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hi this is arun from
i am a software engineer who mostly work
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well i’m a tantric by birth in a family
which is passing tantric wisdom from
generations to generations
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and got lucky to travel across india and
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hello all
in today’s podcast we are having a gus
his name is
tom paladino
he does
the scalar energy research and healing
through that
so in this particular episode
we are trying to see
what he is doing
and how it works
welcome to another episode of irons
the scalar energy research of tom
today we are having a special guest
does the spiritual healing
not the usual way he do the scalar
energy and the research which is related
to that
yeah you can start talking about scalar
what is what is that scalar energy like
you know we all speak about different
kind of energy spiritual energy light
energy and things like that and uh you
are speaking about scalar energy and
with the photographs you can actually
increase people’s
life expectancy
well-being basically
so how does it work um
it’s actually a little bit superficial
for many people how
looking at into a photograph can
actually help people to
develop their own spiritual well-being
and their own energy and that could
actually leads to healing and things
like that
so can you explain a bit about the
let’s begin with you can you talk a bit
about you
why you got interested in the scalar
energy as such and what does it mean
i work with scalar energy i have scalar
energy instruments why did i get
involved with this well
it has great potential
it’s a different type of energy it’s not
electricity scalar energy is chi or
or zero point energy it’s a different
type of energy
it’s very versatile
it can be used in so many applications
and i’ve discovered that it benefits
health the health of people and animals
so i wanted to present my research to
the world
as to the benefits that can be derived
from this this technology scalar energy
so with that i’ve developed over the
years instruments scalar energy
and those instruments can capture scalar
energy chi or prana
and we can we can improve a person’s
spiritual health many ways we can
balance the seven chakras
and we can balance the brain waves
and we do this by way of this
instrumentation these are scalar energy
that once again we work with photographs
i actually take a person’s photograph
i’ll print out the photograph and i’ll
place the photograph inside the
instrument this is my photograph
and when i send energy
scalar energy into the photograph it
to their chakras or it connects to their
we do all of this all of the workers by
way of photographs email photographs
so we’re working with people around the
by way of their
aura or their chi or their prana
and the way we make that connection to
their spirit
is through the photograph
it’s a new technology
i believe i’m the only one in the world
that’s practicing this technology right
so can you explain a bit more about the
uh scalar energy like we can actually
experience the energy we all know this
is the vibrations of the atoms and
stuffs like that
like what is the scientific
explains the scalar energy
yeah there are a few scientists who
develop scalar energy instruments hence
we have to rely upon their
as to this energy so
you can theorize all day long
but you have to have a or energy
instrument in order to to have scalar
energy practice or the understand the
application of this energy
there have been scientists such as
nicola tessa and galen hieronymus
who develops scalar energy instruments
and with that they have a background
they by way of experience they can
relate as to the nature of scalar energy
the scientists myself included have this
experience this hands-on experience in
which we can
we can
that we have developed a new approach
to energy control
and with this technology with these
we have now
ventured into a new branch of physics
and that’s what we’re speaking of it’s
an entirely new
field of study
it’s a new discipline in scalar energy
presently it’s not accepted by academia
it’s only been established by a few
scientists and one of those few
so it’s new it’s
and much research needs to be done to
develop this technology
can you defend scalar energy give a
definition for the scalar energy
i believe it’s the the light of god
scalar energy does not behave like
electricity scalar energy is an internal
energy never experiences entropy
it never weakens over
time or distance
so scalar energy is the light of god
it’s a divine energy
you are speaking about the instruments
those can accelerate the
uh particular existence of the
corely or the divine energy
um what sort of the instruments those
are and what it exactly does
they are custom built instruments many
ways i’ve modeled the instruments after
my predecessor his name is
galen hieromas
and with these instruments we again we
can control this dimension
scalar energy or chi or prana
so on account of the fact that they’re
custom built instruments this is this
has never been done before with the
exception my predecessor galen
hieronymus we’re the only ones that have
this type of instrumentation
so with that said
our results are quite stellar but
we we cannot compare our results to
anybody else it’s we’re the only ones in
the room that have ever ventured along
this path
what is it it exactly does like what
does it exactly do
do you have a scale of energy instrument
with you right now
yeah i i do it’s in my laboratory
they’re just they’re too big i can’t
move them around they’re not portable
