Vedic Reading Series Episode No. 18: The Serpent Wisdom With Valentina Leo – Hasta Nakshatra

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Todays podcast we are having a guest her name is Valentina leo, She is a Teacher of Erotic Wisdom and an Explorer of the Tantric Realms for over 20 years, Valentina is a Dakini ~ holder of the freedom lineage from the Tantric school of Fascinating Wonderment (Vismayo) that spontaneously birth female teachers of the pathless Path.

She is madly in love with the Mystery & the traditional tantric revelations of Kashmir Shivaism. now she
offers various courses on tantra both online and offline.

You could connect with her on

How ever today she is joining with us to discuss her journey as a Tantrika her mother hood also serpent wisdom along with her chart.

So welcome to podcast series episode no -18 the serpent wisdom with Valentina Leo.

Below is a non verbal transcript for the same

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i’m a tantric by birth in a family which
is passing tantric wisdom from
generations to generations from past
years of legacy and got lucky to
travel across
india and got chances to study under
various gurus from different backgrounds
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hello today’s podcast we are having
a ghost her name is valentina leo
she is a teacher of erotic muslim and an
explorer of the tantric worlds
for over years valentina is an agony
holder of the freedom lineage from the
tantric school of fascinating wonderment
that spontaneously birthed female
teachers of
bathurst park she is madly in love with
the mystery and the traditional tantric
of kashmir shaivism now she offers
various courses on tundra both online
and offline you could connect with her
however today she is joining with us to
her journey as a her motherhood
also serpent wisdom along with her chart
the the contact details
of the valentina is being given on the
description below
so welcome to podcast series episode
the serpent wisdom with valentina leo
yeah hi um it’s glad to um
i am very glad that you have accepted my
invitation to this particular podcast
and you are you are doing
uh training people’s in tandric path and
you are
recognizing them as tantrikas and you
are also a mother too
so as a tantrica
and growing up kids and how do you feel
like that and how did you started all
oh hola so first of all thank you for
having me and inviting me
and i feel really blessed
and honored and
being a mother actually has been the
biggest tantric teaching for me
to accept reality as is and not as i
it would be and every time i want to
change my reality i’m resisting what’s
and i think the the core of all the
tantric teaching
is absolute acceptance of the perfection
of this presence moment
and when i can’t see the pers perfection
of this present moment
is because i’m confused about my true
and um and so being a mother reminds me
of this daily
when i want to change things when i want
to be
in a different place and physically and
and having to come back to the present
moment and see the gifts
that mothering brings and some of the
gifts are you know really heartbreaking
there is unbearable beauty there is this
ambiguity of
such deep ecstatic love and such
deep heartbreaking at the same time
and and being able to be in the center
of it all
and and receive
you know many blessing i i i arrive
you know the my daughter already is
growing up and i’m already
grieving the loss of her childhood and
the gift that her childhood brought to
and i wasn’t able to sit then when i was
so deeply in it
and now i see so much more creating a
bit of time
distance so
yeah being a being a parent i think
teach everybody to be
really present really really present
with what life brings
and let go of personal like and dislike
i think i learned a lot about selfless
to love even when i would
my preference would dictate my like and
dislike are not met
you know and and to still stay open and
i think it’s a wonderful teaching to
have and i don’t think
i could understand the compassion as i
do now
if i didn’t have a child that taught me
so it’s been hard for me in mothering it
hasn’t been a sweet
loving path i’ve been a single mother
for years
and an entrepreneur
a teacher in my own right creating my
own income
and completely living out of mainstream
and so it hasn’t been easy
but i think it made me strong
and very determined
and yeah i think it’s the source of my
my deepest power is that i’m a mother
and so i know what it feels like
feeling ripped apart and pieces of me
being taken
and yet be present with an open heart
in the fire of loving so a true gift
even with all my resistance
so how did you got initiated into
uh the path of tundra even how do you go
to know about even the
tantric path and this tantric
i was a punk
when i was in my early s and living in
and the first time i heard about
kundalini was through
a magician a friend of mine that was
into the magic of alistair crowley
and he told me about this inner power
called kundalini this snake black snake
and all the symbology was really
and we were rebellious you know and
breaking the rules and
wanting to go against the linearity
of society you know we looked very
as punk but we were all like pieces of
butters inside
i think we were all looking for love and
true communication and
relaxation in our expression of being
and then i traveled to india following a
party a trance party in those days in
london i was taking a lot of
psychedelics drugs and
having wild exploration of my embodiment
and i arrived in india for a party
in rajasthan was the sun eclipse of
and i
i still don’t know how i did it because
in those days there was no cell phone
no internet barely any email
i don’t even remember if they were email
or not
and we i managed to
we managed to find this village in the
middle of nowhere in rajasthan
that was on the line of the eclipse and
so we could see the eclipse in full
and was in a village abandoned by
people and so we basically squatted it
and people came from all over the world
we were maybe five to eight hundred
something like this this is what i
and after that i went off on my own
and i arrived in india and everybody i
met i asked about kundalini because this
magician told me in london in my pan
if you go to india you must learn about
and someone told me about a man in
varanasi that was teaching kundalini
practices so when i got to varanasi i
went to see him i don’t even remember
his name anymore i remember he used to
big red dots in his forehead he
is to tell me that when kundalini is
