The Tao Of Tantric Yoga, Book review Podcast -2

Hello, And welcome to our new episode of podcast. Todays podcast we are having a guest her name is Satyama. And, In at this particular podcast we are discussing about her latest book The Tao of Tantric Yoga. Satyama Is an internationally acclaimed Instructor of Hatha, Vinyasa and Tantric yoga She is based in Thailand You could connect with her via her website So, Welcome to our next episode of podcast The Tao Of Tantric Yoga A book review.

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hi this is arun from
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well i’m a tantric by birth in a family
which is passing tantric wisdom from
generations to generations from past
2000 years of legacy
and got lucky to travel across india and
got chances to study under various gurus
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you could connect with me in irons here i am helping you to design
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system of understanding
and welcome to our new episode of
today’s podcast we are having a guest
her name is satyama
and in this particular podcast we are
discussing about her latest book the
tavo of tantric yoga
satyama is an internationally acclaimed
instructor of hata vinyasa and tantra
kyogre based in thailand you could
connect with her via her website open to
dot com again
open to bliss dot com
o p
n t
l i
dot com so welcome to our next episode
of the podcast the tavo of tantric yoga
a book review
hi all today we have a guest her name is
satyama she is actually the
author of the book called
the tower of the tandra
so here we are discussing about the
particular content of this book
which helps you to
get more into your uh
the tao of tantric yoga oh yeah
yoga is a very important part
it’s some
quite good work like it has a lot of
information about tundra and her journey
of the
path of tundra so how many years you’ve
been on the path of tantra
i would say like 15 i would guess
i became a yoga teacher
when i was 28 and now i’m
so i’ve been a yoga teacher for 20 years
and then
like coincidedly i would say on this
path because
as you study yoga
your consciousness like naturally raises
i hope this is the same for everyone it
did for me
then i went really on the path of diana
or meditation and was looking at that
for like
solid a good five years of my life and
this is when i also discovered osho and
in that time i was already tantric
already very aware but i don’t think it
was actually like oh yeah i am
i am doing tantra or something like this
it was just naturally
happening which is really essentially
what the
the content of the book is about or
you know how people can approach it but
you can also go like tantra into yoga or
meditation into tantra it’s many many
ways as we know to come about a
spiritual path
different for everyone
so what do you mean by davo
like we know it’s a philosophy tao it’s
a philosophy
how do you approach it like if we see
the uh tundra there is a path and
kashmiri civilization in indian
mythology and there is traditional
buddhist tantric work is there in
buddhist philosophy and now you are
talking about the tao so what do you
mean by that
yeah because tantra as you know is quite
big and complex it’s like it’s like yoga
you know it’s like how do you really
just describe this in an hour or in five
but the tao
is really the way like this is what the
definition of the tao is
the way and so when you look at like
okay i’m going to look at tantra via
kashmiri shaivism or via tibetan tantra
or via
what i tried to do in the book is try to
put all of these different
together so that people can understand
and choose what path works for them
because some people just want to go
meditation path some people want to go
tundra sexuality path and some people
want to go tantra in uh whatever a very
classical way and so i tried to to
combine a bunch of different
approaches meaning the tao and also
there’s a lot about taoism in the book
so that you look at if you know mantak
chia’s work
doing some circuiting of the
microplasmid orbit for example or
purifying the organs in the body so that
you can be a pure channel to understand
and to practice tantra
that’s the dao
so in
india especially the southern part of
we have a tradition where the lalitha
she is the goddess of the tantra the
central of the tundra um which we are
examplifying through the
uh sweet chakra you know the yantra
which has some diagrams on that sri
chakra and
here what we do is like if we
come into uh an orgasmic place where
we are actually the merger into the
truth we can actually help other
people’s to
do their things like for example they
have a lot of problems in samsara
like um
they want to get married they want to
get something else from the life and
they want to get a job
many problems are there traditional
people so
once we have submerged into the truth
it’s a constant orgasmic experience like
it’s so deep and meditative and we call
it a samadhi in yogic terms it is there
is a term called samadhi so
once they reach it there they can
actually help other people uh to come
out from many things like because the uh
microcosm the um the software which we
are actually designed to like the almond
or the soil the microcosm uh can
do a desired alteration on the microcosm
of this entire universe
how do you see that how you came across
something like that on the southern
in your chandra journey
yeah i mean you can look at yoga and
tantra in this way and that there is a
microcosm always associated with the
macrocosm so you as the
the small self are a part of the big
self or you
as like your lower self can also go into
your higher self being the atman and the
so if you look at life in a very big
picture way or in a taoist way or in a
in a way where
there’s no individual as we are all
connected i would say that’s how i look
at it if you look at like life in the
big picture and it’s this kind of like
if you’ve ever seen that infinity sign
you know there’s no end to life it’s
just like what is the quality of your
life and so i like it when you say
you know we want to have this orgasm
constantly yeah like that would be the
ultimate way of living
it’s like i’m having an orgasm
constantly i’m happy all the time
