The Five Levels Of Pleasure – Vedic Reading Series Episode No.19

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For todays podcast we are having a guest her name is Bracha Goetz She is a Harvard educated author of 39 children’s books. On todays podcast we are speaking about how to over come the food addiction and the five levels of pleasure. So lets begin Our Vedic reading series episode no -19, The five levels of pleasure.

Belo is a non verbal transcript for the same.

hi for today’s podcast
we are having a guest her name is bracha
she is a hardware educated author of
children’s book
on today’s podcast we are speaking about
how to
overcome the full addiction and the five
levels of pleasure
including her chart so let’s begin
our vedic reading series episode number
the five levels of pleasure
so yeah hi welcome to my vedic reading
series uh
this is going to be the episode number
i hope you have gone through any of my
vedic reading series basically so yeah
i’m so glad that you have joined to
one of my podcast so
we all know that you are a writer so can
talk about these stories why you are
writing for kids
especially for children
oh oh because um
with children it’s like you can engrave
it on their soul
if if you start at the very beginning of
to imbue them with beautiful messages
about the purpose of life and what life
is all about
then everything will be different i i
write the books i wished i had as a
so that children can understand
from the very beginning that they’re
spiritual beings
and that um they need to
take protect their souls
um take good care of their bodies and
protect their souls so they can shine
yeah so uh
what is that particular story which you
wrote especially for kids that
you feel that guide them
to a particular level of understanding
honestly come from your heart what is
that story about what is history
what is the book yes like like for
instance like the invisible book
i talk about all the things that we
believe in that
are invisible like um you know gravity
we just let go of something it falls
there’s an invisible force
and and time is invisible
and feelings and thoughts are invisible
and um electromagnetism
why can a magnet pick up a paperclip
it’s all all these invisible forces
are around us and they have a powerful
effect on our lives
and we believe in them so it it’s not
far-fetched to
believe that invisibly we’re all
spiritual beings
and um although we look like we’re just
physical bodies
those are just the clothing for our soul
so so it’s like it’s called the
invisible book and it teaches about all
the invisible things that we believe in
so that it follows to understand more
more readily that we’re spiritual beings
like another example is um i want to be
this boy wants to be famous like a lot
of children do
and someone takes a youtube video of him
doing something ridiculous and he
becomes famous
overnight and then he loses his fame
just as quickly when someone else could
do it better
until he’s very sad then until he
that if you if you can shine the
spotlight within you
then it’s not dependent on anybody else
then then the joy can’t be taken away so
if we nourish our souls to shine
that’s it in life that’s the way
to have every day be a glorious day
if we if we nourish our souls so
that’s another example and like i have
books like
let’s appreciate everyone about teaching
children how to interact with other
children that have disabilities
because children with disabilities are
usually the loneliest children around
they don’t get invited to
play dates and they don’t get invited to
parties and
so it teaches children how to be
like if someone’s in a wheelchair you
sit down on the same level you sit down
so you’re sitting next to them
not standing way above and if someone
if someone’s deaf you speak slowly so
they could read your lips
and you write them a note you could pass
notes to each other
it it it teaches children what they
usually don’t know how to interact so it
explains that
like if someone’s blind you introduce
yourself when you come up and if you’re
going away say i’m going away now
you let them know these things and
and there are invisible disabilities
children don’t know how to interact
socially so it talks about
going over and including them like if if
they’re sitting on the side and
everyone’s playing a game go
over and ask if they want to join they
may not want to but
they’ll still feel good that somebody
tried to include them and ask them and
and and it talks about how you know it’s
common to stare when you see someone
with a noticeable disability
but that there’s another five-letter
word it begins with
s and it’s so much more
helpful if you can smile instead of just
staring smile
and and that warms the heart of of
everybody actually so
that’s an idea of like how it teaches
