Khajuraho Temple, Kamasutra, Sexual Postures & Astrological Matchmaking for a Great & Intimate Life

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And welcome to another episode of our podcast. In today’s podcast, we are talking again to Barbora. We started this podcast by watching a video about the Khajuraho Temple. The Khajuraho Temple is surrounded by amazing art works of Indian erotica, such as the kamasutra. We then talked about how religious fundamentalists tried to destroy this temple, especially the Islamic invaders, and also how they are now trying to attack the Europeans as well in order to impose fascist anti-feminist theories in the form of terrorism.

The video about the Khajuraho Temple is added in the description below. We then moved on to discuss Yonis. Here yoni refers to classifications of nakshatra based on sexual type. Each Yonis has one sexual posture from the book of Kamasutra. While doing astrological matchmaking, the Yoni type has a great importance.

As per the astrological term, this is known as ‘Yoni porutham’. Vedic astrology believes sexual compatibility is one of the key factors for an everlasting intimate relationship. That is why yoni porutham is one of the ten porutham of astrological matchmaking. So, welcome to the Episode ‘Khajuraho Temple, Kamasutra, Sexual Postures and Astrological Matchmaking for a Great and Intimate Life’.

The Khajuraho Temple video can be viewed here:…

Below Is A Written Transcript Of The Podcast

hi this is arun from
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i’m a tantric by birth in a family which
is passing tantric wisdom from
generations to generations from past
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travel across
india and got chances to study under
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system of
hello and welcome to another episode
of our podcast series
in today’s podcast we are talking with
barbara again we started this particular
by watching a video about kajura
temple kajura temple is surrounded with
amazing artworks of indian aerodycism
such as kamasutra then we talk about how
religious fundamentalists tried to
this particular temple especially islam
invaders and now how they are trying to
attack europeans as well in order to
impose fastest anti-feminist
theories over europe which is taking
a form of terrorism the video
about tajirahu temple is added on
description below
from there we are talking about yonis
here yonis refers to classifications
of nakshatras based on sexual type
and each unique has one sexual postures
from the book of kamasutra while doing
astrological matchmaking the uni type
has a great importance as per the
astrological theme
this is known as uniportum
vedic astrology believes sexual
is one of the key factors for an
everlasting intimate relationship
that is why yoni purutham is one of the
10 puritan
of astrological matchmaking however
welcome to the episode
sexual postures and astrological
matchmaking for a great
and intimate life
so hi uh barbara like i have shared you
a video
that the video which we have just
seen it’s about the temple uh which is
india that is actually uh
duplicating a lot of erotic images
around this particular temple how do you
react to this it’s a religious
uh institution which is uh
the erotica which we can see in this
institute is much higher than that of
uh pornography which i feel
i have this sweet documentary which is
short and really worthy to look at
and i really enjoy and you mentioned it
also when you saw it together you
mentioned it’s like
people think wow it’s just erotic but i
think they even say there it’s 20
of the statues or pictures are erotic
but the rest the 80 percent is normal
life they’re telling
lots of interesting stories and
i like that way it’s the erotica is just
a natural part of
daily life it’s not as shamed
you know restricted as we used to have
it in europe
and we still live with these traditions
of christianity
where like a shame about sexuality was
huge and what i like that the story is
there’s like one specific story telling
it’s it’s good and nice to have desires
but you know they they’re describing in
that moment that there is something
lower than their and then there is
something about the
the goddess and the gods and
divine and when people stop to
use the desire in healthy way
it starts to be unhealthy it starts to
eat yourself like it’s it starts to go
against yourself it can be hurting
so it’s lovely to see that there has
been this
awareness in the culture so long time
ago that
to be aerotic is absolutely natural and
fine as long as it’s not destructive
and it’s not taking you to the demons
and darkness
if you work with it under this divine
loving you know you you also said it
it’s more like eroticism
and making love than sexual
use um
art you’ve been uh talking
about a place where this kind of work is
being done
on europe uh what was that you can you
talk about no it’s like my experiences
i lived in denmark almost eight years
since kind of my second home
and there i’ve been mainly uh practicing
and discovering tantra
and they’re in denmark it’s much more
relaxed about sexuality and they’re