i’m like blissful and essentially
that’s the path the path of meditation
is like wow i’ve reached somebody i
reach enlightenment and i am very
blissful and this is i mean i for me and
i think a lot of people also that i
teach it’s like well why do you want to
go into tantra well of course i want to
reach this multi-orgasmic
state which never
never ends and it’s not so
it’s not so simple as that it’s
essentially like a you know the state in
the mind can you be happy basically all
of the time can you have this bliss that
you have never been able to explain
before because basically you are
ascending as your consciousness ascends
and so you didn’t you didn’t know how
crappy your life was when you drank and
you smoked and you did uh
you know unconscious things and then you
discovered tantra or you discovered
someone that introduced you to tantra or
you discovered yoga and you started to
clean up your life and you discovered
meditation and you’re like wow my life
really became better on the subtle
levels but it’s really only going to
if you practice it like all of these
things that i’m talking about
in terms of what is macrocosmic start
with you as the individual and then the
more that you break out of like the
selfish you
start to give to the collective or give
to the community at least that you live
in the happier your life will be and you
don’t realize that until you do it
yeah that’s the way i see it
so also um
you are talking about many different
communities which actually practices
tantra um
it’s a way of life and
whatever challenges you’ve been
you’ve been faced while you are into
that kind of community like where the
sexuality is open the open relationships
are colored and
there is no uh
compulsive sexual disorders like
you know
um you are living in such a you lived in
such a community where people
subconsciously alive
what are the challenges you’ve been
facing there
i mean community is is it
it’s uh it’s your whole life that you
look at it in the microcosm and the
macrocosm it’s you and now i live in a
community and i can be an individual you
try to be an individual as much as you
can a helpful community member because
when you have more people
the results can be better you can go way
further as a community than you can
and so this involves a lot of
experiences with your ego you know as
meditation does so
sometimes you need to be like okay this
isn’t about me and i do it for the
community and that can be
eating your humble pie i would say and
you know maybe you have all these skills
and these beliefs and ideas of something
that you can do for the community and
they really don’t care so this can be
challenging because your ego is like i
want to give this and this and
at that time maybe the community doesn’t
need any of that and they need you to go
work in the garden for example and
that’s what the community needs or
that’s what you need to do because
somebody’s telling you to do that and
you’re not in power you’re not the
leader like this has happened to me many
so a lot of times i love being the
teacher or the leader or the visionary
but what if i’m not i’m not in that
position i’m the one that entered that
community because i wanted to have that
community experience
and i need to do what that community
is doing until they trust me you know
and that can take a very long time
for a community to trust an outsider
somebody that doesn’t live there and
i’ve never been a resident in a
community where i live there all the
time because there’s still this i want
to try this community and see if this
community is right for me and i’ve never
actually like dove in
so the other thing that you were asking
about would be you know what happens
when you’re in a community
and the belief is that you are open you
know free love is very much a hot topic
for the spiritual circles and people
that want to live alternative lifestyle
and they are rebels and they want to be
and this
can be also very challenging for the ego
for example for me i want to have a
partner i want to have a committed
and at the same time i need to be free i
need to be honest i need to express that
maybe i’m attracted to another person
and i don’t want to have my societal
conditioning impact my relationship or
my relationships and when you’re in a
community and everybody is like wow
amazing lots of great energy beautiful
i mean it’s like life the earth
being in one small
area in one community and then you have
to work at well you can’t just run away
and then your communication has to be
better because
you don’t have that much space or time
it’s like in that moment you must act in
that moment or observe in that moment or
you’re with someone and then it’s
permitted to be with someone else
sexually this is not so common you know
but if you’re going to go into that path
you need to be ready you need to be like
i’m in my center i’m not jealous i don’t
have envy and this can of course we are
human beings
everybody has jealousy and envy and
comparison and if these are lower
beliefs energies also our conditioning
but if we’re human we sometimes can’t
get away from it so it can be very
emotional i would say and then you have
to go meditate meditate meditate in
order to be like i’m okay
and then you need to be also very very
generous you know with your with your
your heart needs to stay open
or as best as you can keep it open
and you need to be someone that is
really like the more you give the more
that you will receive for sure in life
in in a community will show you this way
than life but you can’t come into what
you can
you can come into like oh my god what a
painful experience i want to leave this
community it’s not for me this can be up
and down and i have gone through this in
my life for many years looking at i’m an
individual and everything’s fine and it
can be boring or now i’m in a community
and everything’s very exciting but i am
i’m being ripped apart you know so
there’s a
way i would say to balance that for me
half the year i live in a community and
sometimes half the year i live all by
so the things like i also has lived in
approximately two to three communities
like uh the one of that one i was in uh
gurukula in
bangalore and
the art of living ashram of sri sri ravi
shankar and the reginacious ashram also