different skills that children if we if
we learn these skills as a child we’ll
have them
our whole lives you know um and
yeah i mean i have also books like
teaching how to
protect children from sexual abuse all
of this
is to guard the soul and um because
otherwise a lot of garbage gets piled on
top of a soul if
it’s not protected so like i i have a
new book out this week
which is um let’s swim safely that’s
another thing about
about guarding our precious bodies
because especially
for very young children there’s a lot of
unnecessary death of children
in water that can be prevented if we
you know spread public health messages
about how children and how parents can
watch over little children yeah that
those are some examples of
different ways of helping souls to shine
so when you’re speaking about the
youtube show
the guy who become famous overnight
and all of a sudden he become he loses
all the all his pains and things like
especially when we are living in at the
edge of internet
uh in that everybody is with the screen
especially kids are growing up with the
mobile phone which can
access anything from anywhere
in this world um so and
also they can use that technology to uh
become famous uh on whatever they like
to do
and they do nasty things to get famous
or maybe good things to get famous may
be bad things to
get famous um there the definition of
the right and wrong also is relative
even though let’s uh let’s see that
internet age in which children
are growing up this day
what would you like to say for the
parents to
like a parent of an internet kid
what would you like to say to them
well um what would i say to a parent
where their child is very involved with
the internet is that what you said
yes uh
i couldn’t i can’t hear so well right
now it’s
the sound is going off um
yeah that’s what i was asking so uh what
would you
say to a parent uh foreign
whose kid is so much involved with the
technology and
he used that technology to become famous
yes it’s a very big problem
all i can recommend is
just bring in as many natural joys as
you can
into your child’s life spending time
spending time in nature because there
are certain pleasures
that can even override the connection
that a child feels gets from the
on social media which is an
understanding connection
it’s a way to connect with other people
which is a real pleasure
but bring in other pleasures that are
even greater
that’s what you could do because
otherwise they won’t even be familiar
they’ll be spending so much time
at home not going out not moving
the more that the child can be exposed
all the joys of movement of
dance of bicycling
of being in nature and it’s the same
thing also with eating natural foods
we’ve gotten used to eating um processed
um which bring which may be delicious
they could be orange flavored
but but they don’t compare to a real
orange you know um
it’s it’s like this the
orange was made with infinite
and infinite kindness and that can’t
compare to like an
orange flavored jelly bean which which
when a person doesn’t know any better
will enjoy that more than the real thing
so we have to
introduce into children’s lives more and
the real natural pleasures of life
um and and and and model it ourselves
that’s super
important the more that we model that
kind of behavior
the more that children see and when the
see our own joy in experiencing the
joys of life then they will seek to
those joys in their life
so do you feel like the spirituality
can take the role of a kid’s life in
this way
like a spirituality can can
help them to get exposure to the natural
joy and they making them to appreciate
the life yes and and the natural joys
are spiritual joys
that’s what we sometimes don’t recognize
all the natural physical pleasures in
this world
were designed to uplift our bodies
and uplift our souls when we
when you eat an orange if you do it
you feel spiritually uplifted you don’t
feel the same with a bag of potato chips
it just doesn’t do the same
thing you know so um basically
the more that we bring these natural
pleasures into our life
these were designed to be pleasurable
and what i learned about is the lowest
level of pleasure are all the physical
so um these physical pleasures they
uplift our bodies
and uplift our soul and i learned about
five levels on the pleasure ladder
like the next level up is love the first
level is appreciating the natural
physical things in the world the next
level love
appreciating another individual what are
the virtues you appreciate about someone
and the next level up is meaning doing
something good
and meaningful in the world above that
creativity putting up putting a
part of yourself into the world a part
of your own divine spark
into the world and making it better and
the highest level
is transcendence which is when
you see with clarity how we’re all
