Vedic reading series episode No-14 Angels Prana And the Giggles.

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Hi, In todays podcast we are having a guest her name is Melissa. Melissa Lewis is a Life Coach, Massage Therapist and Mom. Her adventurous nature and strong will have led her to overcome lifelong physical and emotional challenges. She shares her knowledge and experiences to help others overcome others facing difficult issues. She holds a business degree in marketing, has worked at luxury resorts and spas for 20 years, has coached professionally for a top ten Fortune 500 company, lives for travel and swears by minimalism. If you are interested in contacting Melissa regarding life coaching, please visit her web site. Which is In this podcast we are speaking about Red – Indians of America Shamanic practices. Spiritual practices and her visions about all these and her chart as well.

So lets begin our Vedic reading series episode No-14 Angels Prana And the Giggles.

Below Is the Non Verbal Transcript of the Same.

this is arun from
i am a software engineer who mostly work
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i’m a tantric by birth in a family which
is passing tantric wisdom from
generations to generations from past
years of legacy and got lucky to
travel across
india and got chances to study under
various gurus from
different backgrounds and disciplines
you could connect with me in irons
here i am helping you to design a divine
lifestyle which is based on
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yogic system of understanding
hi in today’s podcast we are having a
her name is melissa melissa lewis
is a life coach massage therapist and
a mom her adventurous nature and strong
will have led her to overcome lifelong
and emotional challenges she shares
her knowledge and experiences to help
others overcome other facing difficult
issues she holds a business degree
in marketing has worked at luxury
and spas for years
has coached professionally for a top
fortune companies
lives for travel and source by
if you are interested in contacting
melissa regarding life coaching please
visit her website which is
in this podcast we are speaking about
red indians of america
shamanic practices spiritual practices
and her visions about all those stuff
and her chat as well of course so
let’s begin our vedic reading series
number angels prana
and the giggles
so hi uh melissa to be a part of my
podcast series
where i’m trying to reach out most of
the people’s all across the globe
and trying to read their chart
and how they manifest this uh
astrological energy which is being
surrounded with us and the planets that
how they are
uh influencing our daily life and
uh i’m trying to see whether there is
something like something is
existing which is beyond our
and is there a way to go to that
uh energy through some certain
uh and things like that and basically
astrology comes along with the uh
of the yoga and the tangra like
meditation techniques and sounds uh
vibration how we chant some certain kind
of mantras
and things like that uh which helps us
to reach that
important energy of the
or whatever so yeah and
i think you i have gone through your
website and you are speaking about the
energy of prana
and things like that can you just talk
about that
what do you mean by that and how do you
see that in your daily life and how do
you manifest
that same energy in the the things
around you
and how you go along with that can you
talk about that well
um i did not ever see myself writing a
book but
after i got very tired out in a
corporate toxic
environment where they just wanted more
and more out of me i was
literally had chronic illness my whole
life and i had to quit working i just
couldn’t do it anymore
um i i couldn’t force myself to sit at
the desk and talk to that many people
and do that kind of work
on and be micromanaged anymore and then
i went
to see a psychic and she gave me some
suggestions as to writing some articles
putting my work out the things that i
um and she mentioned writing a book and
i was like a book what that sounds like
a lot of work
and then a special someone who i will
not mention at this time
um someone very influential uh slid into
my direct messages on facebook and sent
a little bit of a cryptic message and i
was like
okay i guess i’m writing a book it was
just a push
from someone influential that said you
got to write the book
so i hunkered down and wrote the book um
i’m a single mom with three kids and i
had just quit my job but
i got busy because that was the message
that i heard and i got the whole book
i self-published it i put it out there
and then i continued to move on
to a dark night of the soul and so i was
pulled under big time by emotions and i
had spent my
entire life on and off different types
natural and and mainstream medications
and i knew that there was no medication
that was going to fix this so i needed
stop taking the meds and follow my path
and literally listen to my intuition and
ask for help along the way
um i realized how important purification
is to the spiritual practice like
clearing out everything the tv
the um the toothpaste the the
the diet clean out the diet cleaning out
like people around you that
are sucking your energy and really i’ve
figured out you know i just
learned to listen to my intuition more
and more and more mine i never realized
how strong it was i
because when you have a gift or
something inside of you
you kind of don’t realize when other
people don’t have it
but i have always followed my path and
it’s always worked out so
i just kept doing and then um in
august of i had a major spiritual
awakening where
spirit came to me and told me guess what
this is what the rest of your life is
going to look like
and i was like what i’m just melissa
from minnesota they’re like
no no you’re not i’m like okay
um and so then that was the beginning of
a kundalini
awakening a big one and and i
that’s going to be the topic of my
second book but it was very painful
i had to unrepress all of the repressed
emotions that i’ve
kept inside of me i found a lot of deep