places called like a swingers sex clubs
where people go and have a good time
and it’s not just it’s like a cultural
thing of having good time
it’s not just about copying porn and
one specific club is really nicely made
where they have also
something what is called like a big room
called the tantric temple
and they actually using these statues as
inspiration to you know start to of
course copy it
and have it there as a part of the theme
and the atmosphere which is nice and
they try to invite people to say
here please no talking no it’s like it’s
slowing down is this like
the more than than any kind of like a
sex uh porn and it so i i like
that element we can take from it you
know that
some people can understand that
sensuality the healthy sexual
if that gives sense and also you can see
in this particular video there are a lot
of statues
are being destroyed by muslim
invaders islamic culture they are
prohibiting women from a lot of
things they don’t want to women to study
they don’t want
women to go for job and things like that
and right now
in a global issue internationally what
we can see is that the
muslim in various to europe
also trying to do kind of things in
europe as well they are trying to
implement their own laws into europe and
they are
trying to establish their own
understanding over the euro password
how do you see this is that a threat or
how do you see that because we have
actually already seen
in this particular temple they are from
12th bc
they are actually trying to destroy all
those things and stuffs like that and
uh what do you feel about that this is a
little bit political but
however but when it comes to
the the way which we can see
in the particular how they destroyed the
of indian culture uh by destroying this
particular statues and it is still there
like a living statue and they have also
uh if you see in that particular video
they have also destroyed
a statue of goddess god vishnu
when he took the form of varaha and took
um uh
from the down because in that particular
statue eret is
shown as a ball basically
know it’s round it’s it’s like a globe
for the islam from the quran
it is actually flat earth they can’t
understand the earth is actually global
so that’s also one of the reason
they have destroyed uh basically how do
you reflect to this life
yeah i i could feel it especially as a
that i love my sexuality and my life and
working mainly with
my life working with sexuality helping
people to feel comfortable and
unshame their life it’s
you know i i just had a few talks and it
was interesting i just met a guy from
a young man very open-minded and we had
a talk and it seems like
the people who are coming to europe from
islamic countries
uh they are more islamic than you know
they like
over religious they their traditions are
much stronger maybe from the fear of
losing it here
they try to be even more religious than
their the rest of the people in the
you know it’s like which is interesting
of behavior of not losing their identity
i guess
but yet
what i see a problem as a woman is that
the men
from islamic countries they don’t accept
the rights of women to say no
you know the content the the
the ownership of woman’s body over
herself and they think that the woman
the man sorry has a right to just do
whatever they decide to women because
that’s their right that’s what they were
and that’s their belief and religion is
supporting them in it
but as i see younger generations
especially in denmark i saw it
they want the same freedom as as
europeans they want the same
kind of values as their you know
the guys they go to school with so i
is maybe they’ll always be people who
will try to
possess and pressure and maybe be even
the others rules because they think
their values are more valuable
or you know like basically fighting for
religious and the fight doesn’t work
anymore it has been maybe working a
couple hundred years ago
but yeah it’s i believe
we will we will keep that
balance of giving people freedom and
with the respect of religion
but respect to ourselves you know like i
totally respect everybody
and i whatever is their religion
or their values as long as doesn’t
attack or
uh yeah like destroy my
own or my and it’s with islam it could
be a bit hard but i think we saw just
the words there are
lots of islamic people who are very
and relaxed and yeah we only see the
especially in the news and around us so
it’s like a dancing with it
and i believe yeah we will we will find
uh and i think the the reason is like
not to fight
you know we should not fight back we
should just hold that space and saying
like oh really like please
please don’t attack me for who i am i
don’t attack you for who you are
but but like you know bringing more
instead of the fight and saying you’re
wrong because you you do this like
basically behaving in the same way just
attacking each other
and uh and trying to say who is the
right one
and helps people to feel less shame and
more relaxed
and i don’t know that’s maybe my
uh so now basically
the islam invaders are doing it from
they are trying to destroy themselves
and they don’t like the nakedness around
the religious
institute that’s most of the people it’s
