Vedic reading episode no 23 Looking in to the past life with candice.

Hello and welcome to our next episode our vedic reading series. Today we are having a special guest her name is candice wu Candice supports people in self love, a liberated experience of humanity, harmony, intuition, alignment, and self-expression. With spiritually compassionate, trauma-sensitive approaches and intuitive collaboration, she offers tools and space for navigating the Unknown and healing multidimensionally. She holds an experiential space for you to calibrate your body to your natural energetic signature and Source, enjoying a Life of Beauty, pleasure, joy, trust, and co-creation with the Mystery of Life. She love​s Beauty, horses, dancing, singing, ​and adventuring in the world. So welcome to our vedic reading episode no 23 Looking in to the past life with candice.

Below is a non verbal transcript for the same.

hi this is arun from
i am a software engineer who mostly work
with node.js php and other dragon
and i’m an open source contributor as
well i’m a tantric by birth in a family
which is passing tantric wisdom from
generations to generations
from past 2 000 years of legacy
and got lucky to travel across india and
got chances to study under various gurus
from different backgrounds and
you could connect with me in irons
yoga.if here i am helping you to design
a divine lifestyle which is based on
vedic astrology tandra and other yogic
system of understanding
and welcome to our next episode on vedic
reading series
today we are having a special guest her
name is candice
candice supports people’s self-love a
liberated experience of humanity harmony
intuition alignment and self expression
with spiritually compassionate thiruma
sensitive approaches
and in duty collaboration
she offers tools and space for
navigating the unknown and hailing
she holds an experiential space for you
calibrate your body to your natural
energetic signature and source
enjoying a life of beauty pleasure joy
trust and co-creation
with the mystery of life
she allows beauty horses dancing singing
and adventuring in the world
and at this particular episode we are
going through her offering such as
thermal removal
past life regression therapy and her
chat as well
as the cherry on cake she is reading my
past life in at this particular episode
however welcome to our vedic reading
series episode number 23
looking into the past life with candice
here we have a special guest she is into
um psychology and uh do a lot of things
related to mystical experiences and
stuffs like that
um and we are gonna read her uh chat
also and let’s see what
she got to talk to us about
why she’s into this particular
thing why she’s
interested into psychology and mystical
experiences and stuffs like that and
uh can you talk about that like can you
talk a little bit about you first little
uh then
sure sure yeah my name’s candace wu and
um thanks for having me
you’ll probably see it in my chart why
i’m interested in the mystical and
spiritual and
interested in how the universe works and
how how we
uh or how we create how we
um experience
this experience and and what is our
empowerment in it i always felt
interested in
where my power was like where where is
the power where does it lie and
and how do i
work with it but what really um
what really
opened my whole experience was working
with my body in conjunction just just as
like one cohesive whole with a spiritual
so now i do a lot of embodiment work
trauma work
um with
personal trauma
in a somatic way like with the body with
your experience
um but also to help people feel like
themselves mainly that’s the thing to
feel like themselves and love themselves
and if there are trauma pieces that are
kind of getting caught in their
experience and lived out again or
they’re not feeling like they
love themselves they’re maybe critical
like they’re unworthy
i work with that from a whole body and
um experience
and then i also work with past lives and
the ancestry
and how
that may be held in your energetic
so some of the modalities i work with
i i don’t use just one i combine many
into the way that i work but um yoga and
ayurveda has been part of my work
somatic experiencing
family constellations and then i did
have that study in clinical psychology
um so
how do you help people to get embodied
into their own body how do you make them
to feel better in their body
well i i basically guide them and teach
them tools like
right when we’re working together we’ll
work on them together
to support their body
in feeling more resourced
to support their nervous system
and to help them understand what’s going
on in their body as they feel it so that
they can know what to do to help
themselves either feel better
and feel pleasure or feel safe
or to
move through an experience that’s
uncomfortable and to navigate it in a
safe in a safe way
by safe i mean
in a way that their body can digest it
and not just overwhelm them into a
trauma response
but to move through it with with some
ease so some of those ways might be like
tuning into how their body feels the
most safe but a lot of the tools i use
are really basic like
you know how animals cats and dogs
especially and they come in the house
and they like sniff around
and they check everything out they make
sure that this place is safe or that
feels safe to them before they approach
we skip that step all the time
and we’re not really aware of our
surroundings in that kind of like
very connected way in in many cases
horses can feel
like the vibration through the ground
and they know when somebody’s coming
from like i don’t know how far maybe
half a mile i’m not sure
probably farther but they can they have
their ears as well but they can feel
and they’re so connected in that they’re
aware of that but
we’re often not there we’re very much in
our heads
in a lot of cases and
wounds and trauma and different beliefs
cause us to be there so i
just helping people to
look around their space
and look at something pleasant and
even to try to flex that muscle of
looking at something pleasant versus
noticing all the problems and then
noticing how it feels in your body
that’s just like one of the tiny basic
tools but
i just introduced many of those based on
what their body is
the story their body is telling me
help them navigate it so that then
they’re suddenly like
oh i feel calmer i’m i’m more here
