Vedic Reading Series Episode No 22 – Part 2: The Comfort Of Nakedness And Psychosexuality

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Our guest in today’s podcast is Barbora. Due to the length of this podcast, we have divided it into two parts. In the first half, we discuss Barbora’s work and in the second part, we discuss her chart. Barbora is a passionate and seasoned practitioner, who has completed her training in Somatic Therapy and Conscious Sexuality in Denmark and London. She is currently completing a diploma in Integrative Psychosexual Therapy at the College of Psychosexual Health in London. Barbora has a special interest in working with sexuality issues for couples and individuals, offering a trauma-informed approach, using the theory of Dr. Bessel regarding trauma-healing and the importance of bringing the ‘body’ into the therapy room. You can connect with Barbora via her website:

So welcome to the vedic reading series episode no. 22: The comfort of nakedness and psycho-sexuality with Barbora Part -2.

Below Is a Non Verbal Transcript For The Same

this is arun from
i’m a software engineer who mostly work
node.js php and other backend
and i’m an open source contributor as
i’m a tantric by birth in a family which
is passing tantric wisdom from
generations to generations from past
2000 years of legacy and got
lucky to travel across india and got
to study under various gurus from
different backgrounds
and disciplines you could connect with
in irons here i am helping you
to design
a divine lifestyle which is based on
vedic astrology tandra and other
yogic system of understanding
and welcome to vedic reading series
episode number 22
up to the comfort of nakedness
and psychosexuality
we have already spoken to barbara
in the first
part of this particular podcast
and this is the combination
of the first part
so whoever haven’t heard about
the first part i’m just introducing
so our guest in today’s podcast
is barbara
in this podcast we are discussing
about barbara’s chat
they have discussed about the work
which shaped us on the first
half of this particular podcast
barbara is a passionate and seasoned
practitioner who has completed
training in somatic therapy and
conscious sexuality in both
denmark island she is currently
a diploma in integrative psychosexual
at the college of psychosexual health in
barbara has special interest in working
with the sexuality issues
of couples and individuals
offering a paranoia informed approach
based on the theory of dr brussel
regarding perma healing and the
importance of bringing the body
into therapy room you can connect with
barbara via her website http
reading series episode number 22
part 2 the comfort of nakedness
and psychosexuality with barbara
so yeah hi so this is the second part of
first podcast which we have done and uh
in this particular episode we are
actually going through
the exciting chat of barbara how it’s
going to see how excited you are
how excited you are like have you done
this yeah
well mainly to here like
yeah quite or i’m curious because i’ve
done the normal chart
which was very interesting but i’ve
never done the tantra
chart so yeah sounds quite interesting
and yeah but finding out what i will get
to know is a bit exciting and scary in
the same way
uh how you took the print out of the
chat which i now sent
like a house and do a if i print
can you send it to me
go for it
somebody really wants you
uh so have you gone through the chat did
you have somebody
yeah it’s like you send it me the chat
but i have no understanding what is it
at all
you know all that uh it’s like for me
it’s like uh
right interesting what is it
so shall i open it or shall i look at it
yeah we can go through that we can go
through that so
uh one thing i will i will share
my screen to you like you know
you can see what is actually
so can you see my screen
thank you so this is basically your
is the
um the
this particular group of stars uh and
that if you look at on the sky at
the time of your birth if you look at on
uh sky it will looks like this the
stars the dhanishtra star so looks like
this the particular part of the sky
where you got
to look like and of stars
and one of them is
it’s like maybe as you’re sharing the
screen it seems like the internet
connection is falling a little bit so i
have a bit trouble to hear you in
between i don’t know if
that will be the same in video uh which
which which one uh uh what was that
able to understand like yeah now so what
i was saying with that
yeah okay so what i was saying is that
the nakshatra of you is dhanishta
okay danishta is the group of stars that
particular part of the sky when you get
the at that particular part of the sky
there will be a couple of
stars will be there so this particular
we call it as danish which is belongs to
so we start by uh figuring out
how does this particular group of stars
uh manifest in your life
so this is how we actually start with
okay and your paksha is krishna
so there is two paksha each nakshatra
will be having two paksha one is
krishna and another one is uh
so your paksha is krishna pacha and
in that thing the krishna paksha there
will be
a bird a bird will be there
see your bird is boiled okay
it’s a bit harder when you are on the
website then it’s harder to hear you i
don’t know why if it’s maybe internet or
then the sound is getting uh kind of
destroyed but i hope that’s fine
so your bird is vulture basically
so in uh in tandra
we have an understanding like you know
like we are not the uh we are the part
of the nature itself
so how does uh that some certain things
