Flat Earth, Aliens, Jesus And Shiva – Vedic Reading Series Episode No. 20 With Anthony Hoyes

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Anthony Hoyes is the lead singer for the metal band VORZUG he is the former head of legal for fortune 500 financial company. He also worked for Universal music group and Sony music as an HR consultant He is now a conspiracy researcher. And on todays podcast he is discussing about flat earth theory aliens and other known ancient religions also his chart as well, So lets begin Our Vedic reading series Episode No – 20 Flat earth Aliens Jesus and Shiva.

Below Is A Non Verbal Transcript For The Same

Hello and welcome to another episode of
vedic reading series so today
we have a guest his name is anthony
he is the lead singer for the metal band
he is the former head of legal for
500 financial company he also
worked for universal music group and
sony music
as an hr consultant he is now
a conspiracy researcher and on today’s
he is discussing about flat earth theory
aliens and other non-ancient religions
along with his chart as well so let’s
our vedic reading series episode number
flat earth aliens jesus and
hello so
uh welcome to my uh podcast series uh
it’s basically
a vedic reading series like i reach out
uh across and i would help them to
understand their
chart birth chart basically which is
based on the
vedic understanding of the self and
things like that
and i’m particularly uh
interested in your uh a podcast series
uh in vedic understanding we believe the
earth is actually a globe and you are
trying to say that the earth is a flat
and um on the top of that you are coming
out with
a lot of conspiracy also so what what
are you trying to say about that whether
what you believe
whether the earth is flat or uh
uh 100 it is not a globe
um in terms of it being flat or not i
don’t know the shape of the earth i know
it’s not a globe and that is uh
testable provable by following the
method and uh yeah
it’s definitely not a not a globe so our
purposes today i
i say it’s flat
um so why do you say it is a flat earth
well again um every ancient cosmology
including the vedics uh
i don’t know exactly where you’re
getting your information but
uh vedic cosmology is a cosmic egg
type of theory where there is a flat
plain and then uh
the taurus fields above us uh
making a egg dome type thing um that’s
the ancient cultures
every ancient culture has that the bible
has it every ancient text has a ancient
uh flat earth cosmology and again
scientifically provable um
you know they claim that the earth is 24
901 miles in circumference at the
that would mean a curvature
uh calculation of eight inches per mile
and that’s you don’t you don’t see
curvature there is no curvature you can
never see it
no matter how high you go you’ll never
be able to find it
and we can see too far and you know
verifiably we can prove that
there is no curve
so according to the vedas uh it’s
actually not flat
there is nowhere it is saying it’s a
flat actually like
uh as per the uh
indian uh understanding the earth is not
like um so there is a story like if we
seek into the puranas what we say it’s
called puranas
is the subpart of the vedas like vedas
is being said
and for people still more able to
understand the vedas more better
they made stories on the top of vedas uh
on one of the story
which is like uh the ten avatars of the
uh vishnu is the uh lord according to
um ancient belief the vishnu is the lord
he take
avatars wherever there is dharma is
going down
and adarma is coming up he takes avatars
in that thing he took an avedah it is
a kurma it’s like um korma means it’s a
pig actually so he took the shape of the
and take the um uh
earth on his um you know the structure
uh pictures like like this thing on
their nose
you know so he took the earth it’s like
a ball
on the uh on the nose uh and
took it out from the uh you know
uh a c an ocean which is actually made
up of uh
um made out of uh you know uh milk
so in the stories it’s saying this earth
not actually flat and
in their system of the astrology uh
which is also known as the eye of veda
i mean it’s an anga hangar means it’s a
part of veda and
means it is that the
whatever vedas are saying that can be
seen through astrology so
in astrological understanding we
actually see eritas we don’t see earth
as a flat thing
okay i’ve actually not heard that but
this is fascinating to me i’m happy to
so is that you are trying to say the
earth is flat and how do you prove it
are you trying to say the earth is flat
or are you trying to say
something else well again sir i mean uh
scientifically you can prove it uh go
um there has to be a curvature if the
earth is a globe
where is the curvature that that right
there proves that there is no curve you
you can scientifically prove you can see
for miles beyond the horizon where
you’re supposed to be able to see
uh if if the earth is a globe like they
claim you would not be able to see that
in any way
every scientific test ever done they
like to say
it proves the globe however it does not
you can actually
look into it uh you know the pendulums
uh they say
uh matter attracts matter that’s
actually not the truth it does not
attract each other when you have the two
balls hanging from the pendulums
um the uh mickelson
uh morley experiment prove that the
earth is not spinning and it’s not a
the sagnat experiment the bedford level
you yourself can go out with a camera or
you know they they told us when we were
children that um you know ships sail
over horizon and that’s why you can’t
see them anymore but
you know provably the angular resolution
of the ship is just too small for you to
see in the
outward you know opacity of the horizon
the atmosphere out there you get a
high you know high zoom camera or a
telescope and you
get them right in that’s a line of sight
issue that’s not you know you can’t see
uh you know over a curve like that
that’s not what telescopes do
uh so i mean everything that they tell
you is you know a proof of the globe is
actually a proof of a flat
motionless earth um
i don’t like to use this as a you know
as a proof but if you’re one who
believes government documents you know
there are
you know all kinds of government
documents from nasa from mit
from the army from you know faa
from the pilots you know it all says
treat the earth as a flat non-rotating
um you know there is no curvature uh
it’s it’s a fact you you can never find
or see curvature
so you know in terms of saying it’s
you know i i don’t really care if it’s a
