The singularity and Dance of Eternity with Arun Webber

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so um
i guess let’s just get into it man uh
thanks for coming on the show is it
i don’t yes
okay um thanks for coming on the show
man um let’s just you know tell me a
little bit about yourself and we’ll just
have a free conversation
so basically um
i do a couple of things like i do the
tarot reading and i do the
uh you know vedic astrology charts if
you have gone through my website you
could understand that i have read many
people’s um
vedic chat that’s what i do uh basically
in my show and when i am speaking about
the vedic chart is like
we all have the
ability to
get into uh mystical experiences which
is actually the metaphysical experiences
which is beyond our body
or our common senses can give
vedic science i mean in the vedic
technology there are a lot of techniques
which is like uh
dhana you know the word dhyana right
janna meditation
okay meditation yeah yeah
yeah it’s not dhyana is not about the
just the meditation meditation
um sometimes the english term could be
translated like
sitting somewhere quietly
can also be uh termed as uh meditation
the sanskritim dhyana means
we are becoming the one with the
absolute absolute or the brahman which
is actually existing
beyond our uh common perception
so right there i have i’m sorry i don’t
interrupt you but i have so many
questions already
so um
you so obviously you believe that
there’s another dimension
it’s not belief there are different
dimensions like the
may not be us
what we can see in the movie matrix
but there are still other dimensions
like the more the
can decondition if you the more you
decondition your mind which the society
is being taught you to think too
i mean when we are in in a society or a
social dimension or a social culture
there is a lot of
legacy that is being put on us from our
family religion church or temples or
whatsoever that made our mind thing in a
certain dimension
the all these are because of the
knowledge these peoples are having they
wanted to give to their another
generation the thought they have
produced and all those things that makes
us to think in a certain dimension
and that may not be help us to see the
reality as such there is something
called the real whatever it is the real
is existing so when we see the real
there are different dimensions of
existence and evolving
uh from the physical dimensions we could
evolve into
metaphysical dimension
but wouldn’t that be also passed on um
of you know what i mean like you said
that religions kind of pass on the
knowledge to people
and they do the things that they do and
basically you know
and you’re almost like that’s like the
same is it is it because you’ve gone
there and experienced it yourself or is
it more like um
that kind of knowledge has also been
passed on it’s just another it’s just
another layer
this crazy crazy crazy existence that we
live in
uh so basically
there is
conditioning the mind the knowledge
which is actually conditioning the mind
also is being passed and the knowledge
which help us to decondition the mind
also is this past
so yeah
it’s like trying to unlearn it they’re
like telling me to unlearn learning also
has been passed and unlearning also has
been passed
you know from generations to generation
we call it as vidya and avidya
vedanda this is a certain uh science
that help us to train our mind this is
vedanta so basically in adventure what
they say is that there is no two
i mean there is
no creator and the creation
creator creation itself
there’s no creator
no creator and not creation
no creation
the creation is the creator itself
the creator
is the creation
i mean i mean you could say that we are
all one
which was created
but that in itself is also one
so it is like like i’m a christian so in
the bible it says
the stars i’m sorry hold on was it the
the stars and the planets
professed that he is god so basically
he’s saying
the earth the stars the magnificent
quasars everything is proof that there
is god
and he’s saying he is that at the same
time you know what i mean
i okay i i follow that
there is no uh not an another
consciousness apart from us
right so like for example
for example in christian ideology there
is a god which is being created people
and he is ready to punish people if we
do some certain things
he punishes those
one who probably deserve it
but also there’s other people that live
their lives uh pretty basic and doesn’t
don’t really harm anybody but in the
bible it also says that um
you they will identify
god well god is is devoid of sin
so if you live in sin if you die in sin
you cannot be with god
just by definition
so that’s why and and i have trouble uh
thinking about that too like why would
the most
wonderful amazing
being that created love and and family
and all this stuff why would he send
someone to burn in all hell for eternity
like that just seems real harsh right
and i do believe some people deserve
that like hitler and stuff like that
and but at the same time it’s hard to
and i i struggle with that but i think i
just at the end of the day i have to
tell myself there’s no way i can
understand this
it’s just it’s not possible
that kind of god model the problem is
that the
right deeds and the wrong dates is
actually relative
for example the
right did and the wrong did is actually
relative for example hitler has done
something on that particular time that
seems to be right for some people
that’s why he got so many of our
followers and that time it was right now
well psychologically
no no no no
i understand i understand what you’re
saying though like
some people
at that point they thought hitler was
it didn’t make it right but there were
thousands of people that thought he was
i guess you could say that i you know
but go ahead go ahead so
yeah so what i am trying to say is that
for example there are
certain revolutionary people
