The Politics of Naked Yoga For Men – Vedic Reading Series Episode No-15

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Jonn is a qualified Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner, Thai Yoga Massage Teacher / Trainer, Yoga Teacher and Sexological Bodywork Practitioner.

An accident in 2008 rendered him 15% whole body permanently impaired; through rehabilitation including Yoga, the majority of his range of movement has been regained. Jonn subsequently discovered the benefits of Thai Yoga Massage, which integrates perfectly with Yoga and is suitable for clients who wish to experience the extensive benefits of Yoga without attending a structured class.

His lifetime passion for Men’s health was the catalyst to train in Somatic Sexological Bodywork. Jonn’s works with men in areas of sex, intimacy and pleasure facilitates a better realtionship with our bodies and creates more satisfying personal and partner sexual relationships.

Jonn established CE YOGA in Jan 2014, changing to Body Curious in 2021; the Studio provides Group, customised Men’s Yoga, Massage & sexological Bodywork at our Potts Point Studio in Sydney, Australia.

Below is a non verbal transcript of the same.

this is arun from
i am a software engineer who mostly work
node.js php and other backend
and i’m an open source contributor as
i’m a tantric by birth in a family which
is passing tantric wisdom from
generations to generations
from past years of legacy
and got lucky to travel across india and
got chances to study
under various gurus from different
and disciplines you could connect with
in irons here i am helping you
to design a divine lifestyle which is
based on
vedic astrology tandra and other yogic
system of
hi all today’s podcast we are having
a guest his name is john john
is a qualified thai yoga
yoga teacher and sexological bodywork
an accident in rendered him
days world body
permanently empired through
including yoga the majority of his
range of movement has been regained
john subsequently discovered the
of thai yoga massage which integrates
perfectly with yoga and is
suitable for clients who wish to
experience the
extensive benefits of yoga
without attending a structured class
his lifetime passion for men’s health
was the catalyst to train in somatic
psychological body work john’s
work with men in areas of sex
intimacy and pressure facilitates a
relationship with our bodies and creates
more satisfying personal and partner
sexual relationships john established
ce yoga in jan
changing to body pts in
the studio provides group customized
men’s yoga massage and cystological body
at a sports point studio in sydney
australia in at this podcast we are
about the work which he does and his
as well so welcome to the vedic reading
series episode number
the politics of naked yoga for men
hi all uh today we have a guest
uh he is from uh australia his name is
and he is doing of uh some programs like
um you can figure more about him in his
website today we are
read his chat also we are gonna
understand what and all
other things which he does so
yeah john what you do what is the
what is this the what is that the body
is all about uh why are you into
something like that
and more importantly what is this uh
sexological body work and how it is
differ from um
an escort uh things like that and
why what is that it’s all about and how
you came into that
and uh we know that it is uh
uh there is a lot of understanding
about people’s on their own body where
they are not
able to understand the presence of their
and there are like darumas which is
hidden behind their
mind which is like conscious mind or
unconscious mind
there are some imprints and stuffs like
that and
how what what you do with all this
how do you thank you erom
so sex logical body work is about
about sex intimacy and pleasure
and if we look at
our societies often
many of us come from a place of shame
men come from a place of shame we have
cultural shame
we have religious shame we have shame
sexual orientation we have shame around
body consciousness there’s a lot of
problems at the moment with body
so it’s about and so what all of that
does is that
the brain the neural pathways of the
start to look at our bodies
as being we become disconnected from our
so sexological bodywork is all about
reconnecting you to your body
to find pleasure in your body to
to find comfort in your body
and through that pleasure and the
of finding really nice sensations and
what that does that rewires and re-fires
the neural pathways of your brain
so if you think about maybe i have
um a hairy chest and i don’t like a
hairy chest
so through practice of of connecting
with your hairy chest
you start to feel actually i don’t mind
that i like that and that changes the
neural pathways
of the brain from saying i don’t like it
i find pleasure and through the pleasure
calm that changes the the way the brain
relationship the brain has with the body
and that relates to the whole body
think about the whole body as being
one amazing big penis
and we as a man we all
have a good relationship most of us have
a very good relationship with the penis
not everybody but most of us have a good
relationship with our friends
because we’ve been engaging with it
since birth
a lot of us have shame around our penis
because we’re told dirty or it’s it’s
not appropriate to touch your penis or
you might go blind or something like
but essentially of any part of our body
for a man probably the penis is the most
sensitive and the most
really good relationship so
essentially the whole body has
sensory sensory perception the whole
body can
start to engage and
become sensitive just like the penis
or your earlobes or your hair so you can
build a relationship with the whole body
so with sexological bodywork we work
with everybody
from people that have had
extreme sexual trauma getting back into
their body
to people seeking new ways of how to
communicate better in relationships one
of the biggest problems
we face in today’s society is about
how do i communicate what i want
how do i say no how do i ask for
