Astrology Of East And West: Episode No. 3 (Fundamental Differences And Similarities)

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This is the third episode in the Astrology Of East And West Series. 

In this episode, we explore the fundamental differences and similarities between the astrology of the East and West, including the shapes of charts, size of the houses, the meaning of each house and planets, and the differences of the positions of the planets in each system. 

To illustrate this much more deeply, we decided we will analyze Donald Trump’s chart soon. So, stay tuned for that. Let’s begin our podcast series Astrology Of East And West Episode No. 3: The Fundamental Differences And Similarities.

Below is a written transcript of the podcast:

this is arun from
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hi this is the third episode of the
of eastern west series in at this
episode we are digging deep into the
fundamental differences and similarities
the astrology of east and west
which includes shape of chart size of
the houses
meaning of each houses and planets and
the differences
of the positions of the planets in each
however to show it much more deeply
we are decided to analyze donald trump’s
chart zone
so stay tuned for that and let’s begin
our podcast series
astrology of istanbul’s episode number
the fundamental differences and
so hi all um i think you could have gone
uh our previous podcast on vedic
reading series and the astrology of the
and we are trying to see where uh these
particular science is uh developed
on two uh notes of our planet
like one and there is vedic reading and
another and
there is a western reading and
in this particular podcast and we are
trying to see whether
these two are gonna meet any point or
is it uh is it something which we could
adopt to our own daily life in order to
improve our life for whatsoever so uh
the exciting thing about this particular
podcast is
that we are gonna look at on the donald
chart using both sciences
and try to see what what the
birth secret of donald trump
which is being written uh
with the uh existential sciences
of uh esoterism
so yeah let’s begin uh
so uh shilla let’s
let’s see uh um what is this both
things are actually about like for
uh there is houses in
vedic astrology so each house
stands for one one particular thing uh
like could you explain like what is this
houses each house stands for in western
a bit okay in western astrology
the first house stands for
personal details about the
individual who’s having the horoscope
and values so what are their ethics
and how do they use money the third
is uh communication
how they communicate but it’s also about
um thought visits
around their local area and it’s also
about brothers and sisters and it’s also
learning but it’s usually short learning
not long learning
number four is about home
so usually the astrologer can say a
little bit about the home of the person
so i’ll give you an example somebody has
the fourth house in pisces for example
and they have neptune in the fourth
the the planet neptune
is associated or ruled by pisces
so it means that you have a double
whammy of pisces
in the fourth house and the fourth house
is home
so quite often people who have neptune
in the fourth house
dream about living in a completely
different place they quite often want to
go to australia which is far away from
or they want to go to india to live or
somewhere like that they dream
of doing that and sometimes they have a
second home
in that place but they quite often end
living in a completely different
continent to the one that they were born
so as an astrologer i can say to
oh have you thought about living abroad
but a long long way away in another
of the time they’ll say yes
so that’s a little bit more information
then we come to the fifth house
the fifth house is children and love
how they approach their personal life in
terms of uh love rather than
marriage distinct difference
but also it’s about creativity so if
somebody has a lot of planets
in the fifth house then you can be sure
that they’re a very creative person
and then depending on which the planets
are then you can give a bit more
bit more detail about their creativity
number six is health and work
so the way that one works
for example because that you know i’m
trying to give you years
of information in minutes
um the sixth house is uh
for example if you had a transit that
where the planets are today rather than
the natal
time of birth where the planets were so
there’s two things the astrologer in
western astrology does is we look at
where the planets were when the person
was born
and then we look at where the planets
are now in relation
to their chart so for example if
somebody has
saturn going through their sixth house
number six being health and work
they might be having some minor health
it doesn’t mean to say they’re going to
die but it means that they probably are
concerned with their health and they’re
having to have tests and things like
but also they’re probably working very
hard as well
because saturn is all about ruling and
responsibility and rule yeah rules and