see the one challenging part is like
when i am talking to a woman especially
in delicious place
there is
the second time the other women the more
beautiful women will come across so i’ll
go and talk to her so
this is because this has become a
problem for the the women which i was
being with
uh she will spot something else why are
you so this is a psychological effect
this is actually can’t go out from the
human beings like
there will be always social conditioning
the way they how came across uh stuffs
like that
so for example the iscon community you
can see that there are
cherries are there also there and also
non-virumata samsaris which they have
married to some particular women and
they started families and things like
that and it’s called international
society for krishna conscious um
so how do you see that like
a person who is living in a community
always there will be jealous always
there will be um to prove ourselves we
are better than the other
uh that is always existing and
in a community living how do you feel
about it how did you came out from that
what is that
well how do i feel about it
i mean maybe that’s the reason i’ve
never actually decided to be like i am
going to
live in the community
because or why does osho have it set up
for example the ocean communities are
really favorites of mine how is it set
up that you actually can’t live there
you know
you cannot live there permanently you
can go in and you can visit and have
these experiences but it would probably
many more issues that a community would
need to work on
such as tamara i also lived in this
community they all live there
and so much much more time is needed to
be spent on interpersonal
relationships and discussions and
there’s small groups and big groups
where you expose all of your intimate
stuff like they’re full full satya full
and transparency so that people don’t
run away because when things get hard in
a lot of communities that’s what happens
right is that they will leave the
community because it’s so difficult and
they have not been able to work it
through and they feel very much alone
so i’ve seen you know here’s a here’s a
play community i would say this is oh
show come and go and come and go
and the communication is good there i’ve
seen also communities where you know
it’s about permaculture or not something
about tantra or relating or
communication or meditation
so these communities will often fail
like the first two or three years of
setting up intentional community without
a way to resolve conflict then people
really suffer and and can get sick so
there needs to be somebody also that’s i
mean many people
working on the interior and exterior
health of the people that are there and
everybody needs to feel included and
and valued and this takes a lot of time
a lot of work and a lot of commitment to
like my life is now this community so
people really need to dedicate their
life to it and i i consider it for sure
because it’s such a beautiful thing to
be part of something bigger that’s
working towards
peace and love as opposed to
what what is the rest of the world doing
their suffering because they don’t have
enough love they don’t have tantra they
don’t have meditation they’re just like
so much conflict and we go to the
fighting because that’s the really the
i mean to say it bluntly that would be
the masculine way of doing something
in the in the world to to have an egoic
impact or to have power control i mean
everything is about power control and
money but when you put all those kinds
of things aside and you realize that
it’s actually about love and that would
be what i say the book is about and how
do we see it if we’re all going for love
then conflict gets um
i guess resolve because you either
surrender or you don’t
so you surrender and you suffer and you
deal with it and you you see the
positive in everything
or you fight
and with fighting causes uh it causes
pain you know so you learn
to i would say soften to appreciate and
to include that’s how i see it and
families yeah possible also
to have a family but then also how to
integrate families into a community and
that can take work because then the
whole community needs to be part of
raising that family because what if some
people want children and can’t have them
what if the parents want to do other
things but they don’t have no one to
look after the kids so there really
needs to be like we’re going to commit
to having this be
multi-generational community that will
keep going tamara for example has been
going for 45 years
so it really works
so the one thing is like the problems
which kids are facing those who the
offsprings those are ground up in that
particular community for example i have
spoken to a
younger generation on iscorn
it is very hard for them to live outside
on the society where the manipulation is
occurring and they can’t actually
compete with the peoples those who are
outside of this particular community
so how do you see that the kids those
are ground up in tamara there are kids
are ground up in tamara right
yeah yeah so how do you see that how do
they feel about the outside world where
they are coming out from
well i mean i’m not a child that grew up
at tamara uh
you might have spoken
you know my observation is you probably
stay in the community because that’s
what you know
and when you do go out it would probably
be shocking like how do you make money
how do you deal with other
conditionings that you don’t know about
like you think everything is
open free love and not jealous and
everybody works without money i mean
it’s a really big change and
i’ve known for example one guy who
grew up in tamara then went out
and then came back because he’s like you
know my preference is that there’s not
jealousy and fears and all of this kind
of thing and it’s better for me to
dedicate my life to the community
in that in a safety net because the the
rest of the world uh is actually i would
harder like
i’m in tamara that’s a safe bubble and
everybody’s taking care and that
everyone is
seen and looked after but when you’re
outside and you
are just you or you and your your
partner or you and your family
i mean you become more selfish i need to
make money i need to survive i you know
i need to take care