something different
and these are excuse me these are not
old people i’m talking
excuse me a lot of the people that i see
at the moment are in their s and s
um the if you look at um
expectation of say instagram everybody’s
on instagram
and they look at young people look at
instagram and saying well this is what i
have to look like
this is who i have to be but maybe
they’re not that person
so rather than just wearing armor of a
beautiful body
we need to actually build a relationship
with ourselves
under the armor and start to feel and be
connected with who we
are so sex logical body work is
really about finding comfort
in yourself because if you find comfort
in yourself
and you’re happy in your own body you’re
going to make
a really good lover or a much better
lover because you will
have confidence and confidence is sexy
and that makes people want to be with
you don’t they
everyone wants to be with positive
people they don’t want to be
drony boring people they want to be with
comfortable people
and it doesn’t matter if you’re skinny
or you’re fat or you’re
tall or you’re short if you’re
comfortable with who you are people are
attracted to you
so i think that’s really the essence of
sex logical body work it’s about finding
the sexy in you
and that gives you an opportunity
to be able to form
better relationships with yourself and
also with other people
um in
sexological uh bodhi work how
are you helping people to
connect to their own true self so that
they can express themselves in more
authentic way so in a way that
if we are more authentic to our own self
we can actually
express what we are actually is you know
uh the deep down who we are and while we
are growing up
the social conditioning or the uh
patterns which we fall into all those
could have actually hiding us uh
behind all these kind of
deep shames or deep
hidden feelings so how
a sexological body works helps a
person to come out from this deep
shames or the
things which they are hiding behind all
uh unconscious mind uh you know
how it is how how how it is evolving how
how you are helping them to take out
from that well
i think i think it’s interesting um i
know you’re
from india and i have a lot of clients
that live in australia all from india
and other parts of the world but
i have a lot of indian clients that have
deep shame about sexual orientation
validity about
um sex in general
it’s a deep shame and a lot of that deep
shame is
from my understanding has come from
the raj and at the end of the day the
indians invented the kama centre
traditionally india the indian
subculture the indian
subcontinent was very sexually
sexual sexually positive they were very
positive about that
the victorian mentality like it has in
the uk
and even to australia has changed that
bringing enormous amount of shame
so if you’ve got somebody that is very
uncomfortable with who they are
very shameful of sex and intimacy and
having pleasure
we have to start to
rehabilitate we have to build a
the only way to build a relationship is
starting with yourself you can’t take a
a lot of people would love to take a
tablet but you can’t
you really have to start to
take yourself essentially out of your
head and into your body
you know the the
indians um
started meditation meditation is the
essence of everything mindfulness taking
from our head and starting to feel
starting to connect and feel sensations
in our body
it’s interesting you talk about
most men masturbate between two to three
and usually with a hundred percent of
now porn is addiction it’s an addiction
it’s very bad for you
and there’s ways to wean yourself off
but that is in your head it’s not in
your body
it’s much better to think of an erotic
or look at a look at the pornography if
you really have to
or read something in a magazine or a
or think about it fantasize it and feel
close your eyes and just feel into your
body starting to
build a relationship with yourself
so the whole basis of sexological body
work is
starting to learn to feel
just to notice and allow
notice what the sensations in your body
i have many clients are on that
actually have no sensations in their
body i could prick them with pins
they can’t feel anything they’ve become
completely anesthetized
to any physical sensations
some more extreme cases they’re
anesthetized to any emotional sensation
due to true from trauma
shame rejection all those sorts of stuff
really it’s about how to how do we
access our body we access our body
through breathing using breath
using touch gentle movement maybe a
little sound
and placement of awareness
feeling and being in your body
does that answer your question
so in your practices like do you use any
kind of
medicines uh also
no we don’t look i i can i can
work with people through um
premature ejaculation ejaculation
control issues for instance
in two to three sessions they can
not only become have their
ejaculation control issues resolved
but they can become multi-orgasmic what
we’ve got to understand
is that most of the things most issues
ejaculation control
inability to have erections
inability to maintain erections
uh being it all comes
and and so and an inability to ask for
what you want
and communicate good sexual
all comes down to the inability to be
able to feel
and what is really important is for
people to learn
how to feel and how to be present
in their body the only thing between
having a good time
or not is being present
so if you’re if you’re having sex with
and all of a sudden you think about oh
i’ve got to go to the doctor
or i’m really i’m i’m i really want to
great sex but i don’t want my my
my penis to die what’s going to happen
your penis is going to probably die you
need to
use breath and movement and placement
awareness to keep
present in your body so you don’t
so you can be present with you look into
the partner’s eyes
be connected find the beauty in
whoever you’re with feel them touch
connect ask what would you like
how would you like it would you like me
to go a little bit soft or a little bit
would you like it faster or slower ask