dark truths
and then now my all my bigger bigger
gifts are opening and
um i just really didn’t realize how
strong of a manifesto i am but now the
synchronicities happen to me
five six seven eight if i go out in
public i’ll see
different synchronicities telling me
reconfirming what i was told on on in
of and i like i just laugh now like
the things that
even come out of other people’s mouths
are directly related to what i was told
during my awakening and i didn’t even
tell them anything they’re just saying
it to me
and i’m like this is powerful stuff so
i do like automatic writing and
channeling that way
um and i channel a lot of my own answers
a lot of other things people who are
going to help me will pop up and
manifest right into my life and i’ve
just gotten very good at
at deciphering the clues and i’m just
really digging it more into
uh you know basic ritualistic practices
that more people should be using
even just simple things like crystals
sage burning candles
you know these basic things that we have
lost in america because
we followed a mainstream objective
instead of following
a path with spirit actually
uh in america if i’m not wrong
there was some kind of indigenous people
red indians there are practice where
actually go very synchronized with the
nature around u.s and stuff like that
and the shamanism especially
with this indigenous red indians which
goes along with them so
do you see a synchronicity of your
practices that is getting connected to
the uh understanding of the
indigenous uh red indians uh
of u.s how do you feel about that
yes um and so part of this awakening
experience there were
symbols of me helping to reclaim the
power and the helping to
heal what we have done with these native
americans and honestly when i first
found out about it
i could barely even look at it because
the feelings were
so deep like so deep for the
native americans that i i didn’t push it
but i was like don’t even come near me
right now because it’s
i felt it so deeply that i’m like it
hurts too much i need to heal more
before you can
even look at that so i feel like i’m
sure i probably was
one of those native americans in my past
if i feel about pain that deeply
but i know that at some point my work
will involve helping the native
americans heal from
what the mainstream americans
have done to them uh you’re gonna help
indigenous americans or the mainstream
like what you are trying to say is what
i am trying to see
um so i’m going to help the the
mainstream americans
awaken to realize what they’ve done to
the previous people
and how we can resolve the conflict of
what they’ve done
because many of them are not awake
enough to see what they’ve done so i’m
going to work with both sides really i’m
going to wake up the
mainstream americans so they can realize
what they’ve done
and help resolve those wounds that’s
really what we’re here for to awaken
consciousness is to
open ourselves up to the resolution of
what we need to do now of what we’ve
done in the past and
how we heal those wounds and move
forward and help the people we’ve harmed
uh so is there indigenous
americans are still existing in u.s
oh absolutely yes so in the area i live
in minneapolis so what
what a lot of them are very sick they’re
not well
because uh we’ve stolen their vibration
of life you know
they can’t hunt on their lands because
we have houses here you know we’ve
what we’ve done is we’ve opened casinos
and given them
huge pieces you know monetary funds from
the casinos but that’s not really
helping them i mean it’s helping them
somewhat but you know
um some of the things they’re they’re
still so have deep wounds that money
isn’t gonna fix all of it you know they
need inner healing too
and so we’re gonna have to work together
with them but yes there’s
there’s native americans living all over
the place here and they’re not thriving
and they should be uh
how do uh how do i feel is this in this
way uh
uh never feel like i’m objecting you
what i am seeing is that
when you are getting connected with the
nature around you or the shakti or the
kundalini energy or the divine feminine
is getting awoken on you you feel like
you will be become the part of the
so it’s like uh you know this
uh socrates ayahuasca is the socrates
of the shamans which we take and it’s
it’s basically
uh transcendent uh you were on
ideas into something which is very uh
so deep and it’s help us to connect to
the nature so
i’m speaking from my own experience like
uh when i was taking ayahuasca this was
happened to me
it’s like it’s goes very so deep
and i feel a kind of ecstasy which is
uh beyond the uh limitations of the mind
or society or whatever
so do you really feel the indigenous
people’s need to be get
healed or the people so called uh
the city people or the uh
moral people or do do they need to get
how do you see everybody does everybody
because everybody’s suffering you know i
feel like we’re all on the planet
together for a reason
so everybody needs healing
wouldn’t you say okay
imagine somebody according to your idea
like somebody is healed and somebody is
not healed
uh what is the quality of the person who
is not healed what could be the quality
of the person who is
healed so the and
you know healing is really a journey you
know i i can’t say if anyone’s ever
really really really done right or you
wouldn’t be on this planet because if
you were healed in
in in that aspect you maybe wouldn’t
become human
but anyway um what what i’m
seeing right now is people judging and
people saying no it’s
this person’s fault and it’s this
person’s fault and it’s
not my responsibility to have empathy
the past i didn’t have anything to do
with it and
you know it’s it’s that that uh me and
blaming other people mentality you know
and like maybe if the indians native
americans would have get a job in an
office like me they wouldn’t be
doesn’t work like that you know it’s
it’s that kind of mentality like
because now we’ve got a dire situation
here in america and there’s not a lot of
people that have
a good security in all areas of their
everybody needs healing or or some sort
of inner work