and then we do some more work with
wherever they want to go
see the case of cats and dogs they are
actually feel more safe
they are more into the presence like
they are feeling they are here basically
they are in a planet earth you know but
sometimes human beings are not there
like they are like somewhere else
so exactly
what do you see that what is that
causing them to
be somewhere else like
it can be a bunch of different reasons
you know it could be this experience of
i i’m from another dimension or um
star system and i left my family there
and i
and maybe that’s not really present
in their awareness but it could be and
that feeling of wanting to be somewhere
it could be just in this
lived experience that they’ve had some
really hard
scary or scary experiences that
are still living in their
nervous system their body and
when they don’t get complete
or integrated in a way that their body
feels safe again because we still have
this human body
no matter how spiritual we are to work
with that
that if their body isn’t feeling safe
then um they may be in a state of
overwhelm or a frozen state where their
body kind of shuts down and
you’re energetically just
conserving energy but
out of your body so to say
so a lot of times when i see that it’s
someone is feeling in their body their
nervous system is
pretty overwhelmed
and you know fight and flight and freeze
so if the body’s
a sympathetic response of fight and
slight like
you’re active you’re moving you’re
trying to protect yourself
essentially right for at the most primal
but a lot of times we don’t do the
things that our body wanted to do
like you probably wouldn’t scream at
your boss
because that would be more dangerous for
a number of reasons
or punch your boss or something and so
you hold that energy back even though
you feel angry about something that
happened maybe
and when that slowly builds
and think of it you know in our
childhoods if that builds
and then all through your life then we
have all this tension and if it gets to
a certain
level accumulates so much
the body says nope too much
too much
does not compute it’s just better if i
freeze up and
shut down
and that’s that playing dead state that
will use to survive and protect
uh but they come out of it when the when
the predator is gone and we tend to stay
there and then we get depressed and
we’re kind of not in ourselves or we get
really anxious and very much in our head
and thinking a lot and navigating our
experience just through our mind and our
which is also protective in a lot of
ways like a protective state
so when you work with the body uh
what you exactly do with the body like
what and all the treatment you
provide them to feel connected
to the
to the existence
great question yeah so i mentioned just
like getting in touch with feeling into
your body
so that’s where we start
but it depends what
a person or i also work with couples
what they want
let’s say they’re saying you know i
i’m constantly getting angry at my
and my boyfriend and i can’t stop
screaming at them
and it’s ruining my relationships so
it we may start to work with
okay what does it feel like when you get
or we may start to work with
go back to where
before you get angry and notice notice
calm state
and we might reinforce
a different state of being and then
slowly watch as you get closer to the
thing that triggered you or got you
really mad
and let’s start to notice
right when something happens in your
body oh there’s tension right here okay
stop pause there just notice that
and then that might evolve into
something else
maybe then you know i i’m going like
and so when i said uh look at the story
of the body
if the body is doing something you know
when we gesture when suddenly you’re
telling this part of the story and you
say i was just so mad
i’ll use those
innate movements and gestures and
sensation to help the person get
connected with what’s already happening
what the body wants to happen
and it takes getting out of our mind a
little bit
and saying okay whoa what’s what happens
right here when you slow this down
and just feel feel what just
your muscles tensing up here let it
and then eventually the person says wow
i really feel heated or
wow i actually really want to punch
and so we do that we don’t i don’t have
them punch someone but i
if i’m in person i might give them
resistance and do it slow motion
i teach them ways to do it like against
their wall
this is just one example but this is one
way we look at like what
have you ever got painted actually like
you know when someone was like
okay okay you want me to plunge and they
were like they pushed real hard and i
was like wow
yeah but
i know it’s so funny right and bringing
humor is great to it because this part
of what like helps us feel sick like
realize that we are safe when we’re able
to laugh and nothing bad’s happening
but this is just somatic experiencing
more so that i’m describing like how to
be in your body but then we may work
with like the ancestry or a memory that
comes in like well i had this bad
experience with my
father or with so and so
and we may work through that in
different ways not by reliving it
but by
uh bringing what’s needed and what’s
so it gets renegotiated and integrated
in the body a different way
and then people usually start to feel
calmer safer
more open less tense
and even some physical illnesses go away
or ways of being
and then sometimes i connect that helps
them connect that with their beliefs
like oh there’s a belief that you’re
that’s connected with this experience
and so we clear that
with some forgiveness forgiveness of
that belief
but if we work with like ancestry or
different memories
in the more family constellation style
i might have someone
stand up
and place different objects in their
space and move around
the objects representing maybe the
in their family system or in their past
and without thinking about like
the dynamics having them step in to it
and just see and feel
and getting in touch with what the
energy of it’s showing
can reveal a lot of things as far as
like where
maybe a deeper context of trauma was
if it’s generational coming down the
line or if they’re connected with
that was really painful
in the past or in some other experience
you’re speaking about the past life
basically like
i also i do believe in uh past life like
we are the form of energy and we will go
from one life to another so how do you
