Funnel building for Wellness Entrepreneurs A Podcast With – Marijana

And welcome to another podcast episode of aruns Todays podcast we are having a guest her name is marijuana She builds funnels for welleness enterprenuers and brands.
As a wellness enterprenuer sometimes it might be very hard to build online presence and funnels which leads to sales.  Here in at this particular episode our guest is explaining how some one could build funnel online which helps them to increase there sales.
And you know what She has builded the sales funnel for arunsyoga and the links to see her work is given on the description.You could connect with her via 
So welcome to Funnel building for wellness entrepreneurs.

Below is a non verbal transcript for the same

hi this is arun from
i’m a software engineer who mostly work
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well i’m a tantric by birth in a family
which is passing tantric wisdom from
generations to generations from past
2000 years of legacy
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got chances to study under various gurus
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system of understanding
and welcome to another episode of iron
yoga dot iron
today’s podcast we are having a guest
her name is marijuana she builds funnels
for wellness entrepreneurs
and brands
as a wellness entrepreneur sometimes it
might be very hard to build online
and funnels which leads to sales
here in this particular episode our
guest is explaining how someone could
build funnel online
which helped them to increase their
sales and you know what she has builded
the sales funnels for
and the links to see her work is given
on the
description you could connect with avaya
go design online dot com again
g o d
e s i g n o n l i n e dot com
so welcome to funnel building for
wellness entrepreneurs
hi all uh today we have a special guest
she is all the way from assam and
she do the
online marketing and
funnel building for the wellness
and this pretty lady is here talking
how the funnel is being built and
why it has been useful um
so let’s begin with your name what’s
your name basically
my name is martina i am from
assam and i started my career in
corporate so i was in corporate till
2021 march then i left my corporate job
to start my own business
from then i have been doing
a few courses and like i’m learning a
lot of things from
resources and paid sources a lot of
webinars i have attended workshops i
have done so i have gathered a lot of
knowledge to help the
wellness entrepreneurs to grow
you told me like you’ve been working on
the corporates
um yes
so what kind of job you’ve been exactly
doing in corporates like uh i can
understand that you have done a master’s
in computer science right
uh actually i have done master’s in gis
geographical information system so i was
into telecom engineering so that
different uh
softwares we use to do in the
you know like a telecom communication
so uh that is what my past career then i
switched to digital marketing because uh
it was like uh tough for me to maintain
that thing
like ships problem were there and i
wanted to experiment something new in my
life so i switched from telecom
engineering to digital marketing
uh what is this telecom engineering
means uh i mean people may not be aware
of the telecom engineering what does it
like where and all you apply your
knowledge and what problems you are
trying to solve on telecom engineering
in telecom engineering i was into
designing the network
for like uh countries uh different
different countries
so that is what basically i won’t be
able to give uh more deep because that
is you know client
um protection so i won’t be able to take
the names but yes uh for
countries like uh australia and the uk i
i have uh designed in different
softwares like special net then
gis softwares
i had expertise
so uh do you use any programming
language to write the
um so basically i’m i am from the
background of the technology like i
build the softwares and uh
not just php and things like that like
so um so a little bit about what are the
programming languages which you use to
uh the telecom
networks yeah
i was not in back end i was using the
front end of softwares
where i used to design like you know if
i say the basic thing which
everybody can understand the point line
and polygon thing i used to do
like giving the connections from the
to home
there are a lot of things
uh ports are there different types of
you know
codes are there where we need to match
we need to solve
things those kind of things were there
front end not back end i was not a
a friend and you um okay so and now
let’s comes to your funnel building
experience like it’s also a problem
solving especially for a business uh it
is very essential to grow and it is very
essential to communicate correctly what
is the user is actually needed and
it is very essential to um
communicate to each and every uh
visitors uh to a particular website what
is this uh website is trying to tell to
that particular person and what is the
message the found the message of the
founder uh what is that founder is
trying to communicate with the
with the world that is outside there uh
it is very essential
by taking into that into account