and so that comes into like you as the
whereas if we look at tantra which is
what we talk about here
it’s actually what is the really what is
the collective what is the best
for the collective so you can see
a community
as being like a microcosm of the
whole entire world what would it be like
if we are all in communities as we used
to be we used to be in tribes right
because we didn’t have planes and trains
and automobiles to go
you know so far as we can go now is like
you take care of the small group that
are in and that could actually happen
right now in this pandemic that we have
like there’s much much less travel going
on and so maybe we are going back to the
cycle of living more in a tribal nature
for example
i live in copenhagen thailand which is
not where i was born but this is where i
have been for the last nine years
and that i
i have this community not so not so
tight of a community but there’s a
community of people that are here now
and maybe i must live with these people
just these people for the next 20 years
of my life
so you are living in a community
board again
i started recording yeah
so you are living in a community on
that’s where we’re speaking
well i mean i i
we call it like copenhagen conscious
community but i as far as my own
very long study of intentional
communities it’s not so community i mean
it’s a bunch of people from all over the
world living here
trying to do their thing with either
can you hear me
i’m sorry something is happening yes
some kind of issue
yeah okay um so the international
communities which you are living in and
the uh thailand which you are right now
present on like
um for example so let’s say you want to
build a community
of all these
experiences you have you had
then how does it looks like
if i want to develop the community yeah
if you want to build a community i
if i want to build a community
um i mean there are lots of attempts
here to build communities in copenhagen
like there’s the tp for example or there
was also the agama community there’s the
one yoga community the
sama karuna community these are all like
i would say
businesses that use the word community
to bring people in
because all communities need energy and
people and skills and many many people
who are traveling and into alternative
are seeking a community many many people
i want to live in a community and myself
so i would say there’s many
micro communities but they would need a
lot more development on
integrity building i would say they need
to work on these values that come from
yoga be it
satya truth development or astaya
non-stealing especially of
or brahmacaria to
to be into a celibacy zone or into a
ejaculatory zone kind of thing so that
energy is retained and that not
everybody gets very very tired from
continuing to give to a community
without it being able to give back to
those because there’s communities many
lower skills lower vibration and then
there’s higher skills higher vibration
in community and it all must come
together and everybody needs to be
getting something also out of the
community so that they rename the
long-term thing is the issue with
communities especially in copenhagen
because people are still selfish i need
to make money
i’m doing this community thing because
of my workshop for example or i need to
be around people
you know that many people go to
communities for different
reasons also to give and also to take
so what do communities need ethics
and free love yeah i mean people will
leave communities of course because if
you’re our personal need is not being
you know like if you are not touched and
loved and having
uh great uh
sex with someone for example
people will go and try to find that in
other places it’s very very important
for the humans that humans don’t talk
about it a lot they will just leave like
i’m not happy here i have no one i go
search somewhere else and they will
leave but essentially underneath all of
the stuff that is
uh what makes up a human being
the essential personal intimate nature
of the human being needs to be met and
this is why osho remains
as a community because of free love this
is why tamara remains i mean people get
their needs met they make sure
that you
are happy with that because they work
towards this so diligently that you feel
happy that you feel like you are
contributing and that you are loved and
that you’re giving love
so this is really
really so so important what life is
really about what the book is about and
what what i feel that tantra is about if
you can refine love and it’s not just
you know pornography or just having sex
or whatever this is not what people it
doesn’t work it’s not what people are
looking for they’re looking for like a
beautiful partner the big love at least
the feel of of what love can be intimacy
truth depth
you know authenticity and so these are
the qualities or the ingredients
that we need to look at in communities
not so much let’s go into permaculture
we can find food you know
it’s not that
that can be a project but it’s not
what’s going to hold the community or a
person together in times of the pandemic
so you’re speaking about the dead its
yoni hits um
would you like to talk about that like
yeah i mean this is uh for example uh
let me talk like um you know in india
the um
tundra where we see the goddess mother
as the
center i mean the goddess
i mean the tantric communities which is
being developed in
southern part of the
india is mostly centered on women
we see the women as the center and the
tantra has the very important
part of the women
women goddess
most of the temples here uh especially
kamakya and things like that i mean the
northern part of india
we worship the yoni
do pujas on yoni and worship the yoni
and the menses is being celebrated on
those temples because goddess is
becoming uh
ready to reproduce so it is become like
hardest moment for the all the bhaktas
around there
what is the yoni egg is all about like
can you talk about a bit about that yeah
yeah i mean i it’s something relatively
like uh new that’s uh very big in
copenhagen for example
uh the yoni egg is really meant for or
the jade it’s it’s in jade but it can
also come in obsidian or rose quartz i
mean different high quality
uh stones that you can actually insert
