Talking To The Dead – Vedic Reading Series Episode No. 21 With June Ahern

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Our guest for today’s podcast is medium, June Ahern. June is gifted with the ability to communicate with the dead and read past life events with the help of spirits. In this podcast our discussion centres on her own near-death experience and the way in which she connects with spirits and also how it feels to be dead. We also read June’s chart and use the thoth tarot. In exchange, June performs a remote viewing experiment on me, which I would say was approximately an impressive 70% accurate. So, let’s begin our Vedic Reading Series Episode No. 21: Talking To The Dead with June Ahern

Below is a non verbal transcript for the same

hey today’s in at this podcast
we are having a conversation with the
her name is jun she is someone
who has the capability to talk to death
and read past events with the help of
however in at this podcast we are having
a discussion with her
the discussion primary revolve around
her death experience and the way
she connects with the spirits and how
it feels like being dead
in at this particular podcast we are
reading her chat
and picking up a toe tarot
for her also she is performing a remote
viewing experiment with me
i should say approximately 70 percentage
success rate she has achieved
on in that particular reading
however let’s begin our vedic reading
episode number 21 being dead
with june ahan
so yeah as we know that
you have gone through um
actually you are a medium uh you can
talk through spirits and spirit can
communicate through you
you can communicate with the dead some
of the work you have done
and you have written couple of books
about this
spirit communication and things like
um so
can you talk a bit about like how do you
feel like
being a medium
um well it wasn’t anything i planned to
i mean it wasn’t like i said well i’m
going to grow up and be a medium
but it came to me and at first
i was very frightened by it it was
strange uh you know i already knew this
person was dead
but i was seeing them and that was very
and then i did it with part of my work i
was doing
uh psychic tarot readings and spirits
would come through
for the clients and i didn’t really want
to do it
because it was too strange to me but i
felt compelled like well i
i have to give this information or this
news to the person
so i have found that i enjoy it because
it brings
comfort to other people it gives
answers to people that their loved one
has passed away
and they want to know are you happy on
the other side
do you still hurt um
or sometimes they have bad words you
know sometimes before someone dies we
did not reconcile
and we did not make our relationship
better and then there’s
guilt when people uh you know when
someone passes away
we’re guilty that we didn’t do something
so i bring comfort
then well i don’t know if i bring
comfort the information that comes
through me brings
comfort or answers questions some of the
things i
don’t like about it are
spirits that bother me when i don’t want
them to bother me
and also when i have seen very
frightening spirits like low grade
energy spirits ones that are only really
want to cause mayhem
that want to say haunt somebody i’m not
happy with that
i have worked with the police on some
murder cases
and in that i saw the person being
murdered i felt
felt saw heard that was most unpleasant
so it’s it’s a mixed bag is somewhat of
then you can make bring comfort to
someone but
then you are frightened by it
so i i say all in all though it’s been a
good experience
um so one of the
best thing uh spirit has told
you a spirit um like there will be
a sequences of uh events you may
gone through in your journey of being a
who can act as a gateway
for these spirits to communicate to
whatever we are alive
here um so in that case
what is that particular story which
stacks in your mind
in which spirit has told you
like something to communicate to their
daughter she is alive or something to
communicate to their
son they are alive or some messages from
some other world this is how we feel
over here what is that the best thing in
your mind
well one of the uh what comes to mind
a couple of things one is when a man
came and his son was missing and i was
able to say
that uh where the son was
and who the son was with and i actually
the spirit gave me and it doesn’t hardly
ever happen
the spirit actually gave me the name of
the street
and i gave that to the police or you
know what the father gave that to the
and was able to recover the sun it was a
parent that took it the
the they were divorcing and the mother
took the young son and hit him
so i was able to reunite that that’s
what comes to mind
another one that comes to mind is a
young boy of
about 10 that died unexpectedly
and his parents were very distraught
it’s so hard to work with people that
are grieving so heavily
and the boy spirit came and the parents
wanted to sue the doctor
like all the doctor must have done
something wrong and the spirit boy
came and said no i
had a heart problem that nobody found
and so the spirit the boy spirit
gave particular medical information that
i had
no access to before and was able to
i guess exonerate the doctors
because he said i had a heart illness
like my uncle and he named an uncle
and that had passed also at a young age
that was a beautiful story i mean i i i
feel it you know the parents were
uh very emotional one of the
greatest things that has happened
as my sister who had passed on
she came to me in spirit and told me
about our