you can just do all your talent get
and so any instrument you’ll pick up you
can play
any song you want to sing you’ll hit the
and know the dances you know everything
and but you know i wasn’t really into
the path then it was a curiosity i used
to see this teacher as a curiosity
and in reality i was spending all my
time in asia
the italian smoking assist and going
into the
inner realms you know but
india really blew me wide open i mean i
was just mentioning to you i met the
sadhus and the agory
and and i think i always been a tantrica
at heart
because this
spiritual character really took on me
maybe because they were the punk of the
spiritual path
the rebels and i felt
completely attracted to them their
boldness their
non-conformity you know like india you
know your india is very
it conforms you know people are properly
and there is a sense of social
and then you have the agory that are
completely naked covered in ashes with
wild hair
and and scary eyes and i was absolutely
attracted by them
and then i saw kali you know varanasi
had a lot of kali shrine
in in the guts and around
temples and buildings and i really liked
i was fascinated by this little shrine
distributed in the city that weren’t
temple they were just shrine to this
that also was fully black and
you know as a punk kali was the symbol
absolute irreverence and rebellion shed
the big tongue out you know it’s like
taking the peace to everything we know
ah you
think you know everything
put the hand like this and they almost
look like this
you think you know who i am and you come
to prostrate on my feet
because you want me to be the one you
think i am
so it was like really breaking old
and and of course was really aligning
with my temperament in that time i was
i was new to the world that was my
first trip outside of europe
to come to india really blow my mind my
heart to see how other people live and
and kali really put a seed in my heart
in those years um
and i remember i used to go to the
temple and i used to
do all the decoration and embodiment
of you know taking the flowers and have
them bless
and having the shiva
as a symbol on the forehead the three
big line
and the tilak and the pouring of the
milk on the lingam you know all this
action were really fascinating for me
and i was already leaning towards the
performance art
and the dance and movement and so
all this gesture really awoke the artist
in me
that was already existing you know i was
already into painting
and dressing up and performing
and um so it was like a coming home
suddenly something was it was a
recognition you know and
now i know the recognition sutra
and then i didn’t know this that you
know the tantric
revelation the tantric truth meets you
as a knowing
as a recognition that you already knew
this that you meeting now that drops in
the body as an absolute knowing
so there was definitely a recognition of
into all this character and i was bold
also because as a punk i was wearing a
mohican i had a blonde mohican
and i arrived in india with like this
and all the indian people i think they
never saw
anything like this in my life i had the
piercing in my tongue
which i kept showing everybody i had a
big ring
around my lips and i had big earlobe and
many hearing many dangling stuff
but of course the mohican was attracting
a lot of attention and
after the festival i just shaved my head
and so i officially became a yogini
but in this day i wasn’t even doing yoga
i started
a year later when i was and
and so they saw in me almost my future
the people recognized me for the one
that i was about to become
in the in the year to come which i was
unaware of i was just really playful
about it
and so they called me ganja full moon in
varanasi actually they gave me this name
yeah i guess this was my beginning you
know and then
then i came to live to in africa and i
kept traveling back to india
and i took on classical indian dance
in the form of odyssey and um
you know through kali i became familiar
with tantrism
and i started studying in the book and i
chose odc as a dance form because
i read somewhere there was the dance
form that was closest to the traditional
tantric teaching
out of all the seven classical indian
and so i started to travel regularly to
in the capital of orissa to to learn the
and and there i mean also by
crazy paradox my dance teacher was
a japanese woman not an indian
woman i mean i was like some indian
teacher that influenced me but she was
principal teacher which i would like to
invite you to
interview her she still lives in india
she’s been living in bubanesh for now
for plus years
at the time she’s been there for
years now she’s got an academy of dance
and yeah and and so it carried on you
know the tradition of eroticism and
sexuality from the temples
the temple of konarak and and to be
my meeting with the uh not wanting
the uh the non-desire of
indian teacher around me to to dwell in
the true erotic path of this dancer
you know the odyssey has a very strong
erotic tradition that is completely
unexplored and
to made forgotten and pushed underground
although it’s so blatant in the temple
you know
yeah i was performing already and i
remember in those years in south africa
and cape town mainly i was painting
myself completely blue
and i would wear all the garment of
shakti i had a big golden crown and
and i had a bell with dangling things
but i was always bare-chested
like i saw the dancer in the temples
carved on the temple wall
and you know now always being lucky my
breast is small so it wasn’t too overt
also you know and and with the paint
it wasn’t like a point of immediate
attraction but i created a little bit of
a scandal amongst the hindu community
in durban in those days and i was always
so impressed that when i was driving
around ubaneshwar you can have this
statue a normal statue of
naked women with the breast offering the
abundance of love and nourishing of
their breasts to
to the people so these are the those
those structures are called darkness in
buddhism they call it as darkenings
need acne that activist
indian mysticism or the uh temple
related to that deity it is called as
aksha’s and their chinese like exist we
call it like
uh the beings in another dimension so
they come and express themselves and
they really open
the more you open the more you receive
that’s the truth actually
you know yeah so the more you lose
them do you recognize dakini everywhere
the more they show themselves
up yeah you know they will more receive
um yeah so and also
uh talking about your uh
dance practices i have uh i think you