identify what was the past life of a
particular person what is that involved
in uh
no yeah for me and i was i’ll be curious
how you identify that too um for me
i just have
i for lack of a better word an intuitive
sense or information that comes to me
and the information comes in a bit of
a sensation
a feeling of like an energy i don’t see
things like some people do and i don’t
necessarily hear
like words in my head i just
sense it and then some words will come
to me about it
so um so can you sense my past life here
uh i don’t know i mean you probably had
i so
it would be
i feel like it comes to me when it’s
relevant to something that
is important for you now
so if you were to say you know i’m
having this particular experience and
is there something of a past life or can
you help me look at where that’s coming
sometimes i may sense yes it feels like
past life or i may help you if you were
my client to feel whether that is the
case or not
that’s that’s where i really like
to be because
then i can support the clients and
building their own gifts to sense what’s
and i can help by seeing from my side
what i what i feel and see
so um
i’m not i’m not like a psychic medium
where i just
spew information
and get a lot of information just like
sometimes i do but it’s it’s not always
on command it’s like we’ve got to be
working on something or there’s got to
be a relevant reason for the ask of that
no but can you make a best possible
guess what could be my past life
okay okay you want to see okay will you
feel in with me
um is there any other
do you want to know like a past life
that’s relevant to you now or do you
just want to know any past life
or the one before this is that what
you’re asking
know that i had past lives like hundreds
many past life i have like but that past
life whatever i had previously will make
an impression on me like the place which
i got birth into and the way i am
connecting to the people and the way i
am doing something in this particular
can you see something which is connected
to this particular life
that do something here now
i mean some clue
whatever like
any clue for you of anything relevant to
your life now yeah are you aware of any
of your past
lives um
i if i go deep i mean i
heart some vision basically
yeah deficient
okay okay let me just feel for a second
okay so what i’m getting
is um
an image of you as a boy
in a past life
and um
it was like a fading image of mother but
it seemed like you were wandering you
were like a
not a teenager but a little bit younger
like middle school age
and kind of wandering around like almost
like an orphan
maybe an orphan that father was not in
the picture
and it was like the feeling of i’m
looking for my home and looking for my
but at the same time knowing that you
weren’t feeling like you weren’t gonna
find them
you didn’t you had food
people gave you food is what i’m seeing
i’m just gonna go to the end of that
if i can get there
or if it comes
no you lived a very long life
you’re you’re a man you’re an old man
you didn’t find your family
but you had some happiness
you feel very like gentle
in that life
and sometimes i ask for like a
significant moment in that life
that lifetime besides what i already
or anything else
you felt like uh
the energy of community it’s like you’re
you’re like searching and searching for
your family and belonging and at the
same time you did experience community
and different gifts of the way community
could be had
like giving and
people offering and reaching out to you
and you doing the same in that life
it felt like earlier on like when you
were a kid you had some more violent
experiences like
maybe you had you had to experience some
but then later it it softened up like
you didn’t have more later
i think it was much more steady kind of
that’s what we got
okay does that has any implication in
this life
any significance
you’ll have to see how this fits but
what i got was um
the question
the question of where do i belong maybe
on a deeper level
what was that
the question of where do i belong
at a deeper level like this deeper
existential question where do i belong
um feels like you may have a very strong
life or some connection strong
connection to your family here in this
this lifetime and this life
and there’s still that underlying
feeling of like where do i really belong
or like what is
what is my sense of belonging at home
what is my true sense of that
does any of it resonate for you yeah
i always ask you know the person i might
get information but it might not be
relevant right or
you know what’s needed now so yeah yes
you say yeah
yeah it’s fascinating like
so my i see the life as a deep question
basically like
you know where do i belong the skill is
where do i belong
that’s a big question
it’s a big question and
yeah it feels like that
if if we’re talking about that past life
to this one there’s that direct threat
because you had a very strong experience
of feeling like you did not belong or
like you didn’t have a belonging
and it like may have carried through a
bit to this one even though you felt it
seemed like in that life you felt some
sense of belonging
but there was still maybe a wound
there or
i guess if we’re gonna get really down
to it um
and you
maybe you you think this way or
sense things this way but
maybe there’s a belief i don’t belong
the seed of the
the energy
the experiences
maybe wanting to experience that or
wanting to explore
do i belong
there is something called the past life
regression therapy
you do that as well like
i don’t say i do that but if someone
says i want to explore my past lives and
they seem to come with like an earnest
heart about that
you know they’re not just like well i
just want to see how many i can find and
you know show off or something
if it’s like really truly something they
feel they want and need i i usually can
work with them
and do what is similar to
maybe what other people do with past my
i normally don’t just like
i do a little bit of akashic reading too
so i have that
plug into that energy but
what i really like and prefer to do is
invite the client or person to
develop that skill
and a lot of times when i walk them
through it
you know first by just getting a little
bit in tune with their body
and then helping them to
move through
and sense it for themselves a lot of
times they get the information and
they’re like
