Kristna Saikia on her upcoming books,I am a Billion Dollar star,I am the Princess in Nude and films

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Hello and welcome to another episode of arunsyoga podcasts, Todays Podcast we are having a guest her name is KrisTiNA SAIKIA She is an actress, Model, entrepreneur and a meditator who promotes mindfulness and meditation across the globe. In at this particular podcast she is speaking about her self discover journey as an actress who turned to be an entrepreneur, Writer Then Mindfulness meditator.

You could connect with her via her website So lets begin Our next episode of podcast “Kristna Saikia on her upcoming books,I am a Billion Dollar star,I am the Princess in Nude and films”

Below Is a Non Verbal Transcript for the same.

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got chances to study under various gurus
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and welcome to another episode of
ironsyoka podcast
today’s podcast we are having a guest
her name is christina psykia she is an
actress model entrepreneur and meditator
who promotes mindfulness and meditations
across the globe in this particular
podcast she is speaking about her
self-discovery journey as an actress who
turned to be an entrepreneur brighter
than mindfulness meditator
you could connect with her via her
w w w dot
r i
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so let’s begin our next episode of
self discovery and being comfortable in
body and nudity with christina
so hi all today we have a very
particular guest
from india and right now she’s traveling
across the globe and
she has done a couple of movies and
modeling and wrote a couple of books
things like that and
christina tell us where did all these
things are started
why did you what is the story is all
about where are you getting and
where you comes from and why you are
doing this and what change that you want
to see
in society
thank you arun for giving me an
opportunity to be part of your um
uh this program and you’re doing great
i’ve seen your channel
and the subjects you talk about is very
metaphysical very spiritual
very holistic and wellness okay
start with um how i started my journey
it started long ago uh my father
actually started my journey when he took
me to buddhist monasteries and to
witness silence among the monks when
they used to meditate you know
and so
uh that has been a great journey
initially i didn’t know what uh the
monks were doing at the age of four
four and a half i guess and but when i
started um the entire thing uh
you know i just started being among the
and that shifted something shifted
inside me and one finally
i just went deep within i just sat down
at that age and when the monks were
meditating in the monastery
and then that journey started maybe it
was already there within me and i
attracted my parents in such a way they
were very spiritual you know
i’m starting this
episode this interview from spirituality
and uh because your channel is like that
you know so that’s uh how my journey
spiritual life started
maybe that awareness was
already there
and then um
the uh i started acting
from a very early age in uh theaters
uh then
radio happened after i completed my
journey in uh delhi
for 10 months but when i was in my
school and college my shooting
you know shooting was always going on
and um
my parents my family members
and then my uh friends uh teachers
they’re very very supportive of me and
now a lot of people whom i don’t even
know my fan followers have been very
supportive so during my study and during
what i’ll say
uh my shootings my you know uh it can be
for films it can be for modeling
everything was going on simultaneously
and that had been a great journey and i
i was
i wanted to be an astronaut
when i was kid in the school and then i
did some great plays in school you know
and my one of my one day my college
superintendent that christine i think
you can act and that moment my entire
journey shifted and i started trusting
myself and i always thought i don’t know
anything to do in my life besides acting
maybe acting is only the talent i have
so i told my mom that i want to be an
actor and uh actress so my mom was like
are you sure because the
path is very
challenging you know
and i said yes and that’s how the
journey started she told my dad and they
invested money to bring me uh in front
of the camera
and that’s how
you know it was never looking back and i
love to travel uh traveling has always
been part of my life my spirit maybe is
very adventurous because i never stayed
in the same school same hostel or
same place i mean like i was always
from one place to another
uh one city to another then one country
to another and i think
traveling regenerates me and
gives me a lot of life to my spirit you
know it’s very very interesting it’s
sometimes very challenging also because
you don’t know what you’re meeting here
uh in the past uh but i choose a path
where i come to know about people’s
story because i’m a writer an author
and now uh you know so i like stories
and uh