the bureaucracy bureaucracy might say
they are terrorists at that particular
time but after their ideology is being
got established
they will be become freedom fighters
i understand like okay
in your eyes not you particularly but
the people that are terrorists in their
eyes they’re fighting for freedom
they’re freedom fighters and my eyes are
so who is right
yeah so the right and wrong is actually
relative is what
related to time
related to time
yeah right and wrong can be right and
based on
based with the time
means sometime the right date
may seems
wrong date
at a particular point of time that will
become right at another particular point
of time
so what it where does the time have to
do with it
like timing because i notice you’re
saying time a lot like in as far as like
a timeline what is that how does that
connect it like why are you why are you
bringing the time up
okay for example in india there was uh
we are under control of britain
okay are you in india right now
huh where do you live
i’m in india right now oh cool cool i’m
in corpus christi texas
it’s cool morning
it’s early morning now oh really it’s uh
it just got dark over here i just got
out of work
that’s crazy so yeah go ahead so what in
in india there was freedom fighters yes
we are under control of the britain
when they were freedom fighting were
they considered terrorists from the
british yeah
british considered them as terrorists
now we are considering the mass freedom
okay i’m sorry um
you’re saying that they were freedom
right yeah
who were they fighting
were they fighting were they fighting
for their independence
yeah when they are
fighting for their independence of the
so when they were actually fighting
britain considered them as terrorists
well my my my contention is
who were they fighting were they
fighting unarmed civilians or were they
fighting the british army
because i think i can use the britain
the british army
yeah because that’s a big difference
because i i can understand that like hey
we’re fighting
the british army that’s uh oppressing us
we want our own nation as opposed to
hey we’re going to go kill innocent
uh try to separate ourselves i didn’t
know i don’t know if that happened i’m
totally ignorant to to um
i’m sorry your country’s um
history but i’m just saying those are
the two differences that i would say
so the point which i am trying to make
is that the right deed and wrong did is
actually relative
i no i i get that i i’ve never uh
thought of it that way that
and i i understand what you’re saying
i think it’s right
i think i’m right you think you’re right
where are we
who’s right you know what i mean
so what is that how does that tie into
this is basically a conditioning model
when you define the right and when you
define the wrong it’s actually
okay mind is good condition to some
certain ideology that it seems like
right and that it seems like wrong
the one who is having that kind of
conditioning is actually
won’t see the reality
they have a filter
you see they have a filter to see what
is right and what is wrong
who does who has a filter
well he who has
the for example 10 commandments yes
so if somebody for example a pastor a
pastor is seeing somebody
who is actually doing the sin
according to him
he may not be a sinner
okay so right now he has a filter
which prevent
him to see that other guy as a human
being us
you see the one who is suffering here is
actually the pastor because he is trying
to say this is right
well he’s not saying it he’s following
the bible so so that is called the
filter that is called the filter
some certain ideology
which suppress people for example a
nation that is that is a certain kind of
ideology that separate people
that produce a kind of filter that
produce a kind of filter on us which
us from seeing the reality
okay but what about murder though
i don’t think i think we all agree
murdering is wrong
and that’s in the ten commandments
sometime uh you know
the constitution itself kill people we
say it is right
yeah you’re right
but they did a bad thing you know
but someone does a bad thing
according to
yeah like okay let’s say someone killed
we say that’s wrong we’re going to kill
now is that is which murder
is that is that justified murder
because it’s still in the bible says do
not kill
but then again god also killed a lot of
a lot of people yeah
the christian god
god doesn’t have moral authority so we
are not to tell god if you can kill
someone or not you know that’s his thing
like we
we cannot understand that you know
it’s hard it’s too much for us to try to
wrap our heads around like
i’m gonna tell god he’s not supposed to
kill nobody no i mean god’s gonna do
what god’s gonna do you know if you
believe in the divine you know in the
and the unfallible
but i don’t know maybe he’s just like
i gave him free will
they screwed everything up i guess i
gotta wipe a bunch of them out and start
you know
so what i’m trying to say is that rather
than that of
believing or rather than that of
believing there is a goat that is
outside of the creation
if we
take the responsibility in our own hand
so we are seeing the creation as the
creator itself
so like that here i am the god you are
the god
we’re the gods
because we are creation
yeah we are the creation so we are not
looking for the salvation we are already
it is revealed
so we are the creation
therefore we are the gods
but i didn’t make anything though
i didn’t make myself though
you can that it is a little bit harder
taking the responsibilities are actually
always hard you know
i mean i like where your head’s at i i
like that i mean that seems like a
way of thinking about things you know
i don’t really see the harm in that but
i i refuse to believe that i am a god i
mean i have god in me that’s kind of
similar you know because
uh in the bible says god created the
earth and heavens and and we are
christ-like and
you know god was we’re created in the
image of god