like animals or birds or plants
things like that will actually vibrate
the frequency which you are having so
uh based on that this is the particular
which will actually vibrate the
you are having so this will actually
in your life in a way that
you like to go alone
you know if you look at on your life you
would like to go alone and
feel alone this is the uh thing uh
which the the bird will manifest on your
basically um
and this is your um
tree i don’t know this is a tropical
plant whether this will be there on your
area or not i am not sure but this is
your plant
thank you
so basically in india what happens is
like people
actually worship uh their own track
they actually get their own plan
their own things like
and the uh the nature
of this particular star is actually
demonic nature
demonic nature in the sense uh
it is not like uh uh you know uh while
we are speaking about
the uh demonic nature in uh biological
terms it’s not like that
but this is uh something like you know
it’s more like
a reflection kind of thing
this is how you reflect towards your
like suddenly you will get angry you
will get crazy
and the blessing is like that you
could at a time in your life you
it’s like i like to actually dance with
my demons like to you know to explore my
the dark side that we all have that’s
kind of my yeah
so if you like to what is that
no it’s like yeah sorry please continue
no no what was that what was that you’re
saying no that’s
that’s for me quite known or i basically
that’s what i also do in therapy work i
believe for
like bringing the demons and see them on
the light
i don’t know if that’s what you meant or
that’s for me quite
yeah that is how see um
the real you is actually demonic
you know it’s it’s it’s not like demonic
in negative way when you actually
seeking uber on self
you can actually uh see that that is the
uh demonic nature in you so if you
bring that out actually you can actually
get into something called
this is how this nature will actually
look like
that may not be true but you start to
assume thing that will actually
demonic nature i mean that is actually
overthinking that will give you a
negative resonance
okay so if you if you want to
achieve more i mean if you want to
unleash the
inner demons of you you have to just
a you have to just look into
what is this thomasic nature is doing to
which means that overthinking
and your buddha buddha means the sky
sky is your buddha so what does it means
is that you have a higher thinking
i mean you can look into skype which
means that uh
you can unleash your mind and go
into sky you can imagine like the sky
well yeah it’s like for me it’s very
easy to to disappear
to the higher spheres it’s like
intent of working on us to stay grounded
and be able to yeah
to do it so what we have to do is like
we have to actually unite the
both actually the higher understanding
and the ground we are standing also then
we can actually that is called yogavidya
the uh um the knowledge of yoga we can
how we can actually unite the higher
and with the everyday living we are
doing so
uh so then only we can actually always
while we are actually doing something
so the danger is like uh we can actually
lost into get lost into the higher also
like we are forgetting uh we are here
and we can get lost into there and also
we will we may never achieve that higher
we are still here
so these two streams are actually very
so to get into that higher into the
everyday life is called yogavidya
so that is where we are actually uh
getting a state of you know extensious
orgasmic nature like you know
yeah yes sometimes if you know it then
it’s hard to go back yeah
so your feminine nature is more on you
which means that shakti nature there is
two parts is there on every human beings
one is
a male and one is a female like shiva
and shakti
uh in tantric terms it is very important
when shiva and shakti comes together and
they merge
together the real thing should happen
what happens is that in your nature
shakti is produced
so there will be some metabolic problems
happens on you
health issue like it’s uh because the uh
pitta this is an ideal quality which is
more on you
uh because of that there will be
metabolism problems may happen on you
so what what to do over there is like
you have to actually
um do more meditation yoga things like
that so
this particular energy can be
you know um you can actually uh control
so ashtavasu’s is the god
which is associated with yoga nakshatra
which means that ashtavasu is a uh
eight versus that is eight quality
of the solar words like eight qualities
of the uh sunlight that is the gods of
uh energy and life so you have a
quality to bring uh energy and light
other people’s life so that’s how this
god i mean when i say god it is
actually you should
understand that it is like a
metaphysical entity this
is it’s a it’s not like a god like
who is staying higher and giving you
these things or whatever it’s not like
that this is something you can easily
connect with and
that particular energy you can bring
into your life
so there is also one kriya which is
associated with the
urnar chadra and
that can be used uh along with the
sun solute uh to
come into more orgasmic existence
that kriya is there over the this uh
page this is my website you can actually
that link is been
given on your chat which i have shared
with you
it is there you can actually see so
there is a kriya but there is a video
there you can use that uh then this is
the uh line this is uh
which means that while uh having sexual
intercourse uh you were uh you are
uh there is uh told units associated