we are all it’s a give and take we’re
all connected to source
and we’re all connected to each other
everything and everyone
so these are the levels of pleasure so
can you speak more about these five
levels of
pleasure because i have gone through one
of your podcast in which you are
speaking about the
five levels of uh pleasure uh
can you speak uh more about that like
people who would be
interested to know like um uh if we
dig deep into the uh transcendental
which the mysticism of all
religion that could bring forth
is like it’s it’s really transcendental
you know so uh what is this five levels
uh pleasure and uh where where in this
pleasure ladder where this uh
uh wisdom stage
yes well the way i i was searching
for years for the purpose of life when i
i i was when i graduated from harvard
and i went to medical school
i was studying to be a psychiatrist and
and and that summer
i had a six-week break between my first
and second year of medical school i went
to israel
and that’s when i met a rabbi
who was i began to learn about ancient
mystical wisdom
and in in ancient texts kabbalistic
teachings teach about the five levels of
so that’s when i finally unders was
taught that the purpose of life is to
experience the greatest pleasure
i i never knew that like we’re like
like we are here to really experience
the deepest most
lasting pleasure and we we are so off
track from that most of the time
so what is the key to experiencing
it’s gratitude and and that is having
for these natural pleasures that were
created for
our joy and then having gratitude for
the people in our lives the other beings
that we connect with
and having gratitude to want to give
back to the world and our community
through doing something meaningful
and having gratitude that we were given
to bring into the world through
and and and the ultimate gratitude
like a person feels it like
under a starry starry sky at night
when you know that you’re a part of that
infinite universe so it’s basically
every moment we are
we are seeing
awesomeness right in front of us every
moment that we’re breathing
in and out something awesome is
but we don’t always see it so it
involves a clarity
and that’s what transcendence is as we
move up we have more and more clavity
clarity about being grateful for all
that we’ve been given
and that’s what creates joy in life so
the way to achieve joy is to be grateful
for all that we have um that’s a
teaching in the talmud too
who is rich
a person who is grateful for what they
have that’s
that’s a really rich person
so enough this uh pleasure ladder
where in what step do you stay
what what did you say what in which step
you stay
in this pleasure oh right very important
in this world we are
mainly on the on the on the bottom three
the physical pleasures love and meaning
creativity is you know it
it’s when we’re being creative we don’t
think about eating or sleeping we’re
like in this special zone
but it we we can’t sustain that level
it’s not a level that we
stay at for a long period of time but
it’s tremendously joyful
and transcendence as well we don’t stay
there in this world that that’s not
where we stay we get glimpses of it
like like i observe sabbath and it’s a
it’s a glimpse of the world to come but
we don’t stay that way all the time
so we get glimpses of the two highest
levels in this world but
it’s really for when we return to being
purely souls again that will experience
constant creativity and transcendence
in this world we have the opportunity to
with this physical world that we’re in
in our physical bodies
and to uplift the divine sparks
in everything and in ourselves and
and through that interaction we become
uplifted people that’s what we’re here
during this time and and and we’ve
become uplifted we’re experiencing
joy while we’re doing it so those are
the levels
that we’re really um that we’re really
spending our time on
and and and the way to do that again
is mindful gratitude to to
exercise our gratitude muscles that’s
we really start to enjoy life
yeah where do you stay in this level
me personally yeah well that’s it i
i’m on those three levels having a
wonderful time here you know i mean
basically doing those things
and challenges happen like i don’t want
to make it sound like
everything is just super duper
we’re here for challenges in life and
and giving birth for instance
uh that could be on the level of
creativity we spend you know time giving
it’s incredibly painful to give birth i
i i have six children thank god and
like it’s a really painful experience
but like there’s so much
pleasure involved also and pain in
raising children
i’m not saying like it’s easy but but
but but when we focus on the pleasure
that and and and and train ourselves to
focus on the pleasure
that’s how we um experience
it so those i’m basically traveling