you know in terms of toroidal fields i’m
i’m all for that
you know i i i’m i’m definitely a cosmic
aid type of person
but in terms of the land the bible has
over 200 passages saying that the earth
fixed and movable it only says one thing
anything with being a circle and it
calls the earth a circle
um there definitely is a circle uh it’s
not a sphere though that’s completely
just my thing
so in terms of you know my opinion it’s
definitely that um
yeah i i live in a way that is
a uh you know i’m open to things so i’m
i’m definitely open to hearing
your side of things i didn’t think this
is going to be a debate show but you
know i’m all for it if that’s what we’re
about but uh
you know i’m definitely listening to to
learning different stuff i mean have you
heard of uh santos bonacci no
no okay you should definitely look into
him um
i think you would you and your audience
would like him quite a bit he’s real
real into the uh the astrology stuff
astro theology
ancient religions um and he is a
geocentric person flat earther that’s i
think it’s probably
more your your uh
your speed in terms of uh
you know you want to talk astrology and
all that it’ll definitely
light you up with that and give you
something to think about and you know
astrology works
much better in a geocentric you know
situation but
to each their own i’m not telling you
you’re right or wrong
you know we’re all on a journey on this
together uh
you know however that we’re being lied
to and it’s definitely not a sphere
and uh if it’s not a spear there’s other
stuff they’re lying about
and you know i definitely know they’re
lying about it so
we can we can talk about the deceptions
if you like we can talk about
you know like i said i’m i’m fascinated
by all this
you know ancient cultures and stuff so
tell me everything you you know you want
to let me know about the vedics and
about cosmology and you know uh
you know i love astrology so teach me
so basically um i have gone through some
of the
uh ancient cultures and things like that
i was not aware about
most of the things basically after i
started to speak to people’s across then
understood there are people who are
earth is flat and some other stuff sort
of things like that
uh for example uh there is uh
um uh
you know uh the
the uh the jewish people who uh
believe uh in um
that kabbalah kind of thing there is
something called the tree of life
um uh flower of life tree of life and
things like that in that
thing it is basically coming into an
understanding that
the there are several layers
of the existence like there is some
stars are there
like that it is actually fixed on the
top of the things like
sort of things like that but when it
comes to the vedic understanding
uh it is definitely not flat earth
um none of the puranas or anything
is saying the earth is actually flat uh
rather than it is actually uh talking
more about
an earth which is which looks like a
globe basically
um so it’s like um and
even there is something called the
lagri ashtavargam in that
it is actually saying the earth is
actually uh
on the nebula which has a 23 degree
celsius 23 degree uh tilt
on in its own axis so that is
also coming in terms with the whatever
the modern inventions are
coming out um but i’m i’m i don’t know
much about the kabbalah kind of thing
the uh but the bible definitely says uh
the earth is flat and the quran as well
but the mayan mayan culture i saw it’s
they are not believing in flat earth uh
in vedic understanding the earth is not
flat um
yeah this is what i understood
yeah the the mayans definitely believed
flat earth um all the ancient cultures
did i mean
you there’s you can go back into their
their books again
i’m not 100 sure on the vedics but you
know it’s my understanding that there
are some
i don’t know about all i don’t know
about the different sects but there’s
definitely people
within the vedic mindset that
are you know flat earth believers and uh
you know that’s they said teach their
own i’m not here to judge anybody i’m
here to
to learn about stuff and yeah talk about
no no no no
i’m also not here to teach i mean i’m
not here to preach or whatever i’m here
to listen to what you are
trying to say to me like you know so
just just a discussion whatever
our understanding and things like that
whatever i studied i am just sharing it
with you
that’s all there is nothing is a solid
rock or whatever
it’s it’s just open like um so one more
thing i would like to say there are
temples in india
uh which is navagraha temple like nayan
planets temple
what happens is like there is nine
uh that is actually uh roaming around
the sun
that is the structure in the um
temples that is nine planetary timber so
in that case also they are not saying
the uh earth is actually flat
well that’s not entirely true either uh
first the planets we don’t know what
planets are
they used to be called wandering stars
they still basically are called
wandering stars so
planets are lights in the sky you can
zoom in on them with a telescope and a
high definition camera a lot of these
things and
you do not see uh what you see when you
look at
what nasa shows us or these other space
um you’ll see these lights
in the sky they are pulsating orbs
of just what looks like plasma there’s
sacred geometry going on in there
there’s all kinds of stuff happening
with these these lights in the sky that
you know we
we know as planets so
100 you know the sun’s there the sun
uh you know the flat earth
model you can call it the sun and the
moon uh
rotate above us within the firmament um
that’s where everything is at basically
uh you know nothing is billions of miles
uh space as they explain it to us isn’t
isn’t what it is
uh you know we feel that there’s a dome
over us some of us some people say it’s
an infinite plane
um i’m a dome person myself i believe
the firmament
you know we we can do some sort of
not much uh we can’t get above more than
130 000 feet
at this time civilians um you know some
people can launch
rockets up uh they’ve launched a rocket
up 73 miles i believe
um and it’s gone straight up
it went it hit this denser
sort of thing up there stopped moving
completely turned on its
side and started moving really slowly
and then
it had cameras on it you can see the
level horizon at that
altitude and then you can see the moon
the rocket was launched in arizona the
moon happened to be
over new zealand and australia at that
so if the earth being a ball um
arizona would be the top of the ball the
australia and new zealand would be the
no way you’d be able to see that moon