go and
living by the rules and strangely enough
also with the sixth house
uh especially if saturn is there you
have problems with your teeth
so that’s number six
number seven is the house of marriage
and relationships
generally so an example with that one
would be
um somebody has let me see
uh the seventh house could be in
but also uh venus could be placed
in capricorn in a very middle part of
seventh house so venus shows that that
person is probably quite lucky in love
because of the position of venus but at
the same time because it’s in capricorn
it would mean that the person expects
rules and certain rigid ideas
about relationships and that they take
relationships seriously
because it’s capricorn so when the
astrologer looks at the houses they look
at the house
and the meaning of it but they also look
at what planets are in there
and they also think about the sign that
it’s in
so number eight is about deep
mysteries uh it’s often
that we call it the the house of
because sometimes if people have a few
in the eighth house they’ve had some
psychological issues
it doesn’t mean to say that they have
mental health problems
but it often means that they have
on some level and it’s affected their
emotions and their mental states
uh you can also see in the eighth house
things like
uh if the parents represented by the sun
and moon appear in the eighth house then
quite often you have absent parents so
it could be a father who died when they
were young if the son is in the eighth
but it could also be a father who left
when they were young
or it could be a father who is present
in the room and yet he’s always reading
the newspaper and he never speaks to
so all and also people who have fathers
in the military
often have the son in the eighth house
obviously if your father is in the army
or the air force he’ll be gone away
quite a lot of the time so all of those
things apply the eighth house
is always about the deep things you know
the things that affect us and hurt us
the ninth house is um one of my
favorites because
uh it’s opposite the third house
and the third house was all about
communication and travel but
local travel and small short courses of
the ninth house is about
long-term learning and
like doing a degree doing further
education stuff like that
and also it’s about um
travel but it’s usually long distance
so for example the planet that matches
the ninth house
is jupiter so if somebody has jupiter in
the house
it it lives in that’s a good thing
you can immediately say as an astrologer
old so do you like traveling abroad a
and and also you’ve done a lot of
long-term study and you love it you
enjoy it
so if you’re not traveling in your body
to another country
another continent you are definitely
traveling in your mind all the time
so that’s number nine number
is um it’s like a mid point of the
horoscope so it means
career how you present yourself to the
how people see you and
their perception of you and it’s also
about your i’m trying to think of the
um your status in the world
something that we might look for
is if there’s a transit if the planets
currently at this moment moving through
the tenth house
if they’re moving in a middle point
quite often the person’s
life collapses they they just
their old life is disappearing and the
new life is coming in
and quite often their parents pass away
they might become a grandparent so when
it happened to me
let me see i had two big operations
you know important ones where i could
have died but i didn’t
um i also became a grandmother
four times in four years uh
my mother died and i moved to a
different house
uh and i from in a different place and
i also learned how to sail a boat
which was a completely different thing
from anything else i’d ever done
so that’s what happens when these big
changes take place in people’s lives in
the th house
particularly um
so that’s number . number is about
friendships and groups
so if somebody has a lot of planets in
you can safely say that they love being
with other people
they love joining things and they’re
very involved with other people
um and also
if we come back to saturn again because
it’s so difficult to talk about the
combination of all of this because it
would take hours
but an example would be saturn which
order rules discipline
uh towing the line obeying
what what you need to do and hard work
and dedication if you have that in the
th house
then you’re quite often the leader of
your friends
and you’re quite often somebody at
school who gets to be the monitor or the
prefect or whatever you call it in india
i don’t know what you call it
but you know the child who leads the
other children
so that’s that one and number is
that’s an interesting one because it’s
similar to the eighth
house the eighth house is deep hidden
psychological stuff
and number is the hidden self
so it’s about the unconscious mind
and it’s about um
it’s a bit solitary it’s about
going within rather than looking
outwards so it’s very different to
number .
number is all about people you meet
connections you make
number is all about the connection
you make with yourself
in a solitary way so that’s the .
