Welcome to the Astrology of east and west Episode No-4(Donald Trump)

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This is the fourth episode of the Astrology of east and West Series. In at this particular podcast we are digging into the chart of 45 th American president Donald trump. Along with Amadai.

Welcome to the Astrology of east and west Episode No-4(Donald Trump)

Below Is the Non verbal transcript Of the same.

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hi all this is the fourth episode
of the astrology of eastern verse series
in at this particular podcast we are
digging deep into the chat of th
american president donald trump along
our favorite sheila so welcome to the
astrology of
eastern west episode number four donald
hi all uh today’s particular podcast is
a quite interesting one
like in this particular podcast we are
trying to analyze uh donald trump’s
both in eastern and western way and
yeah here sheila with us uh
ladies first okay
well donald trump is not going to be
president of the united states
from today so it’s a good day to be
talking about him
um and i feel that now i’ve done donald
trump’s horoscope
i really understand him as a human being
and i want to start with the th
house in his chart there are houses
or sections
because it’s the th house that really
causes him the problems
because actually the rest of his child
is absolutely
brilliant and he’s a very
unusual uh innovative
interesting guy and um
we haven’t seen the last of him so
the first thing i want to say is in in
the th house
he has mars in leo
well of course he has a leo ascendant as
well so
he has a lot of hair and he looks he’s
got a bit of a mane on his head
so that’s quite interesting but mars
represents his masculinity
and because it’s in the th house it
represents a kind of aggression
and unfortunately for him it’s the only
that holds him back because some people
find him too much and he
he forges ahead he’s very much all right
let’s get it done let’s get it done
and then other times he does not
engage when really he needs to engage
and it’s the it’s the real difficulty
that he has
and it’s such a pity because this is a
great man
there’s no doubt about it very unusual
man and um
so that’s him yeah that’s that i think
that’s what the problem is with him
but um i can’t say
that he would be my favorite person
but his chart and my chart go very well
so i guess if i met him we’d get on well
he’d like me and that’s because um
his son and his moon are right in the
central part of my chart so um
but i think that um he
i feel very angry for his sake
um that he’s been treated so badly by
the media the world’s media
because actually he is a phenomenally
good man and he loves his country
and the reason why i say that is not
only because he says it
but because he has the mid heaven in
taurus and
henry viii has a very similar chart in
that respect
and not everybody liked king henry viii
of england
um he had six wives and he killed some
of them
but we don’t forget him so uh and also
henry viii
loved england as donald trump loves
so um shall i just stop now and then
aaron can talk about that
and then i’ll move on to the next bit
yeah um
see the thing is like what i can see
according to
vedic reading the in the th house
there is venus and saturn which is
so it’s this th house is actually it’s
uh moksha or mukti or uh
more uh in english word
it is like liberation so the guy
he who seek his liberation
through the energies of venus
and saturn so what does it mean how does
manifest is in this way uh saturn
the planet which stands for uh hard work
and uh he could be
he is a very good hard worker i believe
uh and the venus also is staying
on the th house which means that
he has a profound interest
on the uh
the beauty aspect of the life or the uh
he could be a party animal that’s what i
can say
from this time
so this is in the th house and uh
and i’m not so clear about what did you
said like
th house is also in conjunction with
leo what does it mean because leo is his
uh in vedic chart how do we treat it uh
ascendant is the first house so
what now what is that like
well he has mars on the other side of
the ascendant
in western astrology and that’s not a
placement for mars and it also
him as a man so uh
it means what i’m asking is that
like uh um is there two houses in single
is that what you mean like no
no there are houses and i started
rather than one because i feel that his
in the th house is absolutely the
reason why
particularly men don’t like him
because it’s the house of hidden enemies
and that’s why
i get angry it’s interesting that i get
because actually his rage is suppressed
and kept under but i feel angry for his
because i think that no one human being
could be that bad
um well maybe hitler but i mean
trump has not tried to start a war in
fact there’s not been a single war
since he became the president of the
united states and he’s taken
all the troops american troops out of
every war zone
including afghanistan so
i find myself being angry at the way
he’s treated by the media
in the world and and he’s done so much
good for that country
and he’s very outspoken um and people
don’t like it
they say oh no you can’t say that well
actually he has and a lot of people feel
the same
you know and we have a huge population
problem in the world
where poor people want to come to rich
and for example in england we’re a very
very small country
you can drive from one end of this
to the other in about five hours
and that’s not going very fast we’re a
very very small land mass