i like to meet people i like to listen
to their stories and as a writer as an
actor it helps me a lot when i meet
different kind of people and i just
become an observer you know doing
meditation has really helped me to be an
observer uh not to react uh yeah if
required to respond towards it uh but
just to be an observer
so uh
it has been a very interesting journey
you know um
now i have decided that i should be a
traveler i should be a full-time
traveler so and being an actor it really
helps me because the
life is very interesting you know we
don’t stay in the same
with the same people we work with
different production houses play
different roles
it’s never seen the entire process of
journey is very creative and every
moment you don’t know what is going to
happen so that uh creative process that
adventurous process of life intrigues me
a lot and yes i’m coming up with the
military books and um out of that i
would love to tell more about i’m a
billion dollar star feel wealthy to your
and that book is all about living life
from wealth consciousness it can be
can i pass you there like uh please bear
me for a moment like we will actually
come to your book
once we actually gone through the
journey of you as being an actress and
doing modeling for different films and
things like that we would like to know
about your spiritual journey like um
are you really discovering yourself oh
this is what i am
when you are doing the modeling and the
entire process of the spiritual journey
is actually to explore ourselves and to
see what we really are
so this is this is like a reflection so
this is the entire science of
spirituality is out there and especially
when uh i am um i do the work which is
related to tantra and there is lot of
energy work is being involved like past
life therapy spiritual feeling
you know uh also the astrological
understanding of the self and things
like that so and they are uh the end
they are
so the entire process of this thing is
to discover ourselves the entire uh
spiritual science is actually helping us
to discover and rediscover our own self
and evaluate ourselves so
by staying into that kind of perspective
or that kind of
how do you see your acting career or
modeling career especially you do the
nude modeling for different companies
out there
yeah new data that’s very very
i’ll talk about fine art news because
that has been one of my forte and i’m
very interested in that form of art work
um i’ll tell you uh to come back from
acting and modeling is as i told you the
journey just started very early age you
know i always thought to be an astronaut
and i’m very fascinated by the space my
sky and
uh by what’s happening beyond the sky
actually i’m still and i do support uh
space tourism a lot like ellen mask and
all are coming up right now uh you know
so i really like it like richard branson
they are taking so much of initiative
towards the space and but what happened
i also loved to act
when i was kid
and uh
when my teacher told me christina i
think you can act and then that’s the
moment when my life shifted you know
so uh modeling and acting never stopped
i have always been part of the media
they were always covering me putting me
on magazine covers and then slowly i
discovered that i should you know i love
to write
and when i started my meditation with a
lot of downloading of wisdom happening
you know a lot of things were coming to
me and i wanted to write i wanted to put
out to the world
and that’s how the journey as a column
is started for
various media platforms across the globe
it can be news people’s magazines
or whatever way you know
i wanted to write and use to get
published and my pictures used to get
published at the same time and still
it’s happening right now so i usually
write on wellness and
spirituality and then mind body soul
healing and
fashion lifestyle whatever it comes to
me and i don’t just keep myself like you
very bordered that i should only write
about this thing
sometimes i do quantum jumping also if
i’m writing something on wellness maybe
i’m writing something sometimes on very
high fashion or something else on beauty
organic beauty
or on food whatever comes to me i
usually write
at that moment and i publish it in uh in
different platforms so the whole journey
as an actor and a model has been without
planning i was very interested with the
camera i love the camera you know
i love performing arts
uh so it just happened i wanted to be
there and i’m there you know in this
profession and now how
um the fine art mute happened find out
new modeling happen is uh
it happened in a uh studio actually you
know there was a shot where the
photographer wanted me
to go the lower part of the body wanted
me to go in the very cold um eyes i mean
you know and upper part of the body
i had to hold a fish like a fish and
just pose it this way so they wanted to
they thought let’s do it in a bikini and
later on just you know edit the whole
part so at that particular moment i went
to transcendental state maybe like you
know complete transcendental state
my lower part of the body was so cold