on on some area at some point in their
lives that’s what we’re here for is to
so healing is really you know evolving
and we need to learn to all work
uh tell me a single quality of a person
who is healed
um more empathetic and more open to
seeing someone else’s path
even if it doesn’t directly align or
help your path
so seeing the values in other humans
even when they can’t benefit you
or possibly when they’re going against
something you’re saying
you can still take that as true for them
but not true for you
so for instance um
i feel i have a certain feeling that the
uh native americans has
this quality empathy
so would you rather say they are
already healed i’m
i mean i’m not wow i mean yeah um
they have some deeper spiritual values
living in the way the society is here
they can’t really uh as a i mean some of
them might be living the life that they
want in the spiritual way they want but
many of the native americans
currently are living in a place
of unhappiness and they’re they’re not
in alignment with
what their soul is telling them to do
because of the modern
man’s practices so um
yeah they have a deeper spiritual
um but maybe they can’t flourish in
society the way it’s set up right now
i mean many of them are on indian
suffering um from the wounds
because we stole their land we stole
their vibration of life we took their
land and built our cities on it
and they does this make sense
yeah well what i’m uh see the thing is
like um
uh probably today’s terrorist could be
tomorrow’s freedom fighter
if you see the uh time us the this way
there is nothing to be like feel sad
about that
we took the uh uh land of the
um the native americans or whatsoever
because time might be
uh time need to be in that way in that
particular point of time that could
be true you know
i agree i absolutely agree and
also i’m a corporate person also i write
programs and i write software’s and i
work with the startups and stuffs like
uh yeah and if we have uh
some kind of deep intuition
this is uh gonna help us to
overcome a lot of problems that come
the uh corporate world
which it comes across so
yes if we are taking the reality into
practicality or tactical
thing tactical sense if we are taking
the reality
uh your prana awokening techniques
or the things which you are trying to
put forth
uh in the scale of how much it is
going to help the person
it depends on the person and where
they’re at honestly truly when i worked
in the corporate environment i was a
wellness coach so i was talking to
people about
what they wanted to do to better their
lives i mean there are so many tools out
um it depends on the person and where
you’re at and what your awareness is
and how willing you are to work find a
practice that works for you
and put those things into place so ever
truly believe that everybody has choices
as to what practices or what way they
want to do it i see myself
as more of a a sharer of what
could happen to you if you develop a
modern spiritual practice that
many people that are in i would say
closer to my social group don’t practice
on a daily basis
so i’m like an encourager of finding a
spiritual path
creating that path that works for you
whatever that might be because there’s a
ton of different tools
and a ton of different teachers and a
ton of different ways to do it
but my message is basic basically find a
spiritual path
stick with it and keep working on it
that’s that’s what’s going to get you
through some some tough times
it’s what every religion says anyway is
find a path that works for you and you
know do your meditation your
purification and
um keep on your path and and build your
ideals and keep sticking with them
and keep digging into yourself because
the secrets are inside and
the answers are inside too
so can you describe any practice which
related to your uh what is the name of
the technique which you are using the
well what i’m my main one that i’m great
at that i like to teach people do
is the journaling so a daily journaling
where you can decipher the clues of your
and realize what that meant for you and
be able to pick your next steps from
what you’ve written
because i started keeping journals a
couple of years ago and sometimes i’ll
even intuitively just grab an old
notebook and
be like okay i want to find a page of
something i need to refer back to
to either give me strength today or help
me move forward or make me
realize how far i’ve come even when i’m
having a bad day and i’ll literally open
the notebook
and the message that i needed that i
wrote to myself in the past
is what i need to hear today so i’m
teaching people how to get their
thoughts and feelings out onto the paper
and be able to decipher the clues of
what that means so they can take the
directional steps to where they need to
um can you like you are using kind of
candles and uh
some kind of things like that in your
everyday life
um how do you see that like are you
offering it to
a secondary entity like uh
god or goddesses or some other kind of
or you are trying to offer it for your
own self or how do you see that
um well i love to use aromatherapy oil
so i am constantly diffusing
in my house um and i believe that
creates a healthier space for me
and it’s a big thing here using the
aromatherapy oils
um some people make it into a more
complicated thing i literally just go to
the store
sniff a couple bottles and i intuitively
pick which one i need next
and then i diffuse that for a week or
two use it in baths i mean there’s a lot
of power in these oils because these
oils have
the immune system of the plant and when
you combine
several of these practices you know
purifying your body
using the journaling using the oils or
the candles i mean i like candles too
when i do my
um journaling but i mean even from for
americans to turn off their artificial
in the evening and put on candlelight
many people don’t realize that that is
something that’s going to induce the
correct hormones inside your body
to help you sleep deeply and to have the
energy to come to you to heal and to
do your journaling and to open up your
awareness to see what you need to see