so that means that we have god in us i
mean we can do
amazing things as humans
but i cannot
create a rose
i can’t make a rose i can’t make an
i can’t make
grass you know i can make
i can get plastic and make a guitar or
something you know but i can’t
physically bring it into existence
how did that thing come into existence
and i had no part of it because it
way long before i ever existed
see the the there is the problem again
lies like we
need a creator for the creation for
uh then the question arises who created
the god
if the god can exist in that way if the
god is eternal and god can exist in that
why can’t we accept the creation also
cannot exist in that way
did it last it always was creation was
always there
yeah creation was always there
we need a creator for the creation then
who created the creator
nothing he’s eternal
eternal eternal eternal is a loop
there’s no beginning or no end it’s a
obviously we cannot ex
we can’t we can’t fathom it in our own
minds it’s too hard for us like i said
we have a little brain trying to explain
this massive universe we can’t do it
so you know listen see listen if that
case if we can assume god is eternal and
he is there always we can accept the
same fact for the creation itself why do
we know yeah i know i i get that but
so you’re saying so maybe
creation well in the bible says well see
because that’s a good question because
who knows was god alone for like a
quadrillion years before he decided hey
uh maybe i should like make some stuff
you know maybe he was just like sitting
bored in the dark he’s like
this is kind of boring i need to make
earth or people or something you know
like who’s to say
if if god’s eternal what was he doing
you know uh for a millennia i i don’t
know you know was he sitting around i
i guess people were in heaven
you know it’s a hard question man and i
know what you’re saying that’s pretty
interesting like
creation has been around for eternity
so so in your eyes there’s no big bang
there’s no
there’s no beginning
so yeah there is big there is big bang
is there there is no
beginning big bang is there of course
see for example like the question uh
once stephen hawkings has been
asked once in a time the stephen cost
who created the big bang
well now scientists will check this out
now scientists are saying did they know
for a fact the big bang wasn’t didn’t
no no the no no that was not the point
actually like
the one who has uh understood the theory
of the big bang is being questioned
somebody has asked him
what was that
before big bang yeah
he replied
there was nothing before big bang
because time only begins
when big bang happened
when there was no time there was nothing
it was singularity
do you believe that
yeah that’s true right
no because
you cannot you can’t create nothing you
can’t create something out of nothing
singularity is again not nothing it’s
singularity like if you know the
calculus you can understand that fact
singularity is not the point of nothing
it’s a
singularity that’s why it’s called a
singularity it’s different from the
it’s like it’s everything
but nothing it’s a middle state
okay so
was did this microphone exist forever
if you go for the molecular level it was
okay so there was something
it’s energy it was energy
okay so
okay i like that so you make music you
make music like uh
you create cde of g a busy like you make
it in different tunes and uh
once you go in sync with a very good
tune what happens people start to dance
they start to get amazed and things like
that why it is happening you are making
some kind of resonance frequency
in in pure existence
and that will go sync with the people’s
mind and life
and they will feel ecstasy
in that particular
so similar ways a kind of music is
so mu it’s kind of like
music is happening right now so go ahead
we call this lila leela
which is what divine lila divine layla
what does that mean that we’re all like
in a dance right now we’re like in a a
a big way we’re all here for celebration
we are all here for celebrating
i like that
why is there so much evil and violence
because people don’t accept that or
people people are just they’re just
pissed off all the time and they don’t
they don’t accept you know the good
vibrations that you’re put trying to put
out you know
see all these violence and the
frustration and everything is coming out
from the people who actually believe
there is life
this earth is there
they are messing up everything
everything they are messing up
here we can actually celebrate we can
laugh we can dance we can do many things
rather than that of being creative we
are actually messing up things hey look
i have a filter and this is how you how
to behave if you are not behaving like
this way i’m going to kill you
that’s crazy so this
the people who are into problem they are
only trying to impose
their problem to people who are loving
so do you think that the world should be
the whole entire world i’m
i’m not an atheist
okay what are you
you can call me agnostic
okay so you don’t know
so you don’t know
you don’t know but that’s good because
you don’t know for sure
that you’re right yeah
but you have a feeling
also has a belief you know yeah i
understand because you have to believe
that there’s nothing
and that in itself is a belief you know
so man but
but um
so how do you feel about
islamic stuff it’s the same thing
they’re just believe what i say or die
you know
type of thing
what was that like islam like it’s like
the same thing like believe what i say
live the way live life the way i want
you to live life and if you don’t i’ll
kill you
not like that way i
found there is
there should be
see if you are living the life in the
you can live the life in the way you
would like to live but it should not
disturb the other person’s life
yes i agree with that totally that’s all
yeah so there’s a lot of
so do you think we’ll ever get to the
point where people just chill out
it’s like everyone like everyone’s