remember the
days you have done the dance with the
snake right
yes either i did yeah you done did that
he saw that yeah i saw that and also
if i’m not wrong um the most of the text
you might be
reading from daniel odier right
yes yes well i did also i read
traditional texts from jai dev singh
and and at the moment daniel ludiere is
teacher that really inspired my heart
he really cracked me up and he’s very
interesting because
i i also has gone through some of his
like especially tandrick quest which he
has written
danny lauder has written a book which
named this tantric quest
you have gone yeah that was the thing
that i i read
years ago and put me on a tantric
and was really interesting because i i
didn’t identify with him in the book
i identify with like really i wanted to
become that one living in the mountain
having union with god endlessly
and in those days i said again we didn’t
have internet
and i i looked him up and he was
teaching in french and i didn’t speak
the world seems so much bigger than it
is now
and so i carried on following his
but i never imagined that i could meet
him in person
and then he became a kind of forgotten
you know drop in my um beginning
teaching and then i found other teacher
along the path
and then i met him again when i was
actually in my full maturity you know
and i met him again about six seven
years ago
when i feel i was fully formed i was
already teaching tantrism
and and he closed the circle for me
and i completely fall in love with all
the practice that he
gave me a direct transmission of and
and it’s interesting that when i fully
understood what uh the kili is
i could you know start transmitting from
that realm
and um and so he was says he
initiated me and and and
into the the beginners parts
and then when i was ready to go into the
depth he
he appeared again in my life this time
in person and
we’ve been meeting in person since then
i i tried to
connect with him at least once a year of
course now with kovid has been
more difficult and and he really dropped
me into the depth
of the dakini transmission so
he is my beloved teacher i i have deep
deep love feeling for him he really he
really touched my heart
and yeah
some of his work is actually like what i
personally feel is like it’s it’s a
it’s a uh like uh it’s a kind of dream
you know like uh even though he uh
convey a lot of messages in that
like um but some of the things are
mostly not possible
you know like from a white female of
white male perspective he is coming from
uh outside of the india it may not be
possible most of the things
which he was writing about but but he
has actually
put something very great in detail in
his some of his work
that i really appreciate even but yeah
this is what i
would like to say after i’m going i know
i think many people suspect that
the story it’s a product of in his
imagination if you ask him when i ask
him he is absolutely true for him lalita
exists and um but i
really love this because it’s in the
of the tantric teaching the truth is
told by stories
because the story really entered the
of the heart and opened the state of
wonderment with a childlike
feeling and when we are in the state of
we can imagine the unimaginable
and the impossible can happen and this
of tantrism the way i understanding
are pushing our limited perception of
reality in every moment is suggesting
that there is so much more
to reality that we can see and feel and
dream of
and so to teach the teaching
through imaginary character or
story i feel they really bring the
the deepest the possibility of the
learning that is from the heart not the
yeah you know danielle really uses this
which is a tantric practice
you know of of breaking the heart open
and let the heart inform the mind
and when the heart is in a state of
ecstatic love and wonderment
life is wonderful there is no problem
the you know there are no real
challenges and so the possibility to
from there he informed that and culture
that rather other teachers that i found
they are extremely
scholarly in the transmission of pantry
text and to me they become a little bit
too dry
there is always that piece that i i need
to study more to get it
i don’t understand fully i’m never gonna
get it i need to read another book
and read it three times and read it
backward and there is more knowledge
and is this chasing something
that i will always miss it if i don’t go
deep enough with the text
and i also love that in in in the
country teaching
also there is this
stress stress meaning
it’s spoken many times is remedied uh
reminded many times of the immediacy
of the understanding and that happened
with the heart
and so with the stories um
we open the heart and when we are in
truth enters and then everybody can
access it
it’s not a matter of who’s the greatest
scholar and who studied for longer we
are all equal there
is the arrow of kamadeva they just enter
and explode your heart
and then in that i feel is really
exciting because
it’s a possibility that awaiting
getting access to the infinite you know
the finite beings so i have gone through
your video of the
dancing with the snake so it’s a kind of
symbolism that
the when the kundalini awoke and you
were all you were
like alan watts is talking about how you
ever explored your
darker sides you know so um when
the real uh explosion happens it is like
playing with the danger
you know like uh the snake is awokening
and it’s
coming on your body and it’s going into
you and you are getting one with the
snake and things like that
so how do you explain your feeling with
that dance or
what made you to do that yeah i have um
i love alan watts as well and it’s it’s
one of my lovers from the infinite i
never met him in person but he cracks my
open relentlessly
and yes loving your dark side i do also
online course called kissing the snake
you know it’s like really going to
kiss your biggest fear to offer your
loving and your body
to that which we most fear because
that’s where a lot of potentials are
it’s the un unexplored and
um so you know working with the snake
was a phase in my life and as i told you
i was a performer
and it was creating a lot of response in
they they love to have a snake dancer
and then
in my exploration with that i went
underwater and we shot that video
you know i have to say i want to say
this publicly because
many people think they’re opposite i’m
still scared of snake
bear of snake never goes away you know
in cobras here that are deadly we have
deadly snakes in my garden and right
i know they’re there i just don’t go and
put my feet there