the the yoni for the health and the
purification of the most sacred part of
the the woman or the goddess so to use
the the yoni egg in tantra or simply if
the person doesn’t have to be tantric
if you are a woman
it is a really beautiful
metaphysical tool that you can use in
order to
lift the
physical organs of the yoni and keep it
strong so that on a physical level
orgasm can be stronger
orgasm could be possible so a lot of
times because women have been
very much over time repressed therefore
their sexuality has been repressed and
when you put women at the state of the
in tantra this is essentially tantric
then she is going up she is revered as
the goddess and respected
because over time you know women have
been like strong women independent women
women who are healers
you know really shamed and feared and
still strong women are are feared and
and tried to be
put down
and so when you’re using the
the jade egg in the yoni it’s again a
way of healing
what has happened to women over time
so women have learned to
to be quiet to not to be fully
expression expressive with their
sexuality even with orgasm and therefore
they get sick like the human body if
it’s not in its natural state or not
celebrated or respected
repression will make people sick this is
how people get cervical cleanser for
example and so the use of the jade egg
in the yoni and it’s a
jade egg practice would be
ask the egg like what is it that you
need do you want to go into the yoni
right now i mean the women’s intuition
will be a direct association with the
jade egg because there is an association
with the mind higher consciousness and
also with this very sacred part of a
woman that has not always been revered
and so it’s a beautiful way to to bring
self-respect into woman because she will
take away her self-respect in order to
make peace
and so it’s a way for the feminine to
come into play and we can see it
happening now jade egg practice or
you know work with the breasts opening
the heart also
on a physical level can have such a
collective way of healing what has gone
on to women over history and women
slowly slowly slowly slowly especially
in alternative cultures
are building up that leadership and i
in my look at it also
that they will
take over leadership or take over
control whatever you want to call it in
all of the world so that war is stopped
and that love is put into the place of
war but the healing is really what is
happening now because so when many many
women have been abused or raped sexually
and so the jedi can be a way one way
of healing what has gone on in the in
the yoni when women are misunderstood or
if they’re not respected
or even
a lot of damage has been done from
pornography and having
people learn what sexuality is because
nobody teaches it’s like okay now i go
look at pornography and that’s what i
think that sexuality
and tantra
is but this is such a misnomer you know
it’s just because people are not aware
of how beautiful
love tantra sexuality can be and they
take it as like that’s what i learned
when i was 15. and now that’s what i’m
going to do because that’s what woman
really want and and because woman is
just like
uh i don’t know
i shouldn’t say i’m not fully empowered
to say no this is not right or whatever
she takes on the the pain of the of the
world or of the masculine in a sexual
way and that can cause a lot of
reverberation in terms of
what has happened and and this needs to
be healed slowly slowly slowly i think
every woman has probably experienced the
the pain of not being understood
as a sexual
being or as a spiritual being more
it’s like when woman really feels trust
respect love she will open the yoni will
open she can have many great orgasms all
of this but it takes a quite a bit of
investment with the emotional body
so that the feminine or the deity
in her trust
shiva or the the deity that is
representing the masculine
so this is the jk i love jade eggs
how do you use it like jaded
let me grab mine
so i have one here that is uh pure jade
i have one here also that’s amethyst
and essentially it’s like it’s a
it’s a spiritual tool that you can use
that you would be
probably lying down
as a ritual for yourself
and it becomes your lover you know
so it’s like i’m asking this jade egg
you know do you want to be inside right
because oftentimes a woman will allow to
be penetrated without it being her truth
without it being communicated
this is what causes the
the conflicts
between men and women it’s like she
could not say
what her boundary was and so it’s a way
to practice boundaries love and also to
have pleasure like the yoni can kind of
engulfing the egg and and actually like
having this kind of um
exercise i would say of the internal
to bring about more sensitivity because
a lot of times the yoni has been
in terms of how it’s been treated how
she has treated it in masturbation or
how it’s been treated through sexual
so the day they can bring about a
uh which will bring about more and more
pleasure eventually so you don’t use the
jade egg you wouldn’t realize it you do
have jet egg practice and maybe the next
time you have penetrate to sex or
tantric sex let’s call it
then the results the pleasure the love
the connection
the energetic feel of it will be that
much better that’s what how is tantra
associated to
meditation is that life gets much much
better and so with the jade egg it’s
like your sex life becomes much much
better or the love for yourself becomes
much much better so sometimes i just
with this jade egg it’s like what do you
want me to know right now maybe it’s not
the right partner and actually she tells
me you know it’s like if it’s not the
right partner listen like listen to this
thing because it’s actually
it’s me too so this is a interesting
practice for a lot of women to come into
see the apart from the all the uh
religions which is comes out from the
india for example buddhism
hinduism and jainism things like that
all these religions are actually uh um
making a way for women like
you know um
they are actually
uh the beaches we may call it as beaches
like uh for example the uh from the west
women who knows more about the uh
medicinal plants and things like that um
in us in a time the semitic religions
has killed those women