with so much sacks of eyes you know they
removed the eyes from the sex lor and
our body had to go down and they needed
that shot
it was very beautiful then suddenly
something happened i just said no i
don’t want to wear the bikini you know
it will look not natural uh they said
are you sure there were a lot of people
in the studio and i said yeah sure
what’s wrong in that it’s a natural part
of the nature right what’s wrong and we
need to we are creating art aesthetic
art i mean so i removed the beginning
immediately i took the
like you know and then i post the fish
covering my breast little bit and the
lower part of the body you can imagine
was in the
i just gave beautiful shots the mudras
came out beautifully the body pushes
came out beautifully and i didn’t know
whatever i was doing i was
not in my physical body let me tell you
i was in the energy body at the time
some kind of some other state i was like
and when uh
director of the photography he said okay
we are done for today cut off like
everything is done i didn’t hear
anything and suddenly i only hear
someone slapping because i was so cold
on the lower part of my body
i just lost it and some people were
clapping i can hear it they said oh well
done and all then people came and rocked
my hands and legs because it was the
body was very cold
and um later my my cameraman uh sorry um
makeup artist hairstyles everybody said
i went to see the shots and in the morn
like you know in the computer it was so
beautifully shot
and then they said to me uh christina
you need to work on this art you know
beautiful forms were coming up your hand
movements were very beautiful very
and they said
you know
we think that you should
master this art it is a talent which you
do know it and it is there inside you
and it looks very very aesthetic very
very artistic you know and they of
course work with the lighting part you
know beautiful lights they have
because in fine art news the lighting
plays an important role
and i’m putting a
voice to everybody right now people uh
sorry uh
actors models photographers
um cinematographers even the directors
they can do
know about this
when you do um
you need to have a when you do a fine
art nudes
it can be cinematic or it can be as a
model or somebody is modeling in front
of you make sure that you have a good
aesthetic sense and lighting sense that
a nude body
very very exotic
very very artistic
and that separates the portrait from
soft porn or porn you know so it looks
very nice it since it’s it’s a beautiful
subject like so this is a little tip i
would like to give from the educational
point of view and i will come to my book
for that also the book is related one of
my book is related to that
so it’s very very interesting process
and i d
i went back home
i started doing mute yoga exercising
meditation in nude i do teach
transcendental new meditation and soul
healing courses you know and it’s very
and i started working on my body
movements you know more more
more graceful in nude body and i saw
there is a difference and whatever
within me that process the evolution
which happened in me
i saw i was liberated already
in this incarnation i was already a
liberated soul i was not in my mind
not even in my physical body i was
totally a spirit and still a spirit
completely you know which can take any
form i want so i was always uh always i
had a freedom inside me but that moment
uh as i was practicing d by the steel
practice right now
d by d d by d you know it’s like a onion
which you keep peeling off the
skin it’s like that it became better and
better and better like you know i became
more better professionally and i started
getting i never went to any photographer
or any director and saying oh i can do
nude modeling or i can do nude cinematic
moments if required i never said that it
just came to me because i was getting
ready the universe just sent those
people who were aligned to work with me
professionally and i have been very very
lucky to um actually get good
very talented cinematographer very
talented directors in my life who can
actually do or do that kind of art or
take my shots very aesthetically and let
me tell you not
photographers can be very good of
different genres but not all
photographers can
click a aesthetic nude shot okay of a
nude body
or a cinematographer or a director they
might be fantastic good very talented in
different genres you know but not this
generated some photographers really have
talent from their soul energy and some
have actually um you know practiced it
yeah through their experience you know
they have become better and better and
they have that aesthetic sense within
them they just know it
and um that’s how the journey is right
now see the things and uh let me tell
the the thing is like uh yeah if you
look at on the
different temples uh especially the
kajrahoo temple and things like that
there is a nudity is being expressed in
a very aesthetical way that could
actually transcend uh the
real being of everyone
that kind of art is actually required a
kind of transcendental mind that is what
you are referring to right
see uh uh um