and we have all these people and this is
the reason why
we have this virus the pandemic is
hitting us very hard
because we’re all living so close
together and nobody
i don’t know why politicians don’t say
well we have a lot of people living in
close proximity
it’s obvious they’re going to catch a
so he has taken issue with the number of
people coming into the country
from mexico and he’s even managed to
make an agreement with the
the president i think it’s a president
or a prime minister
in mexico to say yes we’re going to
build a wall to stop people pouring in
because there’s too many drugs and too
crime really coming from mexico
but you know then people start to say oh
well that’s racist well it’s not
racist it’s a fact poor people will do
to get money and that’s what we need to
think about as
a globe it’s a global problem you know
human beings need to survive and we need
to think about the survival of the
poorest people
but you know america can’t take the load
it’s it’s a population problem so
there is a lot of i mean the cultural
difference of the peoples those who are
coming from the
other countries uh could understand
the uh misunderstand the
cultural freedom which u.s is actually
at the end it could be like if the
peoples are
coming from the uh poor countries
uh um like if they they don’t
have a relative understand or
a united understanding of what is this
all about uh it it is actually gonna
a problem and i i i personally
i i understand the
stance which trump has taken
in the case of refugees coming from
other countries why he is not allowed
all those things this
is a if uh if they are not validated
well on the scale of philosophical or
united understanding of what is their
culture is offering
it is definitely gonna be a problem for
uh us yeah yeah and it’s something that
perhaps we need to talk about
in the world and um
i’m just talking with some people about
starting another media platform
to talk about these things in a way
that we’re using our brains we’re not
just thumping the table and saying
that’s wrong that’s a terrible thing to
say you know that we have to start
thinking about each other
and doing the best for each other and
that doesn’t necessarily mean that
somebody has to leave the country of
their birth
because you know your birthplace is a
very important
place for you for me to any of us
so anyway so that’s should i move on
because the second house
randy the first house sorry the first
house with trump
is really i don’t have a lot to say
because he hasn’t got a great emphasis
on that but his second house
has got jupiter and neptune in it
which means that he’s always going to be
can i pursue there like uh uh let’s move
uh one by one like what you can see from
the first house
well i i don’t see anything apart from
hard work because he’s got the first
house in virgo
and he’s just a hard worker and we all
agree that
he works hard he plays hard and there’s
planets there so i don’t i don’t see a
emphasis on that in his uh western
astrology but i do see a huge emphasis
on money
in his chart which is the next thing i
can talk about
uh so when i’m coming to the first house
what i can see the ascendant wherever
the ascendant that is the
first house uh and according to the uh
vedic understanding
uh so in the first house which is leo
like uh what did what it does to how
does it manifest in his
real life he’s a born leader
he don’t entertain much of
other people because he is strong
enough to put his idea which is a
relatively correct to uh
manifest it into real way he is able to
do that
so uh first house which is also
associated uh mars is staying on the
first house
which means that he he mars is like uh
the power of uh you know war so
he sometimes he uh
forcefully uh tried to comfort
uh that whatever uh comes across in
his uh um idea so this is the
one thing i can see from his chat which
it’s interesting because both of us are
but yes there’s a very slight shift
in where the planets are yeah
um shall i talk about the second house
now yes i’m
delighted about the second house so he
has neptune
and jupiter in the second house in libra
so this means to me that he
uh is generous
extremely generous man and i’ve read
about him
that he gives money to people for
example i think attacked
so you bought a hat
he was late for something and uh the
driver managed to get him to a place on
so he bought him people
don’t that you have to re dig deep and
read about him to find out about his
private genera
generosity but also um
jupiter is a trine
that means a hundred and degrees away
from uranus in his chart so it means
that he’s also
highly unusual and he’s a big tech
fan and he’s very very
um the new technology
computers twitter all the rest of it is
really his thing
and later on i’m going to talk a bit
more about this but i think that’s what
he’s going to go in for now
i think i’d be about well it’ll be
interesting to see but i think by
march april at the latest this year
he will have his own platform but i
think he needs to i don’t know quite how
it works
but he won’t want to be under the thumb
of anybody else so he’ll have his own
hosting platform because that’s
really there’s a lot of indications in
his western chart that he could do that
and be
highly influential in the world so we’ll
um but neptune in his chart is in the
second house as well
and that’s very important because
he it means that he’s quite spiritual
it means that he understands the concept
of what you give is what you receive
so money has never been that important
to him
but of course that’s easy to say because