your partner what they want
and you know that’s sexy it’s not
shameful to ask what you want it’s
actually really really
lovely because people say oh no one’s
ever asked me before
how do you know how do i know if i was
to ask you around
may i touch you let’s ask
arun if i was there right now
how would i be able to touch you where
would you like me to touch you
um was that uh
again like you your money i was to say
to you
i wrong may i touch you
if you’re asking me i’m asking you may i
if i was with you there may i touch you
this is an example yes or no
in what way like so if i was
exactly this is the point if i was to
may i touch you doesn’t matter as
another man it could be
touch your shoulder it doesn’t really
matter if i say aaron may i touch you
so it’s um and then i’ll say i need to
touch him how would you like
see the big issue with a lot of sex
is about communication a lot of people
how do i know no uh what i’m trying to
say is that
if if that kind of things if somebody
is asking me may i touch you so the
energies uh around me is actually i can
actually see
what what what is that actually
so uh you know based on that
everybody when they comes there is a
kind of vibration is existing
you know so i uh the decision could be
based on that
particular vibration that’s what i’m
right so what i’m trying to explain if i
said to
most people may i touch you
they would say yes
and then if i said where would you like
me to touch you
they say anywhere
but that person i don’t know
how that person wants to be touched so i
need to be able to ask
not just ask how would you like to be
but where would you like to be pleasured
how would you like to be touched and
and how does it feel
it’s interesting because there’s a lot
of a lot of
heterosexual relationships a lot of
complain all the time about no
men only want to have vaginal sex
they don’t want to do anything else they
don’t want to have foreplay they don’t
want to
they don’t want to pleasure their
they just want to go to the destination
rather than the journey
so it’s about how do you communicate
with your partner so you don’t just have
sex you have an amazing experience
does that make sense yeah um
what what how do you uh go
about with the client which you are
actually with
sure look every every client i see
i usually start with um understand
having a conversation
around their sexual history
talking about their background their
their sex education you know about
masturbation about intercourse about
all sorts of things that in itself is a
big big piece of work because that’s a
lot of people
most people actually have never shared
that information with anybody
but what that does it builds trust that
builds a relationship without trust
there isn’t a relationship
i’m sure you would agree
so when we understand
i understand the client they understand
me we start to build trust well then we
can start to get
on with the job so we we do a meditation
what we call a body scan so we
we we teach people how to start to
get overhead getting their body and
start to learn to feel because there’s
three things we’ve never taught in life
how to breathe how to feel and about sex
so we teach people how to feel and we
start to do what we call
in psychology these days somatic
we get people to feel
into their bodies to notice
what they’re experiencing and then we
we talk about that may lead to something
we talk about how you’re feeling in your
feeling in your body and filling in your
erotic landscape in your
your sexual body so
after the body scan we have a
chat then we create what we call
an educational contract we decide what
we’re going to do for that session
and there’s a vast range of
topics we could explore there’s
two pathways one is people might want to
just have experience they might have a
one thing they want to talk about we can
deal with that
other people want to learn a lot more
because they want to learn a lot more
it’s like
learning to play a piano you just can’t
play piano can you be a fabulous pianist
you have to actually do some practice
so i show give people some homework
they go home they do their practice and
they start to learn what we call
embodied skills
this is fundamentals of embodying
it’s like learning yoga you can’t just
a guru overnight it takes time to
practice so to minutes a day
they go home they practice they come
and they have a greater connection with
their body after that period of time
and then we can build we can then work
after they’ve done that we can work on
um choices
we can work on erectile dysfunction we
can work on
so many different areas of how to
get more sensations in your body more
pleasure and have
really really really good sex
and and then every session is very much
about being it’s
it’s client driven practitioner
so it’s your session not my session
and i really facilitate it and take you
on a journey
but only we’re within your range your
emotional range that’s
very really important we don’t want you
to tip over the range because you might
a seizure or something like that we
don’t want you to go into a point of
trauma we just want you to be
safe it’s all about safety and agency
what’s your thoughts on that um
does it make sense to you yeah so
as a as an australian when you are
working with indian clients um
what are the cultural barriers
which came across that you feel
that should be broken
i think there’s such indians up the
indian subcontinent
and it’s not just india it’s pakistan
um it’s sri lanka it’s uh
india it’s it’s the whole indian
they’ve been heavily doctor
indoctrinated by
um the the british the raj
and i can only put it down to that
because there’s no other reason for it
uh the british ruled
that region for so many years and with
came queen victoria and came the
rules of of shame
around our bodies you know we must cover
ourselves up we mustn’t
you know be be shameful of of who we are
i part of my studio we have naked yoga
and i have a lot of indian men
coming wanting to come to naked yoga
they find it very very confronting
because there’s been there
they and even people that are born in