uh certain times like long years back
like especially christianity they
crucified all these women and they
killed those women and right now the in
the israel like the not israel the
uh they are all putting women into
they all want the women to go back to
the all those dark dresses and comes
into the home and
just like that
they believe uh i mean the
patriarchal community which believe the
women has to be inside the home
especially the semitic religions
not the
religions which comes out from india
because here here the
more than that of the gods in india
there are goddesses are there temples
for goddesses are more uh more riskier
is here is there more
so how do you see that like
but but but if we if we see the uh right
now the situation the women in western
countries are more open than that of the
women in the countries like india and
third world countries
even though the religion is
giving them those freedom
somewhere they have lost that freight
the sense of freedom when they are
evolving or whatsoever how do you see
this situation
uh where do you see the women can be
really empowered
i hope engineering for example have you
spoken to any women from india have you
spoken to any women from india yeah
yeah yeah i used to live in india yeah i
mean it’s quite different because uh
unless you’re going on a meditation path
probably don’t know
that you are conditioned to
to act this way to think this way
to you go along with what society is
telling you to do right
and so in a second or a third world
country like in india or in palestine i
mean yeah the chances of a woman being
are much less
because they’re and and it’s uh it hurts
my heart
for for them and and also makes me very
grateful to be
i guess karmically gifted enough to be a
woman born in canada which would be one
of the highest level countries
in the world where i can actually be
free to speak about about this kind of
and even even so i would to say it
i battle with being judged for example
uh for not having a partner because i
might be too free with my expression my
love for the feminine
uh my desire for women to be free
and so i can say
my compassion for women in
lesser developed countries
is very big
and my prayers go out to them in that
they can find a way be it through
community like i know
women who have discovered tamara from
even israel for example or palestine
they have found a way to come into
tamara and then they
can grow out of their conditioning
and it is such
a gift i i can’t express it enough
you live in a place where
the community or men or other women
are absolutely not judging you
for being a sexual person which
everybody is everybody in the world is a
sexual being this is how
we were created it’s through sex even
just to come through into this
this like you know the sex is bad and
it’s taboo and we don’t talk about it
and we don’t complain about it whatever
i mean even to just have a discussion
like this
is telling of our society that we are
growing and becoming more open
but my prayers would be that they they
can leave a country like that that they
you know work so much to
to escape or to be free or to be in a
family which will allow this
investigation so i do a lot of online
work with women in other countries for
example even dubai
and they are still experiencing like um
you know when you actually cut the cut
the clitoris as a
you know way of i would say to be
repressing women’s pleasure
female circumcision is what it’s called
and i had thought before i started
working with clients in dubai that this
was like gone maybe 20 30 40 years ago
but it’s not i mean there are still
women that i give temperature counseling
sessions to
that have been
clitorally circumcised and this would be
so detrimental to your natural state
you wouldn’t have a
necessarily good orgasms you couldn’t
tell your husband how to do it because
he wouldn’t allow it and he wouldn’t
speak to you
and so the work is really essentially
starting for the whole entire planet and
sometimes with the western world we’re
very backwards and we think just about
money and uh whatever
and then we go into eastern to look at
like slowing down and meditation etc
where meditation has started in india
but there are ways i think where i
really work towards combining the east
and the west and i have such a privilege
you know
i i worked a very very long time and i’m
like i’m going to leave canada and
discover india
okay like this is a lot of work a lot of
courage also for me as a as a woman to
be like i’m gonna go to india by myself
very difficult oh my gosh very difficult
indian men looking at me judging me
touching me grabbing me and i’m like
none of this would ever happen to me in
canada or america or any other
european country but it’s happening here
because they are projecting on me they
watch movies and they think that they
are allowed to do this because western
women are easy
not this is not the truth and this is
what we need to go through in terms of
meditation is really the key to be like
what is life as it really is what is
this moment as it really is
it’s not your projection that this woman
from from canada or america is going to
have sex with you
not at all it’s not going to happen it’s
simply a projection
a wish a suppressed desire trying to
come out in a weird way because you
never talk about tantra you never talk
about sexuality or emotions or whatever
so if we can
really come into
the heart
have open communication
have meditation it’s so important the
meditation is so important you can’t
just go tantra and think that you were
some tantric master and that you’ve
mastered the all of life because it
doesn’t happen like this it’s a very
spiritual thing
when when all of these kinds of things
with patience can happen then you know
the feminine will will rise and it’ll
take hundreds of more years i would say
for even women to feel free or safe in
other countries
so these are always you know prayers and
i see people in other countries women
develop and being like from egypt like
whoa i’ve never felt so free even from
the other day a friend of mine was like
oh i could never walk around in my
bathing suit because men would always be
attacking me you know she’s like i’m
free here in copenhagen and it’s like
and so to hear this is
very much a reality check