i don’t know if you want me to tell you
anything more has that given you a rough
idea no
no no let me uh tell you what is this in
uh vedic astrology like yeah oh yes
so it’s like a first house is like it’s
a sanskrit word what we say it’s like
tanu tano is like self self
you know the body and whatever you are
that is the
first house which is talking about and
second house which is uh dhana
dhana means uh um you know uh
uh you are well
materialistic oh
same thing they’re both the same yeah
uh then the uh third house
which is sahaja yoga like uh
the qualities you have
like um for instance you are good in it
like uh by birth peoples will get
some certain qualities by birth
yes we could analyze uh some people so
that is basically the saga baba talks
also it’s talks about the siblings
like your brother or something like that
that’s exactly the same yeah
and uh isn’t that interesting hang on a
minute i just have to put my heater on
because it’s cold here
i think it’s zero degrees today it’s
been snowing
okay um
where will be we were in uh
fourth house right number we did number
three we’re on number four i think
yeah so the number fourth house is talks
uh the sanskrit word which stands for
the fourth house is uh
bendu uh bendu means you are relatives
relatives relatives relations
relatives relatives like your
um uh relatives your father
mother and uh yeah relatives
yes relatives
actually i left that bit out because i
said it’s the home where you live
but it will also represent your father
or your mother
your family not just father and mother
like distant relatives also include
like family so it’s like
home yeah but not the physical home
like the place you are into um
the fifth house which speaks about
kids putra the sanskrit name which
stands for there is
putra the kids of springs
yes so the same again
uh then the sixth house which is
sanskrit word which stands there is id
which is enemy
it probably a physical person or your
qualities which
works against you if you have some
certain qualities also
like it could be work against you
for example the cleopatra you know
she was so beautiful and amazing uh
because of that reason she was able to
she tried to conquer the world
and because of the beauty she got killed
so it is like qualities also
also the things from outside also so if
we are
aware of the qualities which could work
us then we can actually do something
about that
you know
that is the uh sixth house then the
seventh house
can i just tell you it’s interesting
you’re saying number six i would say
which is opposite number six i would say
hidden enemies in number . so there’s
a lot of similarities yeah
and the uh seventh house which stands
relationship yeah like um oh
same thing yeah seven thousands
and eighth house which is rendra
dhandra means the whole on you like
even uh if you have a lot of wealth also
like a what a port is filled with the
water uh if it has a hole in it
the entire water will go out from the
particular port
so the eighth house which is actually
uh talks about the holes on
your being what is that taking out your
quality that is what eighth house
represents uh
and the ninth house yeah as you have
is like uh it’s karma house like how
people identify people uh they don’t
identify them with what the other
is thinking about himself the other
person will
make an identification about you uh
by looking at on what you are giving out
like if you like if you give a lot of
charity work people will identify you as
a philanthropist
because you are charity and you are
doing lot of charity but may not be true
inside you may be something else but
the way which people can identify is
what you give out from you that is how
people can identify you
so this is the uh the ninth house
which actually um uh the tenth house
which actually stands for
karma so karma is the
duty or the things which you perform for
being your existence
so that is the th house then the
th house that is lava
lava is like what you gain out of all
these things
that is the th house which stands for
it’s lava the sanskrit word and the th
which is for moksha the
ultimate liberation that is how we see
like how the liberation
excuse me my phone was ringing i closed
it off can you
can you turn your volume up a little bit
because it’s difficult to hear you
uh can you hear me now that’s better
yeah uh
so the basically the th house which uh
stands for the
um moksha moksha is the
uh course of liberation so that is how
we see the
uh twelfth house it’s liberation the
yeah now you see that’s so interesting
the first half you know the first six
or even the first seven houses are
almost exactly the same
and then it changes it’s a it’s slightly
that’s very interesting
yeah so uh one thing is like
um uh sorry
one thing uh that all the houses in this
particular system is degree
each there is no difference like
that you come here each
house is degrees
that’s right same hair each house is
yes okay
don’t have degrees in a circle
times .