through those
levels of and more and more so like i’m
always reading things like i just
i just read recently that we should chew
slowly and i never was doing that so i
tried doing it
because the book was saying if you chew
you only experience the pleasure of
the taste i mean and and food was
designed to taste delicious
we only we only experience that pleasure
while it’s in our mouth
so why swallow so quickly so keep it in
your mouth longer and
savor the experience and you’ll feel
more gratitude
so um it’s really interesting because i
notice if i chew
slower i experience more gratitude and
um and and there was a study done that
when a person’s eating something
and they get to the last bite they
timed it and a person ends up chewing
much more slowly for that last bite like
they savor the last bite but we could do
that throughout
we could and it’s also better for
digestion too so if we
if we chew slowly that’s just a tiny
of how we can increase our gratitude
uh with um interacting with a physical
thing a physical gift a physical
blessing in our world
yeah so that’s that’s like a day-to-day
example of it
of how to do it yeah yeah
so like so when we are speaking about
transcendental wisdom or the level of
or the or the transcendence um
the things which we practice in india
vedic astrology and all can help you
to reach there in uh in a metaphysical
so have you done a vedic reading before
how have what have you done a vedic chat
reading before
never so let’s go through your chat
okay so
we will just come to your chat now
i would like to share my screen
can you see yeah
yes i see it
okay so your nakshatra is punarvasu
so nakshatra means it’s a group of stars
so what happened is like in ancient
time the rishis came out and they looked
at on the sky
and they said oh wow so we are the part
of that
and they started to transcend themselves
into that
subtle reality or what we
say it as like the greatest pleasure
on your theory of the fifth level of
pleasure like it’s it’s not bodily
when we come to transcending our uh
soul it’s not bodily pleasure it’s it’s
it’s much deeper like we should
appreciate we should get embodied in our
own body to get there otherwise if there
is no body we can’t reach there okay
so but even though that is
not the body so well uh so now
let’s go through your chart first so
what is that the
bird the bird which is associated with
your chart is
all you can see this bird right
yes so
it’s like what is this signifies how do
this manifest in your life is this way
uh this will
help you to connect with the
magic practices
like you have a soul which is actually
for it’s a it’s a confidence all okay
your soul is very confident
and it is looking for something much
higher so this is how it’s transcendent
in your life
are you clear about this you understood
what i am trying to say
oh definitely my soul is always looking
for higher
yes so
yeah this is how you were uh bird
and this is how the uh stars of you
looks like in sky okay
yeah i see it yet
so in there is granas
uh in each chat one is
which means that asura means demon deva
godly and manushya means
human nature so in your chart it is
devagana devagana means it’s a
it’s godly nature you feel happy by
yep that’s definitely true
so we can actually understand this
happiness happens in
very subtle level you know
it’s it’s not to relate with the uh
body uh pressure it’s not to relate with
sexual pressure or whatever it is it is
much higher than that
this happens in subtle level the fifth
so sattva guna so there is
three gunas are there each soul will be
one is um from that your guna
is satyaguna so means
you you would like to make your
mind peaceful you like to organize
the your surrounding uh
that can create peaceful to you that can
create peace to you
uh that can give peace to you
so this is how you organize your
and uh your buddha is
water water means it’s like uh
water is mostly motherly uh
um motherly nature like
in your relationship you you would
you you could have you try to stay
or you try to keep your relationship
as uh as good as possible
yes it’s a womanly nature and it’s like
a motherly nature
and the shakti your feminine part of
your body is more
i mean when we uh actually talk about
the soul
there is no male or the female
because the soul or the source or the
is genderless basically so your sakthi
or your source is
is more feminine so you possess
feminine qualities which are like
uh and things like that like you there
is no wonder that you become a writer
so there nature
your nature is vada which means that
you are sensitive to cold
cold gosh am i sensitive to cold oh my
gosh yes
yep and you were good
metaphysically what we say this is
actually not
good don’t get
into the concept of god according to
christianity because the
uh they say there is a single god
