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good morning good morning good morning
and thank you for joining me on another
episode of the round table taco i am
your host sharifah hardy and we have an
incredible show for you today we’re
going to meet some incredible people
with some incredible stories and we’re
gonna find out more about them what they
do and what they’re passionate about
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ahead and introduce our very first guest
mr arun is going to talk to us from arun
yoga a room can confidently support you
in your efforts to optimize your
performance in the following areas
self-love training sacred set and
setting design romantic skill
development erotic fitness magical
manifestation and healthy communication
strategies and so much more good morning
arun how are you
so hi all uh myself from iron i’m all
the way from india
i have understood many things in a vedic
system of understanding
in which we could actually have uh
a deep orgasmic experience and that can
that we could actually transcendent to
whatever the things which we are doing
so i wrote a book as well this is the
cosmic engineering and orgasmic
continuum this is available in amazon
and other online platforms
once you have achieved that kind of
understanding that
that experience you could actually
put into anything which you do for
example you are doing a job or if you
are doing a business or
a relationship which it is not working
out for you you could uh put that
experience into that thing and make it
work for you so the universe will help
you to achieve those kind of things and
all those things based on
indian vedic system which is like uh
astrology is involved and the yoga also
is involved so you can get to know more
things about
my techniques which i teach in
irons yoga dot ion
absolutely i love hearing about you now
we are going to come back to you i want
to go ahead and introduce our very next
guest miss amy rose herrick amy is
excited she’s america’s profit booting
specialist he saves entrepreneurs and
financially savvy individuals time and
money by increasing their bottom lines
each and every year to live their dreams
or to build wealth for future
generations good morning amy how are you
i am well and blessed thank you and it’s
always a pleasure to be here with you
thank you it’s a pleasure to have you
and you know i love learning about
prophets especially secret secret
prophets and having you on the show but
for anyone who doesn’t know you tell us
a little bit about yourself who you are
what you do and what you’re passionate
well if it touches money i am your go-to
professional that’s it on the bottom
line i help business owners make their
business sellable every day of the year
and then i can assist them in selling
appreciated assets
like their business or real estate and
pay absolutely no income taxes legally
morally and ethically so when it touches
money i’m the person to go to
i also work in i’m an author i’m a
number one best-selling author this is
my recent book path faith first
suitcases second a decade of miracles
after 50 and i have other titles that
are up for sale i am revamping and
sending out an entire series and after
the first of the year i will have 11
that will be coming out it’s been a lot
of work but that’s going to be pretty
i also have short courses that are
to help business owners build their
bottom line or they can work with me
individually or in some group settings
and i enjoy
the outdoors i live in the u.s virgin
islands and i have been privileged to do
a live do-over
11 years ago in january so i know what
it’s like to sell it all give it away
live on the mainland and start life
somewhere else so that’s one of the
things i’m passionate about
is living life
on your terms
but still having a good time while
you’re doing
i love it i love it so the book you just
mentioned is that your new book
that is the newest book that i have out
and it is a number one bestseller and it
talks a lot about the journey that i had
in moving from the states to the u.s
virgin islands with my husband four kids
the dog we shipped the van but we had no
friends no family no jobs when we moved
to saint croix and i’m still here it’s
been a raving success so don’t be afraid
to try the unknown you might like it
i love it i love it you talked you spoke
about another book i believe you shared
another book when you were here the last
time correct what was that book
oh i have multiple books that are out i
have small business owner mistakes that
one is being revamped i got a frog um
that one is being revamped and that will
be coming out with the new year that
will have some additional chapters and
things in it i have another one it is
multi-generational family medical
planning because i believe every medical
event impacts at least three generations
of a family and then the new books that
are coming out are going to be
relationship based that are 25 questions
to ask before marriage
or before remarriage or remarriage after
retirement and these are questions that
are everything from finances to family
to sexual preferences whether you need a
it is quite encompassing but my goal
there is to have relationships that last
and not get into a relationship and
realize that you are not headed in the
same direction because you didn’t talk
about some of these issues
right i think that was the focus when
you were in the last show talking about
some of these issues i’m like i know
there was some aspect that stood out to
me now amy we are going to come back to
you but we’re going to go and check on
our next guest and see how he’s david
how are you today are you are you with
us david
ipad and i see my picture on there now
is that right
you’re fine we can
we can see you david now we can’t see
you david but for anyone who doesn’t
know we’re going to speak to mr david
you know i think they’re going to speak
with the david
we’re going to see what david is doing
but we’re going to come back to david
because he’s over there playing i.t
right now and we’re going to go to our
next guest
and we’re going to find out a little bit
what’s going on with our next guest miss
and she is going to talk to us she is a
former management consultant turned
women’s leadership and career
empowerment coach she teaches
accomplished professional women to
become influential sought after leaders
without people pleasing over working or
