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Hello and welcome to the another episode of arunsyoga podcast today we are having a guest her name is Brenda. Brenda Asterino lives on Lopez Island, Washington. She worked as a private and public educator for nearly twenty-five years when life was forever changed by a car accident. Her education includes an AA in Humanities, BS in Biology, and MA in Education, along with many years of training in parapsychology, Energy Work and Body Work. Her latest book is titled PATHWAYS WALKING THROUGH CREATION Its isbn is :978-1-7365358-4-4 Can be bought from different platforms In at today podcast we are not going to discuss about her chart how ever rather we are discussing about her poetry even she is singing one for us her vision about the new world, Her love towards India and spirituality. You could connect with her using this email id :brenaster@aol.com So welcome to our new episode of podcast “Poetry with Brenda”

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hi this is arun from ironsyoga.il
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which is passing tantric wisdom from
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got chances to study under various gurus
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and welcome to another episode of irons
yoga podcast
today we are having a guest her name is
brenda brenda
lives on lopez island washington
she worked as a private and public
educator for nearly 25 years
when life was forever changed by a car
accident her education include and
double a in humanities
bs in biology and m.a in education
along with many years of training in
para psychology energy work and body
her latest book is titled pathways
walking through creation its isbn is
three 9781736
five three five eight
four four can be bought from the
different platforms
in a today’s podcast we are not going to
discuss about her chat however rather we
are discussing about her poetry even she
is singing one of one for us her vision
about new world her love towards india
and spirituality
you could connect with her using this
email id
r e n
a s t e r
a o l
so welcome to our new episode of podcast
poetry with brenda
so yeah hi hi we have a guest uh she’s a
writer and uh
a spiritual visad
so now
let’s uh talk to uh brenda regarding
what is her abuse about the all the
spiritual sciences and stuff like that
and brenda you are saying that you have
a very good dream about india
what is that making uh india is so
seductive for you like
i don’t know if i’ve had a past life in
india i wouldn’t be surprised if there
weren’t many i just i’m always happy to
read or see anything i can about india
the traditions
i just
it seems the country seems vibrant to me
and even when i hear about hard times
there i hear about community and i hear
people trying to do things so that it’s
better for more people and
there just seems to be a stream of
a family connection that goes through
that is very drawing to me it makes me
feel good um
have you got any chance to come to india
no and i’m probably too old now to make
a long trip like that and with covet and
everything i don’t know if i will make
it but um
it would certainly be a desire for
something to do maybe
maybe i’ll come back to someone from
india i don’t know but it was it’s a
i think it’s an important
beginning of the world culture and i
think that people don’t understand how
far back the history of india goes and
how much we all could learn
culturally and probably
well certainly spiritually but maybe
also scientifically
if we
studied india
more and got more in-depth information
about india worldwide i think india has
a lot to offer the world
if you get a chance to visit india which
part of india you would be
going to
that’s a good question
for example you go to 30 days in india
you ha somehow you have managed all the
problems in your life and you decided
okay let me go for 30 days to india and
the india is from the lecture used to
the himalaya it’s so big there is
different cultures different languages
from one place to another place if you
go the
the amount of the language they speak
will vary the
amount of the culture they share it will
vary the
dress code of the peoples will vary even
um you know climate also will vary like
uh from like electrodes to himalay
region so in this kind of diverse stuff
where do you want to go excitedly
see you just presented to everybody the
the variety and the
the um
there’s the excitement of the festivals
and the city festivals then there’s the
tranquility and the peace of the
i would want to travel
through different parts and i would want
to make sure i got there
during some of the major festivals
um yeah
yes the festival that happened dearly
but um
by the ganges river
what is the name of that
large town
uh kashi kashi is the
yes the
weak limited body like we burn the dead
bodies like
in indian culture we believe we should
not bury the body like
because in indian culture we don’t
believe in this
salvation you know the
after death
somebody will come and recreate you
again no
we believe in
like birth and river tendings like that
so we burn usually we burn dead bodies
and we don’t put the land for no use
like if you build graves across like
there will be only graves you can’t do
anything else like you know
because people get birth and they die
also like you know so
so that city is called
kashi that is benares
the ganges ganga puja also will be there
uh like hundreds of peoples will be
doing the ganges puja in one region
that is called the ganges
i mean the
i think it’s really interesting to look
at cultures
and compare the ones with vibrant colors