he’s never been poor
he was born rich and people say that
he’s lost
all his money and then regained it and
lost it again
then people start saying he hasn’t paid
his tax
not really sure about that i think that
he’s probably got very good accountants
and that’s the reason why he doesn’t pay
a lot of tax but
he he actually him losing the presidency
is nothing to him
it’s like well wood notwood what will i
do now
and it’s it’s really him he doesn’t have
strangely enough he’s a very spiritual
believes in god
very very firmly believes in god and
trusts in god
um the other thing that i want to say
is there is what we call a square that’s
between neptune and mercury in his chart
and that’s a little bit problematic
because people misunderstand him
and i’ve got neptune opposite mercury in
my child so i know
i know how he feels because sometimes i
say something and people kind of go
what and then i have to explain
so he’s a little bit the same but in the
he’s if he’s got neptune and jupiter
both in the second house it means that
he’s the wow factor with money and the
factor with giving away his money and
this is why i see him doing
something associated with technology
after this
because um he’s just a natural
you know is is what he what he takes to
so that’s his second house um
so this is uh in this um jupiter
uh is staying on the second house
that is actually means
what is his wealth so
he has immense uh wisdom
what i could say jupiter is the planet
of the wisdom
and he who understand the wisdom
more uh will not emphasize money much
you know money is the part of
implementing the
ideas which is coming to his head
that is how he saved the money yeah that
is how he take the money yeah exactly
yes yeah yeah that’s interesting that we
both agree
or the other thing i noticed just now is
uh his jupiter is in libra
in the chart that i’ve done which which
why he has gold everywhere in his houses
beautiful furniture and he has beautiful
women he marries beautiful women
he’s a great appreciator of beauty
so um yeah that’s another aspect of his
so i move on to number three
uh i don’t have a lot to say
about number three um
because there are no
well the house opposite number three
number nine
there’s a lot going on in trump’s life
with regards to that but we can talk
about that later
but uh in the western chart it falls in
and so i would interpret that
as being interested
in deep matters uh hidden
knowledge digging out secrets
and of course there’s been a lot of talk
about the fact that he knows
a lot about other politicians in america
who are crooked and
bad in a way they’ve done some bad
and he quite enjoys
finding out about those things and
there’s a question mark about whether
he’s going to expose people
either today or at some point in the
next couple of months
i’m not sure if it’s today
but it’s interesting that there are a
lot of troops in
washington at the moment because if you
were a new president
and you were going to be arrested you
wouldn’t be able to run away
if you were surrounded by troops
but that’s me going to the extreme
i’ve had to look at all the planetary
but i i don’t think that he’s going away
but he’s going away with diplomacy
so we don’t need to sit down today
to watch the new president uh with a bag
of popcorn
and think oh it’s going to be like a
film this is going to be so exciting
because he’s going to be
he’s going to be brought down but i
think that
a lot is going to emerge over the next
couple of months
about the corruption that there is in
american politics and long overdue
that’s what i’m hoping planetarily
there’s a chance of it so
let’s help so the
third house um uh there is no planet
uh in his third house even though there
is no planet
mercury is having a mercury is looking
on the triangle view on his
uh uh third house uh which is
mercury is standing as a friendly plan
an enemy planet so in the into the
looking into the third house as an
enemy so one thing uh is happening
is like this is the right time
i mean uh he has to watch his
speech the thing
uh the whatever he is trying to put
uh like what is happening uh in his
inside the way he is trying to put
outside could uh through his words
could manifest uh in the opposite
way which he may not be desire
so uh like the words that
he is trying to put forth has to be
watched uh
otherwise it can turn against him so
that is what the third
house is telling to him yes
i agree um
the fourth house um
it’s in sagittarius and in the western
chart he has the moon
in sagittarius at degrees
and my mid heaven the line going through
my chart
is at degrees of sagittarius so
his moon rests right on my mid heaven so
he would really like me he’d want to
give me a hug
and i wouldn’t be saying no
and he also wants to take care of me so
that’s just another little thing
also his son is exactly opposite his
i find that quite interesting because um
maybe he didn’t quite know
which of his parents to um
kind of uh identify with
so he could be placed right between his
and be thinking oh is she right or is he
oh is he right or is she right you know
he would it be very difficult for him
with the relationship with his parents
so his horoscope tells me that
but it also tells me that he loves
home life um and
um maybe what he likes most of all
because the moon is in sagittarius in
the fourth house
is that he likes to sit with his family
exchange ideas and yesterday i saw an
interview with one of his grandchildren
a little girl who’s about maybe
and she was so much like him she was
punchy and she was coming up with these
and they asked her what were the big