but there is this constant awareness and
so i’m still scared of snake and
i am mesmerized and attracted and still
afraid and i think
that is to keep the polarity alive
at once and so that’s why snake are so
they’re such a powerful symbol and um
because we don’t want them we don’t want
to look at them
but yet we want to look at them more so
it’s like this i don’t want to look but
i’m looking like this
and so there is that pull and push and
so maintain
this tension alive in the body
that create life you know is the tension
of the tantra
you know living in the in the tension of
being two things
at the same time attracted and afraid
and one of my teachers called this the
the excitement and they were living
and to recognize it and so the snake for
me still that when i look at that video
of me with the snake you know it was
shot in
it was even before i became a mother
and when i look at that video i don’t
see me anymore i see this woman with the
snake and i can also journey
myself every time i see it i
i i feel feelings new feelings
i i get lost in i get mesmerized by that
every single time and um
yeah i don’t know what else you want me
to say about
snake is a very snake is the very
important symbol
in any kind of mysticism whether it is
in western or eastern or
doesn’t matter because it’s it’s it’s
it’s equally we are actually frightened
about the snake
also the seduction of the snake is much
more than that of the
you know the fright and another
yes he’s mesmerizing is enchanting and
truth is like that
you know the mystery is like that is
and mesmerizing kali is like that is
and yet so attractive you know you want
to enter the dark body
to find more of yourself we want to know
about yourself and we are also scared
of the self of meeting ourselves
represent that
ongoing polarity also daniel
dear very beautiful say that the snake
also remind us of the
movement of our spine and so the natural
movement of
the body the undulation of the sound
waves that create reality
and also the movement of the sperm that
is looking for the egg
and so this is also our origin is where
we come from
and so we are naturally attracted to go
back to our place of
um so you want to say something more
about the snake or uh shall we go
i wanted to say this thing keep coming
into mind when i’m talking to you and i
haven’t thought about it for many years
because we were talking about
bhubaneshwari and me studying the dance
and then
i became friend with the brahmin at the
temple which was one of the shiva temple
in bubanishwar
and after before i was leaving you know
i used to go visit him often
and share the dance and and you know
ask him a lot of questions he became my
guide he took me to the
guinea temple in irapur and he took me
to many
special um secret site
of worshipping because it was a brahmin
and had access to that
and so before i was leaving you know he
asked me to choose a nagini from the
and you know for the one that are
listening and they don’t know nagini or
little statue
um little carving in the temple of
carving of um archetypal beings maybe
adds your your knowledge of it that have
a body that is half human and half
snake so the bottom of the body is a
is a naga being and and i choose one
that was
my nagini and we call it tina nagini
because in india
valentina was too much of a mouthful and
people just called me tina
tina and so we find tina
nagini and and i have this deep desire
some days i really think i want to go
back to mukteshwar temple and
and see if i’ll find her again
immortalized there with the body of a
snake and
yeah it’s like a blessing it’s like um
it’s like this this beautiful man
held a place for me in the temple
of shiva and i felt it
really supported my my journey of
and that is still happening with a lot
of love and care
i don’t know if you have anything more
to say about nagini
so one thing what are the courses you
offer online
like what courses i offer i do
a three-day immersion called kissing the
snake where we meeting for three days
back to back
and it’s very intuitive teaching you
know so
online it’s online in july
and and then after that is a test to see
if you
like to work with me if i
awaken something in your being because i
we have to choose our teacher according
to the level of seduction you know if
they seduce our body or our mind
not because someone told us that they
and so if that really moves people then
they can come on a
six weeks online course called um
riding the tiger so first we kiss the
and if you manage to kiss your fear to
invite your fear then we’re riding
we’re riding the tiger of life the tiger
of your heart
the it’s the fearless path of
passionate living on the planet
and and then i do in person
event you know people are really welcome
to come and find me in south africa
i’m shortly gonna move to bali and
perhaps relocating there we’re gonna see
how that moves
and then i work privately with people on
personal intensive
and where we meet regularly and
yeah i’m also creative in my teaching i
don’t have a
major structure put in place um
you know i i went through a whole
journey where i went very academic
especially when i was studying the
classical indian dance and
i did a lot of research in the library
of orissa
and i was surrendered by people doing
their phd while they were dancing and so
i got really taken by the academic
and and now since i turned which is
six months ago i almost six months ago
i really feel i’m going through a
transformation a
complete snake transformation
and i i landed the school the tantra
school of erotic
wisdom is it’s really new although i’ve
been teaching for years i’ve always
been teaching in my own capacity
and now my student really started
pressing me
to to create format a format to the
teaching that people can
can access me because until now you
really had to
come and find me because i do leave the
archetype of the dakini
and and so my teaching are really
and they are absolutely intuitive and
they are fierceless you know i’m really
direct in the teaching i don’t
i don’t look for shortcut i’m not afraid
intimidate my student i think that when
we are a little bit afraid
we we show up more there is more of us
or either
is too much and then we walk away and
i’m not your teacher clearly but if that
quality of
intimidation attracts you i think then
there is the possibility of really
breaking through everything that is not
in your being all the filters and the
the story we tell ourselves about
and i’m really interested in dropping
into the erotic wisdom that is the heart
so is this the experience of really
