Sathwa Guna One of the ThriGuna No-3

Sattva manifests itself as purity, knowledge, and harmony. It is the quality of goodness, joy, satisfaction, nobility, and contentment. It is free of fear, violence, wrath, and malice. Sattvic quality is pure and forgiving. It is the guna that people want to increase in order to reach the state of Samadhi or Liberation. Increasing sattva […]

Water (Jal)One of the Panchabhootha No -2

Water or Jal is the second element which again has two characters as in the Earth i.e. eternal in the shape of the atom and Karya (Work) be it as a river, pond or sea are perishable. As from sea or river water evaporates to be in the sky as a cloud then again in the shape of rain it […]

Shakthi – The feminine force of creativity

While shiva gives bija Shakthi grows it that is the reason Shakthi is worshipped as the creative side of existence. Without shakthi there is no creation is possible. Even the soundaraya lahari the book of tantra starts with this concept without Shakthi even the shiva cant do anything. The qualities of a godess Abundance and […]

Chakras In body based on planets

Chakras are the energy points in our body based on the ruling planet which is decided from the birth chart and the chakras will be decided based on that and then that area is being given a message in order to open up the energy on you. Related posts:Mars Mars Gender of Mars: Masculine. Mars […]

Rasi chakra

This chart is showing all the nakshatras with its rasi and its adhipas Related posts:Kriya for Uthara Bhadrapada Rain Catcher To See the Unseen and Know the Unknown The Rain Catcher  Posture and Mudra-Sit in cross legged position with the right arm out in front parallel to the floor with the elbow straight, but not […]


Gender of Moon: Feminine. Moon is the karaka or significator of: Mind and Emotion. Moon as relationship signifies: Mother. Planetary cabinet status of Moon: Queen. Temperament of Moon: Fickle and Changeable. Element governed by Moon: jala or Water. Primary quality or guna of Moon: Sattva Guna or Serenity. Caste of the Moon: Vaishya or Trader. […]