Thamo Guna One of the ThriGuna No-2

Tamas manifests itself as impurity, laziness, and darkness. It is the consequence of ignorance and it prevents all beings from seeing reality. In order to decrease the tamasic elements in your mind and body, avoid eating tamasic foods (eg. alcohol, meat, processed food), indulging (eg. overeating, oversleeping, etc). Definition of the Guna Tamas by example […]

Air(Vayu) One of the Panchabhootha No -4

The fourth element is Air or Vayu. Again it has two levels as earth and water i.e.eternal atom and perishable Karya. One can feel the air, as we breathe in or out. We feel the storm or strong breeze which is temporary but air at the atomic level remains around us eternally. In the Purana, there is a mention of 49 […]

Neautral – The absolute or The brahman

This gender is neither men nor women but doesn’t mean that it is the mixture both. It’s not both. The middle of arthanarishwara Don’t get confused with artha narishwara this is nor arthanarishwara as well this has no feminine or masculine quality. Brahman is called a Kavi, a term whose literal meaning is a poet. […]

Chakras In body based on planets

Chakras are the energy points in our body based on the ruling planet which is decided from the birth chart and the chakras will be decided based on that and then that area is being given a message in order to open up the energy on you. Related posts:Air(Vayu) One of the Panchabhootha No -4 […]

Rasi chakra

This chart is showing all the nakshatras with its rasi and its adhipas Related posts:Chithra A nakshatra Chitra Nakshatra Characteristics These natives generally enjoy good health and always look much younger than they actually are. They may look quite thin and weak at first appearance, but they have great stamina and are very muscular. Chitra […]


Gender of Saturn: Neuter Gender. Saturn is the karaka or significator of: Grief and Misfortune. Saturn as relationship signifies: Subordinates. Planetary cabinet status of Saturn: Servant. Temperament of Saturn: Cruel, Insensitive and Harsh. Element governed by Saturn: Vaayu or Air. Primary quality or guna of Saturn: Tamo or Dull or Ignorant. Caste of the Saturn: […]