being alive in the body
and of course i’m using texts
the recognition sutra you know i
use those three the shiva sutra they
were very pivotal for my awakening
i mean she was sutra enlightened when i
came across the passage about
fascinating wonderment and the the
attitude of vismaya you know the
almost halfway through it speaks about
the quality of the accomplished
masters they accomplished tantric yogi
is the one that lives every moment in
the quality of this maya
that is translated as fascinating
and that peace landed in my being and
exploded me for years i still teach
basically the essence of this teaching
and so my school really is the school of
fascinating wonderment
and which is an erotic experience
it belongs to the sensing
and the state of wonderment and also
this childlike
attitude towards life so this is mainly
where i come in what is my style of
um my flavor let’s put it that way i
think every teacher has
different aspect of understanding
and awakening in their body and so i
think we
we all bring something particularly
unique so that’s
i feel that’s my unique approach
so um i
also run a program which is online it’s
kundalini yoga meditation like uh
rectifying the yantras on our body like
all these seven chakras that is the
first thing
we have to do rectify our
genres so that we can actually pass us
prana through all these uh
and become merged with the um
unknown or whatsoever i’ll send you that
video for that
like because it’s when i say it’s
unknown whatsoever it’s because it’s
so we can only say it’s in that way but
it is
it is beyond that you know
like words are always limited you know
whatever we are communicating is always
limited because it
comes out of our own social conditioning
like whether
the culture you have grown up or the
background yeah
so it’s all limited but the experience
always same you know because the truth
is only one
truth is only one yeah the experience
become unlimited can throw your body
into the space of complete
unbounded freedom that it’s
indescribable in words
but the body can take us there so i i

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totally believe we have to practice with
the body
expand the mind i also believe that
reading some traditional book
it’s really important yeah exactly yeah
those peoples are there already they’ve
been there
so our job will be much more easier
we don’t have to do all the experiments
with ourselves you know
yeah and also the tradition has a
very beautiful language you know the
twilight language of the text that
sometimes is um it just has
words that are so rich and put together
in such way
that really expand the thinking brain
as well and we can start dwelling in the
unimaginable yeah you know one of my
friend and teacher always
say you have to be real you have to
think the
unimaginable you have to think the
because that’s reality that it’s it’s
um the limit of the thinking brain and
the the texts really establish a
like a map or a ground work and for them
the practices
are unfolding like opening flowers onto
this groundwork it’s like
shiva on the floor i really love this
picture of
shiva and shavasana with the erect
which is all potential it’s the
because it’s that beyond whatever is
being created already and so therefore
belongs to the are
absolutely unknown and and shakthi kali
the feminine sits on the phallus takes
it in absorbed
all potential and where she touch and
makes it into a reality and so it’s by
virtue of this dance always absolutely
and infinite and so the quality of
fantasy and wonderment that’s why i
think the book of daniello diaries
is poetic language is absolutely
to imagine the unimaginable you know
um so i also really am really fond of
lala the poetess of kashmir i don’t know
if you are familiar with her poetry
which one
no no i don’t know she’s a mystic
of kashmir also lived about a thousand
years ago
and and this story who knows if she also
was for real or not
but in kashmir they still sing her
song so there’s been a oral tradition of
song that became popular um
cultural expression at
wedding and social gathering and it was
said that she
when she reached enlightenment at the
age of
years old she dropped all her
and she wandered kashmir
in complete naked awareness in the nude
singing her song and what i love about
that she’s an absolute feminine
embodiment of teaching
so she never wrote books like abhinava
and that lived at the same time and she
never created a school of thoughts
but she just offered her body to the
experience of truth
and so she was naked and she was making
love to reality
and she was singing the teaching
so you don’t get the teaching of lala
you get the song of lala
which are poem and so i love this that
truth can be also sung and dance
and dissolved
into the expression of my loving is not
just received
in linear writing on textbook
you know i i grew up a christian so of
course we have the bible
and the evangeli the gospel
there was a yogini which i heard about
her name
is akama devi she was also like
she was so fond of shiva she get lost in
so what happened is like she thrown
out all her clothing she roamed around
naked and she
started singing the song that comes out
from the love of shiva
is full of shiva akama devi
akama devi akama devi her name was
wow interesting there has the word kama
desire and love
sounds like uh la lita la la
la la ferry perhaps is the same
of practitioner you know that that may
maybe in some tradition is remembered
with different names
i i love this i’m gonna look her up
thank you
akama devi um
so yeah let’s go to your chat you want
to see what your chat is going to say
about you
um yeah i’m just gonna share you
you have the printed version of the chat
with you
yes do you want me to open it up in
front of me
do i need to look at it yeah if you want
so basically uh i would like to start
from your natura which is like hasta
hasta is the sanskrit name which could
translated into english uh
saying it’s like a hand okay
oh yes the mudra the hasta you did it
into the dance
yeah exactly so this is uh
the hand and
what happens is like whoever has this
particular nachatra
has a particular ability to do something
with the hand
like they can heal people by touching
they can
uh do artwork like extra
special activities they could do with
their hand
probably in the case of you it might be
a healing
because the uh
the erotic uh performances whatever you
do it’s basically a kind of healing
which actually heals the people
yeah i i like to think it more in term
of it inspire them into a recognition of