selling their souls
good morning how are you
hi good morning i’m great and i’m so
happy to be here and actually um again
my name is ossia abribieska hadeen thank
you so much for having me on the show
um i’m in a kind of different
environment today so hopefully the the
sound is fine i’m actually up in a cabin
in crestline southern california with my
family spending a couple of weeks here
for the holidays um
so kind of different view those are real
trees in the background and you know
beautiful mountainside
my focus is you said it’s on
working with accomplished professional
women and what i find is that um you
know you have these fantastic amazing
incredible women with these uh
credentials that just won’t quit and it
seems like they’re doing all the right
things but not being recognized for
their contributions they’re just not
seeing the results that they were hoping
so that’s where i partner with them to
be become the kind of influential leader
that gets the results that they want and
i use a
particular kind of process and it’s very
straightforward so i’ll share it with
anyone who wants to hear about it but i
call it the vital leadership framework
and it’s it sounds fancy but it’s very
straightforward it all starts with
values and the reason that we start with
values is because values are your north
star right there they’re what determine
what’s important to you what drives you
and at your core what your um deepest
set of concerns are
and what i find is that when we don’t
start there um
we often find ourselves bumping up into
ourselves and i know that sounds funny
but if you ever find yourself in a
situation where you’re stuck
and you just can’t seem to make progress
as opposed to going to defaulting that i
just shouldn’t be up to this or i’m
doing it all wrong or maybe i’m just
flaky which is what a lot of the amazing
women that i work with sometimes you
know default to it’s often just
conflicting values
and that’s why we start with values
because it helps uncover where you have
values so that are just not being
realized or in conflict or you know your
your deeply held beliefs that aren’t
really being expressed and then from
there we go on to the intangibles which
is what’s going on inside and inside of
your head so that you’re really clear
and um
and honest
about what’s happening inside of your
head what your intentions are behind
your actions and those being the actual
intentions versus the intentions we want
people to think that we have and we
could talk more about that later then we
go on to the t which are tangibles and
those are the to-do’s the how-to’s the
actual leadership skills and
and um leading practices that actually
help develop um
amazing professionals and leaders but
also amazing teams we go into advanced
competencies and strategies and then we
end with leadership style because i
think that it’s really important that
people are be incredibly honest with
themselves about
what kind of leader they want to be i
know we read these books and we say yeah
that’s the kind of leader i want to be
and he’s i want to mentor people and i’m
going to help them develop whatever
skills are missing but the reality is we
all have
preferences and we all have resistance
to to
certain type of leadership tasks and the
worst thing we can do is not be aware of
what those are and then wonder why it
always feels like we’re kind of pushing
a boulder uphill right like we’re hiring
the wrong people all the time or
choosing the wrong partners and that’s
often because we’re not clear on those
leadership styles so we well that’s the
vital framework and i’m looking forward
to chatting throughout the time we’re
well thank you we are going to come back
to you to learn more about you just want
to go ahead and check on mr david nelson
hi david how you doing over there i’m
doing fine
am i am i still here yeah i think you
are here just just freeze just don’t
move you know what i mean when you’re in
photography and they’re trying to take
that perfect shot they’re like dance
stand right there that’s all you have to
well i couldn’t get my ipad to do this
so i’ve got my phone and i’m doing this
my name is david nelson i’m a retired
oregon state senator and i’ve just
written a book called
mariah is missing and it’s been sort of
a um
it’s a cathartic
experience chicken soup for the soul for
me to to write this
it was actually based upon an actual
event that happened in
montana in 1974 i was a prosecuting
attorney up there at one time and there
was a school teacher that went missing
and i was the fella that was
supposed to
figure this whole thing out or help
figure it out
and so i’ve written a book about it but
i’ve changed the book around and
tying in with your last speaker it’s
the the my heroine my my chief character
is a woman a woman prosecutor
who has to navigate all the
the ins and outs of a professional world
with in a male dominant world in the
1970s and if you you know in the 1970s
there weren’t very many women lawyers in
fact i think if you took a law school
class there might be
maybe two or three people out of 100
that would be
women and so
yeah i think there’s been a lot of
improvement because the law schools
these days have
you know they’re up to
you know 50 of their enrollments are now
women so um maybe i should have talked
to some of these people that you have on
your show before i wrote my book
who knows
absolutely but you you just kind of
mentioned real quick that you’re a
or excuse me that you were a senator
yes right yeah i served in the reagan
state senate for 16 years and
so i’m going to eventually try and write
about some of those experiences because
you know it’s a
the political world is not a real world
it’s a it’s it’s kind of like going to
reno or las vegas you
feel like you’re in a casino most of the
time and
there’s really no hours no days it’s
just you just go there and spend your
time and money
and your money wonderful i’m going to
come back to you david definitely want
to continue the conversation amy i want
to go over to you now
both of our guests were kind of talking
about the women in business women in
leadership what were your thoughts
especially when you would listen to asia
talk about leadership in women
oh i can identify we have got
there are many what i will call silent
talented rock stars that are out there
and they’re in in every genre whether it
is political you know in the area that