like i can’t believe i got that
i guess a lot of past life regression
and therapists they will tend to do that
too they want the person to receive the
information for themselves
not to like i think not to read it for
them necessarily
so i guess you could say i do that
um and in different ways
so when did you start to do this thing
when you started to receive the signals
or whatsoever like
what happened what was that
when it’s all begin
well working with my own healer
sometimes she would say i’m getting a
feeling about something
do you feel like this is from this is
connected with your past life when i’m
working with something right
and i’ll ask myself and feel it
and then i’ll get this like yes and then
i’ll start crying and she’s like yes
okay so we know it’s from past life
or at least where the strongest energy
of it seems collected because a lot of
times that past life stuff will trickle
into this life of course right
excuse me
when it seems like i
feel like i pinpointed for that moment
the energy it came to me i heard it i
felt it then my body will have an
emotional response
and for me a lot of times that’s how it
it um came to me like i would have some
feeling about something
or i’d ask is this from my past life and
i get a clear
yes and then if i followed that feeling
or that thought that popped in
and i just let it show me like i’m
watching a movie
it would lead me to the next piece like
oh i was
um i’m seeing a woman and i’m in this
other life and i’m getting strangled or
and then if i felt into it
it would feel emotional
the first time i would receive that life
that life if it was relevant to my work
at the time to my emotional work and
sometimes i pop out and start asking
questions and being skeptical and i
would be like
was that really the case could this
really be the case
and then it just feels kind of flat but
if i dive back in with just my imagery
and feeling
my emotions will always confirm it and
if it if it’s flat then i know it just
wasn’t it wasn’t correct it’s or it’s
um important for me right now maybe
and so
a lot of times i just
let my body
show me what’s next and for example like
once i had
this elbow pain for like six months it
came in real fast
so i knew it was like emotional
spiritual to like
trigger it
and then which i believe almost
everything is if it’s going to manifest
physically but it was so fast i was like
whoa what is it
lasted for about six months and
repeatedly i worked with that elbow like
feeling into it talking with it letting
it show me
and eventually this whole
of being ojibwe indian
native american here in the united
and having
been like pushed
knocked off my horse
and raped by a white man
and i told my horse like go get help and
i had been slit by his throat here and i
was bleeding and i couldn’t talk so i
was psychically talking to my horse
i said go get help and my father came
and when he got there the whole tribe
got there like then
to help because they knew there was
and he grabbed my arm and he just
saw that i was like gone like i was
bleeding i was still there a little bit
but i
i held him and i was like don’t let me
go and he was like i have to and he just
left and i i think i twisted it up
because it was so traumatic to be
but when i look back in that past like
now i see he had to go he had to protect
and i was i was dying
it was the right thing and
even though it was hard so
my elbow king went away
i even had experiences
physically like with the land here and i
i felt where i lived
when i just happened to take a trip to
and land in a certain place by
happenstance and when i got into this
one park i was like
whoa and i just saw all the
images come to me and the feelings were
moving about that very experience so
it’s cool how i got to put all the
pieces together
and so different experiences like that
would just keep coming
during of course a
couple of years for me
until it feels like now at this point um
i’ve gotten through some of the major
relevant ones
it doesn’t feel like
there’s much that seems to be affecting
me as much anymore i started to move out
into the multi-dimensional experience
and galactic experience instead of past
so my progression was interesting was
like my trauma in this life
it was very orderly my trauma was my
ancestry or um not with them but like
that maybe i inherited and how that
past life than multi-dimensional and
galactic or
whatever else this sort of
experiences that maybe i can’t even name
why are you started to offering this to
people from when
from when
i’ve always
i’ve done embodied work
since about about 2009
starting with yoga at ayurveda and i
particularly liked yana yoga guyana yoga
and karma yoga which is like looking you
you probably know but i’ll explain it
for everyone else like
that may not know just like the study of
self and
the study of how
studied action and like the actions you
take and where they’re coming from in
intentions and your energetic system
just why you do the things you do
and how with the results of that the
cause and the effect
so that was where i was really
interested but i would use the body as
well together with it
and then eventually i started
adding on the other kind of modalities
and integrating them into like an
orchestra of
what i do now
so so i wanted to know how you
how you
past life information
you were saying
i wrote a book
okay this is called cosmic engineering
and orgasmic continuum
okay so
that looks yummy
don’t be
sorry i’m getting a lot of sunlight here
let me just do something and
move the curtain
can you say the name of that again
cosmic engineering and orgasmic
so basically
you know
in meditation we
united with the
absolute self or the true self
that people say that
i mean because it’s not god actually
like it’s not in the terms of god like
somebody who’s look sitting in top of
the sky and it’s not like that it’s like
it’s absolute so once you
are in uh
if once you collided with that like once
you are in
merged with the absolute
you can see your entire past life
and it’s a great orgasmic experience
um so that is how i get and um in
astrology vedic astrology also there is
clues like uh
it’s also deals with the past life uh
regression therapy also in a way like
no uh what
has been happened in past life based on
based on the planetary position right
now in our chart we could actually
calculate what is actually happened in
past life
so from that there is some therapies