uh our dna told me about how
when we leave the body how we do
and we go into air maybe you would say
uh heavens people call it heaven nirvana
you know
and how collectively we come together
with other spirits that have left to
help the world
transition to help the world move on
that was really interesting that was a
very interesting
conversation about how how the world was
to change and this is before the
how the world was going to go under a
lot of changes
how we uh had to come together
and how to take ourself
in meditation beyond the physical body
and into the other side
so that was very interesting to me and
it came to be
she told me also um that i would be
asked to take a position
in my spiritual group as like an officer
a higher person and i told her no no
no no
any and within so many months that
my group the rosicrucians uh said we
would like you to take this position
uh like an officer to for groups
and my sister had told me that would be
happening and it happened
i didn’t like it i told her no
and she’s just said as spirit i saw her
she was just laughing
so did anybody told you how does
it feel like being dead
yes oh yes many times many times
most people that pass on being dead
they’re happy to leave this body this
physical world
uh they feel a sense of being able to
not be stuck to things like uh i have to
do this because my family wants me to
i have to do this because society wants
me to
i i’m free of physical pain
but it doesn’t happen right away they
say you have to go through a process
of a healing first you heal whatever it
was physically
then you begin to heal emotionally and
your thoughts
so so it doesn’t happen all at once
i have had uh spirits that are sad
to leave this body especially when it’s
a tragic death
an accident or a murder they did
not want to leave the body so i heard
once from a young boy
i was in spirit communication with a
person asking me questions
and i didn’t know that she had a
i think it was her transplant heart or
lungs something
and she said would you contact this
person on the other side well
the young boy was 16 and he had died in
a motorcycle
accident he was really upset
that his body was in parts
i didn’t know about this so i told her i
didn’t know
she was a recipient and that was really
he said why did you take my why did you
take my organs
and i’m like oh no
so all different kinds of experience
most spirits are happy to be out of the
physical body
unless it’s a tragedy unless it was a
young death or uh you know an accident
many many many many stories
from ghosts to spirits
what would you say to somebody who is
about to die would you say like
uh you should trust the god
or you should not trust the code or
there is something like god is existing
or there is something like a world of
spirits are existing
or just like somebody is just dying in
last hours of some one person what would
you say to that particular person
well surprisingly to me i
i have been peop with people in their
last moments
uh usually often family would ask me and
i’m like well why ask me ask your priest
or your minister or your rabbi
or your guru but no they asked me to
and i find it a very reverent honor
you know i don’t assume everyone prays
to a god
they may pray to allah or buddha or
no one and so i will go in to comfort
in a way where i ask them is there
something you need
is there something you want but i also
go into their visions
so when people are leaving they often go
into a vision
people have asked me june what will i
see what will i do and i say will you
tell me what you are seeing
so i enter into a vision with them
it’s just a very holy experience to be
with somebody that is passing
and i encourage them
oftentimes you will see relatives that
have gone before them
show up in the room i see the relatives
and the person passing sees them
so those that have gone on before us our
loved ones come back to help us over
so i will say to the person oh here is
your mother
or your grandmother or your father and
the person will
often raise their hand
and they will be here to help you over
sometimes i
seen angels beautiful angels come
and i say the angels are surrounding you
i do pray to god but i don’t like to put
that on someone else that may not be
their religious beliefs
so i asked the person do you have
someone that you
uh look to to guide you and then i bring
that into our conversation
usually it’s just a matter of letting
the person not be afraid
afraid to let go afraid to
feel i’m afraid to die
and i hold their hand and i encourage
them to think of something
beautiful and then they pass away
it’s really an incredible experience
when someone passes away
so basically the um
the techniques or the um patterns which
we follow i mean
the um i follow the
how do i put it like i follow the
principles of esoterism
okay i i understand i could
transcend my being
into subjective reality
yeah so i understand that
and i can reach that particular point
through a different kind of uh
tools maybe it might be mantras maybe it
might be tarot cards or
maybe it might be uh some astrological
settings or something
but i understand my subjective reality
so uh in that case um
i feel that the there is no
birth or death it’s like just a
transformation of the forms that is the
uh eastern religions all says
i mean anything related to buddhism
or that is the esoterism finally takes
a sin like druids beliefs that thing
um pagan religions in europe
they believe that things so um
do you contradict with this belief
with the experience of the death you had
yeah when we when we go into spirit we