that you haven’t seen before
that’s why most religions use candles
you know we you don’t just have to use
them there you can use them in your own
and it’s simple you know i mean i see a
lot of online businesses making this
much more complicated and expensive than
it needs to be and
really you you can do a lot of this
yourself if you just
turn the tv off put the candles on clear
your energy
and give yourself some time to really
let these
new ideas and energy come to you
uh let’s go for the uber chat you want
say yeah great yeah
uh i’ll just share you the screen
you’ve done a lot of work and extensive
work with the chart and
part of me but i don’t know what it
means so um i’m
really looking forward to hearing your
assessment okay
so uh so you can
actually did you got a printout of uh
uh the chat which you have uh yes
uh yep i did i looked through all of it
and all the links
so basically the chat is like uh a
blueprint like uh
how the planets are actually um uh
revolving around us and how it is
helping us to
uh get liberated basically
in astrology what we see is that all the
or or all the things which is in our
is actually seeking for a liberation
from all the bondages and things like
that so basically
this is something it’s like a key which
is actually gonna help you to
uh um come out
i mean get liberated from the
whatever it is uh like to something else
so this is given
is kartika nachotra so this is the one
thing uh which we start with
so the kartika nachatra particularly
this uh uh
nakshatra is like it’s a group of stars
when you get birth
there will be ascendant will be in a
particular direction
in that particular area there will be a
group of stars and based on that group
of stars
your life quality will be decided
so ah this particular stars
are gonna talks about you uh i mean what
it is actually
how it is actually manifest in uh your
uh life we could actually see
so there is a tropical tree
like this is a tropical tree uh which is
actually um resonate the same frequency
your own soul like uh where we can see
in the indigenous peoples of
america that red indians they are more
about the nature
that they know to talk to the nature
they know
to connect to the nature directly so
this thing what it does is like it is
actually resonate the same frequency
of your own salt so what it does is like
if you go near to this particular tree
it can actually communicate with you
uh so this is how that particular tree
looks like and this is how the
stars will looks like on the sky uh
if you look at on the sky the particular
group of nachatra of your chart
uh will be like distributed like that on
the sky
so this is how the group stars looks
and this particular star
falls into
asuragana asuragana uh it’s a demonic
uh how does it manifest in your chart
is like you have a demonic nature
which is actually like manifesting
through you
like how does like it’s it’s not exactly
demonic like uh
in the way which christianity put into i
mean the right
uh single god religions like uh
they don’t believe that there are other
gods or they don’t
see i mean they only see there is only
one god
actually that is actually like it is
actually closing people’s mind into
and getting into a stigma you know so
all the religions which actually states
um there is only one god
those religions can’t understand what
this is
actually this is the uh
this quality manifest in your life in
the way that
you try to control things
yes this is actually uh
make problem troubles in your life
yes so this is how the astragana
manifest in
your life you know
yes i would completely agree oh maybe
and part of my path
part of my path is to learn how to let
of some of those things so i can receive
what i deserve
maybe probably you were into corporate
uh that time you
could be become like oh you were a boss
or what
uh no i was a wellness coach but i’m
also a mom of three kids and i’m
i’ve always been very um protective of
my children
and um what they’re exposed to
for their own you know for the good of
them and i’ve just been um
when i say control i’m just uh uh care
so much
about you know
making sure my children are safe and
that i have the things that i need and
that kind of control does that make
sense or
or um also having um i’ve also been very
drawn to a lot of
you know i have a lot of different
you know certificates or you know i’ve
been to college i was massage school as
a wellness coach so
um i’m very um drawn to
control through some intellectualism
always needing to be needing to be smart
needing to be intuitive needing to
know just a little bit more than the
people around me so i can
outsmart them if i need to
yeah basically uh the astrology
is a blueprint like what it says
is like you how to actually go for you
what you want in your life
you know that is the way to liberation
that is what
that’s i mean if you really strongly
work for your own life it’s actually
good for others also automatically
yes absolutely that’s what i’ve always
done i’ve always tried to do
the things that are good for me and the
people around me and and be a good role
you actually don’t have to care the
people around you like if you are doing
the best thing for your own self it’s
synergy there will be a synergetically
it is actually
suitable for the others around you you
yes you’re right
so reject nature so how does this
manifest is like
you will be like you you are happy to
put some little spice into your life
so that will actually create
ecstasy on you you know
yeah that’s right
huh so your buddha is
so you are a good mother
you can be a good mother because you are
like planet earth
you know she is a very good mother
planet earth is a
very good mother so uh planet
uh your buddha is earth so uh
this will actually um help you to be
become a very good mother
and i have three kids three kids and one
of them is almost
so um i am i am pulling back from my
mothering journey on that one i mean
you’re always a mother but
in america is is really the letting
go stage
so you have the shakti part like
in a uh in our body there is half men
and half woman
so the half woman uh is like the
shakti part on your body so these kind