in their ceremonies to other countries
like mine
where the higher level people either
wear very dark blue or they wear white
and beiges a lot
and i think there’s a lot to
to be said and i think it would be
interesting to do research sometime
the countries that
promote a lot of color
in their festivals and their activities
and their dance
how that relates to the diversity of the
culture in survival over time
and i think the color
and that diversity lends itself to the
survival of people
so because it feeds the soul
land colors don’t do much
to feed anything
but i’m really glad you brought up
because i can remember
um although i get confused i believe in
genetic memory too
but i’ve been able to prove
one of my genetic memories
or i yeah it would be a genetic memory
but i also
have memories of being in other times
that have given me strength
to help sustain me through this lifetime
that’s been
that’s been a blessing in my lifetime
can you talk a bit about you like people
should be interested to know about a bit
about you like what you do you write
people you write uh poems you write
so just a little bit about you like
i grew up italian-american
my dad was first-generation
italian-american so
i have i’ve always had a soft place for
and i believe in the
uh that power of diversity for anywhere
you live
my parents divorced when i was young
so when i was growing up
um i was born in 47 so when i was
growing up it was a bad label to have on
you that you came from divorced parents
they called it being from a broken home
and that was sort of meant that you were
inclined not to turn out well or
both my parents
were people who
in some ways were very embedded in the
american culture but in other ways
promoted us thinking for ourselves
that has been a good thing in my life
i have a masters of arts in ethereum
practice of education
i was in education for a number of years
until a car accident
took me out of my career
i do write i also do a lot of volunteer
i’m i believe in family and community
help i like to promote those concepts
with people yes um i do
i have been involved especially on my
mom’s side of this family
people believe in the paranormal
and the supernatural
so i’ve spent part of my life delving
into that also in fact that’s sort of
been a thread through my life
and it’s been
something that
it’s being called parapsychology instead
of paranormal
to associate it with an expansion of
i think so i’m so glad that it happened
during my lifetime
that people are talking about it in that
in america in the united states
that has that has been something that’s
put down
over the years sort of science took the
lead and everything
but science was used to squash
people’s experiences
if they weren’t understood
and now that’s kind of coming full
and there’s larger numbers of people
respect those experiences and i think
those experiences are very important to
us and i think they’ll become more
as we need to figure out
and survive the changes that our world
is going through
what is that genetical memory you have
just uh referred to what do you mean by
that like
can you explain that like
when i was little
i used to hum jewish songs
and there were no jews in the family and
we had no jewish friends
so i don’t know where that came from
but i’ve always thought both on my mom
and my dad’s side that we had some
jewish lineage
i’ve you know with all the genealogy
research that’s been going on i don’t
know if it’s popular where you are but
it’s been very popular in the united
nothing comes up
i just kept having this feeling and it
was strong
and i would find things in
research on the internet that would
associate my last name
which is my maiden name i’m divorced and
i took my maiden name back
i could that would associate my name
with possible jewish lineage
just recently because of the dna tests i
was put in contact with a distant cousin
and she
told me
about a rabbi barbara in calabria italy
which calabria is where my relatives
come from my italian relatives
uh she was
that that
that lineage especially
had a clan name they lived up in the
mountains of calabria and they had a
clan name so i gave her that information
and some other names in that part of the
and it turns out
that those were crypto jews
they were the jews who in
escaping the inquisition
they hid in the mountains of italy
that group that one family the estorino
a large number of them stayed up in the
mountains even up through now
and um
so there is jewish in my family and i’m
exploring it on my mom’s side now
um yeah that that was one that was one
that we were able to prove and growing
up i always had
a love of france too
and i always felt a strong connection
there and i i’ve had um you want to call
them daydreams or whatever you want to
call them um
i had a sense of having been there
it turned out from my cousin’s father’s
research on my mother’s side that i do
have a
lineage also
and it’s interesting because a lot of
the ones that i remember are about
uh survival
it’s about people who were persecuted
the survival
of of people through really hard times
and i
kind of think that’s
a good thing for me to be remembering
those right now
because the world’s kind of in a place
we have to be strong
um we have to be peaceful warriors i
think you know
so that our children and our
grandchildren can keep going on not to
but to survive
yeah um
did you had any kind of uh
paranormal experiences
which you could remember and you could
share like
so during my divorce it was a bad
divorce it was ugly
many years ago yeah okay yeah
many years ago
and i started doing meditation
to help me be more relaxed and deal with
the stress
it was a spiritualist church where i