david is working in academic it is in
government it is in private industry and
many times i think women will discount
their value
or they will discount the value of their
experience and what they’re capable of
and many times their voices are not
heard at the table
and so that confidence and and being
noticed and some of us have been trained
over the years that well when you’re
really good somebody else will notice
that’s not always true in many cases you
need to you know blow your own horn show
your own accomplishments because people
don’t always notice and then promote you
so that’s one of the things i’ve seen
there’s the confidence we can do it but
it does not always mean someone else is
going to promote you no absolutely
absolutely i definitely agree
what are your your thoughts i see you
yeah i mean i couldn’t agree more amy i
mean the reality is that
we’ve kind of in a way a little bit been
bamboozled into thinking just that that
as long as we are you know working hard
and putting in the effort and doing a
good job we’re going to get recognized
for those the contributions we’re going
to get the opportunities that we really
feel we might have earned or might
deserve but
the reality is
that there is only
one ceo and chief strategist of in your
career and that’s you and so when we
leave it in somebody else’s hands to
um either our value or
where we have an opportunity to
contribute or
or what kind of work we can or can’t do
um it puts us at a real disadvantage so
we need to operate in a different way we
need to operate in a way that always
gives us the opportunity and the option
have other areas and other ways in which
to again express our value express
our leadership you know grow teams grow
our skills because employers are not
necessarily going to do that and it’s
not even because they’re they’re up to
bad things it’s simply that
they’re in the business to look out for
their best interests they’re not
necessarily in the interest of looking
out for you as the individual employee
so they may or may not notice your value
um but it may not be in their best
interest to do something about it so
absolutely you need to be able to not
only advocate for yourself but also to
you know with your values and check to
be able to draw that line and say you
know i need to find another outlet for
my expertise for my experience for my
value and contribute in a different way
and a different face as opposed to
holding out and thinking you know one of
these days they’re going to notice me
one of these days i’m going to be you
know um
recognized one of these days i’m going
to get that promotion
again it may or may not happen that way
it may or may not happen that way mr
arun when you when you hear the
conversation what are your thoughts
see when we are speaking uh from the
perspective from india
see the uh semitic religion such as like
christianity and
abrahamian religions like islam and
things like that there is no concept of
goddess actually like
but in indian religion the there is a
basically it is not just father there is
mother also like because god has no
ah and something which is uh women can
um without doing much spiritual
practices like the
deep sense of orgasm like in uh
if a man he want to have an orgasmic
experience he need to do a lot of
meditation because our soul is actually
half men and half women and when they
come together we can actually experience
the deep sense of orgasm inside us so
once um
once you are actually
experiencing that kind of
or transcendental uh ecstasy
that thing
can be transcended into i mean how
embodied the women in their body they
can translate that into
the everyday things they are doing uh
whether it is business or whatsoever
like without getting manipulated or
whatsoever like transcending the wisdom
which can have in a spiritual
perspective this is what
i see
very interesting it’s 8 o’clock in the
morning here in california
kind of interesting kind of early for
for the conversation but i’m i’m loving
your feedback david you’re listening to
amy and the conversation what are your
two thoughts actually well the first one
in my book i’ve actually made the
heroine the the chief character the main
character a woman just for some of the
reasons you’re talking about because
trying to superimpose
how a woman would have handled the the
investigation of
of trying to find this missing school
is you know it’s about control and it’s
the power of a woman and also the
vulnerability of a woman and you know
that people have choices and sometimes
an event comes along in your life
you have no control over but you have to
deal with it and so how do you go about
dealing with it and i’m trying to write
it from a woman’s viewpoint which is you
know someone difficult because i’m not a
woman and so it’s kind of it’s been
really a a very good experience i think
to try and sort of superimpose yourself
and think of
fictionalized uh situations where
you know somebody has to make a choice
and somebody has to make a decision
and so it’s it’s
i think there’s some really kind of
interesting things are going on between
what your other participants in this in
this podcast are saying and what my book
is saying because it’s
it’s um
it’s all about a woman’s choice and the
power that she has
so that’s it how do you do that how do
you do that david how do you write as a
man from a woman’s perspective
well it’s not easy that’s for sure but i
i talked to a lot of women you know my
wife has been very supportive and she’s
she’s come in and said well you know
this is this doesn’t sound good that
just doesn’t sound good and
and uh you know i i would ask a woman
like one of one of the relationships
that i have in there is that i have a 25
year old woman being involved with a 50
year old man and so i asked i asked a
lot of my women friends i said well is
that a possibility and they said oh sure
it is absolutely
so then i did it the other way around to
have the main character and it gets
involved with the younger man so i said
was that possible yeah that’s possible
i would try and
discuss with some of my women friends
that you know is this does this sound
like this is a good thing or not a good
thing or is this realistic or not
realistic so
it’s really was quite an experience i
really it’s been a very worthwhile thing
for me you know
when you get old and kind of retire then
you think well geez what am i going to
do so i’ve decided to write novels and