of indian parents brought up in
there’s still this very deep seated
shame around sex
nudity and
intimacy so it’s a it’s very very
hard for people to
get comfortable in their body so we need
to teach them how to do that
by starting to learn to build a
relationship with themselves
but i must say it’s not just indian the
indian culture
it’s a very big percentage of
western culture and at the moment the
western the western millennials are huge
because of the as i said before the
culture the lack of talking to people so
i can see you here and i can look in
your eyes i can talk to you
but a lot of people only talk behind
a computer screen they don’t actually
have the capacity to communicate and all
they’re trying to be is somebody who
they’re not
rather than accepting this is my body
this is what i have
i need to feel comfortable in this body
and i need to have pleasure
and to be able to give pleasure and to
receive pleasure
very simple principles
but very hard for people to grasp
because they are so simple
um so what do you do exactly
on your studio with the naked yoga like
is that oh naked yoga well yes
thank you for bringing that naked yoga
um i do two different types of
yoga i do naked yoga is
we only in our studio we’re a men’s only
yoga studio and the reason why we’re men
only because men find
women so good at yoga
it’s intimidating for them and they
don’t they don’t want to come
the great if you think of the yoga
yoga originally was a male owning
and it’s only in you know recent
times that it has become predominantly
yeah yoga practice is actually uh it’s a
tantric practice which
which actually helps people to develop
their feminine side on their body you
know the
divine family because it is it is not
i mean feminine is actually creative the
uh creativity so
so yoga is a practice that helps us to
develop the divine femininity in our own
so um
so yeah what do you do with the neck
well well but but but that but but
you’re right what i’m saying is that
a lot of men if you look at the
yoga has the limbs of yoga however
with with the
what happened to the west it’s no we
don’t it’s not about the teachings of
yoga it’s so much
more about the physical practice if you
if you put
a lot of a bunch of men into a yoga
with a lot of women you’ll find that the
men will
feel are not as flexible they’re not as
and they feel a little bit shamed that
they’re not as good as
the girls so there’s nothing wrong with
that but
what we find is that the men actually
enjoy doing yoga with other men as is
the tradition
so our yoga classes yoga
we do mindful we do moving meditation we
do all sorts of different types of yoga
practice and meditation
we do clothes and we do naked
the advantage of doing naked yoga
is that it’s less sexualized
all we are is who we are we’re in our
it’s also it’s a matter of yeah so it’s
a really beautiful concept
that the naked yoga is really beautiful
concept actually
like it’s a semantic practice yeah so
my these some i mean in indian mythology
soma is a god
of uh you know it’s a sun god
of uh it’s like transcendental god
somewhere we got transcendent into some
other kind of consciousness that
the area of the mind is being
represented with this particular god
uh soma so uh
the naked yoga is a kind of uh yes it’s
brings out the uh shame which is
hidden deep inside and take it out and
it will actually help them to
come into more
grounded understanding
the of being because
leaving dress and getting into
and being like whatever we are actually
and getting into the deep level of
meditation and understandings and stuffs
like that
will actually help people to transcend a
lot of
energies on them like um
in necro yoga practices where did you
started like
how long it’s been you are practicing oh
how is this getting how is it getting
yes it’s interesting but just before you
do that
yoga i just want to stress that yoga is
not just about making shapes
yoga is about learning to feel most
people who do physical
prac yoga practice in the west all
they’re doing is making shapes
what we teach people is how to
connect with their body and build a
relationship with their body because
we’re teaching them how to
somatically engage with their body how
to feel and listen to
sensations as they do their practice how
to engage their core
how to connect with themselves my yoga
journey started in rishikesh
in the s
i went to yoga nikita when i was in my
with a friend and it was a very
enlightening experience for me
my friend ended up in meditation going
to sleep against the back wall
i really enjoyed my time
at nicotine and i’ve always had a
passion for
for yoga for meditation for men’s health
it’s always been my
my thing my father was very interested
in men’s health
and he was a minister of religion when i
was a little boy
so we’ve i’ve always been brought up
with this principle around
men’s health and how important it is to
support men because there’s australia
um the we have the one of the highest
rates of suicide in the world with men
there’s a
huge amount of suicide in the world with
for all sorts of reasons so i think we
need to support
other men so my yoga journey
was started in rishikesh
um and i disconnected for a long time
while i was having a family
and i ended up moving back to sydney
without my family
and i was hit by a car um
and i had an injury i had a shoulder
and both elbows were severely damaged
and i was whole body impaired so i
did a um i spent
many years rehabilitating where they
said i would never move my
arms past my waist i have
quite good range of movement but i can’t
supinate my hand
so i rehabilitated with yoga
yoga was my core rehabilitation
and at the end of the yoga at the end
when i started when i got to my
the best i could possibly get with my
i decided i wanted to learn
to teach yoga to help people with
so i opened my yoga studio i did my
teacher training and i was doing lots of
because you need practice when you
finish teaching
and all
i did a lot of classes and people said
can i start to pay you and i said yes
i didn’t want to but then i said yes and