that’s been given some kind of mantras
uh some kind of
massages like you said now like we make
get blocks in
different parts it’s
the body
which is been getting possessed by the
evil spirit the
we couldn’t say it’s an evil spirit we
can say it’s like
metaphysical entities
see the the way we see like we only have
five senses with that only we are
actually making sense out of what is
happening here you know but there are
multi dimensions as we evolve like our
spiritual growth as we evolve we could
actually see all these beings those are
living in another dimensions like
it is there in uh uh
amitabha buddhism you know ahmedabad
buddhism right
i don’t know that much
about those
i studied a little bit but not too much
it’s a another it’s a it’s a hinayana
buddhism basically
so he speaks about the
different level of existence live
different level of
getting birth into different dimension
not the buddha himself the second buddha
that’s right
okay yeah
so do you feel like you’ve been
are you tapping into that
ability to see
in the different dimensions or
where where are you now
where am i i’m in
awareness and your consciousness
to connect in that way
or to open in that way
see i could actually sense many
things like i can
possibly see through what the person is
going to do what the person has been
doing like that like you know

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so it’s it’s it’s actually hard also
like um
you know you may sometimes go crazy also
like if you can’t stay consciously
what is if you can’t stay consciously
watchful like you may go crazy because
when we live in
live with the
uh mundane people like peoples who are
into daily samsara we can’t be like in
like we have to be in present you know
otherwise we can’t relate with the other
people you know it’s problem yeah
right and then you’re not really
experiencing the fullness
of what your
your existence is here either if you’re
like in your body which i think is why
a piece of why i really got drawn to
working with my body because i wanted to
feel better i mean
your consciousness once the
consciousness start to
expand it will grow out of body you will
get connected with many things very
no it’s it’s a it’s it’s a
not unconscious
and see some see like you spoken about
the dogs and gets those who walks into
the room and they can easily sniff
around and they can easily connect with
other things you know
yeah but the
unconscious people’s also there they are
actually not thinking about that present
but the more consciously you evolve you
will get connected so deeply
so this also seems like you are
unconscious but it is other way around
like you are more connected
yeah i think
there can be
there can be
i mean we’re all in a different place
with it
but like you can be in your body and
or you can be not in your body and just
connect it out
or you can be just so in your body and
not connected with all that
nothing like it’s like that like people
are not in their body and they are not
connected to anything
from there
from there you will connect to your body
then from there you will get connected
connect to first the embodiment happen
you appreciate your body you
feel that you are in your body
from there
once the embodiment happen from there
peoples will evolve like higher
dimensions you can access
through yogic processes
so that is called super excuses orgasm
oh that’s what they’re speaking to okay
believe i experienced that in a lot of
ways and
it’s not what i always tell people
unless they come in with that angle or
they start to open it up or they want to
but ultimately what you’re saying is
is what drove me from the beginning
to do this work for myself and with
other people
is that
there was a
you know doing the embodiment work
not just like
even though this is great in itself that
ability to feel good here and enjoy the
but also a deeper spiritual connection
or a deeper connection with
all that is
and and the discovery of what
what it could be for each individual so
i enjoy how you um describe that
see primarily we all can experience the
ultimate you know the
different dimensions but it will take a
lifetime for many people like
how good you can
access the
um higher dimensions in this particular
lifetime that will get improved in your
next lifetime when you are getting go
getting birth as a human beings if you
are going down in your consciousness
what happens is like you will get bertha
something other some other creatures
like an elephant or cockroach whatsoever
like you know if you are if your
consciousness is going down like you
know there are sannyas these yogis they
actually leave their body
yeah like
yeah i’ve always been interested in them
yeah so dying consciously is like
most of the people
when they die they go unconscious
and it’s been so interesting to to hear
i don’t know that much but like when
they consciously leave and their body
still stays
alive so to say our functioning it’s
like wow like some some part of the
consciousness is still working there
i don’t know how you would see that is
also yogic process you can leave the
body astral projection it is like you
can leave yeah and get into other body
that is astral projection you can
actually leave your body entirely
like you can die yourself
like for example you want to die
and you can just die like that you can
just shut down everything all the
you can just uh stop all your breathing
all the functions like blood flow
everything will be shut down and you
will die properly
that most of the peoples can’t do and
that is how people evolve divine being
becoming divine more divine divine
divine like buddha
so do you feel you can die consciously
do you feel like you
are there
how to see
how would you know
or what do you mean
i have to say
see once you are in uh
absolute realization or once you are in
you know what happens is that
you are not alive actually like
we call it as jivan mukta like in
adventure we call those kind of peoples
are jeevan mukta
you still have your body but you are
already dead
you know
why why would you say that instead of
saying that you never die
that you’re not
it’s just a different state of being is
it not or no
people see that in the sense uh peoples
can’t die you you see nobody will not be
able to die you cannot die
yeah you’re just in a different state
you you may appear dead to other people
is that
what is that
is it more like you you would appear