who they truly
are i’m i’m really not to i don’t use
the word healing a lot
because healing implying that there is
disease and brokenness and we need to
something no i when i meant the word
healing it doesn’t mean that physical
like healing in another another
dimension like
you know the metaphysical dimension
yeah yeah it’s clearing the confusion
to that that keeps you away from your
true nature through understanding of
but i found that in contemporary
language it’s this world is a little bit
that’s why i avoid using it and many
comes for tantra healing because i have
you know sexual trauma and i think this
practice can heal the trauma and
it’s not really a healing practice
it’s a practice of remembrance and that
remembrance will put everything in order
i would like to say the healing in this
the conditioning see if
people feel themselves sick if they are
because they are bounded to so many
things like uh
they are actually doing a life of
enslavement if they are if they are
feels like
uh um bounded if they are conditioned
they feel like they are actually living
a life of slaven
so that is an unhealed life it’s a
life you see yeah i understand what you
still i have a preference not to
to understand that there is it’s shiva
even an apparent broken life is still
shiva having an experience of himself
and so in in the virtue of that cannot
be broken it’s still
part of the perfection of reality but i
fully understand what you’re meaning i’m
i’m being a little bit pedantic here so
i understand what you’re meaning i
understand absolutely what you’re
and it’s valid
usually they have the ability
so this is your tree okay
aha so this is a tropical tree
what does it does is like you have a
kind of resonance frequency
every body has a resonance frequency so
when you come near to this particular
this will actually start to vibrate uh
on the level of your body so which means
you can easily connect with the this
particular tree
in tandoorism we know that once we
we actually understand that we are
we are the universe
we have the microcosm of the microcosm
yeah yeah so when you come near to this
particular tree
this can actually connect with you you
know you see
so is this um
what is indigenous of
uh meaning that
is this jasmine tree mulan
no no no no no no no this is kampala
it is there on the link which i have
shared you there is your nakshatra
link is there on the chat to check out
if you click on that you can come to my
website on this particular page
and you can see uh more about this
particular tree ambergam
ah okay okay so
this that you’re doing now you’re
sharing the screen your computer screen
this is specific
on my reading it is there on your
on the chat which i have shared okay
sorry i didn’t look before i saw
something else that um confused me i
now look so clear
okay so this is how your nakshatra will
looks likes on the sky
if you look at on the sky the uh moment
you got birth
the ascendant was there on sky so that
area there will be a group of stars so
that stars
in india we named it as hasta and it
will looks like
uh in this way alpha beta lambda gamma
and epsilon b
so this is like you are devagana
devagana means uh
you are like there is three gonna one is
mansia and uh god okay so
you are they were gonna so you have the
uh ability to be
like a god like uplift people to talk to
and things like that you know
so rachael gunna this nakshatra has the
guna of
rajas so which means that you like more
like snake oh yes actually
an intensity of experience
so things like that so that is it
and your goal is acne okay which means
that you can
burn things very easily you get very
angry like kali
and you will get burned you can burn
you know yeah so when i am saying
burning i’m
talking it’s in a metaphysical level
it’s not like
you know physical layer
yeah yeah yes
so you have the masculine quality
is more rather than that of the shakti
i do i do feel
more masculine than feminine actually
although i appear very feminine
yeah exactly
particularly my desire for emptiness and
so you have more connected with this uh
sabithar god
okay if you um uh this is like a pure
if we talk if we want to talk more about
we have to talk more about the pure land
if you see this land in a metaphysical
uh that area there is a metaphysical
entity is extinct
so in yogis in india called it as
so you could actually connect with this
particular god
using some kind of mantras
so it’s not exactly like a gourd it’s
a metaphysical entity
okay so you should understand that there
is no god in india
actually even though there is thousands
of gods there is
we don’t believe in
you don’t god in god no
we feel indeed we uh
we see the life as the uh uh
it’s for liberation it’s to experience
god it’s not too
it’s not to worship god you know it’s to
experience god
worshiping is two different things in
tandra we actually experience we
figure out a way to experience it
yeah yeah and the worship
it’s it’s finalized to the experience
you know when it’s
like worshipping is like jesus jesus is
a god you worship me you will come to
if if you don’t worship me you will go
to hell if you worship me you will come
heaven so in india that kind of concept
is not there
but i in india there is a lot of worship
of uh
murti and smoothies
deities okay okay
so define for me what a deity
is it’s an avatar for god how do you
define it
exactly it’s an avatar it’s like you can
be become god that is the
important thing if you do some certain
yoga practices
and practice some mantras and things
like that you will be become god
well you’ll remember that you are god
already you’ve been all along
yeah to say like
instead of becoming it’s taking away all
the layers that made you forget
that you are it already yes
exactly it’s already revealed so i also
feel that
the path of tantra for me it’s a journey
into revelation
and you know i call the tantric
revelation more than teaching
because it’s a path that reveals what’s
already here
but we take away that everything that is
you know the narrative the false beliefs
everything that is in the way
for um for your true self to reveal
itself which is god
it’s exactly so these peoples or the
these deities which you can see in india
is actually somebody like me or somebody
like you
who have already walked in this part
already worked in this land and they
some qualities and they used some
techniques to reach that level of
you know that level of uh clarity in
their life
so same technique that is somebody is
for tandra somebody is for yoga
and somebody is for fakti things like
that so that is what it happens in india