so i have seen this some chart there are
uh houses uh less than that of
more than that of . uh what does
that mean
well it’s a different system it’s the
system that i use it’s called placidus
and placidus works really well for me so
i just use it
but some people use equal house which is

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. so
in my chart in western astrology
my th house and my sixth house
are much much bigger than all the other
houses because it’s an unequal
um so um i’m just trying to think
aquarius it’s probably about
degrees each of those houses
so it means that for what they represent
there’s more time in my life spent
on those areas so
i spend a lot of time alone
because the th house is so big the
alone house the solitary house
and the sixth house is work and i’ve
spent a lot of time working
and also it’s health and i’ve spent a
lot of time in the hospital
so i was in hospital when i was a baby
five months i was really sick and they
didn’t know what was wrong with me they
just sent me home
said oh she’s okay now so it’s all
um yeah so that’s the answer i hope that
answered the question for you that
placidus is a slightly different way of
doing it
and placidus works for me i don’t like
equal house
it seems much more individual to me to
do the placidus method
and have the unequal houses
uh and one more thing uh we
we start with the um i mean in the uh
vedic astrology wherever the ascendant
that will be the first house uh yes how
does it the
same same thing the same thing
yeah all right
and then we have another line we have
the ascendant and the descendant
and then we have a top line and a bottom
line going through the middle
this way uh diagonal
and that’s called the mc
and that means the point of your
and your home so we have the two lines
going through
well um now um
do you do you have a volume control on
your computer because usually i can hear
you really well
and today i’m having trouble hearing you
like what about now
a little bit better no it’s fine
that’s better thank you yeah yeah
fine right
um so now let’s uh move to um
planets okay uh
yeah so how many planets are there
on the system which you are using uh one
two three four
five six seven eight nine ten
uh we have ten planets we also have the
north and south node
and we also also have parts of fortune
and the ascendant and the mid heaven
so there’s one two three four five six
eight nine ten planets
one two three four five six seven eight
ten planets yeah temple and it’s the
ascendant the mid heaven
in addition so that’s points
shall we say and then the north node
and the part of fortune .
oh and we look at kyron sometimes makes
it but
i don’t have such a big emphasis chiron
it’s another planet it’s a it’s a lesser
so why did i i went through
what is the lesser plan lesser planets
means what chiron
chiron c-h-i-r-o-n
okay um it’s further away
but um a lot of people i went through a
phase of about two years
where i had an ephemeris of all the
planetary positions for chiron
just kyron and i used to talk about that
with people and it worked but
usually i don’t use it very much
because it’s too much for people this i
give so much information
that in the end i have to cut it down
you know
i’d be on the phone all day just doing
chart you know
so so basically um
we have a nine planet uh which i mean
uh in eastern astrology uh there is
nine planets and the north node and
south node which is actually
taken as a planet in eastern astrology
that is known as rahu and ketu
uh north node and south oh yes and uh
all the planets revolve in a clockwise
and rahu and ketu revolve in the
anticlockwise direction
all right and there are another two more
that generally didn’t taken
in uh most of the people’s day don’t
take that into consideration because uh
um it will be mo so much of information
which will actually take a lot of time
to calculations and stuffs like that
so that same here that is called the
and gulligan so this is basically
uh the planet that gives screws around
past birth what was you in your past
what karma which bounds you in this
particular birth
things like that uh this particular two
planets is talks about
uh so totally it is like planet
so let’s have a look at on here what is
this each planet
is saying can you yeah shall i check if
they are in western astrology
yeah yeah shall i tell you mine yeah
so just okay like just very cute like
what is that keywords like they’re very
uh we don’t need uh so much number
because we are going for the
uh his uh chat also
yeah okay so you’ve got the sun
that represents the father the moon
which represents the mother and
matters mercury
which represents communication venus
the planet of love mars the planet of
jupiter planet of learning and expansion
saturn the planet of restriction and
conforming uranus the planet of the
quirky unusual sudden unexpected
neptune the spiritual and the
esoteric and the drug
fueled world
uh pluto the planet of transformation
north node and south node i guess
i think that’s a soul’s purpose
but very important if i’m comparing two
charts in a relationship
because sometimes the north node of one
person is opposite the ascendant of the
other person
or the south node is oppositely
ascendant and that that could be a very
significant relationship
um and kyron is the wounded healer
so chiron often shows
where the person might be good at
healing others
or where their pain is
associated oh and part of fortune
is another one but it’s i don’t think
it’s a planet
part of fortune is calculated by the
distance between two other planets
so part of fortune is is literally where
your fortune lies
um but it means well-being as well as
it’s not just money
you know what’s going to give you the
feel good factor really
so for example my part of fortune
is in virgo uh so