i have done kamasutra treated the book i
would not say
uh i don’t like to compare uh with
uh but
erotica is an art also you can say but
khajuraho is a totally different subject
so when i talk about nudity
uh when i talk about nakedness there’s a
totally difference thing you know nudity
is an expression of an artist
artistically okay so it can be
uh any kind of sensuality it can be a
goddess if a woman is
you know uh
performing in nude as a model uh for
painters or cinematic moments
um it’s very liberated very freedom kind
of energy about her
i can tell about me even about men
that’s not man or woman anybody it can
be you know uh it’s like that but so
if you talk about khajuraho khajuraho is
you can say a bible you know completely
of art uh about sensuality or about
erotica about beauty about um a complete
sexual bible it is like it’s beautiful
you know
so they have put in a very liberated way
appreciating the beauty of a man or a
woman in new while performing
sexual activities among themselves you
know it’s it’s a complete beautiful saga
you can say whereas nudity is not
limited to sexuality
okay a woman or a man might look very
sensual that’s a very uh
part of it
and expressing their sensuality but at
the same time being mute i can perform
any role you know i can just have a copy
right now maybe talk politics or any
or talk about sports anything with you
you know so nudity has
nothing to do with anything actually it
is just
a part of you where you feel very
natural about yourself you feel very
confident you know you know you’re
self-worth you know you’re beautiful you
know that i’m the most attractive person
in my life i know that i’m very
comfortable it’s more about yeah you
should be confident
more about being comfortable in the body
body in your mind because everything
starts in your mind you know your mind
is nude and totally thoughtless so as
you are i mean you know
so uh
it has nothing to do with anything
actually it just uh vessel body is just
a beautiful vessel right and through
that vessel you can express anything
in the art it can be uh get when you are
intimate with your partner you know so
you’re appreciating the entire process
about yourself about that person it can
be anything
so uh there’s a difference between
nudity and nakedness nakedness is
something when uh people are a person is
totally alone maybe in the bathroom
taking shower
like you know but nudity actually is an
artistic expression and belongs to the
and it’s a completely spiritual
story but i do i
uh mute meditation transcendental nude
meditation and then i practice
meditation in mute i do exercises
and with certain breathing techniques
along with it and that makes my body
very flexible yeah
so after like you have done uh something
to do with the uh nude art then
also you have done some movies like the
especially the movie called tantrica and
the movies which is been released in
different oddity platforms so um how do
you see what was your process when you
deeply observe uh what was that actually
happening on you like
for example now right now if you go out
or uh some shopping or whatsoever hey
look at that pimentry i have seen their
nude in that particular platform how do
what is that is actually giving the
which got millions and millions of
viewership right now great
acknowledgement from people and love to
thank all our weird viewers and our fans
who has actually loved our film tantrika
and the entire crew
and or i have done comments with 3d
tantric or any kind of films or projects
where sometimes not always okay
sometimes the script needs intimate
scenes like you know or sometimes
requires a
kind of a part of nudity or complete
nudity but uh very aesthetically short
not necessarily a romantic scene there
so i
don’t feel anything i just take
as a role and a character
and the script demands it it’s a part of
the script not like you know pushing it
towards the script that i make sure
uh what the writer is writing and i need
to understand the psychology of the
character the psychology of the entire
and then if i think that it is really
required the requirement of the role
then i go through it go to it and i
don’t feel anything it’s like a lot of
people are around us it’s a serious
subjective work going on and serious
discussions going on and a lot of time i
have been given the liberty to also
direct those scenes to of my own role
you know because uh the directors i have
got the writers i got
has been very very
supportive trust me like and i have
those you know technical sense how to
shoot it and i i do acting workshops i
teach to people acting so it’s very how
to put the whole thing aesthetically
but technical things are there you know
it’s not very
fun to do
these scenes
in front of the camera because a lot of
technical knowledge you need to have
because it’s so sensitive
short little bit wrong it goes the body
the entire frame might look very vulgar
you know and i’m not thinking about
myself i’m all i’m also thinking about
my co-actor you know so we are thinking
about the character we are thinking
about the technical oh my like i’m