dead to other people
yeah it’s like that like you see the
thing is like you think through the
absolute you think through in your own
way like
be more selfish thought like do more
selfish thought and see what is actually
happening like you came out and you are
going so you don’t know where did you
begin if you think yesterday yeah before
yesterday before a similar way you will
never see when you are going to
the last day
you will not never see that particular
moment you will never see the moment
when you go to sleep
you go to the blood you go to the bed
and you fall into the sleep
and you will never sow
that particular time when did you fall
into sleep you can’t never understand
that particular time
death also will be like that you will
never understand that particular time
but you are still there in sleep you are
not dying you are still there
at that particular moment you went into
another dimension and you are still
yeah so in upanishad we say this is four
stages are there like uh
jagrat jakarta is the state where we are
right now we are speaking this is
then nidra nidra is the state of sleep
sushupti sushupti is the
like sleep deep sleep that is sushupti
sup nam is the dreaming state you
start to see the dreams that is dreaming
and sodium this is fourth fourth state
the final stage
it’s it’s been a while since i’ve
been in in the whole language of it
i got i’ve got pretty far away from it
it’s nice to hear all of it again
because my study was like originally in
this all of this
so we have a lot of that in common
again like
did you study like in clinical
psychology you study all this
no when i studied
yoga yoga and ayurveda
the the
teacher i had was very
interested in the philosophy
and um
understanding how the universe works and
understanding the whole system of it
from you know
purusa to property
eventually or like you know all to the
the all to the distinct point back to
the all it was was always his like way
of describing every single thing yeah
see that that is how it works actually
once you are in the fourth dimension
actually you could actually see the um
so shall we go to your chat
sure yeah
i’m excited
um i had my chart read a long time ago
like 15 years
um your birthday
so i’m just pulling out your chart
actually like you got your chart right
yeah it’s
i got it a while ago let me see if
i’m not that good at reading the charts
so i just enjoy
i i sometimes enjoy connecting up you
know what you’re saying what people are
mostly i do i have readings in western
astrology now
but um
i remember when i had the reading i send
you a card right
yeah you did yeah i’m gonna pull it up i
was amazed when i got my first rating
to the t
he was about the past
even just the past
two years of my life kind of
and um
i don’t think he was accurate about my
i think at the time he was
but then i couldn’t go back years later
and say all right let me go by what he
said anymore because it had all changed
i had
i’d like to think i changed my
maybe you can tell me what you think
i felt like he read the tendency
of what it could have been
at that time but i had done so much
healing work after that
and i feel like i
i understood how to change
the energy of my actions and where what
i was creating
and i’m still working on it of course
but like i felt like i i feel like i
understood it
at some point like oh i’m actually
making everything change
and i’m actually coming into more
so i was looking back at those you know
that reading and thinking
everything’s different like
nothing he said was what was my life
so what do you think about that but
wouldn’t that be written in my chart
wouldn’t that be already written
see the
real purpose of the vedic astrology is
to take you to the
real orgasmic experience you know
that absolutely like that
the absolutely
nobody can ask you are you ready for an
oh yeah they can
i think you just did
it’s beyond transcendental um actually
it’s be taking beyond
so the yoga is the purpose the actual
purpose of the yoga is to take you
all the physical thing and the real
bliss which is actually getting united
with the
self you know the
or the ultimate take yourself
so i just need to do something real
quick and um
turn my hot spot on
to uh get my chart
that you sent me
one second
i will uh
i’m pulling my
pulling a chat actually like
oh great oh that will that works too
yeah yeah
that that’s that’s even better yeah
because i
don’t think i can totally access it very
quickly at the moment yeah it’s okay i i
um yeah
so basically
see there is yoga okay
each nakshatra your natchez murugashira
okay this uh look looks like muragashira
is the
meaning in
this is a sanskrit term if you
translate it into uh english it is like
the head of a deer okay
so that is how the natural looks like
and the nakshatra is not there in
western astrology the concept of
when you are getting birth
ascendant will be in a particular
position in your chart in at that
particular time there will be a group of
stars in the sky so that is your natural
first thing we will analyze is your
narcissa so your nachatra is murikashira
and there is a yoga associated with
each natura
yoga also there after the yoga there is
a kriya kriya is the uh tantric process
which helps you to avoke your kundalini
because the
tundra works with the body okay
like it’s don’t work with the mind
tundra has an understanding that the
the easily accessible thing for us is
our body
you know body is easily accessible for
you your own body is easily accessible
for you
you can touch it you can feel it you
know you can work with it
the tannery process there is a kriya
which is associated with
that so you are
bird according to the
vedic astrology
it’s a peacock
i love peacock
it’s like uh you like to bring beauty to
the people’s life that is how the
peacock it’s a it’s a symbol of love
like when the earth
is actually matured and
it’s ready to
have fun with the
okay it’s louder you know it’s
they are actually creating a lot of love
there so that time pick up start to
so that is how you
eat that particular bird in manifest in
your own life
that is how the your nature will be like
you will manifest things
um this is your tree
and what happens is like you have a soul
everyone has a salt frequency and
when you go near to some kind of trees
you could actually easily connect with
that particular tree and
your tree is this one
uh ebony