do not
it’s for me my experience i cannot talk
for all people’s experience you should i
just can’t
my belief is that we move into more
energy as seen in auras
and to
let go of the physical identity
you know no matter how you look at it we
all identify ourselves physically
no matter how much as satirical as
we evolve to um
many of us when we leave this body still
have that little oh my god i’m leaving
this physical body
uh i love the tarot i’ve studied the
tarot now for about 50 years
and i’m still learning more very uh with
the kabbalah
uh with numerology with astrology
so the tarot is a vehicle for me
to go deeper in that tarot is a vehicle
it’s a vehicle for me to go deeper into
my true self my s of who i really am
in the universe in the cosmic not just
who i am is june
you know that’s that’s a that’s an ego
i believe that if more people became
it started to choose a vehicle whether
it be the tarot
or astrology or numerology or
that we would connect we connect to a
different part we connect to the greater
intuitive and then psychic mind
and in that we find
more truth than being in the ego
physical self so once you start down
that road of esoterical
teachings you really can’t turn back
some people say oh no i became a
christian after that and i’m like
well it will always
influence your life trust me in some way
i hope that answered your question
sometimes i will go off in a different
um so you actually support the esoteric
principles or
more like the abrahamian religion like
semitic religion there is
um one one authority of god
who is existing like abrahamic religions
i could actually separate these
religious principles into two
like one is things like pagan religions
tannerism in india
then modern esoterism in europe
all those things are seeing
ourselves as the subjective reality
there is no other reality
see the it is it is like a
responsibility we are taking the
responsibility of our own action
we are not bargaining with
entity like a god that
if you do this i’ll do this like that
most of the religious people stress the
business you know
they ask to god if you do something for
me i’ll give this to you
it’s the kind of business they are
actually running into you know
no no i you i use the word god
but that’s not my image of what i’m
you know i i love jesus i love the
teachings of jesus i love the teachings
of buddha
i haven’t got into enough of is no no
there is no question about
what i am saying there is no question
about jesus jesus
has said something he has experienced
something subjective
but the question is about the church
the structure which they build acro
around him the structure which they
this thing that in this churches if
jesus came back now
he will destroy all these things
you know so
i have no objection against jesus
but i am asking about the church
well hopefully i understand what you had
meant uh
i do not limit myself to any one
what’s considered super being or
religious being
or i am part of the cosmic energy
i have energies that surround me in all
different forms and ways
but my how my conscious mind
interprets them at any given time
i do not want to be locked in to any
one thought of how
i my spirit lives my soul and spirit
so i do not really
uh subscribe to any
only i do not subscribe to any one
path to understanding self in life
i do like the pagan religions i think
that they’re a lot of fun
and they in tune with nature and to me
nature teaches us a tremendous a lot
living and being ourself
that’s it’s difficult for me to define
because it is such a ma just a
massive energy that i know that i’m
connected to
and lately in the last this year i
and last year i’ve been very connected
to jupiter it came to me in a meditation
i’m not an astrologer i don’t know
enough about it
but the planet jupiter continues to
in my visions now whatever that means
i don’t know
jupiter is the planet of wisdom
you know so so i i stay open uh
i enjoy any kind of
discourse information uh sharing of
that someone may have i do find it very
to have a conversation with people that
are locked into
any one particular religion
i find that very difficult because
they’re not
opening their minds
so usually i don’t engage with them
too often they want to burn somebody
like me they want to condemn somebody
like me
you know so very careful with people
like that
um so no i’m
not trying to
i’m trying to make a sense of
your death experience
can be related to any religious
um literature
which i have gone through that’s what
i’m trying to
see well we take that with us
if we are in when we leave here in a
frame say that we uh like me i was
brought up catholic
i was baptized catholic i went to
catholic school with the nuns and
so people
people experience that when they leave
the physical body still
that’s what they’re identifying with i
believe once you get to the other side
you begin to know differently you know
what karma did you resolve
and your religion while you’re on planet
earth may not even have talked about
karma uh what energy are you
perhaps your religion never talked about
energy like auras
so when you go to the other side you do
take with you at first
your religious trainings uh i took
at the yoga center i took i used to go
to a lot in san francisco
and i took this class and the guru there
well we have to see physical
we have to have physical beings and
physical words
to relate to something spiritually
because we’re physical beings
so it’s not wrong it’s just that when
you are totally
in spirit and energy they do not hold
the same
need they don’t have the same need so