there you can see it on video 73 miles
up and just off
off you know to the side there um
you know that being said you know that’s
about you know the furthest that a uh
you know civilian can get um
you know we know nasa’s like all day
long you can see them with your cgi
um you know i think a lot
of what they do they’re they are a
satanic organization
um they were founded by satanist
occultists pedophiles and nazis
um you know that’s that’s not
not even debated at this point
you know everyone who quotes go to space
you know they are all freemasons
and into some pretty dark stuff
um so yeah i don’t trust anything from
these space agencies you know they’re
all they’re all working together too
it’s not just
you know we’ve been we’ve been sold a
lie about a few things
and you know it doesn’t really
go into that so much but you know these
countries are all working together
there’s nobody
you know that there are no uh no
fighting going on you know the stuff
with uh
with israel in the middle east uh that’s
that’s the real thing
um that that’s a deep a deep-seated
thing that’s not what i’m talking about
though but these uh
you know the the whole china in any
country that’s one signed onto the
antarctic treaty and two has a
launch capability you can’t trust
anything that they tell you because they
are all working together
um fact of that is the antarctic treaty
themselves they’ve all signed this
uh they’ve all kept it despite all the
other nonsense that they claim to be
upset about
um there’s there’s a reason for that um
so yeah in terms of the what you’re
talking about uh there’s there’s statues
other places and
you know there’s working sundials by the
way it’s called a sundial because
the sun’s moving not the earth you know
those go back thousands and thousands of
um you know the whole the whole
heliocentric thing didn’t really even
start up
until the you know fourteen fifteen
hundreds and then
um really really came to be
during uh
you know the early early 1900s i say
when world war one and two came to be
uh you know here in america they were
still you know teaching the geocentric
uh the flatter there is one thing uh
i would like to say is that the anything
revolve around anything in a relative
yep here all i’m saying is that we don’t
know what’s going on up there
um you know we we’re told certain things
and verifiable we can
we can pick those things that were told
so you know i i’m just saying that if
it’s what they’re telling us it is
that’s proven not to be true um if it’s
something else that we don’t have any
idea about i’m all for that you know i
don’t know but
you know it’s definitely not not the
dimensions they’re telling us and uh
you know i like i said i don’t trust
nasa you don’t trust governments you
know these people are not our friends
then who are our friends
uh i think that we are our friends
that’s it
um you know i don’t know you you don’t
know me but you know you’re my buddy now
i trust you over anybody in the
government that’s for sure because i
know that those government people are
all liars
here real quick i’ll throw it down to
you and this is the same for
for you and anywhere where you’re at all
governments are corporations
they all have corporate numbers it’s
called a dun and brad street number
local governments have them state
governments city governments
um and then countries cities states all
those things
the united states is a corporation
everyone who is a politician in that
corporation works for that corporation
um you and i the citizens so
so to speak we have no rights uh
that that’s that’s very very clear
you know here in the united states they
they tell us we are a free country
not the truth we have a limited freedom
and limited liability because everything
is a contract
everything is under commercial law here
um you know it’s it’s
presentment and offers of contracts is
all anything is in life here
and that’s basically how how things work
and it all ties into the vatican and the
royal families and all that nonsense
which we’re not gonna necessarily get
into right now but
um you know but for me uh you know i
don’t trust them so that’s what i’m
we we all have to talk to each other we
have to be friendly to each other um
we have different ideas and whatnot but
that really means nothing because
we’re all lied to it to make sense of
those lies so
you know like i said i trust you over
anyone from a government or
you know the corporation telling me
they’re my friend when
i know all they’re doing is lying to me
so um so let’s come
back to your uh flat earth thing like
right now it’s
somewhere around uh 10 32 here
okay what is the evening like this is
night actually
for me uh what is the time there for you
what time is it
it is 10 a.m how do you explain this
if it is a flat earth uh well
i would be able to explain it perfectly
if i had a visual aid for you but i
do not have that handy um
so let me explain to you what the flat
earth is and so we’re
not confused if you google flat earth
you are going to see a bunch of lies
it will take you to the flat earth
that is a disinformation website nothing
on there
is anything that any real flat earthers
it’s a gatekeeping website
they you know you search a picture of
the flat earth you’ll see the flat earth
and then the other round planets we
don’t believe any of that
um space is not real the way they
explain it
um so that right there is different you
have to wrap your mind around it but
again if you have the model that
you know i could show you the working
model you’d be able to understand it
um essentially it is
uh you got to think of the earth as a
giant lake
um you know we are a low part in the
there’s water all around it that’s the
oceans the continents are
the islands in the middle and then the
area is what we call antarctica
it’s not a tiny ball at the bottom of
the globe it however is the highest
point on earth
and that wraps all around us any
direction you go from the middle
is south the the middle is the north
once you pass the north pole you’re now
going south and go east and west in a
circle that circumnavigates
as long as you have to keep correcting
north you’re going in a circle
okay so you can do that on a ball you
can do that on flat earth
you can’t however go south and then come
back up
north so if you go south from south
america you’re not going to go up and
around the ball and come up you know in
australia that’s
you can never do that no one ever has
done that um someone will say that
they’ve done it but their route
does not in any way reflect that so they