you know yeah and i believe you know for
yeah because you in india you have much
more experience of
that being for ages violated
or this you know this this religion has
been destructive
for like thousand years towards the
values of india and culture so i believe
your view is maybe different than in
europe because i see
the catholic church behaving very
similar even 200 years ago
as the muslims are doing now
you know they were doing exactly the
same things
in the name of the god or in the name of
the religion
so it’s like and and you have it for so
long with the
being fighting for your for your values
in india so
it’s like you see it much stronger your
is it’s like yes you know it’s like you
see it every day
so let’s uh come back to
the our discussion basically so uh we
were actually discussing about there are
yoni’s total uranus this means like uh
there are 27 nashatra which we have
and this 27 nakshatras has been
classified into two leonis
and each yoni is one one sexual type
and from the kama sutra each yoni is
been assigned
one one uh sexual posture so
what happens is that the if the units
are coming into
a unity uh it is nothing but the
uh shiva tandawa like shiva
and shakti coming together and the um
they are experiencing the largest
orgasmic experience because uh
the sexual type is very important when
we are having intercourse basically
you know then only we can actually
fulfill each other’s desires like some
people should say no to something some
people should say yes to something but
if both of them are liking what they are
then actually it can give them a much
more deeper sense of
orgasm and much more deeper sense of
understanding you know so in astrology
for this is the
matchmaking thing one of the very
important matchmaking thing
in vedic astrology the only time uh the
sexual type
and the the sexual type which has been
associated with the kama sutra
like which sexual posture they can have
while having
intercourse and things like that uh that
is being
actually given in this whole universe i
hope you have gone through this
total leonis uh this thing i have given
to you how do you feel about that is
that a pornography or is that something
well no not from my my kind of personal
perspective again working with sexuality
i find it
amazing to have astrology for that part
of like a sexual life you know it’s
something very new but
it appears like a refreshment and great
to hear
that you know we have actually
astrologically somehow
uh like yeah there could be people who
fit to each other sexually
which for me as working with couples in
psychosexual therapy
and seeing how their sexual desires and
energy could be so different and
two people who love each other deeply
they care for
each other but they are like sexually
each from different planets
they don’t match like like they are
asking they’re coming and asking like
please help us to our sexual life
doesn’t work
and sometimes i ask when it worked last
time never worked
so for me it’s a bit interesting and
kind of give a sense of hearing what
you’re saying about
we may even be you know we have a sexual
chart where
our libido whatever we call it or the
is maybe matching a partner
or not matching because it’s very hard
to for two people living together in
loving relationships and one of them
very high sexual drive and the other
doesn’t really care about sex
it’s so frustrating and the pressure
they can create on each other
so maybe if we have more information in
europe about this
and understanding it will make
relationships bit easier
i don’t know definitely interesting
uh how have you gone through the um
especially so-called the positions which
uh each
uh each sexual type or each pioneers has
been associated with the
one one sexual postures uh
how do you feel about having that
posters basically
like is that possible for someone
uh you know it’s coming a little bit
back to the movie because
i love the sculptures in the positions
i believe in europe people look at it
and they say
oh my god how these people can even
reach such a position
and you mentioned kama sutra and and big
part of my tantric journey has been a
yoga practice
which i found super helpful for
not just for my body but even for my you
for my soul kind of learning to stay
with the body and and basically having
just to stretch and feel and breathe and
it helped me incredibly in my own sexual
so to practicing yoga making the
positions and be
able to be more embodied and be more
makes much more kind of
the quality of sexual life is is higher
or is bigger because i can reach very
different positions and have very
different experience so
yeah we had the reading we had together
the chat reading last week and you’ve
told me about my uni sign
and my position so i’ve tried to reach
it but it’s very hard if you don’t have
a partner
who is actually movable who can be
flexible in his body
so and and then
yeah i believe this is such a lovely
part of the
indian culture where i
my experiences from the friends i had
from india they are
practicing yoga at school which is i
find it incredibly amazing
and uh yeah so sometimes for me the
question if the people can even reach
the position without feeling pain and
