Vedic Reading Series Episode No. 16 – Mystical Meditation: Uthara bhadrapada nakshatra

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Today I am joined by Heather Smith. Heather is the founder of ‘Mystical Meditation’. She is based in London and California, offering spiritual guidance designed for anyone interested in the mystical teachings of “The Infinite Way” (the work of Joel Goldsmith) or for those who would simply like to reach out and join in healing meditation.

You can connect with her here:​.

So let’s begin our Vedic Reading Series Episode No. 16 – Mystical Meditation.

Below is a written transcript of the podcast

this is arun from
i am a software engineer who mostly work
node.js php and other backend
and i’m an open source contributor as
i’m a tantric by birth in a family which
is passing tantric wisdom from
generations to generations
from past years of legacy
and got lucky to travel across india and
got chances to study
under various gurus from different
and disciplines you could connect with
in irons here i am helping you
to design a divine lifestyle which is
based on
vedic astrology tandra and other yogic
system of
hi all this is aaron from irons
yoga dot iron today i’m joining with
heather smith
for this particular podcast heather
is the founder of mystical meditation
she is based
in london and california offering
spiritual guidance
designed for anyone interested in the
mystical teaching of the
infinite way as a work of joel
goldsmith or for those who would simply
like to reach out and join in
healing meditation you could connect
with her
https double dot
mystical meditation again https
double dot slash slash l
i n k
i t a t i
o l the link is also given on the
so let’s begin our vertical reading
series episode number
the mystical meditation
hi all uh today we have a guest her name
is heather
she is all the way uh from
london and yeah today she
is going to talk about her particular
style of meditation
which she has uh incubated from her uh
teachers and her ancestors and stuff
like that
so heather can you start with your
particular style of meditation and what
what what it does to people and how it’s
empower people and what it does to you
how it’s gonna help the others also too
yeah sure um well i’ve um for the last
years been
studying the um teachings
of a man called joel goldsmith
joel was a th century mystic
who lived in america and
he wrote many books but the um
the basic the the fundamental basis of
all his teachings was based on a book
that he wrote called the
infinite way and in that
he explained that um
realization of one’s own awareness one
one’s consciousness
brings about spiritual healing all his
books were about spiritual healing
and he suggested that in order to become
aware of one’s own consciousness one’s
awareness um we can
meditate and by that he meant um
being still and quiet and focusing on
and communing with the
um one’s inner presence that invisible
life force that’s within us
and um you know the mystical way which
actually like how you had about the uh
book called uh fourth way
uh it’s a mystical teaching from yeah
uh uh it’s a russian mystics teaching
the fourth way
um i think it’s go uh yeah the fourth
way have you heard about the work uh
i’ve heard of it i don’t really know
enough about it to
um to be able to talk about it too much
was there any particular
aspect of it that you wanted us to um
talk about
like mystical way what does it
does like um so we know
something called yogavidya
okay let us put it in this way um
okay how do a mystic see
a particular object that could
be um continually
different from what a single person can
okay well um joel explains in his uh
writings that um all that exists
all that uh we really are is just
pure consciousness um as i said that
invisible life force
um within us he liked to call it the
infinite invisible
because uh for him that term had no
conceptual meaning you can’t
conceptualize something that’s infinite
and invisible
um and
um i’ve lost my train of thought now i
can’t remember what the question was
that you asked me
oh how do how do um people
how do mystics see uh
things differently to the way that an
ordinary person
would see them well joel would say that
because pure consciousness
is all that there is um that’s
all that we really are but the human
presents us with mental images our own
thoughts and beliefs
that appear to us through the five
senses as
everything we appear to humanly
experience in the world
so a mystic rests in the presence of
their own awareness
with the understanding that everything
that the five senses are presenting to
are really just mental images in
this uh maya of a human mind
so is there any
what is the way he teaches uh to reach
