Tantric workshops of satyama.


Todays podcast we are having satyama again. in at this podcast we are having a discussion about her upcoming movies and giving a thought process on what is tantra And what is tantra is not.

Below is a non verbal transcript of the same.

hi this is arun from ironsyoga.il
i am a software engineer who mostly work
with node.js php and other dragon
and i’m an open source contributor as
well i’m a tantric by birth in a family
which is passing tantric wisdom from
generations to generations
from past 2 000 years of legacy
and got lucky to travel across india and
got chances to study under various gurus
from different backgrounds and
you could connect with me in irons
yoga.if here i am helping you to design
a divine lifestyle which is based on
vedic astrology tandra and other yogic
system of understanding
and hi all today’s podcast we are having
satyama again
in that this podcast we are having a
discussion about her upcoming movies and
giving a thought process on what is
tandra and what is tandra is not so
welcome to our next episode of podcast
tantric workshop of satyama
my name is satyama and i am the founder
of open to bliss tantra retreats with
yoga so many people wonder what we are
doing in these kinds of retreats what is
it that you do and we do read in yoga
very classical yoga with tantra so that
the tantra teachings are at a very high
level so i use osho meditations also
influences from taoism in order to show
experientially what people can learn
from the practice of stillness
concentration and being invisible to
space moving into the emotional body and
clearing out trauma so that you can go
to a place of pleasure and very very
high consciousness so join us for the
next one i cannot explain it enough and
that you get a lot of love a lot of
connection and a lot of things you might
be longing for through this and it’s
never anything that you ever expect
so what’s happening uh you are
conducting whatsoever in
thailand and what is it like
what’s happening well i would say the
uh bigger news in like
anywhere where i i live and
and in thailand in general with this
whole covet situation is that thailand
is open now and so more people can
can come in to the country without
having to do like a
10-day quarantine so
people come here for uh
you know a lot of yoga and healing and
tantra and
and this is great so
it’s like full-on high season february
is the busiest month i would say
and then i would suspect that it’ll
probably go down by the end of april
but yeah people are counting not as many
as before
um but uh yeah i work every day i teach
every day
what it is now like
what do i teach now um
tantric yoga classes at the moment is
i educate people on
and uh it’s a style that i have created
so that it
suits the
the level of beginner i would say either
a beginner tantric or a beginner
learn about what like surya namaskar
would be for example or sublimation work
or why you would take a pause and
do some pranayama or like an integrative
in a practice
so that people can kind of get the the
realm of where yoga and tantra can go so
it’s a
you know it’s a unique mix of these two
on a high level but it is also a little
bit of fun like yesterday
taught a class where
they would have a small interaction with
somebody in the class
you know the the interaction would then
turn to be very
focused and
meditative and on almost in silence
because as soon as you say as a as a
teacher and you’re in a class okay turn
to the person beside you or find a
and as humans
with insecurities and all the things
that we come with because it’s
it’s not so common to turn to someone
and just look them in the eyes for
example or put your hands on their
shoulders and
you know be be like hey i’m with you but
that is something that humans want we
want to be looked in the eye and we want
to be feeling like we’re
having support
in this uh world because we do feel like
a lot of times we’re alone so this kind
of practice takes away or tries to take
away the separation factor that we are
fearful of in a unique way like okay
don’t talk kind of thing and then see if
you can do it because as soon as you say
that they go oh my name is
nice to meet you in all of these
niceties that we’re socially conditioned
really are not necessary if you’re going
to be connecting from this you know ajna
place or sahazara play so this
tantric place so that’s
yeah what i’m teaching a little bit
right now
so you do it for the uh
uh you know couples uh or
whether the people comes there they will
create new coupling or how is it like
uh well it’s like of course
it’s not like you’re creating couples
it’s that here’s an exercise as a
for what it might be like to be in a
tantric coupling you know like the
person could be uh another woman for
example or it could be anybody that i
don’t have any anybody in common with
but you’re going to get something out of
interacting with someone
because it’s energy we look at energy
and you then you start to understand how
this person has this
kind of energy this person i don’t like
their energy
this person matches my energy whatever
it might be and then you can kind of
