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In at this particular we are talking with sufiana about her workshops.

Sufiana Sachdev is an internationally renowned workshop/retreats/seminars Facilitator who brings Creative Arts, Psychology and Spirituality together, to AWAKEN people to their best life- to heal, transform and lead their purpose as conscious individuals in conscious relationships.
Her specialization is:* Living your Divine Purpose* Stress Management* Feminine Spirituality (Trainings, courses and Festivals for women offered by her company – Feminine Soul Awakening)* Conscious Relationships
Most of her students/clients are from Europe, USA, Australia etc.
In the last few years she led a variety of seminars in Goa, Dharamsala, Thailand, Europe (Spain), China, USA (Boston)

* Soul-Spirit AlchemyHow to live your ultimate dreams by integrating your soul and spirit, mind and heart, body and consciousness, through a series of playful as well as emotionally stirring TRANSFORMATIVE AWAKENING exercises
* Reclaim your 7 PowersPower to lead your Divine purposePower to speak your TRUTHPower to EXPRESS YOUR GIFTS/TALENTSPower to be a CHOOSERPower to BE AUTHENTICPower to TRANSFORMPower to LEAD
* Alchemy of Leadershipor 7 pillars of Soulful Leadershipor 7 Pillars of Conscious LeadershipHow to become the ultimate leader of your own life, your loved ones as well as in your work place. You’ll be guided to clarify the qualities of a true leader and how to EMBODY them, and transform your life to live in alignment with your self-expression, purpose and your deeper TRUTH.
* Sacred RelationshipsHow relationships can be a tool of self transformation, how every person is helping you claim an aspect of your own true authentic self,how every being is a mirror to you, helping you to walk back home to your true authentic self.Are you honoring YOU? Your truth, your self loyalty in relationships? or do you GIVE YOUR POWER AWAY?How to stay in your power in relations, inspire loved ones to do the same, and thereby become EVEN MORE INTIMATE WITH YOUR OWN SELF AND THEREFOR WITH OTHERS AS WELL.
* Never give up  or Live your Cosmic purposePowerful Unstoppable youHow to become clear about who you truly are and why you are on this planet? What purpose have you come here to serve?How to transform challenging patterns that keep you from becoming the best version of yourself, and offer your gifts expressing the greatness of your spirit.Steps to RECLAIM the life of your dreams, and becoming an unstoppable force of inspiration to others.How to never give up, when challenges come up by awakening the energies of the INFINITE within you THROUGH THE PATH OF PLEASURE AND TRUE INTIMACY WITH YOUR OWN SOUL.

Thank you.
Sweetest Blessings,Sufiana Sachdev
Whatsapp: +91-9082934195Facebook: Archana Sufiana

When you’re broken open. 
If you’ve torn the bandage off. 
In the middle of fighting. 
In your blood. 
When you’re perfectly free.


“Even after all this time
The sun never says to the earth:
     “you owe me”

Look what happens 
with a love like that
It lights up the whole sky”


Below is a non verbal transcript of the same.

hi this is arun from i am a software engineer who mostly work
with node.js php and other blackened technologies and i’m an open source contributor as
well i’m a tantric by birth in a family which is passing standard wisdom from
generations to generations from past 2 000 years of legacy
and got lucky to travel across india and got chances to study under various gurus
from different backgrounds and disciplines you could connect with me in irons here i am helping you to design a divine lifestyle which is based on
vedic astrology tandra and other yogic system of understanding
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hi today we have a guest her name is archana she is working to
evoke the feminine soul energy and that could be transcendented
into different sectors which i would like to say
like maybe it could be in business uh in your relationship or
whatsoever so she will be speaking more about that so
now what what you do like namaste this is archana of feminine soul awakening and soul and spirit alchemy
so i lead spiritual retreats and workshops all over the world most of my retreats are for women ninety
percent of them but ten percent are mixed and in the future i’m moving more towards
bringing men and women together in my retreats to learn about divine feminine and divine masculine energies
and the whole journey for me of spiritual awakening some people call it
enlightenment and i love that jeff brown one of my favorite writers and authors
called it end reel mint meaning it is the journey of becoming real
until swan calls it calls it the journey of becoming authentic meaning you are
becoming completely fully authentically your real self
and the great uh philosopher nietzsche he said become who thou art
why did he say become who thou art you’ll wonder am i not who i am
ask yourself are you truly who you are
or are you 90 or 99 percent what your culture what the world has programmed you to be
so in this programming very often because we are living in a patriarchal world patriarchy means i can say that the
shadow qualities of masculine and sometimes even the shadow qualities of feminine can come into it
that are very controlling dictatorial and uh they don’t allow you to be your
liberated free authentic self so it is a very deep programming that
all of us go through not just women patriarchy does not hurt only women it
hurts women it hurts men it hurts children why because it has created a world
where you cannot be your authentic self where there is going to be excessive
control where there is going to be uh judgments
of your all your feminine aspects your emotions will be judged and there
will not be much space for your emotions your body will be judged there is not so much
space for embodied awakening listening to your body in patriarchy you
have the opportunity to push your body right you go to your job they say push push push
they go to your they go home push push push it’s always pushing
pushing masculine feminine pulling back
into your softness masculine daytime sunshine feminine
night time surrender relax become soft go into your beingness
and we are all obsessed with doingness so what the world really needs right now
in order to bring back that balance between the masculine and feminine is very important if one side is very heavy