didn’t do it
um so what is the flat earth again
antarctica surrounds us it is a level
you know all water lays flat and even
it always takes its level it finds the
shape of its container so it’s always
laying flat
um so that’s that’s what this
is we’re on a plane uh perhaps we have a
dome over us i believe it to be
so um the dome does not have to be a
physical thing so i’m not saying that
we’re under glass or anything i
i think it could be cosmic energy it
could be you know the toroidal fields
what we think of as the van allen
radiation belts perhaps it can be
something to do with that um i don’t
know how far
these things go um you know
it’s impossible for us to ever find that
out but what we can find out
is what’s measurable on our feet and
some things in the sky we can measure as
well like people who send up
uh hot air balloons for example you can
send up a hot air balloon to 130 000
once you hit about 80 000 feet you no
longer see stars
you can see them going up but once you
hit that you’ll no longer see them
that’s very interesting i can’t tell you
why that is other than stars are
80 000 feet and lower um i have no proof
of this it’s
speculation but that’s what you see when
you launch these balloons up there
um so yeah in terms of you know what the
flat earth is it is
you got to think of it as a domed area
you know we’ve surrounded by ice that is
now again we can’t go to antarctica no
one’s allowed to go there
you know you can go there on a you know
couple day
visit for thirty thousand dollars and
you’re allowed to go
you know escorted to certain places but
you can’t just go and
walk around or whatever you’re not
allowed to fly over antarctica for any
um you can’t do it
and the last person who tried was
captain cook and he ended up going 60
000 miles around took him three and a
half years and he had to stop and he
didn’t even make it all the way
um so that’s the last person who tried
to circumnavigate antarctica
um so in terms of of the flat earth we
now what’s under it i can’t tell you um
you know
the deepest hole ever dug has been seven
and a half miles
no one’s been able to go down further
than that
so i can’t tell you what’s under it i
can’t tell you what’s on the other side
same thing i can’t tell you what’s above
us you know after a certain
but if i can’t i don’t think anyone else
can either because
these are the people who are saying you
have to trust nasa again nasa’s
satanist pedophiles blah blah blah so
you can trust them if you’d like but
i’d rather not get into that dark energy
um you know i’m all about something else
so you know um you know that’s that’s to
me what the flat earth is it is a solid
it’s not moving it’s not spinning um
yeah it’s it’s not a uh certainly not
not a
not a spinning ball but not at least not
the dimensions they’re telling us now
again if you’re telling us something
then that’s you know you got to think of
what that means
nasa and these other space agencies are
telling so we’ve seen it we’ve measured
everything so
right there if they’re saying it’s
bigger or smaller then either way
they’re lying to us
um the
my question is a symbol right now
you are uh at ten o’clock morning i’m at
ten o’clock
ten o’clock night how do you explain
if it is exactly so so what happens is
i wish i had my thing um
the sun and the moon are above us and
it is a perfect clock that’s what
astrology basically is
it’s a clock um you know it tells you
when to plant
when to harvest when to do different
that’s you know the bible explains all
this all these ancient texts also
explain it so anyway the sun and the
so they are above us
in the firmament they do not go under us
they just go
in their patterns they go in and they go
in circles above us you can
do all they can measure them all of that
so right now it’s you know where you’re
at is dark where
where is that here it’s light um the sun
is 10 am
so it is uh
a little bit after it’s it’s one o’clock
east coast so it is probably heading
towards the midwest right now
and then i’m on the west coast of the
united states so in two hours it’s going
to be noon
the sun will be directly over where i’m
at right now
you know in a few hours it’s going to
keep going further and further away
until it gets over to where you’re at
and at that point it’s going to be dark
here and you know light over there
the sun just goes around and it’s you
know circles above
us as does the moon it follows the path
the sun and the moon will lap each other
every 28 days
the moon keeps track of the
essentially the weeks and the months
um you know they used to be called moots
there were 13 of them
uh 13 months of 28 days now there’s 12
months of 30 days and so forth
so our clock is you know our calendar is
different only because people play with
it they try to throw us off center
right now there’s daylight savings time
um we don’t
observe that here in arizona so 12
o’clock is 12 o’clock for us
um so once the sun is overhead it’s it’s
noon here um
yeah without without the visual i really
can’t show it to you
but um you know the the map that that
most people use and they don’t uh
you know they don’t think about it but
it’s the mercator projection map is not
um there’s several maps that are
you know closer to the correct map the
uh if you know what the the un
logo looks like that’s the that’s the
more accurate map
that’s called the uh azimuthal
equidistance map
um yeah that’s that’s the one used for
that’s the one used on the you know all
the navies and
you know air forces and so forth use
that that map
um but but the way that
everything’s laid out is it makes a lot
more sense when you see it on that
um for listeners you can look it up for
uh type in d-i-t-r-h
into youtube uh that is deep inside the
rabbit hole but it’s d-i-t-r-h
uh that will bring up david weiss’s
channel and he has great
flatter uh videos he’s got a working
model you can see the sun and moon in
he’s got an app that shows you the
zodiac and how seasons work and
um everything else so you know if you
have flatter
questions that is the place to go
um you know unfortunately i said i have
nothing to show you because i’m on my
phone so i can’t
show it to you as i’m using it but uh
uh you know that i can share the screen
i can
um i have no idea how to do that we can
give it a try
yeah let me uh try to open it real quick
i can share the screen okay sure go
ahead and
try to do a share screen and we can
yeah can you see now
yes i’ve got your screen here what do
you want me to google
um go to
uh go ahead and try just a
flat earth d-i-t-r-h
