Putrabeej Seeds – To Increase Kundalini Shakthi And Your Sexual Energy

Putrajeevak Beej acts as a uterine tonic and improves the health of organs of female reproductive system. If it is administrated wisely according to Dosha, it helps to cure infertility in both female and male. It makes uterus capable for implantation and to continue the pregnancy, so it is useful in cases of recurrent pregnancy loss (RPL) or habitual abortions.

The general dosage of Putrajeevak Beej is as follows.
Adults3 to 6 grams
Maximum Possible Dosage12 grams Per Day (in divided doses)
Doses: Twice a day with Milk
Best Time to Take: On empty stomach, an hour before meal or 3 hours after meal
Recommended Treatment Duration: Minimum 3 months (some patients may require treatment with Putrajeevak for 6 months or more depending on the health condition.)
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