talking to you i have to be careful my
lights did don’t fall on me too much
likewise i speaker i usually take care
of my co-actor or the co-actor is
thinking about that and many other 10
things you know so the whole experience
of shooting a new or an intimate scene
is very technical on the set and in fact
today i was connecting
in morning one of uh american hollywood
actor and he’s great in production and
the martial art artist and also tango
teacher and arjuna tango dance teacher
and bachata and salsa he does and we
were talking about method acting we were
talking about uh intimate scene how it
is taught in acting schools you know it
is one of the most tough thing you can
so uh coming back to your question that
how do i feel if people see me and oh
she’s the girl who did the intimate
scene i don’t feel anything i feel very
very acknowledged and i feel very
respected that if people recognize me
and they say oh christina that’s a very
great thing for me uh they say oh you
did a bold you’re bold enough to do that
scene but for me it’s a natural process
i’m an actor
i might have to do any kind of role you
kind of
i’ve done a serial killer i’ve played
negative roles i’ve played positive
roles and uh where
you know such scenes are required
playing the lead role
it doesn’t matter for me i take it okay
let’s speak about your acting career
what was the challenging role which
you have encountered encountered in your
journey of the acting
i think uh something which is actually
my that is actually um
very you know
okay never see i’ll tell you
all the roles i did in my life
where actually they’re part of me and
somewhere not part of me somewhere that
quality of that role
attributes the nature of that role was
there somewhere negative or positive
inside me and somewhere not there which
were not there that was
that was a challenging part because i
have to relate to the
qualities and attributes of that role
all my roles like i have given my best
and i think uh
i don’t act
i become the character
i really don’t act and i’m not a method
actor actor also like you know how amir
khan and all they do method acting if
required maybe i’ll do it in future
maybe i did it unawarely i don’t know it
intentionally i’ve never done method
a one of project was that dreamstone
diets in youtube you know uh in my
channel also the clip of the project
where the director wanted me to act
exactly how he thought the character
would move
and that was very challenging the whole
night he didn’t let me
we’re doing a 3d shot that was very
challenging because most of time the
director gives a
uh complete freedom you know for and
the actor to enact their scene first
okay uh let’s see christina how you are
doing the scene they don’t direct it
sometimes but this was the role where i
had to play the victim
as well as the ghost like we were facing
each other this is christina this is
christina this this christina is victim
this christina is the ghost and that was
really tough because he wanted me to
play exactly he
imagined the character even the hand
movements the other body language even
the look the way i look towards that
character that’s me the ghost or
anything every movement was exactly he
took by my hand and he did it but i that
was very tough and um
the result came out excellent you know
so it is okay i understood one thing i
am a person who can
take complete freedom from my director
who if the director says you have a
freedom to uh act or think about the
role uh or design the role as you want
it this is what i have taught or i can
also be an actor
of a director’s actor if a director is
telling me like a baby taking my hand
and like you know do this
way i can do that also so that was a
great journey it was very tough for me
but it was very interesting but
i’ve been lucky to have directors in my
life who gives me scripts and i can
improvise the rules you know i can
always say in the writing phase can you
add this but most of the actors don’t
get that kind of
freedom if you have a good
tutoring with the writer or director
most actor gets that
but with me it has always been they have
trusted and they said okay can i
improvise this role this way can you add
this can you bring this part so my
directors has been very very supportive
right now i’m paying more attention to
hollywood right now you know uh i’m less
of doing stuff back home in india uh but
internationally the work which i’m doing
is very interesting in my life right now
so i’m doing um
a couple of stuff uh
uh like lockhart 2 is a film of uh amy
about it produced so
i’m doing that film i’m playing a mystic
and i’m just going through the projects
which i’m doing right now like for films
you want to know right yeah
and what is the dream
you know the what is the dream role that
you would love to do
dream role i haven’t thought about it
maybe james bond i’m really interested