so do you believe that shiva was a true
blue being
that danced this handover dance on the
that really walked this earth
shiva he walked on this land actually
earth and so was vishnu and rama and
all those people all those people okay
and uh how long ago do you have an idea
like maybe four thousand five thousand
if we see these kandapuranam and all
those things
krishna and all was walked around
years ago krishna rama and all those
guys has walked three thousand things
bigger than our human side like dragons
i had this idea see the size is relative
do you understand that the size is
relative actually
yeah to a point i mean i think in the
description of the deity they always
appear so big
and uh and human so small and uh
in the in the traditional uh and
historical teaching we were told is
people see them so powerful and depicted
themselves see the
thing is like when you when you become
the core when
um see krishna was not that big he
lived among the people and he even
fought the fight
you know he even for the war actually
uh in makkah and all he how killed
thousands of people
krishna and when he become big when
arjuna was asked him can you show me
your real size
i mean your real actual thing
so he become very big in that particular
and what is that actually what is that
actually happening when you drop
your self-identity i am this body
you will be become nothing it’s also as
same as
you become everything um
you see the body of the earth the body
consciousness when the body
loses you become nothing and it is also
as same as you become everything yeah
absolutely you see that is the thing
so krishna become nothing in that
particular moment
and he become everything so he become
big it doesn’t mean that he is actually
yeah in metaphysically it is true that
is why i am saying it is relative
yeah i agree with you i always i also
you know i i let myself not to believe
anything too
strongly because i think we we lose
freedom when we
yeah that is not the thing that is what
the thing of the
uh elite the difference between this
semantic religion
and the religions from east he says
don’t believe anything
yes and that’s freedom that’s where it’s
and jesus is what the semantic religion
says believe me
i am the one so that is the main
he said don’t believe me krishna says
don’t believe me
you know but also in the tradition of uh
in the school of tantrism
you know there is a lot of sometimes i
see strong rigidity
in what is taken to be truth like for
example that even
abhinava gupta really lived you know
do we know that for sure could be
another inspiring character
created to entice our curiosity to know
and and so for me everything is possible
and i always had
this idea that shiva perhaps really
walked this planet that
is not a symbol you know in a lot of
tantric texts is just held as a symbol
of the absolute reality and sometimes i
no maybe he’s not a symbol maybe he was
a real blue man that was always playing
he may not be blue he may not be blue
he was a man he walked in i like him
the dark blue sky the sky at night
midnight blue
yeah it’s uh good uh it’s uh that the
uh the tantric teaching he has revealed
mahabhairavatan he was saying one of his
meditation technique is
to just imagine just look at on the sky
and you are there
yeah you know yeah
and that’s my body that’s his body yeah
yeah yeah just look at on the sky and
you are already there you don’t have to
yes yes so true
very beautiful i love the simplicity of
this teaching you see that’s why i
i really embrace tantrism because they
sometimes excruciatingly simple you know
that are so simple they break their
immediately and that’s why many people
can’t receive them
because we’ve lost the sense of
simplicity you know we believe that true
has to be expressed with complication
and knowledge has to be complex and
complicated or is not true knowledge
and the tantric teaching dissolves that
yeah instant
so let’s go to
so there is a kriya there is a media
a video which which is like yoga and
that helps you to uh breathe deeply and
to be it’s another technique whether you
want to do it or not you can do
okay there is a video all right
so this is the uh your sexual type is
buffalo buffalo uni so this will
uh this practice will actually give you
more intimacy with your partner
all right yeah that’s a position i like
to take i recognize that yeah it’s a
comfort place
so here you know uh hands is on
each other’s heart earth
so this is actually creating the trust
so yeah this is the uh mostly about your
so now we will go to your chat actually
yes this i looked this i saw
i opened this yeah
you know i couldn’t they decipher any of
it’s a cryptic language
it’s a cryptic language for the unknown
yes exactly we just talk about this
extreme simplicity
you’re throwing everything off with this
language no
the complicated thing is the most
simplest thing you know
is the simple complexity
no no the dialectic is the real reality
um in philosophy there is a term called
it’s like uh yes you understand like
yes yes yes middle of the two the
are same as most symbol that is the
to make the complex simple to be
yeah yeah
so in tanubhava there is ascendant is
so ascendant means that is where you get
birth so
so you are a self-centered person
that is what it’s revealing and the
kedu is saying bandu means the friend so
ketu is actually um
what’s along with the occult
understanding and stuffs like that
you see i don’t know where you are
occult and magic and things like that
so that is your friend that means i’ve
got an affinity with that
what is it yeah you have an affinity
with that
the the putra bhava the fifth house
there is moon is staying moon is like
a feminine so your kid will be
feminine quality maybe you have a
daughter right
yeah so that is like feminine quality
at the sixth house venus and mars
is staying that is your uh enemy
venus is actually like
the more thing like uh
venus is the planet which is associated
with sex drugs and rock and roller all
those things
then mars is the planet is battle it’s a
so these two two things are your enemy
like uh when you walk on the
tandem path you should be always aware
i am actually walking with the pleasure
without neglecting the pressure i am
walking on the sword
so when you see that pressure
is there not losing
self and get into pleasure rather than
on happiness only can help us to
get there
what i hear you saying that these are my
potential deviation from the path
my enemy in a sense that could distract
to get into passionate sex
and drugs and rock and roll the
of from the path and