but in metaphysically if we look at into
the reality
there is no god basically there is uh
bodies heavenly bodies that can help us
go through our own trouble so in that
that heavenly body which is associated
with your soul
is aditi the mother of gods
so it’s a female uh
meta physical body that can help you
there is a sound also that helps you to
connect with this particular uh
god goddess or uh it isn’t when i say
the goddess it’s not the
it’s not exactly goddess it’s it’s it’s
it’s a heavenly body
i’m just wondering why don’t they call
it angels then
yeah exactly angels yeah
that would be that would be a better way
to translate it i’m thinking
yeah it’s a better way to translate this
some part of the christianity actually
actually says there is a god but
uh in reality
there is metaphysical bodies are
existing like
you know how you heard about rose
crucial in christianity
about what rose crucian christianity
no okay so this is like um
um yeah angels um
we can angels yeah yeah
so this is your soul angel and
there is a yoga a breathing technique
for your
particular and etc that you can see in
this link
i will share you this link this is my
website i’ll share you with the link to
my website
okay very interesting
so this is the most pleasurable sexual
position for you
uh according to kama sutra this is
mahara like there are
yoni’s and which means that
sexual types each human beings has so
from that
you have marjara and this is the
more pleasurable sexual position that
can help you to
create more intimacy with your partner
so yeah this is all about your nakshatra
we will come to your uh um
your uh chart basically birth chart
very very interesting very interesting
do you want to talk something about this
like what you have just seen
i know i mean i think this was very
right on extremely
amazing i also saw i think you were
saying when you talked about the
sensitivity to
called it also described that um
i love movement which i do i love to
you know and and dance and practicing
yoga exercises
are things that i love to do in in a way
it it doesn’t only uplift my body it
uplifts my soul when i do these things
right so it seems very very
um it’s fascinating to me that you can
determine these things
um through you know whatever you’ve
studied how you could
i really amazing work fascinating
what is that it’s a gift that you have
to do this that’s wonderful
have you wrote about angels
no never written about angels
why didn’t you write about angels maybe
i will now who knows i’ll write it down
right now maybe i’ll write about angels
angels are fascinating things
it’s like we learn in jewish and jewish
ancient jewish teachings
that even a blade of grass has an angel
helping it grow
like everything that happens in life
there are angels helping it to happen
yeah and so the kabbalah system you are
speaking about
like yes so
when you write about the angels to kids
i feel like uh the for instance if we
uh think about indian understanding or
how the peoples in india grows up like
uh they have got they will go through a
lot of stories about
gods and gods goddesses and things like
and if we go to the rome there also they
uh go grow up with a lot of stories from
greece you know rome and greece and
things like that they will
uh study about a lot of things in
skies and stuff like that so the angels
if you can i mean if you have a written
about the angels actually
what i feel is like it will actually
uplift the creativity of
every kids so they can start to imagine
many things that up above the sky and
things like that
rather than that of a single god is
training down people’s on their
spiritual growth
because the moment you say there is only
one god it is actually closing your
because there is only one truth so the
it will kill the possibility to knowing
like it will kill the possibility to
seek you know
if you say this is rigid and this is
correct and this is the only way
what happened is like it’s basically
killing the
uh possibility to see because for sure
this is only right right
then it actually creates the problem
the the the idea of only one god
is the sense of i think yoga
is unification everything goes back to
one source
that’s so it’s not a limiting it’s not
it’s unlimited there’s infinite power
but there’s a sense of oneness and
that’s what we can recognize
with transcendence we recognize that
we’re all connected
to the same source of energy
that same source uh in eastern uh
understanding what we call it as
or bremen it’s not god god is faithful
god is different from god yeah
and brahman we learn that it comes from
abraham that the word brahman is
connected to the word abraham
um who was like the first jew i don’t
know so
so and he was the one who recognized the
you know that made it clear in the world
and um we i don’t know if you’ve ever