when you go to the other side
and again i can only tell you my own
experience i cannot talk for everyone
that you first take with you the thought
i’m going to meet god
now maybe most of us learn that god was
some old white man
which i find very funny but that’s how
we physically
had to do it uh when you get to the
other side
that thought will bring up more visions
of what you need to see
because you’re comfortable with it from
the life you just left
the you have to have a sense of peace
you know rest in peace
so the recipes you still take part of
your mental images with you
at first which then begin to leave you
after a while
and then you have access to very cosmic
so yes you do take some of that with you
and then it begins to
diminish okay uh
so let’s uh go through your chat
i hope those answered your questions
that i didn’t go in too many different
sorry i said i i hope that answers some
of your uh
questions and i didn’t go in too many uh
different directions because we’re
speaking about
a subject that uh
you know i i haven’t died out of this
physical body yet oh well i did
i had a near-death experience and that’s
how i came back to have all these
i died and then i came back
and it is not always easy to put into
the experience that happens when you’re
on the other side
so shall we go to your chat basically
yes please yeah uh
you got the chat which i have sent you
yeah yes uh you have you gone through
printout of the same or uh i did
but uh i don’t have it in front of me so
i can’t
point out anything i did i went through
it when you sent it to me
and i’d have to find it on the computer
and i don’t know how to get off this to
find that
okay so however the
astrology is the part of um i mean the
vedic astrology
is the part of tantrasam in uh
inside the uh
the um structure of hinduism
so this is uh the reality which
speaks in the um core
nature inside this particular branch of
is mostly related to you could easily
with the reality of the astrology
vedic astrology particularly with the uh
with the pagans i mean they see the
uh the eretas the ultimate reality
because it is goddess okay pagan see
that is
the goddess so in astrology also we
uh this this is the
this is goddess
i mean there is uh
so this is like shaktism so however
let’s uh go to your chart basically
so your chart is starts with the
rohini natura okay
so apart from the western astrology
in western astrology there are tall
uh and the calculations are done on
based on these tall
houses but when we come to
uh vedic astrology the calculations
uh we include the 12 houses also and
apart from that we include there are 27
nakshatras also
okay that is the uh
more uh much
bigger form okay so from that nakshatra
from that 27 nakshatra you are nakshatra
is rohini
okay so the rokhini nakshatra
you know the have you heard about the
god krishna
yes so
his nakshatra is rokhini
so the uh the thing is like the
god krishna is more about leela
you know lila means
he does the hide and seek game in real
so the same way you do
hide and seek games you like to play
games i don’t see games in your life
so this is the one of the important
thing which comes
out from this particular observation i
mean the rokhani nakatra
now i will share my screen just to show
you more about the
occurred thank you
um so can you see now
okay so this is the rohini natura it’s
more about the
um let’s go to the uh
more uh essence of the regular chatra so
in the rohini nakshatra uh the bird
there are two beds one is sukhlapacha
and the krishna
so based on your birth time the bird
which is
associated with you is the peacock
is that like a show-off
yeah i kind of oh no
but the um peacock don’t do the show
all the time it’s it’s actually not a
show also like you see the peacock will
dance just before the rain comes
so there is something there is a
something better is happening
the rain means the water comes from the
and the earth and the sky is making love
you know so peacock is witnessing that
and peacock is
making dance on that
so when the
good things happens you could show it
you understood yeah boy
personality the peacock
so this is the tree which is associated
with you
you know this is novel it’s a fix
novel novel a platform
so this is i’ll send you the link for
you to go through the particular
tree so what happened is like you could
actually communicate with this
particular tree
you know all salts has a particular
so the tree which you can communicate
with has the same vibration as the body
you have
and the uh
the bird which you can communicate with
has the
same vibration as your body has so the
the that is how
it works
uh so this is how the uh sky i mean the
group of stars looks like uh for your uh
yeah i think you sent me that one right
um yeah there is a link i’ll send you
that thing
yeah yeah so you are more likely
three manufa like uh human
god and uh uh
demon demonic ghana how do we say it’s
you know the bombers yeah so they are
like a quality of the tamasik so they
are the
uh demonic nature and there is godly
they can uplift people and human beings
are like they can go
along with any of these two
so registered nature you have which
means that you can
burn anything that’s true
so what does it means is that um
you will uh
for something uh for something to keep
you will act as faithful as
as you can like how the how how the
earth behave if we
do anything to the earth also still it
will it will be
enact you know it want the things to be
going so that’s why the earth acts in
the that way
those similar way you will act i mean
you can be you can be enact
to make things to be keep going
