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Hi. Welcome all to a new episode of our podcast​ series. In this podcast, I am joined by Heather Smith to discuss #MysticalWisdom​ and an introduction to #KundaliniMeditation​.

Below is a written transcript of the interview

this is arun from irons yoga dot iron
i am a software engineer who mostly work
node.js php and other backend
and i’m an open source contributor as
i’m a tantric by birth in a family which
is passing tantric wisdom from
generations to generations from past
years of legacy and got lucky to
travel across
india and got chances to study under
various gurus from different backgrounds
and disciplines you could connect with
in irons here i am helping you
to design
a divine lifestyle which is based on
vedic astrology tandra and other yogic
system of
hi all welcome to new episode of our
podcast series
in at this podcast i am joining with
to talk about mystical wisdom and the
introduction to kundalini meditation
so hi what’s up um
so as we discussed in a previous podcast
joe has uh something very wonderful to
say to the world
like about the mystical understanding
and being centered and coming to the
core of
our own self and resonating that
into our daily life and stuff like that
so when you are referring to all those
things um
what what would you like to say that
the joe is a yeah we all know that joe
is a wonderful man apart from that
his teaching is like going to help the
people or
what is this well the focus um the main
focus of joel’s work
was um to bring people into an awareness
of their uh divine identity their
spiritual identity
and um uh he’s remembered
mostly for his work on spiritual healing
and he the premise of his work really is
to uh make one consciously aware
of um one’s own
awareness and to rest in that presence
in order to experience
uh healing spiritually
uh so i hope that you have gone through
some of my
uh podcast and mostly i teach
uh yeah i mostly i teach tundra
so basically um tundra has different
things like it’s like
a martial arts that is like kaleri
which is actually working yoga the
doing the yoga when we are walking and
kama sutra is the part of tundra that is
orgasmic understanding to divinity like
uh using a partner to get into divine
um so also there is
astrology is there understanding the
energies of our body
and how we can actually use that
energies into a particular way to
reach the higher potential or the higher
and also there is divine uh structures
spiritually uh correct uh architecture
uh which is uh in tundra that has been
another book is been written
from india um that talk about
how do we construct something which is
actually uh actually will not falsify
uh higher potential of human being it
actually help people to reach the higher
potential the
place which we live and the place we
used to meditate and all those things as
a push or a role
in uh spiritual development that has
been broken and
spoken in uh um
said this uh how do you see
does it contradicting uh smith work or
does it uh
uh complementing these smith work and
how does it well i wouldn’t say that it
contradicts joel’s work
um joel took a very different approach
to um helping people become aware of
their spiritual identity
he encouraged people to uh move away
anything that we experience through the
five senses
um to just becoming aware of that
invisible part of ourselves
maybe through meditation and resting in
that presence
and letting it do the work um so
rather than um attempting to reach the
through um
physical energies mental energies um
anything that we can experience through
the five senses
joel encouraged us through his teachings
um to simply go within maybe to listen
maybe to a work be aware of that
invisible part of ourselves
and let it uh do the work
simply to rest in that in that presence
so um in that regard it’s quite
different to tantra
but i would say that the teaching um
complements um the tantric wisdom
so one thing is like
when i’m listening to uh joe’s words
actually i can understand he is like
talking from the heart like he is
talking from that particular
experience it’s like
a transcendental person i can understand
from his words like he is actually
uh beyond the body and mind and his
actually when he is speaking
he’s actually uh speaks from the heart
by said this uh when i am
listening to his teaching like
christian teaching which is like a
semitic religion
that is actually um uh
classifies what is right and what is
and there is ten commandments and things
like that
and when joe is uh speaking about these
something which is
actually um uh which is actually
genderless which is actually formless
and that is
beyond morality and existence and things
like that
uh i felt like it’s slightly
uh contradicting uh uh or
or maybe he is coming into a dilemma of
the semitic teaching how do you reflect
to this
semetic you mean do you mean jewish
teachings when you when you say that
or that the contradiction between
christian and jewish teachings
or something
religion which i referred by like any
religion which is
actually uh classifies what is good and
what is bad like
some religions will classify this is for
instance in bible there is
like this is the way we how to live
because that is the good deed and if we
do the good deed there is certainly bad
so there will be satan you know
and so any religion which classifies um
what is right and what is wrong i refer
to summative religion
i see okay well um
uh joel told that the um
true reality the only absolute reality
of existence
is uh pure consciousness um
and you and i have spoken before about
the fact that um
in order to um articulate that we can be
very caught up in
language um and obviously the divine
can’t be
expressed um completely
in language in words it’s something that
has to be experienced
to be known um and that’s what joel
encouraged people to do to go beyond
uh having an intellectual understanding
of god
to uh having an actual experience of god
um and um so he taught that the only
absolute reality is pure consciousness
that invisible part of ourselves that
life force
uh within us that constitutes our being
but he said that um as a sort of
um i like to think of it as a um
patana over the top of uh consciousness
a mirage something that’s uh images and
central experiences experiences that are
superimposed over
appear to be superimposed over
and we have um we have