of people
but they they they are creative people
they can
appreciate beauty they can resonate
beauty on their life
and they can bring the beauty to you
their life and they can be become
so this shakti part or the feminine
quality is more on you
like rather than that of the uh um
motherly nature also with the sakti
so yeah you’re a very
good woman like very much feminine
quality i mean
not a feminist what i’m trying to say
but yes i understand
yeah i get you
so you have a kabba nature uh so how
does it manifest in your life is like
the kaaba nature will actually uh
manifest make you to more sensitive to
cold so cold related uh diseases
uh could arise on your body and oh
what is that you are so right about that
sir you are
so i live in minnesota it’s a very very
cold climate and what did i do when i
turned i went straight to the bottom
of the country
to the most tropical place that i could
find and went to college there
do you see this
so you have a fire also inside deep
inside you can
uh you have a fire that could actually
burn things uh upside down so that is
uh one quality you can actually
burn everything uh happened in your life
and you can easily start something you
from the point where
everything is got burned you know
yes i do
so there is a kriya there is a
yoga which is associated with this
kartika nachadra
so this yoga this particular yoga
will actually help you to accelerate the
or the kundalini whatever you say this
will actually help you to
accelerate that thing and make that
process much more
deeper so that is something which help
you on
the kartika
wonderful i have spent many years doing
yoga but not this particular type so
video is there on this particular link
you can log in
to this website and you can see the
videos up there
and there is uh minutes of the yoga
that is yoga then there is kriya yoga
and kriya
is two different things like yoga helps
you to
evolve and kriya helps you to accelerate
so for instance uh there is a lot of
sexual energy like
kundalini energy is so much on us
so this thing has to be channelized
in a proper way otherwise it will
blast us so
that is energy so to work with
energy kriya is being used uh
to hold this energy in the body
body need to be into some certain shape
body need to be in some certain uh
feeling and some it has to be healthy
that is why yoga is there
so yoga and kriya has to be performed
like one another with along with that
you know
so this is the uh there is oh
so basically this is like uh there is
sexual type okay there are tall sexual
uh on uh according to our
uh chart there are a tall sexual type
from that uh your sexual type is like
mesha mesha mesha is like ram
okay so this is the sexual type you
are into so this is the uh um
this kind of things will actually uh i
mean this particular
uh act of sexuality help you to
get uh more intimacy with your
so this is uh with the kama sutra
thing that’s related to that
so this is all about your nakshatra so
now we are gonna to
look at on your chart
do you have any question about your
nakshatra in uh
this uh particular point
i just i don’t know enough about what
i’ve read to even ask you questions
that’s that’s why this is so wonderful
you know i mean you got an overall idea
how the nakshatra will manifest in your
life right
so in the first house you know have you
gone through
the thing like
the box this one you have the printout
of this particular chart with you
you have well
i don’t know what any of it means so
i’ve looked at it but but
we don’t teach the fundamentals of these
types of things that you’re saying so
i i’m american i don’t know what any of
this stuff means so i’m i’m opening up
what you’re telling me um nobody teaches
all these things
basically like i’m trying to um
i’m trying to reach out people at least
and try to see
how it’s resonate in their uh life and
to put it in a book format so that you
can see that there are so many peoples
are there already
in my book of in my diary of the
uh uh cost
for the release orderly for whatever
so there is so many peoples already so
those chapters we can go through and
listen through
and it could be like
a material for people to study you know
so that is the one thing so the the
first house
so if you look at on this particular
chart um
there are houses all the uh all these
houses one house is degree each
and this is the tall direction so
let us come to how it’s manifest into
life okay so there is another podcast
which i have done with the sheila where
we are trying to uh see the fundamental
uh similarities and differences
with the western astrology and eastern
astrology so this is eastern astrology
and there is something like western or
astrology also there so there is uh one
more podcast i can share with you that
so there is the first house there is
uh you can see there is um
mercury is staying on the first first
so how does it manifest in your life uh
i can blindly say that you
will be a very talkative person
yes so the mercury is the planet which
associated with the speech and that is
staying on the first house
uh so yeah of course
uh fast house is like yourself so
oh no oh yes you say all these
everything i say it all all the time yes
you’re right completely
do you see how that in the whole tiger
whatever whatever you called that do you
see how those two
might cause a little disruption on the
if you’ve got someone with that that
nature of the the
what was the picture of the tiger that
we just covered
oh yeah the uh demonic nature
yeah can you see how that mixed with the
could be used could be used with the
fire to
wake up consciousness can you see the
connection of all those three aspects
could work
really well together it will be like
so intense
yeah that’s right
see how that works together
i could see why some people might be
repelled from me in certain situations
intuitively like this lady is gonna tell
me something that i don’t wanna know
and i’ll be like hey i’m just such a
sweet nice feminine lady and they’re
like that’s not the vibes i’m getting
what are you talking about i’m an earth
mother i’m the mother of three children
how bad could it be