went to to learn the meditation
they do the blue light
i’ve always easily gone into
visualizations and stuff during
meditation and getting messages whatever
you want to call it
and there was
it was also during the time when um
nuclear war was being threatened in the
world so this was a few years ago
i was sitting in a in a dark room with a
few people
and we were
being silent
i started seeing that i was in another
room with a round floor
i could see that the walls of the room
kind of leaned in as they went up
and there was a small circle at the top
of the room
and i was i was saying little prayers
with it
and i thought oh oh oh no i’m inside of
a bullet
and i thought does this have to do with
the threat of nuclear war
and i started getting scared and then i
calmed myself down
i started seeing the room expand
the walls of the room were going out the
little circle at the top was lifting up
everything turned pastel colors
and the circle at the top became
a face it was sort of looking at like
at a stained glass window only it was
becoming alive
and then i realized that the walls were
not walls they were wings
i felt love
and i felt it down all through my body
down like to a cellular level
i realized that i had been inside and
the embrace a hug
of an angel
so i felt protected then
i had an emperor of those kinds of
do you believe angel success
i’m sorry do you believe angel success
i’m going to say yes
i believe
i don’t know that we all define angels
the same way
but yes i believe they exist and
over time
well can i tell you another little story
i was in a bad car accident a few years
ago that took me out of my career
my art i’d always been a decent
decent at art i could draw i could paint
and i did that a lot as a growing up
all that went away after my brain injury
i couldn’t do the detail work or the
control of the pen pen or pencil anymore
i thought i’m gonna go get some art
lessons and try to get some of this back
and he had me do what’s called
subconscious painting
and you keep your eyes closed and you
have a sponge and you have like three
colors of paint in a bowl
and you go back and forth between
dipping your sponge in and putting it on
the canvas but you’re blindfolded
and you do that for 20 minutes but you
keep yourself focused on one thing
so i was thinking angels
after 20 minutes which was hard to do
after a brain injury but i did it after
20 minutes it was a cherubim that was
what was on the canvas
it scared me
i wasn’t ready for it to come out so
strong i guess
so i didn’t do anything with it for a
few years and then i went back and
started doing it again
and i said prayers to saint michael to
keep myself focused
and did it
and what came up was a green man
a green man is i think it’s origination
maybe is caltech or something along
those lines but it’s a guardian spirit
of of plants and animals
and it
it struck me then
that the angels and the fairies all the
elementals and the angels are on a
along that spectrum are all the
different things
the different entities that are
invisible to us most the time
that help the earth or help humankind or
whatever and that saint michael and the
green man are are kind of
the same entity only on a different
level or a different phase of the
i become aware at times of what people
would call fairies
but i think they are the elementals and
i think that there’s a scientific
explanation or connection for some of
that it doesn’t mean they aren’t real
it’s a different name for the same kind
of energy
that’s a long answer to saying yes
so let’s come to your book the writings
you have done like
um how many books did you write so far
this the last one is my fourth one
but i think it’s the only one in print
right now
um pathways walking through creation
it’s a collection of 90 poems
and the poems
extend over my lifetime
they start about 1954
uh when i was in in elementary school so
i have a couple in there two or three
from when i whatever i could find that i
still had from elementary school
um go up through 2021
i’ve been an activist of different sorts
so there’s some
things about social issues in there
environmental issues
i don’t write like what this pond too
much although
in a way i like to write about
i think everything is connected
internally as well as externally i think
there’s lots of proof for that
so i like to write about
how we’re very much like
an ocean that’s inside of us we’re
walking around with the ocean inside of
um so i i like to write nice things but
i also write about real issues that are
kind of
hard sometimes for people to hear about
but they’re real issues that we need to
here in the united states we kind of
pretend that there’s a lot of things and
we make them invisible
that way we don’t have to deal with them
and i think it’s important for things
not to be invisible because spiritually
we’re all connected spiritually we have
to solve
everyday problems and work on those as
much as we have to
be connected to the larger things i’m
not for sure we can be connected to the
universe or to
the larger existence of everything if
we’re not also trying to connect to the
everyday things
that we deal with every day you know
so the thing is like
uh like we human beings only have five
senses you know
like the imaginary what we make in our
mind is based on
based on to the
central experiences which we had with
the senses whatever the contacts we are
making with
so there are higher dimensions are
existing in which our senses may not be
able to access hindu our science
literature everything is based on that
only like
what is our understanding of this entire
pattern that that is what we make out
from that right so there is there are