always mad and shooting each other and
even even not even religious battles i
mean you got people in chicago a cun a
state in in america
there’s like
i don’t know like 15 murders every
a black guy shooting another guy
because he sold drugs on his corner you
know it’s like
that’s not a religious war but they’re
still killing each other you know like
what’s up with that
see drug also is an escape right they
want to
because if you take if you have ever
taken the drugs you can understand that
the drugs will actually open up certain
kind of other dimensions also
i’m not i’m not the fan of the
psychedelics but it’s the it’s actually
you see it’s a it’s actually an escape
from the reality
so all the time people want that if
if we are not allowing them to live in
peaceful life
they need an escape
but that’s for doing drugs what about
what about like people just
selling drugs
so there is a demand that’s why there is
a supply
yeah yeah yeah
but why do they kill each other i guess
it’s just
but i just wanted to stop
you know like
how do you stop it you take away the
right see if you really want the
peaceful and um
chill out life i mean extensious life
which is always giving you ecstasy
whatever you are doing
i mean there is only one
morality you have to follow which is
do whatever you want to do
and don’t disturb other
almost like uh
aleister crowley
like uh uh you know who that is
you know who that is aleister crowley
yeah i know crowley i do have the
that’s uh you know do without wilt you
know don’t bother nobody just kind of
but at the same time he was hurting
people too what is that
what the hell is that
oh [ _ ] [Laughter] so the problem with the crowley was that the peoples are not able to understand him in that particular time the dimensions which he has experienced but he was a pedophile and he like did some pretty nasty sick [ _ ] with like kids
and uh you know
uh having like sex cults where he would
like keep having sex over and over and
over and over until like he couldn’t
have sex no more and just like just
weird stuff like that you know
she said it’s also a good thing nah
sex is a good thing now if sex is not
i won’t be existing you won’t be
existing yeah but he was having sex with
like little boys
that is sick
i know it is that’s
that’s what i’m saying i’m like uh you
know maybe crowley’s not that good he’s
not a good guy you know he might have
been on like he might have been talking
about some weird [ __ ] that people
believe but in the end everyone falls
short of the glory of god you know
no one’s perfect no one’s got it right
everyone’s just trying to do the best
everyone’s just trying to make sense of
this insane
little tiny dot that we live on
you know um
everyone has to pick some kind of
religion and like you’re saying our
fathers pass on what they believe onto
us and most of the time we believe what
they believe not all the time but
sometimes you know
and uh we kind of just roll with that
and you know most people
if their dad’s a muslim they’re gonna
most likely be a muslim or
if my dad’s a christian i’m probably
gonna i’m a christian you know what i
and uh i don’t know i think in the end
we’re just
we’re trying to take these people’s word
for it that were around 2000 years ago
and uh they wrote these books and we
just have to be like well damn these
people said that this is what happened
and this is how the world started and
this is a god and and 2 000 years later
we’re following the same books
and really we’re just all trying to
figure out what happens after we die
and that’s like the biggest
thing and uh should we keep caring about
that because the religions say
muslim says if i don’t believe in allah
i’m going to burn in hell
christians say if muslims don’t believe
in jesus christ they’re gonna burn in
um i don’t know how other religions work
but there is a hell in most religions
if you don’t subscribe to that exact
religion there that everyone else is
going to burn in hell
and i don’t know if it’s a trick or or
it’s a playbook that religions use or
did they start this whole thing to get
people to do what they want them to do
or was it all natural and they all came
up with their own thing i i don’t know
man i’m just i don’t know i don’t know
what to think anymore
see the
hell on heaven
asian religions like buddhism jainism
hinduism all these things in hell and
is not for eternity
once you fall in a hell
you are not going to be there forever
once your sins is being
uh taken out once you have gone through
all the problems you have made
you will come out from the hell
and go where under what
huh heaven
what happens when earth goes away
some other planet
some other planet
did you just think about that right now
or what
no some other planet
right like
because earth
this is what science says and they’re
wrong a lot of times but
the sun will run out of gas
it will cool
it will expand and explode and earth
will be dust
so what then
it’s it’s like we are just believing
that we are the only people who are into
entire universe
so that is when the problems start right
like it’s a small very small if you see
the entire mass of the galaxy it’s a
small this the that is called an earth
oh it’s tiny
i mean very tiny smallest it’s like
smaller than a speck of dust it’s like
it’s like if you were to look at an
electron microscope at an atom
it would be smaller than that you know
compared to the entire universe
so in that we are
again how smaller we are
i don’t know man so what does that mean
so it simply means that we don’t how to
seek we are not we are not here to seek
the life after death
we are already given we are already in
the life
we should
live before die
and i agree with that
i agree with that
so do you so
you don’t think that there’s life after
there is reincarnation
there will not be a life this is the
life itself there will be reincarnation
because the energy cannot be created or
destroyed you will go into one form or