that particular state
well he suggests
i’m sorry aaron i interrupted you uh is
that a practice
which peoples will do uh every day
is is that kind of yoga practice which
give in india or uh is that kind of
meditation techniques or is that kind of
usage of the herbs or stuffs like that
how does it like uh you know the shamans
those who are into they use something
called iowa’s car
to reach that particular state of
awareness that
what mystics say it is the absolute
uh uh union
uh most say it’s absolute union so
shamans use a kind of helps called
ayahuasca to reach that particular level
and i had the personal experience with
shaman when i was into uh tiruvannamalai
which is a place in
tamil nadu um but
and it was very good experience so uh
what is the way uh your teachers subject
to reach this absolute uh
understanding of the absolute
living how do what is the way he subject
peoples to practice to well for me joel
really um
demystified this whole um
a whole notion in the west of what
mysticism actually means
and he suggested that um if someone is
completely new to
mysticism or um spiritual principles
that they start by contemplating
spiritual truths
first of all and joel studied all
um but he bases his teachings mainly on
christian scripture
um so in his books he
uh suggests that we contemplate uh
quotes from the bible for example um to
bring us to that place of realization
um on a mental level of what the uh
truth is that’s actually here
and once the mind can be um still and
accept and acknowledge um spiritual
truth from a mental point of view
then he suggested that um one could go
into meditation just
resting and communing with
the inner self the inner presence and he
suggested doing that for
um several times during the day just
periods of meditation just a couple of
and once someone is um
once someone’s comfortable with doing
then over time they find that rather
stopping and coming back into an
of um their true self
um they’re constantly living uh from
vantage point of awareness um
looking out through the eyes of spirit
so it’s not uh
continual it’s not stopping um and
frequent meditations it’s a continual
communing with the
um with one’s own spiritual identity
and that goes deeper and deeper with
is there any sort of physical practices
or any any sort of
the practice which i refer to yoga is a
taking medication as a practice uh
sitting quite
and observing what is happening
inside and trying to differentiate
between the mind
soul and the self and things like that
all those things are practiced so is
any kind of practices which um
he actually subject he actually
none that come to mind specifically
other than
um as uh one continuously uh
practices this um stopping throughout
the day
um and uh resting in the awareness of
he suggests i suppose um to put this
into practice
um one could for example when
someone wakes up just remembering
uh or being consciously aware of what’s
it what it is that
made me aware of the day of of being
alive again
um and then when one sits down to have
just consciously being aware of oh what
is it
who who who or what is it that brought
the food that produced the food
that um is lying on the table before me
or for example when one goes out
through the door again remembering in
the bible it says
i go before thee to prepare the way
and joel says remembering who that eye
is that goes before me to prepare the
way remembering that love is this side
of the door and in love is the other
side of the door
so just constantly remembering
throughout the day for example when
when you meet somebody as well
remembering that there’s not two here
there’s just one
one consciousness appearing as two
i suppose that’s the only physical
practice that comes to mind
joel says that when when one meditates
obviously as i’ve just said meditation
becomes a continual practice as you’re
going throughout the day it’s not
stopping at certain intervals
but if one does stop to meditate then
sitting in a comfortable position
uh with the body uh relaxed
just watching the thoughts as they arise
without trying to stop the thoughts
um i can’t think off the top of my head
of any other
physical practices that joel suggests
uh how long you been with your teacher
he’s passed away now um joel passed away
in but i’ve been studying the
infinite way
work for um for the past years now
sharing it as well
how do you uh get into this infinite bay
what might it need to go into that
me personally uh well um i went to i was
interested uh years ago in metaphysics
um and you know achieving your goals
on on mental level and when i went to um
a meeting
the lady saw me and she uh
the lady who was organizing the event
saw me and said i think you’d be far