heard this but we have a teaching
that of abraham
gave these ancient ideas
to the eastern religions through katura
and that was his wife after sarah
and and that’s how the eastern religions
developed from these
um initial beliefs in in in judaism
i don’t know i don’t know if you’ve ever
heard about that but
i feel there is a lot of mysticism in
like uh it speaks more more
much more deeper than that of the uh
what is that the uh western religion
like most of the religions they don’t
speak about the experience there like
they say there is only one god and that
is the end
but the kabbalah is actually opening up
a possibility
you know it’s more about the experience
rather than that of the
uh focusing on the hell or heaven after
death or things like that
so i i see what you mean i understand
what you’re saying
there’s it’s it’s a huge opening
and that i agree that the kabbalah
is its receptivity that’s really what it
we’re receiving kabbalah is to receive
we are opening ourselves up to receive
the full truth
and that is um that is what it’s about
there’s there’s tremendous um
between eastern religions and these
original teachings in judaism
right and and sometimes they’ve gotten
and sometimes i think many jewish people
have been drawn to eastern religions
um and um
it’s that connection that search for
self-knowledge and understanding and for
a greater sense of truth
and that’s why i i didn’t know about the
depths of judaism until i was in my s
and that’s when i
started learning this and then i came
back to my own heritage
because i discovered it was so full of
spiritual teachings which i didn’t know
yeah so
how was your experience with the
kabbalah how you
how deep you went into kabbalah i don’t
think i’ve gone in deeply at all but i
i from reading um the books of
um it’s called derek hashem in hebrew
which is the way of god
and and and the rabbi moshe
lozado um his his his
teachings are all based on kabbalistic
wisdom so i i’ve just really studied
and you know so other things that have
given me
this knowledge about how the five levels
of pleasure
they correspond to the five levels of
the human soul
that is talked about in his teachings
so that’s why when we when we increase
in our level of pleasure we are
uplifting our soul to higher levels
yes so let’s go to your
chart basically i would like to show you
so you received this right yes
i have it right here i printed it out
okay so this is the
birth chart okay this is the this is the
planetary positions
uh when you got birth into uh earth
these are this is how the planets
looks like at that particular moment at
the sky
okay so what and all this will manifest
in your life
let’s see that um in ghana baba
son along with the mercury is staying so
what does it mean how does it manifest
is like
your father your father has a greatest
influence in um in
in possibly will be having
greatest influence in your wealth
what was that my father your father will
be having a greatest influence in your
my my father had the greatest influence
in my life
in your wealth in my wealth yeah
okay and saga
power there is venus venus is the planet
that is
basically what we can say is that the uh
uh mainstream christianity will say this
is the you know um serpent
the snake symbol so what you
what you are seeing is that the venus is
the planet that is
associated with the serpent which is
staying on the saga
yourself what does it means that
you you were in in your life
you been driven by materialistic
may not be now but till an extent
oh well basically that that was the food
that’s what i think so you
what kind of the foods you like like how
did you came out
of it i used to well what i wrote about
in my memoir
that’s that’s searching for god in the
garbage is about
it’s about how i developed and overcame
food addictions through
through finding out about about
spiritual understanding through
nourishing my hungry soul
i believe that people get addictions
because their souls are so hungry
right yeah salts are imbalanced they
will get
addictions right the content
will be there like so what and all you
have tried
uh to come out from your food addiction
and what do you recommend for peoples to
come out from the food addiction
yeah that’s it because we
why do people develop addictions because
it gives them immediate pleasure
why does a person overeat because they
want the pleasure that they’re
experiencing in the moment to keep
so to keep it lasting they overeat or
they keep any other addiction going
so so the joyful way to overcome
is to bring more lasting pleasure into
your life
bring greater pleasure into your life
bring higher
spiritual pleasures into your life the
food was meant to be pleasurable
but again substitute in the natural
the natural pleasures the the more
natural foods will bring
more joy and and or substitute in