so your feminine nature is more than
that of the masculine nature
so what does it means is that the your
creative power is more
more better than that of the um
the general humans you know
so the the mantra which is associated
with this particular nakshatra
is about the prachapati chapati is the
first god according to the
so there is a mantra a sound vibration
that you could connect with this
particular god i can send you that later
so there is a uh
yeah meditation technique which is
associated with the rhodium etc
that you could find out in this
particular link i’ll send you this link
as well
so it’s takes little time and the
this is the um kamasutra sexual position
uh helps you to make more intimacy
with your partner so it is because uh
the serpent uh the nakshatra has the
power of serpent so the serpent is the
thing which is seductive even though it
is frightened
frightful you know serpent snake
that particular animal is actually very
but it keeps the people’s
it won’t allow peoples to come because
peoples are afraid of to come to this
so your planet which is associated with
the moon
so this is mostly associated with the
black i mean the night
so the uh what happens is like the
energies of the knight like to
make make love with you
that is into a more subjective level
rather than that of the physical level
and i am speaking
in that sense
so these are the things about your
nakshatra so we are going to
read your chat do you have any questions
regarding this
no no i’ve been enjoying it thank you
i i do identify i do see some of those
i see that that is me
so so let’s go to your uh
chart basically yeah that’s what you
sent me
and i didn’t quite understand it all
actually yeah yeah
we will go through this so this general
characteristic the nakshatra will
actually give you the general
characteristics of
your soul basically how does it
how does it is actually build it and how
does it actually be here
um so this part the nakshatra path is
not there on the western astrology
so now we are coming to the houses that
there in western astrology but it has a
23 degree
difference with the vedic astrology
which means that
the first house you can see the kedu or
let’s see the third house you can see
the moon
okay in the western zodiac it will be in
second house
uh because the ketu is not there in the
uh western astrology however
so now let’s go through
birth chart basically
so the first house that is the ascendant
so the that is that is where you give
that is about your body so you don’t
give much
care to your body
so that is what the tanubaba or the
first house
says and the fifth house there is
jupiter the planet jupiter
is the planet of the wisdom
so uh that is staying on the fifth house
that is your son i mean the
the how what you give to this world
either it could be a a
son who speaks
who has wisdom or you have created
something which is
very it has some wisdom in
so the sixth house which is the
uh enemies house
in that there is rahu is staying
so basically the rahu the planet is the
planet of the occult
so that is staying on the sixth house
so what does it indicate
if you don’t use the
power of the dark carefully
that will be becoming a problem
that could act against you
so it is being said
uh when we have to be very careful while
we are playing with the dark
i mean the energies of the unknown
yeah yes
do you feel there is something is coming
from the energies of the unknown like
yes what is that like would you like to
when the when the dark comes the from
the unknown
yeah yeah uh you have to be very
i tell it people all the time i write
this book you have to be
very careful of that aspect of
the dark side of of all of it
yeah yeah it’s not pleasant
i mean it’s scary and it could take over
it could take over your whole body your
whole mind
so did you did you gone through any kind
of experience like that
is there anything yes
uh yeah i call it an attachment uh they
come into your life and they
that can start to ruin your health and
then emotions your mind
uh and you have to find a way to
identify it
and to have it removed by maybe reiki
or different ways of having it removed
maybe see in a shaman
and have that darkness removed
yes i’ve had a few experiences
so that is staying on the uh sixth house
and the seventh house venus is staying
beatrice is the planet of relationship
and retirement and whatever the
blessings which the life
can offer so venus is actually venus is
positioned in the seventh house that is
the best
thing and uh it could
offer you a fulfilling relationships or
sequence of relationships um
so that is i mean that is that is
something which people should
wish for actually so that that has
happened in your life
and the dendra
sun moon and mercury staying
that is moon and mercury
mercury is about the when it comes
in for you it’s about the speech so
sun moon and mercury together staying on
eighth house that what was that
indicating is that you have to be
about your talk
so 11th house lava saturn so
what does it indicating it’s um
hard work will be the result
yes hard work that’s me
can i finish that karma so i have less
hard work
always says young hard work work work
work all the time
so the hard work is the result so yeah
when i come back next time no more hard
in the 12th house mars along with the
kedu is paying
mars is the um
planet of war
so if you look at hindu what it is
uh showing is that the um
you know
what about mars is applied for two
you should fight to
execute some certain things in to
make some certain things in the way
which you want