an awareness of that
which is our sensory experiences through
five senses and
we look out on a world through our five
and uh believe things are separate and
apart from
us even though what we’re seeing the
substance of what we’re seeing
is our own consciousness that’s all
there really is
um and uh we look out at these things
which we believe to be separating apart
from ourselves
and then we judge them we deem them to
be good or bad
um we fear some things we desire some
and this is what causes the whole um
problem i suppose of
human existence
and um
i i hope that’s answered your question
this is where um the good and bad comes
from and my understanding of
of this in the bible is that the uh ten
commandments were
sent to moses but jesus
in the new testament talked that that
a um a deeper level of understanding
that rather than living by the ten
the um the main commandment that jesus
was to love thy god with all thy heart
and to love thy neighbor as myself and
by that he meant
um to live with the understanding that
there’s only one
and that one is your own self your own
so my question is like
how do like
so when joe speaks from out of the
reality or the biological teaching
this is teaching is actually
contradicting with the
uh biological teaching
that’s what i’m asking
uh no i wouldn’t say he i wouldn’t say
that he was contradicting the
teachings he was explaining um the
interpretation of um what jesus taught
uh rather than um
perhaps the way that the bible has been
misinterpreted over the centuries
so you are trying to say that the
um uh there is if
we look at into uh the core of the bible
there is actually uh no differences
with the right or wrong
all right
um no i wouldn’t say that um and that’s
coming from
a uh perspective of judging on the human
uh level yeah the jedi
is uh actually uh detrimental nature is
actually contradicting with the god
yes because if we’re if we’re judging
the things that we’re seeing through our
uh we’re living out of our false
uh rather than resting in the awareness
that we really are which is our true
exactly that’s what i’m wondering like
these semantic religions mostly
amplify this false identity by imposing
what is right and what is wrong
well i can only share with you what um
what joel had to say about that
which is what i just explained
yeah so i was that was my question
so um
a little bit touched on today and
something that you and i have talked on
about earlier and that’s the language
uh joel uses um to help people
uh reach an awareness of their own
consciousness and have
um mystical experience and you’ve
commented to me
to me in the past well job very often
uses the word
um father which is obviously a word
that’s mentioned many times in the bible
and he used that word even though he
understood that
um that god was genderless that
um uh that god didn’t have
uh didn’t have it uh it can’t be
or um related to it in any way with
regards to um
human form and i looked up um
i’ll show you this is the most recent of
joel’s books um
it’s called the government of edom
published by acropolis
and i looked up what they um say why
um they can continue to use the word
uh father throughout joel’s uh
teachings because all of his books were
actually uh
transcripts of the talks that he gave um
that have been edited
and if i read the publisher’s note in in
this one
it says um
uh that joel uses the word
uh varying concepts of god
as father mother soul
spirit and he uses them interchangeably
when he’s talking and then it says
during the s and s which was
joel was giving most of these talks um
masculine pronouns were commonly used
uh to refer to god bear in mind that
joel was an american
so this was a popular way in america at
that time
in um the christian world
to refer to god um
today such gender bias is disappearing
um and it says that while acropolis book
gender inclusivity in spiritual
the editors have chosen not to alter the
masculine pronouns in the book
in order to present joel’s teachings as
it was originally
expressed so um i just wanted to make
the point that
joel did understand completely and had
an awareness that god was
genderless even though he used these
terms um
in his talks
so so some of the words which joe
put forth in his uh speak is actually
to make people’s to understand
that god is uh genderless
uh to the people those who are actually
those who are
actually believing that god has a gender
yeah he um he liked to use the word he
it many times during the course of his
books he liked to use the term
uh the infinite invisible because for
um that’s something that can’t be
conceptualized you can’t conceptualize
something that’s infinite
and something that’s invisible um and he
used that purposefully
um so that rather than trying to um
the mind trying to grasp an
understanding of god
um it encouraged one um to
just rest back in the in the um
awareness of one’s invisible presence
uh rather than trying to work out what
it actually is
so i i would like to go for a small
technique of tantric meditation like
would you like to do that i loved it
so this is like um you know
basically uh we consider there is mula
muladhara is the human nature like it’s
a primitive
human nature uh mostly uh
human beings does everything for uh
food drink and sex and reproduce
this is what most most of the people’s
so people believe that is the only thing
and they speak
something like they manipulate their
surrounding or they
say lies in order to um
actually to sustain this like their food
drinks or their whatever they are into
to sustain this they use their words so
all these things are comes from the
primitive nature so
basically all the spiritual practices
what it does is like it’s actually help
us to
uh get into higher consciousness so
is most uh um powerful way like it’s a
sharp knife like it’s like
taking an endlessly like it’s just
smashing everything and
going deep beyond so um
i would like to uh
uh do a small teacher small meditation
if you’re
interested right
so can you close your eyes for uh some
two minutes
just close your eyes
just calm your mind
and see what is happening inside on your
mind like whatever it may be just like
just see what is if you try to do that
whether you can
see what is happening inside your mind
just don’t force any thought into mind
just see
and imagine you were tip
of your spine that is where the
tip of your spine
while you are focusing your thoughts on