another natural pleasure
like dancing or um
taking a walk in nature or go up the
pleasure ladder
and focus on what you appreciate about
someone or
do a kind an act of kindness go even
all of this takes us out of ourselves
brings gratitude into our life and more
so that’s how we can overcome addictions
because we have addictions when we feel
isolated lonely anxious
so bring in connection
and pleasure and joy and
and that’s how to overcome it by
nourishing our hungry souls
yeah because we’re we’re literally
starving for more joy in life
yeah so
there is the uh sixth house
the ketu is staying so this
planet uh is associated with the
the occult kind of power
so this
uh these things um like
it’s not that deep it’s it’s a light
test only in your chat basically so that
is staying on your uh
enemies house which is sixth house and
seventh house which is
uh for relationship there is moon the
moon is staying a planet moon is the
uh feminine uh uh planet
either it it could be like uh you
uh you you could be
in a relationship with the more feminine
person or for more feminine soul or
you also has a very deep love towards
your mother
and the dharma house there is jupiter is
staying jupiter is the planet which is
actually um about the knowledge
so you write about the kids and try to
uplift them
that is actually happening which is the
jupiter which is staying on the
uh ninth house and the via house waya
house is the
um what we say in
eastern religion what we say the
ultimate goal of human existence is for
liberation is for moksha
okay so in that that is the th house
th house in which the th house there
is mars
along with the saturn along with the who
is staying
so mars is the planet of uh
fight saturn is the planet of hard work
yahoo is the planet of obsession so
uh you have very obsessive tendency
to get into uh the moksha level or the
understanding so that is so great for
you like
it helps you in to achieve that
um so there are different level of
levels of enlightenment
is existing in human okay so the
uh when when we we are actually we are
not able to achieve that level of
enlightenment what happens when we die
we will get rebirth again
so the uh for for you to understand the
kabbalah kapala is talks about the
level of consciousness like that
actually in uh cabalic teaching
kabalistic teachings
ancient time it was not open for all
kind of people
it’s actually limited for a very few uh
peoples those who are actually eligible
take that kabbalistic teaching in their
so that uh that kabbalistic kind of
understanding or that
sense of mind will be developed
over a period of time like getting birth
and rebirth and death and
rebirth like that so that is how the
eastern religions are believing so
you have a very obsessive tendency to
get into that and
that is very good you know so your soul
can grow into that
level of understanding um
so thank you
so saturn was up to the age of .
so so nineteen
uh seven twenty six point five
uh twenty six point five uh
plus seven thirty one point five
so the long
the most uh successful relationship in
your life
has happened at the age of .
somewhere around
to .
most successful relationship in my life

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happened at age somewhere like that

okay well yeah i mean i’m i’m really
happily married
and also i was in the i was in the midst
of having children at that
time uh oh okay
it was it was i would say maybe
one of the highlights of um creative
times in my life
at that age a lot of creative work was
right then really i think yeah
so okay that is very interesting very
interesting so that that time it was
under the
uber chat was under the influence of the
planet venus
so venus is actually the planet that is
associated with creativity
sexuality relationship and drugs and
things like that
so it i mean it can manifest in
any way like if you comes under the
influence of the venus you can
become very creative so that is correct
it does happen in that way
so this is the uh very quick
overview of your chart so do you have
any questions about this
love it very fascinating really um
i didn’t understand what you said
something about enemies at one point i
don’t know what that was about did you
know what i’m talking about
yeah uh i didn’t i didn’t know what that
said so that is the sixth house which i
was speaking about
uh sixth house is uh in the in your
sixth house the
ketu is staying so ketu is actually
uh about the magic power and things like
so what happens is like that
magical understanding is staying as an
enemy on your house
what i don’t what does that mean
a magic what what about some
say that again okay um
how do i say like
you have a weakness of
getting attracted to
paranormal things oh
interesting that’s my weakness
yeah very very interesting and if you
are watchful in