see how that works out
what i find interesting is that they
gave you the women gave you a yes on
both accounts yes to the older man yes
to the younger man and usually what i’ve
seen is that people will say oh yes it’s
a it’s wonderful for a 25 year old to be
with a 50 year old but then when a woman
does it in reverse and it’s the 50 year
old with the 25 year old man then most
people like no that doesn’t doesn’t work
so it’s just interesting to me david
that they said yes to both yeah you know
and it’s all about choices and that’s
the other part of my book is it’s saying
really in all relationships basically
it’s the woman that makes the choice
and you know and part of my one of my
characters in there at one point says
have you ever seen a couple you say how
do those two people ever get together
so my theory is it’s the woman that made
that choice
so it’s my story is about the power of a
woman and also the vulnerability of a
woman so
and whether i succeeded or not i don’t
know but i had a lot of fun writing it
oh well we’re going to toss it over to
amy to see amy what are your thoughts on
the conversation
well i’m hearing this and you know like
i said i could play both sides of the
as an employer i want to pay the least
amount to get the job done because i get
to keep more of my profits
but what i find is there are so many
people who just will not ask for what
they’re truly worth to the company for
the contributions that they provide or
the promotion that they very much be do
because of what they’re capable of and a
promotion does not always mean that you
go up in your department sometimes you
would be a fabulous fit by moving
lateral over to another department
because of some of the skills of the
mask and i don’t think sometimes people
ask for enough whether you’re male or
based on the contribution that you
actually do and if you put pen to paper
to figure out how much have i saved this
company what does this com this position
it is an eye opener and i have seen so
many people that are stuck
and an atta boy is just not enough in my
opinion it’s not absolutely okay well we
got your opinion we’re going to go over
to see and see what her opinion is
i mean absolutely i think um
you know i i often talk about these
myths that we have about careers and
they’re really um
their mistakes right they’re they’re
myths we think that they actually have
value but in fact they’re often a
detriment or hurting us in our careers
and one of those is again thinking that
you need to somehow convince your
employer whoever that person is your
boss that you’re doing a good job but
the bottom line is that you can be doing
an outstanding job you can have the the
best results you can have the the
highest sales the best you know customer
uh the number highest number of hours
logged and it doesn’t necessarily mean
that someone wants to catch you winning
see there is a difference right you you
have um
leaders who see you aspirationally so
that in other words if you make a
mistake if you goof which we’re all
gonna do especially if we’re up to big
things and and we should all be up to
big things somewhere in our life but if
you’re up to big things you’re going to
stumble and a good leader is going to
see that as an opportunity to help you
grow or they’re going to see it as
see you aspirationally and help move you
towards that kind of higher possibility
they see for you
you know a lot of maybe less effective
managers or supervisors will use that as
an opportunity to punish and that is a
big distinction right they’ll use it as
an opportunity to run remind you put you
in your place
again again just let you know that
not quite there but not in a way that
elevates you so when our focus is to try
to get
um approval or validation from someone
we can feel really deflated when it
doesn’t work out that way and again we
have no control over somebody else’s
intentions for us
we can only control what’s going on
right here the problem we run into is
not whether or not they recognize our
value or whether or not they give us the
promotion but that we think that means
something about us
that’s where the problem is right that’s
where we give away our power that’s
where we give away our leadership
i i just you know for one you’re never
never going to get paid our worth
because we’re you know our worth is
infinite every now every single one of
us on this call so i hope that we start
shifting away from that conversation
about getting paid our worth but
definitely there is a market value and
you need to strive for for having that
market value and capitalizing on your
your strengths as well as what you’re
interested in
but again if not getting the job or not
getting the promotion you’re turning it
into meeting something about you
and um meaning something negative about
you right because it’s never something
positive um
that’s where the mistake is that is the
big myth thinking that getting it or not
getting it somehow is is um a verdict on
who you are your value you know your
magnificence all that good stuff
so yeah
amy we definitely don’t advocate enough
um but again even if we do it’s not even
necessarily about us
right who knows what’s going on in that
individual’s head who knows what’s going
on with that client or that customer it
is um
it’s just not necessarily any of our
business what’s going on in their heads
and it’s none of our business to make it
about us
right if they’re having a challenge
seeing our value or appreciating our
absolutely that is a wonderful point to
leave off on right before this brief
commercial break and we will be right
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gone thank you
we are having a very interesting
conversation this morning our guests are
sharing their points of view like
everyone knows about the roundtable talk
show no one has absolutely any idea
including me where the conversation is
going to go but somehow someway we
started talking about women women in
business women in leadership women and
yoga so many aspects of just being a
woman but i want to go back over to
david and ask the question because we
saw your book we saw your commercial
mariah is missing and you talked about
the stories you had when you were in
senate but what made this mariah
experience stand out to you where you
said i’m going to start with this book
well it’s it’s one of those events i
think you know that happens in your life