then one day i emptied out my office and
i turned it into a yoga studio
but no women came i only had two women
in the first six months we only had two
women that came
so clearly the universe wanted me to
make it a men’s studio so i said okay
let’s make the men’s studio
and we’re moving uh later in the next
few months
into a brand new studio which will be a
very beautiful studio across the road
from where we currently are
so the the yoga journey has been
very much a journey and i don’t think
the destination is finished yet it’s a
long way to go
but it’s a beautiful journey because we
have created
a very special community of men not just
in australia
but around the world we have a lot of
men from
every corner of the globe coming in
either by virtual classes or
when they’re in sydney they come and
visit us so i think that’s very special
and it would be great if we could have
more naked yoga in
india do you have naked yoga in india
um no not allowed
and not a lot yeah
some places
yeah something like that is existing but
everywhere but it’s a shame because
it doesn’t matter about naked or clothed
it’s about start people wanting starting
connect with something that they enjoy
something that’s passionate
connecting to a community of other
the biggest problem in the world today
iran is loneliness number one
number one problem in the world is
loneliness so
what we all need to do what we can do to
bring people together
to make them feel whole make them feel
to make them feel secure and make them
feel like they’re a part of a community
and that is not just the older people
it is all generations
the internet is pulling us apart not
bringing us together
uh in a way internet is actually
connecting people and in a way it is
actually describing the relationships as
like for instance we are actually
speaking about from two continents of
the world
through interweb connectivity where
we actually never met each other and
probably in a place where we could
may not be able to communicate whatever
we are speaking through
internet in a border way like
in real life you know like with the
friends which we are relating with or
things like that
so this is like uh it’s a kind of
uh internet is bringing up two
particular word
world which is one one is something like
uh real world and another one is
something like a virtual world
and the thing is like when but the
internet is able to connect all these
peoples who are
having a certain idea and they are
able to move into a particular place
there they can actually live together
whatsoever you know that that will be
beautiful also
the internet is bringing up
internet and another form of currency
which is like cryptocurrencies and stuff
like that
yeah all those things are actually
making sense and in a way it is good in
a way it is bad and
whatever the new innovation comes out
there will be always problems which will
comes uh with that so we should be
able to face uh
whatever is comes out so the practices
the practices which you are trying to
put forth like naked yoga
or somatic sexual practices or
whatever whatsoever all those things can
bring out the taramas which they are
feeling in their own existence and
you know yeah it’s really
um important
yeah i think the i think the internet
has some positive elements
and the some very
some challenging negative elements the
main challenging element with the
internet is the fact that people
are communicating less face to face they
don’t know how
to communicate with other people that’s
the biggest problem how to talk to other
and how to learn other than
particularly about sex other than from
pornography which is a big
issue because there’s a lot of children
from the age of eight
with pornography addiction
the the thing is like it’s like uh
the new generation which is actually
growing up is like
um i don’t know i had a podcast with
uh somebody who is actually had a porn
addiction and uh
he is not an anti-phone guy but yeah
he is actually putting forth all those
things outside yeah
so shall we go for your chart now
yes thank you everyone you wanna talk
something else about your uh
work which you do yeah the other thing
we do do which is interesting
for i i think very important to
to me and one of the most beautiful
things that we do do
it’s what we call thai yoga massage it’s
and it it was the original
thai massage originated in india
it was an ayurvedic practice practice
um a shared yoga a shared facilitated
experience um and
two and a half thousand years ago
it crossed from india to
asia with the spice trade
thai yoga massage is a really lovely
because people it’s not like thai
it’s which is actually quite painful
it’s a beautiful uh massage working
along the
the sand lines using uh
you know meta really good intention met
uh the cenliness of the body you know
what i’m talking about
taking people on a journey of learning
even more about somatic
connection teaching people how to feel
into their body and how to work within
their own range of
um their physical range so i think it’s
beautiful and it’s a it’s a lovely
segway from a often people will do a
thai yoga massage and then they’ll
go into a yoga class it’s a nice
introduction it’s a great way to relax
yet be stretched if you’ve
it for anyone who’s done yoga as a
all you’re worried about is falling over
but when you’re doing a tiger massage
it’s like all you’re doing is lying down
your eyes are closed you’re breathing
you’re feeling
and somebody else is doing it for you so
get the fabulous sensations of yoga
without having to be in fear
of not getting it right so i think
that’s the magic about
tiger massage and we i have a
school in sydney for thai massage and we
train people as well
um it’s a it’s a lovely practice and
i think that um and very very popular
so when you’re in sydney i will have to
give you i will give you a thai yoga
thank you for that you’ll have to come
it’s pretty bad at the moment yeah
that’s right maybe
we’ll get there eventually we’ll get
yeah do you have any do you have any
questions about
um a lot of people get quite confused as