this is the tree i don’t know the this
thing is existing this is what we say is
karingali in india
oh wow
that’s really interesting
so this is how your stars looks like in
and your nature is deva
deva means it’s uplifting nature
actually like
there is asura nature human nature and
their nature so your nature is deva
nature which is an uplifting nature
but you have a tamasic nature which is
won’t help you to achieve the greatest
orgasmic experience like you will be
a negative thoughts
yeah i’ve had to work with a lot of
you don’t have to write down everything
i’m recording this i mean
all right i’ll put it down
i mean this will actually we are
recording and i have already sent you
the chat also so it will be available in
my youtube channel
so this is thomasic nature so the
domestic nature is like the
the problem with the thomasic nature is
that the
they have the overthinking
overthinking problem
and your buddha is earth earth is the
or the
uh you know earth okay so what is that
means is that you are more tolerant
you tolerate things let it happen
you were
neutral you are neutral you your soul
don’t have a division like
mostly it will be like
women or the neutral the soul so the
best soul is like neutral soul so the
soul is actually neutral what happens is
that the
neutral soul
is can achieve enlightenment like it’s
more a world to solve actually
so you have a pitta nature how does it
manifest is like
um it’s like uh you know um
it’s like
you feel like you have taken some kind
of seductive
sometime you will go so very low
like a what huh
what it like i’ve taken what
yeah seductives some seductive pills
oh okay
you yeah
you know what i mean like um after uh
you drink or what like
you like you take alcohol sometime
any party or any experience of alcohol
or drugs in the past
in the past
okay in the past what happens the after
that particular day you feel so slow
so that is how you that is how it’s
manifest like pitta with the nature
sometimes you will feel that
so low without any
medicine or any chemical
so soma soma is your god
it’s the name of the god
yeah a little bit
i know a little bit
it’s a medicinal deity like um
you know what happens uh when the
moon comes and the earth is there and
it gives the light and
it’s like uh you know it’s it’s very
so does that mean
what does that mean
for me like that’s more like kind of my
nature or does that mean it will be more
healing for me
or something
you can bring that
that kind of existence into reality
you know you can actually make very cool
therapy this is like
so this is the kriya
and this is your sexual poster which is
associated with your chart
that’s like that’s like requiring a lot
of acrobatics i mean i could do it
but it would be hard that looks so hard
but it is fun
wouldn’t be like the most orgasmic for
why couldn’t it be an easy one
oh you’re killing me
that’s so funny
that’s like
so like so like me too it’s like i want
but then at the same time
it’s a yoni actually like um you know
sharpened uni there is different tall
units out there according
elephant monkey
beer like that so from that the mystical
yon is sarpandyoni
it’s it’s very playful
it’s like um you know snakes know like
it’s like makes like love like you know
many hours like
yeah it’s very sensual yeah yeah but it
isn’t like windy
yeah oh i have to research that i didn’t
know very much about it
so your body has that ability
you know
it does it definitely does that’s real
and they’re very faithful faithful also
so this is all about your natchatra
now we will go to your chart
that was so interesting can you send me
that link too or is that yeah it’s there
in the chat basically okay wonderful
in your rashi chat
in yourself the moon
along with the rahu is staying
on yourself house the first house
so what does it mean how does it
manifest in your life is like
your nature will be like more feminine
and associated with the mystical
so the female deity is the
um you know the universe is actually
like you know the cover of my book you
know you can see this
this is actually kali andra
oh yeah
you know kali is the goddess
yeah so the universe is actually goddess
so it’s it’s a very dark energy and
you can easily get access to that
and the fifth house the saturn is
so what does it means is that
hard working result like
the hardship will be the resultant like
you may get a son who is actually
working very hard
a son
it’s like a child
that works very hard
bruh kids
not yet
so if you are having you will get a son
which is who is actually working very
that’s so interesting or
the thing which will actually comes from
you like the creation you are bringing
to the
plane of the existence
is hard work
from myself
were you saying the plane of existence
that i’m bringing in is hard work
yeah or my son
this is how it will actually
saturn the saturn is of the planet which
is associated with hard work that is
staying on your fifth house fifth house
is the is related to the thing which you
bring to the
plane of existence
either it will mostly it will manifest
in the way as
a kid for many people
if peoples are not interested into
marriage and things like that what
happens is that
something which manifests
in uh through them into the plane of
has the quality of that particular
planet so so the saturn
is associated with hard work and the
planet which will bring into the plane
of existence is the hard work
and i think it’s going to be my son
i think it’s going to be my son i’m done
doing hard work
but i did a lot of hard work already
so that’s okay maybe uh
i it’s true i mean i did a lot of hard
work to get to where i am
and then i began to work easier
so that that does resonate there and
maybe it has its iteration
in the sun
let’s see
like jupiter is on the
house jupiter is the planet of wisdom
so what happens
the wisdom
you are giving out
may be work against you if you are not
watching what you are giving out like
you know the wisdom you are carrying
if you are not giving it properly like
in bible there is a word like
don’t throw away your pearls to pick
pigs you know
to pigs
bible like saying in bible you know yeah
so similar today
if you are not watching out the wisdom
you are carrying
it may manifest against you
that is why the
sister of the jupiter is staying
yeah i experienced that definitely
i have to keep up energetically with
what’s coming
like what’s coming through me what i’m
what i’m receiving what i’m connected to