that changes the course of your life and
after that i actually i got out and
practiced the law i stopped practicing
at live
time i was divorced and so i got
remarried and moved out to oregon and
eventually ended up going into the
oregon senate so it was one of those
events that sort of changed my life but
i’m interested in that in the
conversation that we’re having is
about you know valuing of a woman
because my second book is is going to be
the fact that
maguire who’s the chief character in
this book the woman lawyer
solves the problem but nobody believes
her so what is she going to do
what’s going to happen after that so
that’s going to be the conflict in the
next book so you know and it’s all about
the choices that she’s going to be
making and
how the event of the disappearance of
the teacher has changed her and so it’s
kind of you know i guess i’m sort of
living my life kind of through this
woman’s life is it
you’re going to have events in your life
that change the way that you act and
some are going to be good as has been
pointed out and some are not going to be
so good so it just depends on how you
handle them so that’s the fun of writing
a novel you know fiction is what
some some famous writer says fiction is
the lie
that exposes the truth and so that’s
what i’m kind of working at i’m trying
to expose some truth here
do you feel david that no one believed
her because she was a woman or that’s
just an aspect of it well i think that’s
that’s it i said i have a kind of as one
of my villain characters as a sheriff
and he he doesn’t like women you know
he’s kind of a macho kind of guy and so
he’s he’s he doesn’t believe her he
doesn’t think that she knows what she’s
doing you know
and he’s the only one that can figure
this out and of course he’s had fbi
training you know so he knows what’s
going on
i’m just trying to be facetious there a
little bit
well let’s see
hey amy what what are your thoughts what
questions do you have for david
well david i find it so interesting with
the history that you’ve had that you’ve
shared a little bit that you did all of
this as a man’s perspective and did you
have role models or something that made
choose to do
your leads as women i’m just curious
david are you with us yeah i can’t hear
i didn’t don’t hear any i hear everybody
else but for some reason i don’t hear
okay can you hear me now
what was the question i didn’t hear it
all right all right i was gonna say i’m
listening to you okay i’m gonna repeat
the question david for some reason i
don’t know we’re having all these
technical difficulties i i believe it’s
because it’s monday but the question
that that amy asked is as a man with
your experiences how did you decide to
have a woman as the lead in your book
was it based on the role models that you
were drawn on was there was there a
specific reason why you chose women
some of it’s yeah some of it’s part of
that you know i i have a great respect
for webb and that’s
i think that’s
that’s probably the big part of it but
some of it’s also commercial too i mean
we’re in an area an era
where it’s the hashtag metoo movement
you know there’s the women are
i made a huge progress you know you know
i mentioned earlier that back in the
1970s there were very few women lawyers
and now there’s you know i think most of
the law schools in the country now are
the the students going to law schools
probably 50 50 maybe even a little bit
more in favor of women than men so i
think that’s going to have a huge change
down the line you know i think these
things take a little time to get moving
it’s um
i don’t know there probably are several
reasons you know and i can’t really get
get to exactly one
sometimes it’s like that asia what are
your thoughts
there we go yeah i was i was curious
about that as well and i i guess i just
imagined how much
learning and probably surprise is going
on for david as you try to
um i guess think like a woman right even
even thinking like a woman is just
thinking like that woman
so yes 10 women in a room we’re going to
have 10 different
opinions know i’m sure you run into that
so i think that must have been kind of
fascinating to decide okay so do we just
go majority ruler
and that goes back to my idea of choice
you know you know people have choices
not only women but
and it really goes back to the fact i
think of the power women uh there’s a
book it was written back in the 1950s by
anne martin lindbergh
jesus can’t think of the name of it you
know the wife of the famous aviator and
and she
she says you know basically the women
are the center of the world of all your
world and you have all these
demands upon you whether it’s family
it’s a job it’s you know
whatever it is that you’ve you’ve got to
keep everything together and
sometimes that’s hard to do
so that’s kind of what got me started on
this whole thing is i read that book
sounds of the seashell or something like
that sounds of the show i can’t remember
exactly what the name of the book is but
it’s and and marl lindberg was it was
the writer and it’s you know 50 or 60
years old but i think there’s a lot of
truths in it
yes sometimes we repeat ourselves in
history arun you’re listening to the
conversation patiently what are your
okay we got that silence arun um is
on mute so unmute yourself and while
you’re doing that you’re going to allow
um yeah i’m sorry yeah amy has a
question for you a room while you’re
doing that so we’re going to take amy’s
you know we love tech gremlins arun’s i
was listening and and you can tell that
your passion is yoga and that you you
have really invested so heavily in your
in this did you have both male and
female teachers and did you see any
difference in the way that they were
able to impart concepts or or teaching
to you just curious
yeah yeah there is uh certainly there is
a difference between a male teacher and
a female teacher
for me
actually i learned
the things the spiritual essence from a
uh and also there is male teachers also
when we are actually dealing with the uh
male teacher it’s like a very rough and
tough kind of things like he will be
like doing that thing this thing but
women she’s like um
you know she really take care
you know
like she
teaches that in a very um
the way
which we can actually understand the
wisdom the
the what are we actually receiving from
the guru
the women can teach in a very
good way and also
in this particular path um
i mean to say like yoga as a physical