what is the approach you
you take in order to solve the
particular problem
so first i will explain what is funnel
because uh the concept of funnel is very
it is not like we only use in um
online it we can use it in offline also
it is a journey of customer
with the
brand from not knowing to becoming a
loyal customer
when you start any business people won’t
know about your brand we have to make
them about aware
about your brand they will slowly come
to know about you
about your service or product then they
will see
how you can benefit them this is a
journey total journey so
here comes the funnel so like uh at the
start we can say top of the funnel where
you will see a lot of visitors in your
website or in your social media
platforms but all of them are not your
customer you want to make them your
customers so you have to
take them through a journey from not
knowing you to become a loyal customer
so that is the concept of
funnel and
in today’s age
the internet is exploring and
like um there are a lot of funnel
builders are coming into market like um
kajabi group funnels then kartra click
funnels these are the leading players in
uh funnel building so i have learned um
these softwares how to use them design
wise i’m
talking about so i design it in those
platforms the funnels
like if you go to a website there are a
lot of pages you can see right but
in funnel uh pages like i
i um you know prepared for you that is a
single page where the call to action
button is one like you have one
uh call to action uh activity there
there your customer won’t uh distracted
by other things so they will know why
they have landed and what they need to
so that is how the uh funnel you know
why funnel is important
that is the case like
you could build the funnel for
any company like for example you could
build a funnel for the telecom company
which you’ve been working on like they
could convert
their visitors into the
customers are using a funnel uh uh you
may be able to provide them the correct
picture what this this particular
company is going to do to the particular
customer or the what is the company or
what is the
problem which this particular company is
trying to solve for the customer
if that is the case why did you choose
the wellness industry why particularly
wellness industry there are a lot of
domains out there there are
um a lot of e-commerce platforms are
there there are the
blockchain technologies are there there
are uh engineering solutions are there
there are descents are there there are
many things why did you particularly
chosen the wellness industry
is that something to do with uh that you
want to experience something new which
is extraordinary that is beyond the mind
or the understanding or anything like
uh yes
so any business online
needs a funnel that is true because
without funnel people cannot grow
so why i have chosen wellness because i
am attached to wellness
i um
i believe that the wellness
entrepreneurs or well premiers are those
who want to help their customer uh to
achieve you know better health or better
mindset or
mental health physical health
they are
putting a lot of effort for their
customers to become their life and to
make their life easier so
that’s how uh i believe that if i can
help them i can be a part of their
journey so
this is like
i want to um
add something to humanity and that’s how
i can do it
this is why i have chosen wellness so
what is that you want to add to the
humanity like
there is a lot of things already people
just been added and there are a lot of
things which is people are always trying
to add
so what is that what is your vision
about that you need to add something to
the humanity with the help of wellness
entrepreneurs by helping them uh by
building a funnel for them what is that
you see
which has to be added
yes uh so uh sometimes what happens uh
all um
wellness entrepreneurs not uh well
equipped with uh softwares or like they
don’t um they are not that expert in you
know creating
uh like writing copies or creating
funnels in softwares they want to
connect with the correct audience so
that’s how i come into the picture i can
help them to write the copies and to
connect with their audience in a correct
manner what they want to
tell their
i like uh to communicate properly with
their audience they need a proper medium
so funnel is a good medium to do that
and that is how i can help them to
get their goals
so you
what is your experience so far with the
gurus so-called the wellness experts or
wellness entrepreneurs or welcomers uh
what is that your experience so far uh
what kind of people’s you’ve been
working so
far and
what is the solutions you’ve been built
that helped them
uh how do you see that your experience
over here
uh till now my experience is very good
with whoever i have worked with they are
very uh good people with
you know good vibration that is also one
of the reason
no no it’s not like
you are also very good human being
actually that is also one of the reason
i want to work with wellness
entrepreneurs they are high on vibration
they are
they have
good vibration they are always positive
you know
so i want to work with people
like-minded people and i
get along well with those people and
till now i my all
clients are