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another form
well your body will die but
you know
is there a soul
soul will go back like it’s
see it
this is
what we say this is the
there is a big soul is existing we call
it as absolute or brahman
so it’s a it’s a an energy field
so that sound
it has a sound also that is called ohm
where did we get that from
that is the sound of the universe oh how
do we know that though
did they figure that out like for real
it’s like it makes it
if you try to hear that it is similar to
so that’s the energy
that is the energy that is the sound and
that is om
and you come out from that and when you
die you go back to there
and would you and you come back to earth
we will we may come back to earth or we
may get into another planet
who decides what we come back as
we decide
i decide
my karma so once you die
you’re like okay i’m dead i want to come
back as an elephant
and then you just come back as an
it is your consciousness decides how
conscious you are see people if you see
the yogis they there are peoples dying
they leave their body consciously
so once you are established in the in
dhyana meditation and your own self and
once you are realized your own self
you can consciously leave your body and
you can come back to your body
how do i do that
can i do that
yeah you can
i wanted to try it one time but i got
scared i thought maybe if i left my body
something else would come in
is that possible
i didn’t get to what was that uh what
like let’s say i meditate right and i
and i leave my astral project i leave my
is it possible that some other kind of
spirit can come into my body
and then my original spirit is screwed
because then i can’t get back in is that
is that like possession maybe
you know what i mean like if if me
my soul leaves my body am i dead no i’m
not i mean that means you’re dead you’re
not dead
you’re not dead so so what happens when
you what happens when
you leave your body are you just like in
a like in a catatonic state like uh like
an empty vessel almost you think
uh the body functions will stops like uh
we there is a yogic technique actually
like leaving the body and getting into
another body there are many yogi
subscribed that
so the same thing has happened actually
like some other people started to take
their body so what happens is like they
put the body in a medicine a medicinal
filled with a oil which has been
actually consecrated
and then
and then they leave the body and they
get the other body then they come back
so okay um
what about like cockroaches
what are they
are they
are they people that came back as
cockroaches or are they their own what
about animals are they their own
are they like in a whole another system
like are humans con since humans are
and we feel like we’re humans are so
much more special than everything else
um are we on a different wavelength or
or a different type of system here or or
or are
are all animals the same
all animals are same
so what about
foreign in which we believe
the and other animal animals are
uh inferior to us
the same way they might be also thinking
what is
oh [ _ ] damn you just blew my mind right now dude that’s a good one dude okay so a cockroach is like look at this oh why did this human be look at this stupid human over here what the hell is wrong with him like these people are garbage looking at me like what the hell dude [Laughter] so we are inferior to roaches [Laughter] what the hell damn you blew my mind with that one dude so what does that mean like are they conscience oh because because when i see an animal i think they live for a few things and let’s eat and mate and drink is there anything above that that these animals have i i’m pretty sure i mean because animals like to play you know and uh animals help other animals i guess animals like to love so i don’t know maybe there are similar you know maybe they do have some kind of conscious mind they just don’t know how to talk or something maybe they can talk i don’t know no no the we are simply believing we are actually doing something else if you see from the top view like what is actually happening here see imagine that you are going out from the earth and watching the human beings so what are they primarily doing they are actually doing building buildings and uh dams on everything for their own food their own meeting their own things and they multiply faster yeah so we’re just doing the same crap so yeah same thing only you go out from the yeah yeah if we could pull out and look down on earth yeah what is happening actually like we are also doing the same yeah but also we create art and um you know there’s something there there’s something there that has a lot to do with art that’s interesting like i don’t think animals create art what what is it that humans have that want that make us want to be able to express how we feel onto a page or or on a music a guitar or you know stuff like that i think some animals also makes art now do they make yeah if you look at on the sky birds will fly in certain way like ups and downs i think that’s a my uh um migratory pattern though i don’t think it’s our i think maybe they’re just doing it uh they make themselves look big so they fly like in a triangle like for predators and stuff like that yeah they make something like you know i don’t know i got you i got you i finally got you okay so go ahead they make sounds to attract uh opposite sex true true yeah they they dance right birds like they dance around kind of right yeah yeah so are we just making art just to get laid [Laughter] basically right right yeah basically so if you are a very good artist you will get a very good girls oh yeah get attracted to you for sure oh yeah damn it okay you got me then dang it so what about what about religion how did that start why did it start and how did it start the very freaking first religion that is the problem like we