Shiva – The masculine and the god of destroyer

Shiva is the masculine side of existence we can divide the creation basically into two sides one is masculine and another one is feminine One is number one and another one is number zero we could take the zero as shiva and the one as Shakthi. And when these two come together then the reminder […]

Rasi chakra

This chart is showing all the nakshatras with its rasi and its adhipas Related posts:Prajapathi – The god of creation Prajapati (Sanskrit: प्रजापति) is a compound of “Praja” (creation, procreative powers) and “pati” (lord, master).The term means “lord of creatures”, or “lord of all born beings”.In the later Vedic texts, Prajapati is a distinct Vedic deity, […]


(21-November to 20-December) Type : Fire Lord : Jupiter English Name : Sagittarius Sanskrit Name : Dhanus Meaning of Sanskrit Name : The Archer Duality: Masculine Element: Fire Quality: Mutable or Adaptable Ruling Planet: Jupiter (Priest of Gods) Symbol: The Archer Glyph: sagittarius indian horoscopes Part of the Body: Hips, Thighs & Liver. Exaltation sign […]