and then look for uh for the images and
we’ll see what comes up
couldn’t see
it’s all conversations
oh yeah you just look at the the images
that’s all we need for right now
there are no images
which on this one
uh yeah that’s that’s the guy um
yeah i’m not familiar with that but
this one um
not exactly no but that’s uh this one
uh that’s that’s getting closer but no
not exactly um hold on one second
let’s see
i don’t really know how to use zoom
especially on my phone yeah i don’t know
how to
pull up mine to show you um
yeah that’s not really gonna work uh
yeah keep going you’re almost there
that that’s an interesting map right
there that goes more to the cosmic egg
you i’ll explain that real quick if you
want to zoom in on that
one okay
all right so the uh the inner circle
there that is
what we know as as our world essentially
uh that’s where things are right now
that white around it that’s antarctica
um those extra continents that are
outside of the
antarctic lands um those are
speculations based upon
a map that was found um
back in the 1800s it was found in hawaii
it was a japanese map
and they had different lands out there
and they actually had another ring out
there past that
with even even further lands out
speculation of course is we have no way
of verifying that but that’s
you know it’s a real map that was found
back in the 1800s
um if you can get out of that i did see
another photo that we can look at that
might be the one to look at
yeah right there that one there that
shows the uh the clock
face uh no no no on the the left side
this one
um yeah there we go right there
so yeah that’s the uh that’s the app
face that he has that is the
working model that is a clock
essentially it goes around it follows
the sun and moon it shows you where
their positions are going to be at what
it basically will show you how the stars
work how seasons work
so when you you can see on there sort of
you make it larger there are three
circles on there there’s the tropic of
cancer the tropic of capricorn and the
in between them is the equator the sun
and the moon basically uh
go around in circles above us they
traverse inside and out
into and out of those those uh
lines basically that’s how you have the
seasons the tropic of cancer
tropical capricorn what is further out
in the uh right now for example
it’s may um the inner north areas we’re
having our summer
uh the later on it’s gonna be winter
here it’s gonna be summer for the
southern hemisphere
and that’s just because the sun is
further out um and it’s out
you know heating up the southern lands
it’s lower in the sky for us
because it’s further out when it’s
higher in the sky for us it’s because
right above us you know for our
summertime um
so basically on there you can see you
know um
with better pictures obviously um you
can see uh
you know where where you are on the map
you can it tells you
how time zones work and everything on on
that basically is a good tool to have
yeah so if somebody starts a ship from
here and goes goes goes goes what
well if you go uh to that white area
the numbers are that is antarctica so
you basically go to antarctica now we’re
not allowed to go to antarctica
um according to the antarctic treaty
um no one is allowed to independently go
you have to first get permission from
your country
and then you have to pay a bunch of
these uh fines and fees basically to get
it can cost up to two million dollars
and then every country
that’s part of the antarctic treaty has
to prove you to go
then only then if they approve you then
you can go
um however you’re not allowed to go
anywhere that
no one else has already never been so
if you want to say hey i want to go on
this route you know wherever they’re
going to tell you no
um someone has to previously have
stepped foot there before
you’re allowed to go um that’s for
environmental reasons
so one you’re not allowed to take
anything with you you can’t take fuel
you can’t take a
you know a dog sled team this is you on
your feet walking
so we don’t know what’s there when you
okay so if let’s say you’re taking a
ship to antarctica right now
uh you sail out there no matter where
you go
automatically antarctica is 150 to 200
above the water so you can’t just sail
and then get there
you have to get there and then you have
to climb this ice shelf
that is you know the antarctic basin
that’s the barrier
uh people call it the ice wall it’s just
the ice shelf
uh you know of antarctica so once you
get up there you have to climb 200 feet
then you have hundreds of miles
to go before you actually hit one of the
bases that are out there
then after that you have
thousands of more miles to go before you
see anything else
and then there’s mountain ranges out
there some people say that they’re you
know bigger than everest
we don’t know because we’re not allowed
to go and check that um
you know but that’s the sort of crazy
nonsense that’s going on out there
um so once you once you hit antarctica
odds are you’ll never make it there
without permission
but if you you do ever hit it you can go
but your compass doesn’t work so you
have no idea what navigation is
obviously gps won’t work there because
that’s all run by the government by nasa
and they’re not going to have anything
that works out there um
the only thing that’s out there
basically are so they tell us our bases
again we don’t know that um so yeah
i your guess is as good as mine now some
people have said that they’ve
they’ve gone through little inlets and
they’ve made it
you know all that there’s books written
on it from the 1800s
the iron republic is one story um
you know admiral byrd who was a
you know probably the most decorated you
know explorer in the world
he claimed to have gone beyond the polls
in the 50s
and he found land as big as the united
states untouched by humans
uh resource rich you know mountains full
of coal and
iron and this and that you know
it’s it’s a little odd that no one ever
went and got it plus you know all the
oil that you know is going to be there
so you know we’re not allowed to go
there there’s a reason for it
you know they they claim it’s to
you know help the penguins but that
doesn’t make any kind of sense we have
penguins in other places
they you know cut down the amazon
constantly you know these are all things
that that we need for a healthy earth
you know now we can’t go to the ice
that’s a little strange
there’s a bunch of uh people um you know
i don’t necessarily get into this so
there’s a lot of people who claim that
there are
extraterrestrials there um