problems that america has to face
and she had her own ideas they weren’t
his ideas
and it was obvious that she lived in a
family where they’re
accustomed to talking to each other and
information and uh communicating
so that’s i think what i would say
about him um
i don’t know i think he has several
several houses
as well doesn’t he actual houses that he
lives in
uh but all of those houses are
comfortable for him and um maybe quite
because the moon is in the position that
it’s in
it’s quite possible that he really loves
it when they’re cooking at home and
doing things like that together so
that’s what i think about him with the
fourth house
um in the fourth house there is moon
yeah exactly
in uh here also the moon is standing on
the fourth house along with the ketu
so how does the probability to manifest
it’s like the fourth
house is the house of enemy and the
moon is his mother so uh
i don’t know what is that happening is
there any problems
is happening or something like that like
one of his parents like
or it it could be divine feminine also
existence is women scally so
um he has a
um he might
arise develop some problem with
yes um well you know i picked up about
the relationship between
both his parents
i could see that there’s probably a lot
of talking
and a lot of arguing and a lot of ideas
flying around between his parents
and i understand what you mean about the
goddess carly you know the mother who
gives but the mother who takes as well
um but i might not have gone so far
in my interpretation but it’s
interesting that the themes that you and
i are talking about are very very
even though we do it a different way
um shall i talk about the fifth house
well the fifth house represents um
fun um children uh love affairs
and although there are no planets in
in this western chart
the transits are important to think
about because there have been a lot of
planets that have been
passing through trump’s fifth house
over the last years so
um they’re just finishing now and
uh these massive configurations in the
pluto jupiter saturn all in capricorn
i think that he has considered being
president of the united states
experience so i can’t say
i think he’s been more playful than
as a president because it’s been such a
new thing for him and so
it’s helped him grow in creative ways
in ways that he could never have
but i feel that now because saturn is
into the sixth house and there’s today
there’s uh the moon is in aquarius just
beginning his sixth house actually today
that he’s moving into a new phase and
he’s quite happy about
that he’s thinking well that was an
interesting experience being president
and um you know he’s he’s it’s made him
as a person because he’s had so
many things to think about but now
he’s he doesn’t tend to be a person who
looks back
and the other thing that i want to say
is because it’s the fifth house
it also represents children and
because all of these big planetary
the biggest configuration for
years has occurred this year well
last year and this year
that um it’s about his children
and i think being president and having
family on side with him has
completely transformed his relationship
with his children
and actually he mentioned his children
in his speech
yesterday which i thought was
interesting to say how
helpful they’ve been and how proud he is
of them
and i don’t think that before he was
his relationship was so close as it is
so there’s been many advantages for him
this experience
but i think that he’s
he’s been very open uh
to his attitude towards being president
in the sense that he’s only just now
going to start hard work again i think
he’s just seen it as a massive
paint paintboard you know oh i could
splash a bit of red on there and i could
green over here and he’s loved it
but now he’s back to right what am i
going to do next and he’s quite excited
about it as well
so that’s what i think about the fifth
yeah um here in the fifth
house um fifth house which is there is
no planet actually
but mars is having a look on
fifth house uh so the problem which
could arise he might have
he could develop yeah problems with
his of offspring he could fight with
this offspring
i think he probably would but
because of the planetary situation
passing by
that has helped to change things and
develop things for him
and of course the media or some of the
are in america are already saying
oh ivanka’s not going to have a job
she’s been flying
on her father’s coattails it’s a
they need to be regulated
and sorted out because this this what
they say
has a massive influence on millions and
millions of people
and it’s rubbish i mean she’s been a
businesswoman for years she’ll be fine
you know when you have that amount of
money takes quite a lot to bring you
and like her father i don’t think she’d
be too worried anyway
i mean just rubbish you know that
they’re whipping up this
idea that there’s going to be trouble
ahead and all that kind of stuff
um i think that the experience of them
working together
over the last four years has changed
things for them in a good way but i
agree with you
otherwise they would have been at
loggerheads with each other
we are moving to the sixth house
sixth house um in western astrology we
call that
um health and work
so uh saturn’s moved into
donald’s sixth house so he might be
feeling a bit tired
but luckily he’s got bags of energy
normally so
i can’t see him being dragged down by
but he’s actually focusing from today
he’ll be focusing and saying well
time to start working again and because
moon today is in aquarius
then i think it’s to do his sixth house