higher dimensions like in yoga through
yoga you can experience those higher
dimensions basically
like yoga is not just uh stretching your
body here and there and things like that
it’s it’s it’s called hada yoga is a
branch of yoga then there is another
branch which is raja yoga the king of
yoga like it’s mostly metaphysical yoga
teaching senses what to see how to see
like it’s beyond what
because the large is actually
beyond our imagination and
you know so that can be only
can be experienced cannot be explained
you know it’s like love love is only can
be experienced whatever you write it
doesn’t make any sense you know
right i totally agree i think that’s
and those experiences
can’t really take that away from us we
can carry that
with us and use it to feed us
no matter what other people think or say
i think having that validated by people
like you is very important
that’s important
for people to understand that their
experiences are their truth
if they’ve experienced some things that
they know they’re loved or they know
protected or they have a knowing
that’s so important for them to
have it validated
i agree yes
can you recite the three to four stance
of any of your favorite poem which you
can i read one that’s a page is that
uh yeah
i can do a short one if you want a short
like whatever you feel like uh some
stances are fine
like you know
okay this is one of those that we can’t
really understand it but this was my
attempt to express it
musings on the macrocosm
from the darkness of not nothing
full of itself circling
pierced through by the light
sparking motion with notion
looking back on not nothing
drawn through itself
to the dawn of now
let’s see
i have one
on fear
because i think fear is the thing
that most of us need to work on
and i thought i had it marked of course
page 52
we tend to get carried away by
things in our culture i think
put us on the wrong path
and um
so this is a short poem about that
fear is contagious
we all feel it
our natural fear is useful
to those who love power
controlling fear through culture makes
controlling fear through politics makes
some say it makes the world safe
but never
does it make the world safe
from fear
can you sing it like
can you sing it is that okay
i do have some poems that kind of have
a beat in a and
chant or a music to it yes that could
easily be put
yeah i have some small thing like
see this is a
oh nice
do you want a heavy
a heavy duty poem
um whatever like no
okay okay
oh go ahead play the drum
you sing
oh i wish i could
my voice is creaky and i’ve got some
scar tissue no that’s okay but whatever
i can do some toning you want to hear
some toning while i look for the other
do you like tony
turning means like
wait a minute
that’s tony
let’s see
oh that’s nice
i can’t find
the one i wanted of course but i will
bring in something else
i live on an island in the pacific ocean
that used to be
occupied by indigenous people
the indigenous people were forced off of
the island
walking through parts of the island i
often hear
some of the drumming you know what i
yes drumming is like heartbeats you know
like you know the
anglo indians like you know there was uh
red indians was there in the u.s
you know they used to drum like it’s a
it’s a beats of the nature
yes and
and the
area used to be taken care of by the
native americans they didn’t disrupt it
the way the settler culture did
um i i think the land wants them back
so this is a poem i wrote about that
ancient stones
in the daybreak as brees ruffles spruce
here crows call frozen time
smell the breathy sigh
of those waiting for the thaw
as missed crouches upon paradise
see almost
but not quite
timeless faces torn from island
some do mistake stuck as spiritual
mired feelings drugged numb
lies are not healing
truth and justice on the drums
names famed by cries
bones of the mother bleed for the
children gone
grown to reshape the land
searing eyes flash vibrant flame
stone shine
as passion
that’s rings
it’s great i love it
it’s wonderful
the vedic peoples can buy your poems
um amazon
barnes and noble
um village books i’m not for sure you
have village books there but you have
the amazon i’m sure so amazon is every
place in it good and bad yeah
there’s some
there’s some old uh love
poems and love lost
then there’s also poems more poems about
and um
the changes that we’re going through
how we how we keep seeming to lose
we keep seeming to lose ancient
knowledge and i think it comes around
again because i think we all carry it
with us
how can we not carry it with us
if we’re consciousness and if we’re
evolving to become more conscious
it also
is sad to me
when i realize especially
as they
as scientists explore and uncover more
more cultures that have been here for
thousands and thousands of years
and to realize all that knowledge or
or that awareness even if that culture
is gone it feels sad to me but i do
believe that we all carry it with us we
all know what truth is and everybody has
piece of the truth
and when we’re all together and we
respect each other then we’ve got the
whole truth
because we each have a part of it i
everybody’s important everybody is
unique and we need to be listening to
everybody i think
what were these other books you have
um one of them is the
about the head injury i went through
that’s the phoenix connection
i i need to redo that one um
but there may be some old copies that
you can find on amazon
and there was one i wrote i care gave
for my mom for a number of years and i
tried to come up with a manual to help
other people because it’s hard
we don’t really have
big extended families here
some groups of people here in the united
states do but the majority especially