and they’re like my vibe saying stay
on the third earth there is rahu is
so rahu is the obsession okay the planet
which is associated with the
if that is your fundamental nature
which comes from
you are laughing now because you now
you’re seeing my chart and you’re like
oh my god this lady
what she was born into are you seeing it
now look how you’re laughing
are you seeing this now look at you look
at you now you look at my chart and
you’re like this
lady what’s she having her chart
it’s like you just opened your first
magazine when you were a little kid
what’s going on here
what did the guns do when they sent her
in here like this
no but you can’t stop no but
as you are a mother i mean the earth so
inside you will be soft you know
yeah but all these qualities are very
nice it will be like
very fun
i think i’m fun
come on so there is jupiter
that is staying on the eighth house
uh eighth house is the uh gandra house
rendra house which means that the uh
house of enemy so jupiter is the planet
of wisdom
you are laughing you are laughing in my
chart right now because you’re like oh
my god what do we have here
no i mean to say like um there is some
kind of
certain knowledge uh which could act
as an enemy for you
you know if you don’t invite it out it
could be uh
act as an enemy for you
interesting care to share any more
so we are gonna look at on your chat
much more
um moon
mars and kedu is staying on your ninth
house which is your
dharma house
like moon is associated with the mother
and mars and kedu mars is associated
your physical strength and war and stuff
like that
then kedu ketu is um kedu
is the planet of the you know mo in your
case it’s like
uh uh um occult understanding or the
occult thing is which is comes
across so this is staying on the ninth
so there could be a possibility
that your mother may not be liking
your uh
your intense um uh
feel toward the uh occult things and
stuff like that you want to
pursue oh yeah you’re right about that
that is something which i mean i mean
mother may not be liking it doesn’t mean
no no no no you got it right you got it
yeah as a being she’s not liking it uh
yeah it’s like it’s her mind mind is
always tricky because it may not be able
to see the reality
you’ve got that right don’t backtrack
you’ve got that completely right and
like you said earlier it’s not a bad
thing it’s just the way it is
yeah yeah i agree with you
so saturn is the lava
lava is the something which comes to
life i mean what you get out of this
all these things it’s hard work
like probably your dharma
which could be uh
made due to karma
once again
mercury is looking at on the karma so
so yeah you were talking to you made you
work much more harder in your life that
you could
been actually could be
you could have reduced it
yeah that would have been helpful
many times in my life sir yes
saying less would have been more many
many times in my life
i agree with you
but my corporate job that’s what i did
all day long for eight hours is talked
and i never got
sick of it ever i loved every minute of
every minute of it so there’s the good
and the sun and venus is staying on the
th house
is your father is alive
foreign your father he’s alive yeah
uh so son and venus is staying on the
twelfth house uh which means that uh
your father could help you uh to
i mean your father could be your helpful
shoulder for you like
you don’t say
what that’s interesting that’s
how was the relationship with your
uh oh no no no no this talkative lady is
coming to me
some new some new discoveries have come
to light
let’s say in and the way he’s helped me
maybe not the way we all
think of help but i get what you’re
high energy planet in your chart which
means that you are
so obsessive and so
transcendental to you also
yeah you got that right
so that is because the rahu and ketu is
very strong on your uh
chart so there is two dudrachas
which is uh eight face and nine faced
rudra chas which is for the rahu and
so this will accelerate this particular
of your chart uh which comes with the
sacred geometry
which goes along with these two that
could help you to be
become accelerate these two quality on
your life and it will
actually give you uh i mean the um
come out from the come to the release uh
much more faster you know
or what we call uh it’s like moksha
is this uh related to why i
manifest so easily and quickly or is
that something else
like what you’re asking this energy this
high energy is that something related to
how i can
manifest so well or or is that not
related this is how you
manifest like raku and ketu
so together like occult understanding
obsession you know so
makes sense
what are you laughing at
why are you laughing because you’re
seeing this
chart with basically holes burned
through it going how is this lady
functioning on a daily basis
with this chart set up is that what
you’re thinking
no no no no i’m in the it’s like it’s
you know like i was just imagining you
are into your own life like you are
like this looks like really funny well
well well i right now one of my favorite
is um pretty much witty sarcastic
comments on facebook to try to wake
people up
so or facebook or whatever social media
i’m on
um and so like i just love to find the
comment or compliment to a thread that
someone else has
started or you know i just like to wake
people up with witty
like um strong opinionated
and like truthful type content i’m not
going to be the one that’s like
if there’s something really funny or
really interesting going on
around consciousness or or
current events i’m not going to be the
one that’s going to go uh-huh
that’s not going to be what i say i’m
going to find something witty
strong something that’s going to wake
people up
and make people laugh that’s what i’m
going to say
can you imagine with a chart like this
being my my children
look at you can you imagine being like
girl with a chart like this
i’m talking that’s why i was laughing
from the beginning you know
like really funny
and then maybe someday you’ll read my
book and you’ll just laugh the whole way
it because you can you can see my stars
underneath there
so it’s like .