in james small i’m telling [ _ ] you know see because um stephen spielberg that has been my uh dream and i would love to work with um a james bond films i would love to work with marvel production where they do a lot of science fiction films and you know they do a lot of uh metaphysical a lot of fantasy kind of film and definitely i’d love to do something um just doing a lot of magical film projects you know like magical uh tv series um in lead you know something like that but uh roles i think i would not like to say which role i think james james bond girl definitely yes you know this is one of my zero zero seven nice to come true zero zero seven a lot of fighting and distribution lot of blasts yes uh i really really really so let’s talk about what is that [Music] i mean in various roles like projects which i have got from hollywood right now so their science fictions they are fantasy their regular uh films i mean like you know normal life films also uh important and lead roles so um very mystical role so i am about to do um now a lot of preparations are going on and due to pandemic sometimes things get delayed because unlike prior pandemic things were moving very faster but right now it is not very fast but things are moving you know so i have different roles right now and i’m sure that each role i’m going to play would be very close to me and has been very close to me in the past but definitely telling the audience everywhere every interview i say that i would love to be part of james bond film you know it’s a legacy yeah so where did you start a writing actually like you already published three books uh [Music] not publishers uh my book is uh about to get published uh the first one is called i’m a billion dollar star field wealthy is that public second book is the first book is published online it’s about very less style work is now almost like two to three percent not much the designing is almost getting ready today itself i got the you know the rock but still you know always you have to publish your book you know all the time something or other mistakes keeps coming and you want to correct it correct it at the last moment that’s what is happening and the first book is called i’m billion dollar starfield wealthy i’m repeating again and the second book is uh i am the princess uh in newt and the third book is uh it’s a feature film actually which i’ll be producing uh but we are making a book series it’s called um uh royal paradise and that book is on a child bullying and child abusing actually this is a story concept by a gentleman called priyan desai from new jersey and he gave me the synopsis story about it that something happened to his life when he was killed you know child bullying happened like whenever he was like in a very tender age and then we decided to you know we should go ahead with the film making about the story and uh turning into a horror project actually it’s a horror project very fantasy um very metaphysical very very magical and i play uh a [ _ ] like you know it’s a double role
basically and then i thought that let’s
make it as a book because a lot of
people on this planet have gone through
child ruling and child abusing in their
childhood and that’s a childhood trauma
and when they grow up that frequency is
so messed up inside it affects their
relationship you know they don’t attract
very good healthy partners in their life
they don’t have a good relationship with
themselves the wound is still there
so that it turns into an adult trauma
you know so they they do attract certain
circumstances in their life in
relationships or anything in their life
any situation which
makes them feel uh not completeness
within themselves or their self-esteem
goes down self-confidence goes down so
those things are there in the book so uh
the first coming back to the first book
is um
feel wealthy i’m a billion dollar star
means when you were born and you were in
the mother’s womb that is the first time
the star was born
it is not like you come out of the home
and you you know all the glitz and
glamour you want to have and then you
will start no you were already the star
in your mother’s womb so
the book is all about how to live life
in an abundant
consciousness completely out feeling
wealthy within yourself you know where
you completely accept yourself who you
are you accept the entirety about you
completely then whatever you feel inside
the projects outside if you feel that my
health is perfect i feel so abundant in
my body and i feel totally attractive to
myself i’m beautiful my skin is good my
hair is great and like you know you feel
abundant then people will look at you
that way right so you’re in abundant and
a wealthy state and the second thing is
about career finance uh it can be
relationship if you have a great
relationship with yourself
with yourself not like you know if
you’re say you’re you’re empty then you
will keep dating 10 people
you know you will not have a
relationship with your family
and not really a great relationship with
your partner but if you have a great
relationship with yourself you will
see people very healthy you know you
will have a healthy relationship in your
uh spiritual evolution is like a
spiritual abundance in your life
so the entire process would be uh in the
book it’s a journey itself it’s an
