisdom i have created
my own wealth
um and also you talked about hard work
and that is absolutely true about me
um because you said hard work goes
against me
so i have to think a lot i mean i’m
nearly now and i’m still working
because i am a hard worker but i don’t
work every day
because i’m too tired so i have to learn
to pace myself
and always always always i’ve worked
very very hard
in my adult life but if i
i have to have a day where i do
absolutely nothing
you know i just float round the house
and i just um
look out the window and i look at the
and i listen to music and i just cut
myself off from
any kind of effort because otherwise
i would burn out there’s a real danger
of that with me
um and you one of the things that you
said which was very true is
you said i need to be smart with my work
otherwise i just collapse and that is
absolutely true that over the years
gradually from the age of i realized
hold on a minute i need to give this
some thought
there’s an easier way that i could do
for and i still think about that now so
because i get a lot of demands on me for
astrological readings therapy
i have to say no to some people
because it would be just too much for me
you know i’d
crash and burn catch fire and
it’s interesting that you talked about
that whole fire
theme with me because i a lot of people
say about me but i’m like um
there was a film years and years ago it
was called she
and of course the first three letters of
my name are she
sheila and it’s i don’t know the whole
film but
the woman just catches fire and
she just becomes a pile of ashes so
that’s me if i’m not careful you know
um saturn in the eighth and the moon in
the eighth
that was interesting because you talked
a lot about my father and
um the relationship with money with him
and and it was such a big theme with my
dad that he he started
he used to telephone me and asked me how
much money i had in the bank
he’s dead now but i used to think
why does he not leave me alone you know
so how much money have you got now and
what are you doing with that it’s very
much like that with him
i can laugh now in hindsight but my
mother i didn’t quite
understand what you said about that um
so you did later after that talk about
wealth through knowledge again so
the thing that my mother gave me was an
interest in learning
and and she she had a very psychic
sensitive spiritual side to her so maybe
you were picking up on that but
i don’t know if you could tell me a bit
more because
i i didn’t really understand what you
said about that it was the only thing
that i didn’t understand
you did say she was very important up to
the age of five which was true
and then you did talk about when i was

and that’s very interesting because i
think it was at the age of
i went to a different school which
people often do in england
but i wasn’t very happy there and it was
a school where you had to be very
intelligent and you had to pass an exam
to go there but i found myself be
feeling very different to other people
i only did well in subjects that
interested me
if i wasn’t interested i didn’t listen
and i had a lot of ups and downs at
school as a result because they were
she’s so intelligent why is she doing so
badly with some subjects
but it was because i wasn’t listening it
was almost like
at that age
that sort of age where it felt like i
was setting myself apart in some kind of
but i was too young to really understand
you see what i mean so it was a
difficult time for me
and i still speak to my friends from
school even now
on zoom and they all did better than me
but since i left school i have done way
better than them i’ve passed more exams
i’m the only one that’s got an m.a
i’m the only one that writes books that
does all these things
they’re all a bit housewifey and a bit
dull and i’m the one who says did you
know that idea and this idea
so i think it was you’re right it
started to happen then
but because i was so young it was just
because i thought the thing is like you
were not so young you have very old uh
soul you know your soul is much older
than that what you are thinking
you know you know what i i think when um
people say things like that oh good
that’s my last
lifetime i think i’m not coming back
unless i’m ruling the world of course
because then i just burn everybody and
they don’t
right submission i know i have that
to do that you know and it’s always a
shock to people because i can be so kind
peaceful and calm and then suddenly one
it’s like that’s enough i’ve got the box
of matches and i’m
set it all right so all of that was
absolutely spot on um what else am i
looking at here
yeah i think i’ve talked about all of
that stuff um
being smart um
you got the the stages correct
i’d like to know a little bit more about
the stage that i’m in now from the age
because i know that i’m in a different
stage because it’s been the happiest
time of my life
i feel like i know who i am
and nothing is going to shape that and
i accept that i stand on the edge
you know so if i’m talking to my school
friends for example
and then i try to join them on their
i try to say oh i crocheted a blanket
but i i don’t share my spiritual beliefs
with them
very much at all because they’re
stuff like that you know
i just say to them oh i went to the
catholic church today
and said these prayers and then they
they look surprised
what she was still going to church i say
well i’d be just as happy
if i went down to the buddhist temple
it’s all the same to me
you know um but some people find that
idea very difficult you know they’d like
put people in a box and as i’ve got
older since the age of i’m quite
happy not to be in a box
in fact i know that i would be utterly
miserable if i was in a box
baking cakes every sunday i i can’t do
i bake a cake some sundaes or even on
but i can’t be that archetypal woman
it would just make me feel stifled and
imprisoned you know yeah so i’m quite
interested what you said
what exactly because she said there’s a
buzz a buddha
making is a different buddha now ruling
my life did i understand that bit
was that correct did you say it was a
would that maybe
mercury okay the planet of speech
so what happens is like this is a time
for you to
uh uh get um i mean this is a time which
after the age of
uh this will uh um keep you to
talking keep you talking you know
like if you see um uh
if if if this thing i mean what i can
from the age of to till the age of
or you could have done public
it could be it started by the age of
or something like that
yeah i’m trying to think
well i mean at the time i was uh doing
some more education and then
every so often i had to stand up in
front of a lot of people
and speak about a subject
like intergenerational trauma for
example i had to give a talk about that
but um i’m not sure
what the effect was because the place
where i was learning was very very
and i was coming up with this
existential idea and that existential
idea and the tutor was
i don’t understand what you’re talking
about but if i stuck to their tradition
i was fine
so yeah i suppose i was doing more
talking publicly then
um but it’s interesting that you talked
about mercury because
obviously i’m starting to write now and
these ideas have been rolling in my
in my head for maybe years but i just
haven’t had time
i’m trying to discipline myself now
ready for
tomorrow actually because it’s the first
day of back to work
after the festivities and
i don’t want to say any more until i do
if you understand me i have to do it now
but at the moment mercury’s in my head
round and round around
idea after idea you go for that
because mercury is staying on the second
house which is favorable
for your wealth and things like that and
you are into mercury
uh this thing so if you go for that this
is the right time for you to go for that
you know yeah thank you because you see
western astrology wouldn’t have told me
western methodology tells me that it’s a
really good idea to close my doors
and focus on these quiet activities
and writing it’s very much got that
but i look if i look and think about
when would wealth come connect with that
might not be for a few years um
but then sometimes things say
if i published a book i might not get
big response to it straight away if you
understand me
but i do feel it’s the time to be doing
that now
so thank you for all of this it’s been
really brilliant
um oh the only other question was about
my mother
i just wondered what else you wanted to
say about that because i didn’t
quite understand it so
i think you said moon and saturn i don’t
know yeah
moon and saturn is staying on the eighth
house which is actually yeah enemy’s
so there might be your mother is alive
no no
she died about um years ago
so is there a like a moonless thing
moon is fine so um
it was very important mother is like
very important
for you till the age of five i mean that
the usually that happens in everybody’s
life but
yeah there is nothing much in that but
the the thing is like
the thing which you can give more
importance is like mother is staying on
eighth house which is actually enemies
house and
moon is staying along with the
okay can i tell you what i think that
might mean
i was i lived with my mother for about
years before she died or she lived
with me
she came to my house to live with me
after my father died
and it kind of held me back a bit so
there’s saturn coming in
going against me but i managed to work i
worked as an astrologer for the whole
time that i lived with my mother
the thing is like it could be like
is like