so some of the functions that i’ve
discovered with scalar energy it
controls molecules it can either bring
or assemble a molecule or break apart or
disassemble a molecule
so these instruments allow us to control
molecular forms
imagine that
we can control molecular forms
and in so doing we have incredible
control over
over matter
so for instance if i wanted to create a
for an antioxidant i could actually
assemble create a hormone on an
antioxidant with these instruments
or if there was a toxin
say a
chemical a pollutant or a micro such as
a fungus or a parasite we could break it
apart with this energy this technology
so the point is with scalar energy we
have control over molecular form we have
mastery over molecular form that’s very
if we have mastery over over molecular
form then that leads us to a new chapter
in which we can control the physical
that’s very important now we have
mastery over physical form
can you
a little bit more how does the
instruments work
we know the
instruments those are working with the
physical energy it’s like uh for
instruments there are cathode anode and
the electrons will pass from one place
to another how does this work
like scalar energy theoretically
sure sure so to to
walk through this process if i have a
photograph of a person this is my
photograph i could send energy or
instructions scalar energy instructions
into the force field into the spirit
and in so doing
i could by way of this photograph i
could create
nutrients again such as hormones or
antioxidants or vitamins and minerals
through the medium of the photograph
now keep in mind i never work with
people or animals i only work with
so this is the new signs in which you’re
a force field or the aura or the spirit
i don’t work with physical biological
life i work with force fields everything
is non-physical
so by sending energy or instructions
into a photograph the photograph
receives those instructions the
photograph is able to assemble
a vitamin mineral hormones or
and then there’s another process which
we can detect on the photograph we can
detect say a bacterium or a fungus or a
and we can break apart the bacterium or
the fungus
by way of this energy field on the
so what am i saying
the photograph is a mirror-like image of
a person
i never work with people i only work
with the copy of a person which is their
force field
it’s an entirely new
it’s a new beckoning science it’s an
entirely new approach to reality
in which you don’t work in an
electromagnetic spectrum you work in a
scalar energy spectrum there’s two
spectrums there’s two dimensions
and a photographic dimension can be
accessed by way of a scalar energy
i don’t think electromagnetic
instruments can access
the aura
or if you will the chi the prana the
scalar energy on the photograph you need
a scalar energy instrument to access the
scalar energy information on a
this is what’s so peculiar about the
work of doctor hieronyms in my work
we’ve always been able to access
the scalar energy information on a
photograph only with the scalar energy
so this is a once again a new and
emerging science and it takes a
different viewpoint
what people have learned in by way of
academia regarding electromagnetic
energy is true that is valid
but this is a new science that that
demands a new interpretation of reality
this this is a new physics textbook so
to speak
so the laws of electricity are not the
laws of scalar energy
so we have to develop a new
understanding of this new science and
then and only then can we understand in
application how this works
here all already said that there are
some instruments are being developed
or you’ve been into contact with
so how does it actually work what kind
of parts those machines ask
they’re rather sophisticated instruments
um the best way i could describe it
i i am able to harness scalar energy in
a vacuum tube and that vacuum tube is a
reservoir or or creates that scalar
energy environment it’s been trans
transduced within that vacuum tube
and then there from i can send that
energy out into tesla coils and the
tesla coils magnify that energy
so the instrument is able to capture and
harness scalar energy the vacuum tube is
a key component you can’t work with a
solid-state circuitry you need a vacuum
tube that introduces an environment a
like a 3d environment
not with
solid-state circuitry and in so doing
once you have that environment that
you’ve created in the vacuum tube
then it’s it’s quite different then then
you could
send scalar energy anywhere in the world
by way of a person’s photograph now keep
in mind electricity is limited to one
scalar energies is the omnipresence of
god there is no limitation to scalar
energy once you’re working in that
paradigm this scalar energy paradigm
you can you can access the energy
instantaneously anywhere in the universe
so this is an instantaneous divine
it’s quite different than that of
so what does this wacom tubes actually
like is that filled with uh any kind of
gases or is there any kind of no it’s
it’s a it’s essentially inert but what
what it does do it introduces the double
helix which is the scalar weight
so you have to in this world
which is predominantly an
electromagnetic environment you have to
be able to overcome electricity and
and create a scalar wave the standing
scalar wave so what does my instrument
do it creates a standing scalar wave it
perpetuates scalar energy
in which scalar energy will not break
down it will not degrade into
electricity and magnetism
so through this process that dr
hieronymus has developed and that i’ve
been able to perfect over the years
i have an instrument that can sustain a
standing wave a scalar energy standing
wave that’s the key