experience itself so when you
keep that book with you and throughout
the day just you can take on any page of
the book you are going to get some kind
of practical information out there and
if you implement it it will transform
your life it will just regenerate you it
will just liberate your mind completely
and keeping the book because i put
certain energies in books like an

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abundant very wealthy energy it will
really bring a lot of
abundant well prosperity to your life
okay so the book is all about that
and yeah the second book i’ll tell you
it’s uh called i am the princess um
in nude is on fine art nude which we had
talked right now you know so it is
educational it will uh be for
um models actors painters
or cinematographers
film directors on the honor artistic
veteran day
but also this book can be read and
when you read this book
anyone who is not from the artistic
normally will enhance your self-esteem
and self-confidence
when you read this book you will be able
to accept yourself no matter who you are
you might be
fat you might be pain you might be
medium size or whatever you know you
just accept yourself
as you are and that will liberate you
you will find your personal freedom with
that book so the technicalities of
shooting fine art nude is will be there
in that book beautiful images are there
in all my books actually
uh the third book i haven’t thought
about it but first to book definitely
beautiful images are there shot by
various photographers from across the
globe i got very good comment till now
on i’m a billion dollar star from lot of
successful people from across the globe
and yes the second book will definitely
help you and i recommend i suggest
that every person should have that book
very rarely such books are written on
this planet you know with such a
liberation such a freedom
uh in mind and i have taken the
initiative to write that book and uh for
artists it’s excellent you know you can
learn so much from that book about uh as
about fine art mute and how to perform
in front of the camera how to make your
own portrait and
it’s very unique you know not everyone
has that
energy or the talent from within uh to
do that and it shows up in your aura
completely that aesthetic um energy you
know so uh please take that book
whether you are in this profession or
not but definitely it will help your
life it will help your relationship with
yourself with people around you your
connection towards the world your
perception will shift as well as you
will have a great relationship with your
partner too
you know because the moment you read
this book you will accept your beauty
you are you know you will express your
beauty your sensuality your charisma
and you know uh
gracefulness be very graceful in life
you know and a lot of things are there
you’ll love this book
okay let’s let’s uh let’s do a thought
experiment today okay so like this is a
one christina she’s a spiritual
okay yeah
yeah just imagine there is a spiritual
and there is an actress kristina and
there is a writer kristina and there is
a model christina
so if we put these four people okay in a
in a single place what they would be
talking literally
one word
the liberation
liberation total who talks about
liberation when you
you don’t have to run after anything in
life you can read all the rules in life
in one moment
what you know in your stillness when you
may i suggest everybody
meditate every day even for two minutes
even for five minutes even for ten
when you meditate you are in the state
of stillness
everything is achievable at that moment
everything you don’t have to run you
don’t have to run up after anything you
will be liberated from the thing you are
with your breath and then you will
just leave your life from that moment
you know completely from now from now
not in the past not in the future from
the moment of now so when you ask me who
is christina as an actor as a writer as
a spiritual teacher
as a dancer or whatever as a healer i
will always say from the point of now
from the point of liberation
if i’m
then i
because i am not in my physical body but
just no i mean my energy body always i
go to a director i’m with a photographer
or a painter i’m like a clay they direct
me any which way i can just
i’m out of my physical body it’s a
i’m like a clay and they can just make
me anything i they want to you know
at that time we are under direction
right echoes and artists are always
under the director of direction of
directors and um
you know painters or whoever is
imagining us
uh putting it into a portrait
in that state of stillness calmness and
when you are balanced and grounded
the inner part of you has to be like a
like a
la la lively child you know not the
wounded child
and when you’re like a child you can be
very vulnerable also vulnerability is
very good you know
very appreciated
you’re vulnerable you’re expressing
yourself you’re in the flow of life
you’re not stagnant you’re fearless
always working with your internal fear
which is there inside your subconscious