you know there’s all that crazy stuff
with the nazis you know they
they moved there and there in the 30s
they had a base down there
uh new schwabia or new schwab land
and uh you know they they had a base
down there they were doing a bunch of uh
anti-gravity stuff down there we know
that that’s all been
declassified um you know there’s
there’s a story and again there’s no way
of us uh you know verifying it
there’s a story that the nazis went down
there they made contact with
uh extraterrestrials and
brokered some sort of deal with them and
basically uh you know they’ve been down
in antarctica
and they came here and you know
operation paperclip they did the space
race with us
you know um there’s all kinds of stuff
going on you know but
definitely there’s mysteries in
so in terms of your your question um you
know i know it’s a long answer so sorry
but uh the sun and the moon they rotate
around us
just as the hands on the clock do and
uh essentially you know where where it’s
daytime it’s daytime where it’s
nighttime it’s nighttime it’s not
because the sun is going
over a ball it’s just going too far away
for you to see it any longer and then
you know 12 hours behind you you have
the sun or that you have the moon and
over you right now pretty much
so um this antarctica is like a
never-ending uh arctic i mean
never-ending um
ice that’s what you’re saying i don’t
know if it’s never ending
but it’s you know it’s uh from from what
what what you or i would be able to do
if let’s say
you you file paperwork and you get
approval to go to antarctica and they
can tell you okay you can
you can go here and you know do whatever
you’d like to do here
if you go there and you head south and
you keep walking south
um where you come up at
if you ever happen to come up anywhere
else it’s not going to be anywhere that
you’re familiar with is
is my guess now that’s speculation
100 percent of speculation i can’t prove
um but that’s because we are not allowed
to go there and do that
so you can’t go there and say okay well
i’m gonna
i’m just gonna walk until i hit the
other shore you’re not allowed to do
um the guy um
a few years back i think his name was
colin o’brady
he claimed to have gone to antarctica
and done that
um he went off the little area and
this is the the route he he gives
um the little area off of south america
um which is essentially just a peninsula
and that is also thousands of miles long
that’s essentially the size of the
united states just that little peninsula
that you go to
um but just on that area he went in a
and the circle he he did shows
he went you know did not go to the other
edge he just went in a circle and came
and went up to the other side on this
map that you’re looking at right now
that would be the equivalent of
let’s say if you look at where the uh
i don’t know i’ll just say the 7 and 8
on we know where the numbers are and you
draw a circle around that he maybe went
to the seven and eight and that was the
circle he
he did um
so yeah that’s that’s not uh
it’s not possible to to keep going i
don’t believe so anyhow no one’s ever
done it
there’s never been a record of anyone
doing it
the people who claim circumnavigation
when you look at what their actual
routes are they never go all the way
around they just go and then
make a circle and come back it’s never
all the way around no one’s ever done it
at all so i i can’t believe it to be
i am not sure about that okay so
so coming back to one of your point like
uh stars are just patterns uh
as per the vedic astrology the
uh the patterns
varies that is called
aynamsham okay that calculation is
called aynamsham and
it happens in uh some couples of years
like that those patterns varies and
yeah that is what modern day science
also came out with
i have no idea what you’re talking about
use at the point of discussion you have
said me that
the uh planets
or these stars which we can see
on top of us are just patterns
which are repeating okay
yeah no no no they’re not patterns i’m
saying you can see patterns within them
you can see patterns within the the
planets and stars when you zoom in on
them is what i’m saying i’m not saying
that they are
patterns and what have you i’m saying
that you can see them within
when you zoom in on them okay
okay so here is this and let’s uh let’s
go through your
chat basically would you like to explore
that little bit
say that one more time please would you
like to go through your birth chart
yeah let’s let’s do that for sure yeah
you got that document which i have
shared with you
yes uh is that with you
i’m it’s here in my email i can’t look
at it look at you
i can just share my screen
so this is the document which i have
sent you
um so one more thing uh in our
uh we came across
the word called occult
right yeah so
according to tantric
understanding we can reach that
particular point
that is beyond our self
and this thing the diagram which
we can see on the computer monitor
which is been written based on the vedic
astrology can help us to
reach that particular point
so that is the entire um
use of the vedic astrology i mean
this astrology is not about predicting
future or reading past or it’s not just
about uh calculating the distance
between the stars or planets or
whatever it’s about a key
which can help us to reach our own self
so that is that is that is tantra tantra
vidya which means that the
self knowledge which we can go through
so uh
what are the clues this is giving so
some people say
this is occult uh because a
alien probably kind of people just came
across into this thing
and in that time in those days
it was entirely against the
uh christian ideologies
because uh the people’s belief
he is uh with the
power of lucifer people
start to think because it was not people
were not able to understand
what he was speaking or what is this
kind of people
speaking like alchemist uh people’s
those who follows
eliester crowley uh peoples those who
the yoga a tantra and
gymnastic christianity cross-christian
um druids the peoples who
does the druid um and
peoples those who are like you know the
red indian peoples so these peoples are
actually seeking something beyond that
that is not the physical existence uh
in vedas we are saying all these things
are existing still we should not
get attached to these things what we
have to seek
is beyond why why we are here
and when we reach there we get
amarda amarda which means the uh
immortality the power of immortality or
in jesus says it’s the um
well it’s it’s a paradise jesus says
it’s a paradise the paradise