the instrumentation and the control of
the energy that’s the key
what is the unit of scalar energy
it’s a good point there is no unit
you see an electromagnetic
environment you have a finite unit
such as a
a kilometer or a mile
to measure distance
or if you’re you’re measuring a fluid
it could be a gallon
or a liter
but with scalar energy it’s omnipresent
it’s everywhere
so there is no fundamental
scalar energies is an infinite
scalar energy is the omnipresence of god
so there is no unit
so frankly i don’t believe it can be
measured because in order to measure
something it has to be finite you cannot
measure the infinite
so i can i can
aster came the before and after results
with my energy
i’ve never been able to measure it i
don’t think you can measure something
that’s infinite
why do we need an instrument
to measure to work with something which
is infinite
yeah everybody has the ability to call
upon scale or energy through your mind
your thoughts or through your your heart
your prayer your emotions
so the human mind and the the human
heart are great examples of scalar
energy vessels
they’re instruments of scalar energy
and i’ve always encouraged people to
think well okay and to be of good heart
be of good cheer
have a virtuous life
those characteristics
our thinking and
our our thoughts and our emotions
that is all part of the scalar energy
so everybody in the world has access to
scalar energy in particular
i have the ability to control and to
refine that energy through
that should not be a drawback to anybody
using their mind and their heart
you’ve been mentioning some scientists
those who’ve been worked with the scalar
so what is their work and who are they
i believe the first scientist who
controls scalar energy was nichola tesla
nikola tesla a great scientist he
developed scalar energy instruments
and he saw the merit of this energy and
i think frankly i think he became
enamored of this energy
and he more or less abandoned his
electrical engineering career he wanted
to work
almost exclusively with scalar energy
with that said there was a few other
galen hieraris that i’ve studied under
there’s a an american
inventor thomas moray a few other
but very few scientists have able to
be able to control this energy through
instrumentation the key to this science
in practice practical application is
instrumentation you have to have an
instrument to control scale energy and
to produce what i would consider
dependable reproducible results
so in order to develop
the science to that
to that extent you need a great deal of
research and a great deal of insight
from god to create instruments to create
scalar energy instruments
what was their work basically is there
any scientific papers or any
instruments they have developed
tesla had left wrote many scientific
papers and and you could read some of
his scientific papers but hieronymus is
it’s limited because uh for the most
part he was not published
but there are no
instruments left
tesla’s instruments were seized by the
united states government
and hieronymus
his work fell into obscurity
and hieronymus his instruments are not
to be founded
so the point being is in many ways we
have to start over or we have to look at
these two great scientists and then
once again we have to
recreate their work which is a shame
so none of the instruments from them is
being founded
they’re gone
gone lost lost uh
forever perhaps
um and it’s a shame that that people did
not see the merit of these two great
scientists and work with them to a
greater capacity
so you know it’s it’s a lesson to be
learned when god gives a gift and you
realize that gift you don’t spurn that
how what basis
did you started to develop the
instruments that you say that you’re
you know it was really under god’s
impulse that i
pursued this career of research it’s
been a lifetime of research
i’m glad i did it but it’s been work
it’s been a tremendous amount of work
and the point i’m trying to make is that
this type of research
you have to have this focus
and i believe i’ve had that focus
it’s all consuming
and i might add that much of my research
is groundbreaking
so every discovery is is of merit but it
takes time it’s painstaking
so you already said that you have built
some instruments or you’re having the
instruments do you have any pictures of
your instruments
yeah yeah on my website you can find
my instruments and i show the
instruments on the website
so how does it work like you need to put
electricity on that or
yeah when i work with these instruments
some of them are passive and some of
them need an electrical current just to
start the process in which electricity
is converted into scalar
and i will note with that that
you can convert electricity into scalar
or scalar
back into electricity
so we we see that really it’s a
bi-directional conversion
with these two energies
and notably i i’ve always thought that
the stars create
scalar energy initially and scale energy
will invariably break down into
electromagnetic energy in many
environments and i’ve demonstrated that
in my laboratory which i can take
electricity converted into scalar and in
many ways that scalar will once again
break down into electromagnetic energy
so this is the the
the observation that i make and i think
i think
i will be proved to be right once other
scientists have discovered or
rediscovered what i have
so for example you’ve been already
speaking about the
infinite the scalar energy is actually
what we are having the electricity is
actually finite
so how
what is that making you to think that
finite energy could be
converted into infinite
yes yeah good point
if you if you take
a star all energy begins with this