you know the scale the weighing scale if one side is very heavy the whole world goes into imbalance and that imbalance
creates chaos right what if i told you you can only inhale
but you cannot exhale try it okay let’s try it okay just inhale take
a deep breath now don’t exhale inhale again don’t exhale inhale some more don’t
exhale inhale some more inhale some more inhale some more what will happen
you will die you will die if if we don’t allow
that which needs to die to die then we will die
that breath that i have taken in that given life to that breath needs to
die so that more life can come in life death
life death right so that inhalation is our masculine essence that exhalation is our feminine
essence so think about it this way if that inhalation is about
doing masculine doing so i’m going to go out in the world in the daytime and do my purpose and do my
work and be successful and be successful some more and be more and more and more successful what happens
you go through a burnout and then you are bedridden you are in the hospital
where are you to go out and succeed what happened
why are you not succeeding why are you in the hospital why do you want to leave why did you
have a heart attack and die why so many people who are in i.t jobs in places
like bangalore die so young there is no space for beingness
doing being inhaling exhaling masculine
feminine so what is the feminine essence once again is our inhalation
it is our emotions it’s our body if masculine is the mind the feminine is
the body rather than mind i will probably say
logical side because mind can mean so many different things if feminine is the soul and the
downward journey masculine is the rising up the spirit
soul spirit feminine masculine
if feminine is the intuition listen to your intuition very often we are told
but we don’t know how to listen to our intuition because our culture
has programmed us to be orgical and then what happens
sometimes we lose that primary instinct that animals even have animals
know instinctively a lioness knows how to protect her little cub how to take care of her cub but
some psycho psychologists psychiatrists many years ago they told their they told
the parents you should not hold your baby when it is crying it will make it independent
that was a bs theory but it was super intellectual coming from great educated phd people so what
did they do they started doing that they actually started to ignore their baby when it was crying
but we know instinctively my instinct is making me cry that i cannot hold my baby
when it is crying because instinctively i know that is what i must
do so we must bring back the balance in the world between masculine and feminine
and believe me if you use your intuition it will serve you so much even if you’re in the
corporate world it is going to serve you a lot with your success
feminine is also our right brain right correct around
right brain the left side of the body the right brain is considered to be the feminine
and right brain is the one that comes up with all these you know creative ideas
and how can you be successful at your job in the corporate world or being an entrepreneur
without your creative side so my primary teaching is about bringing that back the balance between the masculine and the
feminine and bringing the sacred union of shadow
and light yin and yang and i feel this is one of the greatest
secrets to success see if we see the
um social media or tv or whatsoever um most of the people they
are like personal trainers they say we have to be get succeeded like
um from the young age we’ve been trained like we have to get uh first class in school
for first round in college and things like that so be trained in a way of the
right wise so if we see if we see the end of this particular game it is of
course like you know the end game is everybody knows where are we going to end like you’re all going to die right
so there is no escape from that like that is the end so
and this is basically uh is the masculine side of the energy that as you
are saying like this is create a lot of problems in the world we can know that
like now the third third world war is going to start and things like that is going on around the world like it’s
because mostly because the masculine side like it’s all race we
have to win with been been unaware just kill each other that’s what we are all trying to do
and in this particular small planet we are all like killing each other so
when you bring the um feminine side to the existence uh of
course it’s going to be then out as the creative side of
life so how do you do that like how do you bring the feminine aspect
to for example if someone some men is attending your workshop so how do you
bring that particular feminine aspect and
teach that particular person why it is so necessary
or why the word success itself is misunderstood in some other way
like success is in a race so we misunderstood this particular word in
the way we have to win always and being where and why so how do you teach that what kind of
things you bring in your workshop and how do they benefit out of this
that’s a beautiful question and thanks a lot for that question i am going to share my personal story to
um help you understand what i do in my workshops so at a very
young age of 19 i suddenly had a complete total breakdown in my life
my body broke down my heart my psychologically i was broken suddenly
i suffered from depression anxiety insomnia chronic pain chronic fatigue and all
those things whatever life i knew suddenly fell apart there was pure chaos
okay now i believe truly that when our souls are born before our souls are born
they know the purpose that we are born for they know the intention so my soul’s purpose might have been to
go on the spiritual journey so when everything was falling apart and nobody could understand what was going on with
me not a single doctor in india could give me some answer about what was going on in my life i took the spiritual route
i started going for buddhist vipassana meditation my body screamed 100 times louder over
there it was hurting so much more and i thought i’m doing i’m going on the spiritual path i’m
supposed to be feeling better why am i feeling worse hundred times thousand times worse the pain increased so much i
was awake every second ten nights and i was like okay maybe i need
something that is really incorporating the body and the movement because my body is screaming so i went for a six