which is within because jesus can
understand that because jesus was in
india he was a yogi he was in india
and he understood that from india and
the yogis from india he learned it
and he went back to uh the
jerusalem and things like where even in
jerusalem and things like that
there the peoples were not
able to understand what he was speaking
so i mean the whatever you can see in
apart from whatever jesus has spoken
whatever you see in bible is not
everything is not exactly from
jesus his books is from uh some of his
friends has written some of his
disciples as written
um those things has been done
from other people it’s not from jesus
jesus was a yogi if we understand him
so this is the vedic astrology
is the gateway to
self the key so this is how it’s
so okay so from with this we are
we are understanding who we are what we
are what and all ourselves are
uh what is the structure of us are we
just the body are we just the flesh
are we just the soul or
are we are we something beyond because
whatever we don’t believe also we still
that i exist and you exist
you can’t deny that whether you
believe huh i said 100
yeah that you have to believe so then
what is that
existing that is something which is
beyond so whatever we
understand it is like our senses
our senses like five senses we have
like touch smell taste hearing ability
like that five senses behalf so
if these senses whatever we understood
these five senses uh that gives
us the collective which is like
so their theories will come theories of
relativity quantum mechanics quantum
physics flatter theory globe
that thing and corporates and
war love drugs
many many things comes so we are not
those things we are still beyond so what
is that
so that is what the yogis
seeks is not about race or color or
creed or whatever
it is what is that the reality of the
existence what is that the true
real so let’s go through
uh vedic astrology in that
sense not in the sense don’t take this
as a tool
to predict past present or future it’s
about a tool for self-realization
so um let’s uh there is a group of stars
which is
associated with your nakshatra uh so
let’s go through that i
have taken it somewhere
so this is your bhitra
associated with one of this
bird that bird
which is like why we are associated with
a bird
is because um uh
you know we are not different from the
nature we are just the
part of the nature we don’t have
any importance apart from the nature
like we are not special
the by uh that is where the uh semitic
and the uh religions
which is uh druid religions are actually
so am i sharing your screen
so this is the bird uh shukla pacha you
you are a vulture you know this is the
bird which is
uh associated with you
which means that um
you are you
how does it manifest in your life is
you have a net or an
affinity towards dead death
you are naturally naturally attracted
death this is how it’s manifest in your
chart basically then the nelly this is
uh tree which is associated with your
this this gooseberries are there in your
is that there in u.s yes
so this is the uh tree which is
associated with you
and this is how the nakshatra or the
star group which is
belongs to you is looks on the sky
so the you are ghana is human human
so it’s like there is three ganas one is
um uh asura then another one is human
and another one is uh deva so
yoga ghana is human nature which is how
does it manifest is like
um you
don’t uh like humans are
not like to cheat others you know like
gods does it and the demons does it
so this is like you don’t like to do
that thing to
others so this is something strongly
manifest on you
like if you look at on the bible also if
look at only other stories also their
demons also cheats and the gods also
but humans generally don’t cheat
and drastic nature you have a registered
nature which is like
you are interested in masalas
spicy food and kind of things you might
i do love spicy food
uh so your buddha is eret
uh so this is like
you will do anything uh like
um like uh you will hide
many things inside on you in order to
uh any kind of relationships or any kind
of business
or something which you don’t like
something which you feel like the other
person will get
hurt because of the secret which you are
you never tell and even if it is hurting
you also you
won’t tell you will hide it inside you
so this is how it’s uh manifest on you
because you are like
you know you know how the earth is
whatever we does to the earth also it
do anything to us it just allows us
it’s like a mother you know so this
quality you have
then you have the uh there is a narrow
with the man and woman it’s like
metaphysically it has a very short
between the men and women if we see can
do inside on us
you know yeah so you have feminine
nature more
so how does it manifest in your life
it’s like
you will manifest in a creative way you
try things and you would
like to see what is the outcome
i’m very inquisitive that’s true
i love experiments
uh this is pitta nature uh your nature
is pita
which is like um you will be
you are like a bit lazy
i am very lazy yes
so you were good the metaphysical entity
like what we say is like when we say the
it’s not the uh not the
understanding of the bibological
understanding of the god
like uh it is father the god says is a
he creates and destroys and he sustains
so that is not
the god here in
religions which are ancient religions
the gods are the
um metaphysical entity in which
you can connect to so your god is yama
i mean that energy you have is yamaha
and the
yamaha is the god of death
so you can easily connect to that god of
that makes sense for the kind of job i
do is that
it makes sense for the kind of job i do
so this is the one of the interesting uh
sexual posture which can create
uh intimacy with you uh with your
so this is the elephant rioni the sexual
type of you
is elephant so this particular position
can create
deep intimacy with your partner for you
so this is all about your nakshatra now
let’s go to your chart
come on
so this is how your uh chat looks like
in the tunnel there is ascendant in
dhana bhava there is saturn
saturn is the planet of hard work so how
does it manifest in your life is like
you how to work very hard in order to
earn money for you it is not that easy
to earn money you have to work
really hard so we saw that there is a
uh laziness is existing on you if you
work against that you can make out
then sahaja yoga there is sun mercury
venus and jupiter is
staying so which means that sun is the
is the planet of self and uh mercury is