exercise the people who are seeing such
a physical exercise there are women more
after that level once your body is
comfortable and flexible like you know
in my book cover there is a snake
actually you see
why the snake is actually a symbol of
yoga is because
our mysticism is because
the snake’s body is actually very
flexible so when
snakes are making love they can actually
submerge into each other like it’s so
deeply that animal can go
uh because this body is so flexible so
once the body
become that flexible and we can actually
control our breathe and we can actually
make our mind this stillness and
things like that from there i am seeing
very less women
from there onwards like it’s a very uh
you know um
path which is actually uh um
not been said it’s it’s unknown path
like uh it’s for experience actually
like you know
there is not a wisdom or teaching or
anything like that but
yeah women teacher is actually more
loving and caring than that of the
male teacher
what what made you decide to get into
there was a question like yoga is not
merely physical exercise it’s like yoga
is the
term which stands for union union with
the what
the absolute the whatever is existing
here this union the self with the
absolute that is the time actually uh
related to so
course to us
led me to that particular uh technique
basically like why am i here
why can’t i be in planet uh neptune why
am i in earth why am i iron why am i in
my body these are the questions just
strike me very young age you know
so it’s led me to understand many
philosophical things and some spiritual
practices and things like that
very interesting arun said he started
asking questions so he had to figure it
out amy he answered your questions what
are your thoughts
i just think it it’s
very interesting how
we can group people sometimes and the
way that well this is generally how the
male teachers this is generally how the
women teachers do it and you know it
doesn’t matter where you are in the
world we all have teachers
and we carry with us for a lifetime many
of the things that they’ve imparted so
i’m sure in some of the teachings that
he has that there are people that have
imparted into him and he is still
carrying that forward you can you can
see the passion
that he has
are you still carrying
what’s been imparted
see the
basically the teaching the vedantic
teaching is all about unlearning you
is being present
there is a conditioning which mostly
human beings carries like they identify
themselves with the culture themselves
with the name themselves with the color
themselves with the body and it makes
them a separation like it to make them a
filter like you know
we spoke about the women who is actually
getting paid less see it’s all about
choice actually like
all the employer want to pay less but
the women can choose another job right
like they don’t have to stick with that
because it’s it’s a filter it’s an a
kind of understanding that
i am identifying myself as a woman and i
am like this and i have this particular
job and i have to stick with that it’s
it’s a filter
and so the real essence of yoga is
unlearning that filter
you know uh
being present that is the
real essence actually
i love it i love it i see it i love to
hear your thoughts i love it i i
i well there are a couple things right
so i want to talk about just briefly the
unlearning i absolutely love what you
said about that arun um
because when when i i think about
just potential
right there’s that we have this massive
potential up here and it’s based on a
whole lot of things not only our natural
gifts but all of the the preparation and
you know again our credentials or the
work and studying the books we read
things like that
and then there is all of the
reaching that potential
and i feel like removing that
interference and that’s a lot of what
you know leadership and executive
coaching is it’s removing the
interference to hitting that potential
and just what you said arun about um
unlearning is it really is removing
you know that interference and you
called it you know the filter like you
know removing that filter so that it’s
just a a pure expression and i just i
absolutely love that that really
with me um
and i was also really curious about you
mentioned and you kind of opened up the
show great way to start the conversation
on a monday but the sensual or sexual
aspect of yoga and spirituality
and i was curious what role confidence
plays in that i know with leadership
um you know there’s more and more
recognition that you need to have a
certain level of self-confidence to be
able to lead to engage fully with other
people to see other people’s value
things like that um
but what role does does self-confidence
play um in that
see the once you become pure like
for example the the most fantastic
sexual experience
the animals
we are including ourselves we are an
animal kingdom uh the most fantastic
sexual experience the animal who which
can have is actually snake
you know it’s actually touches all the
parts of the body it’s so flexible if
you see how they make love it’s it’s
you know
so deep the nature is dancing in a very
particular way you know
sexuality has a very important effect
so whether it is with your partner
whether it is with uh your boyfriend or
husband or whatsoever like uh the sexual
union has a very important thing in your
life because it make you more happy um
if you can have a very good sex
or you can make a very good love it will
definitely it is going to be make you
so happy in your life and it will
actually increase your confidence and
slowly like
when i am speaking about the orgasmic
experience is not just mere physical
it’s uh it’s beyond physical it’s a
transcendent in the physical sense and
consciousness or whatsoever into
entirely different level and
to get into such a level we need
many things around us like our
what are the things which is we are
surrounded with the friends we are with
the family or the culture we are with
all those has to be supportive so to get
into that kind of level without any kind
of stress or restraint
we need really happy uh happy
really grounded uh things so yoga will
definitely help you to
sexual experiences
and with that you will have more
confidence i think that was the answer
to the question
amy you you have some thoughts on
unlearning as well
yeah and i think many of us we have good
mentors teachers they can be family