months yoga teacher training course and there believe it or not my body started screaming even more now there’s
nothing wrong with yoga there’s nothing wrong with the technique of vipassana meditation
but this meditation did not once again did not honor the emotions did not honor
the body uh the feminine and in the yoga ashram i felt like i was
in the military for six months it was all about push push push push push there was no space at least in this particular
center there might be other centers which might be honoring you know the feminine side more but here in the words
they said yoga is the union of masculine and feminine but everything that thought 99.99
was mostly masculine it was all about push push put discipline discipline discipline no place for compassion no
place for love no place for kindness no place for listening to the body there was a lot of space for pushing the body
but there was no space for listening to the body so my search continued and continued and
then i ended up studying expressive arts therapy in san francisco in india i
studied masters in philosophy and in america i studied expressive arts therapy it is psychotherapy through
creative art forms like dance therapy drama therapy storytelling and therapy poetry and
therapy music therapy and art therapy we do we do mandala art
therapy so this is where i realized wow this was the missing piece and in psychology i
studied about shadow work shadow work how can there be space for shadow
in spirituality which is about enlightenment spirituality is supposed to be all about
light light light when do the stars shine the brightest when do their light
shine the brightest around can you tell me
you are sitting in front of the stars do you know why they are looking so bright because the sky is dark
on the darkest night the stars look the brightest
and so i realized why i was taken into such chaotic darkness
when my soul’s intention and purpose was to come into the light
was to help people find the light i was taken down into the dark
whenever you say ah i want to find the light of krishna and consciousness
goddess kali hears you and she says ah you called me i’m coming she comes and
grabs you very lovingly and she takes you down she takes you down into the dark
into the deep deep dark very often you suffer
all of us go through suffering there’s something or the other everybody has experienced some of the other kind of
trauma and tragedy in their lives what happens it ripens your soul so she’s taking you
down and downward journey i said in the beginning was the journey into the soul
it is the journey into the feminine waters so that you can be prepared to rise
you know how does kundalini energy move it goes upward right
but first you have to go down to the first chakra in order to rise to the seventh chakra so i found
one of the missing pieces in all the spirituality that i experienced when i was in india
was the shadow work that was one piece and then
thank you goddess i found feminine spiritual path i attended a very short retreat but there was a click that
happened in my heart and soul suddenly i found the missing piece i was like wow
i had found a lot of spirituality in india but it was the masculine piece and it was missing the feminine piece
and then what i did in my spiritual work is i brought the feminine and the
masculine together the shadow and the light integration
so what i do in my workshops to answer your question now directly more directly
is that i help people bring together the shadow and light
bring together their masculine and feminine so that they can find their
wholeness otherwise we are trying to run around the world with 50 truth
and have you heard the saying that half truth is much more dangerous than not knowing any truth at all
so i help people feel their emotions rather than run their emotions
if you want to heal it you must feel it we are programmed in our culture to
judge jealousy to judge anger to judge sadness
all the dark emotions but what will happen if you enter the dark emotions
you cannot transcend everybody talks about transcendence our masculine side is transcendence
yeah and our feminine side says feel it if you want to heal it so if you
want to transcend you cannot go surpass whenever you surpass if i surpass these
dark emotions if i surpass aspects of myself that i don’t like that i feel
that the culture will not right and i will hide them under the carpet what will happen
what happens when a child is ignored when a child is crying and you ignore the child the child is going to scream
louder and cry more right so if you ignore your dark side
it is going to jump on the driving uh on the driving seat
you know and start controlling the wheel of the car and will start driving the car of your life and you don’t want that
you want your light side your empowered self your soul to sit on the driver’s seat
right and the dark emotions you sit on the back seat like well behaved children
so it’s very important so in my workshop i they will feel it in order to heal it
they will feel it in order to transcend it if you transcend it without really
facing it or feeling it then what you will be doing is spiritual bypassing
instead of practicing spirituality and most people in the world are practicing spiritual bypassing there
is a great book called spiritual bypassing and there is also a wonderful article three page article written by
jeff brown about spiritual bypassing and i highly encourage each and every human
being that wants to see big transformation in their life if you want to be on the spiritual path if you want
to be on the path to success and if you’re constantly meeting impediments after impediments challenges after
challenges and you feel like i’m doing everything right why am i constantly
blocking my own self why am i sabotaging my own self from success
why are all my unhealthy toxic patterns not transforming even though i’m doing
yoga even though i’m doing this coaching even though i’m doing everything the patterns are coming from your shadow
side so if you want the patterns to be transformed in order to support you in
order to support your success then you must do shadow work
right so bringing that union of yin and yang i do it through dance therapy so we
have a lot of fun in my workshops by the way people are learning they are transforming
they are meeting their true authentic self they are coming into their wholeness but through too much fun and