awesome they are awesome they and
i have very good experience and
i want to enjoy this journey
so uh coming to the point like
when we speak about the uh wellness
industry we mostly work with the
body mind soul
and sometime all together uh yes do you
have did you had any kind of spiritual
experience so far or do you
are you seeking something like that uh
looking at on your life
yes i actually i have been doing
meditations since uh i was in school so
it’s a very good experience i every day
practice meditation and like yoga i do
uh not every day but yes uh thrice in a
week at least i do and i believe that
when you are healthy outside then you
are healthy inside and that is very
important our health is our first
priority after that everything comes so
wellness is should be the first priority
in anyone’s life like in
when we see people around us they
uh they are just running behind money
like they forget about their health
their mental health their physical
health so
one day they will get money but what is
the point if they cannot enjoy anything
with their health so
that is why you know i believe that uh
these wellness entrepreneurs are putting
a lot of effort to make their life
balanced so everyone should
practice yoga or any any physical
activity or
for their mental health meditation is
there so this is not luxury now this is
one everyone should do all these uh
things like yoga and meditation that
should be part of
everyone’s life
so what kind of practices you does like
you told
me like you do the yoga
so is there any particular kind of yoga
you’d you do
and whether
why did you chosen that and is that this
improving your journey of uh
self-realization on the path of uh
with the well runners to help them to
create the funnels um
uh what kind of yoga you do and how it’s
improving your
stability uh on body wise
on mind wise on soul wise
how does it’s affecting you
is like you know just
i enjoy doing yoga i i don’t do any like
i i don’t go for very hard ones but yes
the normal one i do but yes i enjoy
breathing exercise or those kind of
things i do
and i feel very good after doing
after practicing yoga
this is not only for body for my mind my
soul i feel very positive and you know i
feel that the aura
changes when i practice yoga it it’s not
it not only for my body it also for my
mind and my soul and i feel very good
it’s it’s
it’s fulfilling when i practice yoga and
meditation like for meditation i you i
like to raj yoga meditation
one more um
yoga meditation and concentration kind
of thing like putting the
candle there and focusing on that those
things i do and you you introduced to me
one more you have shared with me that
link for the
that thing is there
and yeah i
i enjoy doing all these things
uh so
you have done one of my uh
meditation i’m glad that you have tried
that at least
so how many times you have tried it uh
once or twice
i i have tried three times
and uh yeah it is good your voice is
very uh you know like with that uh
buzzing sound and the
whole ambience is like
i go into a different genre
and i enjoy it i i like it
thanks so much
thank you
you build the funnel for
my website um
so whatever challenges you’ve been faced
while building that particular funnel
uh i won’t say challenges uh i
came to know about one more uh software
like group funnels i have never tried uh
when you said that you want to try with
roof furnace i explored group funnel and
uh i learned many things that we can do
with group finance it’s a free
platform where we can add three websites
and i did it for you and for one page i
did but uh it was good i learned many
things there like
wrote the copy with your
page and
i designed and i like those things
actually i like uh creating things which
looks good and
which you know where i can add value so
it was a very good experience for me
like i could see that the uh effort you
have put over there like you wrote or
whatever is actually necessary or
whatever is exactly um i’m trying to
communicate with the
world outside there you have put
everything in a
particular space uh so my question is
like um
there are a lot of sentences out there
why did you choose a particular
sentences what made you to choose that
like is that intuitive uh sense or is
that just
came out let me put it here or what is
so uh
when we design a page
we go section by section so like in your
page first we have given what is your
program about then we came to your
introduction where i have given about
that what you are you actually do and
why you have chosen to uh do this
membership program and what is what it
is all about those things so it comes
chronologically so i first
create the skeleton then i created a
copy then i chose designs for that and
then yes
one after another i have
put all these things together and
it came out
as a whole sales page which uh you told
me that you liked it and you
are happy with it so
that’s how it came
can you share one more story where you
build the funnel for somebody else
like if you’re okay
yeah i won’t be able to take her name
but yes she’s a leadership coach
i have recently uh created a webinar
funnel for her and i am running facebook
ads for uh you know bringing traffic to
her webinar she is doing a live webinar
she is also very happy with the results