so by the age of um
you came into that rahu that is where
you are
yeah when what when do you see that
when do you say that yourself you could
awoken like
well um so
by i started manifesting so i was
from a lower um
a lower middle class family and nobody
had been to college
but somewhere through this energy that’s
in my chart i decided that i was going
to go to college
across the country and i manifested the
entire trip
and i was already down in school before
my th birthday
so from the age of
there is a rahu comes into uh your chart
so it is like from the age of it will
be like
it’s what it will be like um obsession
obsession comes into your
life and in which area it actually
exactly manifests i’m just
gonna so so that are you asking me what
happened in my life at
after uh oh yeah you’re just telling me
you’re uh you’re you started to manifest
your own self from the age of
completely and it was like
very obsessive yeah so when i was i
was down in college
um and i didn’t you know i didn’t have
my family never had anyone in college
before so it was pretty much me
getting myself all the way through four
years of college
um and then and i’m very sensitive too
so i had some physical problems
and then i went straight into massage
then i went straight into a job at walt
disney world being a massage therapist
so i did all that within about six years
massage school uh yeah
all by myself and i was only what
when i was done with that .
what do you typically see when people
come into their true self is that really
usually an older age or what
what do you usually see like for some
people it happens very young age
uh some people’s awakening happens some
people get birthed with the
enlightenment like you know yeah that is
true we have um
we have a little boy in minneapolis that
i don’t know what they classify him but
he moved
he he started his uh i think training
to be a monk and was uh left his parents
and moved across the world and he
used to live right in this area the town
over from me
uh where in the u.s uh minneapolis
so what is this app plus i don’t know
what it is
what is what what what is minneapolis
it’s uh minnesota we border canada we um
what else would you know minnesota from
it’s cold it’s
it’s north of illinois where chicago is
it’s like the second
most prominent midwest city after
okay so can i ask you like
you started writing uh reading and
probably could be started after the age
of or
yeah that’s right around the time when i
started writing the book
uh so that is where the jupiter starts
it’s a
it’s a planet of uh wisdom
so the thing is like if you don’t look
it into clearly it could act against you
because it’s
the stands on the enemy house and
probably uh or you could have
broken up your relationship or something
like that
oh yeah um yeah so i got a divorce
yeah um i got a divorce
uh because i was with my twin flame and
i was the empath and he was the
narcissist and we got a divorce and then
i wrote the book after that yes
that’s what happened that is something
yeah that’s right around the time that
that that all started to happen
i’m now so all that’s done
yeah no i was just going through your
i mean what i am seeing i i mean
and i’m just reflecting to you that that
that’s exactly i’m basically what you’re
telling me i’m like yes and this is how
it manifested
and this is what happened yeah
yeah this is basically almost uh
about your chart um
i mean do you want to ask anything or
say something or do you have any
on this reading apart from laughing
uh i don’t know do you have any more
reflections on a person
what your interpretation of a person
with a chart like this is
uh one thing is like i will
just go through uber nachotra
so one thing uh you can practice the
yoga of your nachitra so what happens it
actually help you to um
you know to clear all these bondages
comes in your chart like
generally wisdom helps people to go in
their path
but in your case the wisdom comes
is like it’s what’s working against you
so it’s like you just need to
watch on what is that happening on that
particular area
i mean to say it’s like i mean that is
the probability
but i’m not trying to scare you or
anything i’m just
trying to tell you like i mean
yeah um and i also think that
possibly that um
so i had gifts that i had to close when
i was younger
because i was not in an environment that
i could use the gifts or that they would
be appreciated and they were hurting me
and i was very hesitant to wake them
up because of society
and pain in my wounds and a lot of
different reasons i’m
kind of thinking that that maybe that’s
what you’re talking about because i have
this deep intuitive
wisdom and all these gifts inside of me
but i refused to open them
for many reasons which i think were pain
and i’d have to open up my wounds and i
have to resolve all my wounds and then
i’m going to be the the gifts that those
opening um
there’s a lot of people that aren’t
ready to see that and it’s hard to live
in a world when you
i mean it’s hard to live in a world when
you’re really really intuitive and you
can see everything that’s going on
and nobody else sees it i think that is
huge problem for me yeah yeah and that
that is makes
that makes it difficult for me to even
walk out in the world because i can
see clues and see things on other levels
and people are like
what are you talking about and i’m like
you don’t say they hired someone else at
your job and they have the same job
description as you and you don’t think
that that means that you’re not going to