weave yourself through the world in your
coupling or attempt at coupling
the more you learn about energy and the
more you’re like no no no no no yes i’m
into that
energy of that person
otherwise we just keep
you know trying these things and we
don’t need to waste our time in trying
to have a date that it’s not going to go
to a certain place that you want when
you when you reach a level of
consciousness where you know who you are
quite well
for example in right now
um see
switching the couples actually how does
it help them to increase their
consciousness you know
well because energy is in this process
like um you know
for example each woman is different each
man is different uh so when
they go through each one they may find
out their own authentic self
how does it happen like
what is that happening with you how did
you see this
the more you go into a tantric
or exercise or
situation which is actually all
happening all of the time we just don’t
label it like i’m doing tantra right now
it’s like we are interacting with people
all of the time
and so on the base level
we become better at interacting socially
with people
the communication gets more clear
you don’t need to go through all of the
language that your society is telling
you to to do like oh it’s nice to meet
you and where are you from and these
kinds of things if you’re at that level
you don’t need to to do that
you can uh
drop in into a conversation that is very
real and then realize that it’s still
coming from the mind so this is a
teaching of
tantra or meditation is to we’re trying
to get out of the the mind and you
really essentially need to be a
meditator to know that you’re in the
mind a lot and that you’re trying to get
out of it you’re trying to go into no
mind like what osho was saying with the
no mind meditation and
garberty group like
i love that it’s uh you know it’s an
exercise that seems on the outside
to be ridiculous to the mind
but if you actually do it and experience
it and then go into a situation where
you don’t need the mind to be thinking
about what you’re going to say to this
person because you want something
or you you like something that they have
i mean we have all of these masks that
we are wearing
and the idea is to take those masks off
in in tantra and to take them off
in the right time and so you interact
with all of these different people
and maybe i come across the energy of
someone where they are not going to like
it if i’m not uh wearing a mess they
they wouldn’t know they would be
offended they would be hurt
they would be pissed off if i went into
the real satyama for example
and so i don’t
i would not take my mask off at that
time i would just have maybe a
short conversation
and then i would be like that’s that’s
enough of me using my energy for that
and i would move on
and so it’s a real mastering of where
you put your time your energy
your friends
your inner circle your
i mean lovers or your partner
i mean all of this takes your energy if
you’re going to be in the world and we
through these different exercises in
tantra yoga or in a tantra class or
whatever by having different people in
front of us
okay i am doing this with this person
right now because that’s what i feel
is appropriate it’s not that i need to
to know their whole entire life story
because that would suck up a huge amount
of my time energy and make me have a
headache and i don’t care
and so i would just know maybe a little
bit and then
know when to wrap up that
bubble of time you know it’s like okay
that sphere is now
closing and i i realize it and i move on
to the next moment
so how was your initial moments like
when you
went through the tantric practices when
you got initiated into the practices
may be long back
like um you are in the search of the
yourself was researching your own true
self and how do you compare like uh with
that self to the self right now you are
hmm that’s a good question i mean i
would say when i started like i lived at
the osho ashram for example
and uh and then i was new to to this and
i was like wow like
for someone even to put us in a
situation where it gets very serious and
higher level and we’re meditating or
looking into their eyes and
transfiguring this person
can be very uncomfortable for people at
first and then you laugh and maybe you
want to talk and you you cannot drop in
so this is quite a beginner way and i
think at first i would do this also
and then the more you are around people
that are have
more of this awareness when you hear
an instruction you you don’t question it
you’re just like okay here’s the
instruction i’m in a tantric exercise
right now i have 20 people to choose
and then you’re like my and then it goes
why am i choosing this person how am i
acting or reacting to this person do i
like do i want something am i
uh am i taking a higher level and not
anymore so the more and more awareness
you have the higher level of game
that you can play between
the men and women is very interesting of
because we are looking for that
relationship that has such a quality to
that you just don’t play the game
anymore it’s just when you that quality