those who work for corporate america
really don’t have that kind of help
it was
it was meant to
help people
to remind people to prepare
that they’re probably going to have to
take care of
some member elder member of their family
and ways that
they can make it easier for themselves
and and make it because there’s so many
good things about it
it’s too bad when the
harshness or the
everyday 24 7
outweighs the good parts like i had the
to record stories of my mother’s
she grew up in the
and so
grandchildren can know what farm life
was like
here in the 1920s
a piece of fruit and one toy was a big
deal at christmas and they didn’t always
have that but they always had food
because they lived on the farm and they
could always share that food with other
people on the holidays
those kinds of things i think are
as we move through times where
it’s likely we’re going to have to
completely change our lifestyles
i think it’s uh
good to know
there were also songs that my mother
that i could get the words down for
which reflected information of what life
was like during world war ii
what it was like as women made changes
and went out of the home more and
started working more and things like
that so
there’s a lot of richness
and it’s so nice to be able to tell my
my grandson
well that’s interesting that you’re
interested in the violin because your
uncle ross played the violin
or your great uncle ross played the
violin or um
you you had
you had a great great aunt who
did the similar thing that you want to
do had the same interest you had
there’s a richness
in learning more about your relatives
backgrounds by
being a caregiver
and sharing things that wouldn’t be
shared because you’d be living in
separate places
see that is interesting actually like
looking at into the family structure
what what is actually happening right
like um you know
most of the people’s feel empowered uh
if they are out of the family and uh
and they think in that way that
being alone and coming out from the
family and
as early as possible uh if they can do
it at the age of 18 that is
even if they can do at the age of 16 it
will be so great
and start themselves like start working
for themselves
and funding them funding for the
schooling by themselves itself
growing up with other peoples and
choosing the partner they want like for
example in india the family structure
what it happens in marriage is like
uh two families come together and they
talk before the men and women speak
and they choose uh what to marry and how
to marry and
things like that there is a lot of
things like that around that thing is
existing and some people are believing
that this all things are [ __ ] and
we have to be in more liberated way and
what what is the way do you feel like
the family structure has to be looked
what do i think it should look like or
what do i think
where it’s at now
the family’s um
how do you feel how do you reflect
yourself to this
i think it’s
the corporate structure has become
they encourage people to look at the
corporate structure as family
instead of their blood
or instead of their friends a lot of
people it’s their friends who are their
family and that’s great but that’s a
whole different relationship
people who are going to use you to make
money until
uh until you’re too old to do it anymore
that’s a whole different situation and i
think we’ve gotten away from family in a
way that’s damaging not only to our
but to our souls and to our minds
the coming times as
climate change
forces structures to change
we’re going to have to go back to family
we’re going to have to learn to have
better and real relationships with
we’re going to have to
value our children and everybody’s
children more
because we have to have clean water and
we have to have decent nutritional food
to eat those are the basics
and shelter
you can’t have a good community without
strong families
whether it’s blood or whether it’s your
best friends that you’ve made your
either way those things are so important
and if we can be working on
figuring out those relationships now and
how to build better relationships
between people
i grew up because of my father’s side of
the family with probably 20 cousins
that were within five years of age of
each other
they were my best friends growing up
with what has happened
in our country politically over the last
10 years
probably longer but it became more
impacting on things like family i’d say
in the last 10
12 15 years
i have cousins that
we hardly ever speak
because the politics
have has caused such a divide between
family members
we have to learn how to listen to each
and how to figure out why we each think
that way
this just didn’t happen because they
took some kind of a drug or something
this happened because they had some kind
of an experience
some kind of a fear that made them
want to think that way
we have to talk this out and i think
there are groups here in the states who
are forming
try to achieve that
what i see is that the people who are
starting to see that we have to find
some unity somehow are getting involved
those people who need to hold on
to there’s good guys and bad guys
that they’re not willing to start the
but it’s a step
it’s a step and maybe from that also we
can heal families as well as culture i
think our culture has to change over
over here our culture has been extremely
and extremely corporate to our undoing
what else can i say
we have to change
james to what
changed to
where materialism is no longer the main
where capital runaway capitalism
and corporate
isn’t going to happen anymore
um so the the thing is like there is
communism has happened it was a great
experiment like soviet russia has came