then of course sometimes there are tears and there is anger but it is all bringing people into their true
authentic self once you have let it out whatever is stuck inside you very often
our emotions which are not allowed in the world they will get stuck in different parts of the body
you might end up getting breast cancer ovarian cancer and stomach cancer throat
cancer so if you don’t speak your truth for too long then your throat becomes sick and sicker and sicker and sicker
if you keep all your emotions stuck in your stomach you know stomach is one of the like third chakras one of the places
where we keep our emotions and we get sicker and this is also our power center
now if i want to succeed in the world i have to activate my power center right
and if i’m keeping things everything repressed shut down in there then i will
also be repressing my power i remember the first time i went to this
event in san francisco in america called five rhythms it is called five rhythms
it’s a dance gathering you know where people dance just for the sake of dancing there’s no alcohol no smoking
nothing of that sort it’s just pure dancing space and you are supposed it’s called five
rhythms because you are supposed to dance all your five emotions they call it the five different flows
so here this is a space which is completely non-judgmental and so are my workshops in my workshops i don’t tell
people or keep your trauma outside keep your you know anger outside keep your sadness outside i tell them bring it all
inside bring all of your whole complete self inside and let’s play with them
in drama therapy we do so much playfulness and creativity express
and what happens is very often in drama therapy people people start going into their right brain and then whatever
wherever they were stuck in life oh my goodness you know i can only see this much truth and i am doomed and this is and then suddenly
these are removed you know this horse is wearing this it knows it has to move only in one direction
suddenly through their right brain activation through all these creative processes and shadow work and everything
they open up when they feel their emotions they come to life
they heal their stresses there is so much stress people are carrying and then we do a lot of breath
work so besides dance therapy drama therapy storytelling and therapy mandala art therapy we also
do a lot of breath work so in this fire rhythms gathering when i
heard this wild tribal music it suddenly brought me in touch with my anger
and i was not comfortable with my aim i am an indian woman we are programmed to be miss nice and
all the childhood traumas all the things that have happened anger was suppressed inside anger wants
to come up i push it down it’s not good to get angry anger comes up it’s not good to get angry because anger can
cause violence anger wants to come up i say transmute it into sadness it’s okay for a woman to cry but it’s not okay for
a woman to get angry and here in five rhythms i’m feeling my raw
wild anger and i’m dancing it and there is no judgment become this
wild animal like a lioness and suddenly i feel
more presence in my feet i feel like
i’m more present in my body i feel as if
i become a little bit more whole i don’t know how to express it in words
i feel like there is more of me in me
and when i walked back home that day i felt my power
that miss nice who did not have the permission to say no to people who did not feel the permission to have healthy
boundaries so that people could take advantage of her suddenly
felt so much in her power and that was a very important piece
for me to become a spiritual facilitator today it sounds strange so very strange i went
through vipassana i went through you know so many buddhist practices i went through yoga teacher training code they
were all amazing practices those practices were beautiful
but he did not bring me so much in my power but the day i got in touch with my anger
i aligned with my center and with my truth and it happened again and again and
again and that is why i re that is when i realized why
goddess kali even though she looks so angry so fierce
she is considered to be the most compassionate of all the goddesses and you had
mentioned that she’s very peaceful yes she is i felt so at peace with being myself
after i tapped into that part of myself which i was rejecting rejecting rejecting since childhood
it was like hugging my own little child in me that come home i’m not going to
judge you anymore i can understand why you are angry your boundaries were violated you were abused you were
traumatized i honor your anger
i honor who you are and then that wounded child does not act out
anymore i’m more at peace with myself i don’t feel that storm inside me i’m more
present i’m here i’m here when i was young i used to lose things
all the time i was not present because there were bits and pieces there were parts of me that were scattered and
i was rejecting those parts and i bring people on a journey where
they stop rejecting all the different parts of themselves accept each and every aspect of who you
are and when you go to the job of yours when you go to that company of yours as
an entrepreneur or whatever maybe you are taking just five percent of who you are
what will happen if you took 100 percent of you over there
what if you were so authentic that you just could connect
with everyone heart to heart soul to soul looking straight into their eyes fully present
but fully in your power so breath work
along with the emotional work why is breath work important
the same thing breath work helps you come back into who you are
and of course it is one of the most important practice whether you do pranayama holotropic breath work wim hof
breath work uh soma breath work there are so many different kinds of breath work
rebirthing breath work art of living breath works so many of them if you do any of these
breath work practices you will see a sudden shift you will see that you are going from your sympathetic nervous
system which you are stuck in
when you are in stress mode i would say it is the doing mode the excessive masculine when the
masculine instead of being 50 percent and 50 feminine becomes 99 percent masculine
and only one person feminine what is going to happen you don’t have rest and relaxation and beingness in your life
right so you need to come into your parasympathetic nervous system from