so let’s come to your uh this thing but
what to say um
planets i mean there is the sun
so right now you are in buddha buddha
is staying on the
on the eighth house so you have to be
this time you have to be really watchful
sun moon and mercury like uh you have to
very watchful about your speech
and mother and father
is they are alive no no
no my mother father yeah
what about them they’re not on this
planet anymore
is that what did you say about my mother
and father
so you how to i mean the eighth house
indicating sun moon it’s like father
so now it’s activated i mean
maybe some 5-10 years ago do they start
if they are not alive they will start to
appear in your
you are a medium they will start to
appear to you
you got it okay
have you understood no
okay what i am saying if your father and
mother is not
alive they will
come to talk to you
yes especially my mother
yes so do they
want to want you to do something for
well my father wants me to forgive him
which i think i’ve done pretty work
through that
my mother she wants me to forgive myself
very loving mother a very i had a very
very loving mother
so that that is the planet which is
activate now
the eighth house and there is father and
mother is staying
so that you have to be i mean the
communication with them
has to be they will be already
communicating you what they
want you to do my father does
come in a dream and he was a very
practical man
you know he was very good at building
and arc you know how things are built
and sometimes he comes to give me some
sort of like
logical advice about something
which i really don’t usually follow but
he does
so in astrology we have some methods to
identify the
where and all the souls are staying what
and all
like sometimes people
get the you know
some kind of problem mostly people’s
nowadays people
think most of them are actually
psychological problem
but the most of them are not
it’s like these spirits will try to
come to common souls and
you know they i mean the people start to
act in wired way so in astrology we have
that kind of ways to figure out
whether it is a psychological problem or
you know whether it is the
problem with the salts or whatsoever you
so this is all about your chart
do you have any questions about your
chat no it’s really
understandable you know i can identify
with what you’re saying so much
so your high energy planet is rahu
and ketu is your high energy planet
so yeah occult
the energies of the dark is more on you
i mean it’s not like you take people’s
it’s like the energies which
peoples are peoples who has the
general sense may find it
it’s dark
you know the when we talk about the
druids or the pagans
the energy they figure out could be
seems like uh
dark for the people those who believe in
some other faith
in that way do you understood like
because this is good for you like
whether you can communicate with that
sacred existence uh this is actually
good for you
could the could the dark be um
as though like the sign of scorpio that
deals with death and regeneration
um some people might think of that as
dark but
to me you go into the dark to come into
the light
that’s how i look at it so are you
speaking about the
necessary for moving through a
transition of darkness
to be enlightened or the dark side of
um spirit energy or ourself
okay can you defend what is dark and
so to you when you address the dark
what are you talking about exactly the
dark so right now
in the context which i am speaking to
i am talking about the dark
which is actually
not accessible for the
humans they are half they have ident
they have the false identification on
themselves okay
okay that that makes sense all right
so this dark that is the energy
that is associated with you and that is
good for you
okay so somewhat the false identity
uh would be letting the ego run your
life and your beliefs
yeah for instance let’s uh let’s say
the pagans uh for uh church
they may some of the people who believes
in christ
believe they are worshiping um
lucifer or say uh the dark okay
yeah you understood but they are
actually not they
are more into reality right
yes vegans are more real than that
absolutely are the goddess you know
the goddess is the earth and everything
so the shaman the red indians
when they worship this earth
the pachamama that the great mother
she will transcend through them they
will start into dancing
and things like that you know
well you know i don’t know if i had said
it in anywhere that you might see that i
have always followed the
the goddess i’m into you know starting
as a young child my mother introduced us
uh the blessed virgin mary jesus’s
mother so we’d always say our rosary
and pray to her so i really
got much more into the feminine mystique
more of the mother yeah
see the thing is like the
i don’t know how do you got uh
identified the
uh mary like um like
some people um general general
christians teach
that the uh you have to be afraid of
scared of that particular mother but no
she’s so loving and kind and you know
so yeah and healing and healing the
mother welcomes you
to her yeah and she nurtures you
you know i don’t think it has to be one
or the other i think that there can be
a union you know mother father
there can be a union but i do tend to
more of the feminine the mother
well that’s most interesting i i enjoy
about the
uh that you brought up the mother and
the pagan
uh because that is associated also to me
uh with so much that we get from the
earth from nature
how important that is to our whole
see if the mother nature is not there we
all will disappear you know