and tension in their body
but it was it’s interesting also to read
the shadows
and the powers of the universe
because we all have our shadows and to
talk about sexual shadows is so
important i think
and yeah so yeah
i love to explore and try positions in
sexual life as well so
for me it was not so new i knew most of
the positions
and each of them has its own quality
so uh it would be maybe interesting to
make a bit statistic
uh uh interventions like
and ask people more than just me
but would you would you like to have
this particular poster
let’s have a look at on this post just
so can you see this
uh not yet it’s come in just sharing
your screen
yes yes i see so
there are basically total uni type and
toll units has a 12
different posters so
let’s see whether it is like for example
go to the first position
uh in this list it is inca line uni
um so this is your posture basically
so uh when two partners comes together
they can actually have
two posters one is for the male one is
for the female based on their sexual
okay so while
uh going into this posture how someone
can reach this particular posture
answer you asking me now or yeah
that problem to hear you yeah i’m i’m
wondering uh for example if we uh
if we describe this posture uh there is
male is laying down hi
yeah yeah can you give me yes
i can hear you but i can’t see you
um we were speaking about this
sexual posture if we try to describe
the particular posture in words for
for someone who is blind he want to hear
what is happening here
so here in this particular posture the
is laying down on earth and the woman
is sitting on top of him by
folding his legs
so what toll are we how to do while
this particular posture how can someone
can achieve this particular posture
like from my perspective this poster is
quite like the woman
takes quite power you know in this
posture so
i believe the men has to be really
relaxed and trusting a lot of trust in
position to each other and then there is
a question if the man can put
his legs in such a position without
feeling tension in his thighs
but and then the woman needs to be
strong in there
in her legs i believe to enjoy
or it’s it’s it’s also interesting to
where is the weight and who is moving
because i think the woman
is mainly active in this sexual posture
so she is the one who is the
you know the active and the man is the
passive which
is not totally traditional for
sexual uh at least not here in europe
there is the man is the active but i
would like to maybe also hear your
so here basically the
yeah here in this thing the woman is
much more active
than that of the men so here
the rather than that of the men
is being active and the woman is
getting some time the sexual in the
is like it’s not an love making it’s
sometimes it’s end up in raping
you know um even though it’s a uh
it’s not actually a rape like they may
be married or they may be couple
but they can’t actually satisfy each
other like
uh in uh current uh way i mean
uh in common way for example if the
women is much more fat
or the if the men is much more fatter
how they can achieve this particular
because they have to go through they
they need a certain flexibility in their
to come into this particular posture and
to get the women into
uh to her into their correct satisfying
actually to get into her g-spot she has
penetrate much more deeply
on the men to reach the
g-spot so that
that way the woman is giving more
pressure to men
to reach more deeper so yeah
in this particular position the demon is
more active
and i think it’s sometimes a really nice
it’s full of tantros offering
that we all have this kind of you know
masculine feminine size that sometimes
wants to
be expressed in sexual
life and uh without feeling offended for
men for example to let go and feel
receiving and be a bit passive in
between i think could be quite
nice and liberating if it’s not just a
rule of course
but it could be refreshing
so this is the mongoose this is
um so for example this is this yoni
or the this posture is associated with
the lion uni
people those who are classified
into lion uni i mean according to the uh
uh astrology but this poster is for them
now we are going for the nakula
this is can i what was that can i ask
you something
yeah can i ask you about if you have two
people like a man and woman who both
have the lion
uni can they actually can they
or which other where are the
matches you know which unit matches with
so they for example um
one men is lying lion uni and the
women is nakula uni or the mangoes uni
so if they come together they can have
two horses which will actually give them
more ecstasy but if both are into the
same uni
there will be no two such uh sexual
postures which will give them the
more ecstasy but this this particular
uh sexual posture alone will give them
uh happiness and ecstasy
okay thank you interesting to me
so this is now we are going to the
mongoose uni
uh this is the um yeah this is something
like 16 and
posture but the women was
on the top of the men
uh yeah it’s interesting you know
in europe is known as 69 you may know
uh so this is the 69 uh
but how do you um but
here the important thing is that the