why we have a men’s
studio um does that seem strange to you
uh yeah why
well i think why there’s a lot in in the
um there’s a lot of
female only uh gyms and and
um places where women can go
i think a lot of men want to be with
other men
simple as that um you know regardless
of sexual orientation it’s not
a gay thing it’s not a straight thing
it’s just a man thing
men want to hang out with other men they
want to do things with other men
and i think what attracts people to our
is that the studio is all about
community it doesn’t matter
how you look how old you are
what your fitness level is everybody is
welcome and we work with
everybody and that’s what makes people
walk out of there saying oh i feel
really good
because actually somebody cares about me
and i’m not excluded because i’m
my body is like this or i’m too old or
too young
i feel comfortable i feel safe and i
think that’s really what
having a men’s space is it’s about
giving people
agency to feel comfortable to feel safe
and to be able to share with other men
without feeling any shame
or judgment that’s really important
um so is there any kind of
social uh problems which actually
brought up uh
did you see like bringing up a men’s
yoga studio
look i have had some i have had some
people who think a lot of i’ve had
psychologists and psychiatrist sending
people to me
to a naked yoga class to help with body
it’s a great thing to help people with
body consciousness
i’ve had a i had a young indian boy
come and he did a yoga class
and he had
a very rough time because he was in so
shame he felt so bad
because he felt he was just full of
and i think that then he asked if he
could do
another a higher level class a more
sort of a different and more of a touch
type class and i said you’re not ready
you know i think everybody we have to
work within our edges you know
if we work in a yoga practice a physical
yoga practice we have to work within our
physical range
we also have to work within our
emotional range it’s really important
resilient edges of resistance we need to
work within those edges
and there’s no point taking ourselves
into a place that isn’t going to be
otherwise there’s no point doing it so
we’re very
careful that our yoga classes
are safe
that the men practice yoga together and
people don’t feel pressured to do
anything other than practice a yoga
practice without clothes
that’s it and it’s the most liberating
experience you could ever have
i haven’t worn clothes at work for so
i i don’t even i feel weird when i have
to put clothes on to work
so yeah so these are my working walking
to work clothes
but when i’m there i don’t wear anything
for a practice during the practices
it’s a strange phenomena so let’s do the
ah yeah let’s look it in the chat
i’ll just show you my screen actually
huh so this is the uber nakshatra
okay can you see
yes i can so nakshatra
is the a group of stars when you get
birth that is where your ascendant is
this is a part of sky
there a group of stars will be existing
there is a yoga practice which is
associated with each inner chakra so
there is a yoga practice that is called
the nakshatra yoga
so uh this yoga is associated with
each natural like uh uh there are
so there are yoga postures
so you can actually see this uh a video
after we are finishing our podcast uh
so it’s uh then um each natura is
associated with one one bird
based on when they get birth in you
so basically um from your chart
so you have a shukla bacha which means
uh your bird is actually
um peacock
so this is like
um this bird this bed
is actually very important it is like um
because uh this bed is pretty beautiful
also it it is very confident so this is
how is
actually manifest in your life you
you can you can be a very confident
this is how it’s manifest in your life
uh so this is like uh uh a tree which is
associated with this particular
so this particular tree how it’s uh like
is a this this particular tree has the
resonance frequency of
the same as fewer on saw
as well so how does it manifest is like
when you go near to this particular tree
you can easily communicate with this
particular tree
so this is how it’s actually manifest in
your life
uh so this is how your nakshatra looks
in actual sky all these things i have
shared in the chat
which i have sent to you you can have a
reference uh
letter like you can look at on the link
this is my website you can look it into
that thing uh so this is asura gana
so uh in uh you know
in in in a human there will be two
qualities like
one is uh one is ashwagandha and another
one is
uh godly nature so asuragana
means it’s a demonic nature and godly
uh it’s a uh it’s opposite of
so uh what that’s uh this is how
you your quality is more which is
so how does it manifest is like you
could be overconfident
as well sometimes you will get into
fight and
uh you you know
sometime there is a probability of
uh into the uh uh
the world of asuras like demonic
characteristics like uh
um like uh
usage of uh different kind of herbs
and medicines and stuffs like that
also possible that could be manifested
in your life
then tamo gonna so this is one of the
important thing
which is actually happens in your mind
it’s like a tama sick nature like
this is the darkest area of the mind
what happens is like
when you have this dharma signature
how does it manifest in your life is
uh you could
overthink things which is actually not
existing that could lead to problem in
your life is that clear
right so you’re saying um oh
i see i know what you mean yes the
the the tamas thomas is like
you will imagine things which is not
existing i mean this
is a mind could be overthinking there is
a thought process which will
goes on like over thought
sky which means that you can easily
connect to sky
like if you feel low you can go out and
look at on the sky
and it can accelerate you to higher
you know
um so you have a
neutral general gender
which means that like you can manifest
the property of
both men and women
um so
the god associated with the giver
is the bharuna varuna means uh this is