yes without mother nature we’re gone
back to the cockroaches of rats only
so we have to respect that yeah so that
was very good thank you
you have any other questions you want to
discuss here no i’d like to absorb it
um i i did
as i said you sent me the information i
didn’t know how to read it and it was
has greater essence
like i i liked it because i felt
that what you presented me was more in
tune with my spirit and soul and my way
of thinking
and my way of living i don’t know about
the peacock
i’ll have to work on that one
i really work at my humility all the
but i would i would want to know
where i could find my chance for my
chart because i do chant but something
that i identify with
uh in from the this way of looking at it
astrology for me
so you mentioned some sort of um
i think you’re gonna send me a link that
i could look at what i could start to
yeah okay good good so the basically
there are gods
there are different kind of gods are
mentioned in vedas
so yes don’t understand the gods
in the way which the ultimate reality
okay the the these are uh in some
in a metaphysical reality these are the
energy spots where we could ourselves
absolutely because that is how the
that is the ultimate reality of this
spirituality speaking if you
see all the religion also that is what
it is speaking but the
that is why i am giving a
very clear differentiation between these
semitic religions
and this pagan religions like
druidity or the um
tanderism or hinduism or buddhism
you know and the tribal religions
but the there is no uh an authority
there is no single authority it’s not
speaking about a single reality
it’s not just about the single god it’s
speaking about different different gods
so why it is speaking about different
different gods is because you have to
get confused
yes i agree because i that’s how i look
at it too
as an energy we use certain words
but we’re speaking of an energy
that’s how i look at it and i like i
it’s a greater way for me to understand
because when i communicate with spirits
i’m communicating with energy
when i read someone about what’s coming
up i’m looking at what they already know
but they just need me to say it it’s an
so this particular energy point you can
with a working a certain kind of sound
you can
actually communicate oh yeah uh those
so these energies um
maybe uh it’s it’s works it’s resonate
uh good with your
soul that’s also well
i’ll look forward to getting that link
so i can uh
study it a little more yeah uh and
do you want to speak anything more about
the death
and whoever who want to die
well speaking with spirits
has really taught me that
there is much more of not only us
but the whole universe there’s so much
more that we have not even
uh unless one does deep meditations or
goes into nature
i think if you walk into nature i go
down to i live near
a beach i walk on the beach i there’s
some hills up here and once i go into
i really feel myself i can feel all my
pores of my body just open up
uh so when i communicate
with the unseen whether it be dead or
even another person
i don’t necessarily look at you
physically but i’m looking at your aura
you know i’m looking at your energy
uh that’s how i communicate with the
is that i i’m looking at their energy
but they will
use a voice they will use uh uh
how they speak how they spoke
and how they used to look you know
before they maybe if they were old and
they died when they’re old they
will send their energy back to when they
were young and that’s what i will see
when they’re young it’s very interesting
how the dead are still alive
that’s what i tell people we might leave
this body but
we’re not gone yeah
we’re gone from here but we’re not god i
do not believe in hell
i believe that yes there are torturous
places from our own
understanding but we put ourselves there
we we go to that place do i
know that there are uh very negative
entities yes i’ve experienced them
yes they are there don’t pull them up
that’s what i tell people don’t fool
around with it
don’t pull it up don’t go into that
why would you even want to because once
if they could get a hold of you
they will start to control your life
so i stated the more lighter side of it
the more positive side then i go into
the dark side
i don’t want to do that i’m a peacock
uh one last question like
you do the remote reading right
yes i have so one of your videos
would you like to do that now like yes
can you do it for me now read your aura
yeah you want me to read your order
well your background makes it a little
hard okay so i have to
close my eyes okay
there is a lot of uh green aura
around uh your your higher self
mental communication and that’s the
place where you really truly do believe
that you want to help the world that you
want to help other people
but you’re also very interested in what
you can learn so you’re always looking
educate yourself you know you have
a vast desire to to learn so much
from many different places your aura
that is in your throat chakra here
in your throat you know even even part
of the grave but it turns into a red
red energy you might be uh either
teaching a class or teaching people
or just what you’re doing now reaching
out to more people but you have a
great desire to uh to speak
and i don’t know uh if you are fully
in more than two languages because you
speak english and you speak
i don’t want to say india because i
don’t know if it’s indian or pakistan
whatever it is
but you also are interested in language
so you probably will be learning more
you know that you will be learning to
speak other languages