man is actually holding his
head uh on the uh it’s not on the floor
his head is not on the floor actually
it’s giving more uh pressure to the
uh parts of women over here and
this is also very hard for women to
reach how do you
see this i like the way that
uh there is this you know what i’ve
learned in tampa as well is
in any kind of position or having
sensual sexual
connection that there is always space
for each other to move in and on that
there is not like
and of course there could be agreed
positions where
like the movability is like i can’t move
much but i personally like to have
you know the woman is on the top she can
move and the men
should reach i like that it’s a kind of
more natural
then the opposite can be too
uh how to say it’s like may take too
much of my space if
i should be as a woman in the position
of the man
under so i like it yeah
and they can both enjoy what they want
so it’s kind of um a nice and free
kind of so this is the
um i mean the sexual type is
monkey so here the sexual postures which
is associated with this
particular uh ioni is this the here
the woman is upside down
like she is holding um
her hand on the floor and which is
half folded and reaching
to the men uh uh
on flip side uh basically
trying to reach him like while
having this particular posture the man
is active here
uh how he can actually view because
uh in this particular posture the woman
basically passive
so this is the particular posture
by talking about this particular post
what what do you feel
well this exactly when i say you really
need to have advanced yoga experience
and to be honest for me it’s tempting to
try yeah definitely
would like to try this posture but i
feel i may
rate it but yeah
uh i can imagine like people can end up
in a
practice practice emergency you know
how it happened to you
i was like you know my child reading i
have monkey uni
so yeah
would be really i would love to what
percentage will you
subject this particular
sexual posture for one of your client
wow well i’d be afraid to to
recommend to see them next time with
some you know fracture
or as like making sex into uh
well i i would say it’s to people to i
in the therapy to let people understand
it’s about playfulness not about
working hard sex should be joyful and
playful and
and pleasurable it’s not about hard work
but yeah maybe if i know some
couple from yoga i would say guys go for
no but uh trying to reach this
particular posture itself is like a
fourth day
like it doesn’t take approximately
i imagine you know you can use things
that’s why i like to
inspire people if they have like if they
can’t read specific positions or
you know it’s like in yoga you can use
blogs you can use
maybe a part of your bed to lean against
to make it comfortable to be more
uh i would say to you know
to to to be again like creative
about it and reach it in different
positions maybe with the help of
pillows or or something like that
so why not so this is something
the dear uni this is something which is
able to uh i mean actually able to reach
here what we can see is that the man
is the standing i mean man is actually
sitting on the floor with the folded leg
and the women is trying to
sit on the top of the man
from the top and holding her hand
on the on the men’s hand
and giving the pressure on the hand of
the men

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uh where women is giving
more importance like women is active
here rather than that of the men
so yeah that’s because
i’m just thinking again because yeah i
like to combine in my
especially in my sexual life yoga and
tantra and
a lot more lots of my partners has been
able to
be so flexible with their thighs uh
so it you know even the you me up
which i find very beautiful it’s about
if the man feels comfortable and then
again the woman i like that she is the
active one here
she can decide about how deep she wants
to feel
the man inside and it’s again a bit of
and you know putting the weight on seems
to be quite
connecting communicating out if both are
feeling good
yeah this is for the dear uni
this is comparatively easier posture i
so this is tiger uni here also women is
more active
where men is actually laying down and
women is uh men is actually relaxed
in this particular posture a man is
actually laying down
demon inside should be
doing up and down on the top of him this
this is uh yeah
so do you want anything to
but maybe also looks like for men it’s
quite vulnerable because like the
the firefighter
yeah so yeah so here
the tiger uni
so here the mahisha buffalo uni
so what is here is like the men and the
woman is holding hand
against each other’s heart like this is
where the heart
chakra you know the seven chakras
in the body the heart chakras over here
this will actually give
much more deeper trust and the
women is active here and more
more deep understanding towards each
what was that yeah
i was just curious as we jumped from
you know i see it maybe a bit slower on
my computer as you go through it
but there has been this
because i i don’t see now which position
are we now
or buffalo buffalo
oh okay buffalo yes
because we didn’t talk about the
previous one the previous