is an aquarius
and the moon is in aquarius so we’ve got
like a
double influence of technology
new ideas age of aquarius all that kind
of stuff
so that’s why there’s another thing
going on with uranus
which links where his natal uranus is
placed in his chart
linking in with aquarius there’s a lot
going on there which i’ll talk about
later but basically
there’s a lot of indicators here that he
could be
starting some kind of media platform
and something a bit more secure he
doesn’t ever want to be in the position
where he just gets
knocked off a platform like twitter
i mean it makes everybody think you know
if the president of the united states
which is a massive massive country it’s
a continent really
it’s huge if he could be knocked off a
media platform then anybody could
just because he says what he says you
know free speech
is disappearing and i think that he’s
possibly looking at this i’d be
surprised if he didn’t do something
it and start his own media company
or something similar yeah
he got banned from twitter and other
things now
um so the sixth house what i can see is
the the problems that could it’s it’s a
it’s again enemies house
um so what is happening here
is like uh rahu is having a look on
sixth house and he is into rahur
so how does it go on a manifest it’s
like um
he is gonna get more interested into
spiritual aspect like uh
um you know um things to do with the
magic and stuffs like that in this
so that is how it’s gonna manifest in
this chart
that’s interesting because when he made
he made another speech yesterday in
front of the people
in the open air so it wasn’t his
speech it was another speech and
he was talking about god and he said you
know everything
rests with god we’re in the hands of god
and then he made a joke but you see this
is where people misunderstand him
because he’s actually a very humorous
and his wife says that about him she
says that’s why
she married him because he’s so funny
and um
he said well people say i’m the most
famous person in the world
but i’m not because jesus is more famous
than me
now some people say oh oh how dare he
compare himself to jesus
that’s a joke
uh what i can see is that
trump personally may not be attracted to
the mainstream christianity he is uh
more into genocide christianity like
it has to do more with magic and things
like that
so that kind of practices what’s that
no i was gonna say you know people are
that there’s you know all kinds of black
going on behind the scenes i don’t know
maybe it is i don’t tend to be so
extreme in my
thoughts because i don’t know i don’t
have proof but maybe he is realizing
i i saw somebody talking about him and
they said that he knew
that government was corrupt in america
but he didn’t realize
how corrupt how deep it went until he
became president
so maybe he started to think about other
of bringing
spirituality into your life in a
negative way
you know maybe he’s beginning to realize
it now that it actually exists
you know um strange because
um something happened to me
years and years ago my television
started to flash on and off
and the lights kept flashing in the
house and
um i asked a couple of people from a
spiritualist church so that they believe
in god and they say prayers but they
also believe
that you can talk to people who have
passed over and died
so anyway they came to the house and
they were talking about levels
and they sat in my office and they said
oh there’s a level one and a level four
and a this and a that
and i was thinking oh that’s a bit
but anyway they said give it two days
by wednesday everything will be cleared
and on the wednesday i turned the light
and it didn’t flash anymore and the
television stopped going on and off so
i don’t know but it’s interesting
because there’s been talk
amongst some people about levels of
satanic force or negative energy
whatever you want to call it the success
i don’t know no no the problem uh
with the mainstream christianity is like
they understand uh the forces of
dark in a very different way because
that is how they programmed people like
they killed so many women those who
actually manifest
the divine feminine they call them

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and they told them they are doing
witchcraft and stuffs like that and they
killed so many women
so it’s it’s a kind of giving uh
wrong i mean this is how the people’s
got manifested that
the energies the deep level of energy is
actually dark or it is it has to be
uh it is gonna harm us like uh so
because that uh mainstream christianity
is divided
uh existence into two that uh semitic
religion there is something good and
there is something bad
and they said it is satanic this is uh
jesus or uh this is godly divine
so and nothing in between yeah this is
idea but if we see the universe as a
the place we live it is like the which
has the light
is actually relatively very less the
dark is the more
if if we take the relative mass of the
universe the if we take the nebula
nebula is very small part of the entire
so uh i mean the understanding of
our our own understanding will evolve
according to the way which we see the
things you know
so but however uh the
deep uh like always
lsd is better drug than that of
if we see in that way like it is gonna
give a
um very deep uh understanding i’m i’m
not trying to
put the drugs into a different kind of
level or whatever but
uh if we go really deep uh the
deep um deep energies can
enlighten people very fast
you know but because it and also it can
drive people’s crazy also
like that is why people say i absolutely