more interested in this
and she handed me a copy of joel’s book
the infinite way
and i read it and i just finished my phd
and i read it and i didn’t understand a
word of it i didn’t understand
what joel meant by this word god and
consciousness and that’s what
um sparked my um
my interest in it i had to know i had to
understand what joel was talking about
so that’s how it started my journey
you refer the term called metaphysics
what do you mean by metaphysics like
i i was watching a documentary
in which some couple of metaphysical
peoples are
sitting around uh in a table and they
are talking about the existence of
or uh when the world has begin it’s like
three and a half hours just they are
speaking speaking speaking speaking
so it’s like what what do you mean by
uh well my understanding of metaphysics
is um
learning um to understand that honor um
i’ll distinguish between
joe’s understanding of mysticism and
metaphysics because they’re two distinct
um metaphysics is an understanding that
everything we experience through the
five senses
is a product of our own thoughts and
outpictured as our experience and
knowing that
means that we can change our experience
by changing
our thoughts changing our emotional
reaction and responses to
situations and people that we’re
experiencing in our life
now um joel’s teaching is slightly
different from that
he acknowledges that um we appear to be
in this um having this experience of a
human world
but he says that um that
uh that there’s a higher power a greater
than the thoughts that appear
to be governing our experience and that
higher power is our own consciousness
and that by resting in our own
consciousness and awareness of who we
really are
um that um i suppose that vibration
that inner
energy in a presence um if we let that
through us that produces harmony in our
experience so we don’t have to rely on
we can just rest in the awareness of who
we are
has it clarified it for you
you can be honest no i mean uh
it’s like see for uh
so i have beginned this journey
somewhere like
uh or something like that
like i have spoken that thing
like i started to feel there is
something is i
i am actually not belongs to uh
this particular space of existence you
know you see
uh because what what i
feel is what i see you got it
can you explain what you mean to me by
what you feel is what you see
what you feel emotionally do you mean
see for instance like
what i am like um for instance i saw you
uh i saw you on linkedin
and and you put out something on your
your writings and your things like that
so the way i identify you
is what you produce so again
it is not again it’s not happening
over here i am feeling you inside me
and who is that that that thing is
failing you
like that one which is
which made an idea about you
this is a beautiful um thing uh i gave a
workshop yesterday
and in it um i explained that
um everything we ever experienced
is in our own mind our mind as our own
mind is the substance of
um all that we ever experienced yeah
it’s not me so the mind can only see you
like i can’t see you because i am not
different from you
but my mind can identify you so
that’s what i mean by what i see what i
feel is what i see
i like to um think of it in uh this way
um i like the consciousness being like
an ocean
so the ocean appears as individual waves
but of course each individual wave is
um is the ocean is the fullness of the
um appearing and expressing so
although there appears to be two here
there appears to be me
and you i exist in your mind which is
the one consciousness
and you exist in my mind which is the
one consciousness that i am
so that is
that is individual consciousness that
that has nothing to do with
the pure the one consciousness the pure
one consciousness absolutely one
is the substance of everything that
that’s all that really exists in
reality spiritual reality
yeah so
the your teacher’s way is one of the
better is there right
yes yeah yeah
um let’s begin with your chat have you
your chat some time before
i’m familiar with it yes
yeah uh have you ever done it before
myself i’ve i’ve had my chart read by
other astrologers yes
how do you feel about it
how do i feel about astrology or about
my own personal chart
how do you feel about astrology
um i i
i’m very receptive to it very open to it
i understand it in context in context
with the
mirror the mystical principles that i’ve
just shared with you
um but it fascinates me astrology
fascinates me
um so
let’s uh have a very quick walkthrough
through your natural
then we will come to your planetary
position i’m just gonna share you
my screen with you
um so can you see me
i mean can you see the screen
i can yes so basically this is your