your tip
see what is happening on your mind
just observe don’t be get into
any trouble or anything don’t force
just see what is happening
so the tip of your spine
and it starts to burst it’s busting
it’s bursting
and that blessing is goes
up towards your very brain
like busting busting
and this goes up coming up
going up busting
busting busing
and now it’s on your forehead
again watching which goes up
busing bursting
bursting and now it
moves out of your body
it’s busting it’s like
there is a lotus a lotus is actually
coming out from your top of your head
it has thousand plus petals
it’s unveiling like one petal another
another petal another petal
so much light in that
is bursting bursting
now this goes down
it’s busting on your forehead
and the lotus is closed now
it’s bursting on your forehead
and this goes down again
busting business
and it is now on the tip of your
betty brain
just busting there
and this rest there stops there
and see now what is happening in your
once you feel okay just grab your hands
make it don’t open your eyes
just keep rub your hands
and place it on your eyes
and look at on the hand
when you feel okay you can open your
eyes and look by
looking at on your palms
so this is actually to give you an idea
of what is this thunder is about it’s
about this energy
that that resides in our kundalini
that is the uh tip of our spine that is
something like
looks like people say it’s like serpent
it has no forms or shape or anything uh
so to avoid this particular energy
and take it into higher uh using
different kind of
uh breathing meditation music
and songs and uh
whatever it is like so these are the set
of practices of
tantra so i just given you an
um to give you an idea of
what is this tundra is support um that’s
given this that’s lovely thank you for
sharing that
and i’m sure people will watching will
enjoy practicing that too this is a
small practice like
to get you an idea of like it’s like an
opening like what are you working with
like you know what are you gonna work
that’s quite a different practice to the
one that um joel would encourage people
to use
he um his focus really was
on listening to the silence within uh
rather than using the imagination to uh
connect with that
so that’s why the imagination is like
imagination is
a trap actually like that
you should not get fall into imagination
you should be coming to a place where
you should be capable to witness what is
happening inside
it’s it’s like it’s not an imagination
imaginary thing because
if we say the imagination also needed
to evoke to touch certain parts of our
so some different cells will get
activated if imaginary power
is coming out then once we got that we
have to come out from the imagination
it’s like
people say the kundalini is looks like
serpent but it is not actually serpent
it has no form
and there is no chakras actually in body
but it has and plus chakras are
there in body
and uh it is not sahasrara on the top of
the head
there is but it is sahasrara
so that is how it contradicts and
that is how we can get into because
tundra is a technique
like uh to work ourselves into
something deeper it’s interesting it’s
interesting for me
to compare really because um
uh with regards to joel he he encouraged
people to
um contemplate spiritual truths um
as a way of leading someone into the
um within and um i guess this is what
encouraging people to do and but in a
different way
um something that leads one into an
awareness of the divine
so you want to share talk anything of
work over here like anything right now i
given you an understanding of what is
tandra is about and
how to begin with and things like that
um so by looking at into this
and uh you want to give something
like you want to talk
well the only thing that comes to mind
is um that
um the uh main book
of joel’s the one uh which all the other
sort of stem from it’s called the
infinite way it’s a small book
and um in it the penultimate chapter is
called the new horizon
um it’s a short chapter um but joel
said that it was the most important
chapter out of all of his books
because um it explains
in a very concise way the uh principles
of spiritual healing that
that he was teaching um
and um my colleague bernardi bernardi
and i will be giving a workshop later
this month
on this very chapter it’s fascinating
because the new horizon
came to joel in a dream he
um he said he rarely dreamt but um
one night uh whilst he was asleep he
um saw in his dream a scroll of paper
rolled down um unfurl
in front of him and on it was um
old english script if you can imagine
um and joel forced himself to wake up
and he which he managed to do
and he wrote down everything that was
written on this scroll
and as soon as he finished writing uh
joel said this scroll
um rolled itself back up and disappeared
and he never had a dream like that again
but because he’d managed to write it all
down it captured
the um all the principles um which form
the basis of his
his the rest of his uh teaching so
bernani and i will be talking
about that in more depth um later this
in our own workshop
so you want to say something to people
who are listening to this particular uh
podcast which we are having now
yeah um on any particular aspect
any particular aspect of joel’s work
any any particular area of joel’s work
that you wanted me to comment on
um you want to say something right now
like for the people um
i mean we’ve talked about christianity
um joel actually studied all religions
even though he his work mainly draws on
the bible
he did actually study all religions and
he lived in the east for a little over
the middle east for
a little while and studied there
especially in egypt
um so i think it’s important
uh to make people aware that um he
wasn’t just
he was born to non-practicing jewish
um and i think i explained to you before
that um he was very interested in
christian science
um but his the wisdom um
that he shares is universal it’s it’s
drawn from
the understanding that he gleaned over
many years from from all the major
yeah because god is religionless
even though
god is religionless even though he has a
lot of religions
that’s true yeah
thank you for listening to my podcast
you could connect with me in irons
yoga.ion where you could
see my contact details including my
phone number
my whatsapp and email id stay tuned for
exciting episodes

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