up and again it turned out to be become
a capitalistic force the communism which
is actually
meant to fight against the uh
corporate ism is become like another
corporate capital like you know so then
it’s failed actually like it’s failed in
many places like
it’s failed also so how do you reflect
to that like it’s already done
i’m sorry
go ahead
yeah we already tried to run out from
the capitalism we already tried to
destroy the capitalistic forces
and the humanity faced a very big
failure and
it’s it’s it’s created uh it’s also
created the
uh largest killers in the history
like for example uh stalin
those peoples are skilled peoples for
uh to be become more secure like more
more more better humans they kill
peoples for become more better humans
how do you see that like it’s already
we’ve been
i think we’re still coming out of the
dark ages
we’re still trying to find our way
um a light that illuminates for us
so we don’t feel so fearful about
everything when i’ve looked into
how our culture changed during the
middle ages
because of things like the inquisition i
can see
why science went the direction it did
i’m all for science one of my degrees is
in biology however i’m not for tobacco
science i’m not for science that
things that
as if it’s supposed to be worshipped
you write about
capitalism and and i agree with you
everything you’re saying
mostly the people
who have
gone the routes they’ve gone were people
who were very damaged by their culture
like hitler he was a person on the
outside of things he was unsuccessful
with what he thought
he wanted to do to become famous
it got twisted and turned
i often ponder
some of the hatred of one group of
people against another group
because of
or how much melatonin they have in their
skin or whatever
is really about people
it’s easier to give an example
in my understanding of my background in
the genetic and um
genealogy research that’s been done in
my family
i have all kinds of things in my
i come from every continent in the world
except south america so
every continent i’ve got some lineage
from that’s
enough time that it can be found
in the late 1800s and early 1900s in the
united states i would have been called a
that means i had a mixture of things
probably jewish which i do
um it’s 400 years back but it’s there so
in those days in the united states
people who were considered malenchen
also treated like people
from africa african americans
there were laws passed in some areas
um they uh against them owning land etc
being able to vote so those who could
pass those who got
fair of skin
then moved across the united states
and ended up on the west coast
eventually many of them you can trace
them through parts of southern ohio
which my relatives also were in all the
way out to the west coast
i believe
my grandmother on my mother’s side who
when i would sing those jewish songs
when i was a kid or hum the junes
she would hush me
she was a racist against jewish people
i believe that that could have come
that hatred or that racism
could have come
because as the people were trying to
escape the racism on the east coast they
were hushing their kids not to
say things that would give it away
what culture they originated from
and eventually after many generations
and being hushed they thought that
because they were hushed about it that
it was something bad so they started
separating themselves from those people
i think a lot of hatred
comes from fear
all hatred i’m sure comes from fear but
i also think it comes from
a negative thing that happens when
you’re being unculturalized in your
so a lot of the people who hate certain
people really have that in their
and they’re running from it
they’re not facing that they really are
a part of
everybody else
we have to get back to seeing that we’re
all family we’re all of the larger
family and that we have to make a better
future for our children for all children
or there won’t be a human race
there were
if spirit likes will become something
else with spirit to develop more from
that modality but um we have to be
worrying about decent food and clean
water now
and we need to be planning for that and
i think it’s great they’re going to
build better roads here and i think it’s
great that they’re going to make a
better infrastructure
i hope it includes making sure that
everybody on local levels knows how to
get clean water or make the water they
have clean enough to drink
um so do you want to say something
to the people who are actually listening
to this particular podcast where they
can connect to you like what they can
for what they can connect to you
and uh
where where they can buy the books from
like the books you have written
and it is actually interesting that you
are making the point that we have to be
unconditioned by ourselves like
there is a lot of conditioning as a
human beings we have a lot of
conditioning like i belong to this
particular cast i belong to this
particular region or i belongs to this
particular religion like if we continue
in that way like i think we all will
kill each other so soon
um yeah because we all cry tears we all
want healthy children
we all want to be loved and to have
somebody to love
we’re all people who share that we’re
all the same
and we all want our children to survive
and have a chance for a decent life
and i want that for everybody’s children
pathways can be
forgotten at amazon barnes and noble
my emails bren astor b-r-e-n
and um i appreciate this opportunity to
share with you
and i hope that we all can find the
things that help us to unify to make a
better world for all of us
for all of our children
so do you feel that the spiritual path