i i spend a lot of time clearing out
i really enjoy it and then my friends
i’ve never known anybody get rid of so
many things and yet i’ve still got
loads of things but i’m always saying i
don’t need that i don’t need that don’t
read that
um and also some people say if you have
part of fortune in virgo you then maybe
you were a nurse
or a doctor in a previous life because
virgo is very much about
medical things
so i hope that gives you a quick idea
so these uh planets are not there like
uranus neptune pluto
cairo and those planets are not there
and also um you know the path of fortune
concept is not there
um so the planets which is speak support
let us go through the sun
sun is like uh self the body and the
father also
it’s also speak about it that’s the same
yeah because it’s also ego
yeah ego self is yeah and the
um moon which uh uh moon is like
feminine quality feminine aspect and
it’s a
divine feminine like goddess is the uh
nature and the astrology comes from the
so moon has very much importance in
vedic astrology and it’s also stands for
um so that is the moon and
that’s exactly the same
and i mean the moon has very much
importance uh in
vedic astrology is because
divine feminine is the existence
in india uh the tantrics i mean the
of hinduism or the esoterism of the
uh buddhism like salt tandras
uh so we they understood it as
a feminine so the
moon has very much importance in the
chart um
and then the mars
so mars stands for the strength physical
strength your body
oh sorry the sound is going again
mars hello
turn it up i will put it to full volume
i think
because you keep disappearing
okay let’s see is that from your end
no have you got it on
the top volume
can you try to increase your volume is
it full
oh no it’s getting worse now um
so the planet mars which is actually um
about the uh strength physical strength
how the bodies looks like and stuff
like that that has been actually uh
speaking with the
planet mars and the mercury the planet
speaks about i mean what you speak
like uh we say it’s like a goddess of
uh sarsothe is the goddess she is
associated with the
uh wisdom and things like that uh so if
mercury is improperly positioned which
means that
saraswati is in your tongue which means
that you will speak the things
which will actually please the other so
that will
make your life much more easier you know
so yeah we speak better for others it’s
it’s like it will actually make the life
much more easier like
yeah then the jupiter jupiter is the
that uh um uh that is actually
wisdom knowledge you know it’s it’s not
just knowledge
it’s about wisdom how wise you are
like uh the knowledge will be get
processed as
wisdom so the jupiter uh
talk about the wisdom then the
uh venus this is the very important
uh because this will give it
this is mostly talks about love pleasure
drugs and things like that you know
then saturn saturn is the bad planet
generally considered as the bad planet
because it will make the life
tough at that particular point of time
when the saturn is strong
uh the life will be get tougher
uh irafu i mean the north node
which is uh that particular planet one
moment sorry
so basically a saturn
when you talk like that i can hear you
okay so you’re talking you were like oh
so this
and then i could hear so keep talking
like that
because otherwise i can’t hear you okay
that’s it so the saturn saturn is the
planet which is
actually uh like it’s associated with
the hard work and
it’s like it’s generally considered as a
bad planet
because uh whenever you are under the
influence of the saturn
usually peoples will go through a lot of
generally in their life so this is what
saturn brings out
um so people are regenerating
we say it’s the malefic planet
but that to us in western astrology
that’s an old idea
a traditional idea and then we’ve
developed that idea
into something a bit more positive
uh yeah i also have a feel like because
it will actually
under the influence of saturn you will
uh develop it by yourself you know
yeah you will likely get growth
exactly but it’s hard yeah it’s not an
yet time yeah
then the rahu is the planet which is
which is mostly about the obsession
about the obsession you have obsolete
what does that mean i mean such an
obsession oh no sorry
obsession um yeah it means i’m obsessed
yeah obsessed yeah it’s not yet
so that’s interesting because i have the
north node in pisces
so i must be obsessed with god
i am actually
no i’m indeed differ i mean the in the
chat the position of the uh rahu may not
on the pisces it will be
it will be like one
uh maybe there is because there is
degree differences there
in the planetary position that we could
see in
other chart actually then the ketu ketu
is the south node speak
up again okay sorry south node
yeah so this oh yes and this is about
this satisfaction
oh okay how much dis
satisfied you are it was been revealed
by the uh
so these are all about the uh planets
and houses
uh apart from that there are some four
or five concepts
like the sas
planetary transition transition of the
planets are there in
western astrology as well right
planetary transit uh then we have a
concept called
desha navamsham then bhavan chat
uh ashtavargam on the top of that remedy
has also been given
certain mantras has been given
uh certain rituals has been given uh
all those things so
yeah so now let’s go for the uh trump’s
i mean yeah you want to do you want to
stop and then start again for trump
so you have two different recordings
um no yeah yeah
let’s stop and then start again yeah
thank you for listening to my podcast
you could connect with me in irons
yoga.ion where you could
see my contact details including my
phone number
my whatsapp and email id stay tuned for
more exciting

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