each nation so this is lion the only is
is associated with you which means that
this is the wildest uni in all
colonies so you will you will enjoy
more connection deeper while you are in
so this is this is the all about your
nakshatra now we will go to your chart
the chart is what it will actually uh
give you more insight
the self the first house if you see
this thing uh there is 12 houses are
you know these are stall houses
the very first house uh it is staying
the moon is associated with
moon is associated with ascendant that
is faster
that is moon
so moon is the planet which is
associated with
mother okay so
there is a kind of bone which was
in your life with your mother
or motherly nature
so that that is made yourself
the relationship with your mother
that is moon that is your self
giver character that is how it was
which is associated with occult
so your friend is rahu uh
so this particular planet um this helps
you to
um go
deeper on you inside on you
and the fifth house which is putra house
putra house
means it is the
putra means the offspring like
you the kids you might be having which
will be
if if there is a kid it will be
son son which means that a male kid
you know
so venus is the planet of relationship
so that is your enemy like
the relationship uh most of the time
enduring tragedy
is mostly because the mercury
mercury is the planet like
the ideology can
you know overlap or it can get into
so what happens is like it will actually
uh make it to
get retired
you like to do hard working
i like the real work yeah
to the goals yeah that’s my trauma
therapy as well yeah
so in karma bhava there is ketu is
uh so it’s actually
associated with the ketu is the planet
of the previous
birth so there is something is carrying
out from the previous birth which is
actually directing on your karma bhava
karma bhava means it’s a
the job you are doing
associated with your previous work and
lava is jupiter jupiter is the planet of
so this is what the uh uh your
what you get out of all these things i
mean the result you are getting out of
and we have to go through your uh now
you are 36
year old by professional 37 now
you did it when i was 36 still you know
you did it like
a week or not even before my birthday so
sorry to
mess it up so now you are 37
all right right now
your planet is brigha so this is the
the most of the learning will happen in
your life
and five plus seven this is like tall at
the edge of
turn uh to the
age of 12 plus
10 somewhere around 20
from the age of 12 to 20 that that is
the part you don’t like to remember in
your life
you know there was something very things
has happened
uh and right now the planet is
the planet which gives more wisdom and
uh the effort it will give the result of
the effort which you are
doing basically so
10 plus 100 to this
2 days it’s 5 31
to get into a stable relationship you
have to come approximately the age of
yeah i’ve been thought like i’ve been
i’ve been set
twice like 38 39 is
is the time for me to settle down
so you have to come approximately
somewhere around 40. so the venus will
from the enemy house the
and whatever the relationship
uh like uh by the age of 37 or 39 you
i mean uh yeah you may go into a
relationship now
um something like but that may get into
by 39.40
any questions well i’m just curious
about i don’t know
it’s like you know the chat is basically
as a map
right if i understand it right it’s like
a bit more like a mapping
and i’m sure it doesn’t tell you the
it doesn’t tell you what will happen
exactly well
uh because as you say and i’ve been
told when i was 20 21 or something that
i’ll be studying until i’m like 38 which
i have to have one year for my
accreditation now to to work with
therapy clients and which basically
perfectly right to that what i was told
when i was
20 and then i had my child reading three
years ago when i’ve been told like
relationship i should
just take time up till i’m like 38 40
yeah in between the time
so i’m just curious as i’m questioning
as i’m working with
tantra i know at least you’re quite into
the depth of your understanding
uh a woman man like a female
and masculine feminine energy and and
i know it’s like through my profession
all the space for people
uh it’s like i i look for partners who
can also hold space for my
for me which is not easy for most of the
men because
i always feel more like with a client
than as a woman so i’m curious
is there any any sign in the chat of
being a mother or if that’s
kind of totally out of the
question or something like that so there
is a sign of
being a mother
it’s the question like i like when the
things come as a natural
and it has to be like you know i don’t
like to push or press
press the stuff like oh i need to find
somebody to get pregnant and i have a
child it’s like it doesn’t work for me
that way
it has really has to be gift of the life
or otherwise to accept that there are
different ways of living the life not
like the mother
because my work for me is a kind of my
if you maybe understood or saw it or
like for me it’s not just the words like
in tantra and in therapy it’s kind of
working with people help them to bring
more clarity and awareness and
it’s kind of yeah
my life passion so i wonder if there is
space for me to be a
mother as well or
wondering about that if i should do
something for it or
or just to let it go and trust the life
it will give me what i need
i don’t know that’s like if that’s too
much question you know if that’s
let me know
no it’s like there is a sign of becoming
a mother
on your chat
yeah i’ve been told i will be a mother