sympathetic into the parasympathetic nervous system so i take people through some specific breath work practices
and some other uh psychosomatic practices with which they will come into that parasympathetic
nervous system so here they will be much more calm and peaceful they will heal their
nervous system they will heal their health and believe it or not their productivity
will hit the roofs why because when you are relaxed you are in
your center you are in your power you are clear you are 100 percent present
and you can be more productive i know this is a bit too much because
you know there is so much to share i can speak about this thing for hours you know this is my dharma this is my
devotion and this is my whole life’s journey now so um
the people who has attended your workshop and they translated into
some other thing um what are they saying now like people who
has came to your worship
yes for sure uh one of my most important primary workshop was i was training the trainers
i train the trainers trainers meaning who want to lead their own retreats and
workshops primarily i train those people in all these modalities creative arts therapy
so primarily i bring psychology spirituality and creative arts together right
so this is what i train them into but i take them through the journey of first you are your own guinea pig you have to
first go through the practices yourself experience them in your own body heart
and soul do your own cleansing and healing only then can you be a channel for other people’s healing and
empowerment so believe it or not people who have been trained by me
are ahead of me meaning they go back to their own countries and they are leading more workshops than me
they are earning more money than me and what better you know uh compliment can i receive
for my work that my students are going ahead of me and i’m cheering them
my students from iran uh my students from europe my fruit students from america from canada
they are thriving a lot of them i have a lot of testimonial videos
actually i don’t like to speak too much about myself so i generally guide people to the testimonial videos but most of
them tell me that they have seen the biggest shift in their lives one of the women that attended my workshop
to become a trainer before the training she said you know what i am addicted to workshops i’m going through yoga ttc
after yoga tdc and this dtc and that ttc but i’m not teaching i am just frozen
inside there is something that i’m stuck inside and she was psychologically full
of shadows she was um you know not in her power obviously to
stand in front of hundreds of thousands of people you have to be in your power
right so she was not in her power she had not claimed her voice her throat chakra she was not expressing herself so
creativity was frozen her feminine side was completely
repressed her masculine side was totally unactivated so
i told her just attend this retreat
and then i promise you unless you want to really really from
the bottom of your heart you will not feel the need to attend another one at least for a while
and that is exactly what happened she attended my training and then bam if you
follow her instagram right now believe it or not she is leading more workshops than me she’s
charging more money than me that’s the biggest transformation this is the biggest
you know most flattering compliment that i could get one of the students told me
actually that after attending your two weeks retreat i felt as if
i don’t need to attend any other spiritual or self-growth retreat or workshop ever again
this is these were her words she was a european woman and her testimonial is there with me on my page so these are
the kind of things some of them have said men so i will share some of the things that some of the men said to me
i was teaching in a festival in goa and many of the men came and told me some
indian men as well as some european men they came and told me that
when i attended your session it was a tantra fest
and they came and told me i was teaching about the masculine and feminine essence in this workshop because they wanted
different varieties of workshops not only tantra workshops so they invited me to teach about the masculine feminine
essence and these people they came and told me we understood what is the meaning of tantra from your workshop now
i am teaching my workshop about only about masculine feminine polarity and there were many other teachers who
were teaching tantras since maybe 20 30 40 years themselves experienced teachers
they were teaching tantra tantra teachers and i did not appear there as a tantra teacher
i appeared there as a teacher of feminine masculine polarity shiv essence shakti sense and yet these
people came and said that they understood the meaning of tantra the most from my workshop there was a very
experienced french tantra teacher she came and told me the exact same thing she said that you
shared some things that i have never ever seen in my life
in any self-growth or spiritual workshop and it was really very transcendental
and uh very trans-personally shifting and very very deep and soulful and
powerful so i’m just very blessed and grateful so in one of your workshop how many
people you could accommodate i have thought workshops to
all numbers of people from 10 to 100 to a few hundreds all the numbers when i
was teaching in china for instance um actually the workshop in china was very interesting
it was like a one month retreat and we had to teach some so it was
parents and children had all come together so we had some workshops only teaching
the parents and children were with some other teacher and then i would be teaching the children and the parents with some other
teachers and then we would have some sessions where parents and teachers students parents and children were
brought together and sometimes some workshops where men were separated women were separated
and the transformation was mind-blowing
and when i did this very deep uh feminine uh practice of healing the
deep childhood wounds of healing the mother and the father wounds you know the masculine and the
feminine essence wounds i had men chinese men
crying crying in the arms of each other men and women mixed together
i had no words really really no words sometimes you don’t need words you see
people’s faces i would like to pass you there like you
know see mostly in your workshops like you could accommodate like 10 people 20