one is this tiger
yeah and i think we’ve missed this one
no no we spoken about this
okay uh do you want to say something
about this
like now i was wondering about this
position myself
if like if her other leg is
outside yeah right
yeah yeah okay thank you this leg is
yeah yeah thank you
and here is the buffalo uni this is
where the
hands are placed on each other’s heart
i mean this is where the heart chakra
yeah so you
have any anything to share over here
i think it’s it’s a beautiful one yeah
it’s again like uh
not just like you know having sex but
sometimes just to
go to slow motion and again the touch of
the hands on the body
connecting with each other it’s like
it’s more about making love than
having like a sexual positions or having
yeah the and their and their concept of
tundra is to come together and to be
become united
that is that is called yoga yoga is the
union union of two so
here both both of them are uniting
i mean there is there should not be
like this is the easiest way to reach
the absolute i mean
the union there should not be identity
for example uh the moment we are
separate we are actually
seeing ourselves as separate beings
but uh the god is absolute i mean
it is union it’s united
so to experience god uh we how to unite
i mean through yoga meditation
or the truth we have to come into a
so both can experience the goal
so because there there should not be
individual identity
when we are into trusting each other and
we are giving hundred percentage to each
other the individual
identity will melt
for example this is barbora so these two
that the consciousness you are having on
your own body
will melt like if so we become together
it will be become union
that is union that is called the god i
mean that is love
that is erotica yeah
yeah thank you and that’s what i’ve
basically is my biggest benefit from
tantra because
in western europe we are told that sex
is something to do
to somebody or to be done to somebody
or you know it’s like more like a
than the connection uniting
like just the the learning from tantra
the ability
and skills to stay embodied
and connected to my own body then i can
connect with the partner if he’s also in
his body you know that’s what i see as a
big problem
uh being a therapist that people
actually find it
too dangerous or too stressy or uh so
they basically disconnect from the body
during sexual
act and they just perform
so there’s this healing attitude in
and uh you you like uniting because you
can’t connect with somebody if you’re
not connected to yourself
and the yourself the individual identity
has to melt in order to
unite with the god
yeah but that means the trust you know
that’s what i’m talking about these
positions are beautiful because they are
bringing that
embodiment of trusting being
vulnerable which also means to connect
you need to be vulnerable and
for lots of men to be vulnerable in sex
it’s very scary
that’s so it’s like helping people to
what does it mean to to do it actually
in reality that’s what i find tantra
and helpful that’s where the embodiment
is so
this is the
the same postures buffalo and cow
yeah which i was a little bit like yeah
i was a bit you know disappointed but i
thought like oh
they’re using same postures uh where are
some others but
so this is rat music
so this is a stand-up system
amazing yeah
again please people don’t try if you
don’t practice yoga
or some athletic
so this will so basically the tundra
to come and do that kind of ecstasy you
have to be
practicing yoga very well like you know
then you can actually reach most of the
yeah and then exactly it’s like having a
different experience
not it’s it’s taking the limits away of
the body
and the tension you know it’s like often
we are
not moving we have tension in the body
that limits
us in a sexual life or in our sexuality
and more
we can bring that stretching that kind
of exposing
in that’s like a yoga positions for me
as like to learn more how to expose
and take a deep breath and have more
settling into my body
it’s not just to do perfect pauses it’s
just to have time with myself where i
learn more about my body it’s it really
helps to have more fulfilling sexual
and it’s more fun i think yeah
it’s like very nice and besides
yeah yeah and it’s like you know again
it’s like you you dip
more you know so you you have more like
understanding of deep
breath that means more oxygen that means
more blood flow that means more
sensation that means like
it’s it’s very clear it’s um creating
so this is this is cat uni
um this is the marjara uni like
this is basically there is nothing much
in this
well i believe you know the woman has to
be comfortable enough to
held herself on her elbows and expose
her chest
it’s again like exposing heart so it’s
feels like a hot connection again which
is beautiful
and it doesn’t looks invasive it looks
like very connecting
so it’s a maybe diff you know like we
have this
what is called in english this kind of
similar to very traditional sex position
uh what it’s called and now i forgot it
of course
but then man is much more like how to
say like
over taking the space this feels very
free i like the way again the people can
freely towards each other and uh