need a creator for all the creation we don’t we just don’t want to accept the fact that the if the creator can happen just like just like that the creation also can happen just like that what about like down to the science level like the extreme like a protein like a protein if you look at a protein it’s so complex and there’s a massive amount of letters in a sequence that have to be precisely in the sequence and fold on top of each other in a precise sequence to make a single protein that if one tiny little letter is is wrong or in a different different area it does not work whatsoever so that there’s a there’s a string of of you know sequences that seem like it has to have been purposefully put into place for it to work and that’s just one protein we’re talking one single protein and if you magnify that times millions and billions of different things that are extremely extremely complicated how do you say that that just happened on its own um you you do music right like you make one music one you do one strumming pattern like ups and downs and ups and downs so yeah once you somebody hear that sound and you started to improvise that like ups and downs and ups and downs like that you start to improvise so it just happens organically just happening through you organically and uh but the you will understand the people who is listening to that particular sound of music if they try to analyze that particular music and if they want to learn that particular style of music they have to go through lot of process like they have to understand what is c what is d what you see what is up what is down so for them it looks like complicated but for the one who is making the music it’s just a world that kind of proves the in the similar way the earth also has been evolved we have identified that particular pattern it is called the survival of the fittest or the natural selection theory we that is a pattern we identified that it’s natural selection theory no i get that but at the same time that kind of proves my point because i was making the music the music wasn’t making itself if that if that guitar that guitar makes no music whatsoever i make the music i pick up the guitar i play the music that guitar does not do anything on its own i’m the one who go picks it up and you would if you played it you would play something completely different than i would even though it’s the same exact instrument you know so there’s something or consciousness or or see that that is you that is you the similar with here it is nature okay so nature creates the patterns it evolves the patterns the patterns will evolves like music is actually evolving it’s not creating like but we made the music it’s evolving like you yeah yeah but somebody at one point in time in history said got two little rocks and hit them together and then someone else got a little string and then they plucked the string and then and then you know they put a string on pulled it tight and then they put their finger on and they plucked it and then it made a different noise you know and all that goes back to one person creating it so i don’t know if you can explain away a creator i can at least maybe you can but i i can’t do it i’ve tried i’ve tried to explain it away i can’t i cannot take the i cannot take the most complex things and say that that thing over billions of years made itself because it’s simple it’s this is a commonly used analogy that’s like getting this phone throwing it into the middle of the amazon forest and saying over billions of years that phone made itself it won’t happen you have to get somebody and thousands of people to get together and create this phone so that’s why i’m saying like well i don’t care how much time you put there i’ll give you an eternity you cannot make a flower it has someone has to have made it at one point see the thing is like we are seeing the creation like a creation like somebody is creating but it is actually not the uh creation itself like it’s a it’s a world pattern in this energy field energy field okay yeah it is a kind of pattern any disturbance will create a pattern okay in water if you put some something it will create a pattern okay yes i agree but then again but but but you’re but you’re saying if somebody does something it creates a pattern the pattern does not create itself see if you then that’s somebody who created that somebody yes okay somebody this creator creator creator creator created thousand questions goes on like that is not the way like if you can accept that creator can access just like that nature also can exist just like that what can exist just like that nature nature yeah what going back and never ending yeah so if it’s possible that nature is eternal nature itself is eternal and once you take out all your conditioning from your mind you can experience the absolute reality that is orgasmic continue so i’m just trying to wrap my head around it so super super extensious orgasm you can do that yeah that’s what we i wrote a book also oh really engineering and orgasmic continuum it’s in amazon oh yeah awesome man yeah uh that’s cool man um oh man i like you aaron you’re a cool guy man you’re blowing my mind see that now and that gives me something to think about like if e if if nature is eternal right yeah and that would mean what would that mean would that mean that god is nature yeah but who is that god what is that nature itself that i am the god you are the god because i am the part of the nature you are the part of the nature yeah i get that i understand that but what is the god what is it is it something or someone is it someone i am the god and you are the god yeah but yeah i know you’ve only been alive for like 30 something years yeah so how did you create the universe i see i exist because the universe exists yeah and i am the part of the universe and if i go behind you know i can’t actually identify when did i