of love that very big high tantric
divine love is there
you basically just drop into silence you
know and it’s like it happened to me
yesterday that’s why i refer to it
and it was not in a tantric exercise it
was just normal life but i knew i was
talking to a very conscious man
and then he just dropped and i dropped
and we looked at each other for about 10
minutes and it was just
you know so profound and touching but it
that would have taken years of leading
up to to get to that place where i’m
well i actually understand
what is going on here which is love like
it was like we dropped in and was
sharing vulnerable things about our
lives not knowing each other very well
and then it was stop all of that talk
and just be and that’s really where you
can get to
that place so you go from being ignorant
and insecure
power manipulation control to i let go i
surrender and i just be if that makes
you know the kind of orgasmic experience
that’s what you say
what was the question about orgasm
no the um
see once we go into the you know no mind
way there is no mind is existing
the thing which is existing is actually
absolute bliss
you know yeah
there is nothing i mean it’s pure uh
pure happiness
so um
so this is a kind of orgasmic experience
i mean yeah when you’re not having a lot
of actual real physical like uh yoni
lingam sex which i’m not uh
and then i have that i was like that was
so special that of course that was like
an orgasm with god you know i never
thought of it that way because that
would be would be putting like labels
and words in mind into it
but sometimes we need labels and uh
words i would describe
how to describe it now we don’t know how
to describe that like that is why it
isn’t so much of a
it you know
well it’s why you actually do things and
experience things rather than just like
get on our computers and write things
about it you know because
that’s just all intellectual and it’s
not where i want to be i want to be in
physical embodiment of a practice
and that
doesn’t happen so often if you’re just
going through like your daily life your
human life
it might happen in like a very deep
meditation retreat for example you might
have be like wow i connected to
to god there
or it might happen yeah when you’re in a
very special sexual situation
and you’re having all of a sudden this
orgasm that you never expected before
and uh you didn’t it’s not the thing
would be that you don’t want something
from each other like that’s really what
divine love is you know but you need to
actually be able to drop that i want
this from you
and then the possibility of all these
cool kinds of uh energetic or physical
uh spiritual orgasms can happen yeah
so uh
you are talking about the authentic self
so these
exercises you are uh
whatever we are practicing can you are
thinking it can help us to figure out
our own authentic self
correct hopefully
i don’t want to find that out
i mean you also have to want to find
that out and that’s also a rare person
if you don’t know what finding out
about your authentic self is because
you’re ignorant then
you never find out
now how does this authentic self looks
like you know
i mean i don’t know there are rooms i
mean the more i go through life and i
try to be as authentic as i possibly can
then what happens is you you become more
and more evolved if you want to call
and i what my direct correlation would
be is the less i care about what people
think of me
the more i know who i am
and uh and that might just be me i’m not
uh but i don’t think so like i’m a lot
of things people say like
you know satyama is this and this and
this and uh and i am a lot of things
because i i’m driven and i work on it
and i
i love to do things and experience you
that would be the openness i would say
of a meditator because
i remember being so much more insecure
if i just went for a run for example
outside when i was younger and even here
in thailand i still go running outside
and people yell at me like
what are you doing satyama
or whatever and they think they are shy
to do it themselves
but they want to
you know and so the less that we can
care about what other people are
thinking about what we do and enchanter
it’s a very high level you know because
i teach tantra tantric yoga and then
there’s all these projections on me you
know like oh she must be having orgies
and crazy orgasms and
many lovers which is not true
i just have to like i guess
hold that
because i have evolved myself to
dropping judgment about other people’s
sexual practices
because i was envious or i was insecure
i thought they were having more great
fun and sex than i was and to see that
and to really just
sit with it to know that we are all
human i think that’s what knowing what
your authentic self is you know it’s
like hey okay i’m envious that
these people seem to be having a lot
more fun time than me that’s my
authentic self i am envious
or maybe i’m having sex and uh and i
want to share what i learned
about it because it has a tantric lesson
in it and then you cannot be shy about
that either you know like that’s really
something especially
for a woman to to do that is uh