people or how many people big numbers also big numbers also
uh when children and parents were together we had maybe around 200 people
in the workshop so i have that thought small small groups of 10 people and i have got big
groups of 100 200 people i have uh
emotional healing retreats i have taught teacher training courses and i’ve also taught
how to be successful you know in your work in your personal life in your
relationships that’s very important in your relationship with yourself so i’ve covered all these topics very important
so if we are reporting uh that if we are putting that particular workshop in uh you know in an actual like
for example let’s say we need to conduct it for a company where the um
if we try to unite the feminine and the masculine aspect of every employee in a
very particular organization so what happens is that the total productivity of that entire
organization will increase because being in peaceful actually uh increases
the total growth of the company or country or whatever this is what i feel
so let’s say in that case in at that particular case um
how do you proceed with that particular company
um people can have two days uh workshop generally companies they prefer two days
weekend retreat some of them will also have like a few days retreat some of them will want to be in the you know uh
in their work space itself and some of them will like to maybe you know be in a hotel or even go into the nature
i really like the idea of going into the nature but only if possible sometimes it’s not feasible
so we will be doing a lot of activities just like i mentioned earlier we will do some
drama therapy practices some breath work practices some dance therapy practices some mandala art therapy but it will all
be to go deep into your psyche to go deep into your psychology and to bring
transformation from inside out there is a saying that we always create our world
from inside out so whatever you wish to manifest in the outside world the outside world can be considered as the
masculine right the inner world is considered to be the feminine so whatever we create in the outside world
by taking our action we begin it in our inside world by using our creativity our
intuition our emotion and then of course there will be the masculine uh you know
consciousness and rationality also so bringing together the feminine power so what is the biggest feminine power that
you have as a human being it doesn’t matter whether you’re a man or a woman all of us have our feminine side our
masculine side our shiv and shakti sense so what if you bring some of your greatest
feminine powers you know the story of goddess kali when
all the gods are always fighting so many demons right
because that’s what gods do they protect they are fighting the demons but there is one particular demon that none of the
gods can destroy and shiv is so comfortable shiv is so comfortable in his masculine
essence in his masculine power that he says you know what this particular demon
he cannot be destroyed by my power there are many other demons that i can destroy but there are some demons
especially this particular demon will require the power of my
feminine my shakti durga and kali and kali destroys rakhta beach we all
know that so the feminine side within us has her own superpowers
the masculine side within us has his own superpowers so what if we peel off all
the layers of programming what if we peel off all the layers of our shadows and then bring all the light
qualities of the masculine light qualities of the feminine together
you will become unstoppable force of nature
you’ll be stronger in your intuition you’ll be more in your own power
you will be more authentic you will be more creative you will be more at peace
with who you are and with your environment accepting things exactly the way they
are there is a saying that if you want to transform something first you have to accept it
right so there will be the acceptance the feminine side and then we will use our masculine force to transform it
so you will see big huge transformation sometimes people men are crying in my
retreats and workshops there is such deep transformation in them it is so
beautiful to see and then they come into such pure childlike joy at the end
because they are so open feeling so liberated free you know our
culture our patriarchal programming all puts us in prisons you know
why do why do so many people run after osho i’m like not saying that you should
believe in him not believe him he has his pros and cons like any other teacher but why so many people are drawn towards
him is primarily because he was talking about liberation
and we all know that our soul is hungry for liberation but we are all programmed
to believe that liberation is somewhere out there in the future but what if
william blake the great poet said that you can experience
eternity in every little grain of sand
if you become completely present in this moment if you can become completely whole
within yourself accepting every aspect of yourself reclaiming every aspect of
yourself come in your wholeness you can experience eternity in this
moment in so many moments you can experience eternity and in this moment of eternity
you are so creative you can see so many possibilities when you had your blinders
on you could only see this much of the reality blinders are off
now you can see so many possibilities imagine if you are an entrepreneur
if you are an employee in some company and you could activate all these aspects of yourself your intuition your
liberation your healthy relationship with yourself with your family members with your
employees with your colleagues if you are activating
this side of yourself that can see so many possibilities
there can be no limits to your potential for success
and aren’t we taking this human body for that to experience that limitlessness of the
infinite source of the divine whatever you want to call it some people like to call it god or
goddess i would just say if you are resistant to any of those words just call it the infinite
possibilities realm of infinite possibilities the infinite source the universe
you will be aligned with that when you are aligned with your own soul with your own truth with your own power
you will be aligned you will become aligned with that infinite source so you will become partners co-creators
you will take one step universe will take one step right you will do your karma and then