and uh let’s see how it comes
up and her webinar is on 30th september
so i was a bit busy with that project
also and yes it was challenging uh
because not challenging again that would
be a wrong
thing to say again kazabi i did in the
whole thing in kazabi and it was new for
me i explored things and
i came to know
about kazabi how it works and how i can
things in kazabi so
yeah it was great working with her she
is a very
good person and
she is giving me the wings to
do whatever i want to do and she is
giving me
the opportunity so i am very grateful to
apart from the funnel building what uh
what are the other services you offer uh
to help the uh welcomers to uh improve
their business
for uh their service i wouldn’t say it’s
a business like uh
development it’s not a business
basically like
it’s a service and uh we feel like the
people should pay just because
uh they have to give a little bit
respect to what we are offering
uh i mean the real spiritual thing has
to go for the people who actually needed
uh so
yes yes that’s my point actually so
apart from the funnel building what are
the other services you do how do you
ensure this pipeline like the water goes
to the right hand of the people
rather than that of everywhere what are
the other services do this
my niche is
very limited because i don’t want to go
for too many things because
i believe that if i become expert in one
thing that would help me to grow
and uh
for my client also they will
like you know i would like to give one
i have some problem with my hand i broke
my hand i will definitely go to an
automatic rather than going to a general
health practice so uh
yeah so uh what i um i here i would like
to give you one example like if i break
my hand i will uh go to a automatic
rather than going to a general
practitioner so if i become expert in
one thing that will help me to grow
faster and better so i am not
experimenting with a lot of things now
i’m learning funnels um like
creating funnels in different platforms
i uh write copies for the wellness and
entrepreneurs and i create funnels for
the business attributes and one more
thing i do i do facebook ads for them so
these are the things only things the
funnel copywriting and the facebook ads
these are the things
so coming to the pricing part how much
do you charge usually like is that
depends on the of what you are
undertaking or is that there is a
packages like this is particular package
this is particular package or this is
particular package like that is there
anything is there um
for example uh rather if we are using uh
some other software or if we are running
uh facebook ads obviously we have to pay
for the facebook people
so how do you sort it out um
how do you do that
like for example in the case of the
facebook ads we have to define the
demographics like this has to reach this
kind of particular people this is the
age group of the people it has to reach
things like that
how do you charge is that based on the
demography or the work for uh how do you
decide that one
so uh
is not fixed
it depends on the work
i create more ads like more ad campaigns
the charges will be more if i am
creating one ad campaign the charge will
be less it depends on the creatives also
how many creatives i need like a lot of
things there
with pictures we can use we can use
videos we can use
those things are there they
it depends on the amount of work i am
doing for the client uh
directly related to the charge
how much i will charge them
so it’s not fixed it it can be actually
like if i talk about sales page also
uh for some people the sales page is not
that long but for some it is
like 2 000 to 3 000 words so there i
need to work more i need to write more i
need to do competitive research more so
the uh
work varies
so the price varies
do you have a team of people who build
the creatives for you like for example
to run how do you get the creatives for
uh facebook
uh currently i am
doing it
i’m doing it by
the people who are listening to this
particular podcast may not be able to
understand what is that creative means
so can you explain what is the
creative means like when we see any uh
facebook ad when we scroll facebook
every lot of things comes and
among them we can we see a lot of ads so
sometimes we see a video at sometimes we
see an image and sometimes we see
carousel ads so these are called
different types of creatives
uh facebook
ad managers create for their you know
client or for their business
so these are called creatives and uh
right now i’m doing it myself and uh
slowly i’m building a a team because uh
there are a lot of work to do it’s not
that easy
you need a lot of time uh you know the
resource work then the um
you know design
then the writing the copy of ads
in every stage the ad copies will be
different like uh again i’m coming back
to a funnel like top of the funnel when
people don’t know about you you have to
tell a lot more thing about why you are
doing this why what it is
suppose you have
recently launched one book and you want
to um do advertising on facebook so
people don’t know you right so you want
uh to warn of them they will know about
you so one short line is not going to
work for that you need a
long copy so that people know about you