nakshatra uttara balbuni
so what does it means um this is a group
of stars which
looks like in this way on the sky and
why it is because your star
is because uh when you get birth the
ascendant was there in that particular
of the sky that is the reason this is
become your star
okay uh yeah
and this particular star has a
particular qualities
okay and this quality is the basic
quality of you
and that will actually manifest in your
life in some certain way
so one thing is like the stars
ghana is mano shiagana which means that
a human
okay so what does it means to you like
what is a manuscript
so manushya gana means uh there is three
ganas which is one is uh
um god another one is uh
human and another one is uh um
devil so there is three ganas so from
that there is the
one ghana is human gonna so this is how
does this gonna
is manifesting in your life is like
it will help you to
so you will feel a kind of
belonging by
helping people yeah of course that’s
what you are doing
uh so this is regis rajoguna is one of
your bunna
it’s like you might be liking the foods
uh which are like um uh
masala or rajasik food which means you
the word regis it’s like yo it is like
little spicy kind of food you might be
um and fire so
uh your buddha is fire so what does it
means like
you have a kind of fire which is inside
reciting you so you can actually feel it
it is it is like uh
it will burn all the things which comes
to you and stuff like that which is
which will be
uh going on in your inside and
the shakti shakti means it’s it’s a
the existence is half men and half women
so shakti is residing inside you so
what does it does is like uh it will
help you to
um you know to accelerate your own
creativity and things like that so this
is the female part of you
so aryaman is the particular god of you
so how does it feels like this god
this uh god is the um
see uh it’s the god which helps you to
unite okay it’s when i when i am saying
it’s a god metaphysically when i am
saying it’s a god it’s not actually a
it’s it’s a kind of you know
i can’t say it’s a goat it’s a um
it’s it’s an energy which is existing in
that particular area
of the sky and that energy
help you to uh uh you know the
kind of pure land buddhism this is a
kind of
understanding about the liberation and
stuffs like that
so what does it says is like when we get
liberated we will
get rebirth into pure land of the buddha
so the same way this is the pure land of
ireman so once you got connected to this
particular existence
it will help you to uh manifest your
your natural push towards the uh
merging with the absolute or the seeking
union so that will help you to uh
explore that aspect
uh this particular code so here is
one kriya
kriya is like it’s a breathing exercise
uh which along with the nakshatra yoga
this is the yoga will be available in
this particular link that you can go
through after this
uh so there is nakshatra yoga this is
all together it will comes minutes of
the kriya and yoga so
this uh kriya helps you to
accelerate your own self and connect
with you
to more deeper stuff so this is your
sexual type
which means that when you are making
love uh this position will help you to
connect more deeply with your partner
um so this is these all are the stuffs
which is
about your nashatra and this is the
uh plant of your nachatra what does it
means is like
this particular plant will be having the
same kind of resonance frequency of your
body is having so you could
easily connect with this particular uh
plant very easily so these are the most
of the things about your nutchatra
we will go for the um your
chart birth chart uh before that
do let me know do you want to share
something else
like do you have any questions about
i don’t think so i don’t think there’s
any questions about anything you’ve just
said thank you
so this is the nakshatra then we will
go to your chat
so this is your chart actually so the
house that is tanubawa there is moon
and along with ascendant uh
so what i could say is like
this particular chart says that it is
more feminine
and it is more connected to mother as
well so
that is how your self is being created
you probably could be connected with
your mother
in a very uh strong
way somehow
and the fifth house which is for putra
offspring there is jupiter is staying so
jupiter is the
planet of wisdom so what does it means
is like
you could get
if you are getting offspring it will be
blessed with the wisdom
either you will be become a very good
scholar or you will get
if you become a very good scholar your
work will become your offspring
i mean that is how your work will be
like whatever you are producing is your
or else if you are going into marriage
and things like that you are