the particular god
that is the god of water and there is a
mantra that is the
uh along with the yogic practice which
you can recite
and what happens is like when you recite
this particular mantra
you can easily get connected to your
this particular
consciousness i would not say this is a
this is a a particular area
a particular consciousness which you can
which is actually
existing in that particular part of sky
if you recite this particular sound
uh it will be like a more profitable
business like
you can actually make a relationship
this particular consciousness okay
and there is a kriya so basically there
is two different thing one is yoga
and another one is kriya so kriya is
more likely to be
occult thing it’s like to go much more
into your own body like yoga as we
already saw yoga is the practice
of getting in union so uh
kriya is the practice of uh
getting there very in a very short
so there are kriyas associated with
nakshatra yoga and
yoga is a minutes of practice and
that there is a five minutes of practice
of kriya
that helps people to accelerate their
own consciousness
uh in very uh deeper way
so this is something which uh sexual
position which you
will like for in order to for you to
get a more deeper connection with your
so there is a total uh uni position
tall unis which is like each uni is
associated with which
one one animal so this is your
particular uni
um so this is the mostly about uh this
is the
overview of your natchatra how does it
manifest in your life
so this is one thing now we can go to
your actual chat actually
i’m just opening your chat
did you saw the uh document i have sent
yes i do have it okay
i didn’t understand it’s without cover
uh so i’ll be just showing you the
uh this is how the chart will actually
this is not the chart
chart is like a square box to thing
which you can see
um this is how the chart looks like this
is how the chart rule looks like
uh so now let us see the
planetary position on this particular
um so in first house there is
venus along with mars along with jupiter
saturn and ascendant so first
house is mostly about yourself house
so it’s about you so in that particular
house there is
venus mars jupiter saturn
and ascendant history so what does
it means it’s like it’s a very important
planetary combination
it’s it’s a very troublesome planetary
combination as well
so venus along with the mars and jupiter
and saturn along with ascendant is
staying on the first
house um so venus
is the planet of beauty appreciation and
stuffs like that
mars is the uh planet of war
uh jupiter is the planet of wisdom
saturn is the planet of hard work and
all these four planets are staying
on first house so uh there is
uh if you look back in your life uh
fundamentally your life has started
in order to deflow the
beauty or the uh luxurious aspect of the
this is where your life could have been
and you are fundamentally like to fight
for what you believe is strongly true
and jupiter also is staying on the first
house along with the mars
this means that you can calculate
about what is actually happening and
think wisely
and saturn also in first house which
which means that
you will be very hard work into
this particular direction mars jupiter
saturn this
uh four planets are staying in very uh
strongly in uh first house
so second house which is actually dhana
house there is sun
along with the mercury is staying which
means that
uh there is a possibility of making
uh acquiring uh your father’s
property or uh
do you you how father your father is
his past he passed
was that he’s passed he passed a number
of years ago
um because i feel i have a lot of
my father in me you know he’s a lot of
his teachings are very strong with me
resonate with me
so this is the something and the wealth
which you have
sun along with the mercury uh
even though there is a mercury is the
planet of speech and stuffs like that
so what happens is like uh there will be
a probability
of uh fundamentally uh wrong
kind of speeches i mean
you both will uh will not communicate
the father yeah okay
in sakha baba there is moon staying
so there is feminine quality of you is
more evident than that of
masculine quality uh bindu
is ketu uh like uh it’s a
spiritual practices like you are into
so ketu is the planet of occult and
spiritual practices
so that comes into your life
uh that is why you are naturally good
attracted to
a spiritual aspect of your life
and in karma bhava there is da who is
so there are you have you ever
tried any kind of black
forces to work on the things which comes
across your life
blood forces yeah
i don’t understand dark energies
working on dark energy yeah
now i haven’t yeah so there is
a spiritual path is existing in karma
bhava which is
because the rahu the planet rahu is
staying on the
karma baba so that is how it’s actually
manifest in your life so
let’s see how the um this thing
like um
so right now you are into ketu
ketur mahadesha so what does it means
so this is the time where you
you will seek solitude uh with the
groups actually yes so it will uh
it will stay till the age of .
after that venus mahadesha so um
that is like the uh that is where
you will get a lot of money i mean after
uh it’s like a good time for you like um
it will be giving you a lot of money or
wealth or things like that well
after . yes . when you
oh are long way away um what do you
mean by
seeking solitude could you explain that
um so ketu
is staying on the fourth house
so what does it mean fourth house is
uh benthu and the you are into
ketur mahadisha so uh
ketu comes as a friend uh for you
uh so right now
you try to get a balance uh
to get solitude or get content
through your friend friends contentment
you know so that is how it’s manifest
till the age of . it will be like
you try to find uh do you try to get
into groups and try to make it into
working and things like that it will be
uh mostly happens uh till the age of
after that your chat will make a turn
and like you can get into
uh the money aspect and pleasure and
things like that
comes into your life because after .