what is in that book and why they should
buy that book those kind of things are
there so
this is uh how the copies are created or
creatives are created
like that um you know you need lot of
time to create those things so
alone it is like overwhelming so slowly
i am building a team uh and
my husband is also there i i
he helps me in a few things and
two more of my cousins are joining me
and that’s how we are building a team
and so that we can take more people and
i believe the the wellness industry is
growing very fast and the demands are
more than
ever before so they need they might need
our help and i want to give them the
outcome so i’m building a team now
so um you are talking about your husband
is also interested in helping you out
with the creatives uh is that the
family of a spiritual seekers or what is
that like you see
to empower the wellness entrepreneurs uh
is that okay for him like for example
like i
see that the
um people sure comes from the abrahamian
religions like there is initially there
will be a collapse like um
the concept of the god according to the
yoga and the
meditation and things like that is
entirely different from the
concept of what is that there in
abrahamian religions like
eastern religions the christianity
islamism uh all those religions are
different from the concept of the code
is entirely different and obviously
these ideologies will clash how do you
handle that
see i am i
believe that
you know
we have created relations
make differences otherwise there is no
difference between you and me if i mix
your blood with my mom i cannot
differentiate so so that is right like
everyone is saying no no that i
understand theoretically but
in a very settled level there will be
again clashes because the uh from the
very young age it is being conditioned
in that way you know it’s two different
mindset in very subtle level even if you
ideologies what is being developed over
the time uh even then the
subtle level there will be crashes
occurs so how do you handle that is your
husband is okay
with that and is your husband is
happy to help you to do
a creative that promotes meditation uh
how do you handle that
he also he also is into meditation so
yeah we are very okay and uh
we are from very uh liberal uh
uh families and uh we
are not uh
what to say we like
we mix up with people very easily and we
do not differentiate and
we are very welcoming you know the
uh motto is to help people to
like i said we want to
add towards humanity you know like uh
human being for human being we want to
do so we do not see any separate things
there so it is one thing that is
humanity so that’s how we believe and we
are very
you know we study
a lot of books and we
are into different things and
it’s mixed kind of thing we
we believe that religion doesn’t come
between our work and
that’s a separate thing and
the work is a separate thing and of
course we are spiritual and we um like
we practice these things and we are very
happy to do that so my parents my
uh husband’s parents and
husband or my cousins they all are same
we are we are from very liberation
so is there any any problems did you
face it initially
while working with the uh
well-pronounced uh did you
face any challenges
from anywhere no never
never never known
never my am i i’m very lucky seriously
i’m very lucky my husband is very
supportive and my family is very
supportive his parents are also very
supportive so
i have never felt that thing you know i
i don’t think
there will be any problem for me because
the vibration is important the
positivity is more important the
consciousness is more important so
my intention is more important so my
intention is to help others so nothing
comes before that
how do you see
your journey into
in the beginning of the podcast you have
said you want to experience something
very different rather than that of the
daily routine of the
life which happens
in the daily life
and you want to experience something
different from what is that actually
happening so that is the one of the
reason why did you chosen
wellness industry at first place itself
how do you see that thing right now like
have you
able to experience something uh much
uh that is been not happened so far or
you’ve been
are you looking forward to experience
something better that so far you have
experienced how does it happen so how
does it go so like your vision of
experiencing something much better
uh so
it’s not like that uh i i was not
enjoying my corporate job but uh is um i
i was very passionate about it but uh
slowly i realized that uh the time you
know uh
12 to 14 hours i have to give and
i was lacking my
spiritual journey i was lacking my
so that is the main reason i wanted to
switch and when i switched i decided to
that why not going somewhere which i
believe that is important for life that
is health mental health physical health
spiritual health so
uh i see um like when i have started
this thing um
it was not that easy because i had to do
a lot of research
and i’m still doing it and
i’m working hard to make it successful
i am
learning every day and
i am slowly as i told you and slowly
slowly building up me
slowly building a team so that i can
deliver better and
yes um i i this uh niche will be fixed i