maybe double hard you know because we
society is like oh women are supposed to
so dainty and waiting and
kind but that’s because the men haven’t
evolved to their full power yet like if
they’re not there
and right now what’s happening is
women are coming into their power faster
and faster because they can we no longer
have like a money thing that has to do
with all this managed to take care of me
with money or whatever we don’t have it
and so that’s changing and that women
are driven and they take risks and
and that kind of thing as well so that’s
knowing who you are and working on it
like and the way you work on it is
through practices you know and the way
practice this work is you become more
and more more conscious of what you’re
doing and what you’re thinking and then
you drop that judgment about yourself
let’s see and of course you drop it
about other people
see the things which is happening in
india right now the
you know the hijab which uh you know
hijab the
yeah yeah
so in india some schools are not
allowing that and it’s become like a
very big problem here right now in india
and uh they’re saying it’s their own
like to cover their race actually
so why aren’t they allowing it
why is the hijab not allowed like it’s
because it’s like who is saying it’s not
school schools are not allowing
because what does it do
what is that
because why
because this school has a uniform a
corner a civil code like um in school
the um religious symbols are not allowed
so that’s what i’m talking about
in the
in societal conditioning we don’t know
we are ignorant
because you know our parents give birth
to us and their parents gave birth to us
and we just follow what
they tell us to do
and we think
that oh like you know i have to wear the
hijab because that’s what my mother did
and that’s what her mother did and
whatever right
we are like okay i did not wear the
hijab and that’s the way it is
and that’s what i’m going to instill on
on you as a rule of society and that’s
the whole thing is if you are very very
you don’t care
like we’re all
human beings with this um
you know we’re all naked underneath our
clothes and that kind of thing it’s more
like who are you inside which is quite
uh but if we’re still buying into what
society is and religions are huge about
this you know every religion thinks that
you must do what you are supposed to do
according to this religion and they
don’t even like other religions but if
you go to meditation
i mean it’s all spiritual masters are
accepted you know it’s not that long
i mean
yeah i mean then we would grow then we
would understand if it’s just we are
putting ourselves into a box like i am
this i am muslim i am catholic i am
whatever atheist then we are limited and
so if there’s not any words put on to
these things
then uh then we are more free actually
like that’s again mind
but if i look at somebody like you know
if i put on a hijab right now some scarf
on my on my head which i will
just for demonstration’s sake
like i look quite a lot different now
don’t i
and i would be probably even having a
different conversation and you would be
asking me different questions and even
that i have this on i feel like
i feel more reserved and i feel more
sweet or whatever it might be but
essentially i’m the same person it’s
just that the outside
really doesn’t it doesn’t really matter
it’s like who who are you on the inner
world but uh yeah and this is why in the
ocean ashram for example everybody puts
on a
burgundy robe you know so we don’t tell
people what religion our background or
country we are from
because then we’re getting judged for
that and that’s not simply not true you
know it’s like
you’re not going to know anything about
me until you start speaking to me and
then you’ll then you will know but other
than that it’s just on the surface we’re
looking at everybody judging all the
time because we know nothing we are
again we’re ignorant
in your
how many
how do you start it with like your
well i would start
i do start
with like an opening as to this might be
something that you’ve never experienced
before so at least there is a
you know a slight
leeway into it’ll be different and maybe
challenging slightly challenging for you
and here’s some elements of tantric yoga
and then to start making it of a
you know a spiritual or a ritualized
then i open it with a
which is a meditation or with music or
specific kind of breath work
that will set the stage to go deeper
into like this spiritual path so
if you can consecrate something
like this a class a lesson or a retreat
food whatever
sex also
then uh then it’ll be of a hot like
a higher resonance because you are
efforts your energy your lesson your
to the divine so that’s
important i would say to start and end
something within a framework
this is what we’re trying to do and you
don’t know what’ll happen in the middle
but if you consecrate something and give
it some background
then in general it has a better result
than if you’re just like no
i’m going to practice tantra you know
people say this to me all the time oh
you you go practice tantra and i’m like
like really what does this mean you know