infinite energy scalar energy and it
will maintain itself in certain
conditions under certain certain
circumstances but if scalar energy
degrades it will degrade and experience
and once scalar energy degrades into
electricity entropy enters into the
equation so to speak which is the
breakdown of the the field the breakdown
of the signal
so you you can always have perfect
provided you remain in a scalar wave
which is infinite energy which does not
experience any breakdown or entropy
so that’s the key
to keep this energy
all energy in a scalar form
as soon as it breaks down or converts
into electromagnetic energy
if entropy enters into the
into the equation that’s a finite
what was that last part i didn’t hear
one scale energy degrades into
electric electricity is a
finite consideration it’s a finite
energy and with that
entropy is that drives that
finite capacity
if electricity were infinite then it
would never experience entropy
what is that entropy means like
entropy is the loss of signal the the
degradation the loss of the signal it’s
it’s the it’s the demise of a paradigm
the weakening of a paradigm and that’s
what we see with electricity it always
the the model always breaks down it
degrades it corrodes it it loses energy
so my question is how do you convert the
electricity back to scalar energy
if you look at electricity in magnetism
it travels if you will in a in a
perpendicular fashion
okay and what you need to do if this is
electricity and and magnetism is working
in a perpendicular fashion along an axis
you need to correct that
and harmonize
so that they both join together
and form a scalar wave
so a scalar wave is a double helix i’m
wrapping my two hands like a double
helix and when that double helix breaks
down it becomes electricity and
uh moving in a in a perpendicular
so that’s to me that’s the topological
sense that’s the key
to to understanding a standing wave you
cannot break down standing wave it must
remain as a double helix
any equations related to scalar energy
i’m sorry
any equations related to scalar energy
i i don’t think there’s any drawback to
scalar energy i don’t think there’s any
uh any questions
no no not that i’ve seen any any
equations why
you cannot you cannot equate
i i don’t think anybody’s ever measured
scalar energy how how could you
write an equation for infinity
i mean you could but it would have the
equation would have to
describe an infinite concept on on both
ends so to speak
i’ve i’ve mused that thought
quite frequently i don’t know of any
scientific equation
that can prove scalar energy and if it
did then you would have to have an
equation that
that defined in
no you are speaking about the
instruments that is the
part which i am wondering like
the something which you can’t make an
equation out of
you may not be able to build an
instrument out of the same how does it
right how does it synchronize well
that’s a good point
you have to look at at the certain
geometry that these instruments are
built with and what am i getting at
this geometry is a copy of the universe
so my instruments essentially are
miniature star
so when i set out to
reproduce the work of doctor hieronymus
i realized that
ratio proportion the geometry is so
because the ratio of proportion that i’m
working with is identical to the ratio
and proportion of the universe
which is
is the phi ratio it’s the five principle
and that’s the key
you copy
nature that’s what i’m doing i’m copying
the instrumentation itself the actual
schematics that’s another matter that i
really don’t want to get into
that’s a guarded
technology that’s a guarded secret but
for the sake of this conversation i copy
if do you have any photographs
over here in your computer
uh which people could see
you can share the screen
i’m gonna try and share a screen it’s
disabled can you
can you share that with me
on your end i try to share a screen but
disabled from screen sharing so i don’t
know if we’ll be able to overcome that
if not the best way to do that is to
visit the website
i i have given you the access now you
can share this
okay let’s see if we can do this
let’s see if we can do this
that’s one of the instruments that i
these are the custom-built instruments
gonna make it a little bit bigger like
that that’s all i will go online
can you see it
um no it’s like thumbnails it is like
really you can’t see shoot
yeah that’s that’s as big as it will go
on my i’m sorry
um okay so that
that’s the scalar minus one thing one
second like if somebody is listening to
this particular podcast if even if they
are blind or something like can you
explain the
instrument that you can see
in your screen
okay all right
you’ll see in the top right hand corner
is a vacuum tube that vacuum tube is
essentially where we’ve
we’ve been able to create the standing
scalar wave within that vacuum tube that
that environment is a scalar energy
and it is to the point that there’s
very little or any of electricity or
magnetism in that vacuum tube
so that vacuum tube is if you will as a
if you will of scalar energy
then we move on to the left is
going to the center of the photograph
and we see that capacitor which which is
another means of
harnessing scalar energy and preparing
to be distributed or sent through those
series of wires
to the
broadcast tesla coil
that’s the transmitter tesla coil on the
top left
so the key again to all of this is the
ability for a scalar energy instrument
to sustain to create and sustain a
scalar wave
and this is what we’ve been able to
achieve with the work of doctor
hieronymus in our current work
it’s it’s so important to realize that
when we’re not working with electricity
that this is the new branch of physics