universe will open multiple doors for you so that can be the possibility from
these functions when you have the union of the soul
and the spirit see if you look at into the particular places in bangalore what happens is that
the the you know there are many uh uh sexual dynamos and
you know sexologists and all those peoples are coming up because the stress which the corporate sector is actually
feeling the peoples are not able to have the healthier relationship with each
other also so uh would you like to say that the
that also will be i mean the sexual attraction and the things like that will improve with this uh
absolutely and most most certainly what is the sexual chakra is the second
chakra so the first in chakra second chakra is where the shadow resides and in the
beginning i said about shadow shadow work is one of the most important part of any self-growth
journey any spiritual journey so shadow is sitting at the same place where the
sexual chakra in the first chakra is now if you are full of shadows now i can say
what is at the root of all the shadows is why am i hiding things underneath the carpet building up the bigger and bigger
and bigger bigger shadows why why am i hiding things what is the feeling that i am feeling
that i feel like hiding myself in what would be the world
shame am hiding myself with shame right
yeah so at the root at the root if i tell my students very often if there is a tree
if the shadow is the tree the roots are that are going the deepest the tips of
the roots the beginning of shadow is shame
your culture tells you hide your body you should be ashamed of yourself
don’t touch yourself you should be ashamed of yourself bad boy bad girl dirty girl dirty boy
you’re touching yourself you’re roaming around naked shame shame yeah in india what do we do what do we
tell a child shame shame puppy shame do you know what the hell you are doing to your child
you’re programming your child to live an entire life of shame
and then that shame like i said if you are hiding things if you are the
wounded child is crying screaming crying and you ignore the child you ignore the child you ignore the shame you ignore
the shame what will happen the child will scream even louder to get your attention
so the shame is going to get louder to get your attention
what will happen up after breakup relationship will not work out you will not know uh how to you know
be even sexual with your partner why because you’re not feeling free from inside you’re feeling a shame
of your body what is the most natural thing on the planet
dogs can do it on the streets animals can do it they don’t have shame they are not being judged they are not
judging themselves so it’s very important to understand that when you are liberating yourself
from shame you are going to transform
your romantic your sexual relationship even that can hit the roots
yes absolutely have you heard about makeup sex people say that makeup sex is great
so whenever couple has a fight what do they do when they are fighting
all their dark shadows are coming out you are like this you are like that they are fighting with each other they are
getting angry they are getting the truth the dark
truth out and do you know what happens after the
dark truth is out very often the couple feels closer to each other
the previous night they wanted to kill each other and tonight they had the best
sex of their life and they are feeling closer to each other
why is that because
they showed their wholeness to each other the dark side that they had hidden from
the world out of shame they shamelessly pulled it out and
showed their here’s my animal side here’s my inner lioness that wants to just attack you expressing the anger
expressing the truth they peeled off these layers in the
workshop this is what happens in the workshop you’re peeling off the layers of shame
and guilt and all these dark things that you have put in your
own self because the culture was judging you because you felt that the world was
judging you and then what happens you start judging your own self because who created you
they created me they programmed me so their voice has come inside of me so
the spiritual journey is about peeling off all the all the untruth all the
voices of other people out and then what remains is me
is the real me is that what my mommy told me this is good this is bad my daddy told me nah
thank you for raising me with so much love and so much care and teaching me to the best of your ability
but now i have to release some of the unhealthy things we do something called cord cutting cord cutting it is called
so we are cutting off the unhealthy course that might be there between you and your loved ones and when you release
other people’s unhealthy cords from you what remains is love then your love towards your parents can
go even deeper because you have removed the unhealthy programming unhealthy chords from your
life then you realize i’m an adult now i am fully
completely radically responsible for myself for my own thoughts
for my own beliefs for my own feelings for my own judgments
am i judgmental about myself about my body about my sexual life about my
partner so yes sexual life definitely enhances
if you do this if you do also tantra work very important for our current world it’s so
interesting that kantra comes from india and yet it is most
judged in india sexuality is most judged in india where kama sutra comes from it’s ridiculous
the whole world is now getting tantra to have healthier sexual life to have a
deeper connection with the universe with the cosmos with the divine with their own self so if you really truly
understand tantra you will realize that it is just about union tantra is about
union union with what union between your own inner masculine and feminine
union with all the rejected parts of yourself union with the whole universe
union with your partner externally yes there are different forms of tantra so
because spoken about how your workshop should be help the people who are into business
sector like corporate like they are doing the business so how about the general people like uh how does it help
these general people whether it is affordable for them like how can they attend the worship how does it helps
yeah uh so i’ve had many people that come from
so called general population that you’re talking about i had one woman
who was raised in a very very traditional
life in varanasi she had an arranged marriage at 22.