members that ask those questions why why
do you feel that way why do you do it
that way
to give you an opportunity to identify
where you might have some biases or
and things that as you’re part of that
unlearning that what may seem natural
and normal to you that you really
haven’t questioned that having some of
that why well why do you think that way
what are your experiences can make a
difference on unlearning things that
feel natural to you
because you really haven’t thought of
them in a different way
i think that was very interesting
yeah david
what do you did you feel that you had to
david are you with us yes i’m still here
i don’t know but i’m learning i want to
discuss uh unlearning and uh
you have to unlearn some things in order
to write up to write from a woman’s
perspective well i just i don’t know if
it’s unlearning it’s just i mean you you
cannot learn the things that you do i
think that you learn from your mistakes
that’s the biggest thing and
you just keep you know i keep saying and
one of my characters says that she’s a
successful failure
she’s done a lot of good things in her
life and that’s anna the the heroine
she’s done a lot of good things in her
life but she’s also made a lot of
mistakes too and she’s in a situation
where she
she’s in love with a married man and
it’s probably not going to go anyplace
and how is she going to resolve that so
she cannot learn some of her past
experiences but she can certainly make
some choices going forward knowing what
she knows and i think it’s i don’t know
if it’s so much a matter of unlearning
it’s just
you know what did they say is it
good decisions come from experience and
experience comes from making bad
decisions so that’s that’s why i’m on
the learning part of it
absolutely no i’ve never heard that i’ve
never i learned something new every day
on this show a successful failure
that’s how i describe myself to my kids
was that part of that transition you had
where you just started all over change
where your location changed your career
just made up you consider that being a
successful failure yeah that’s yeah
that’s all part of it you know i
went to graduated from high school and
then ended up going one year of college
and not making my grades and flunking
out but then going on and
keep going you know so i i’ve done some
good things and some things haven’t
worked out so well for me but you know i
just got to keep on going and keep
smiling have a little sense of humor and
and a little i hope some humility and
some compassion
well let’s see i’m gonna ask amy because
amy talked a little bit about her
starting over in her journey and just
giving up everything and just moving to
the islands
amy what are you what are your thoughts
part of that i was picking up on those
words of successful failure
you know i think we all have a level of
but it is difficult to be successful in
every area
we were comfortable where we were but we
had an opportunity
and a calling to try something different
try something new but it meant letting
go of everything i mean what we thought
was our dream home that we were going to
retire in
uprooting our children it meant stepping
out and that’s part of the reason the
book title is you know packed faith
first suitcases second i think in many
times when we step outside of our
comfort zones we are stepping out on
faith or hope or a promise
but there has to be that first step and
then i also believe that when you’re
taking those steps or like david when he
wrote his book or you know any of those
things you’ve got to be committed you
can’t do it halfway
you’re either committed and you’re going
to give it a try or you’re not
and i have known that at least in my
i have never regretted trying something
but you will always regret never giving
something a try
and i think that is one of the big
differences is you know where do you
want your regret to be because we will
have we all will have it do you want
your regret to be because you didn’t try
that’s harder to live with i think
i could have shoulda would have
i agree let’s go over here and see a sea
of thoughts what are your thoughts oh
i’m just i’m just absolutely yeah
basically agreeing and nodding my head
to what amy is saying yeah i think one
of the
distinctions i like to make with my
clients is that you can you get to
choose and again i it’s funny how
resonant that that conversation around
choices today but you get to choose
right you get to choose um
your failure are you going to fail in
advance by not even trying
and kind of failing in your head or are
you actually going to
give it an attempt and then learn
something in the process
right when we fail in advance
there is nothing there you you’ve
literally given up and decided that
um you know
that our
your relationship with failure it’s so
sensitive or delicate that if you fail
you somehow won’t be able to recover and
nothing is further from the truth right
failure just means that again you’re up
to big things you tried something you
fell flat and now you have a different
way you might try it next time it
doesn’t mean one and done it doesn’t
mean that that it is over and it’s
certainly not again a verdict on you
know our individual value or potential
or or ability or anything like that but
we have this really funny relationship
with failure i i think a particularly
negative and disempowering relationship
with failure
um again we’d rather not try
something um if we think we’re gonna
but when you consider the biggest
successes you know whatever industry
you’re in or whatever interest you have
when you consider the biggest successes
in those areas industries topics
they have a fantastic story a winding
story of failure right so we’ve all seen
that meme that everybody thinks success
looks you know like this but really
success you know kind of looks like this
and finally gets you up there
and that is paved with experiences of
failure it’s just one step closer so i i
think it’s incredibly important you know
when we get our self-confidence in check
we can sit with the failure we can be
okay with oh shoot i i really you know
hit the floor on that one and it did not
and that’s okay we don’t make it mean
anything bad about ourselves we don’t
devalue who we are our self-esteem
remains intact you know um
the challenge is that we make failure
and accomplishment
mean something about us and so we go on
this path of pursuing accomplishment um
and again i’m all for accomplishment