you will be having a kid he will be
with the wisdom
and the son mercury and yahoo
is staying on the um sixth house
so uh mercury along with the sun
so uh this is like uh
this particular house the sixth house is
the house
of enemy in which there is sun under
mercury and rahu is staying
so how does it manifest is like your
and uh along with the
uh if you don’t if you have went into
some kind of if you have tried some kind
of magical practices in your
life it could work against you you have
to be
little aware of that something which you
didn’t crossed
till today or something which you need
to close
it may not get if it not getting close
to properly
uh that could work against you also
the uh father
is staying uh in enemy houses this
mean that father will be an enemy for
your anything like that
what i’m trying to say is that this uh
particular position your father is
it means that there will be some kind of
uh uh problem which has happened between
with the u
and seventh house there is venus is
staying so what does it means that uh
venus is the um planet which is
uh actually for relationship love
art and drugs and stuffs like that sex
and stuff like that
so that is staying on the seventh house
which simply means that
um you you can easily get into
and uh yeah that is that is the
important thing like in venus is staying
on the seventh house
and the dharma dharma is your mars is in
your dharma house
mars is the planet of fighting uh
so which means that you could uh
you could end up fighting so much with
so many other things
you may be there is a possibility it is
because the mars is staying on the
uh ninth house and the third house the
karma is staying karma is in
saturn so saturn is uh is the planet
which is uh usually considered as the
bad planet and that will actually make
you to
work very hard okay so
your karma is always will be working
so hard the but however it will help you
to grow
further uh more and
via bhava in th house there is ketu is
and yeah the the way you have chosen
it will help you to liberate the path
you have
chosen it’s actually basically related
to occult magic and things like that
uh so as far as the uh
mainstream society is concerned uh so
that is one thing which will help you to
get liberate
and when i am coming to this jupiter is
the strongest
planet in your uh chart
so you will consider the wisdom as the
more important thing so we have actually
the jupiter is staying on the putra
and the strongest planet is jupiter as
well so
it it means that even though
uh whatever happens also you will prefer
wisdom over anything
and the wisdom the jupiter’s uh
rudraksha is five phase rudraksha if you
wear that
rudraksha you could actually help the
the jupiter energy will get
accelerated uh
and the sun
yeah so plus

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so yeah approximately at the age of
you went into this uh particular thing
your practice you how started yes yes
so rahu is starting from there so rahu
is the planet which is actually
associated with the
occult understanding of the cell okay
like occult is a very deep uh intuitive
which will actually clear our body
mind and self everything like that to
get united
with the absolutely large way so
as the rahu is starting from the age of
so that is the time when you
to get into this and
so from the age of you
might be started working on writing
how are you about spirituality yeah
yeah oh yes yeah
so that could be happened by the age of
something like that .
so right now jupiter is you are into
uh desha that is like uh
somewhere around to in this
particular space you will be
you will become very much intensive like
the processes which happened inside you
from the age of to
was very uh intense interesting and
intensive as well that could be the
exact moment you started to transform
really you
you know uh after that jupiter
saturn so after
uh the saturn comes into the under the
charge so how does it happens it’s like
um yeah
you may stop losing your money and
things like
that from the age of
you know so that is where
saturn comes into picture so time will
be very tough uh for two years
that will start from and it will
end at somewhere around
so this is very tough time for you
and uh uh
from the age of the venus
so that is when you start to make
good amount of money i mean whatever you
put into
that is where your life will get
do you have any questions regarding this
um no i don’t think so no questions as
you want to ask me something
i can’t think of anything to ask you um
we have gone through almost everything
in your chat right well that brings us
up to date then
was that that that brings my chart up to
date up to
uh where i am now i’ve just turned .