be working there anymore
like just stuff that’s stuff like that
where i’m like okay i won’t actually
tell you that you’re not going to be
we’re working there anymore and you’re
hiring you’re training in your
replacement but
that’s stuff like that
so that is something you have to look at
on there
in that particular area and also the
yoga will
uh the yoga which is actually uh to be
with the
uh ghost along with your nakshatra which
actually helps you to be
uh to make your body to fit into that
particular energy
that your body is carrying also that
kriya can help you to accelerate
that energy uh on you if you have any
problems regarding in that
thing you can actually text me you know
how to do the yoga and things like that
great well this was enlightening and
and it’s um you know i’ve been to many
people who have read my energy in
different ways but i’ve never had
someone more traditional like you
with um using the indian principles to
so i have a somewhat of an understanding
of my chart and how these things have
manifested in my life but seeing it from
your perspective
is much more in depth than anything that
i’ve i’ve had before
and um like i said i i live in a place
with a lot of
indians and i think that any kinds of
types of things are good for people to
not all the things in someone’s chart
are what society thinks
are positive right but we need to learn
we need to find a way to make them a
positive aspect of our
journey in this particular incarnation
that we’re in
if we can understand our chart correctly
if we are reading it uh very properly
actually we could use those things in
our daily life
like and ultimately we can make our life
much more easier also also to get the
liberation also the final moksha or the
final release
or the final ecstasy or the final
whatever whatsoever
you know totally yeah i completely agree
and that is why i’m in the same
type of uh field of business that i’m in
is this is what people need more than
anything else even if they
think they need some material thing if
we we’re both in the same business of
encouraging people to look into their
selves to find those gifts that they’re
meant to bring into them yeah this is a
better business also you know because
there are people can sell many many
things like they
can sell drugs you know
the drug selling of the drugs also is
fine but
if it is harming the other person like
hatred all those things are bad business
why people’s asked to do that thing
let us celebrate the business of love no
well we live we live in a life of
polarity and we’re upon the great
awakening here so those of the people
that were doing those kind of behaviors
i mean they came here for an ex
this is part of what i like to share is
they came here for that experience
and maybe it is in their path to realize
that that is not helping humanity and
not helping themselves out
and to find their way onto a higher path
is what i’d like to say all of us slight
worker type people
are doing
you want to tell to people who are
listening to this podcast
something i just want to say
reiterate what we’ve been saying is dig
into yourself look into your
path look into your chart you know look
into your behaviors or
you even look at into any of the
challenges you’ve had in your life
and find a way to find the silver lining
in that you know
um pain is sacred any experience
on earth is is a sacred experience so if
you’re finding the lesson from that and
that is part of the human experience and
that is not what the mainstream american
culture tells people
they don’t they don’t really teach you
how to find the silver lining in a
difficult situation
and that’s what more of us need to do uh
would you like to
pitch yourself to people who are
listening to this podcast
yes i i have a website called and right now on
facebook i have a community called
the angel wears prana intentional
community where i teach people about
these concepts
i help wake people up from some of the
behaviors and situations that they’re in
in their current life
and how they can start taking steps to
get out of those situations
if they’re ready to leave them and
change themselves change their vibration
basically raise your vibe i everything i
teach in
in my um group is how to raise your vibe
and what you need to do
and then we create a group environment
where you know whenever
whenever anyone is confronting their ego
it can be painful and it’s good to have
a group around because
those of us that have confronted those
fears within us
we can sit here and laugh you know about
some of the challenging things because
we’ve confronted those pieces of the ego
that was ready to die
and you know little things that
embarrass other people now you and i can
just laugh at them going
well that was a learning lesson and we
move forward and now we can just laugh
at it and be
thankful that we rose above it so um
you know i want to use my spiritual
power to
teach other people to empower themselves
and like you said um
not all of this is an easy journey
there’s a lot of people on the planet
right now
having very difficult journeys paying
back karma from other lifetimes
and it hurts you know i can laugh at it
now but
i was crying earlier
i have not had an easy path i will tell
you that
but it’s okay because you can grow from
thank you for listening to my podcast
you could connect with me in iran’s
yoga.ion where you could
see my contact details including my
phone number
my whatsapp and email id
stay tuned for more exciting episodes

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