as to where
we are
are at i feel very safe and very free
but i’m also very empowered and i will
protect myself all the time so not every
woman is there for sure not not every
woman was born in canada with the rights
that i have
um you are talking about the goddess
tara and kali
those are two extreme symbols for
so what is that what do you trying to
say about the goddesses uh tara and
so the kali is actually coming from
the philosophy of the uh sanadana dharma
comes from the philosophy of buddhism
yeah there are 64 yoginis from these
dharma philosophies um
there are a lot of women like
there was a a
a woman she was uh hanging
roaming around in india without wearing
any dress uh just singing about the
goddess shiva her name is akama devi she
was not used to wear any dress or
whatsoever like because at a moment like
when we go into the deep nature of the
samadhi experiences we lost the body
so that is the reason why she went in
that way so uh what do you trying to put
out from these two goddesses uh those
are from two different philosophies two
different uh religious philosophies one
is from buddhism one is from hinduism
and how do you what do you want to say
about that
why did these two women especially why
are these in the book yeah
and why only these you know you can go
into ten maha vidyas but why only these
that i chose to be putting in the book
and to write about them
uh well i mean we talked about the dao
as the way and so it’s like how do i
bring this book into a conscious place
where we can try to understand
what tantra is because it’s so
at the use or the work of the goddess
it can be very
and sometimes if you’re like i just want
to learn about tundra and now you’re
teaching me about tara you know it’s
like i don’t really get it
but it’s quite important because every
woman i would say and you you make
reference to the fact that you know the
body can uh dissolute
and so
it the essential nature would be the
quality of tara or the quality of kali
and to
to portray this to everyone in the world
especially to
to men who maybe don’t have an idea
about tantra
is that to see woman not only as
the mother or not only as
the [ __ ]
or not only as the goddess you know you
can see women in many many many
aspects we call it archetypes
and so when you look at
woman as having all of these archetypes
mother child
you know like uh
whatever it might be i looked at like
what are the main ones okay kali
is the one that is going to cut your
balls off if you are
not respectful
you know if if the masculine does
something to the feminine and the
feminine garners in her power
eventually that uh that element of the
woman which is in all women
will come out and she will cut off
your head
you know every woman i would think knows
what it’s like to cut off the head of a
of a lover because he she’s finally had
enough and she just says forget it and
so this would be the element of cali but
it’s much more complex also it’s about
time and darkness and
you know real uh
self-love i would say
and then there’s the other goddess which
would be the other extreme to me
which is tara and this is the pure the
virgo the virgin you know the mother the
caregiver what everybody comes to and
they need
to be
held and understood and seen and so i
just tried because there’s so many
goddesses especially with um
you know hindu tantra for example and
they all have different qualities and we
all as women go through all of these
phases of life
and so what happens when i’m in a phase
of my life when i
i’m out of the phase of uh
you know being the maiden but now i’m in
the phase of being the mother
and so what is this phase like for me i
give more i write a book
you know i uh i take care of people that
are younger than me i give sessions to
women that need more help along a
spiritual path or to resolve sexual
um issues
which everyone will experience and so
it’s very
deep work to come into that and to
respect every every archetype so this is
what it’s about and uh it makes it
it’s a big
gathering of the mind
to understand the qualities of women but
when all the qualities of women are
understood we have more peace we have
more love
in the world because woman fully is love
it’s just the fact that you need to see
you know and not be like woman is this
this is my wife
you know and she can’t be seen as a
sexual being because this is my wife or
this woman is
my daughter and and she cannot grow up
because i can’t handle it like this i’m
speaking as a potential man right now
and how he can just silo woman but women
can’t be siloed they are the energy of
creation of shakti like shakti is
absolutely everything that can make the
world happen with shiva
so the for example and now you are
talking about the seven chakras and
you know the
sexual positions which is being
associated with these seven chakras
in your book um
also when we come to the
kama sutra so-called kama sudra that is
comes from india
and so there are a lot of postures is
being discussed in kama sutra also if we
see the kajraho temple uh the walls of
the particular temple
has been um decorated with a lot of
sexual postures across
um and if we see the astrology that is
the one of the tandra vitia i will say
the application of the tantra that is
vedic astrology like you are finding out
some problems are there and you can
solve that in that also there are uh
sexual processes been associated with
this particular thing uh most of the
astrologers don’t want to talk about
that like in india
they are not into really into astrology
they talk about something small small
problems because the astrology is a
science it is an engineering science for
the uh fundamental transformation to
take you into the center
uh so that is what the actual astrology
is all about it has a very big books
like we how to study all that to become
an astrologer and they see say that
a rishi rishi means somebody who has
seen is only capable to
practice the astrology like
because he is someone who has actually
realized he is neither mind nor
body or nothing nothing nothing he’s
when didn’t do so
somewhere so
you talks about the uh seven different
sexual postures and
seven yeah seven different social
posters in your particular book
um can you talk about that why did you