agree with you
i absolutely agree that um that is why
people say the tantra the um
which deals with all kind of occult
uh tundra also comes into that thing so
peoples are
very conservative about this if you
if you are not in a such a level of
you should not practice these practices
because it is like a
sword it can drive you crazy also it can
enlighten you also you know
so if you are not into certain
understanding you should not touch it
but in the case of
him and the donald trump the person who
is having such
understanding and such amount of view
it’s like genosis christianity suits
better to him like rather than that of
the mainstream christianity
which divided uh the understanding into
two basically like
semantic uh christianity like this is
something good and this is something
bad in that way
in this time uh he is developing that
kind of
magical things more exactly all of those
are going through his mind and he’s
thinking about them yeah i absolutely
and also it’s interesting to hear you
talking like that because
i developed that idea myself over the
because i also as well as being an
i am a therapist for people with mental
health problems
and i’ve had the most profound
experiences with
really disturbed people because
they’re tuned in on quite a high level
and they’ll say something very very
and something they’ve noticed that a lot
of people wouldn’t notice
but it’s because they’re not quite ready
for it
they’re not developed enough but it’s
affected them mentally i absolutely
understand what you’re talking about
um i think there is a big link between
jumping in to these spiritual depths
when you’re not ready and actually
losing your mind
yeah no but there’s another
discussion we can have so um
shall i move on to the seventh house
yeah seventh
is relationships generally um
and what’s interesting to me is that
uh there are no planets in there in the
chart that i have but
neptune has been passing through
uh trump’s seventh house and so
i would say that uh as far as his
marriage is concerned
that maybe they have had or he has had
doubts or confusion but if i
i actually did put melania’s chart
and donald’s chart together and they’ve
got a very long
lasting relationship they’ve got a satin
venous connection
which will probably bring them through
over the years no matter what problems
they have
but they’ve also in their joint chart
got a
a pluto all of these big planetary
transits have gone through their th
house jointly
so they’ve probably developed a much
deeper relationship
because of him being president but it
has had its
problems and its ups and downs and one
of the things that i heard yesterday
in his speech was that he thanked the
secret service
in in america
for looking after his wife and looking
after him
and there has been news of the fact that
somebody tried to kill his wife they
tried to poison her they put something
on her nail varnish bottle
and he’s had a couple of attempts on his
life that
we haven’t heard about before so that’s
why he said i want to thank the secret
service for looking after us
so it’s all very nectunian meaning
what happened there how did we get to
here well what’s going on
that’s happening for him quite a bit
so that’s my take um seventh house uh
actually it stands for a relationship
uh i mean the uh relationship which he
is having
uh like in seventh house uh there is no
planet actually uh in here also
but uh even though there is no planet
is looking on this particular seventh
so how does it manifest is like he is
someone who is having
very much of self control in the case of
relationship he may not jump into women
just like that and the women
she is able to satisfy him through
uh speech or intellectual capability
so that is gonna stick with him uh that
particular woman is gonna stick with him
for a long time
yeah yeah he’s a very intelligent woman
have you heard any of her speeches she
makes the most amazing speeches
nice and she’s done she’s worked very
done a lot of charity work while she’s
been first lady so
yeah i agree with you we got there by a
different route but
same conclusion um
number eight that’s an interesting one
number eight is about
deep hidden psychological
aspects of life it’s in
aries so i look at mars in his chart
and i think he probably
suffers at times as a result of his
what’s the word i want to use to
describe it he can be a bit
blunt a bit blustery um
a little bit clumsy and i think that
he he realizes that he needs to
manage that and he’s managing it better
than he did when he was younger
but it’s like a daily battle for him
um that’s really all i want to say about
the eighth house
so in the eighth house
eight eight thousand there is venus uh
along with the saturn is looking there
is no planet on the eighth house
but the venus along with the saturn is
so the thing is like what does it means
is like it’s it’s an
enemy aspect which is looking um
so he need to watch out
uh his work sometime what does it means
is like
he is very hard working person so he may
go so crazy while working
and he is someone who likes lot of
and the luxury which is accumulating
on his life he may go crazy over it
so these two things he has to watch out
so that is what eight thousand yeah
i think that’s always underlying in his
yeah but yes i understand what you mean
um ninth house the ninth house is the
house of learning and travel
and it’s the house of uh in western
long journeys now interestingly enough
today mars is just
into the ninth house six degrees in
so that means that he’s on a huge
learning curve and