will be helping the wellness
entrepreneurs in future also so that
my whole business will
surround this nature only the wellness
business owners
have you got any spiritual experience so
far like uh
into this particular park
working with wellness entrepreneurs
have you got any
have you got any spiritual experiences
so far
spiritual experience like
you mean the out-of-body experience
when mind starts to expand the you
slowly fall into the consciousness when
the mind start to expand you can
actually see that you are going out of
your body and things like any kind of
spiritual experience
so i’m i am a spiritual person
like um you know i
i always in a happy mood and
i i feel that we are part of the
universe and universe is within us and
so i don’t see any difference with any
object or any person so i
when i uh look at you you are me and i
am you so this is what uh advent vedanta
also says right
yeah so
i uh
like i’m a happy person and uh yeah i
try to
be calm self-controlled and like
experience like
every moment yes i am in a uh
good um vibration so that is i think the
best part uh of doing your own work and
uh you know uh doing uh work with people
like you so that the vibration matches
and the
work i can produce is better work
uh you mentioned the word advertise
that the god is not outside the
there is not a creator outside
the god is me
and the code is you also so there is no
there is no truth yes that is what the
advaita says god is not the outside
yes rather i am the god and you are the
mind creates that i am this i am this
particular body i am this object
i like that so that is
about okay so
yes now coming to uh your work where do
you see that
are you getting paid enough in this work
yes uh till now i have been working
with five client for five clients so
a few of them are like the testimonial
clients um i’m not charging anything
from them i’m just giving the work my
i’m putting there to get testimonials so
that i can
build my business
the authority that i get whatever i am
saying is correct and whatever i am
doing is good work and i can help people
this is how i have started and now yes
people are coming and
i um you know i tell them what i can do
for them and uh
the uh paid lines are also good so yeah
i am getting good
from them
so how do you see uh like uh in the
journey of the
uh final building
where do you see yourself in another
two three years not a job in the review
just like just what is your vision
uh so i want to build an agency uh where
we can uh you know as i said uh my whole
thing will be surrounding the
wellness entrepreneurs so
uh that’s how we are first uh we are
doing the done for you service where we
can help them to create funnels create
sales space or lead generation pace that
those kind of things we can do for them
maybe later
we can create some digital products them
ready to use products for them so that
they just buy the things and they do
some changes and their funnel will be
ready within uh you know four to five
days they can
use it
coming uh let’s uh while we are trying
to conclude this particular conversation
uh if people want to contact you and if
they want to see um
a portfolio of you where can they grow
and how can they do that
i have a
website like
so that is my uh main page where i have
mentioned about the all the services i
am providing and yes uh with the um work
what i have done last uh one to two
months i am creating a portfolio so that
i can showcase my work uh in front of
people so it is in process uh definitely
i will share the link with you
so that you can share with your fellow
entrepreneurs to see the work and if
they need any help from us we would be
happy to help them
and what is your email
uh contact
go design
okay so if people are dropping to an
email to this particular address uh they
can connect with you and they can help
you out
you can help them out to build their
funnel yes
do you want to say anything definitely
it was very nice working with you and
thank you for giving me the opportunity
to do the podcast i will be grateful and
yes we will be connected and uh
hoping for the best for your business
and uh for your future
don’t forget and yes i have one thing
don’t say it’s a business
yeah no no it’s not business the service
yes the service you want to provide
you’re going to help people so and my
best wishes are with you so that you can
give your full uh you know full support
to help them to grow them and
yes that is how you can you know like
you can do it and uh yes uh one more
thing if you want to grow online uh i
recommend one book uh for
everyone actually everyone who is in
this uh wellness um entrepreneurship
it is a book called well premieres
by amanda cook which is a very good book
you will
get to know many things there
what to do what not to do for a wellness
entrepreneur so
yeah if you get time uh go for it you
will uh you will love that book
and you will understand the concept why
it is important to have funnels and to
you know do certain things to grow your
thank you for listening to my podcast
you could
connect with me in irons yoga dot iron
where you could see my contact videos
including my phone number my whatsapp
my life
stay tuned for more exciting

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