added these seven particular sexual
posters in video book
well sensationalism of course
i mean you say tantra and people’s minds
goes i want to learn more about sex
teach me something you know
so see the thing is like the tundra is
actually revolve around the orgasmic
experience there is physical orgasm
there is intellectual orgasm and there
is real orgasm which is uh actually
samadhi experience tantra is actually
speaking about this orgasm but without
but without understanding your physical
orgasm or your intellectual orgasm you
can’t differentiate between the physical
orgasm and intellectual orgasm
you know
for sure but i mean that’s a lifelong
process and study when we look at
spiritual things right it’s like okay
first i mean for me i started my
spiritual path from physical yoga
and so i’m very connected to the
physical body it’s part in my
astrological chart it’s the strongest
element about how i know the
physical body how i can work with it how
i heal it everything about my existence
would be like how to really fix the fix
the body and so the body is actually so
complex sexually too we never talk about
that too much
but i mean there’s with women you can
have seven different kinds of orgasms
that most people on the planet don’t
even know
and so when you get more and more
with the way that you look at the body
with the way that you look at the mind
or the way that you look at sex or
all of this can be refined refined
refined and as you go up the chakrix
system of course we become
more refined but if you don’t you just
stay at the level of physical
clitoral or ejaculatory orgasm we know
this we know it creates children okay
we’re not looking at tantra just to
procreate society
we’re looking at it for like as you say
the ultimate orgasm with the universe
this is very exciting for me and i hope
for other people reading the book
to go beyond something that you don’t
know and aspire to like go to the top of
of what refinement what wisdom what
samadhi can actually
be or add to life would be the ultimate
when the sperm hit the a
or when the whole entire universe was
created this is tantra
that orgasm can be
if you want to call it an achievement
when you look at the chakras and i put
it in there because i want people to go
for this kind of orgasm or this kind of
i mean at least this wow
we have connected with the mind so much
we are in so much bliss and in love with
each other i can read your mind i can
see your soul
this is like
something much more elevated than just a
physical body body contact
and then when you if two meditators are
put together
and they actually make love
and they really love each other they
actually don’t need to have physical sex
i mean by the time i get to the end
discussion of the
sahasara chakra and how you make love on
sahasara chakra i mean you don’t have to
have physical sex anymore you’re just
having it with you and your lover and
god or whatever you want to call god
uh or you’re just having it with you
because you
are god
so this is very high level it’s
difficult also to talk about because
as we know tantra and meditation are
it’s like we try to talk about it
and then people go what is it what is it
and then you just say
you just have to experience it and try
it for yourself
i can write a book about it but uh
essentially you’re going to have to
meditate and then you’re going to have
to make a dedication to tantra and these
gods and goddesses that we speak about
and you’re going to have to go through
the many trials and tribulations that we
go through
to come to your own conclusions and
experiences and hopefully samadhi with
with a beloved this is the ultimate but
essentially every big tantric experience
that i have had
that’s really really like connected to
the divine has actually been with myself
the irony of it all because i’m not
having sex i’m um i’m making love with
the universe
do you want to talk anything else about
your book
i i want to show what it looks like
again if i
if i can so
that you can see it this is me on the
front having a very blissful experience
in copenhagen thailand
probably after i just uh
taught a yoga class the tantric yoga
class there’s a very big connection
about yoga and tantra and how
i believe that the two need to be
studied to understand
the path or the tao the way
and so to
to come in contact with the book people
can contact me or it’s on amazon as the
dao of tantric yoga i can also send you
a link
um but i’m also putting it on goodreads
for example and barnes and noble this
so it’s becoming more and more
widespread and also making an audiobook
that’s all i would say
study it first in a book and then try to
do it
meditation and and yoga
so also you are offering online sessions
online sessions on tantra and yoga and
things like that right if
any of the people who are listening this
particular program want to contact you
how can they do that
oh they can get in contact with me
the open to bliss website so open to
bliss is my company
and the email is info at
instagram is just open underscore two to
underscore bliss
you can also get in contact with me
uh through facebook there’s an open
bliss page or satyama
lasbi also on facebook
so many ways or i have whatsapp online
as well and you can get those details on
the website
it would be that way and yeah online
sessions are great if we can’t meet in
person because then we can really start
journey together and i in person in
copenhagen i offer
seven-day tantric yoga intensive
and also
one day retreats for men one day
retreats for women with an integrated
day a month later
so this is a really nice way to look at
it just with same sex to be able to
practice together and understand the
different body spirit
uh ways that we go about looking at
tantra and it’s very very deep and also
community building too so different
things i do online also kopengang and i
i travel when i can
not so much with the pandemic
right now but i have
given sessions all over the world as
yeah thank you for joining us today
thank you for having me
thank you for listening to my podcast
you could
connect with me in irons yoga.iron
where you could see my contact videos
including my phone number my whatsapp
my life
stay tuned for more exciting

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