mars will move across his mid heaven
and that’s the reason why i say that
we’re going to hear from him again
in march april time maybe the end of
february but
certainly march april because mars will
on his mid heaven and at the moment
mars and uranus are moving together
in the universe and mars and uranus
are highly creative and kind of
sudden so not only is it affecting
trump but it’s affecting the whole world
so it’s quite possible that there will
sudden unexpected revelations
things happening things starting all of
a sudden and things ending all of a
and that is particularly uh important
for him
because i think that the next couple of
he is going to be on a massive learning
curve starting something new
and there’s going to be things left over
from being president that will come to
all of a sudden so we’ll turn on the
television and it will be
and then that’s happened and now this
has happened
so when he’s not finished yet
so one two three four five six seven
eight nine house
there is sun along with the rahu is
uh and also this is the um
yeah so this is like a profound like
um what does it mean is like um um
this is like uh uh rahu is he is into
rahur mahadesha also
and that particular house is gonna get
activated so that is his dharma
so it’s it’s uh it’s for sure that he
will i can
blindly say he will get attracted to the
genocide christianity like a magical
aspect of spirituality
it’s i mean uh what i can see is like
genosis christianity
is uses lot of magical practices i think
you know rather than that of the
mainstream christianity
um so it’s like
he tried to take
a lot of magic into his life like
going deep into thinking and
and things like that you know um
that is what it is for sure like that’s
what i can see in this
yeah maybe maybe he’s seeing a sidekick
at the moment maybe he’s talking to
somebody and saying
what do you think what do you think is
gonna happen now
possibly yeah it’s definitely
learning about new things there’s no
doubt about it’s probably learning about
lots of different things
i feel that because the moon has just
gone into aquarius today
that it’s actually thinking about
how he can get his message across to the
uh because he’s been taken off these
media platforms so
he’s the kind of person who will say i
just make my own
you know i’ll have control over it then
um if we move on to the th house
uh his th house
um basically
starts in taurus which shows his love of
country but then moves into gemini
and largely his tenth house is in gemini
and he has uranus right on the mid
uranus is unusual it’s definitely ahead
of its time
it’s full of energy it’s a bit unsteady
at times but
it gets things done and he’s lucky
because he’s got a saturn connecting
with his uranus which stops him going
right over the edge um but i think
that’s why
i’m saying he’s going to get involved in
media stuff
and something to do with electronics and
the computer age because he’s a techie
at heart
he’s very interested in all of that and
he’s very very
original and eccentric some people would
say he’s a little bit eccentric
um but then
i have uranus in a prominent place in my
chart which is why i’m an astrologer
maybe he’s going to go and see an
astrologer wish it was me
all of those things are possible at the
moment but this is why i’m saying
that by um
march at the latest eight beginning of
there’s so many indicators here because
he’s got mars
and uranus passing in the heavens in
this part of his chart
but he’s also got mars hitting his natal
uranus in his chart so it’s like a
energy of here he is again doing this
other thing
and that thing too and that one so
he hasn’t got very long actually to
develop all this
but i think that it’s possible that over
the last months he’s been thinking
about a lot of new ideas anyway
um the only thing that he has to be
careful of is that he doesn’t get
because it’s so exciting to him and
um it might mean that it upsets his
sleep levels
and you know he’s he’s a quite an old
man i think he’s or
so he has to be a little bit careful but
what an amazing man for his age
because he’s so full of energy really
um he thrives on just getting things
done and
having an influence he also has the
north node in gemini
which means it’s kind of like his soul’s
path is to be influential
he has the son in the th house as well
which links him with the leo part of him
is leo ascendant meaning
he loves being in the public eye
he just and i have a friend actually who
has a son in the th house
and she just she works on television
but she just loves staring into the
and being center of attention she just
loves it so there we are
that’s trump as well um so yes he’s got
a lot going on in the th house
over so
that’s why i say he’s not disappearing
into a hole in the ground
definitely not yeah the tenth house here
it’s it’s it’s a saying uh for me also
it is saying like
it’s again saying me that spiritual
aspect of
i mean it is strong from the his chart
reading what i can see is
that he is trying to conclude whatever
he is
he has gone through yeah he is a quite
eccentric man because uh
he has a very uh different combination
of the saturn
along with venus on the first house so
it’s like
yeah it’s uh so usual that he will not
go through a hard life like it’s
always he will be blessed with a lot of
money a lot of women a lot of
things whatever it is like he’s actually
blessed with all those things but
yeah so the same thing i don’t have much
to say about that
let’s uh move to house eleven
now in the chart that i’ve done there
are a lot of planets here as well