is the way that we can actually connect
to unify
once you once you realize that you’re
interconnected with everything else once
you have that is the only way like we
can actually realize that the
spiritual realization is very important
basically you know like
because science is actually
explaining all the
possible questions related to existence
you know but the um
science is just the outside it is not
going to be inside like it’s a pattern
it’s finding out the patterns i i have a
graduation in engineering and you had
what what is your qualification did you
done a phd
and science is a tool like our mind is a
tool in the toolbox
and our experiences
fill up the information
that our toolbox can’t get
and our heart
if we let our heart be the master then
we’re going to use all those tools
did i answer your questions there were a
lot of questions there
yeah you
your presence itself is answering a lot
of questions
wouldn’t it be all wouldn’t it be great
if we all work together on the questions
if we all discuss the questions and we
heard everybody’s opinion about the
answers to the questions wouldn’t that
be great
we all will come one day
yeah we all will come one day
okay we dream we are dreamers
well i hope that we all
i hope that we can all have a similar
dream for the future
i hope
if we all have
that is not conditioned with the
caste religion
well i i don’t i’m
i’ll ask you because you
are the one that’s experiencing
things with your students with your
yogic and and those practices correct
do we all have similar dreams
we never share the similar dreams we all
have different dreams
we all have different dreams
is there a commonality or an underlying
commonality for all the different dreams
see the
beings are actually not all are higher
like it starts from the lower beings
like uh the primary
things the most of the dreams will be
like animalistic dreams
how do i
how do i get that women into my bird how
do i get that
food in my pocket or how do i get that
money in my pocket this is animalistic
dream so it’s just to deal with the
you know and
so that that is
that is most of the beings are like that
and when they want greed along with that
this primary needs when it’s mixed with
the grids so let’s have a nuclear war so
that i will get a large sum of things
large quantity of stuffs things like
so this
this is actually a separated dream like
you know
um conditioned dream then there are
unconditioned dreams like john lennon
and all
you know
we dream
vision we envision that that there
and suddenly they will get killed
yeah yeah
yes i i i hear you there i hear you
there it’s um
it’s always a risk to be the ball that
bounces higher than other people right
or or goes in a different direction
that’s always a risk
and if we could have a
it was
it was a great thing when people allowed
themselves to take those risks
to find out what information they might
bring back to the rest of us
that would be
there have been times in the history
of humankind and written historical time
where there have been cultures that were
to different people’s ideas and
and to discuss just different different
religions to sit down and have
was a fine thing and it was um
part of the culture to do that without
fear it was done
in recognition that ideas were something
to discuss
and not something to be afraid of
so i i would hope that we can get back
to that place again
where all ideas can be discussed even if
we don’t want to do some of them
we soon will get into that
otherwise we will kill each other
i yeah
if if that’s the way we’re going to go
it’s just going to be a much harder
world to survive
it’s time to make choices i think that
if we make if we can see what the
outcomes of our behaviors are going to
i mean
the guns are getting more
use of guns here is happening more and
more recently there was somebody that
discharged one in an airport
and um
young people who think they need to take
them out on the street to protect
themselves and
well we’ve always had that but it’s it’s
been in the news more
um in different
segments of our society
so if that’s the choices we’re going to
then life’s going to get much harder for
all of us
have to start making choices i think
we can encourage that to happen
is where the discussions come in i hope
i hope
if we can have more discussions in
where people learn more about the
alternative histories that we’re not
told about usually as we’re going
through public school that would be
great too
because we learn more about how the
actions of different people in our
country have have affected groups like
the indigenous
like slavery like those kinds of issues
i think that’s been discussed more and i
think children are growing up more
more children are growing up now
knowing alternative histories as well as
the homogenized virgin version that’s
taught in our public schools
as that happens people will become more
because they’ll see that
people have been affected large huge
numbers of people have been affected
even genocided
by the decisions that were made
to accumulate wealth
i’m hoping that happens more often
thank you for joining
today oh thank you
thank you for having me
it’s been a joy to talk to you and thank
you for the drumming
i loved it
okay then um
so do you have any website or anything
email that i gave an amazon book
sidekick press
is the publisher
and you can i can always be reached
through the publisher too okay
thank you
thank you for listening to my podcast
you could
connect with me in irene’s yoga dot iron
where you could see my collect details
including my phone number my whatsapp
and my life
stay tuned for more exciting

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