then you can be anybody anything
so all these questions will speak about
the liberation
all all four will be the moment
who is the prisoner
the mind is the prison
and you are the prisoner inside the
mind right most of people are steep
maybe i was also somewhere other we
always have some
subconscious blocks but the moment you
meditate the more and more you meditate
you understand
everything slowly slowly gradually maybe
in a moment you understand more because
sudden enlightenment happens sudden
wisdom comes
and you just know it
you are just
a being inside of your light
and you can be anything
anywhere and tune to any frequency it’s
like a radio you can you can shift your
frequency you know like a radio station
you can be anybody anywhere whatever
wherever you are required you know so
i’m not the same person
you know
i can be so different morning and
evening like completely
right now it’s night outside you can’t
see anything right now um it’s very
beautiful the dubai uh expo is there
please come everyone watch it and please
visit it it’s for next six months it’s
very interesting and i have met some
interesting people in dubai and people
are very supporting and let me tell you
that i’ll be uh
taking initiative and there are certain
collaborations are happening in dubai
too for wellness meditation um
wellness retreats in exotic locations of
the world
for ultra high network individual
community and it’s very very interesting
uh to do and i recently met um a very
interesting doctor
who is from uk called named
dr balu
he is being introduced to me by the
director of welding center of sofitel
hotel and which everybody knows it’s a
five-star hotel and um
uh mr sumesh and
we are coming up with a project
like the talks are on right now uh to do
a lot of healing work you know to bring
the medical aspects and holistic therapy
and uh
to heal people like
for mind body soul and spirit
uh so we are thinking of not only doing
in dubai but also in the exotic
locations of the world we take them uh
in the nature you know basically
and uh
for seven to ten days retreat they can
have um all the private time for
themselves we will start with meditation
healing consultation
counseling and a lot of things are part
of it will be spoke completely
so i’m very looking forward to it and
that has been very interesting in dubai
journey um
and i’ll be yes i’ll be back to los
angeles very soon and i’m looking
forward towards the films which i am
going to do and the projects which are
coming up and excited so i’m going to
just um tell you a little bit of the
films which are coming up uh there which
uh back
i’ll be uh
working on you know it’s
in los angeles from gonads films
especially from john looks epic
and we are doing films in caffeine board
different eye
and a
film called x y y a gender bender
experience it will be completely so i
don’t like to uh reveal too much about
it and royal paris which i am producing
uh lockhart ii uh
of david lockhart who is amy awarded
producer also and as well as a hollywood
actor uh i’m
uh in that film and besides that there
are more projects which i’d not like to
reveal the names and let the production
house they have already published it uh
but i would like to talk a little bit
more about the project with them and
then we are going to reveal it more
uh i’m very excited for all the projects
happening a lot of projects actually and
a few meetings i had done in dubai also
and um more projects are coming i’m very
excited about it but in your next
interview i’m definitely going to reveal
the rest of the producers i’ll be
working within the films i’m doing that
so thank you for joining us and do you
want to say something to our business
you know uh see i’ll tell you
uh arun you have taken a very good
initiative on uh coming up with this
channel means well-being on wellness of
mind body and spirit and meditation
everyone i’m suggesting please meditate
i’ll give you a hint on meditation is
just focus on your breath because the
mind is always chattering it’s a monkey
mind so command your mind you know tell
your mind to focus on your breath just
focus on your breath
and when you breathe in try to take the
breath till your pelvic area hold on to
belly breathing
and then breathe out and hold the breath
when you breathe in stomach out
then breathe like you know breathe out
stomach in so that’s called belly
breathing so if you want to uh you know
join me please uh come to da
my instagram uh profile dr christina say
here linkedin christina’s
and twitter christina underscore five
and you can write to me at nine mystic that’s it and you will get
more of my courses retreats tarot card
uh you know past life regression healing
lots a lot of stuff but definitely i
would love to come back to your channel
because we can talk a lot on the
metaphysical aspects of life you know
in future episodes
thank you for listening to my podcast
you could
connect with me in irons yoga.ion
where you could see my contact details
including my phone number my whatsapp
and email id
stay tuned for more exciting

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