got birth you think about you think through yourself like you opened your eyes and the nature is visible yes you don’t know when you got birth like probably nine months back you are actually coming into the plane of earth where the father is putting the seed into your mother’s womb and before that through the father you are there and before the grandfather you are there through their whatever so we actually really don’t know and we also don’t know when we will die it will be like the death will be like you are uh going for a sleep and never working up yeah so i’ve always wondered that too like i i tell people like again my phone has existed since everything existed this phone and this phone will always exist for eternity because you could you could smash this phone down to an infinite amount of particles and it still exists right yeah so did i always exist you always but but okay so i guess i existed through my father with a tiny sperm right cut it but what about like my hands and are they just are they did did those things pop out of nowhere it’s it’s that sperm creates a pattern in this energy field the we seems like we have hands we have faces why because it’s a pattern it’s an uh dance it’s a lila yeah see if the pattern is somewhere something else like there is other patterns also there cockroaches are there dinosaurs was there like mamas was there yeah it’s like a dance it’s like a long long like dance yeah that’s why the one who is actually does the music is actually really uh very near to god music is yeah music and dance and songs and you know they are near to god they are near to lot of confusion like i would say it’s a divine they are near to divine they are dancing they are in absolute joy so back to the creation thing what do you think nature was a quadrillion years ago was it do you think that there was another earth or do you do you think that there was a beginning because apparently the universe this is what the scientists say it the universe started uh what 13 billion years ago or is it right is or is that the earth ah they said the big bang started 13 billion years ago right yeah what what happened like 10 trillion years before that there might be another big bang and there is a big collapse it keeps going now big bang and big collapse big shrink oh so did everything shrink into a tiny speck like me you yeah the computer everything everything it will it comes from the singularity and it goes to the singularity i need to learn more about singularities i don’t really know much about that oh uh do you know what the super hydrogen a super hydrogen collider is the cern have you ever heard of that i think it’s in uh somewhere in europe or germany i think it’s a massive it’s like it’s like got a 50 mile yeah yeah god yes the higgs boson and all that stuff yeah so when they shoot those particles going almost the speed of light they shoot like a thousand of them both ways and when it collides it when they catch because of course they pass by each other but every once in a while they’ll collide into each other and they’ll have a little mini explosion and then they saw something inside that which they called the god particle and it was some type of energy that really could not be explained and then i think it pulled it back in so what the hell is that why are what the hell is that and what are they doing see uh in indian mythology the god is actually not explained like it’s it’s not a consciousness it is everywhere but it is nowhere like that it is it’s only can experience it’s called brahman absolute and once you experience that you will be in absolute bliss when you experience what once you once you become energy yeah once you become the that thing the divine or the absolute or the brahman you will be become you will be in absolute bliss i mean superstitious extensions orgasm um when you use the word do you mean literal orgasm or do you mean just a explosion of good vibes or good feelings see what happens in orgasm when you are having sex in a that climax yeah we become nowhere like like there will be no mind there will be nothing so sometimes to reach there we forget all the uh processes like all the four plays or whatsoever like we directly want to go there so it gives that such a bliss and there will be no mind so the similar way you can take that into your all the time through meditation and things like that you can make it happening on you that explosion are you orgasming right now [Laughter] i don’t know but what do you mean like it could just be like a like a constant orgasm or what yeah you can be really yeah that’s crazy dude so so when a person is orgasming i need to think about this next time i am i’m like so you’re saying like when you have an orgasm you don’t exist or something like that the mind isn’t it mine doesn’t exist what do you mean it doesn’t exist i don’t understand what that means like like all the filters all the filters will be going away oh you will not get them in there you will not make you will not try to make sense out of something oh [ _ ]
forex for example you are seeing the
computer and what is that telling you
the computer it is a computer this is
because you hear that it is a computer
from somewhere
can you see the computer
when you see the computer that memory
that’s marina will
oh no come to you and say
i’m sorry you broke up just a second ago
yeah i lost connection did you kill me
uh no i missed it you said something
about uh the computer and once i see the
it goes into my memory
what was that making
to think you that it is a computer you
that it’s a computer from somewhere
yeah somebody has told you
oh no
i’m listening it’s a computer
if they tell me it’s a computer
dang it i’m losing them
oh man this is this way you are making
sense that it is a computer
i i missed some more of that again we’re
losing we’re losing signal aaron this
sucks um
as soon as you started talking about