and that’s very karmic because in
another lifetime
you were like a traveler or an
adventurous like a nomad you went
from countries to countries you always
everywhere many past lives of being a
actually some of your
digestive part uh
i don’t perhaps you were in the last few
years several years
changing your diet to something
better with your etherical body you know
that will support your etherical body
and this comes from mother mother’s side
of the
family i don’t uh perhaps they have
stomach or intestinal problems they have
so you’re going to want to keep healing
that part of you
not in your upper well a little bit your
upper stomach but down into your
uh down uh yes like that even in your
that you want to be able to
keep cleaning your body with using herbs
you have to be careful of your spices
so you’re going to have to let go of
some of these
spicy foods and let that go
and go more into like water going over
pebbles cleaner cleaner food
easier on the digestive system so i do
see that in your
uh in your physical body um
a little bit about
males in your life i don’t know if it’s
your brothers or father or just males
around you
you find them to be too aggressive
in how they communicate so that goes
down into your left
knee and it makes you want to
like kick out it says be quiet and
what would be good for you then is to
walk a lot
or to run something to take that energy
out of you
and to put that aggressive males
that come into your life you know
sometimes males like to argue stuff
they feel like they gotta argue what
they’re doing and
that’s not where you’re at you’re saying
i want to tell you but i don’t want to
get into this big
who’s right and who’s wrong
you know and so if when you
feel that energy for you to get out if
you just
run in nature or walk briskly
then that energy starts to dissipate and
it actually makes your legs stronger
your legs become more muscular
like that that’s what i’m seeing
so i would pick a card for you
you were what i’ll pick a chart for you
a tarot card
okay i don’t have my tarot cards with me
but you picked yours yes
ready i’ll just uh pick
one for you can i just
close your eyes just
now you can open your eyes
so i pick pick a card for you
ah the cups are those cups yeah
i knew it i knew it yeah i kept seeing
the cups is there a flower
near those cups
yeah yes yay that’s what i was seeing
is that is that the ten of cups or
which the cups
okay very good that’s the top deck
right is that the top deck
um no
it’s minor minor oh
is it the t the the deck is that a
the top deck yeah okay i
thought i recognized it oh
i’m to go study that that’s great
that’s a good symbol yay
the peacock loves it
you are now acting like a peacock day
i’m going to be a peacock all day
thank you i wish i had my tarot i would
pick one for you but
it’s in the other room um
if you have time i could wait
okay so let me you pick it but let me
tell you when to pick it for you will
you want to play you want to do this
i would want to do this okay so i will
pick it
but your hand will will move okay so
close your eyes
what should i do okay so
uh fana can you fan out your cards do
you have a table
you can kind of phenomenal spread you
yeah you know spread them out yeah yeah
now i’m going to write this down
so we’ll see how good i can do this okay
close your eyes
and run your hand over the spread
out cards just run it back and forth
just slowly
okay pick that card wherever your finger
is on that one card pick it up
and let me see what it is
what is it uh the swords what number is
eighth ah okay i wrote down
pentacles the number four okay
i i believe that has to do
with you making a decision about your
just like a financial decision regarding
um some sort of work how you get paid
how you’re going to make
money uh and that decision is going to
come up in about two or three months
i mean you will be into late july august
and you’ll be making that so don’t
worry that it’s um is it the right
it says those saying you’re going to
make a decision to support
your finances growing
and that would be important in the way
what you have been wanting and
who can help you what you’ve been
and who will help you from the heavens
to the earth
so don’t question when somebody come
with a man when he comes to an idea with
you or advice
about money how to make money how to be
more secure
listen very carefully to him and don’t
that it won’t be the right decision okay
you can get back to me
in september and let me know yeah
thank you peacock okay okay
okay thank you very much has been most
yeah if you want do you want to say
something to the people who are
listening to our podcast well one of the
things that i
know is is very important for us on
planet earth is to
use our our esp
to use our telepathy to not only attract
and change our own life
but to help humanity to send out
of i look at it as intelligent decisions
intelligent peace you know we say oh
peace peace well that’s right
but we have to use our head and make
good decisions for mother nature so
go out into nature and communicate with
all the spirits the divas the spirits
and everything around us
because it’s up to us to save
our planet that’s my message and that’s
what i teach and that’s what i talk
about now
you know do we have to do that and i
will start back in september of giving
online classes uh talks
i was doing it for the last year i’m
taking a break
and you get in touch with me if you’re
interested but i truly believe in using
our psychic mind
everybody not just people like me
okay that’s it thank you

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