right just to be clear right i have two
graduate degrees i was president of my
you know
mba program at usc so i’m i’m all with
that accomplishment but when we get
locked into
this belief this lie that
you know if we didn’t accomplish x or if
we fail that somehow means something
about us and that we’re somehow less
valuable or less worthy or
or demand less respect that’s when we
we’ve that’s when we failed
right that moment that moment when we
made it something negative about
ourselves or reduced our value or even
the value of someone else in our eyes
that’s the real failure everything else
is just learning everything else is just
being alive and being a human
and that’s it
i definitely agree i definitely agree
this has been an incredible show we have
a few minutes only a few minutes left of
the show and what i love to do at the
end of every show is just simply allow
my guests the opportunity to speak
directly to the audience to everyone who
is watching this show live as well as
everyone who is watching in the archives
and let them know what you want them to
take away from your appearance here
today and we’re going to start with you
miss amy
oh what to take away
you know there
there are resources out there doesn’t
matter what you need i mean look at the
panel that’s here today we have someone
with yoga i mean we’ve got a couple of
authors we’ve got those who help women
and men in business
don’t be afraid to reach out and engage
help don’t let it be the regret that you
didn’t ask for help
and where can people find you amy
well they can find me on the screen that
says that these secret prophets where
you will find a free digital book that
you can download i also have courses
that are available and if you put my
name on the internet i pop up all over
and i enjoy doing podcasts and other
things so please look me up give me a
absolutely thank you mr arun what do you
have for the people
around your own mute
yeah the resources which you can find in
my website is my
whatever you can take from me and
you could find me in
uh i’m doing couple of podcasts also
um if you are pinging me i can give you
a free premium membership where you can
actually get
more resources which
really goes into really deep like you
know um people who are interested into
other spiritual aspects of indian
so yeah
thank you arun definitely appreciate
having you here mr david what do you
have for the people well just uh that
you know there’s a lot of turmoil going
on in our country right through but
there is hope because uh
what’s happening now is very similar to
what happened in the 1970s um we entered
the afghanistan war this year well
vietnam were ended in the 1970s we’ve
got a president undergoing some
uh hearings that happened in the with
nixon in the 1970s you’ve got
roe versus wade controversy going on the
supreme court now well the roe versus
wade was decided in 1973. um
you know global warming we’re concerned
about that well back in those days it
was global cooling and nuclear winters
you have the racial strife that’s
in our streets you know in the 70s they
were still dealing with the aftermath of
the assassination of martin luther king
i think we made progress it’s been
incremental but with some humor and some
some hope and maybe end up reading
mariah is missing
and he can hear you can contact me at and hit the hit all
the right buttons and you’ll get to you
can get to place where you can contact
me i sure appreciate the opportunity to
be on you on your show thank you
thank you david definitely appreciate
you we have a couple of seconds left in
the show i want to get a final word to
miss asia
yeah thank you again so much for for
having me here for this fantastic
conversation and i think in terms of the
last word
you know a lot of our choices and again
that’s the resonant conversation it
sounds like today just our choices but
it seems like a lot of our choices and
what i find with my clients come down to
um just what we believe about ourselves
and unfortunately what we believe about
ourselves is often uh incredibly
filtered and not in the positive
yeah it’s okay if we think we’re
fabulous but unfortunately typically
what’s going on inside is that there’s
this tremendous amount of self-doubt
that we think is not supposed to be
there and we often let it mean more than
it needs to and we let it
impact our choices and the things we we
go for in our lives the impact and
contribution we can make in our
communities in the organizations we’re a
part of um
the way that we can grow spiritually
just so many things it and to that end
and i have a fantastic leadership
confidence intensive coming up first
week in january because i thought it was
incredibly important that we start the
conversation for the year right and with
intention and you can hear you know read
all about that at
do check it out sooner rather than later
because there’s very special pricing up
until january 1st and you’ll see that at
but you can also go uh
find me there and download some of my
free leadership
resources the the main resource i have
on the site right now is three
leadership conversations you should be
having just a great way to start
thinking about um you know some ways to
communicate in your environment and
really put yourself out there so thank
you again for having us here this has
been fantastic you are so welcome i
appreciate you i want to thank you all
for being guests on today’s episode of
the round table talk show and i
especially want to thank everyone who
tuned in to watch this show live as well
as everyone who is watching in the
archives i definitely appreciate your
support i appreciate you watching the
show i appreciate you sharing the show
but as always the most important thing
to me is that you support our guests our
guests were here this morning to support
you to give you their experiences share
their stories and to provide you with
information that just might change your
life so please support them their
website link is in the facebook post
follow them on social media reach out to
them send them a message and when you do
please let them know sharifah hardy says
now if you’re interested in more ways
that i can help your business or maybe
you want to be a guest on the roundtable
talk show please visit my website at until tomorrow morning at 8
a.m pacific everyone have a safe and a
blessed day

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