so he’s got mercury and saturn in the
th house
and that would convey it’s in cancer
so it conveys to me that um
he tries to be kind when he speaks
he tries to show that he cares
he’s quite serious-minded in many
respects even though he’s a joker
um and he’s always been somebody
who it’s a group thing the th house so
it’s anything to do with groups and
so maybe when he was at school i don’t
know this about him but maybe he was a
bit of a leader
even then he was a leader from a very
very early age
and quite often when people have saturn
in the th house
in western astrology they might be a
prefect at school
you know a prefect is somebody who’s the
head child
in the year and they’re the child that
stands up and
gives a presentation or gives out
oh it’s got traffic what’s that
that traffic at your end
um somebody who speaks sensibly who
tries to be kind
all of that kind of thing yeah
oh can i say one more thing yeah i just
he also has venus in the th house and
saturn and venus are very close together
so that means that he’s a very loyal
person in relationships
there’s been a big scandal about an
affair that he had
um about i don’t know years ago
well yes he might have had an affair but
he would not divorce willingly
he’s somebody who likes to have a wife
and he’s somebody who likes to remain
loyal to that wife if he can
unfortunately because he’s got uranus in
a prominent
place in his chart all these women
throw themselves in his path so actually
what he’s up against he’s he manages it
all quite well
really uh he likes women he likes to be
friends with them
but when he’s married to somebody he
really does
try to be loyal to his wife
so you know he he’s not a womanizer he
likes women
that’s the difference no he’s
self-conscious we can see i can see that
he won’t throw himself up into any women
until at last he is able to uh feed him
so much intellectually yes
yes that’s and and i think there’s been
interviews with
both of them where it seems to be like a
mind connection that they have
and that’s why they’re attracted to each
other because they love
exchanging ideas and talking about
things and
getting in the mind of each other so
yeah i agree with that
and possibly that’s the reason why he
got divorced
twice because both of his wives were
extremely beautiful and
reasonably intelligent but melania is
more intelligent than either of them
i don’t mean that in a derogatory way
it’s just a fact
you know and that’s why he’s wanting to
last with her
of course the the media are talking
about them getting a divorce
and that’s just one person that worked
for melania i think
who probably had an argument with her or
something and says ah
she hates him well i’d be surprised
if anything happens there there i think
they’re together until death
parts them really
so we were back to the th house again
i did miss something in the th house
because he also in the western chart he
has uh
pluto in the th house as well as mars
that would mean yeah
that actually i think he digs deep
and i think that’s why uh he’s possibly
he’s often said oh you know this person
needs to be arrested
that person needs to be put into prison
and um
the th house is the house of prisons
i think that maybe there will be some
people arrested
and there’s also a big court case in
america that’s just started with gillane
maxwell it started yesterday
how strange that happened the day before
he stopped being president um and
there’s a lot of
very murky nasty stuff that has gone on
in galen maxwell’s life and
when she was in a relationship with
epstein so we’ll see what happens but
i think he smells a rat
very easily trump’s very good at kind of
watching and listening and then he says
oh i smell a rat
i think we’ll investigate that he loves
to investigate and dig deep so
i think there’s more to be heard about
dirty dealings of politicians
so um from the th house it’s a house
of moksha
so what i can see is that uh whatever he
has done
is actually leading him to
the moksha you know moksha called the
um so he walked his way to
liberation like it’s it’s a hard work
and it is uh liberation through uh
pleasure that’s what his way actually
that’s what he has
walked through yeah
so let’s just see what happens
because i think he’s not gone
people say that he will be president
again i’m not sure about that
because looking at this western chart
i’m thinking has he got the energy now
um but certainly he’s going to be
very prominent and
not disappearing and very influential
um i’d certainly go on a media platform
that he was hosting no problem at all
you know after something like that
happens to a person
they kind of treat people in the way
that they would want to be treated if
you see what i mean
um he represents i think with the uranus
and his chart very prominent he
the shake-up of the world come on
get rid of the rubbish clear up the
house tidy up
tidy up your act put the cushion
um put everything in a row that’s what
he’s about
and i think that he has fulfilled his
role in that sense his karmic role
to make the american system different
from it has been in the past we hope
so you know i don’t think it’s going to
be a smooth run for biden
at all
so we finished with donald trump yeah
but not really
maybe we’ll be talking about him again
in another month
i said maybe in another month we’ll be
talking about him again
thank you for listening to my podcast
you could connect with me in
where you could see my contact details
including my phone number my whatsapp
and email id
stay tuned for more exciting episodes

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