there was a sexual um sexually her life like her sex life was not
very good with her partner she was full of traumas depression
uh anxiety ptsd all those things okay she came to my work she first came to my
shakti fest she attended two workshops by me in shakti fest
in goa and then she loved it so much that she came for my workshop to train the
trainers she wanted to lead her own events and workshops as well she was a trained yoga
teacher but she was so full of traumas and because because of all that she was
highly depressed and she couldn’t do anything with her life and today
believe it or not that woman has written a book
i have not yet written a book even though there are hundreds of books sitting here which are going to come out very soon but she wrote a book
rooted in consciousness and she is living much happier life her
relationship with her partner has changed she’s super in her power she has started
teaching yoga she has healed from her depression and i don’t know what more can i say
that i’m just so proud of her so this is one example and uh
example of uh some other um maybe
um okay there was one woman who was suffering from depression since
uh rehab center in america she was an american woman 25 years of depression
she had been to a rehab center for one month in america we charged
us dollars which is like 35 lakh rupees for one month
no change at all not even one person okay she came to my two weeks
training the trainer her scores yes i took the risk of taking her i
looked into her eyes i saw the potential of her soul very powerful soul
and she also had severe anxiety and panic disorder
she came to my workshop she blew away the minds of every woman in the workshop
she expressed the most beautiful powerful aspects of her soul
and she told me she called her parents and she gave them the good news that
every single day she was telling them how she was feeling so much better
so much better right now she’s not doing that great because she’s not keeping up with the
work she saw a huge difference in herself but see 25 years
of you know losing yourself and then doing two works two weeks of work only two weeks of work
to reclaim yourself is not enough you have to continue with the practices so what i recommend to people like that is
to continue with coaching with me if you are suffering from like you know something bad intense and deep so like i
said i have helped people from you know achieving high levels of productivity in their work
to claiming uh their own power and their voice like for a woman who had
one one of the women that attended my workshop had lost her voice
she spoke in like 30 volume that we normal humans speak so it was hard to
hear her you literally had to put your ear close to her you know close to super
close to her to be able to hear what she said she was just 18. normally in my trainer training the trainers course i
have people that are like you know more mature like 30s and 40s but she seemed like such a
mature soul so i said yes to her she was from uk british woman she had been through years of psychotherapy even the
woman from america was suffering from depression since 25 years she had been through psychotherapy
for almost 20 years no change here two weeks two weeks
big change so this woman from britain uh she had been through some severe
trauma in her childhood when she was three years old so one day of shadow work during our two
weeks training we have one day full full of shadow work and we did goddess kali practice to claim your voice to claim
your power and after the whole day of practices
believe it or not the next day 50 percent
and she wrote a big testimonial of gratitude to me and i’m just like for me
the biggest gift the biggest gift is not so much the money money is not my primary focus it’s
secondary the primary focus is if i can transform people’s lives
then i feel like my biggest purpose has been served so i was telling you that i have the like full spectrum you know
help people from like you know becoming more productive becoming more successful to be like you know maybe healing from
depression or coming into their power as maybe a
a housewife who has lost her voice and her power i’ve helped those women as well
so yes it can bring if you do the root work of bringing the shadow and the light
together the masculine the feminine the yin and the yang together you can have like i said limitless
transformation in your life whether you are a corporate employee whether you are
a housewife whether you are an entrepreneur whether you are a woman who wants to lead her own retreats and
workshops each and every person is going to see big huge transformation in their
life so [Music] where do people can connect with you
where can they see the testimonials and how people can connect
with things okay on facebook and instagram i go by
archana sufyana space sufyana or feminine
soul awakening feminine soul awakening and since i’m uh you know getting more
into the masculine feminine work together you will soon see my new pages titled
soul and spirit awakening so i hope to see you all there
so if people are going listening if somebody is uh the people who are listening to this particular podcast
what would you like to say to them like yes
um first and foremost become aware
become aware is this really my voice or is this somebody else’s voice because
very often we think that these are my thoughts these are my choices these are my beliefs
but they are not they have been programmed into you so that awareness is very important
spend at least five minutes in silence every day to get in touch with your inner world
go outside in the nature because we human beings have lost connection with our true
nature with our true essential nature so go in nature sit under the root of a
tree sit by a lake river forest whatever you can find listen to the birds chirping come into silence
take some deep breaths uh one of the best practices and simplest practices is inhale through the
nose exhale through the mouth at least the double at least double amount like if
you inhale for eight seconds exhale for 16 seconds if you can do longer even better
right so what are we trying to do we are trying to bring the balance between the doing and the being
masculine and the feminine now if our masculine side is very heavy in our current world
the doing the inhalation so we have to make the
feminine side the being side the exhalation
longer and when you exhale just let’s try it right now as you are listening to this video listening to this podcast just
right now only three times and i bet you you will feel a sudden shift
in yourself you can notice if you are getting angry your breath changes you are breathing
very fast or sometimes breathing very shallow sometimes you are afraid you stop breathing right
so your emotions are affecting your breath and so
your breath can also affect your emotions and how you feel so let’s connect with our breath right
now come into silence you can keep the simple mudra index and the thumb together in the
index finger and the thumb together close your eyes and then take one deep in breath through the nose
exhale slowly through the mouth make like your purse your lips as if you are about to blow off a candle
and you can even make the sound of the ocean if you feel like
[Music] deep inhalation through the nose
exhaling long through your mouth forcing the lips
and as you are exhaling tell yourself move your body little bit one inch back
and tell yourself i’m pulling away from the world going into myself
deep in breath through the nose last time
long exhalation through the mouth forcing the lips
i’m pulling away into my beingness
into my nothingness then bring your attention in your third
eye and see the sense of peace and silence
you’re already feeling three breaths
three minutes is all it took so can you imagine if you laid down in
the bed and did this for 10 minutes
if you can find out through youtube videos or through my workshops or any
other workshops shadow work how to do shadow work
if you can do that your life will never be the same again
i assure you so yes i will leave you with these three things
thank you for listening to my podcast you could connect with me in irons yoga.ion
where you could see my contact details including my phone number my whatsapp
and email id stay tuned for more exciting episodes

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