so yeah then now it will be like
saturn has passed
yeah now it is like a good time for you
venus is into your chart
so opportunities will pop up in this
particular time
yeah they started things started to
shift in a positive way from last
so i can relate to what you’re saying
so you have to say yes to some
don’t make your mind to think too much
as the mind is not real
intuition is the real thing because it
comes from the soul itself
does anything stand out in my chart uh
regarding this year um that you that i
would find helpful to know
like the yoga position
the yoga the rudraksha and things like
that will actually help you to
accelerate uh
um i mean as a being it will help you to
connect more deeply
to spirituality okay
if you want you can go through the yoga
how to do the yoga and things like that
which is in the link
if you want i’ll send you all the
details how to go through and stuffs
like that
and if you have any questions regarding
that we could actually discuss
okay thank you
uh anything else you want to share
um well you’ve talked you’ve talked to
me through
um aspects of my chart up to
the current day is there anything you
you want to share with me
about my future life i don’t know if
that’s something you want to cover
what do you want to know about your
future there is no future
there is only present there is no past
and there is no future
well that’s very true so
however the there is some kind of forces
works with us
which held which want us to go through
all this process so
we can actually realize what so what is
actually happening
you know uh so what is this forces is
after venus there is sun moon
so one thing is gonna happen is like the
your mother is alive
yes she is uh yes the relationship how
the relationship is like
this relationship what i am saying is
like sun and moon is coming into
inside this uh under the so after the
venus so
what happens is like the there is a
possibility to uh
get the relationship between your father
and mother more stronger
oh that’s good to hear that’s good to
when does that come into force
uh this is immediately like um
plus uh

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yeah it’s
that’s imminently then that’s good
gonna happen soon within five six months
four five months it’s immediate
right so yeah it’s gonna happen really
well that’s wonderful
i do have another question if i may ask
which isn’t related to my work at all
i’d be interested to know
whether um i’m likely to get married
so venus is staying on your yeah that
so the venus is in under the sun
so what does it means is like the
possibility of getting married in this
all right
so venus comes inside some
if somebody proposing or something is
happening you should
not think much you should say yes
okay that’s good to know
you’ve made me blush now
uh anything else you want to know
uh well let’s see um
will my relationship with my sister
become stronger as well as that
with my parents
i think it’s it’s
it’s not that easy because you
feel it you have a detached
uh kind of self you know
it’s it’s it’s like you give more
importance to jupiter
so which means that you give more
importance to
uh knowledge than that
things which happens around
so it’s not that easy
okay thank you
does anything stand out for you that
you’d like to share with me
nothing because the venus is in right
now venus comes into blessings
of you you are at the age of and
soon your relationship with the parents
come into a natural state and yeah it’s
it’s a good thing and that’s good for my
finances this year as well
is it right now i mean this is the time
for your finance like
if you have uh if you are taking up a
project to start
at this particular time or if you are
thinking of
investing into something or if you are
thinking of
making a move into uh some something
which will bless you financially so this
is the right time to go for that
and uh take steps for that and
get into that particular uh stuff
i see is it beneficial for me to work on
my own or in collaboration
you can work on collaboration basis
because the
uh your goal is helps you like
it’s the god of union you know the
uh your god is like idea man
so this guy is the god of contract and
union it’s not like a god exactly it’s a
entity uh this particular thing help you
uh um to be become more
open and connect with peoples and things
like that
if you uh there is a sound in tandra
what they say
what we practice is tandra okay tundra
about coming taking everything together
into the point of absolute so
there what happens is like to get into
that particular point to be how to
chant a certain sound we how to go
through a certain practices certain oil
and things like that too uh it’s a it’s
a perfect
way of clubbing you to get into the
okay so this i reminds mantra
which which has a frequency
that helps your soul to be become more
contract contact with the god i remind
you know right so that is there in the
link which
i have shared you uh i can send you
uh after this
i mean i have already shared you okay
thank you
so you wanna talk about uh anything
about your work
towards the peoples who are gonna listen
to this
um well i asked you about the
collaboration because
uh since last october i’ve been
collaborating with a lady in india
banani dastar she’s also on linkedin
and we’ve been offering monthly
online talks i talk about different
principles in the infinite way
and she’s very interested in dance
spirituality and dance meditation um so
we combine the two
and um we’ve been offering talks online
obviously because of lockdown
i’ve not been able to travel and offer
workshops in in person um
so we’ve been doing that online together
i also um share a lot of
um joel’s teachings on various social
platforms and
people could find those through my
which is
thank you for that
so for what handle people can contact
um if they uh if they want to learn more
about um
joel’s teachings if they’d like to um
uh ask me to meditate with them or um if
they’d like
any advice about um understanding
the things that um joel wrote um
yeah all those things
if they have a problem which they’d like
to deal with spiritually if they’d like
uh spiritual healing then they can
contact me as well
or to find out about the um workshops
that i’m running with bernardi
thank you for listening to my podcast
you could connect with me in irons yoga
iron where you could see
my contact details including my phone
my whatsapp and email id
stay tuned for more exciting episodes

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