when i will be older they said like
don’t expect to have child before 38
i’ve been told again twice so i was just
wondering if there is a and this was
interesting i said about relationship
it’s a kind of yeah i’m not a type of
uh being in one relationship forever all
like my my other friend who’s doing
actually the chart reading so like
yeah you have mainly a karmic
relationships to clean up your karma
from your past so that’s why it’s
always so strong and kind of like a it’s
like a bunker
a little bit like very strong and it
feels like 10 like we’ve been together
maybe like
10 months and it feels like 10 years
relationship afterwards like very
and and then it ends so it’s kind of
yeah it says
a little bit
so the mercury and the venus is staying
together and the venus is in your enemy
so it is very hard for you to stay on
single relationship that is there on
youtube yeah
yeah and i know i’m not the type of
person for traditional monogamous
relationship like
it’s not it’s like not for me yeah it’s
respecting everybody else having what
they need to do and i’m like just don’t
expect that from me this is too
uh yeah you mention it’s like like to
go alone like like a she-wolf a little
bit that’s kind of my life
yeah and see what
mask is there any sign of where i’m
gonna live or
like because the last chart i had there
was also like what
what is my part of life like a place to
live in my life i’m still
as i said i’m still looking for settling
and nesting which may become when i’m
and i’m still questioning if the uk is
the right place or i’m
quite missing denmark or i’m czech it
was like you know i like
lived in norway i lived in africa and
like uh i
feel like the human of the planet i i
don’t care about
the origin i just do care about how i
feel and where is
my place so i’m just wondering if this
any kind of guidance or
i’m still questioning right now i know
this is the best place for me to be now
to learn
and to study and to work but
is it for the rest of the life or for
the future or
i may know i can pendle maybe between
uk or denmark or uk or czech or
it’s like quite a normal for me to have
like a pendulating life
as well as relationships i’m just
wondering again
you give me this possibly to have
questions be careful about sometimes
would you ask me
with me
i like i like to wonder yeah i like her
you eventually settle down within two
years from now
yeah that’s what they said like 38 39
40 time
yeah so i’m kind of i i have to say i
always kind of trusted the life i’m on
the right space
and getting what i need instead of to
think like
trying to have this push of the
uh this is what i need to do or this is
so yeah thank you i feel like i’ve been
always lucky to
to meet the right people in the right
moment and to
trust the that what i’m getting is
is the right thing for me from life
basically how i get into the tantra so
and then
into the therapy it was very natural
flow it was not kind of my decision
it was always kind of offered and it
felt right in the moment
so if you ask me 10 years ago i will
work with in tantra with people
like touching body understanding like
don’t like i would i would say you are
out of
here no
yeah yes
things started to get
i mean your internet is getting the
charged battery
right yeah so yeah um
i don’t know if you like you know you
are kind of for me that
somebody who knows quite a lot about
tantra to your culture it’s like i still
feel like
i’ve just followed something what feels
natural for me
and i’m i’ve been always wondering if
it’s just something you kind of born for
because for me it was really nothing i
was looking for to work with chandra
i’m basically studied as social worker
and studies like
you know and and since i start to go for
one one
seminar in denmark and when i find
actually that time the right
right people in that moment i just
didn’t want to stop
i just wanted to understand more it just
and people told me immediately like
wow i i feel you can make a difference
and so basically
i didn’t learn so much about tantra i
try to study and understand what i do
with people when i touch them and when i
allow the body to to go with the flow
so there’s always been for me kind of
like okay it doesn’t feel
i choose the tantra it’s just
it feels like tantra choose me or it’s
and i have to say i’m
i’m very happy to do this kind of work
it gives me a big
fulfilling and understanding of myself
and and i can spread it and offer it to
other people
this kind of state of being
connecting going deeper you know beyond
the mind
even getting orgasmically if possible
kind of entering it so
that’s kind of interesting in my life
if i try to choose it by my mind it
never work if i just follow it by nature
of the life it’s just
growing and going
so what was the question you’ve been
asking me
yeah if it’s like if there is any chart
like in the chart is there any sign that
yeah i i can actually the tantra has
been kind of
part of my life without i i’ve made a
or you said like i like a deep work or
like a depth
and hard work in a way of feeling
the life in it so the intensity even now
within therapy working with people who
has cancer or
who may not go through it or may go
through it like help them to go through
that hard situations and
cope with it and uh and if they go for
the treatment how they can come back to
the sexual
intimacy relationship life as somebody
different than you
and if never death never ever scared me
or you know like a feeling these things
have never been any
big issue for me it’s natural it’s life
so if it’s in the chart or if i just