like do you think i’m just going to go
off into the woods and
have have sex or what like it because
the mind is very
and so
people make fun and judge
you know because they’re trying to put
something or someone down that they
don’t know
about in order to bring them up that’s
the ego working
and so with
being a teacher comes a great
responsibility i would say to really set
a set the stage and maintain
integrity and and bring that channel up
and so i need to also be watching
what i do in my personal life what
language i use
even what i eat as an example this kind
of thing
is important to show
that these kinds of practices do have
validity they will help you live longer
they will help you be more joyful
they will help you get what your heart
really wants they will help point out
your ego and that the ego isn’t helping
you much i mean it helps us to stay
alive but it’s not helping you get what
really is of this
beautiful divine nature that sometimes
you know when people take
ayahuasca for example
they can get to this place but we don’t
need to take ayahuasca to get to a place
of like
what does vulnerability
show me and as a teacher it’s like it’s
a really vulnerable place i would say as
a teacher of tantra i’m always in a
vulnerable place trying to explain
where i’m going with it
to people that don’t know so it’s quite
difficult i would say
so every day how many people are coming
to your classes
yeah so you want to organize this kind
programs across the other places also
uh well in my
my plan long term uh i mean copenhagen
has been my base now for 10 years and so
when it gets to be
uh march and in may i would do like
intensive retreats so we can go deeper
into it
different meditations and uh exercises
you know different kinds of touch a lot
of different explorations so that you
can have seven days of
like tantric experiences
uh to know yourself more and more
through also different people
and then
i will bring and i always have also like
a retreat
uh two different parts of the of the
world i mean this year i think i would
travel again to
and also to portugal and do some uh
retreats there
if uh if traveling is not so hard and
then uh
i also might return to dubai i was there
in november
and do
more intense there it’s
harder to do in these places also if if
the country is not so open if the
country still is telling the people that
live there how to live
you can imagine it’s harder to teach in
turkey for example than it is to teach
germany because germany essentially is
more open with the body with concepts
in intelligent society turkey is like
they are still wearing hijabs and this
is the way that they are treating women
like there can be a 50-year discrepancy
of evolution
that depends and it comes from religion
essentially you know so
i just need to then choose
where i go
to make it easy for me as a teacher but
it’s okay
teaching is not supposed to be easy
yeah that is why it is teaching
anywhere any plan to come to india to
teach a class somewhere sometimes like
i mean i haven’t planned that far to go
india i could see it like because my
my connection in dubai
which is a natural health center
also online like i’ve been teaching
online people centric awakening
exercises and such
she’s going to buy a place in goa
uh i can see myself going back to goa
and teaching there
could be next
i would say probably next winter if i
was to go there
it’s still kind of full of kobe in india
isn’t it yeah yeah
uh i think uh gova is actually not
closed now it’s open
uh okay much of india actually like you
i mean i like go uh uh especially go
there because i people don’t know this
about me but i’m a big contact dancer
and if my body is fully functioning and
i don’t get too old too fast and my
knees still work i uh i throw people
around in a certain kind of
of a very beautiful dance that is very
big in goa so i go there for the contact
dance festivals
and then i would do my work after that
you are so dangerous now like you will
just throw everybody
oh it’s done in a a very uh
it’s an intelligent way you know like
you need to of course have the strength
and know the energy of the person and it
needs to be of course confident
so how do you want to promote your work
actually like
whatever you’re teaching the work i’m
doing or my book
the work you’re doing
what i’m doing
i mean the bigger things that i’m doing
that i i really think have impact on
on people that want to go
on a tantric path
are the tantric yoga intensives
i’m gonna plug my phone in because it
just told me my battery was gonna go
the tender yoga intensives i am having
still in kopengang it’s the easiest
place for people to
to come there’s not a lot of covid here
we don’t have the quarantine anymore and
there is an open
to this island that uh
that promotes tantra you know there’s
lots of chantra that can happen here and
then we can do something like
for example a body awareness exercise
all of us have body shame depending on
if we like our body our belly
and so i could go into something that
where like you know people actually took
off their clothes and explored this like
really looked at themselves and looked