the planet of
war venus is the planet of uh um
um blessings in life
and the jupiter is the planet of wisdom
all these four planets are staying
on sahaja yoga so your motivation mostly
is uh
the whatever you are getting motivated
to you will do anything to get there
make sense and
bintu is mars along with the kedu
yeah you usually fight so if something
not getting along with you you will
you will stand for that
and moon is
so moon is like the thing which
makes problems in your life
is moon the planet which is associated
with the femininity or
mother or woman
so the the these things are making the
problems in your life
and karma bhava there is rahu rahu
is the uh planet of obsession
so if you in the that which that
that means that you will get obsessed
with whatever you have
like if you are lazy you will be become
super lazy
if you become hard working you will be
become super hard working
so this is the rahu or the obsession
uh does in your life
so these are the interesting things
uh so now you are at the age of 38
which means that the rahu is the thing
which is staying on your plan
on your birth chart now which is the
planet that is getting activated on your
planet right now
so what happens is that
the uh very obsessive nature
of you is actually start to manifest in
these times that is something which you
how to be a little aware of
so now is the time for me to get into
projects is what you’re saying
so the fife is rudraksha the rudrasha is
a seed
which is believed that the tear of
lord shiva so if you wear that
uh rudraksha it will give you more uh
um more thing on yourself
it will help you to be feel more
okay so these are the things all about
your chat
so i will send you the link on my
website which
you can go through uh what and all the
chat is talking to you
pretty interesting stuff for sure yeah
yeah i’ll take a closer look at it
do you have any questions regarding this
do you have any questions no no i’m
pretty good
uh what was that last thing you were
saying about uh
the the five one what was that what is
you said the the the last thing you were
saying about uh
i will show you how it looks like okay
so this is the seed ratcha
okay so this seed
if you wear this thing you can actually
uh this can actually help you to
get grounded okay
all right i know what those are so this
is actually belongs to the lord
shiva so the shiva is the lord of
occult actually
the more self-centered lord
the lord he is like he is
he sleeps with the cops he smoke
weed he killed people he save people
he is a hardcore lover he is
he does everything everything in in its
if he is loving he is laughing so
deeply if he is in a crazy mode
if he is killing people he kills so
so he is in everything in its extreme
i’m a shiva fan i think
yeah pretty pretty accurate stuff i’d
say i’d i’m
very interested in this uh
i don’t definitely take a deeper look at
all this stuff very good
and these things are not saying the
earth is flat
so we will have more discussion on uh
flat earth sometime later
sure so i’d like to get in with you more
than the flat earth though is really
about these governments and this
nonsense that they’re doing but uh we’ll
get into all that stuff later
somebody’s like johnny don’t ever call
what’s that oh
i said all this nonsense with the
government’s going on that’s uh
that’s all the real stuff we should get
into because that’s the stuff that you
and i
are uh doesn’t matter what we believe in
ultimately we’re the uh we’re the
enemies here
and uh people have got to start getting
together before it’s too late because
it’s getting
you know getting to be pretty pretty uh
late in the game right now for
their plan
so what what a lot are you you’re a
musician as well right
well i mean i i am a musician
um i’m signed with universal music group
um you know we do all that stuff but you
know i don’t really care about any of
that stuff to be honest with you
um that’s not uh i do that to
you know that’s that’s my job um
but aside from that you know what i i
really care about you know i’m a
traditionalist i’m a uh
a family man i believe in you know
having kids
having your family and protecting
yourself you know raising your own
family you know having your own land
and just being a uh
being a man of the land or you want to
put it that way but uh
yeah the uh the wife calls me a dork but
you know she’ll give it six months and
she’ll be singing a different tune i’m
but uh yeah it’s it’s crazy stuff in
this world but yeah
i’m i’m a musician i’m a death metal
uh used to be a a r person
with universal music and sony as also
the head of legal for a
financial company um
you know as a corporate person but now i
avoid all that stuff and
i’m retired and you know i
i enjoy flat earth and uh conspiracies
learning new things every day
yeah and care because as you can see i
come on
so uh do you want to say something to
the peoples who are
listening to our talk
well i love to say thank you for uh
doing this i
said i love learning new stuff so this
is definitely a new thing to learn i’d
look into it more um so thank you and
listeners out there thank all of you if
you guys have an interest in
death metal you can look up vorzag
vorzag.info um if not don’t worry about
it don’t really care either way
um but you know what you should look
is you know just uh you know be safe you
learn learn if you don’t know your
neighbors know your neighbors you know
get get to know one another because we
are in for a ride
we have a bunch of wild people in charge
of this uh
world and you know they’ve been riding
for the past 120 years that they want us
all dead so
um you know probably probably best to
not let that happen
best way to end that
yeah thank you for joining me for the
podcast and
probably we will connect again for
another podcast somewhere
much more deeper discussion on flat
earth theories
and other conspiracies you know let me
get you in touch with uh
someone else who can who can give you
the whole rundown
and i think that you’ll uh you’ll enjoy
that presentation
okay then if i can i’ll try to get you a
whole uh
get you in touch with santos too because
that guy said he’s a
an astro theologist uh that guy is all
kinds of
deep when it comes into astrology and
theology and ancient religions and stuff
i think you two would have a good
yeah if if you are doing it yeah happy
to do that
yeah thank you a lot i said that’s uh
it’s very interesting i’d
definitely take a deeper look at all
this stuff
okay then bye thank you
bye bye

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