and maybe fighting confrontation
fighting language like you get angry
very easily you fight get into fight
very easily
i used to i used to i i say that
it’s not like you have to avoid all
those things
when i’m saying uh you should be aware
awareness is different from abortion
you see yeah you call them my enemy
that’s why i thought they were the
potential destruction like
when you are walking on the path of
pleasure you should be aware that you
are walking on the path of pleasure
it’s not like you should not go to the
path of pleasure
because pleasure has to be there
otherwise life will get bored do you
yeah yeah yeah dry too dry
and jupiter is staying as the yupati
yuvadi your relationship is always you
look for
uh wisdom
i do
even you are not in a quarrel with
somebody also you
always look for the wisdom in that
calling that is a good quality yeah
mercury is staying
mercury is the planet which is
associated with the speech
your words and son is your
uh father probably like a masculine
influence in your house so that too is
staying on your
dendra house which means that that could
that could make you to deviate from your
those two are sun and mercury
tell me mercury again so sun
is a masculine quality that could be
your father
okay and the mercury mercury is the
so this if you have
maybe in your life there will be a
calling with your father
do you have your father alive right now
yeah not on on the threshold of another
um reality he’s got um
alzheimer and so he’s not
consciously aware of his reality or the
reality as we see it i don’t know what’s
his reality at the moment
but we don’t have a social relationship
anymore longer he doesn’t
recognize me anymore and he
is lost in his mind a little bit
but i had i had a lot of quarrel with my
when he was alive he was a very strong
man of the mind
and yeah we confronted
many many times was yeah was a hard
relationship from that aspect
yeah so that’s what it is saying
and mercury is staying together like
and father that is in your randa
that which means that that could
make your soul tired you know
on the karma bhava there is staying
rahu is the um obsession
you you are very obsessive in your uh
work you do
okay i will look into that
i thought it was just dedicated
you’d be dedicated
so karma here it’s on the on the work in
my expression in the world
yeah karma is what you create in the
world in order to
pass through this particular prelim
of existence so i
i sorry when you spoke about the sun and
mercury i was looking at number eight
randra and and i see that in the dharma
they are under brazi
so it’s brazil the quality of expression
and bhavam the
quality of potential danger
no no no no
rashi is how the it is counts from the
first house like
see this chart so this is like rashi
first house second house third house
fourth house fifth house
starts from here that is dashi and
ascendant is here that is second house
if we count from here that is power
okay you understand yes sort of
so in my dharma the sun and mercury what
what does it mean in the number nine
that we usually don’t see
the rashi for uh getting
an absolute understanding we see the
baba over here
looking at the bottom yeah this is the
you see this column
okay okay and so in the in the
number nine in the dharma there is
no we just yeah okay
i was curious about that you know
because we always talk so much about
and you want to know about your dharma
so that is
ninth house
ninth house that is like ascendant
ascendant and moon
so what you what your dharma is moon is
actually looking at on the th house
which is
related to your daughter
and yourself so this is the two
in priorities in your life right now
so the use of the chart reading is to
understand these are the things which is
on my uh life and to
liberate from that thing it’s not to get
attached to this
you understood yeah yeah
so this is

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now you are in jupiter bhava which means
mostly like
from the age of
you started to focus mostly in wisdom
hmm what happened at the age of
what happened at the age of yeah
i held my daughter when i was
i was when my daughter was born
i can’t recall anything in specific
at the age of i was really depressed
i think yeah i remember the
that was the fifth actually jupiter
jupiter comes in that time
jupiter is actually wisdom so when you
get depressed
what it is a product of whatever the
chemicals or whatever the things which
comes into our mind or our body
is actually depressing our mind you see
it’s not a psychological effect it’s a
it’s a spiritual effect
yeah it felt like that like an expansion
of my
myself and not knowing any longer i was
very unsure about my future what to do
where to go where to be
um yeah from that point of time
it will change you see
you learn so many things from
that this is and half
till the age of and half you have
learned a lot of things
i’m gonna i’m gonna sit and meditate on
this after
i’m gonna think i will revisit maybe
some events in my life in that time
that’s interesting to know and
see if anything comes up
so yeah these are the things
now you are .
yeah so any other questions you have
no i think this is rich enough
uh do you want to say something to the
people who are
listening to this thing
and some messages how they can reach you
and what and all they can actually
do with you
hey die before you die come and die
before you die
we die before you die die while being
and true knowing shall come to you this
is one of the poetry of lala actually
dial while wrist alive and true knowing
shall come to you
yeah i think the things that you saw
that brought familiarity with things i
am reflected is uh i have this ability
to cut the very quickly also
with my students so i don’t engage in
spaces that
are not real and they love it
because they feel they can really move
their own illusion so that i guess is my
agni and my god of fire that you
described now that i
understood it you know burning to that
which is not
true one of my teacher told me that only
that which is not true
we can burn because the truth cannot
so all that we burning is the
and the confusion
and uh i just want to say it’s been so
lovely to meet you arun
and to feel your devotion to this
and your joyful dedication
and i really hope one day i can meet you
in india
thank you for listening to my podcast
you could connect with me in irons
yoga dot iron where you could
see my contact details including my
phone number
my whatsapp and my life stay tuned for
more exciting

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