the planet venus is coming to you
one two three four moon um
so these are the very important things
from your chart which i can see
so um if we take it in uh
uh so till the age of .
you will be it was a very hard time
for you till the age of
you know you have struggled a lot and
stuff like that has happened
up to the age of from there ketu
has been taking over so uh
saturn now buddha has been taking over
then you
understood you can actually speak out
see life has knocked you so hard
then you have understood you have a uh
you know you it taught you how to speak
that is very important thing which was
happened and
after the age of
you you you you were able to speak
like what what you you got more embodied
into your own body
after the age of or
most probably this could be the time
where you have started to
teach yoga also
which one is that this could be the time
where you have started to teach yoga
also somewhere around
no i was i was dying
of uh liver disease
uh and uh
liver and um from fear liver
and pneumonia and chest
problems um and
that’s when i left sydney and i moved
away and i ended up living in the us
it was all around me coming out fear of
my children and my ex-wife so that that
happened at
i moved away to
another part of australia and left that
so that is where saturn is actually ends
so it was very hard time till up to that
very hard very hard
so from there you have actually started
you actually started to talk you
actually started to speak
from there yes i became spoke my truth
yes i started to speak my truth
yeah you started to speak your truth
so that is where the buddha planet
buddha comes
and that is after that the ketu right
you are trying to uh yes
you are trying to build the um you know
the groups and stuffs like that
so you have any questions regarding this
just go back a second
so what happens um just go to that chart
below blow blow blood a little bit
go higher higher oh there it is i know a
bit higher
this one so go down lower lower lower
lower go lower to
nine bit lower where all those numbers
were the years
this one next screen next bit lower
lower lower lower lower lower a little
bit more
yeah this one yeah that’s that’s
what is this means uh you you have
uh an energy of venus
okay so this is like a a
very uh deep thing
which is happening inside you so what
what you have to do is like venus uh
is associated with a six-face rudraksha
so if you buy this particular dracha and
wear this what happens is like venus
will actually manifest
through you so venus is the planet which
is actually
associated with beauty uh pleasure
and money women
all this materialistic pleasure of
i mean a human you know
right so these does off
if you come down a little bit lower to
dust off
that’s off go can you go a little bit
lower one time
don’t stop stop stop stop stop
they’re the ages of the defining things
that have happened in my life are they
four and a half four and a half
and points and a half is
more defining changes of the planet
yeah it’s a planning planetary position
so this is called
so up to the age of . you were under
influence of rahu then after that you
were under the
influence of jupiter so .
uh what how does it manifest is like
plus uh more generally it is like
uh plus like
. so this is the time you got
schooled and
you could be like you started you
schooling as an
interesting student most probably you
will be good enough
studies and stuffs like that you know
right yep
so uh but the things just turned out
like saturn under the influence of
you were not able to manifest it better
in your life
so for the so that your your what you’re
saying is
the next three and a half years it’s
business as usual
two to the next two and a half years
it’s business as usual
just continuing to build and um
maintain what i’ve already got and grow
and grow a little bit more
so it’s gonna pay you back in uh after
okay because venus is gonna be there and
if you wear the uh six-face rudraksha
of the venus that will actually help you
to get
uh get established more or else you can
actually wear the venus indra also
even if you can’t buy the venus
you can actually make a venus
yandra and put it wherever you feel and
it will be actually help you to grow
into that direction
interesting thank you thank you
it was interesting uh some of the um
the asura gun gunner gunner
uh it is interesting because i do try to
uh fight for what i believe
is right and maybe that’s not always in
my best interest yeah
so i need to learn to not
fight so hard
a long time to learn a lifetime of
learning isn’t it never ends
so your summary of the chat what’s your
i mean i have spoken almost everything
do you have any questions regarding your
well it’s interesting um i
sort of it’s a little hard to follow but
i think
it was interesting to go through the uh
the bird and the tree
and and the ashuragama and
you know the overthinking which is very
much me and the sky
and connecting and that was all very
um yeah because it is true i
i do overthink i know a lot i know i
overthink sometimes
and uh yeah but that’s
it’s a life lesson i think as well too
and the yoga link also i can send you
then the kriya also i can send you you
can go through that uh
both of them uh and um
you know uh yeah
you can start doing it like
you know that is
send a summary or will he contact you or
what would we do
so regarding that we could so would you
like to wind it up like
would you like to pitch yourself whoever
is going to watch this
video like
sure well if there’s anything that um
my website is
and anyone who has any questions they’re
more than welcome to contact me on the
contact page
or john body i’m happy to
answer any questions that you may have
and thank you arun
for your time and
for preparing the chart and for
explaining the chart to me
and it’s very much very very i’m very
very grateful for what you have done and
thank you
again for all of all your hard work
and explaining it to thank you
thank you for listening to my podcast
you could connect with me in iran’s
yoga.ion where you could
see my contact details including my
phone number
my whatsapp and email id stay tuned for
exciting episodes
Up next

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