what i’m aware
you know the spiritual path there might
be lot of distraction there are many
people come and suck a lot of energy out
of you for no reason yeah
it’s true yes
and the seventh house ketu is staying
it’s obsession you are very obsessed
with the relationship
mercury and mars is saying so sun is the
planet of this self
things like that mercury is the planet
which is associated with the words
mars is the planet that is associated
with the ma
with the bark fight
so in karma bhava your karma how does
the planet will manifest this like
sun mercury and mars staying together
which means that the
you are
you speak
the truth out
in order to
showcase yourself in order to prove
yourself you know because you are right
that you know
it’s not wrong that you are trying to
prove yourself
you know that you are right that’s why
you try to prove yourself
okay that that is your karma
you have to go for that like you have to
do that
you don’t have to be get back from that
like it give you better result
if you just go with it
yeah if i go with it i have to do it
okay that’s interesting to hear it like
that yeah
it’s nothing negative in that it is in
your karma bhava
if you do that it will give you better
result it may sound so stupid for little
small time small amount of time but
in the long run it will give you better
in la baba venus is staying venus is the
planet of the materialistic pleasure
okay so the venus will give you
the comfort and the pleasures which you
for your body
profit profit
i see yeah
that that feels like it fits a lot with
venus for me yeah
yeah it will be giving you you don’t
have to worry
that’s nice i don’t have to worry
so you have a son
go the sun is your
strongest planet and it is it has
single phase
and if you wear the single face budrasha
this will accelerate your energy
yeah i’d like to see that
37 what’s your age now 38 6 months when
i 38 yeah i’m march so march april
38 8 months
eight months
almost almost eight months
about seven months and
20 some days maybe
so saturn is the
right now the planet on you
the saturn is on fifth house
so 38
probably this is the time you can get
pregnant and
like fifth house it is staying
that’s very in my
awareness right now
even my naturopath was like
she was doing a biofeedback testing and
she was like
i got that you need to be on the
pregnancy protocol
for your body your body’s trying to get
ready and i was like
i know
that is what now the three years and it
is very hard time actually like
uh some many problems happens like you
in this time right now
yeah the money problem and things like
that might happen
during this time
that will last like
somewhere around 40
oh that’s not long that’s like a year
already dead
the hardest part in your life is
actually passing through
up to 40 41 like 40.5
it will be like that
thank goodness for for everything or for
everything the hardest uh
i feel that
then it is fine
that’s nice
yeah we are kind of gone through all
your chat
i i like that a lot thank you
i really like the beginning where um you
went through like the different nature
nature and
different aspects
and uh the sexual person
i i didn’t know that was coming in here
no what
we are talking about this aren’t we
i mean
that’s so interesting do you get
do you get charts where it’s like just a
totally different kind of
yeah it’s more simple more simple
because that’s like to me that looks
very complex
see if you do yoga you can actually
achieve those
there is a temple in india that is
if you go there the entire wall is
actually like a bible of kama sutra
different different positions like if
you go there like
none of the pornography movies also
can’t make that kind of things
right oh wow yeah there’s just so many
iterations it sounds like yeah
so i have another podcast also with the
different positions that i’ll send you
oh yeah great that’ll be fun
i can see you have fun with this
what got you into doing this
like what
yeah what got you into doing gyotish
yeah yeah
like it’s my family tradition like my
ancestral knowledge
okay yeah that’s wonderful
so i’m just
making it more better like writing a
doing podcast
that’s your book
yeah i wrote this book
i didn’t realize that i’m sorry wow
that’s cool all right i will need to get
your book because i’m so curious what
you’re writing about
and what you’re sharing it’s in uh
that’s exciting
yeah i can see you’re making you’re
you’re enriching it
i feel it’s getting more refined and
distinct yeah
thank you so much
i really enjoyed it
um the people who are actually listening
to this do you want to say something to
them like
well thanks for listening and joining in
what’s coming is just
a sweetness
and like a yummy feeling like sweetness
sweetness kind of like
directed towards
you know every moment is a chance to to
just love yourself
yeah just to be yourself
and to like be in the moment and
be in the the unique expression that’s
you and and how it’s coming through
more and more that’s just what it feels
like to me like this moment this moment
this moment
and if
they want to connect with you like how
they can contact you
oh you can go to my website at
and that’s candice with an i
and um also on there is my podcast the
embodied podcast there’s a lot of
resources there and
meditations and healing experiences
so if they want to plug into that or
can find me and email me
or message me in any way i would love to
hear from people
you do any kind of online
programs for them
so right now mostly i’m doing individual
sessions online
um or
couples or people in relationships i
work with polyamorous and
so i’m doing sessions online but also
if they want to meet in person
i’ve been doing many retreats and
meeting people on location
hopefully soon i have my house
set up
i’m in the process of buying a house
so oh yeah maybe that’s a place someone
can visit as well
but um
other than the individual sessions
i don’t have anything set up right now
but only by request is there something
that somebody wants or a small group
they want to put together
totally open to whatever it inspires
people to reach out
yeah thank you for joining me
thank you for listening to my podcast
you could
connect with me in irons yoga dot iron
where you could see my contact details
including my phone number my whatsapp
and email id
stay tuned for more exciting episodes

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