meet each other so it’s like a man
it’s in fact it’s like inviting the
this is easiest to reach basically
yeah exactly but you know like in this
like a typical
position of men being on the top is like
when men taking the
almost the weight and and being on the
woman which
can be a bit uh too much
overtaking this is like nice and
free at least from my perspective
so this is the uni now we are going to
this is dog uni
um and here i don’t know
it seems like the woman is on her belly
right yeah
what was that yeah
yeah it’s like because it’s hard to see
but yeah
now i can see the positions of the legs
and the hands uh hands are reaching the
see this is men’s heart hand
so this is giving massage over the
area and having the spectrum
so this is like this is one of the
mystical yoni like the most of the
are being associated with this
particular uni
means you know the serpent serpent is
the snake
that is the seductive uni which is
uh basically uh mostly associated with
occult and other kind of things
this mattress looks very advanced
yeah and these peoples will have
approximately two to three
hours kind of uh sex
it’s not like uh they will be it will be
for play
like two two and a half hours
a movie yeah
so that is like for me it seems like you
have to live 10 years in circus to
manage that
not needed circus you have to be like
advanced yoga practices can
take you to yeah yeah i mean
and you need to have a strong partner as
a woman yeah that is the important thing
like both of them has to be like
physically mentally fit
so this is ramyoni this is basically
um nothing much easier
woman is giving more pressure with
her mouth over here
so this kind of peony they like this
kind of thing
so this is like an elephant gaja
elephant uni
what is here is like demon is like you
know the task of the elephant
hmm it’s a little bit like you me up
yeah in more active positions more
this is uh you yum plus
and again it’s like a closeness is very
clear there which is
nice so women have to test the men
in order to go more like you know
because she is leaning back and
taking her hand into the back and things
like that foreplay is
involved in this particular pose
this is horse uni
so here women is sitting on the top of
the men while
men is actually laying down
that’s very like a nice again like that
active woman
actually doing what she feels right
so then
my experience for men this is very
pleasurable uh position as well for
basically receiving
feeling a connection in a different way
they may be used to
so these are the tall unis
um so you have anything else like we
have a unique compatibility chart also
that we will discuss now want to see
that okay
great yeah
so this is the uni compatibility chart
basically there is total unis here
and here total units okay
so the basically on the middle
everything is four
so the horse plus horse is very good
yeah buckle up plus but buffalo is very
so both are a same yoni it will be very
good but the lion plus buffalo is not so
because lion is so wild buffalo is like
it has to be get eaten like that is the
rule of the wild
so this is the um while
doing the marriage compatibility uh we
call it as yoni puritan
and this is the particular chart we will
uh use for the compatibility creation
there are 10 puritan apart from the
uniform there are other 10 compatibility
also there
on the astrological chart calculation
this is called unique rhythm
do you want to talk anything about here
well it gives sense or i don’t know do
you have any personal experience
how it works because for me it’s very
personal experience in the sense like
you know people who are or your clients
may be
from astrology having the same
uni signs or yeah so most this
is the one of the bottom i said there
are 10
compatibility uniform
like that there are 10 compatibility
things are there from
that this is one of the called the yoni
i mean compatibility means compatibility
so how compactable their sexual life is
being calculated
based on the astrological sign which is
and that has been associated with one
sexual posture
that is what which we have seen right
now so this is
they will check this compatibility
marriage compatibility there is other
calculations are there like the
like the thing i have given you like i
have read your chat
it’s your chat reading there is
compatibility chat reading also there
one chart is for men one that is for
women i mean
male and female how compatible they are
they will read through
their chart and we will understand how
compatible they are so that is called
compatibility chart
interesting so you basically uh
can do a good like a
astrological reading for couples
basically yeah
that is compatibility
is it common in india for people doing
it yes
okay oh wow
um most of the people does this
in india
maybe it’s time to start in europe
do you have anything else to say right
well no it’s like
it was very interesting for me to go
through it so thank you
thank you for listening to my podcast
you could connect with me in irons
yoga dot iron where you could
see my contact details including my
phone number
my whatsapp and my liking stay tuned for

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