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somewhere like or
uh or something like that your mother
came to your home
oh let me think uh
i think i was about yeah
around that time and uh
and when she died my daughter said to me
um you’re free now so
to some extent the responsibility of my
but you know she wasn’t hard work she
wasn’t a horrible person but you know i
had to think about her
she was an old lady i had to take care
of her and help her and get
people in to help her so it was a heavy
but also my mother was quite strict
so she had very set ideas about how i
needed to behave especially when i was a
little girl
so i wasn’t allowed to eat an ice cream
in the street
so if we bought an ice cream in the
summer by the time i got back to my
house the ice cream was melting
because my mother said it was not a good
idea to eat in the street
and so now i eat in the street all the
it’s like my rebellion you know i’m not
going to be
held back by that and the other thing
that i’m thinking about with my mum is
she had a very
harsh life and she had a baby before me
who i was adopted because she was born
during the war
and my mother had nowhere to live
because the house was bombed
so that has been a very heavy
responsibility that has come onto me
because my sister is a very damaged
and she doesn’t like me because i have
my mother and she didn’t you know she
was four years old
when she was adopted so it’s damaged her
and i it’s one of the reasons why i
became a therapist
because i wanted to help people who have
been abandoned
and not loved in a sense she was loved
but they got very practical during the
war you know they had to be
well the best thing for this child is
that they’re fed
and clothed so maybe that’s the saturn
nature of this
mother and the eighth house being it’s
very in
western astrology the eighth house is
very deep and psychological and
if people have planets in the eighth
house in western astrology
there’s always something dark under the
you know so i think you’re right
in that respect that my mother’s history
affected me
um because my mother had a very
traumatized life really
um but it didn’t mean to say that she
was completely negative
she liked to have fun and she loved
beautiful things like me
and she was quite wise and spiritual in
lots of ways but she also
had limitations because of the life that
she’d had
and the experiences that she’d had you
so i think maybe that’s what what was
lying under the surface and what you
were picking up
but you couldn’t know the details you
just know there’s something
a bit restrictive and not very helpful
you know i don’t think i became the best
version of myself
while my mum was with me it doesn’t mean
to say
i didn’t love her and she didn’t love me
but she just held me back
she didn’t mean it but that was the way
it worked
so thank you for this it’s really
i think i enjoyed it as much as you
enjoyed me doing your job
yeah definitely
like a cake isn’t it you know that’s
what i said before you just cut the cake
another way
and you get another layer
yeah it’s a good idea for us to do a
same chart like
yeah i think that will be very
interesting also
let’s do donald trump i mean i did have
a look at his chart
recently and um i thought oh
uh i thought this could go either way
um he could get divorced he could lose a
it could fall from a great height but on
the other hand
he could actually rise up from the ashes
and and
do something amazing and i couldn’t work
out which
all i knew was that it was either going
to be a massive collapse
or fantastic phoenix
we call it the phoenix rising from the
ashes you know
transformation all that kind of stuff
so we have yet to see that one but i
know that um
the next week’s very important for him
astrologically in western astrology
so we’ll make a date you can contact me
and we’ll maybe speak at the end of the
week or something like that that’d be
yes this is
thank you for listening to my podcast
you could connect with me in
where you could see my contact details
including my phone number my whatsapp
and email id
stay tuned for more exciting episodes

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