at other people and
came into consciousness as to what
loving yourself is
and what judging yourself is
and so
i’m able to do that with a lot of
freedom here and
i would say the next thing that i’ve got
coming up where i do things like that
with couples and singles combined
is in uh march 24th to the 30th i’m
doing it at the wisdom eye
and then i’ll do another one similar
like that in may and and people say you
know what do you do it’s uh very much
experiential if i say a lot of things
people are like well that’s too much for
me we’re gonna take our clothes off or
whatever and it’s
never as bad as uh what it sounds to be
but i would say it’s uh a very deep work
like a deep look at how confident are
how much are you judging others yourself
etc so that you
you learned to go up up up up and you
learn this through the meditational
path and by interacting with other
people so that’s what i like to promote
that i’m doing
and then
and now i’m just planning out what i do
in the the summer
portugal and in berlin
so if people want to register into your
programs how can they contact you like
same website yeah they can follow me on
instagram it’s open
underscore to underscore bliss
or they can go to my
website which is open2bliss.com
so it’s opentoblist.com
or i mean they can also get me i talk to
lots of people that have curiosity
through these platform book retreats
book yoga retreats and uh whatsapp
online that kind of thing like i’m quite
a open teacher i have a couple of
assistants but they really just assist
me with the retreats but i’m the because
i’m the teacher and people want to know
like how scary it is or
do i need a partner or what if i’m a
beginner all of this i it’s best to come
to speak to me because i’m the one
that’s uh
that makes the suggestions as to what we
will do in that group and it’s always
great you know people get a lot a lot a
lot a lot of learning out of it a lot of
love a lot of connection
lots of healing happens so it’s a very
beautiful process
you want to add anything else
i would put in a a plug for my
book which is still on amazon and the
book is called the tao of tantric yoga
but people can also reach out to me
through my website and i send out copies
electronic copies and
and whatnot and that can really take you
if you cannot come because many people
cannot come to thailand right now still
at least having a bit of a background as
to what satyama’s take on tantric yoga
can tell you i should start yoga i
should start meditation i should
you know look at what chakras are etc so
that there’s a background leading into
like what is it that we’re really
and um i have an interesting uh film
crew coming in march uh to make a
documentary about what i do
and what tantra is on copenhagen and
they’re called vice
and uh that should be ready in a couple
of months so they’re coming to film next
month and then the documentary about all
of this work would be probably done in
about two months after that so this is
exciting through vice as well
yeah the about the film it is exciting
to know about do you have a little bit
more time
five minutes
yeah um
so the my time is running here the zoom
time is running out
we will rejoin again
i’m sorry the other meeting link the
time is got turned out because
changed the connection
uh say it again i just heard you now
no no what i was saying the other
meeting the time got run out because we
yeah he entered the screen actually like
went to mobile phone yeah that’s okay
so we’ve been speaking about the movie
which you are doing
so the movie is uh well it’s a
documentary that um vice is doing and we
i will be filming uh a scene about uh
transfiguration ritual uh under the full
so i think this will be very beautiful
and people can really connect onto the
the ritual practice that’s quite
in tantra because it has the
representation of shiva and shakti in it
and uh and to see how important you know
what is going on in the universe
is as important as what’s going on with
the individual because there is this
idea that there’s no separation when we
have full consciousness
and that we
love everyone and the only thing that’s
causing us
suffering basically is we think that we
are different than other people
so this will be very
nicely done i am hoping uh and they’re
getting other perspectives about tantra
on the island such as uh
erotic dance
uh in order to heal for example so other
people do this i do not
um or what shibari is for example which
is actually not tundra either it’s more
about tying people up with ropes in
beautiful japanese ways and their arms
crossed their
back so like this and it’s a way to
assimilate surrender because surrender
is quite a high
that takes a lot to get to on the
meditational path
and so i mean that’s mentioned in my my
book as well as isa
as a yogic practice as a one of these
niyamas or an ethic that we can abide to
to be a good person i mean it’s really
all about getting what you want being a
good person on that path
and making sure that the the connection
between all of us
is present and having that presence so
i think the production of this movie
will be quite interesting they probably