that kind of situation you can actually
transcendental because the parana
paranormal things are actually normal
you know you know what i mean paranormal
things are actually normal
you can only understand only you can
see it as normal when you are into a
certain kind of
understanding certain level of
understanding yes so
in your case it is acting as an enemy
and if you understand this it act
as an enemy then you can easily go
through that
and you can get into a level of
understanding in which the paranormal
things can be seems normal
yes and that is that is actually the
um if i when if
you if we can overcome the fear we will
see that
you know it it really there is no
really there’s only light so
when we can it’s it’s kind of a mirage
and it’s there on purpose to confuse us
but to make us into better people so
that is a way to overcome fear by by not
actually seeing
the evil as a concrete thing there’s
it’s just um it’s just a messenger of
really it’s a messenger to make us into
better people
so the overriding it’s all contained
within goodness
even what appears to be evil or like you
say paranormal
or something like that it’s really all
in in a framework of goodness
yeah there is no actually there is no
right or wrong
if you come into a certain i mean when
are become the when you are become
when you are united with this source
then there is no right or wrong
well there’s there’s only goodness yeah
i mean it on the path to get there there
is a title you can’t even say it is
it’s it’s neutral
yeah that that i think we don’t believe
i think we believe
in an infinite goodness that it’s not
that that what we’re heading toward the
transcendence is
is is infinite goodness
it’s infinite neutral because
this this is where we’re going to
disagree yeah
i mean if there’s it you you you maybe
you’re talking about attachments
but it doesn’t have even have to be an
it’s just you know
it’s just complete goodness in in
in when when you connect with source
yeah now the moment you say there is
then there is bad also not necessarily
i i that’s the thing the bad is a mirage
the bad like it’s it’s just
the bad is the mirage then the truth
also a mirage the goodness
also mirage so when these two unite
there is infinite neutral
there is nothing else yeah that would
have this
i think this is a point of divergence
yeah i mean the ultimate thing that
we’re striving for is now
if you if you try to understand the
much more deeply you will
understand it is infinite neutral
i don’t think so we’re not we’re not
that’s not what we’re heading toward is
is is
is infinite neutrality that that’s
i don’t i don’t we were created
like like why do we have children
because we want them to
experience ultimate pleasure the
greatest pleasure possible
and that’s why we were created for that
experience of ultimate pleasure to
and to get there there’s going to be
evil along the pathway bad things we
have to overcome
you know lifts that we have to weights
that we have to lift but
it’s all for a good purpose ultimately
that’s what um that’s what i think the
jewish beliefs are
i i i and that’s i think that’s what the
i don’t think it’s about ultimate
neutrality but i know i don’t want to be
disagreeing that’s
you know whatever that’s just where i’m
so you want to talk anything else you
want to say anything else
i found this totally fascinating and i
think it’s a
it’s a great skill that that to have and
i i i’ll give you a blessing that i hope
you can help so many people
with this wonderful gift you know yeah
and use it in all good ways
to make this world a better place and
and help many souls to shine too
yeah uh i will send you
the your login details for my website
where you can see
more of the yoga
breathing access and all those things
which is related to
your chat basically yeah
thank you so much thank you i know i
yeah i’d say i think like
okay so i just want to say thank you i’m
not going to argue that one point
thank you yes i have much gratitude for
what you’re doing
thank you so much yeah uh do you want to
say anything
to the people who are gonna listen to
this how do
they can contact you what and all they
what and all you can offer to them
i just if you want to see my books
they’re all in one place
on my amazon author page so you i just
wrote one book for adults
that’s my journey and the rest are all
for children
so there’s books for children and the
one book for
adults they’re all there and my contact
information is there on my amazon author
page and anyone that doesn’t have money
to buy books you can
you can order them at your public
library so
they could spread light into the world
that way so
okay i thank you so much for this
opportunity to
to spread light in all different ways
thank you
bye bye bye thank you

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