make it in my mind i don’t know it’s
like you know like the nature of
being who i am it’s like questioning
i feel like alien bit or a weirdo or
different or feeling things more
and having more understanding of stuff
so basically your chart is giving a clue
that the um
you know
which is which is like your um you know
friend rahu the planet rahu is your
friend so which means that that
is actually the occult nature which has
associated with your mind uh that is on
it is there on the fourth house
thank you and it’s like
see the thing is like uh we
the life is like this we may feel like
we want to do something
but actually life is actually doing
things to us
you know for the for example for example
you know there is a story
it’s like uh um uh you know the
uh flies the um black flies that
goes from flower to one flower to
another flower to
uh drink a nectar you know
the flies they will come from one flower
to another flower
and they start drinking the nectar so
as they started to drink more
and more nectar what happens the nectar
is actually
hallucinative so it will give them a
hallucination that they are actually
doing the
they are the king of that particular uh
uh you know garden but a particular
not just the flower there are a lot of
flowers in the garden
even garden okay
they started to feel like they are the
king of the garden so what happened what
is actually happening here
the nature is actually making them to
do the pollination when they go from one
flower to another flower what is
there is pollination is happening
you know pollination you understand the
the pollination right
yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah the pollination
is actually happening
yeah so the nature is actually making
them to do the pollination
but this guy is thinking
whether you want to do it or not it
doesn’t matter it will make you to do
thank you yeah that’s that’s lovely one
and maybe last question
and let me know with that because i’ve
been always
it’s it’s again connected with my work
especially food tantra as i finding my
sexual energy very strong and which in
our society especially western
society in uk maybe especially it’s kind
of very rare or kind of something still
a lot of shame and guilt about
feeling sexual especially as a woman so
i’m also
kind of questioning as it is a big big
part of my life
professionally but also personally is
basically what i do is like bringing my
personal understanding and experience to
my work
and is it there also in the child some
house that you maybe mention it with the
shakti or with the stuff so the
shakti energy is the

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i mean the yoni also i have showed you
know uh
uni means it’s a categorization it’s not
just the
vaginal uh this thing uh it’s not just
the name for the vagina it’s
also um categorization there are tall
there are two leonis in astrology so
uh because the term yoni is not just
yeah okay and so that’s much more than
that it’s
much more than that because it’s it’s a
it’s a sanskrit
theme that exactly means
yeah yeah it’s that that’s why i like
yeah it has like more i’m just it
doesn’t define
into narrow stuff it has more
understanding there is a more kind of
it’s a kind of dialectic you know so
it’s a in single time we’ll be having
ten too
tall uh meaning you know so
the what happens is like the uh there
are total unit 12 sexual categorization
in that your uni is lying like
you you know the line is like so wild
yeah often hungry yeah
sorry yeah yeah
thank you yeah that’s for like yeah
questioning or just
sometimes wondering but great
uh thank you very much uh
yeah uh
do you have anything to me or
don’t know like do you have anything to
anything else
you’ve been asking me something like uh
is that something
you’ve been born with or what is that
yeah i think you’ve answered all my
questions right now
compared to chart or what i wonder about
myself and about this reading
and maybe to go through that uh what
just showed me and read it more slowly
do some my research on uh it was
interesting also to see the
the position the sex position or about
like uh
it’s it’s like something different i
like it about that kind of reading you
know it’s something what we do not do in
like a western european chart reading
you will hardly have any talk about your
uni sign
or lingam science and stuff like that so
it’s it’s it’s kind of nice and
empowering and
great to bring it and to make people
aware of
you know this is also part of life this
is also part of your chart because
normally we speak about you know the
and uh and kind of yeah it’s
a bit more boring for me at least it’s
more interesting yes
um anything else
i think from me that’s kind of
it maybe or yeah
or if you have you have anything to add
or to ask or to
i know it’s like to put it as another
part of what we had
you know last week as our chat about my
work and
what i do what i offer if to put it into
some kind of
closure or what you feel what is
what is good idea
yeah um
so do you have any questions uh from the
chat basically right now
i think that’s all the questions i had
you know about this like we had now the
so that’s for me over the chat i just
maybe like how we can connect it to our
that we had last week okay okay or to
to include it or to kind of
bring it so it’s it may bring also some
understanding or
thank you for listening to my podcast
you could connect with me in irons
where you could see my contact details
including my phone number my whatsapp
and email id
stay tuned for more exciting episodes

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