want to sensationalize it
but i’ll just take it as my job
too sensationalized
and show
exercises and things about boundaries
and uh yeah how to be how to be a
conscious real person living here is
quite a different story than when if
you’re coming to
get away from your conditioned life in
england or in india or wherever and then
you’re like oh
koppengang’s so free this must mean i
can do whatever i want and that’s uh
that’s also not true you know
so yeah
i think um all the con this is the
coppenham and is the place where the
peoples will come and dumb all their
conditioning that’s what you’re saying
i mean it’s already been known as that
for the last 10 years or more really
it’s just
hopefully it’s not like uh
it doesn’t cause a lot of um
you know what happens with all of them
things like that
things like that also has to exist now
like people say
they have to uncondition for some time
i mean osho brought about tantra in all
of his uh
satsangs many many years ago like in the
70s and 80s and uh and still it was you
know still very challenging and
really judged you know and even when he
went to america into oregon i mean he’s
getting arrested for
teaching meditation to americans and the
rest of the world they just couldn’t
handle the openness
and the openness is what people really
really want and what they really value
so it’s a challenge to go through again
this conditioning
but we’re getting there closer and
no there is uh some people still take
this as um
like on the name of tantric thing they
do the prostitution kind of thing so
that is the
uh most of the people just that you know
yeah i mean they think
there is some association with tantra
and prostitution but the irony of it is
that tundra is trying
to get away from prostitution
pornography in every way possible like
to make it this divine practice instead
of something that is
about getting what you want for money
and uh i mean humans are humans and they
all want to have the sex it’s just like
we’re looking at the quality of
around the sex the unification of the
sex with the divine with love love for a
person rather than just like this you
know very crass
physical thing that people think that
want but then they get it and it’s ugly
and then you need to heal it so tantra
can really go into
awareness of that you know what happens
when you’re not going about things with
the right intention
comes with guilt and shame and fear and
all these horrible things that you need
to get rid of because you did it as a
and that just goes right back into
meditation and forgiving yourself and
then not doing it the next time
yeah yeah so
regarding this movie thing i also was
planning to
do uh things in india like you know uh
the places where the actual practices
was happening previously and
taking the
like a project like uh documenting those
things so
this isn’t
ideal stage i’m uh trying to do that
like you know
and mixing some music with that like you
can see in my youtube channel uh we do a
lot of uh
you know um ancient uh
you know chance we just want to very
beautiful yeah
yeah i really love the
to combine kirtan in my programs as well
to really get this idea of the voice
resonance of the
in this part of the body you need it for
people to understand you you know and if
you’re very closed and you can’t
say your boundary or what you need it
it’s just going to turn into confusion
and so this the chanting is very very
important to purify the vishuddha chakra
really yeah
so and um you know
and i
want to sell it through you know
you know nfp
like um it’s a technical term basically
like you put out
you do a video or the movie and you put
it in the internet and uh you say that
is owned by you so that is like nfp that
is in blockchain so peoples can purchase
that ownership like
that is how people are making a lot of
uh i’ll share the details of nft i don’t
know whether you know
so you can just put it there so that
that is the other thing that is
technical thing like not the
yeah that is good to know i always learn
things from you around
you know it’s like the whole tantric
lifestyle you cannot like
live without what the skills of of all
of us have you know and this is so
apparent to me right now in life
it’s like okay i don’t know this thing
about technology or about drilling a
hole into my house to fix something you
know i’m like i need help
and this is such a big lesson for me it
went into surrender and so much
recent learnings i had about high level
very nice one children
you’re a visitor
yeah i go to visitors
the music programs which we are doing we
have some
so i got a visit
well maybe we stopped there then and
send me this link and send me your music
also nice yeah
yeah and i will show you this uh i mean
we’re filming in uh middle of march this
new movie so this will be really
interesting for you as well
thank you so much nice to see you
thank you for listening to my podcast
you could
connect with me in irons yoga.ion
where you could see my contact results
including my phone number my whatsapp
my id
stay tuned for more exercising episodes

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