Yoga is about finding the divine within

Hi, my name is Arun. I am someone who helps you to achieve your fullest potential with the help of Vedic astrology, Crowley tarot, Yoga, Massage, Mantra, Yantra and rudraksha. (The Tantrik path). You could connect with me for an appointment.

Vedic reading series episode No- 18 The Serpent Wisdom With Valentina Leo – Hasta Nakshatra.

Click here to connect with me. Hi, Todays podcast we are having a guest her name is Valentina leo, She is a Teacher of Erotic Wisdom and an Explorer of the Tantric Realms for over 20 years, Valentina is a Dakini ~ holder of the freedom lineage from the Tantric school of Fascinating Wonderment (Vismayo) that […]

Demystifying Velichapadu with Para Psychology

The Velichappadu or komaram is a part mythical and part magical figure Can be transalated to english as the channel of mother goddess. In at this video i am trying to demystify the velichappadu with the help of parapsychology Related posts:Ravi the man who is reviving the lake.Free resources to learn photoshop from basic to […]

Security Measures to be taken if you are investing on Crypto

This is a Short Video which is to be made to give the number of security Mesures which Has to be taken if you are investing on Crypto Currency Related posts:Grow Materialistically to Achive Spiritual Growth.List of real tech billionairesHow to put a website online an a to z guide of building your own websiteFive […]

Remote viewing capability and Kundalini Yoga – A study based on the Docu Movie third Eye Spies.

This is a reaction which I have made after watching the Movie Third Eye Spies. Last day one of my friend has told me to watch this movie. And I decided to go ahead and thought Of making a reaction video to this. How ever the remote viewing capabilitys are possible. Those are being said […]

Arunachala – The Mountain Which Can Transcendent You.

This is about the mountain Arunachala and thiruvannamalai. Talks about how the mount Arunachala can transcendent you. And helps you to disappear the mind and submerge into your own self. Related posts:Reasons why you should practice yoga.Kundalini Yoga – How it will helps us to see the realityScandinavian education system and the secretsApplying to the […]

Yogi Ram Surat Kumar – Chant

Yogi Ramsuratkumar (1 December 1918 – 20 February 2001) was an Indian saint and mystic. He was also referred to as “Visiri samiyar” and spent most of his post enlightenment period in Tiruvannamalai, a small town in Tamil Nadu which is famous for attracting spiritual seekers worldwide and has had a continuous lineage of enlightened […]

Taking decisions intuitively

This video is talking about whether we are taking the proper decisions or not and how kundalini yoga can helps us to take the proper decision. by increasing our intutive capability. Related posts:List of real tech billionairesTop ten programming language to learn in 2020Top 3d modeling softwares for mechanichal engineersWhat you should know while traveling […]

Kundalini Yoga – How it will helps us to see the reality

This is a smal video description of how kundalini yoga will helps you to see the reality. Related posts:Remote viewing capability and Kundalini Yoga – A study based on the Docu Movie third Eye Spies.Mind blowing places in banglore that could change your prespectivesCool videos discussing gadgets for techiesSteave Jobs yogic ability to Distorting the […]