and this new branch of physics will
will one day be embraced as as
a new approach to reality it’s a
different dimension
can you explain a bit more like what is
this is actually made of that uh what
kind of metal you’ve been using to build
this particular um
usually when i when i work with this
instrumentation it’s usually copper
copper proves to be a very um
durable metal a metal that seems to be
very friendly to scalar energy
um if you look at the the
tesla coil on the top left that’s the
broadcast test the coil that’s the
and you can see the base is made out of
and through experimentation in doctor
hieronymus has
discovered this and our engineering team
has likewise concurred that copper is a
if you will repository or
if you will a great material to work
with scalar energy it works hand in hand
with scalar energy
allowing the standing scalar wave to
continue to to
uh perpetuate if you will
um so
much of that instrumentation is either a
copper or um
or perhaps an alloy of copper
you can see that the wiring that we’re
using is copper wiring
i’ll note that the wires never overlap
because once a wire will overlap touch
one another then the force fields start
to share
so unlike an electrical current where
one wire can touch another wire when
you’re working with a scalar wire
the wires have to remain separated
otherwise the two wires will start
to share scalar energy and we don’t want
to do that
scalar energy instrument should always
have its wires separated
what is the role of tesla coil here
the point of the tesla coils is to
magnify the signal in other words the
the instrument that you see right in
front of you
the oscillator sets up the the standing
wave so to speak
but once once we’ve
established a standing scalar wave then
we send it to the tesla coils to magnify
to amplify and to broadcast the scalar
so the tesla coils really are the the
amplifier that’s it’s important to
realize you still need to amplify this
and that’s the point of the the
transmitter and the receiver
tessa coils
so if someone has sent you a photograph
other part of the world for example you
are in you are from u.s and i am from
india and if i’m sending you one of my
photograph assume that and
does it can transmit the energy to the
place which i am living because i am in
the other part of the exactly opposite
part of where you live
so there’s another scalar energy
instrument that’s not
that’s that’s not in this photograph and
i would actually place photographs of
people in that other scalar energy
and that scalar energy instrument is if
you will a a
a a depository if you will of
allowing those photographs to be bathed
or those photographs to enjoy the scalar
energy the ambient scalar energy
so the other instrument that’s not
detailed is a scale likewise a scalar
energy instrument
that we can set we can actually place
photographs inside that instrument
now putting all of this together the the
other skin or energy instrument that
holds if you will the photographs of
people likewise enjoys a scalar energy
environment with certain calibration on
that instrument then
we can pinpoint
the person or we can send instructions
to the persons by way of that other
scalar energy instrument
so the photograph you’re looking at i
call that the ark the ark of the
covenant and the other instrument allows
me to introduce information
as well as photographs of people and
then that other scalar energy instrument
it not only holds it’s it’s a
if you will depository for photographs
but it’s also
a place where we can instruct the energy
the instructions are sent through that
other instrument
so how many use cases like
i’m sorry
how many use cases
uh uh
on on a daily basis now presently i’m
working with probably 150 200 000 people
a day
so the the instruments are able to work
with millions of photographs a day
so what i envision is is the role to get
behind us and to work with us
on an on a regular basis so that we can
provide healing to people by way of
their photograph
and if the instruments work with
millions of people at a time
well then
with that in mind we can we can work
with anybody around the world
it doesn’t matter where the location
and we can provide healing by way of
scalar energy through their photograph
you are saying that the uh scalar energy
is the infinite source of energy
so why somebody need to place their
photographs inside this particular
uh in order to get uh healed or
transformed or whatsoever
yeah yeah
everybody has the gift of healing
the scalar energy is everywhere in the
world again it’s sunlight or starlight
pervades every pervades the universe
my instruments allow me to have a
specific control over scaling
and this is what people don’t
necessarily have
i have instruments that can control the
energy and i can if you will i can
manipulate matter with these instruments
and that’s that’s the key to my research
the ability to control matter
to manipulate matter to our benefit
so anything else you want to talk here
no no i appreciate your your questions i
appreciate that the audience listening
to my
description of this new and emerging
i’ll mention this to the audience
visit our website it’s
anybody in the world can visit that
website and you’ll send us your
photograph we will
provide 15 days of free sessions
by way of the photograph so send us
email us your photograph and we provide
15 days of free sessions
so people can contact you in
scale like
thank you so much
thank you for listening to my podcast
you could
connect with me in irons
where you could see my contact records
including my phone number my whatsapp
and my life
stay tuned for more exciting

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