the computer started screwing up
yeah yeah we’re talking crap about it
so uh so
someone tell me
dang it okay so someone tells me it’s a
i i now know
this thing is a computer
so are you saying that it’s not a
competition because
the thing which is telling you that it
is a computer is the
memory you
have about it
but okay let’s take away me
i don’t i don’t exist i’m i’m not part
of it
is that thing still a computer though
is it it is a thing but it is it it is a
sorry guys he’s breaking up man this is
getting fun but uh it looks like now
we’re starting to have
the computer got pissed off because we
were talking about the computer and now
it’s like
telling me to shut up [ _ ] don’t talk about me that’s weird it’s probably oh is that computer listening to me does that computer think is that computer like aaron i can’t hear you bro it’s there there you are i lost you dude i lost you for like um a good 30 seconds or a minute can you hear me can you still hear me yeah i can hear you can you hear me yeah did you hear me rambling about the computer a second ago yeah oh i i couldn’t i i started talking to myself because i couldn’t hear you so yeah because our connection broke up yeah so i completely missed everything go ahead what what i was saying the see for example this is an object okay okay this is an object and what is that making you to think so here you can see the snake the yin and yang symbol and things like that so the the thing which is making to think you that this is a snake and this is a yin and yang is the knowledge you are already half yes because you know about these symbols yes so that is why you are thinking about you are making sense that these are the symbols correct yes but that but that only goes as far as terminology doesn’t it like it likes let’s say i didn’t know what that huh so that that that terms are actually existing in your mind yes but let’s say i saw a snake i hadn’t i don’t even know what a snake is i’ve never seen a snake in my life there’s no word for snake then what happens then you think it’s something else what do you mean if you can see if you can’t see like okay it is as it is the moment you start to see it is as it is you are nearing to the orgasmic experience as soon as i realize it is the what it is just as it is as it is as it is as it is as it is us it is okay oh as it is okay okay okay okay so i see the snake and i’m just like okay that’s a thing yeah huh so so there’s no judgment there is no judgmental about the snake yeah yeah yeah you’re right yeah because like but but like you’ll see the snake and you’d be like okay that’s some weird thing crawling around you know but you don’t you don’t you don’t already have that fear oh there’s a snake it could bite and kill me you don’t have that in your mind because you have never seen a snake you know got it yeah so is that a good thing or do you think so if you can see it is as it is you will be reaching the orgasmic experience so should i do that with everything it happens to you like through meditations certain techniques you will see you will get clarity clarity so so do you like do you decide that everything is nothing and and uh all this stuff is just you know like you just take the names off of everything like that’s not a guitar that’s just some [Music] thing with strings on it like is that what we’re saying here i’m trying to say the reality i’m trying to say that we should see the reality not the not not the things that has been already been imposed don’t do that like yeah so i should so i shouldn’t be thinking that that person’s evil this person’s bad because someone told me to think that way correct exactly what you feel in that particular time so that is called intuition the more you go into the intuition the more intuitive you are like more orgasmic you will be yeah yeah dude yeah man aaron this is fun bro i i enjoyed talking with you uh you opened my mind about a lot of things man and uh i just my favorite thing about doing podcast i get to talk to people like you and just i just i want my mind to be blown in and i you blew my mind today man you know you helped me um think about other things that i don’t i’ve never thought about before you know and that’s the beauty of hey man i can connect with aaron in india you’re thousands of miles you’re on the other side of the planet you know and we can talk so that’s pretty awesome man um thank you so much for coming on the show dude that was fun i’d like to have you back man if you want to talk some more sometime that would be cool yeah we could uh um tell everyone where they can find you man in your book or if you have social media and all that stuff because there’s a lot of other stuff that i wanted to talk to you about but we just went so deep that i was like let’s go that way because this way it seems fun i didn’t want it to get into [ _ ] that you know brings down our
energy and all that crap i’m going to
screw that let’s let’s be positive you
know let’s have a positive conversation
and i feel like that’s what we did man
so where can they find you erin
irons a r u n s y o g a
dot i n
cool uh do you have a is there social
media uh that you have or you don’t miss
that stuff or
um you can that’s your website
yeah in my website you could find all
other links okay uh what’s the name of
your book
cosmic engineering and orgasmic
orgasmic continuum and that’s available
on on amazon
got it
okay all right aaron thanks again man
that was a blast
so you will be sending me this thing
right like the podcast
um yes i’m gonna
um i have to edit it and i have a couple
of podcasts it’ll be a couple of weeks
uh i can send you the links for the
videos and the audio soon man once i
edit it and all that good stuff i’ll
definitely send you the stuff
all right aaron thank you man that was
fun man thanks a lot thanks for your
time bro bye yeah
pray watch

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